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Episode Guide

  • NOVA - Prediction by the Numbers (Season 45 Episode 5)
    Season 45 Episode 5:

    Prediction by the Numbers

    A look at why some predictions fail while others succeed at forecasting the future.

  • NOVA - Great Escape at Dunkirk (Season 45 Episode 4)
    Season 45 Episode 4:

    Great Escape at Dunkirk

    Archaeologists and divers recover remains of ships and planes that were lost in Dunkirk, France, during World War II.

  • NOVA - First Face of America (Season 45 Episode 3)
    Season 45 Episode 3:

    First Face of America

    The remains of a 13,000-year-old skeleton of a prehistoric teenager are located in an underwater cave in Mexico.

  • NOVA - Solar Impulse (Season 45 Episode 2)
    Season 45 Episode 2:

    Solar Impulse

    Two pilots construct and fly the first solar-powered airplane around the world.

  • NOVA - Black Hole Apocalypse (Season 45 Episode 1)
    Season 45 Episode 1:

    Black Hole Apocalypse

    Astrophysicist Janna Levin explores black hole science.

  • NOVA - Day the Dinosaurs Died (Season 44 Episode 21)
    Season 44 Episode 21:

    Day the Dinosaurs Died

    Scientists discover new clues as to the catastrophe that ended the reign of the dinosaurs on Earth.

  • NOVA - Bird Brain (Season 44 Episode 20)
    Season 44 Episode 20:

    Bird Brain

    Scientists test avian aptitude with brainteasers that reveal acute intelligence.

  • NOVA - Extreme Animal Weapons (Season 44 Episode 19)
    Season 44 Episode 19:

    Extreme Animal Weapons

    Why some animals have extreme armaments, including claws, horns, fangs and stings.

  • NOVA - Killer Floods (Season 44 Episode 18)
    Season 44 Episode 18:

    Killer Floods

    Efforts to uncover the geologic footprints of colossal megafloods in Iceland and on the seabed of the English Channel.

  • NOVA - Killer Hurricanes (Season 44 Episode 17)
    Season 44 Episode 17:

    Killer Hurricanes

    Researching the Great Hurricane of 1780, which blasted its way across the Caribbean, why it was so dangerous and the potential for more mega-storms in the future.

  • NOVA - Killer Volcanoes (Season 44 Episode 16)
    Season 44 Episode 16:

    Killer Volcanoes

    The hunt for a volcanic mega-eruption that plunged medieval Earth into a deep freeze includes geologic evidence from Greenland to Antarctica.

  • NOVA - Secrets of the Forbidden City (Season 44 Episode 15)
    Season 44 Episode 15:

    Secrets of the Forbidden City

    The architectural design of Beijing's ancient complex of palaces and temples enabled it to survive centuries of earthquake shocks.

  • NOVA - Ghosts of Stonehenge (Season 44 Episode 14)
    Season 44 Episode 14:

    Ghosts of Stonehenge

    Archaeological digs reveal new clues as to who built Stonehenge and why.

  • NOVA - Secrets of the Shining Knight (Season 44 Episode 13)
    Season 44 Episode 13:

    Secrets of the Shining Knight

    A re-engineering of Greenwich armor to get a sense of what it was like to be a knight and how the armor was manufactured in medieval times.

  • NOVA - Death Dive to Saturn (Season 44 Episode 12)
    Season 44 Episode 12:

    Death Dive to Saturn

    The Cassini space probe attempts to dive between the innermost ring and top of Saturn's atmosphere.

  • NOVA - Eclipse Over America (Season 44 Episode 11)
    Season 44 Episode 11:

    Eclipse Over America

    The history of eclipse science and research into the solar corona.

  • NOVA - Poisoned Water (Season 44 Episode 10)
    Season 44 Episode 10:

    Poisoned Water

    The water crisis in Flint, Mich., brings awareness to the vulnerabilities of water systems across the U.S.

  • NOVA - Chinese Chariot Revealed (Season 44 Episode 9)
    Season 44 Episode 9:

    Chinese Chariot Revealed

    Design secrets that made chariots a war machine for hundreds of years; how they were used and how they helped unify China.

  • NOVA - Building Chernobyl's MegaTomb (Season 44 Episode 8)
    Season 44 Episode 8:

    Building Chernobyl's MegaTomb

    Engineers build a dome to contain the crumbling remains of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor.

  • NOVA - Holocaust Escape Tunnel (Season 44 Episode 7)
    Season 44 Episode 7:

    Holocaust Escape Tunnel

    Archaeologists discover a tunnel near Vilnius, Lithuania, which served as an escape route for Jews fleeing the Nazis during World War II.

  • NOVA - Why Trains Crash (Season 44 Episode 6)
    Season 44 Episode 6:

    Why Trains Crash

    Investigators study wreckage of train accidents; safety experts test crash prevention designs.

  • NOVA - The Origami Revolution (Season 44 Episode 5)
    Season 44 Episode 5:

    The Origami Revolution

    The art of origami reshapes the world, affecting drug development and future NASA space missions.

  • NOVA - Ultimate Cruise Ship (Season 44 Episode 4)
    Season 44 Episode 4:

    Ultimate Cruise Ship

    Shipbuilders in Italy work around the clock to build the Seven Seas Explorer, the world's largest and most luxurious cruise ship.

  • NOVA - Search for the Super Battery (Season 44 Episode 3)
    Season 44 Episode 3:

    Search for the Super Battery

    David Pogue investigates how batteries work and what the future may hold for technical innovation.

  • NOVA - The Nuclear Option (Season 44 Episode 2)
    Season 44 Episode 2:

    The Nuclear Option

    Scientists and engineers work to control a nuclear renaissance five years after the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

  • NOVA - Secrets of the Sky Tombs (Season 44 Episode 1)
    Season 44 Episode 1:

    Secrets of the Sky Tombs

    Scientists explore mountain tombs in the Himalayas, revealing ancient secrets about the people who settled there, including rituals to ward off restless spirits.

  • NOVA - Treasures of the Earth: Power (Season 43 Episode 20)
    Season 43 Episode 20:

    Treasures of the Earth: Power

    Earth's natural resources provide energy to power the modern world.

  • NOVA - Treasures of the Earth: Metals (Season 43 Episode 19)
    Season 43 Episode 19:

    Treasures of the Earth: Metals

    The unique properties of metals and how they've helped lead human civilization from the Stone Age to a hi-tech world.

  • NOVA - Treasures of the Earth: Gems (Season 43 Episode 18)
    Season 43 Episode 18:

    Treasures of the Earth: Gems

    Precious gems, metals and energy resources are forged under the earth.

  • NOVA - Super Tunnel (Season 43 Episode 17)
    Season 43 Episode 17:

    Super Tunnel

    Engineers and designers build Crossrail, a new subterranean railway beneath the streets of London.

  • NOVA - Great Human Odyssey (Season 43 Episode 16)
    Season 43 Episode 16:

    Great Human Odyssey

    Discoveries about human origins and how humans have survived climate change and geological catastrophe.

  • NOVA - School of the Future (Season 43 Episode 15)
    Season 43 Episode 15:

    School of the Future

    Reimagining the future of education to help prepare children to compete in an age of rapid innovation and globalization.

  • NOVA - 15 Years of Terror (Season 43 Episode 14)
    Season 43 Episode 14:

    15 Years of Terror

    The psychology of a terrorist and the tools used by governments to thwart their efforts.

  • NOVA - Bombing Hitler's Supergun (Season 43 Episode 13)
    Season 43 Episode 13:

    Bombing Hitler's Supergun

    Historians and engineers investigate how Allied forces conspired to destroy Hitler's "supergun."

  • NOVA - Operation Lighthouse Rescue (Season 43 Episode 12)
    Season 43 Episode 12:

    Operation Lighthouse Rescue

    Engineers work to save historic Gay Head Lighthouse on Martha's Vineyard, which is falling victim to the ocean's erosion of the island's cliffs.

  • NOVA - Wild Ways (Season 43 Episode 11)
    Season 43 Episode 11:

    Wild Ways

    Newly established wildlife corridors offer hope to endangered species around the world.

  • NOVA - Can Alzheimer's Be Stopped? (Season 43 Episode 10)
    Season 43 Episode 10:

    Can Alzheimer's Be Stopped?

    Studies of the brain have produced new insights that could lead to a better understanding of dementia and other memory-impairment disorders.

  • NOVA - Vikings Unearthed (Season 43 Episode 9)
    Season 43 Episode 9:

    Vikings Unearthed

    Dr. Sarah Parcak uncovers new details about the expeditions and settlements of the Vikings.

  • NOVA - Rise of the Robots (Season 43 Episode 8)
    Season 43 Episode 8:

    Rise of the Robots

    Advanced humanoid robots adapt to human needs, battle real-world challenges and become part of everyday life.

  • NOVA - Iceman Reborn (Season 43 Episode 7)
    Season 43 Episode 7:

    Iceman Reborn

    New discoveries about Otzi the iceman, the oldest human mummy on Earth, reveal details about the dawn of civilization in Europe.

  • NOVA - Memory Hackers (Season 43 Episode 6)
    Season 43 Episode 6:

    Memory Hackers

    Researchers study how memories can be implanted, changed and erased.

  • NOVA - Creatures of Light (Season 43 Episode 5)
    Season 43 Episode 5:

    Creatures of Light

    Deep-sea scientists study the undersea world of creatures that flash, sparkle, shimmer or glow.

  • NOVA - Secret of Tunnel Warfare (Season 43 Episode 5)
    Season 43 Episode 5:

    Secret of Tunnel Warfare

    Archaeologists investigate a World War I operation in which 600 tons of explosives were placed in secret tunnels under German trenches.

  • NOVA - Himalayan Megaquake (Season 43 Episode 4)
    Season 43 Episode 4:

    Himalayan Megaquake

    The science and anatomy of the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal, as well as stories from survivors who were on Mount Everest and from residents who live near the epicenter.

  • NOVA - Mystery Beneath the Ice (Season 43 Episode 3)
    Season 43 Episode 3:

    Mystery Beneath the Ice

    Scientists explore Antarctica's under-ice landscape in search of the mystery killer that is destroying the polar food web.

  • NOVA - Life's Rocky Start (Season 43 Episode 2)
    Season 43 Episode 2:

    Life's Rocky Start

    Rocks were essential to advancing life on Earth billions of years ago.

  • NOVA - Secret Tunnel Warfare (Season 43 Episode 1)
    Season 43 Episode 1:

    Secret Tunnel Warfare

    World War I Allies plant 600 tons of explosives in secret tunnels under the German trenches.

  • NOVA - Inside Einstein's Mind (Season 42 Episode 21)
    Season 42 Episode 21:

    Inside Einstein's Mind

    Retracing Einstein's thought experiments reveals the simple ideas that reshaped the world's understanding of gravity.

  • NOVA - Making North America: Human (Season 42 Episode 20)
    Season 42 Episode 20:

    Making North America: Human

    From Ice Age to the oil boom, humans face challenges and uncover wealth hidden in North America's landscape.

  • NOVA - Making North America: Life (Season 42 Episode 19)
    Season 42 Episode 19:

    Making North America: Life

    The intertwined story of life and the landscape in North America -- from origins to dinosaurs and an ancient primate invasion.

  • NOVA - Making North America: Origins (Season 42 Episode 18)
    Season 42 Episode 18:

    Making North America: Origins

    The shaping of North America, including palm trees that once thrived in Alaska and an eruption that nearly tore the Midwest in two.

  • NOVA - Animal Mummies (Season 42 Episode 17)
    Season 42 Episode 17:

    Animal Mummies

    Hi-tech images reveal the role of animal mummies in ancient Egyptian beliefs.

  • NOVA - Cyberwar Threat (Season 42 Episode 16)
    Season 42 Episode 16:

    Cyberwar Threat

    Cyber weapons have the ability to inflict physical damage on factories, power plants and pipelines.

  • NOVA - Secrets of Noah's Ark (Season 42 Episode 15)
    Season 42 Episode 15:

    Secrets of Noah's Ark

    A new version of the biblical flood story includes instructions for assembling an ark.

  • NOVA - Arctic Ghost Ship (Season 42 Episode 14)
    Season 42 Episode 14:

    Arctic Ghost Ship

    Clues found on the ocean floor may clarify what happened to British explorer John Franklin and the 128 men who set off in two Royal Navy ships to chart the Northwest Passage in 1845, never to be heard from again.

  • NOVA - Dawn of Humanity (Season 42 Episode 13)
    Season 42 Episode 13:

    Dawn of Humanity

    The discovery of ancient fossil human ancestors in South Africa.

