The Simpsons

The Simpsons

1989 - 2017, Animation, Kids
Cartoon capers with the unmistakable all-American family. Homer and Marge Simpson raise Bart, Lisa and baby Maggie.
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Episode Guide

  • The Simpsons - A Father's Watch (Season 28 Episode 18)
    Season 28 Episode 18:

    A Father's Watch

    Marge turns to a series of parenting experts for advice when she becomes worried that Bart is destined for failure; Homer decides to open a trophy store; Grampa gives Bart a watch coveted by Homer.

  • The Simpsons - 22 for 30 (Season 28 Episode 17)
    Season 28 Episode 17:

    22 for 30

    Working for the school's paper, Lisa covers Bart's success when he becomes a star basketball player at Springfield Elementary; things go awry when Bart gets involved with the Mafia.

  • The Simpsons - Kamp Krustier (Season 28 Episode 16)
    Season 28 Episode 16:

    Kamp Krustier

    Bart and Lisa return home from Kamp Krustier early, interrupting Homer and Marge's romantic encounters; Bart and Lisa confront a source of trauma.

  • The Simpsons - The Cad and the Hat (Season 28 Episode 15)
    Season 28 Episode 15:

    The Cad and the Hat

    Bart deals with his guilt after betraying Lisa; Springfield is in awe of Homer when he is revealed to be a chess savant.

  • The Simpsons - The Cad and the Hat (Season 28 Episode 15)
    Season 28 Episode 15:

    The Cad and the Hat

    Bart deals with his guilt after betraying Lisa; Springfield is in awe of Homer when he is revealed to be a chess savant.

  • The Simpsons - Fatzcarraldo (Season 28 Episode 14)
    Season 28 Episode 14:


    All of the fast food restaurants in Springfield go healthy, forcing Homer to turn to the last bastion of greasy food for comfort.

  • The Simpsons - The Great Phatsby (Season 28 Episode 13)
    Season 28 Episode 13:

    The Great Phatsby

    Mr. Burns seeks revenge against a musical mogul who conned him, with help from Homer, Bart, rapper Jazzy James and the mogul's ex-wife; the richest kid in town demonstrates interest in Lisa; Smithers embarks on a journey; Marge opens a shop.

  • The Simpsons - The Great Phatsby (Season 28 Episode 12)
    Season 28 Episode 12:

    The Great Phatsby

    Mr. Burns seeks revenge against a musical mogul who conned him, with help from Homer, Bart, rapper Jazzy James and the mogul's ex-wife; the richest kid in town demonstrates interest in Lisa; Smithers embarks on a journey; Marge opens a shop.

  • The Simpsons - The Great Phatsby (Season 28 Episode 12)
    Season 28 Episode 12:

    The Great Phatsby

    Mr. Burns seeks revenge against a musical mogul who conned him, with help from Homer, Bart, rapper Jazzy James and the mogul's ex-wife; the richest kid in town demonstrates interest in Lisa; Smithers embarks on a journey; Marge opens a shop.

  • The Simpsons - Pork and Burns (Season 28 Episode 11)
    Season 28 Episode 11:

    Pork and Burns

    Marge becomes obsessed with the Japanese way of life; Homer must find a new home for the family pig and Lisa must say goodbye to her saxophone.

  • The Simpsons - The Nightmare After Krustmas (Season 28 Episode 10)
    Season 28 Episode 10:

    The Nightmare After Krustmas

    Krusty and his daughter spend Christmas with the Simpsons; Reverend Lovejoy tries to attract converts after church attendance drops; a spooky Christmas toy haunts Maggie.

  • The Simpsons - The Last Traction Hero (Season 28 Episode 9)
    Season 28 Episode 9:

    The Last Traction Hero

    Homer has the opportunity to sue Mr. Burns after a workplace accident; Marge seeks romance from an unexpected source; Lisa tries to maintain peace on the school bus.

  • The Simpsons - Dad Behavior (Season 28 Episode 8)
    Season 28 Episode 8:

    Dad Behavior

    Homer discovers an app that outsources his father-son bonding; Grampa learns he's about to become a father again.

