Only Fools and Horses

Only Fools and Horses

1981 - 2003, Comedy
Two streetwise London brothers earn a living as black-market traders.
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Episode Guide

  • Only Fools and Horses - Selection Box (Season 8 Episode 4)
    Season 8 Episode 4:

    Selection Box

    The old watch Del finds in the garage makes the Trotters millionaires.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Time on Our Hands (Season 8 Episode 3)
    Season 8 Episode 3:

    Time on Our Hands

    Rachel's father finds a priceless watch in Del's garage.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Modern Men (Season 8 Episode 2)
    Season 8 Episode 2:

    Modern Men

    Rodney applies for a job Dave advertised; Cassandra has a miscarriage.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Heroes and Villains (Season 8 Episode 1)
    Season 8 Episode 1:

    Heroes and Villains

    Del and Rodney, disguised as Batman and Robin, prevent a mugging; Rachel learns she is pregnant.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Fatal Extraction (Season 7 Episode 10)
    Season 7 Episode 10:

    Fatal Extraction

    Raquel leaves Del.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Only Fools and Horses Christmas Special: Mother Nature's Son (Season 7 Episode 9)
    Season 7 Episode 9:

    Only Fools and Horses Christmas Special: Mother Nature's Son

    Del becomes a landowner; Del and Raquel have a son; Rodney and Cassandra patch their differences.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Miami Twice: Oh, to Be in England (Season 7 Episode 8)
    Season 7 Episode 8:

    Miami Twice: Oh, to Be in England

    Del and Rodney's camera, luggage and money is stolen in Miami.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Miami Twice: The American Dream (Season 7 Episode 7)
    Season 7 Episode 7:

    Miami Twice: The American Dream

    Rodney receives his 'Maxwell Money' from the printing firm's pension fund.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Three Men, a Woman and a Baby (Season 7 Episode 6)
    Season 7 Episode 6:

    Three Men, a Woman and a Baby

    Rodney and Cassandra break up.

  • Only Fools and Horses - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle (Season 7 Episode 5)
    Season 7 Episode 5:

    He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle

    Uncle Albert runs away from home.

  • Only Fools and Horses - The Class of '62 (Season 7 Episode 4)
    Season 7 Episode 4:

    The Class of '62

    A class of '62 reunion takes place in the Nag's Head.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Stage Fright (Season 7 Episode 3)
    Season 7 Episode 3:

    Stage Fright

    Raquel is pregnant; Raquel and Tony test their vocal chords.

  • Only Fools and Horses - The Chance of a Lunchtime (Season 7 Episode 2)
    Season 7 Episode 2:

    The Chance of a Lunchtime

    Raquel auditions for a play; Rodney and Cassandra meet for supper.

  • Only Fools and Horses - The Sky's the Limit (Season 7 Episode 1)
    Season 7 Episode 1:

    The Sky's the Limit

    Rodney leaves Cassandra; Del purchases a satellite dish.

  • Only Fools and Horses - The Jolly Boys' Outing (Season 6 Episode 7)
    Season 6 Episode 7:

    The Jolly Boys' Outing

    Rodney goes away on a coach trip to Margate.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Little Problems (Season 6 Episode 6)
    Season 6 Episode 6:

    Little Problems

    Rodney and Cassandra get engaged; Rodney thinks he failed his computer science exam; Rodney needs cash.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Sickness and Wealth (Season 6 Episode 5)
    Season 6 Episode 5:

    Sickness and Wealth

    Del charges people to attend séances conducted by Uncle Albert's psychic girlfriend.

  • Only Fools and Horses - The Unlucky Winner Is (Season 6 Episode 4)
    Season 6 Episode 4:

    The Unlucky Winner Is

    Del-Boy enters one of Rodney's paintings in a competition and wins a week's holiday in Majorca for three.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Chain Gang (Season 6 Episode 3)
    Season 6 Episode 3:

    Chain Gang

    Del sets up a consortium to buy 250 gold chains from a jewelry dealer.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Only Fools and Horses (Danger UXD) (Season 6 Episode 2)
    Season 6 Episode 2:

    Only Fools and Horses (Danger UXD)

    Del's shady deal.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Yuppy Love (Season 6 Episode 1)
    Season 6 Episode 1:

    Yuppy Love

    Del-Boy attempts to be a legitimate businessman; Del meets Cassandra.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Dates (Season 5 Episode 9)
    Season 5 Episode 9:


    Del meets an actress; Rodney goes cruising.