  • NOVA - Nuclear Meltdown Disaster (Season 42 Episode 12)
    Season 42 Episode 12:

    Nuclear Meltdown Disaster

    The minute-by-minute story of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, which resulted from the earthquake and tsunami, and its aftermath.

  • NOVA - Chasing Pluto (Season 42 Episode 11)
    Season 42 Episode 11:

    Chasing Pluto

    NASA's New Horizons probe captures the first-ever detailed images of the icy world of Pluto.

  • NOVA - Lethal Seas (Season 42 Episode 10)
    Season 42 Episode 10:

    Lethal Seas

    Researchers seek solutions to contain the rising acidity levels that are threatening the world's oceans.

  • NOVA - Nazi Attack on America (Season 42 Episode 9)
    Season 42 Episode 9:

    Nazi Attack on America

    Ocean explorer Robert Ballard investigates the wreck of a German submarine at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, just a few miles off New Orleans.

  • NOVA - Invisible Universe Revealed (Season 42 Episode 8)
    Season 42 Episode 8:

    Invisible Universe Revealed

    The Hubble Space Telescope's discoveries over the past 25 years.

  • NOVA - The Great Math Mystery (Season 42 Episode 7)
    Season 42 Episode 7:

    The Great Math Mystery

    Exploring math's power across the centuries, from the first wireless radio transmissions to the landing of rovers on Mars.

  • NOVA - Hagia Sophia -- Istanbul's Ancient Mystery (Season 42 Episode 6)
    Season 42 Episode 6:

    Hagia Sophia -- Istanbul's Ancient Mystery

    Istanbul's Hagia Sophia survives numerous earthquakes.

  • NOVA - Petra -- Lost City of Stone (Season 42 Episode 5)
    Season 42 Episode 5:

    Petra -- Lost City of Stone

    How the ancient people of Petra built their city of stone.

  • NOVA - Colosseum -- Roman Death Trap (Season 42 Episode 4)
    Season 42 Episode 4:

    Colosseum -- Roman Death Trap

    Archaeologists and engineers build a 25-foot lifting machine and trap-door system to release a wolf into the Colosseum's arena.

  • NOVA - Sinkholes -- Buried Alive (Season 42 Episode 3)
    Season 42 Episode 3:

    Sinkholes -- Buried Alive

    Scientists explore the underlying forces behind sinkholes.

  • NOVA - Sunken Ship Rescue (Season 42 Episode 2)
    Season 42 Episode 2:

    Sunken Ship Rescue

    Efforts to secure, raise and salvage the Costa Concordia cruise ship which capsized off the Italian coast on Jan. 13, 2012, killing 32 people.

  • NOVA - Big Bang Machine (Season 42 Episode 1)
    Season 42 Episode 1:

    Big Bang Machine

    CERN scientists prepare to restart the Large Hadron Collider to examine the world's tiniest particles.

  • NOVA - First Man on the Moon (Season 41 Episode 23)
    Season 41 Episode 23:

    First Man on the Moon

    Neil Armstrong's family and friends recall his achievements before and after the Apollo 11 moon landing, including his role in the inquiry into the Challenger disaster and his efforts to encourage young people to explore space and flight.

  • NOVA - Killer Landslides (Season 41 Episode 22)
    Season 41 Episode 22:

    Killer Landslides

    Scientists investigate the specific local geological and climatic factors behind the 2014 collapse of a hillside in Oso, Wash.

  • NOVA - Emperor's Ghost Army (Season 41 Episode 21)
    Season 41 Episode 21:

    Emperor's Ghost Army

    High-action experiments and 3-D technology provide insight into how China's terracotta army was made.

  • NOVA - Bigger Than T.rex (Season 41 Episode 20)
    Season 41 Episode 20:

    Bigger Than T.rex

    The discovery of new fossil bones in a Moroccan cliff reopens the investigation into a creature called the Spinosaurus.

  • NOVA - First Air War (Season 41 Episode 19)
    Season 41 Episode 19:

    First Air War

    The role of early flying machines in World War I.

  • NOVA - Ben Franklin's Balloons (Season 41 Episode 18)
    Season 41 Episode 18:

    Ben Franklin's Balloons

    A re-creation of an 18th-century hot-air balloon flight uses tools and materials available at that time.

  • NOVA - Surviving Ebola (Season 41 Episode 17)
    Season 41 Episode 17:

    Surviving Ebola

    Medical teams in West Africa cope with a rising number of Ebola victims; scientists race to test vaccines in hope of finding a cure.

  • NOVA - Why Planes Vanish (Season 41 Episode 16)
    Season 41 Episode 16:

    Why Planes Vanish

    Technology fails to track a Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 when it mysteriously disappears.

  • NOVA - Rise of the Hackers (Season 41 Episode 15)
    Season 41 Episode 15:

    Rise of the Hackers

    Scientists in the fast-paced world of cryptography work to forge unbreakable codes to keep data safe.

  • NOVA - Vaccines -- Calling the Shots (Season 41 Episode 14)
    Season 41 Episode 14:

    Vaccines -- Calling the Shots

    The science behind vaccinations; tracking epidemics; the human costs of refusing a vaccine.

  • NOVA - D-Day's Sunken Secrets (Season 41 Episode 13)
    Season 41 Episode 13:

    D-Day's Sunken Secrets

    Dive teams, submersibles and underwater robots search the seabed bordering the beaches of Normandy, France, for Allied ships that sank from German shellfire, mines and torpedoes.

  • NOVA - Escape From Nazi Alcatraz (Season 41 Episode 12)
    Season 41 Episode 12:

    Escape From Nazi Alcatraz

    A group of British officers devise a plan to escape from Colditz Castle, a prisoner of war camp controlled by the Nazis in Germany.

  • NOVA - Why Sharks Attack (Season 41 Episode 11)
    Season 41 Episode 11:

    Why Sharks Attack

    Researchers in Australia and the U.S. investigate the hunting instincts of the great white shark.

  • NOVA - Inside Animal Minds: Who's the Smartest? (Season 41 Episode 10)
    Season 41 Episode 10:

    Inside Animal Minds: Who's the Smartest?

    The smartest animals seem to be the ones living in complex social groups, like dolphins, elephants and apes.

  • NOVA - Inside Animal Minds: Dogs & Super Senses (Season 41 Episode 9)
    Season 41 Episode 9:

    Inside Animal Minds: Dogs & Super Senses

    The high-powered senses of dogs, sharks and birds.

  • NOVA - Inside Animal Minds: Bird Genius (Season 41 Episode 8)
    Season 41 Episode 8:

    Inside Animal Minds: Bird Genius

    Problem-solving birds include a cockatoo that picks locks; a wild crow solves an eight-step puzzle; a raven solves a puzzle box so fast it is captured with high-speed photography.

  • NOVA - Wild Predator Invasion (Season 41 Episode 7)
    Season 41 Episode 7:

    Wild Predator Invasion

    Scientists return predators such as wolves, bears and panthers to their natural environments.

  • NOVA - Great Cathedral Mystery (Season 41 Episode 6)
    Season 41 Episode 6:

    Great Cathedral Mystery

    Using period tools and techniques, bricklayers build an experimental mini-Duomo to try to determine how Filippo Brunelleschi built the dome that crowns Florence's great cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

  • NOVA - Roman Catacomb Mystery (Season 41 Episode 5)
    Season 41 Episode 5:

    Roman Catacomb Mystery

    Maintenance workers stumble upon six caverns stacked with hundreds of skeletons in the Catacombs of Rome.

  • NOVA - Ghosts of Murdered Kings (Season 41 Episode 4)
    Season 41 Episode 4:

    Ghosts of Murdered Kings

    Scientists investigate bodies unearthed from Ireland's bogs to determine who they were and why their deaths were so violent.

  • NOVA - Killer Typhoon (Season 41 Episode 3)
    Season 41 Episode 3:

    Killer Typhoon

    Meteorologists dissect Typhoon Haiyan, which stirred up 200-mph winds and a two-story-high storm surge; what made it so destructive and why the Philippines were so vulnerable to such a violent storm.

  • NOVA - Zeppelin Terror Attack (Season 41 Episode 2)
    Season 41 Episode 2:

    Zeppelin Terror Attack

    Britain develops defenses against German zeppelins that drop bombs on London during World War I.

  • NOVA - Alien Planets Revealed (Season 41 Episode 1)
    Season 41 Episode 1:

    Alien Planets Revealed

    NASA's Kepler telescope discovers thousands of exotic new worlds, some of which may even be able to harbor life.

  • NOVA - Asteroid: Doomsday or Payday? (Season 40 Episode 24)
    Season 40 Episode 24:

    Asteroid: Doomsday or Payday?

    Although an asteroid collision with Earth could be deadly, some entrepreneurs believe asteroids containing iron, nickel and other elements could be highly profitable.

  • NOVA - At the Edge of Space (Season 40 Episode 23)
    Season 40 Episode 23:

    At the Edge of Space

    Exploring the earth-space boundary zone includes a ride in a high-flying weather observation plane to search for sprites -- electrical discharges that shoot upwards from thunderclouds.

  • NOVA - Cold Case JFK (Season 40 Episode 22)
    Season 40 Episode 22:

    Cold Case JFK

    Modern state-of-the-art forensic tools can be applied to the investigation of the death of President John F. Kennedy, as though it had happened today.

  • NOVA - Making Stuff Safer (Season 40 Episode 21)
    Season 40 Episode 21:

    Making Stuff Safer

    Science and technology provides protection from forces of nature such as earthquakes and epidemics, as well as man-made dangers such as traffic accidents and contact sports; cyber security.

  • NOVA - Making Stuff Colder (Season 40 Episode 20)
    Season 40 Episode 20:

    Making Stuff Colder

    Host David Pogue examines how cold science and technology can save the lives of trauma patients, cool the planet and be used for quantum computers.

  • NOVA - Making Stuff Wilder (Season 40 Episode 19)
    Season 40 Episode 19:

    Making Stuff Wilder

    Host David Pogue explores cutting-edge technology and inventions, including underwater Wi-Fi, military robotics and usage of bacteria and DNA.

  • NOVA - Making Stuff Faster (Season 40 Episode 18)
    Season 40 Episode 18:

    Making Stuff Faster

    Host David Pogue examines the possibility of making humans and machines faster, investigating cars, boats, cameras and quantum teleportation.

  • NOVA - Megastorm Aftermath (Season 40 Episode 17)
    Season 40 Episode 17:

    Megastorm Aftermath

    A follow-up to "Inside the Megastorm" includes how to prepare for storms like Hurricane Sandy and what kind of progress has been made to make the country's infrastructure stronger.

  • NOVA - Ground Zero Supertower (Season 40 Episode 16)
    Season 40 Episode 16:

    Ground Zero Supertower

    The completion of One World Trade Center in New York presents a 104-story skyscraper that stands 1,776 feet from the position of the original Twin Towers.

  • NOVA - Oklahoma's Deadliest Tornadoes (Season 40 Episode 15)
    Season 40 Episode 15:

    Oklahoma's Deadliest Tornadoes

    An F5 tornado sweeps through Moore, Okla., on May 20, 2013; understanding and predicting violent storms.

  • NOVA - Manhunt -- Boston Bombers (Season 40 Episode 14)
    Season 40 Episode 14:

    Manhunt -- Boston Bombers

    Surveillance and bystander videos help police and investigators identify and capture suspects involved with the bombings at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013.

  • NOVA - Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Strange Creatures (Season 40 Episode 13)
    Season 40 Episode 13:

    Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Strange Creatures

    Australia's unusual creatures, including the kangaroo and cassowary, convey a story of isolation, change and resilience.

  • NOVA - Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Monsters (Season 40 Episode 12)
    Season 40 Episode 12:

    Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Monsters

    Some of the largest and most dangerous reptiles to walk the Earth shared space with mammals such as the platypus.

  • NOVA - Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Life Explodes (Season 40 Episode 11)
    Season 40 Episode 11:

    Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Life Explodes

    Ancient Australian fossils offer clues as to how four-legged animals came to dominate Earth.

  • NOVA - Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Awakening (Season 40 Episode 10)
    Season 40 Episode 10:

    Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Awakening

    The mysteries of Earth's birth.

  • NOVA - Ancient Computer (Season 40 Episode 9)
    Season 40 Episode 9:

    Ancient Computer

    Metal found in a 2,000-year-old shipwreck is thought to be the world's first computer, an astronomical calculator and eclipse predictor from the workshop of Archimedes.