  • The Simpsons - Havana Wild Weekend (Season 28 Episode 7)
    Season 28 Episode 7:

    Havana Wild Weekend

    When the Retirement Castle and V.A. Hospital can't help Grampa with his health problems, the Simpsons decide to take a family trip to Cuba so they can get him some cheap medical care.

  • The Simpsons - There Will Be Buds (Season 28 Episode 6)
    Season 28 Episode 6:

    There Will Be Buds

    Homer gets roped into coaching the kids' lacrosse team with Milhouse's dad.

  • The Simpsons - Trust but Clarify (Season 28 Episode 5)
    Season 28 Episode 5:

    Trust but Clarify

    Lisa and Bart investigate a new candy from Krusty; Homer asks for Marge's help when he decides to ask for a promotion at the nuclear plant; news anchor Ken Brockman struggles with the changing media world.

  • The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror XXVII (Season 28 Episode 4)
    Season 28 Episode 4:

    Treehouse of Horror XXVII

    Mr. Burns initiates a contest in which the children of Springfield battle each other; Lisa's imaginary friend becomes jealous of her real friends; Moe tells Bart that the bar patrons are really covert agents.

  • The Simpsons - The Town (Season 28 Episode 3)
    Season 28 Episode 3:

    The Town

    After finding Bart rooting for a Boston football team, Homer takes the family to Boston to show Bart what a terrible city it is.

  • The Simpsons - Friends and Family (Season 28 Episode 2)
    Season 28 Episode 2:

    Friends and Family

    Mr. Burns hires the Simpsons, except Homer, to be his virtual family; Homer becomes best friends with the girl next door.

  • The Simpsons - Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus (Season 28 Episode 1)
    Season 28 Episode 1:

    Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus

    When a fire levels Springfield, Mr. Burns agrees to the Simpsons' pleas that he fund the town's rebuilding, on the condition that he gets to put on a variety show.

  • Season 20 Episode 21:

    Coming to Homerica

    Homer forms a border patrol group when unemployed workers from Ogdenville come to Springfield.

  • The Simpsons - Four Great Women and a Manicure (Season 20 Episode 20)
    Season 20 Episode 20:

    Four Great Women and a Manicure

    Lisa and Marge engage in a spirited debate at the nail salon.

  • The Simpsons - Waverly Hills, 9021-D'Oh (Season 20 Episode 19)
    Season 20 Episode 19:

    Waverly Hills, 9021-D'Oh

    Marge and Homer rent an apartment in an upscale neighborhood so Lisa and Bart can go to a better school.

  • The Simpsons - Father Knows Worst (Season 20 Episode 18)
    Season 20 Episode 18:

    Father Knows Worst

    Homer decides to closely monitor Bart and Lisa to force them to succeed; Marge finds it difficult to resist the sauna she finds in the basement.

  • Season 20 Episode 17:

    The Good, the Sad and the Drugly

    Milhouse takes the fall for a prank he and Bart pull together; Bart falls for a volunteer (guest voice Anne Hathaway) at Grampa's nursing home; Lisa predicts Springfield's future and is depressed by what she sees.

  • Season 20 Episode 16:

    Eeny Teeny Maya Moe

    Homer tries to spend more time with Maggie; Moe falls for a woman he met on the Internet.

  • The Simpsons - Wedding for Disaster (Season 20 Episode 15)
    Season 20 Episode 15:

    Wedding for Disaster

    After learning that their marriage is in-valid, Homer asks Marge to renew their vows, but he mysteriously disappears before the wedding.

  • The Simpsons - In the Name of the Grandfather (Season 20 Episode 14)
    Season 20 Episode 14:

    In the Name of the Grandfather

    The family takes Grandpa to Ireland for a last pint at his favorite pub, where Homer and Grandpa decide to buy the business and hire Moe to run it.

  • Season 20 Episode 13:

    Gone Maggie Gone

    After nuns at a convent take Maggie in, Lisa comes up with a plan to rescue her.