  • Only Fools and Horses - The Frog's Legacy (Season 5 Episode 8)
    Season 5 Episode 8:

    The Frog's Legacy

    Freddie dated Del and Rodney's mum, leaving a legacy of stolen gold when he died.

  • Only Fools and Horses - A Royal Flush (Season 5 Episode 7)
    Season 5 Episode 7:

    A Royal Flush

    Rodney dates Victoria; Del plans for the wedding.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (Season 5 Episode 6)
    Season 5 Episode 6:

    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

    Del enters the car importing business.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Video Nasty (Season 5 Episode 5)
    Season 5 Episode 5:

    Video Nasty

    Del sees a way to make a profit when Rodney receives a grant to produce a community video.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Tea for Three (Season 5 Episode 4)
    Season 5 Episode 4:

    Tea for Three

    Del and Rodney go to great lengths to get the attention of a former childhood friend who has re-entered their lives.

  • Only Fools and Horses - The Longest Night (Season 5 Episode 3)
    Season 5 Episode 3:

    The Longest Night

    Del encounters a burglar to whom he sold a broken watch.

  • Only Fools and Horses - The Miracle of Peckham (Season 5 Episode 2)
    Season 5 Episode 2:

    The Miracle of Peckham

    Delboy finds religion when the Madonna at the local church is seen crying.

  • Only Fools and Horses - From Prussia with Love (Season 5 Episode 1)
    Season 5 Episode 1:

    From Prussia with Love

    A distressed and pregnant German woman could be the answer to Boycie and Marlene's problems in conceiving a child.

  • Only Fools and Horses - To Hull and Back (Season 4 Episode 8)
    Season 4 Episode 8:

    To Hull and Back

    Slater appears at the ocean.

  • Only Fools and Horses - As One Door Closes (Season 4 Episode 7)
    Season 4 Episode 7:

    As One Door Closes

    Delboy attempts to repay Denzil by catching a rare butterfly.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Watching the Girls Go By (Season 4 Episode 6)
    Season 4 Episode 6:

    Watching the Girls Go By

    Rodney regrets taking a woman of Del's choosing after he takes her to the Nag's Head.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Sleeping Dogs Lie (Season 4 Episode 5)
    Season 4 Episode 5:

    Sleeping Dogs Lie

    Boycie and Marlene's dog gets salmonella poisoning while Del is taking care of him.

  • Only Fools and Horses - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (Season 4 Episode 4)
    Season 4 Episode 4:

    It's Only Rock 'n' Roll

    Del takes over as manager of Mickey's band, getting them a St. Patrick's Day gig at the Shamrock Club.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Hole in One (Season 4 Episode 3)
    Season 4 Episode 3:

    Hole in One

    Uncle Albert's accident at the Nag's Head helps the Trotters tremendously.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Strained Relations (Season 4 Episode 2)
    Season 4 Episode 2:

    Strained Relations

    Uncle Albert's awful nightmares keep Delboy and Rodney awake.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Happy Returns (Season 4 Episode 1)
    Season 4 Episode 1:

    Happy Returns

    Rodney's love for Debbie causes trouble when it is learned that Del could be her father.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Thicker Than Water (Season 3 Episode 8)
    Season 3 Episode 8:

    Thicker Than Water

    Del and Rodney's long-lost father returns.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Who's a Pretty Boy? (Season 3 Episode 7)
    Season 3 Episode 7:

    Who's a Pretty Boy?

    Rodney and Granddad redecorate Denzil and Corrinnes' flat.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Wanted (Season 3 Episode 6)
    Season 3 Episode 6:


    Rodney is on the run after accusations fly that he is the 'Peckham Pouncer.'.