  • NOVA - Meteor Strike (Season 40 Episode 8)
    Season 40 Episode 8:

    Meteor Strike

    Scientists hunt for debris from the 7,000-ton asteroid that crashed in Russia, searching for clues to its origin and makeup; a review of past explosions, from Tunguska to the asteroid that extinguished the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

  • NOVA - Mind of a Rampage Killer (Season 40 Episode 7)
    Season 40 Episode 7:

    Mind of a Rampage Killer

    Theories about what motivates people to kill; how much science reveals about a brain at risk for violence; whether it is possible to recognize dangerous minds before a violent outburst.

  • NOVA - Earth From Space (Season 40 Episode 6)
    Season 40 Episode 6:

    Earth From Space

    Satellite data shows how dust blown from the Sahara fertilizes the Amazon, how a submarine waterfall drives ocean currents around the world and how the sun's heat results in a hurricane.

  • NOVA - Building Pharaoh's Chariot (Season 40 Episode 5)
    Season 40 Episode 5:

    Building Pharaoh's Chariot

    Scientists and engineers build and test two replicas of Egyptian royal chariots.

  • NOVA - Who Killed Lindbergh's Baby? (Season 40 Episode 4)
    Season 40 Episode 4:

    Who Killed Lindbergh's Baby?

    Investigators use forensic and behavioral science techniques to determine what happened to Charles Lindbergh's baby.

  • NOVA - Rise of the Drones (Season 40 Episode 3)
    Season 40 Episode 3:

    Rise of the Drones

    Drone engineers, and those who operate them for the U.S. military, reveal the secrets that make the unmanned flying robots so powerful.

  • NOVA - Decoding Neanderthals (Season 40 Episode 2)
    Season 40 Episode 2:

    Decoding Neanderthals

    Analysis of the Neanderthal genome shows that modern humans and Neanderthals had interbred some 60,000 years ago.

  • NOVA - Doomsday Volcanoes (Season 40 Episode 1)
    Season 40 Episode 1:

    Doomsday Volcanoes

    Scientists study the possible worldwide effects of volcanic eruptions in Iceland.

  • NOVA - Inside the Megastorm (Season 39 Episode 16)
    Season 39 Episode 16:

    Inside the Megastorm

    The impact of Hurricane Sandy, the largest Atlantic hurricane on record.

  • NOVA - Ultimate Mars Challenge (Season 39 Episode 15)
    Season 39 Episode 15:

    Ultimate Mars Challenge

    The rover named Curiosity touches down inside the Gale Crater on Mars.

  • NOVA - Mystery of Easter Island (Season 39 Episode 14)
    Season 39 Episode 14:

    Mystery of Easter Island

    Researchers investigate the ancient creation of nearly 900 giant statues, or moai, on Easter Island.

  • NOVA - Forensics on Trial (Season 39 Episode 13)
    Season 39 Episode 13:

    Forensics on Trial

    Modern forensics, including the analysis of fingerprints, bite marks, ballistics, hair and tool marks, can sometimes send innocent people to prison.

  • NOVA - Secrets of the Viking Sword (Season 39 Episode 12)
    Season 39 Episode 12:

    Secrets of the Viking Sword

    Viking sword-makers designed and created the Ulfberht sword.

  • NOVA - Secrets of the Sun (Season 39 Episode 11)
    Season 39 Episode 11:

    Secrets of the Sun

    New spacecraft and Earth-based telescopes may help scientists predict and track solar storms.

  • NOVA - Why Ships Sink (Season 39 Episode 10)
    Season 39 Episode 10:

    Why Ships Sink

    Reconstructing the events leading up to cruise disasters, including the Costa Concordia, the MS Sea Diamond and the MTS Oceanos.

  • NOVA - Deadliest Tornadoes (Season 39 Episode 9)
    Season 39 Episode 9:

    Deadliest Tornadoes

    The science behind the tornado outbreak of 2011, tornado prediction and how communities can protect themselves from future storms.

  • NOVA - Hunting the Elements (Season 39 Episode 8)
    Season 39 Episode 8:

    Hunting the Elements

    David Pogue explores weird, extreme chemistry.

  • NOVA - Cracking Your Genetic Code (Season 39 Episode 7)
    Season 39 Episode 7:

    Cracking Your Genetic Code

    Doctors and researchers explore personalized, gene-based medicine.

  • NOVA - Separating Twins (Season 39 Episode 6)
    Season 39 Episode 6:

    Separating Twins

    Conjoined twin girls undergo a series of delicate operations.

  • NOVA - Ice Age Death Trap (Season 39 Episode 5)
    Season 39 Episode 5:

    Ice Age Death Trap

    Archaeologists study the life and death of North America's most exotic and extreme creatures.

  • NOVA - Mystery of a Masterpiece (Season 39 Episode 4)
    Season 39 Episode 4:

    Mystery of a Masterpiece

    Investigators identify artwork and combat the criminal market in stolen and fraudulent art.

  • NOVA - 3D Spies of WWII (Season 39 Episode 3)
    Season 39 Episode 3:

    3D Spies of WWII

    Air photo intelligence plays a vital role in defeating Hitler during World War II.

  • NOVA - Bombing Hitler's Dams (Season 39 Episode 2)
    Season 39 Episode 2:

    Bombing Hitler's Dams

    British engineer Barnes Wallis invents a bouncing bomb which the pilots of 617 Squadron use to destroy two dams in Germany during World War II.

  • NOVA - Deadliest Volcanoes (Season 39 Episode 1)
    Season 39 Episode 1:

    Deadliest Volcanoes

    Scientists attempt to determine when volcanic eruptions might occur and how dangerous they may be.

  • NOVA - The Fabric of the Cosmos: Universe or Multiverse? (Season 38 Episode 19)
    Season 38 Episode 19:

    The Fabric of the Cosmos: Universe or Multiverse?

    Scientists believe there may be more than one universe.

  • NOVA - The Fabric of the Cosmos: Quantum Leap (Season 38 Episode 18)
    Season 38 Episode 18:

    The Fabric of the Cosmos: Quantum Leap

    Brian Greene explores quantum mechanics.

  • NOVA - The Fabric of the Cosmos: The Illusion of Time (Season 38 Episode 17)
    Season 38 Episode 17:

    The Fabric of the Cosmos: The Illusion of Time

    A time-traveling adventure moves 50 years into the future, then travels back to the past.

  • NOVA - The Fabric of the Cosmos: What Is Space? (Season 38 Episode 16)
    Season 38 Episode 16:

    The Fabric of the Cosmos: What Is Space?

    Brian Greene investigates space.

  • NOVA - Iceman Murder Mystery (Season 38 Episode 15)
    Season 38 Episode 15:

    Iceman Murder Mystery

    Scientists study a 5,000-year-old mummified corpse pulled from a glacier in the Italian Alps nearly 20 years ago.

  • NOVA - Finding Life Beyond Earth: Moons and Beyond (Season 38 Episode 14)
    Season 38 Episode 14:

    Finding Life Beyond Earth: Moons and Beyond

    Scientists explore the potential for life throughout the solar system.

  • NOVA - Finding Life Beyond Earth: Are We Alone?; Moons and Beyond (Season 38 Episode 13)
    Season 38 Episode 13:

    Finding Life Beyond Earth: Are We Alone?; Moons and Beyond

    Scientists explore the potential for life throughout the solar system.

  • NOVA - Finding Life Beyond Earth: Are We Alone? (Season 38 Episode 13)
    Season 38 Episode 13:

    Finding Life Beyond Earth: Are We Alone?

    Scientists explore the potential for life throughout the solar system.

  • NOVA - Surviving the Tsunami: A Nova Special Presentation (Season 38 Episode 12)
    Season 38 Episode 12:

    Surviving the Tsunami: A Nova Special Presentation

    Survivors of the March tsunami in Japan recall their experiences.

  • NOVA - Engineering Ground Zero (Season 38 Episode 11)
    Season 38 Episode 11:

    Engineering Ground Zero

    Architects and engineers plan the construction of One World Trade Center and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

  • NOVA - Power Surge (Season 38 Episode 10)
    Season 38 Episode 10:

    Power Surge

    Innovations designed to combat global warming include artificial trees and cleaner coal.

  • NOVA - Japan's Killer Quake (Season 38 Episode 9)
    Season 38 Episode 9:

    Japan's Killer Quake

    The March 11 earthquake, the worst to ever strike Japan, spawned a tsunami with 30-foot-high waves that destroyed entire towns in minutes.

  • NOVA - Venom: Nature's Killer (Season 38 Episode 8)
    Season 38 Episode 8:

    Venom: Nature's Killer

    Scientists track down the planet's most deadly creatures.

  • NOVA - Crash of Flight 447 (Season 38 Episode 7)
    Season 38 Episode 7:

    Crash of Flight 447

    The 2009 crash of Air France Flight 447 leaves questions about the airplane's flight path straight into a deadly storm.

  • NOVA - Smartest Machine on Earth (Season 38 Episode 6)
    Season 38 Episode 6:

    Smartest Machine on Earth

    An IBM supercomputer pursues a challenge to compete against "Jeopardy!" champions.

  • NOVA - Making Stuff: Making Stuff Smarter (Season 38 Episode 5)
    Season 38 Episode 5:

    Making Stuff: Making Stuff Smarter

    An Army tanker truck heals its own bullet wounds; an airplane wing changes shape as it flies; clothing monitors a person's heart rate.

  • NOVA - Making Stuff: Making Stuff Cleaner (Season 38 Episode 4)
    Season 38 Episode 4:

    Making Stuff: Making Stuff Cleaner

    Clean materials that could power devices in the future may include batteries grown from viruses and tires made from orange peel oil.

  • NOVA - Making Stuff: Making Stuff Smaller (Season 38 Episode 3)
    Season 38 Episode 3:

    Making Stuff: Making Stuff Smaller

    Host David Pogue looks at high-powered nano-circuits and micro-robots.

  • NOVA - Making Stuff: Making Stuff Stronger (Season 38 Episode 2)
    Season 38 Episode 2:

    Making Stuff: Making Stuff Stronger

    Host David Pogue explores how science and nature work to make things strong.

  • NOVA - Deadliest Earthquakes (Season 38 Episode 1)
    Season 38 Episode 1:

    Deadliest Earthquakes

    Scientists in Haiti and Chile gather data to prevent future disasters.

  • NOVA - Secrets Beneath the Ice (Season 37 Episode 17)
    Season 37 Episode 17:

    Secrets Beneath the Ice

    Drilling beneath the Antarctic ice reveals new clues about Antarctica's past and the Earth's future.

  • NOVA - Quest for Solomon's Mines (Season 37 Episode 16)
    Season 37 Episode 16:

    Quest for Solomon's Mines

    Two field investigations in Jordan reveal ancient remnants of an industrial-scale copper mine and 3,000-year-old message.

  • NOVA - Secrets of Stonehenge (Season 37 Episode 15)
    Season 37 Episode 15:

    Secrets of Stonehenge

    Bluestonehenge, a prehistoric stone circle monument found about a mile from Stonehenge.

  • NOVA - Dogs Decoded (Season 37 Episode 14)
    Season 37 Episode 14:

    Dogs Decoded

    Discoveries in genetics reveal the origin of dogs and the bond between humans and dogs; breeding program for foxes.

  • NOVA - Trapped in an Elevator (Season 37 Episode 13)
    Season 37 Episode 13:

    Trapped in an Elevator

    The world's fastest elevator is in the world's tallest building, located in the United Arab Emirates; elevator maintenance crews in Manhattan; Otis Test Tower.

  • NOVA - Emergency Mine Rescue (Season 37 Episode 12)
    Season 37 Episode 12:

    Emergency Mine Rescue

    The rescue of 33 miners trapped nearly a half mile below the surface in Chile.

  • NOVA - Building the Great Cathedrals (Season 37 Episode 11)
    Season 37 Episode 11:

    Building the Great Cathedrals

    In the Middle Ages, architects constructed great Gothic cathedrals that have stood for centuries.

  • NOVA - Mt. St. Helens Back From the Dead (Season 37 Episode 10)
    Season 37 Episode 10:

    Mt. St. Helens Back From the Dead

    For the past 30 years, biologist Charlie Crisafulli has documented the return of plant and animal life to Mount St. Helens.

  • NOVA - Hunting the Edge of Space: The Ever Expanding Universe (Season 37 Episode 9)
    Season 37 Episode 9:

    Hunting the Edge of Space: The Ever Expanding Universe

    The universe's past and future; modern telescopes reveal much of the universe is tied up in dark matter and dark energy.

  • NOVA - Hunting the Edge of Space: The Mystery of the Milky Way (Season 37 Episode 8)
    Season 37 Episode 8:

    Hunting the Edge of Space: The Mystery of the Milky Way

    Three centuries of engineering has enhanced Galileo's simple spyglass, resulting in powerful telescopes that sit on mountaintops, orbit the Earth and circle other planets.

