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2010 - 2016, Chat, News
Interview series.
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Episode Guide

  • The Open Mind - Death by Algorithm (Episode 328)
    Episode 328:

    Death by Algorithm

    Author Cathy O'Neil.

  • The Open Mind - Cannibals of News (Episode 327)
    Episode 327:

    Cannibals of News

    Emily Bell, Tow Center for Digital Journalism, and Jay Rosen, PressThink, discuss the influence of social media on the press.

  • The Open Mind - Seinfeld as Americana (Episode 326)
    Episode 326:

    Seinfeld as Americana

    Author Jennifer Keishin Armstrong discusses 'Seinfeldia: How a Show About Nothing Changed Everything.'

  • The Open Mind - Reforming the Press (Episode 325)
    Episode 325:

    Reforming the Press

    Journalist Frank Bruni, The New York Times.

  • The Open Mind - Generation of Knowledge (Episode 324)
    Episode 324:

    Generation of Knowledge

    Lila Tretikov, former executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation.

  • The Open Mind - Profile of an Embed (Episode 323)
    Episode 323:

    Profile of an Embed

    HBO's 'VICE' correspondent Ahmed Shihab-Eldin discusses reporting from the Middle East.

  • The Open Mind - New York Values (Episode 322)
    Episode 322:

    New York Values

    Author and photographer Arlene Alda.

  • The Open Mind - Transcontinental Infrastructure (Episode 321)
    Episode 321:

    Transcontinental Infrastructure

    Author Parag Khanna discusses building American mega-regions.

  • The Open Mind - The Public Imperative (Episode 320)
    Episode 320:

    The Public Imperative

    PBS CEO Paula Kerger.

  • The Open Mind - Zen for America (Episode 319)
    Episode 319:

    Zen for America

    Grammy Award-nominated guitarist Ottmar Liebert.

  • The Open Mind - Genocide With Impunity (Episode 318)
    Episode 318:

    Genocide With Impunity

    Alexa Koenig, executive director of the Human Rights Center at University of California, Berkeley Law.

  • The Open Mind - The Climate ... In Your Backyard (Episode 317)
    Episode 317:

    The Climate ... In Your Backyard

    James Hansen, Columbia University's Earth Institute, talks about preserving the planet.

  • The Open Mind - A Disease of Free Will (Episode 316)
    Episode 316:

    A Disease of Free Will

    Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, discusses opioid addiction and treatment.

  • The Open Mind - The Internet as Art (Episode 315)
    Episode 315:

    The Internet as Art

    Author Virginia Heffernan discusses her book 'Magic and Loss.'

  • The Open Mind - Nature and Extinction (Episode 314)
    Episode 314:

    Nature and Extinction

    Mexican conservationist Gerardo Ceballos discusses the decay of biodiversity.

  • The Open Mind - Media Auditor (Episode 313)
    Episode 313:

    Media Auditor

    Columnist Margaret Sullivan on the challenges of a free press.

  • The Open Mind - Being Addicted (Episode 312)
    Episode 312:

    Being Addicted

    Actor-director Rob Reiner discusses 'Being Charlie,' drugs and politics.

  • The Open Mind - Equal and Unequal Justice (Episode 311)
    Episode 311:

    Equal and Unequal Justice

    Martha Minow, dean of Harvard Law School, discusses America's legal system.

  • The Open Mind - Knowing More, Understanding Less (Episode 310)
    Episode 310:

    Knowing More, Understanding Less

    Author Michael Lynch discusses informed citizenship in the Internet age.

  • The Open Mind - The Right to Vote (Episode 309)
    Episode 309:

    The Right to Vote

    Anita Earls, Southern Coalition for Social Justice, discusses voter suppression at the polls.

  • The Open Mind - Poisoning America (Episode 308)
    Episode 308:

    Poisoning America

    Public health historian David Rosner talks about the water crisis in Flint, Mich.

  • The Open Mind - Angels and Demons of A.I. (Episode 307)
    Episode 307:

    Angels and Demons of A.I.

    Yale University scholar Wendell Wallach.

  • The Open Mind - The Virgin Vote (Episode 306)
    Episode 306:

    The Virgin Vote

    Smithsonian Institution historian Jon Grinspan.

