Power Rangers DinoThunder

Power Rangers DinoThunder

2004, Kids
Teenagers harness the powers of dinosaurs.

Episode Guide

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Thunder Struck, Part 2 (Season 12 Episode 38)
    Season 12 Episode 38:

    Thunder Struck, Part 2

    The Rangers stage one final battle against Mesogog as Tommy rushes to rescue Elsa from Zeltrax.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Thunder Struck, Part 1 (Season 12 Episode 37)
    Season 12 Episode 37:

    Thunder Struck, Part 1

    Trent cuts a deal with Mesogog to save Anton's life.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - A Test of Trust (Season 12 Episode 36)
    Season 12 Episode 36:

    A Test of Trust

    Conner, Kira and Ethan reminisce about how their lives have changed since becoming Power Rangers.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - House of Cards (Season 12 Episode 35)
    Season 12 Episode 35:

    House of Cards

    The Rangers find out the identities of Elsa and Mesogog.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Drawn Into Danger (Season 12 Episode 34)
    Season 12 Episode 34:

    Drawn Into Danger

    Trent is given a magical pen and pulls the Rangers into his comic book.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - In Your Dreams (Season 12 Episode 33)
    Season 12 Episode 33:

    In Your Dreams

    Elsa begins to attack herself in her dreams.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Thunder Storm, Part 2 (Season 12 Episode 32)
    Season 12 Episode 32:

    Thunder Storm, Part 2

    Cam goes to the Abyss of Evil with Hunter and Blake to retrieve the Power Coins in order to help Shane, Tori and Dustin.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Thunder Storm, Part 1 (Season 12 Episode 31)
    Season 12 Episode 31:

    Thunder Storm, Part 1

    When the Abyss of Evil is opened, Lothor returns and casts a spell on Shane, Tori and Dustin.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Strange Relations (Season 12 Episode 30)
    Season 12 Episode 30:

    Strange Relations

    The Evil White Ranger clone goes after the Rangers one last time upon discovering his days are numbered.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Isn't It Lava-ly (Season 12 Episode 29)
    Season 12 Episode 29:

    Isn't It Lava-ly

    Ethan's cocky attitude concerning his skills at playing the Detonation Man game gets on everyone's nerves.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - The Passion of Connor (Season 12 Episode 28)
    Season 12 Episode 28:

    The Passion of Connor

    Conner gets involved with an environmentalist campaign to save a 100-year-old tree to try and impress a girl named Krista.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Fighting Spirit (Season 12 Episode 27)
    Season 12 Episode 27:

    Fighting Spirit

    Tommy's invisibility problem is solved, but as a result, he ends up in a coma and his Dino Gem is shattered.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Disappearing Act (Season 12 Episode 26)
    Season 12 Episode 26:

    Disappearing Act

    Elsa uses a sample of a mysterious green slime to help her mutant flower grow into the Thornox monster.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Tutenhawken's Curse (Season 12 Episode 25)
    Season 12 Episode 25:

    Tutenhawken's Curse

    Ethan takes an interest in deciphering the hieroglyphics of Egyptian ruler Tutenhawken; he accidentally frees an ancient evil.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - A Ranger Exclusive (Season 12 Episode 24)
    Season 12 Episode 24:

    A Ranger Exclusive

    Elsa works on her plan to shoot a powerful laser beam at Jupiter; Kira and Ethan help Cassidy get a job at the TV station.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - A Star Is Torn (Season 12 Episode 23)
    Season 12 Episode 23:

    A Star Is Torn

    The manager wants to shoot a music video with Kira, but wants her to compromise her own style.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Triassic Triumph (Season 12 Episode 22)
    Season 12 Episode 22:

    Triassic Triumph

    Zeltrax creates the White Terrorsaurus monster with a portion of the Evil White Ranger clone's energy.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Copy That (Season 12 Episode 21)
    Season 12 Episode 21:

    Copy That

    Zeltrax creates a bellpepper-based monster, Copyotter, who uses its ability to copy items and people to wreak havoc on the Rangers.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - It's a Mad Mad Mackerel (Season 12 Episode 20)
    Season 12 Episode 20:

    It's a Mad Mad Mackerel

    Elsa turns a happy fish mascot, Marty the Mackerel, into a monster; the White Ranger becomes second in command to Mesogog.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Lost and Found in Translation (Season 12 Episode 19)
    Season 12 Episode 19:

    Lost and Found in Translation

    The Rangers find out there is a Japanese television show about them.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Bully for Ethan (Season 12 Episode 18)
    Season 12 Episode 18:

    Bully for Ethan

    Tommy discovers the true identity of Zeltrax while a school bully sets his sights on Ethan.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - The Missing Bone (Season 12 Episode 17)
    Season 12 Episode 17:

    The Missing Bone

    Kira stumbles onto a secret bone while helping Tommy clean up his lab.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Burning at Both Ends (Season 12 Episode 16)
    Season 12 Episode 16:

    Burning at Both Ends

    Tommy, now released from the amber, finds out he can't demorph from the form of Black Ranger.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Leader of the Whack (Season 12 Episode 15)
    Season 12 Episode 15:

    Leader of the Whack

    A bizarre meteorite lands in the woods, and its effects bring out repressed personality traits in anyone it comes in contact with.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Truth and Consequences (Season 12 Episode 14)
    Season 12 Episode 14:

    Truth and Consequences

    Recognizing he is the White Ranger, Trent quits his job in an effort to protect his friends.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - White Thunder (Season 12 Episode 13)
    Season 12 Episode 13:

    White Thunder

    Tommy finds out the identity of the White Ranger.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - White Thunder (Season 12 Episode 12)
    Season 12 Episode 12:

    White Thunder

    The evil White Ranger finds his own Dragozord Dino Egg and starts to connect it to him by feeding it energy from his Morpher.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - White Thunder (Season 12 Episode 11)
    Season 12 Episode 11:

    White Thunder

    After finding the White Gem, Trent becomes the Evil White Ranger.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Ocean Alert (Season 12 Episode 10)
    Season 12 Episode 10:

    Ocean Alert

    A famous actress is captured my Mesogog.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Beneath the Surface (Season 12 Episode 9)
    Season 12 Episode 9:

    Beneath the Surface

    A new Dinozord egg is discovered.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Golden Boy (Season 12 Episode 8)
    Season 12 Episode 8:

    Golden Boy

    Buying the Cyber Café; Golden Rod is created.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Game On (Season 12 Episode 7)
    Season 12 Episode 7:

    Game On

    Ethan is sucked into a video game.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Diva in Distress (Season 12 Episode 6)
    Season 12 Episode 6:

    Diva in Distress

    The Donkeyvac monster turns a pop star into an old woman.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Back in Black (Season 12 Episode 5)
    Season 12 Episode 5:

    Back in Black

    The DinoThunder Rangers storm the island base on a mission to rescue Tommy from Mesogog's clutches.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Legacy of Power (Season 12 Episode 4)
    Season 12 Episode 4:

    Legacy of Power

    A video diary of Tommy's Power Ranger past is found.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Wave Goodbye (Season 12 Episode 3)
    Season 12 Episode 3:

    Wave Goodbye

    Conner is faced with a decision.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Day of the Dino Part 2 (Season 12 Episode 2)
    Season 12 Episode 2:

    Day of the Dino Part 2

    Mesogog releases the Bio Zords to wreak havoc on the city.

  • Power Rangers DinoThunder - Day of the Dino (Season 12 Episode 1)
    Season 12 Episode 1:

    Day of the Dino

    Three students from Reefside High stumble upon Dino Gems and get special powers.