  • NOVA - Mind Over Money (Season 37 Episode 7)
    Season 37 Episode 7:

    Mind Over Money

    Analysts provide insight as to why mainstream economists failed to predict the 2008 crash and why people often make irrational financial decisions.

  • NOVA - The Pluto Files (Season 37 Episode 6)
    Season 37 Episode 6:

    The Pluto Files

    Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the American Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium, explores people's opinions about Pluto.

  • NOVA - Extreme Cave Diving (Season 37 Episode 5)
    Season 37 Episode 5:

    Extreme Cave Diving

    Dr. Kenny Broad dives into blue holes, underwater caves formed during the last Ice Age.

  • NOVA - Ghosts of Machu Picchu (Season 37 Episode 4)
    Season 37 Episode 4:

    Ghosts of Machu Picchu

    Archaeologists explore Machu Picchu and unearth burials of people who built the sacred site.

  • NOVA - Riddles of the Sphinx (Season 37 Episode 3)
    Season 37 Episode 3:

    Riddles of the Sphinx

    Scientists uncover how the Sphinx was carved and reveal details about the people who built it.

  • NOVA - Building Pharaoh's Ship (Season 37 Episode 2)
    Season 37 Episode 2:

    Building Pharaoh's Ship

    Archaeologists and boat builders reconstruct a vessel seen on a mysterious carving in an Egyptian temple.

  • NOVA - Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor (Season 37 Episode 1)
    Season 37 Episode 1:

    Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor

    A Japanese midget submarine may have played a role in the sinking of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.

  • NOVA - What Darwin Never Knew (Season 36 Episode 17)
    Season 36 Episode 17:

    What Darwin Never Knew

    Science breakthroughs link the mystery of origins to the development of the embryo.

  • NOVA - What Are Dreams? (Season 36 Episode 16)
    Season 36 Episode 16:

    What Are Dreams?

    Dream researchers investigate the world of sleep, from human narcolepsy to sleepwalking cats.

  • NOVA - Becoming Human: Last Human Standing (Season 36 Episode 15)
    Season 36 Episode 15:

    Becoming Human: Last Human Standing

    Evidence reveals new insights into how humans became creative and modern; demise of Neanderthals.

  • NOVA - Becoming Human: Birth of Humanity (Season 36 Episode 14)
    Season 36 Episode 14:

    Becoming Human: Birth of Humanity

    How ancestors survived in a savannah with vicious predators; when and why they left the African cradle to colonize the earth.

  • NOVA - Becoming Human: First Steps (Season 36 Episode 13)
    Season 36 Episode 13:

    Becoming Human: First Steps

    Clues about early ancestors in Africa include a complete fossil named Lucy's Child.

  • NOVA - Lizard Kings (Season 36 Episode 12)
    Season 36 Episode 12:

    Lizard Kings

    Dr. Eric Pianka tracks monitor lizards, a species successful at adapting to all kinds of settings, through Australia's heartland.

  • NOVA - Hubble's Amazing Rescue (Season 36 Episode 11)
    Season 36 Episode 11:

    Hubble's Amazing Rescue

    NASA sends a shuttle crew to service the Hubble Space Telescope.

  • NOVA - Darwin's Darkest Hour (Season 36 Episode 10)
    Season 36 Episode 10:

    Darwin's Darkest Hour

    Charles Darwin must decide whether to make his theory of evolution public. With Henry Ian Cusick and Frances O'Connor.

  • NOVA - Musical Minds (Season 36 Episode 9)
    Season 36 Episode 9:

    Musical Minds

    Dr. Oliver Sacks investigates how music affects the brain, revealing case studies such as a man who uses drumming to alleviate his Tourette's syndrome.

  • NOVA - The Quest to See Infinity (Season 36 Episode 8)
    Season 36 Episode 8:

    The Quest to See Infinity

  • NOVA - Doctors' Diaries (Season 36 Episode 7)
    Season 36 Episode 7:

    Doctors' Diaries

    An update on the seven doctors first profiled in 1987 as they began Harvard Medical School.

  • NOVA - Doctors' Diaries (Season 36 Episode 6)
    Season 36 Episode 6:

    Doctors' Diaries

    An update continues profiles on seven doctors who began Harvard Medical School in 1987.

  • NOVA - Megabeasts' Sudden Death (Season 36 Episode 5)
    Season 36 Episode 5:

    Megabeasts' Sudden Death

    A new theory about what killed off America's mammoths.

  • NOVA - Extreme Ice (Season 36 Episode 4)
    Season 36 Episode 4:

    Extreme Ice

    Photojournalist James Balog and a scientific team disperse cameras in risky, remote locations in the Arctic, Alaska and the Alps to record melting glaciers.

  • NOVA - Rat Attack (Season 36 Episode 3)
    Season 36 Episode 3:

    Rat Attack

    The half-century bloom of a bamboo species in Mizoram spurs an explosion in the rat population in the Indian state.

  • NOVA - The Spy Factory (Season 36 Episode 2)
    Season 36 Episode 2:

    The Spy Factory

    The modern technology underlying the National Security Agency's hunt for information in the war on terror.

  • NOVA - The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies (Season 36 Episode 1)
    Season 36 Episode 1:

    The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies

    The secret world of the monarch butterfly.

  • NOVA - The Big Energy Gamble (Season 35 Episode 19)
    Season 35 Episode 19:

    The Big Energy Gamble

    The state of California's efforts to ensure a sustainable energy future include energy conservation and the development of new sources of carbon-free power.

  • NOVA - Is There Life on Mars? (Season 35 Episode 18)
    Season 35 Episode 18:

    Is There Life on Mars?

    Scientific results from NASA's twin robot explorers, Spirit and Opportunity, and the Phoenix probe, which "tasted" water ice on Mars in July 2008.

  • NOVA - Ocean Animal Emergency (Season 35 Episode 17)
    Season 35 Episode 17:

    Ocean Animal Emergency

    San Francisco veterinarian Frances Gulland and her team care for marine mammals affected by toxic algae blooms.

  • NOVA - The Bible's Buried Secrets (Season 35 Episode 16)
    Season 35 Episode 16:

    The Bible's Buried Secrets

    Scholars and researchers discuss the Old Testament and how the concept of one God emerged.

  • NOVA - Alien From Earth (Season 35 Episode 15)
    Season 35 Episode 15:

    Alien From Earth

    Excavations at Ling Bua on the island of Flores, Indonesia, unearthed tiny human fossil bones.

  • NOVA - Hunting the Hidden Dimension (Season 35 Episode 14)
    Season 35 Episode 14:

    Hunting the Hidden Dimension

    A new branch of math called fractals has opened up a path to scientific analysis and understanding.

  • NOVA - Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives (Season 35 Episode 13)
    Season 35 Episode 13:

    Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives

    Mark Oliver Everett, lead singer of the EELS, travels America to learn about his estranged father, one of the country's top quantum physicists.

  • NOVA - Space Shuttle Disaster (Season 35 Episode 12)
    Season 35 Episode 12:

    Space Shuttle Disaster

    Astronauts, their families and members of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board talk about the Columbia space shuttle tragedy.

  • NOVA - Arctic Dinosaurs (Season 35 Episode 11)
    Season 35 Episode 11:

    Arctic Dinosaurs

    A field expedition to collect new fossil clues on Alaska's North Slope reveals details of the lives of polar dinosaurs.

  • NOVA - Lord of the Ants (Season 35 Episode 10)
    Season 35 Episode 10:

    Lord of the Ants

    E.O. Wilson became known as the architect of sociobiology through his study of ants; narrator Harrison Ford.

  • NOVA - A Walk to Beautiful (Season 35 Episode 9)
    Season 35 Episode 9:

    A Walk to Beautiful

    Three Ethiopian women with childbirth injuries find solace at a special hospital in Addis Ababa.

  • NOVA - Car of the Future (Season 35 Episode 8)
    Season 35 Episode 8:

    Car of the Future

    Tom and Ray Magliozzi of NPR's "Car Talk" examine new technologies and ideas for transportation, including alternative fuel sources for cars.

  • NOVA - Cracking the Maya Code (Season 35 Episode 7)
    Season 35 Episode 7:

    Cracking the Maya Code

    Pioneers decipher the Maya's system of hieroglyphics.

  • NOVA - The Four-Winged Dinosaur (Season 35 Episode 6)
    Season 35 Episode 6:

    The Four-Winged Dinosaur

    A reconstruction of the pigeon-sized microraptor, the smallest adult dinosaur ever found, sheds new light on how winged flight began.

  • NOVA - Ape Genius (Season 35 Episode 5)
    Season 35 Episode 5:

    Ape Genius

    The secret mental lives of great apes -- chimps, orangutans, gorillas and bonobos -- and what separates humans from them.

  • NOVA - AstroSpies (Season 35 Episode 4)
    Season 35 Episode 4:


    Author Jim Bamford goes to Russia to investigate the prototypes of the Almaz military space stations.

  • NOVA - Secrets of the Parthenon (Season 35 Episode 3)
    Season 35 Episode 3:

    Secrets of the Parthenon

    Scholars probe the planning and construction of the Parthenon, erected by the ancient Greeks as a temple to the goddess Athena.

  • NOVA - Absolute Zero: The Race for Absolute Zero (Season 35 Episode 2)
    Season 35 Episode 2:

    Absolute Zero: The Race for Absolute Zero

    Groundbreaking discoveries made over four centuries which led to creations such as frozen food, refrigeration and modern air conditioning.

  • NOVA - Absolute Zero: The Conquest of Cold/The Race for Absolute Zero (Season 35 Episode 1)
    Season 35 Episode 1:

    Absolute Zero: The Conquest of Cold/The Race for Absolute Zero

    Groundbreaking discoveries over four centuries lead to freezing foods, refrigeration, and air-conditioning.

  • NOVA - Missing in MiG Alley (Season 34 Episode 19)
    Season 34 Episode 19:

    Missing in MiG Alley

    Russian and American fighter pilots battle it out over MiG Alley, a strip of airspace above the North Korean-Chinese border.

  • NOVA - Master of the Killer Ants (Season 34 Episode 18)
    Season 34 Episode 18:

    Master of the Killer Ants

    The Mofu shaman in the Mandaras Mountains of northern Cameroon calls on the Jaglavak army ant to fight off an invasion of termites.

  • NOVA - Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial (Season 34 Episode 17)
    Season 34 Episode 17:

    Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial

    Conflict among parents, teachers and a school board erupts when the board orders teachers to read students a statement suggesting an alternative to Darwin's theory of evolution.

  • NOVA - Sputnik Declassified (Season 34 Episode 16)
    Season 34 Episode 16:

    Sputnik Declassified

    Before the founding of NASA, politics and personalities collide over early efforts to get America into space.

  • NOVA - Marathon Challenge (Season 34 Episode 15)
    Season 34 Episode 15:

    Marathon Challenge

    People from diverse backgrounds train for the Boston marathon, including a woman running in memory of her mother, a single working mom, and a former NFL linebacker.

  • NOVA - The Ghost in Your Genes (Season 34 Episode 14)
    Season 34 Episode 14:

    The Ghost in Your Genes

    Epigenetics investigates hidden influences that could affect one's health in the present and the health of future generations.

  • NOVA - Secrets of the Samurai Sword (Season 34 Episode 13)
    Season 34 Episode 13:

    Secrets of the Samurai Sword

    The craft of the traditional swordsmiths; samurai fighting school and the discipline of sword making.

  • NOVA - NOVA scienceNOW (Season 34 Episode 12)
    Season 34 Episode 12:

    NOVA scienceNOW

    Chemical switches inside human cells, the epigenomes, turn genes on and off; coded sculpture "Kryptos"; a 68 million-year-old tyrannosaur.

  • NOVA - NOVA scienceNOW (Season 34 Episode 11)
    Season 34 Episode 11:

    NOVA scienceNOW

    Evidence suggests that sleep plays a crucial role in strengthening memories and facilitating learning in humans and animals; the Large Hadron Collider.

  • NOVA - The Great Inca Rebellion (Season 34 Episode 10)
    Season 34 Episode 10:

    The Great Inca Rebellion

    Archaeologist Guillermo Cock examines mummies, victims of a battle pitting club-wielding Inca warriors against Spanish cavalry.

  • NOVA - Bone Diggers (Season 34 Episode 9)
    Season 34 Episode 9:

    Bone Diggers

    Unknown kangaroo species and the first complete skeleton of the largest carnivorous marsupial ever found are recovered from Australia's Nullarbor Plain.