  • Season 20 Episode 12:

    No Loan Again, Naturally

    When Homer and Marge's adjustable-rate mortgage skyrockets, they have to put their house up for sale.

  • The Simpsons - How the Test Was Won (Season 20 Episode 11)
    Season 20 Episode 11:

    How the Test Was Won

    Bart is told he is exempt from taking the Vice President's Assessment Test after receiving a perfect score on a practice test; Homer, late on making an insurance payment, tries to avoid accidents.

  • Season 20 Episode 10:

    Take My Life, Please

    Homer wonders what life would have been like if he had been elected class president in high school.

  • Season 20 Episode 9:

    Lisa the Drama Queen

    A creative new friend named Juliet (guest voice Emily Blunt) helps Lisa create a fantasy world.

  • Season 20 Episode 8:

    The Burns and the Bees

    Lisa fights to save Springfield's bee population when Mr. Burns' plans for a new sports arena endangers it.

  • The Simpsons - Mypods and Boomsticks (Season 20 Episode 7)
    Season 20 Episode 7:

    Mypods and Boomsticks

    Homer thinks Bart's new friend is orchestrating a terrorist plot and tries to warn the residents of Springfield about the imminent disaster.

  • The Simpsons - Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words (Season 20 Episode 6)
    Season 20 Episode 6:

    Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words

    Lisa discovers her incredible talent for solving crossword puzzles and enters a tournament; Homer goes to cheer Lisa on and discovers underground betting on the competition.

  • The Simpsons - Dangerous Curves (Season 20 Episode 5)
    Season 20 Episode 5:

    Dangerous Curves

    The Simpson family takes a vacation at a cabin in the woods; Homer and Marge recall their courtship and the early years of their marriage.

  • The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror XIX (Season 20 Episode 4)
    Season 20 Episode 4:

    Treehouse of Horror XIX

    Homer kills celebrities so their likenesses can be exploited free-of-charge; Lisa and Milhouse go to a pumpkin patch and wait for the appearance of the Grand Pumpkin.

  • Season 20 Episode 3:

    Double Double Boy in Trouble

    Lenny wins the lottery and invites the Simpson family to a celebratory party at a luxurious hotel; Bart meets his exact look-alike, Simon, a member of the richest family in Springfield, and they decide to switch places.

  • The Simpsons - Lost Verizon (Season 20 Episode 2)
    Season 20 Episode 2:

    Lost Verizon

    Bart takes a job at a country club retrieving golf balls to help save up money to buy a cell phone; while watching celebrities at the course, Bart finds Denis Leary's cell phone and makes prank calls pretending to be Leary.

  • The Simpsons - Sex, Pies and Idiot-Scrapes (Season 20 Episode 1)
    Season 20 Episode 1:

    Sex, Pies and Idiot-Scrapes

    Homer is sent to jail after a brawl at the Springfield St. Patrick's Day parade; Marge unwittingly begins working at an erotic bakery.

  • The Simpsons - All About Lisa (Season 19 Episode 20)
    Season 19 Episode 20:

    All About Lisa

    As Krusty's new assistant, Lisa steals the spotlight and gets a TV show of her own; Homer and Bart bond over their newfound love of coin collecting.

  • The Simpsons - Mona Leaves-a (Season 19 Episode 19)
    Season 19 Episode 19:

    Mona Leaves-a

    When Homer's mother dies unexpectedly, he decides to fulfill her final wishes by scattering her ashes over Lake Watershed at Springfield Monument Park.

  • The Simpsons - Any Given Sundance (Season 19 Episode 18)
    Season 19 Episode 18:

    Any Given Sundance

    When Lisa enters a documentary about her family in the Sundance Film Festival, Homer, Marge and Bart are embarrassed by the candid look at their lives.

  • The Simpsons - Apocalypse Cow (Season 19 Episode 17)
    Season 19 Episode 17:

    Apocalypse Cow

    Bart tries to save a cow from the slaughterhouse; Homer and Marge devise a plan to stop Bart from getting married.