  • The Open Mind - El Presidente (Episode 305)
    Episode 305:

    El Presidente

    Ernesto Zedillo, director of the Yale Center on Globalization.

  • The Open Mind - Liberty or Death (Episode 304)
    Episode 304:

    Liberty or Death

    Becca Heller, founder of the International Refugee Assistance Project.

  • The Open Mind - The Digital Commons (Episode 303)
    Episode 303:

    The Digital Commons

    Dan Cohen, director of the Digital Public Library of America.

  • The Open Mind - Free Enterprise ... Online (Episode 302)
    Episode 302:

    Free Enterprise ... Online

    GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving.

  • The Open Mind - Changing Politics (Episode 301)
    Episode 301:

    Changing Politics

    Ben Rattray, founder of

  • The Open Mind - For the Love of the Game (Episode 300)
    Episode 300:

    For the Love of the Game

    Jaymee Messler, president of The Players' Tribune.

  • The Open Mind - World of TED (Episode 299)
    Episode 299:

    World of TED

    Chris Anderson, curator of TED.

  • The Open Mind - Heroin Nation (Episode 298)
    Episode 298:

    Heroin Nation

    Tom Frieden, director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, discusses combating addiction and disease.

  • The Open Mind - Democracy in Black (Episode 297)
    Episode 297:

    Democracy in Black

    Historian Eddie Glaude, Princeton University.

  • The Open Mind - Recipe for Resilience (Episode 296)
    Episode 296:

    Recipe for Resilience

    Claudia Juech, managing director of the Rockefeller Foundation.

  • The Open Mind - Debating 2016 (Episode 295)
    Episode 295:

    Debating 2016

    Frank Farenkopf and Michael McCurry, co-chairmen of the Commission on Presidential Debates.

  • The Open Mind - Moonshot to Cure Cancer (Episode 294)
    Episode 294:

    Moonshot to Cure Cancer

    Laurie Glimcher, dean of Weill Cornell Medical College, talks about combating cancer.

  • The Open Mind - Information Champion (Episode 293)
    Episode 293:

    Information Champion

    Ernest Wilson, Dean of the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, talks about public broadcasting.

  • The Open Mind - The American Way (Episode 292)
    Episode 292:

    The American Way

    Television writer and producer Norman Lear.

  • The Open Mind - Not in God's Name (Episode 291)
    Episode 291:

    Not in God's Name

    Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.

  • The Open Mind - A Climate Ethic (Episode 290)
    Episode 290:

    A Climate Ethic

    Karenna Gore, director of the Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary.

  • The Open Mind - Literature's War on ISIS (Episode 289)
    Episode 289:

    Literature's War on ISIS

    Author Salman Rushdie.

  • The Open Mind - We're All Made of Stars (Episode 288)
    Episode 288:

    We're All Made of Stars

    Music artist Moby talks about environmental consciousness.

  • The Open Mind - Trans Discourse (Episode 287)
    Episode 287:

    Trans Discourse

    Writer Jill Soloway, creator of 'Transparent,' discusses gender identity.

  • The Open Mind - Frontlines of Democracy (Episode 286)
    Episode 286:

    Frontlines of Democracy

    Annika Savill, Deputy Executive Head of the United Nations Democracy Fund.

  • The Open Mind - Blues for America (Episode 285)
    Episode 285:

    Blues for America

    Blues musician Guy Davis discusses his album 'Kokomo Kidd.'

  • The Open Mind - The Pope and the Planet (Episode 284)
    Episode 284:

    The Pope and the Planet

    Earth scientist Naomi Oreskes, Harvard University, discusses climate change.

  • The Open Mind - Race to Cyber-Hygiene (Episode 283)
    Episode 283:

    Race to Cyber-Hygiene

    William Pelgrin, former CEO of the Center for Internet Security, discusses cybersecurity.

  • The Open Mind - A Comic's Paradise (Episode 282)
    Episode 282:

    A Comic's Paradise

    Actor J.B. Smoove talks about the longevity of the comic.

  • The Open Mind - Country Before Party (Episode 281)
    Episode 281:

    Country Before Party

    President John Opdycke, Open Primaries, discusses non-partisan election systems.