  • Only Fools and Horses - May the Force Be with You (Season 3 Episode 5)
    Season 3 Episode 5:

    May the Force Be with You

    D.I. Slater believes Delboy stole a microwave oven.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Yesterday Never Comes (Season 3 Episode 4)
    Season 3 Episode 4:

    Yesterday Never Comes

    Delboy falls for Miranda, unaware that she has come to investigate his grandfather's criminal activity.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Friday the 14th (Season 3 Episode 3)
    Season 3 Episode 3:

    Friday the 14th

    The Trotters and Devon encounter an escaped mental patient during a weekend fishing trip.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Healthy Competition (Season 3 Episode 2)
    Season 3 Episode 2:

    Healthy Competition

    Rodney breaks up the Trotter partnership to go into business with Mickey.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Homesick (Season 3 Episode 1)
    Season 3 Episode 1:


    Rodney is elected chairman; Grandad collapses from exhaustion.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Diamonds Are for Heather (Season 2 Episode 8)
    Season 2 Episode 8:

    Diamonds Are for Heather

    Del seeks a Christmas gift for Heather.

  • Only Fools and Horses - A Touch of Glass (Season 2 Episode 7)
    Season 2 Episode 7:

    A Touch of Glass

    Del attempts to raise his social standing by serving the upper class.

  • Only Fools and Horses - It Never Rains (Season 2 Episode 6)
    Season 2 Episode 6:

    It Never Rains

    Granddad gets the family in trouble with the Spanish police when he joins Del and Rodney on holiday.

  • Only Fools and Horses - The Yellow Peril (Season 2 Episode 5)
    Season 2 Episode 5:

    The Yellow Peril

    Rodney helps Del paint a Chinese restaurant.

  • Only Fools and Horses - No Greater Love (Season 2 Episode 4)
    Season 2 Episode 4:

    No Greater Love

    Del tries to offer brotherly assistance when Rodney falls into an unsuitable romance.

  • Only Fools and Horses - A Losing Streak (Season 2 Episode 3)
    Season 2 Episode 3:

    A Losing Streak

    Boycie's got an ace up his sleeve when he and Del set up the biggest poker game the town has ever seen.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Ashes to Ashes (Season 2 Episode 2)
    Season 2 Episode 2:

    Ashes to Ashes

    Del accidentally sells the ashes of Trig's grandfather.

  • Only Fools and Horses - The Long Legs of the Law (Season 2 Episode 1)
    Season 2 Episode 1:

    The Long Legs of the Law

    Del and Granddad having trouble accepting Rodney's new girlfriend -- a policewoman.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Christmas Crackers (Season 1 Episode 7)
    Season 1 Episode 7:

    Christmas Crackers

    Granddad decides to cook Christmas dinner.

  • Only Fools and Horses - The Russians Are Coming (Season 1 Episode 6)
    Season 1 Episode 6:

    The Russians Are Coming

    Del receives boxes filled with lead; a nuclear fall-out shelter.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Slow Bus to Chingford (Season 1 Episode 5)
    Season 1 Episode 5:

    Slow Bus to Chingford

    Del launches a new business, 'Trotter's Ethnic Tours.'.

  • Only Fools and Horses - The Second Time Around (Season 1 Episode 4)
    Season 1 Episode 4:

    The Second Time Around

    Rodney is not happy with Del's new romance with an old flame.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Cash and Curry (Season 1 Episode 3)
    Season 1 Episode 3:

    Cash and Curry

    An unexpected gang war keeps Del from making the deal of a lifetime.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Go West Young Man (Season 1 Episode 2)
    Season 1 Episode 2:

    Go West Young Man

    Rodney's friend Mickey tries to pick up his girlfriend Monica.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Big Brother (Season 1 Episode 1)
    Season 1 Episode 1:

    Big Brother

    Del can't believe that his brother Rodney wants to give up the trading business.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Sleepless in Peckham (Special Episode 17)
    Special Episode 17:

    Sleepless in Peckham

  • Only Fools and Horses - Strangers on the Shore (Special Episode 16)
    Special Episode 16:

    Strangers on the Shore

    Del and Rodney try to make some quick cash with a trip to France.

  • Only Fools and Horses - If They Could See Us Now (Special Episode 15)
    Special Episode 15:

    If They Could See Us Now

    Del Boy and Rodders return in a special celebrating Christmas in Monte Carlo.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Rodney Come Home (Special Episode 10)
    Special Episode 10:

    Rodney Come Home

    Romance has entered Del's life while the course of true love doesn't run smoothly for his brother Rodney.

  • Only Fools and Horses - The Funny Side of Christmas: Christmas Trees (Special Episode 2)
    Special Episode 2:

    The Funny Side of Christmas: Christmas Trees

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