  • NOVA - NOVA scienceNOW (Season 34 Episode 8)
    Season 34 Episode 8:

    NOVA scienceNOW

    Epigenetics is changing how scientists think about identity, disease and heredity; Maya findings; students build prototypes for an elevator that could climb to space.

  • NOVA - Pocahontas Revealed (Season 34 Episode 7)
    Season 34 Episode 7:

    Pocahontas Revealed

    Archaeologists discover Chief Powhatan's capital, revealing more of the American Indian aspects of the Jamestown story.

  • NOVA - Saved by the Sun (Season 34 Episode 6)
    Season 34 Episode 6:

    Saved by the Sun

    Problems and possible solutions to global warming; renewable energies like wind and solar power.

  • NOVA - First Flower (Season 34 Episode 5)
    Season 34 Episode 5:

    First Flower

    Discovering the origin of flowers at a remote mountain region of China.

  • NOVA - Kings of Camouflage (Season 34 Episode 4)
    Season 34 Episode 4:

    Kings of Camouflage

    Cuttlefish are able to change their skin color and even their shape to blend into virtually any background.

  • NOVA - Cuttlefish: Kings of Camouflage (Season 34 Episode 4)
    Season 34 Episode 4:

    Cuttlefish: Kings of Camouflage

    Cuttlefish are able to change their skin color and even their shape to blend into virtually any background.

  • NOVA - The Last Great Ape (Season 34 Episode 3)
    Season 34 Episode 3:

    The Last Great Ape

    Bonobo researchers return to the Congo to determine the effects of the civil war and the bush meat industry on the bonobo population.

  • NOVA - Forgotten Genius (Season 34 Episode 2)
    Season 34 Episode 2:

    Forgotten Genius

    The grandson of Alabama slaves, Percy Julian became an industrialist, self-made millionaire, humanitarian and civil rights pioneer.

  • NOVA - NOVA scienceNOW (Season 34 Episode 1)
    Season 34 Episode 1:

    NOVA scienceNOW

    Scientists work on a pill that could extend the human life span; space elevators; satellite imaging helps uncover 2,000-year-old Mayan ruins.

  • NOVA - Underwater Dream Machine (Season 33 Episode 20)
    Season 33 Episode 20:

    Underwater Dream Machine

    Peter Robbins stakes everything he owns to build a submarine to explore the sunken wrecks of German U-boats.

  • NOVA - NOVAscienceNOW (Season 33 Episode 19)
    Season 33 Episode 19:


    Genetic research that may solve the mystery of longevity; ancient papyrus scrolls; archaeologist Julie Schablitsky; a 250-million-year-old murder mystery.

  • NOVA - Family That Walks on All Fours (Season 33 Episode 18)
    Season 33 Episode 18:

    Family That Walks on All Fours

    An impairment causes an impoverished family in Turkey to walk on all fours, and scientists investigate how much the condition may relate to human evolution.

  • NOVA - Wings of Madness (Season 33 Episode 17)
    Season 33 Episode 17:

    Wings of Madness

    Re-creations and replicas of Brazilian-born inventor Alberto Santos-Dumont's pioneering balloons and airplanes.

  • NOVA - Monster of the Milky Way (Season 33 Episode 16)
    Season 33 Episode 16:

    Monster of the Milky Way

    Computer-generated imagery depicts supermassive black holes.

  • NOVA - The Deadliest Plane Crash (Season 33 Episode 15)
    Season 33 Episode 15:

    The Deadliest Plane Crash

    Two Boeing 747 airliners collide on the runway at a small airport in the Canary Islands, killing 583 passengers and crew.

  • NOVA - NOVAscienceNOW (Season 33 Episode 14)
    Season 33 Episode 14:


    Possible consequences of an asteroid hitting the earth in 2036; genes and hormones that regulate body weight; MIT roboticist Karl Iagnemma.

  • NOVA - Mystery of the Megavolcano (Season 33 Episode 13)
    Season 33 Episode 13:

    Mystery of the Megavolcano

    A remote lake in Southeast Asia conceals evidence of the greatest volcanic cataclysm of the last 100,000 years.

  • NOVA - Building on Ground Zero (Season 33 Episode 12)
    Season 33 Episode 12:

    Building on Ground Zero

    The collapse of the World Trade Center and improvements to construction and security of other important structures.

  • NOVA - Dimming Sun (Season 33 Episode 11)
    Season 33 Episode 11:

    Dimming Sun

    Research shows that the sun appears dimmer due to the increase in air pollution on Earth.

  • NOVA - Voyage to the Mystery Moon (Season 33 Episode 10)
    Season 33 Episode 10:

    Voyage to the Mystery Moon

    The Huygens space probe explores the surface of Saturn's moon Titan.

  • NOVA - The Great Robot Race (Season 33 Episode 9)
    Season 33 Episode 9:

    The Great Robot Race

    Teams from around the world enter the DARPA Grand Challenge, a contest for robotic, driverless vehicles.

  • NOVA - Arctic Passage: Ice Survivors (Season 33 Episode 8)
    Season 33 Episode 8:

    Arctic Passage: Ice Survivors

    Roald Amundsen learns Inuit skills for Arctic survival, which enable him to conquer the Northwest Passage.

  • NOVA - Arctic Passage: Prisoners of the Ice (Season 33 Episode 7)
    Season 33 Episode 7:

    Arctic Passage: Prisoners of the Ice

    John Franklin's ships vanish during an expedition to conquer the elusive Arctic route.

  • NOVA - The Ghost Particle (Season 33 Episode 6)
    Season 33 Episode 6:

    The Ghost Particle

    New theories explain the beginnings of creation.

  • NOVA - Jewel of the Earth (Season 33 Episode 5)
    Season 33 Episode 5:

    Jewel of the Earth

    David Attenborough investigates whether dinosaur DNA can be extracted from mosquitoes trapped in amber.

  • NOVA - The Perfect Corpse (Season 33 Episode 4)
    Season 33 Episode 4:

    The Perfect Corpse

    An investigation unearths two bog-bodies from Central Ireland's landscape, providing evidence of ritualistic killings during the Iron Age.

  • NOVA - Deadly Ascent (Season 33 Episode 3)
    Season 33 Episode 3:

    Deadly Ascent

    Doctors, rescuers and mountaineers try to determine why people die attempting to climb Mount McKinley.

  • NOVA - NOVA scienceNOW (Season 33 Episode 2)
    Season 33 Episode 2:

    NOVA scienceNOW

    Breakthroughs in embryonic stem cell techniques; tenth planet; risks of flu pandemic; ivory-billed woodpecker; hurricanes; cancer researcher Tyler Curiel.

  • NOVA - The Mummy Who Would Be King (Season 33 Episode 1)
    Season 33 Episode 1:

    The Mummy Who Would Be King

    Archaeologists try to determine if a mummy displayed in a Niagara Falls museum is Ramses I.

  • NOVA - Storm That Drowned a City (Season 32 Episode 21)
    Season 32 Episode 21:

    Storm That Drowned a City

    A minute-by-minute, eyewitness account of Hurricane Katrina; why flood defenses failed.

  • NOVA - Newton's Dark Secrets (Season 32 Episode 20)
    Season 32 Episode 20:

    Newton's Dark Secrets

    Isaac Newton makes breakthroughs in physics, optics and calculus and has a turbulent personality.

  • NOVA - Hitler's Sunken Secret (Season 32 Episode 19)
    Season 32 Episode 19:

    Hitler's Sunken Secret

    A salvage expedition tries to recover sunken barrels from the ferryboat Hydro, sunk en route to Germany to deliver material vital to Hitler's atomic bomb program.

  • NOVA - Volcano Under the City (Season 32 Episode 17)
    Season 32 Episode 17:

    Volcano Under the City

    Scientists venture into a volcano in Goma, Congo, to collect data from the lava.

  • NOVA - Nova scienceNOW (Season 32 Episode 16)
    Season 32 Episode 16:

    Nova scienceNOW

    The danger to New Orleans from hurricanes; scientists try to create new forms of life in the laboratory; origins of lightning; surgery for pet fish.

  • NOVA - Einstein's Big Idea (Season 32 Episode 15)
    Season 32 Episode 15:

    Einstein's Big Idea

    Human conflicts lead to Albert Einstein's (Aidan McArdle) mathematical discovery.

  • NOVA - Sinking the Supership (Season 32 Episode 14)
    Season 32 Episode 14:

    Sinking the Supership

    Retracing the sinking of the Yamato, the largest battleship ever built.

  • NOVA - Mystery of the Megaflood (Season 32 Episode 13)
    Season 32 Episode 13:

    Mystery of the Megaflood

    Thousand-foot-deep floodwaters scoured vast areas of the American northwest near the end of the last ice age.

  • NOVA - Nova scienceNOW (Season 32 Episode 12)
    Season 32 Episode 12:

    Nova scienceNOW

    Tom and Ray Magliozzi talk about fuel cells; neurobiologist Erich Jarvis reveals the similarities between humans and birds.

  • NOVA - Nova scienceNOW (Season 32 Episode 10)
    Season 32 Episode 10:

    Nova scienceNOW

    Stem-cell research; biologist Greg Erickson's research of the tyrannosaur; nanotechnologist Naomi Halas of Rice University.

  • NOVA - The Wave That Shook the World (Season 32 Episode 9)
    Season 32 Episode 9:

    The Wave That Shook the World

    December 2004 tidal waves claim the lives of hundreds of thousands and devastate communities around the Indian Ocean.

  • NOVA - Prisoners of Ice: Ice Survivors (Season 32 Episode 8)
    Season 32 Episode 8:

    Prisoners of Ice: Ice Survivors

  • NOVA - A Daring Flight (Season 32 Episode 7)
    Season 32 Episode 7:

    A Daring Flight

    Louis Bleriot's 1909 flight from France across the English Channel becomes the first long-distance flight over water.

  • NOVA - Saving the National Treasures (Season 32 Episode 6)
    Season 32 Episode 6:

    Saving the National Treasures

    Preserving the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights documents.

  • NOVA - The Viking Deception (Season 32 Episode 5)
    Season 32 Episode 5:

    The Viking Deception

    Some believe that the Vinland Map offers proof that the Vikings arrived in America before Christopher Columbus.

  • NOVA - Nova scienceNOW (Season 32 Episode 4)
    Season 32 Episode 4:

    Nova scienceNOW

    Robert Krulwich examines the impact of advancements in science and technology.

  • NOVA - Supersonic Dream (Season 32 Episode 3)
    Season 32 Episode 3:

    Supersonic Dream

    Designers and engineers build the Concorde for supersonic passenger flight.

  • NOVA - The Boldest Hoax (Season 32 Episode 2)
    Season 32 Episode 2:

    The Boldest Hoax

    The discovery of the bones of a primitive human turns out to be a hoax.

  • NOVA - Welcome to Mars (Season 32 Episode 1)
    Season 32 Episode 1:

    Welcome to Mars

    Scientists and engineers follow the progress of two rovers on Mars.

  • NOVA - Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land (Season 31 Episode 18)
    Season 31 Episode 18:

    Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land

    A controversial theory surrounds the great temple in Jerusalem and the Romans.

  • NOVA - Great Escape (Season 31 Episode 17)
    Season 31 Episode 17:

    Great Escape

    Allied prisoners of war escape from a Nazi prison camp by digging three tunnels.

  • NOVA - America's Stone Age Explorers (Season 31 Episode 16)
    Season 31 Episode 16:

    America's Stone Age Explorers

    Archaeologists debate a theory claiming the first Americans came from Europe.

  • NOVA - The Most Dangerous Woman in America (Season 31 Episode 15)
    Season 31 Episode 15:

    The Most Dangerous Woman in America

    Mary Mallon unwittingly spreads typhoid fever in the early 1900s.

  • NOVA - Origins: Back to the Beginning (Season 31 Episode 14)
    Season 31 Episode 14:

    Origins: Back to the Beginning

    Big-bang theory; stars explode and disperse newly forged elements throughout space.

  • NOVA - Origins: Where Are the Aliens? (Season 31 Episode 13)
    Season 31 Episode 13:

    Origins: Where Are the Aliens?

    Scientists search for life in the universe.

  • NOVA - Origins: How Life Began (Season 31 Episode 12)
    Season 31 Episode 12:

    Origins: How Life Began

    Primitive organisms convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

  • NOVA - Origins: Earth Is Born (Season 31 Episode 11)
    Season 31 Episode 11:

    Origins: Earth Is Born

    Earth sees the formation of continental crust and the precipitation of water.