  • The Open Mind - Innovating the Press (Episode 280)
    Episode 280:

    Innovating the Press

    Austin Beutner, former publisher of the Los Angeles Times, discusses the state of journalism.

  • The Open Mind - The Human Genome App (Episode 279)
    Episode 279:

    The Human Genome App

    Maria Freire, president of the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, discusses medical research.

  • The Open Mind - Literature's War on ISIS (Episode 278)
    Episode 278:

    Literature's War on ISIS

    Author Salman Rushdie.

  • The Open Mind - Of, by, for the Money (Episode 277)
    Episode 277:

    Of, by, for the Money

    Szelena Gray, co-founder of Run for America.

  • The Open Mind - Distrust but Verify (Episode 276)
    Episode 276:

    Distrust but Verify

    Jeremy Ben-Ami, founder and president of J Street.

  • The Open Mind - Growing the Next Generation (Episode 275)
    Episode 275:

    Growing the Next Generation

    Mitchell E. Daniels Jr., president of Purdue University, discusses the link between college affordability and economic growth.

  • The Open Mind - Pacifism's Last Stand (Episode 274)
    Episode 274:

    Pacifism's Last Stand

    University of Hawaii professor Maya Soetoro-Ng, half-sister of President Barack Obama, talks about building a more peaceful society.

  • The Open Mind - Journalism in a Snapchat Age (Episode 273)
    Episode 273:

    Journalism in a Snapchat Age

    Alberto Ibarguen, president of the James L. Knight Foundation.

  • The Open Mind - Read, America, Read (Episode 272)
    Episode 272:

    Read, America, Read

    Novelist James Patterson.

  • The Open Mind - Intelligent Intelligent (Episode 271)
    Episode 271:

    Intelligent Intelligent

    Bob Graham, former chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

  • The Open Mind - Of Drones and Men -- A Conversation With Elizabeth Spayd (Episode 270)
    Episode 270:

    Of Drones and Men -- A Conversation With Elizabeth Spayd

    Elizabeth Spayd, editor in chief of Columbia Journalism Review, talks about innovations in journalism and technology.

  • The Open Mind - It's in the Game -- A Conversation With Louise Dubé (Episode 269)
    Episode 269:

    It's in the Game -- A Conversation With Louise Dubé

    Executive Director Louise Dubé, iCivics, discusses using virtual games to reinvigorate civics education for young people.

  • The Open Mind - Beyond Debt -- A Conversation With Michael Peterson (Episode 268)
    Episode 268:

    Beyond Debt -- A Conversation With Michael Peterson

    Michael Peterson of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation talks about solutions to national debt.

  • The Open Mind - Is Politics Destroying Our Mental Health? -- A Conversation With Carolyn Lukensmeyer (Episode 267)
    Episode 267:

    Is Politics Destroying Our Mental Health? -- A Conversation With Carolyn Lukensmeyer

    Dr. Carolyn Lukensmeyer, director of the National Institute for Civil Discourse.

  • The Open Mind - Informing the World -- A Conversation With Gary Pruitt (Episode 266)
    Episode 266:

    Informing the World -- A Conversation With Gary Pruitt

    CEO Gary Pruitt, The Associated Press, talks about keeping journalists safe.

  • The Open Mind - The Cure for Incivility -- A Conversation With the Reverand John Jenkins (Episode 258)
    Episode 258:

    The Cure for Incivility -- A Conversation With the Reverand John Jenkins

    The Rev. John Jenkins talks about moral education and incivility.

  • The Open Mind - The Black Republican (Episode 240)
    Episode 240:

    The Black Republican

    Professor Leah Wright, Harvard Kennedy School.

  • The Open Mind - A Social Media President? (Episode 239)
    Episode 239:

    A Social Media President?

    James Kats, Feld Professor of Emerging Media at Boston University's College of Communication.

  • The Open Mind - Reflections of a Wikimaniac, (Part II) (Episode 238)
    Episode 238:

    Reflections of a Wikimaniac, (Part II)

    Sue Gardner, former executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation, talks about the Internet.

  • The Open Mind - The Soul Man (Episode 237)
    Episode 237:

    The Soul Man

    Singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc.

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