  • The Simpsons - Papa Don't Leech (Season 19 Episode 16)
    Season 19 Episode 16:

    Papa Don't Leech

    When Mayor Quimby realizes the city of Springfield has gone broke, Lisa goes through the town's financial records and discovers millions in uncollected city taxes; Marge reluctantly allows a fugitive to stay with the family.

  • Season 19 Episode 15:

    Smoke on the Daughter

    Lisa persuades Marge to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a ballerina by auditioning for a ballet academy; Homer shows Bart his secret room where he manufactures beef jerky.

  • The Simpsons - Dial `N' for Nerder (Season 19 Episode 14)
    Season 19 Episode 14:

    Dial `N' for Nerder

    Marge hires a nutritionist, who puts Homer on a diet, but Homer decides to sneak in snacks on the side; the prank Bart and Lisa play on Martin Prince goes terribly wrong.

  • Season 19 Episode 13:

    The Debarted

    Bart suspects that one of his friends is a rat when his seemingly fool-proof pranks start to backfire; Homer grows very attached to the fancy loaner car he gets after Marge damages their vehicle in an accident.

  • The Simpsons - Love, Springfieldian Style (Season 19 Episode 12)
    Season 19 Episode 12:

    Love, Springfieldian Style

    To celebrate Valentine's Day, Homer takes Marge to the tunnel of love at a carnival, but when Bart pulls a prank they become hopelessly stranded; Homer tries to cheer Marge up by telling her a love story.

  • Season 19 Episode 11:

    That '90s Show

    When Bart and Lisa unearth Marge's diploma from Springfield University, Marge reminisces about her college days, when she dated a pretentious professor and Homer became a grunge music star.

  • The Simpsons - E. Pluribus Wiggum (Season 19 Episode 10)
    Season 19 Episode 10:

    E. Pluribus Wiggum

    Homer destroys Springfield's fast-food district; Mayor Quimby decides to have an early election.

  • Season 19 Episode 9:

    Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind

    When a potent drink erases the last 24 hours of his memory, Homer seeks help to try to piece together the events that led to his family being gone.

  • Season 19 Episode 8:

    Funeral for a Fiend

    TV commercials influence the Simpsons to go to a rib restaurant where Sideshow Bob (guest voice Kelsey Grammer) is waiting in an elaborate hoax to lure them to their doom.

  • Season 19 Episode 7:

    Husbands and Knives

    A friendly comic-book buff (guest voice Jack Black) treats Bart, Lisa and Milhouse like royalty; Marge launches a gym for ordinary women.

  • Season 19 Episode 6:

    Little Orphan Millie

    Milhouse starts to act like a man when he thinks his parents died at sea; Homer cannot remember the color of Marge's eyes.

  • Season 19 Episode 5:

    Treehouse of Horror XVIII

    Homer, living a double life as a secret agent, must kill Kent Brockman; Bart and Lisa help Kodos reconnect with his home planet; Flanders decides to spook Springfield's children.

  • The Simpsons - I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (Season 19 Episode 4)
    Season 19 Episode 4:

    I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

    Caught in a bank robbery, Marge convinces the criminal (guest voice Steve Buscemi) to turn himself in by promising to visit him in jail.

  • Season 19 Episode 3:

    Midnight Towboy

    Marge undergoes a counseling program that helps parents raise their children to be independent at an early age; Homer becomes a tow-truck driver.

  • The Simpsons - Homer of Seville (Season 19 Episode 2)
    Season 19 Episode 2:

    Homer of Seville

    While receiving treatment for an injured back at the hospital, Homer discovers that he has a beautiful opera voice. Even though Homer must sing while lying on his back for his voice to sound operatic, Mr. Burns hires him to sing at the Springfield Opera House, where he quickly becomes a star. Through his newfound stardom, Homer develops a large throng of fans including the lovely Julia, an obsessive and dangerous stalker.

  • The Simpsons - He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs (Season 19 Episode 1)
    Season 19 Episode 1:

    He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs

    After a trip on Mr. Burns' private plane, Homer enlists the aid of a life coach (guest voice Stephen Colbert) to help him find a job that allows him to use a corporate jet.