  • NOVA - Battle Plan Under Fire (Season 31 Episode 10)
    Season 31 Episode 10:

    Battle Plan Under Fire

    The U.S. military uses high-tech weapons to fight terrorists and militias in Iraq.

  • NOVA - World in the Balance: China Revs Up (Season 31 Episode 9)
    Season 31 Episode 9:

    World in the Balance: China Revs Up

    Population trends in China move away from the one-child policy.

  • NOVA - World in the Balance: The People Paradox (Season 31 Episode 8)
    Season 31 Episode 8:

    World in the Balance: The People Paradox

    The baby boom in the developing world and the decrease in birth rates and aging population in western industrialized nations.

  • NOVA - Hunt for the Supertwister (Season 31 Episode 7)
    Season 31 Episode 7:

    Hunt for the Supertwister

    Footage from filmmakers who chased twisters across the Midwest; two scientists who have developed different approaches to forecasting twisters.

  • NOVA - Life and Death in the War Zone (Season 31 Episode 6)
    Season 31 Episode 6:

    Life and Death in the War Zone

    Life-and-death drama occurs daily at the tented 21st Combat Support Hospital near Baghdad, Iraq.

  • NOVA - Crash of Flight 111 (Season 31 Episode 5)
    Season 31 Episode 5:

    Crash of Flight 111

    The aviation investigation into the 1998 crash of Swissair Flight 111 off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.

  • NOVA - Descent Into the Ice (Season 31 Episode 4)
    Season 31 Episode 4:

    Descent Into the Ice

    An exploration of ice caves in Mont Blanc finds trapped flood water that menaces the populated valleys below.

  • NOVA - Dogs and More Dogs (Season 31 Episode 3)
    Season 31 Episode 3:

    Dogs and More Dogs

    The unique relationship between humans and canines, dogs' origins and breedings and how dog psychiatrists unravel quirks of canine behavior.

  • NOVA - Secrets of the Crocodile Caves (Season 31 Episode 2)
    Season 31 Episode 2:

    Secrets of the Crocodile Caves

    The survival strategies of a lemur family in the forest and crocodiles in the rivers and caves in a remote refuge in Madagascar.

  • NOVA - MARS Dead or Alive (Season 31 Episode 1)
    Season 31 Episode 1:

    MARS Dead or Alive

    The rover Spirit will be launched from Earth to a dry lake bed near the Martian equator.

  • NOVA - Volcano Above the Clouds (Season 30 Episode 17)
    Season 30 Episode 17:

    Volcano Above the Clouds

    Mount Kilimanjaro, 200 miles south of the equator, has equatorial and arctic conditions and five climatic zones.

  • NOVA - Magnetic Storm (Season 30 Episode 16)
    Season 30 Episode 16:

    Magnetic Storm

    How future changes to the planet's magnetic field could affect Earth, possibly making it vulnerable to radiation from space.

  • NOVA - Wright Brothers' Flying Machine (Season 30 Episode 15)
    Season 30 Episode 15:

    Wright Brothers' Flying Machine

    The 100th anniversary of the world's first powered flight at Kitty Hawk, N.C., includes a profile of the Wright brothers and footage of flights.

  • NOVA - The Elegant Universe: Welcome to the 11th Dimension (Season 30 Episode 14)
    Season 30 Episode 14:

    The Elegant Universe: Welcome to the 11th Dimension

    The successful unification of five different string theories into a single theory.

  • NOVA - The Elegant Universe: The String's the Thing (Season 30 Episode 13)
    Season 30 Episode 13:

    The Elegant Universe: The String's the Thing

    The possibility of combining the laws of the large with the laws of the small into a single, harmonious Theory of Everything.

  • NOVA - The Elegant Universe: Einstein's Dream; String's the Thing (Season 30 Episode 12)
    Season 30 Episode 12:

    The Elegant Universe: Einstein's Dream; String's the Thing

    Author Brian Greene ("The Elegant Universe") explains string theory; physicists attempt to unify general relativity and quantum mechanics; string theory states that vibrating strands of energy give rise to all the elementary particles.

  • NOVA - Who Killed the Red Baron? (Season 30 Episode 11)
    Season 30 Episode 11:

    Who Killed the Red Baron?

    An investigation into the 1918 death of German flier Manfred von Richthofen, also known as the "Red Baron."

  • NOVA - Infinite Secrets (Season 30 Episode 10)
    Season 30 Episode 10:

    Infinite Secrets

    Scientists use imaging techniques to unlock the secrets of a long-lost compendium of works by the ancient Greek scholar Archimedes.

  • NOVA - Secret of Photo 51 (Season 30 Episode 9)
    Season 30 Episode 9:

    Secret of Photo 51

    The life of molecular biologist Rosalind Franklin and her contribution to the discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA.

  • NOVA - Deep Sea Invasion (Season 30 Episode 8)
    Season 30 Episode 8:

    Deep Sea Invasion

    Marine biologist Alexandre Meinesz's investigation to find the source of the tropical alga that took root in the Mediterranean.

  • NOVA - Dirty Bomb (Season 30 Episode 7)
    Season 30 Episode 7:

    Dirty Bomb

    One of the nightmare scenarios of terrorism is the detonation of a "dirty bomb," a device using a conventional explosive and containing radioactive materials.

  • NOVA - Lost Treasures of Tibet (Season 30 Episode 6)
    Season 30 Episode 6:

    Lost Treasures of Tibet

    The Buddhist monastery of Thubchen lies on Nepal's northern border, and its medieval wall paintings are deteriorating fast from roof leaks and lamp soot; conservators want to restore the artworks; locals want them repainted.

  • NOVA - Mountain of Ice (Season 30 Episode 5)
    Season 30 Episode 5:

    Mountain of Ice

    Mountaineer Jon Krakauer and his expedition team try to scale Antarctica's highest peak, the Vinson Massif.

  • NOVA - Battle of the X-Planes (Season 30 Episode 4)
    Season 30 Episode 4:

    Battle of the X-Planes

    Lockheed Martin and Boeing compete to win a government contract to build the next generation fighter jet.

  • NOVA - Ancient Creature of the Deep (Season 30 Episode 3)
    Season 30 Episode 3:

    Ancient Creature of the Deep

    The discovery of the 400-million-year-old living fossil -- the coelacanth fish -- in South Africa in 1938.

  • NOVA - Last Flight of Bomber 31 (Season 30 Episode 2)
    Season 30 Episode 2:

    Last Flight of Bomber 31

    Aviation experts and forensic scientists investigate the wreckage of a World War II bomber discovered on the edge of a volcano in Kamchatka, Russia.

  • NOVA - Spies That Fly (Season 30 Episode 1)
    Season 30 Episode 1:

    Spies That Fly

    Advances in robotic planes for spying; the history of airborne spying.

  • NOVA - Orchid Hunter (Season 29 Episode 15)
    Season 29 Episode 15:

    Orchid Hunter

    An all-consuming passion for orchids subjects Tom Hart Dyke to Colombian guerrilla imprisonment for nine months, then propels him to politically unstable Papua New Guinea.

  • NOVA - Sinking City of Venice (Season 29 Episode 14)
    Season 29 Episode 14:

    Sinking City of Venice

    Venetians fight to save their city from the rising tides of the Adriatic Sea.

  • NOVA - Volcano's Deadly Warning (Season 29 Episode 13)
    Season 29 Episode 13:

    Volcano's Deadly Warning

    In January 1993, Stanley Williams and a few others manage to escape when a Colombian volcano erupts, killing nine scientists and hikers.

  • NOVA - Galileo's Battle for the Heavens (Season 29 Episode 12)
    Season 29 Episode 12:

    Galileo's Battle for the Heavens

    Scientific genius Galileo clashes with church authorities trying to suppress his astonishing discoveries.

  • NOVA - Lost Roman Treasure (Season 29 Episode 11)
    Season 29 Episode 11:

    Lost Roman Treasure

    Uncovering the remains of Zeugma, a city buried by centuries of silt and dirt, including a 14-room villa, wall paintings, coins and pottery.

  • NOVA - Mysterious Life of Caves (Season 29 Episode 10)
    Season 29 Episode 10:

    Mysterious Life of Caves

    Geologists Carol Hill and Dave Jagnow's discovery of blocks of minerals in New Mexico's Carlsbad Caverns leads to a new cave formation theory.

  • NOVA - Killer Disease on Campus (Season 29 Episode 9)
    Season 29 Episode 9:

    Killer Disease on Campus

    The rise in meningococcal disease among college students, identifying the warning signs and how doctors are attempting to combat this new "epidemic.".

  • NOVA - Fire Wars (Season 29 Episode 8)
    Season 29 Episode 8:

    Fire Wars

    The dangerous assignments given to a group of firefighters called the Arrowhead Hotshots during the summer of 2000.

  • NOVA - Why the Towers Fell (Season 29 Episode 7)
    Season 29 Episode 7:

    Why the Towers Fell

    Forensic engineers investigate how the World Trade Center's twin towers collapsed after the terrorist attacks.

  • NOVA - Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance (Season 29 Episode 6)
    Season 29 Episode 6:

    Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance

    Location footage and interviews describe the expedition of Ernest Shackleton and his crew to cross Antarctica in 1914.

  • NOVA - The Missing Link (Season 29 Episode 5)
    Season 29 Episode 5:

    The Missing Link

    A fossil jaw in a museum drawer leads paleontologists to believe that all four-limbed creatures descended from a single animal.

  • NOVA - Secrets, Lies and Atomic Spies (Season 29 Episode 4)
    Season 29 Episode 4:

    Secrets, Lies and Atomic Spies

    Evidence suggests Soviet spies penetrated some American projects and secrets, including the Manhattan Project.

  • NOVA - Fireworks! (Season 29 Episode 3)
    Season 29 Episode 3:


    Creating sequences and colors of fireworks requires scientific knowledge and artistry.

  • NOVA - Neanderthals on Trial (Season 29 Episode 2)
    Season 29 Episode 2:

    Neanderthals on Trial

    Scientists investigate a genetic link between Neanderthals and modern humans.

  • NOVA - Death Star (Season 29 Episode 1)
    Season 29 Episode 1:

    Death Star

    Scientists discover gamma-ray bursts at the edges of the known universe.

  • NOVA - Flying Casanovas (Season 28 Episode 17)
    Season 28 Episode 17:

    Flying Casanovas

    Species of bower birds, male forest birds native to Australia and New Guinea, and their courting behavior.

  • NOVA - Methuselah Tree (Season 28 Episode 16)
    Season 28 Episode 16:

    Methuselah Tree

    The oldest living thing on Earth -- a bristlecone pine in the California's White Mountains -- which was around when the Egyptian pyramids were built.

  • NOVA - Life's Greatest Miracle (Season 28 Episode 15)
    Season 28 Episode 15:

    Life's Greatest Miracle

    The inside-the-womb story of human life from conception to birth using advances in microscopy and medical imaging.

  • NOVA - Bioterror (Season 28 Episode 14)
    Season 28 Episode 14:


    Bioterrorism as a new form of warfare includes the biological revolution pioneered by the U.S. and perfected by the Soviet Union.

  • NOVA - Russia's Nuclear Warriors (Season 28 Episode 13)
    Season 28 Episode 13:

    Russia's Nuclear Warriors

    The men in control of Russia's nuclear missiles and how they are motivated by a strong sense of patriotic duty.

  • NOVA - Sex: Unknown (Season 28 Episode 12)
    Season 28 Episode 12:

    Sex: Unknown

    The life of Bruce Reimer, who was surgically castrated at the age of 2 in 1965 and raised as a girl, until biology took over and he insisted he was a boy.

  • NOVA - Secrets of the Mind (Season 28 Episode 11)
    Season 28 Episode 11:

    Secrets of the Mind

    Dr. V.S. Ramachandran, a brain researcher and expert in neurological deficits, reveals what he has learned about emotion, perception and consciousness.

  • NOVA - 18 Ways to Make a Baby? (Season 28 Episode 10)
    Season 28 Episode 10:

    18 Ways to Make a Baby?

    The advances in medical technology that are allowing infertile couples, post-menopausal women and gay couples to have children.

  • NOVA - Search for a Safe Cigarette (Season 28 Episode 9)
    Season 28 Episode 9:

    Search for a Safe Cigarette

    The debate over attempts by tobacco companies to create a less-toxic cigarette, which critics see as a marketing ploy that will not reduce smoking-related illnesses.

  • NOVA - Cracking the Code of Life (Season 28 Episode 9)
    Season 28 Episode 9:

    Cracking the Code of Life

    How two competing teams of biologists decoded the human genome, an accomplishment that could have repercussions for every person.

