2002 - 2003, Animation, Kids
Based on the children's books by Kaye Umansky.

Episode Guide

  • Pongwiffy - Familiar's Day

    Familiar's Day

    Sourmuddle calls a secret meeting to tell the coven that Familiar's Day is coming up.

  • Pongwiffy - Pongy 4 Plug

    Pongy 4 Plug

    Pongwiffy must find a boyfriend within seven days.

  • Pongwiffy - Cheap Tricks

    Cheap Tricks

    Discovering a spell for intelligence.

  • Pongwiffy - Wrong Wands

    Wrong Wands

    Pongwiffy borrows Sharkadder's wand.

  • Pongwiffy - Wizards in the Way

    Wizards in the Way

    The Wizards find themselves living in Witchway Hall while their Clubhouse is repaired.

  • Pongwiffy - Broom Fatale

    Broom Fatale

    Woody falls in love with a broom called Fifi.

  • Pongwiffy - Castle for Sale

    Castle for Sale

    The witches learn the castle is for sale.

  • Pongwiffy - Chair Today

    Chair Today

    Sharkadder is concerned for her nephew Ronald the Magnificent.

  • Pongwiffy - Brooms are Angry

    Brooms are Angry

    After ruining a spell, Woody is sent packing.

  • Pongwiffy - Catnapped


  • Pongwiffy - Cake Escape

    Cake Escape

    The witches plan a surprise birthday party.

  • Pongwiffy - Holiday of Doom

    Holiday of Doom

  • Pongwiffy - Goblins and Broomsticks

    Goblins and Broomsticks

    Woody is captured by the Goblins.

  • Pongwiffy - Wall of Smell

    Wall of Smell

    Pongwiffy has a plan to stop goblins from stealing her things.