  • NOVA - Survivor MD: Hearts & Minds (Season 28 Episode 8)
    Season 28 Episode 8:

    Survivor MD: Hearts & Minds

    The careers of different medical specialists, including a psychiatrist and a cardiologist; surgeons perform an off-pump coronary artery bypass graft.

  • NOVA - Survivor MD: Second Opinions (Season 28 Episode 7)
    Season 28 Episode 7:

    Survivor MD: Second Opinions

    Internist Jane Liebschutz; Dr. Cheryl Dorsey serves as a director of public health; ophthalmologist David Friedman.

  • NOVA - Survivor MD: Tattooed Doctor (Season 28 Episode 6)
    Season 28 Episode 6:

    Survivor MD: Tattooed Doctor

    A Harley-riding doctor faces a busy night in the emergency room when he treats two women, one who chopped off the tip of her finger and another who fell out of a moving car.

  • NOVA - Cancer Warrior (Season 28 Episode 5)
    Season 28 Episode 5:

    Cancer Warrior

    Dr. Judah Folkman's cancer research using mice that seems to validate his theories from the 1960s regarding tumor growth.

  • NOVA - Lost King of the Maya (Season 28 Episode 4)
    Season 28 Episode 4:

    Lost King of the Maya

    The 1999 excavation of the tomb of the founder of the Copan dynasty by archaeologist Bill Fash and his team.

  • NOVA - Nazi Prison Escape (Season 28 Episode 3)
    Season 28 Episode 3:

    Nazi Prison Escape

    How more than 300 prisoners managed to escape Colditz Castle in eastern Germany, considered the most formidable Nazi POW camp of World War II.

  • NOVA - Vanished! (Season 28 Episode 2)
    Season 28 Episode 2:


    The search for an airliner missing since 1947 after two mountain climbers found pieces of an engine in the Andes Mountains in 1998.

  • NOVA - Sultan's Lost Treasure (Season 28 Episode 1)
    Season 28 Episode 1:

    Sultan's Lost Treasure

    How archeologists were able to reconstruct a 15th-century international trade route following the discovery of a sunken ship containing 12,000 intact porcelain china artifacts.

  • NOVA - Japan's Secret Garden (Season 27 Episode 21)
    Season 27 Episode 21:

    Japan's Secret Garden

    The Japanese word "satoyma" reflects the balance between humans and nature.

  • NOVA - Dying to Be Thin (Season 27 Episode 20)
    Season 27 Episode 20:

    Dying to Be Thin

    Specialists experiment with new approaches to eating disorders.

  • NOVA - Garden of Eden (Season 27 Episode 19)
    Season 27 Episode 19:

    Garden of Eden

    The Seychelles Islands are home to rare and unique species of geckos, snails, snakes, parrots, sharks.

  • NOVA - Runaway Universe (Season 27 Episode 18)
    Season 27 Episode 18:

    Runaway Universe

    Two competing teams of astronomers look for cosmic answers by mapping the size and shape of the universe to determine how it will come to an end.

  • NOVA - Hitler's Lost Sub (Season 27 Episode 17)
    Season 27 Episode 17:

    Hitler's Lost Sub

    Professional diver John Chatterton discovers a sunken World War II German U-boat located near the New Jersey shore.

  • NOVA - Holocaust on Trial (Season 27 Episode 16)
    Season 27 Episode 16:

    Holocaust on Trial

    Historians examine the evidence used in the trial between two authors -- one a traditional Holocaust expert and the other a revisionist who questions Hitler's final solution.

  • NOVA - Lincoln's Secret Weapon (Season 27 Episode 15)
    Season 27 Episode 15:

    Lincoln's Secret Weapon

    A Navy salvage attempt to unlock the secrets of the USS Monitor, which sank in 1862, seven months after making naval history in an ironclad battle against the Merrimac.

  • NOVA - The Vikings (Season 27 Episode 14)
    Season 27 Episode 14:

    The Vikings

    Viking ships take modern-day explorers to the far reaches of Scandinavia to reveal how bold and determined those legendary warriors were.

  • NOVA - The Vikings (Season 27 Episode 13)
    Season 27 Episode 13:

    The Vikings

    Retracing Viking voyages shows how bold and energetic the warriors were.

  • NOVA - Stationed in the Stars (Season 27 Episode 12)
    Season 27 Episode 12:

    Stationed in the Stars

    Russian and American efforts to build the International Space Station, a unit designed to house six astronauts 220 miles above the Earth.

  • NOVA - Secrets of Lost Empires II: China Bridge (Season 27 Episode 11)
    Season 27 Episode 11:

    Secrets of Lost Empires II: China Bridge

    Two teams of engineers work from opposite sides of a river to link a re-created Chinese suspension bridge, using only historical information and a painting as a guide.

  • NOVA - Secrets of Lost Empires II: Roman Bath (Season 27 Episode 10)
    Season 27 Episode 10:

    Secrets of Lost Empires II: Roman Bath

    Engineers and architects build a Roman bath, complete with hot tubs, cold plunges and underfloor heating.

  • NOVA - Lost Tribes of Israel (Season 27 Episode 9)
    Season 27 Episode 9:

    Lost Tribes of Israel

    Advances in genetics lead to the investigation of an African as a possible member of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

  • NOVA - Secrets of Lost Empires II: Easter Island (Season 27 Episode 8)
    Season 27 Episode 8:

    Secrets of Lost Empires II: Easter Island

    Archaeologists, with the help of 70 Easter Island residents, try to transport a 15-ton statue replica across one mile of undeveloped terrain.

  • NOVA - Mystery of the First Americans (Season 27 Episode 7)
    Season 27 Episode 7:

    Mystery of the First Americans

    How the discovery of a 10,000-year-old Caucasoid skull in Washington has stirred debate on the settlement of the New World.

  • NOVA - Secrets of Lost Empires II: Pharaoh's Obelisk (Season 27 Episode 6)
    Season 27 Episode 6:

    Secrets of Lost Empires II: Pharaoh's Obelisk

    Engineers try to re-create the raising of a massive granite obelisk, a feat that ancient Egyptians accomplished.

  • NOVA - Trillion Dollar Bet (Season 27 Episode 5)
    Season 27 Episode 5:

    Trillion Dollar Bet

    The billion-dollar investment strategies of two Nobel Prize winners that brought short-term profit but long-term debt.

  • NOVA - Secrets of Lost Empires II: Medieval Siege (Season 27 Episode 4)
    Season 27 Episode 4:

    Secrets of Lost Empires II: Medieval Siege

    Engineers design missile-launchers like those of the medieval era.

  • NOVA - The Diamond Deception (Season 27 Episode 3)
    Season 27 Episode 3:

    The Diamond Deception

    Breakthroughs in the production of synthetic diamonds may transform the marketing of the expensive gem.

  • NOVA - Lost on Everest (Season 27 Episode 2)
    Season 27 Episode 2:

    Lost on Everest

    The discovery of George Leigh Mallory, a mountain climber whose body was found in 1999, 75 years after his attempt to climb Mount Everest.

  • NOVA - Tales From the Hive (Season 27 Episode 1)
    Season 27 Episode 1:

    Tales From the Hive

    A year inside a beehive shows an organized social life, rival queens, colony scouts and the defeat of enemies.

  • NOVA - Electric Heart (Season 26 Episode 17)
    Season 26 Episode 17:

    Electric Heart

    The work of two medical teams, one headed by Dr. Michael DeBakey and the other by Dr. Robert Jarvik, to invent a reliable mechanical replacement for a failing heart.

  • NOVA - Voyage of Doom (Season 26 Episode 16)
    Season 26 Episode 16:

    Voyage of Doom

    The culmination of a 20-year search for a ship lost under the command of the French explorer La Salle in the 1680s.

  • NOVA - Decoding Nazi Secrets (Season 26 Episode 15)
    Season 26 Episode 15:

    Decoding Nazi Secrets

    How the British group of cryptologists known as Station X cracked the German code Enigma in 1940, helping to change the tide of World War II.

  • NOVA - Island of the Spirits (Season 26 Episode 14)
    Season 26 Episode 14:

    Island of the Spirits

    Life on the wintry Japanese island of Hokkaido, home to grizzly bears, cranes, flying squirrels, white-tailed eagles and Blakistons fish owls.

  • NOVA - The Killer's Trail (Season 26 Episode 13)
    Season 26 Episode 13:

    The Killer's Trail

    A re-examination of the forensic evidence largely ignored during the 1954 murder trial of Dr. Sam Sheppard, convicted of killing his wife.

  • NOVA - Time Travel (Season 26 Episode 12)
    Season 26 Episode 12:

    Time Travel

    The independent work of physicists Kip Thorne and Guenter Nimtz in exploring time travel using such concepts as wormholes and exotic matter.

  • NOVA - To the Moon (Season 26 Episode 10)
    Season 26 Episode 10:

    To the Moon

    The efforts of NASA astronauts, engineers and scientists in the 1960s to put the first man on the moon.

  • NOVA - Fall of the Leaning Tower (Season 26 Episode 10)
    Season 26 Episode 10:

    Fall of the Leaning Tower

    The 10-year attempt to keep the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which began falling 800 years ago, from finally collapsing.

  • NOVA - Volcanoes of the Deep (Season 26 Episode 9)
    Season 26 Episode 9:

    Volcanoes of the Deep

    The conclusions scientists are drawing about possible life elsewhere in the universe based on the ecosystems surrounding deep-sea volcanoes.

  • NOVA - Battle Alert in the Gulf (Season 26 Episode 8)
    Season 26 Episode 8:

    Battle Alert in the Gulf

    How the U.S. Navy contends with Iraq using a miscellaneous assortment of old and new cruisers, carriers and submarines.

  • NOVA - Escape! Because Accidents Happen: Plane Crash (Season 26 Episode 7)
    Season 26 Episode 7:

    Escape! Because Accidents Happen: Plane Crash

    A brief history of airplane crashes shows the steps the industry has made toward improving commercial airline safety.

  • NOVA - Escape! Because Accidents Happen: Abandon Ship (Season 26 Episode 6)
    Season 26 Episode 6:

    Escape! Because Accidents Happen: Abandon Ship

    How the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 and the Estonia in 1994 have both contributed to international regulations at sea.

  • NOVA - Escape! Because Accidents Happen: Car Crash (Season 26 Episode 5)
    Season 26 Episode 5:

    Escape! Because Accidents Happen: Car Crash

    The push for automotive safety that began 100 years ago and prompted such innovations as safety glass, roll bars and air bags.

  • NOVA - Escape! Because Accidents Happen: Fire (Season 26 Episode 4)
    Season 26 Episode 4:

    Escape! Because Accidents Happen: Fire

    The tragedies that led to the mandatory installation of fire hydrants, sprinklers and evacuation drills.

  • NOVA - Surviving AIDS (Season 26 Episode 3)
    Season 26 Episode 3:

    Surviving AIDS

    What scientists have learned about treating HIV and AIDS from studying people with a natural resistance to the conditions.

  • NOVA - Submarines, Secrets, and Spies (Season 26 Episode 2)
    Season 26 Episode 2:

    Submarines, Secrets, and Spies

    Oceanographer Robert Ballard pores over declassified Cold War documents to learn the fate of two sunken nuclear submarines.

  • NOVA - The Beast of Loch Ness (Season 26 Episode 1)
    Season 26 Episode 1:

    The Beast of Loch Ness

    Two American scientists search Loch Ness using the latest in sonar equipment to find the sea creature first reported more than 60 years ago.

  • NOVA - The Perfect Pearl (Season 25 Episode 21)
    Season 25 Episode 21:

    The Perfect Pearl

    A study of pearls, from cultured pearls to those plumbed from the depths of the ocean.

  • NOVA - Leopards of the Night (Season 25 Episode 20)
    Season 25 Episode 20:

    Leopards of the Night

    The social groups and predatory patterns of leopards living in the Luangua Valley of Zambia. Host: Richard Attenborough.

  • NOVA - Ice Mummies: Return of the Iceman (Season 25 Episode 19)
    Season 25 Episode 19:

    Ice Mummies: Return of the Iceman

    What scientists were able to learn about the Stone Age from a 5,300-year-old corpse found frozen in the Alps.

  • NOVA - Ice Mummies: Siberian Ice Maiden (Season 25 Episode 18)
    Season 25 Episode 18:

    Ice Mummies: Siberian Ice Maiden

    The discovery in 1993 of a 2,500-year-old nomadic princess frozen in the Russian hinterland.

  • NOVA - Ice Mummies: Frozen in Heaven (Season 25 Episode 17)
    Season 25 Episode 17:

    Ice Mummies: Frozen in Heaven

    Researchers return to the Andes Mountains seeking a better understanding of the Incan ritual of child sacrifice known as the capacocha.

  • NOVA - Deadly Shadow of Vesuvius (Season 25 Episode 16)
    Season 25 Episode 16:

    Deadly Shadow of Vesuvius

    The volcano Vesuvius destroys the city of Pompeii in the first century and continues to pose a threat to the area.

  • NOVA - Special Effects: Titanic and Beyond (Season 25 Episode 15)
    Season 25 Episode 15:

    Special Effects: Titanic and Beyond

    Creating the on-screen illusions in the films "Titanic," "The X-Files" and "Flubber"; the work of special-effects pioneer Georges Melies.

  • NOVA - Terror in Space (Season 25 Episode 13)
    Season 25 Episode 13:

    Terror in Space

    Russian and American astronauts explain the dangers they have faced aboard the aging space station Mir, including a fire, computer failures and a collision.

  • NOVA - Chasing El Nino! (Season 25 Episode 12)
    Season 25 Episode 12:

    Chasing El Nino!

    How El Nino helped scientists realize just how extensively connected the world's weather is and how easily the delicate balance can be broken.

  • NOVA - Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude (Season 25 Episode 11)
    Season 25 Episode 11:

    Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude

    John Harrison (Patrick Malahide) invents the chronometer for marine navigation; narrator Richard Dreyfuss.

  • NOVA - The Truth About Impotence (Season 25 Episode 10)
    Season 25 Episode 10:

    The Truth About Impotence

    Treating impotence not as a psychological problem but as a curable and normal physical occurrence.

  • NOVA - Crocodiles! With David Attenborough (Season 25 Episode 9)
    Season 25 Episode 9:

    Crocodiles! With David Attenborough

    David Attenborough presents a new perspective toward crocodiles as caring parents and social creatures.

  • NOVA - Warnings From the Ice (Season 25 Episode 8)
    Season 25 Episode 8:

    Warnings From the Ice

    A scientific inquiry into whether the Earth is facing a rapid rise in sea levels due to the breakup of large antarctic ice sheets.

  • NOVA - Search for the Lost Cave People (Season 25 Episode 7)
    Season 25 Episode 7:

    Search for the Lost Cave People

    Scouring the Chiapas jungle in search of information on the little-known Zoque people, a civilization that thrived centuries before the Maya.

  • NOVA - Everest: The Death Zone (Season 25 Episode 6)
    Season 25 Episode 6:

    Everest: The Death Zone

    Himalayan climbers on their way to the top of Mount Everest test the effects of weather and altitude on the human body.

  • NOVA - The Brain Eater (Season 25 Episode 5)
    Season 25 Episode 5:

    The Brain Eater

    Researchers investigate an infectious and incurable disease responsible for killing nearly a million cattle in Britain.

  • NOVA - Animal Hospital (Season 25 Episode 4)
    Season 25 Episode 4:

    Animal Hospital

    Treating everyday pets and exotic animals in veterinary hospitals with state-of-the-art technology and a lot of compassion.

  • NOVA - Supersonic Spies (Season 25 Episode 3)
    Season 25 Episode 3:

    Supersonic Spies

    The race to build the world's first supersonic passenger airliner intensified Cold War espionage between the United States and the Soviet Union.

  • NOVA - Mysterious Mummies of China (Season 25 Episode 2)
    Season 25 Episode 2:

    Mysterious Mummies of China

    Blond-haired, blue-eyed mummies dating back 3,000 years don't appear to be the ancestors of modern-day Chinese people, making their presence in the Takla Makan desert a mystery.

  • NOVA - Night Creatures of the Kalahari (Season 25 Episode 1)
    Season 25 Episode 1:

    Night Creatures of the Kalahari

    The nocturnal creatures of the Kalahari, from bush babies to fungal termites, keep up the never-ending search for food on the grassland plains.

  • NOVA - Danger in the Jet Stream (Season 24 Episode 15)
    Season 24 Episode 15:

    Danger in the Jet Stream

    Balloonists attempt circumnavigation.

  • NOVA - Avalanche! (Season 24 Episode 14)
    Season 24 Episode 14:


    Snow rescue workers study methods used in Switzerland to better rescue victims of avalanches and predict when these natural phenomena are likely to occur.

  • NOVA - Treasures of the Sunken City (Season 24 Episode 13)
    Season 24 Episode 13:

    Treasures of the Sunken City

    An underwater exploration of the sunken Egyptian city of Alexandria, once home to Cleopatra and Mark Antony and the intellectual center of the Mediterranean.

  • NOVA - Super Bridge (Season 24 Episode 12)
    Season 24 Episode 12:

    Super Bridge

    How the building of a bridge across the Mississippi River brings economic hope to a depressed Missouri town.

  • NOVA - Wild Wolves With David Attenborough (Season 24 Episode 11)
    Season 24 Episode 11:

    Wild Wolves With David Attenborough

    Wolves in their natural habitat; host David Attenborough.

  • NOVA - The Proof (Season 24 Episode 10)
    Season 24 Episode 10:

    The Proof

    The story of Andrew Wiles, a Princeton man who solved one of mathematic's most difficult problems, Fermat's Last Theorem.

  • NOVA - Bomb Squad (Season 24 Episode 9)
    Season 24 Episode 9:

    Bomb Squad

    Members of the British army's bomb disposal unit discuss the training and technology needed for their work.

  • NOVA - Faster Than Sound (Season 24 Episode 8)
    Season 24 Episode 8:

    Faster Than Sound

    Records of test programs show man's attempt to fly faster than sound.

  • NOVA - Coma (Season 24 Episode 7)
    Season 24 Episode 7:


    The controversial methods used by a young neurosurgeon to help a brutally beaten woman recover from a coma.

  • NOVA - Kingdom of the Sea Horse (Season 24 Episode 6)
    Season 24 Episode 6:

    Kingdom of the Sea Horse

    Radio journalist Tony Kahn narrates a portrait of biologist Amanda Vincent and her efforts to prevent the extinction of the sea horse.

  • NOVA - Secrets of Lost Empires: Colosseum (Season 24 Episode 6)
    Season 24 Episode 6:

    Secrets of Lost Empires: Colosseum

    Specialists re-create the canvas awning of the Roman Colosseum.

  • NOVA - Cut to the Heart (Season 24 Episode 5)
    Season 24 Episode 5:

    Cut to the Heart

    Follows doctors on the cutting edge of heart surgery in South America, Britain and the United States, focusing on a controversial Brazilian procedure.

  • NOVA - Secrets of Lost Empires: Obelisk (Season 24 Episode 5)
    Season 24 Episode 5:

    Secrets of Lost Empires: Obelisk

    Egyptians construct a massive obelisk.

  • NOVA - Curse of T. Rex (Season 24 Episode 4)
    Season 24 Episode 4:

    Curse of T. Rex

    The story of legal and illegal fossil dealing is told through the FBI's efforts to protect a nearly perfect specimen of a Tyrannosaurus rex.

  • NOVA - Secrets of Lost Empires: Inca (Season 24 Episode 4)
    Season 24 Episode 4:

    Secrets of Lost Empires: Inca

    Incan stone fortresses and grass bridges.

  • NOVA - Hunt for Alien Worlds (Season 24 Episode 3)
    Season 24 Episode 3:

    Hunt for Alien Worlds

    A group of astronomers searches the heavens for new planets capable of supporting life.

  • NOVA - Secrets of Lost Empires: Stonehenge (Season 24 Episode 3)
    Season 24 Episode 3:

    Secrets of Lost Empires: Stonehenge

    This look at the technology of ancient civilizations explores the construction of Stonehenge on Britain's Salisbury plain.

  • NOVA - Titanic's Lost Sister (Season 24 Episode 2)
    Season 24 Episode 2:

    Titanic's Lost Sister

    Oceanographer Robert Ballard leads a search for the wreck of the Titanic's sister ship, the Britannic, which sank on Nov. 21, 1916.

  • NOVA - Kaboom! (Season 24 Episode 1)
    Season 24 Episode 1:


    This history of explosives focuses on the science behind the chemical reaction, the accidents and the carnage of terrorism.

  • NOVA - Cracking the Ice Age (Season 23 Episode 19)
    Season 23 Episode 19:

    Cracking the Ice Age

    A new theory about the causes of the Ice Age focuses on the Himalayas.

  • NOVA - Odyssey of Life: The Photographer's Secrets (Season 23 Episode 18)
    Season 23 Episode 18:

    Odyssey of Life: The Photographer's Secrets

    Cameras follow microphotographer Lennart Nilsson as he obtains spectacular footage of events, including a human egg cell during conception and a journey through the aorta.

  • NOVA - Odyssey of Life: The Unknown World (Season 23 Episode 17)
    Season 23 Episode 17:

    Odyssey of Life: The Unknown World

    Mites, beetles and borers that share man's surroundings are observed in this look at microscopic intruders including bacteria, viruses and fungi.

  • NOVA - Odyssey of Life: The Ultimate Journey (Season 23 Episode 16)
    Season 23 Episode 16:

    Odyssey of Life: The Ultimate Journey

    The development of animal embryos reflects the evolution of species.

  • NOVA - Shark Attack! (Season 23 Episode 15)
    Season 23 Episode 15:

    Shark Attack!

    Sharks, the fearsome hunters of the deep, are observed in the waters off California and the Hawaiian Islands.

  • NOVA - Top Gun Over Moscow (Season 23 Episode 14)
    Season 23 Episode 14:

    Top Gun Over Moscow

    American pilots visit Russia to see planes of the former Soviet Union.

  • NOVA - Secrets of Making Money (Season 23 Episode 13)
    Season 23 Episode 13:

    Secrets of Making Money

    The redesign of the $100 bill, which incorporates a variety of hard-to-reproduce features to thwart counterfeiters.

  • NOVA - Three Men and a Balloon (Season 23 Episode 12)
    Season 23 Episode 12:

    Three Men and a Balloon

    Follows three adventurers in their high-tech attempt to be the first people to successfully circumnavigate the Earth in a balloon.

  • NOVA - Lost City of Arabia (Season 23 Episode 11)
    Season 23 Episode 11:

    Lost City of Arabia

    The space shuttle helps locate the lost city of Ubar in the Arabian desert.

  • NOVA - Einstein Revealed (Season 23 Episode 11)
    Season 23 Episode 11:

    Einstein Revealed

    A portrait of physicist Albert Einstein, focusing on his messy personal life. F. Murray Abraham narrates. Actor Andrew Sachs portrays Einstein in a 1932 interview.

  • NOVA - Bombing of America (Season 23 Episode 10)
    Season 23 Episode 10:

    Bombing of America

    This examination of the role science plays in fighting bombing incidents in the United States focuses on the Unabomber incidents and the World Trade Center bombing.

  • NOVA - Warriors of the Amazon (Season 23 Episode 9)
    Season 23 Episode 9:

    Warriors of the Amazon

    The healing ceremonies, death practices and other customs of the Yanomami, one of the few remaining hunter/gatherer groups.

  • NOVA - Dr. Spock the Baby Doc (Season 23 Episode 8)
    Season 23 Episode 8:

    Dr. Spock the Baby Doc

    Dr. Benjamin Spock mixes an interest in babies with a long-standing activism for world peace.

  • NOVA - Flood! (Season 23 Episode 7)
    Season 23 Episode 7:


    Examines the flooding of the Mississippi River valley in 1993 and how the disaster could be prevented from recurring.

  • NOVA - Kidnapped by UFOs? (Season 23 Episode 6)
    Season 23 Episode 6:

    Kidnapped by UFOs?

    In 1963, a couple reports being abducted by aliens and taken aboard a spacecraft.

  • NOVA - War Machines of Tomorrow (Season 23 Episode 5)
    Season 23 Episode 5:

    War Machines of Tomorrow

    Lessons learned about the weapons used during Operation Desert Storm will set the stage for America's military machines of the future.

  • NOVA - Plague Fighters (Season 23 Episode 4)
    Season 23 Episode 4:

    Plague Fighters

    An insider's view of the May 1995 Ebola outbreak in Kikwit, Zaire, and the battle to contain the deadly virus.

  • NOVA - B-29 Frozen in Time (Season 23 Episode 3)
    Season 23 Episode 3:

    B-29 Frozen in Time

    Darryl Greenamyer forms an expedition to recover a B-29 lost over the North Pole more than 50 years ago.

  • NOVA - The Day the Earth Shook (Season 23 Episode 2)
    Season 23 Episode 2:

    The Day the Earth Shook

    This look at the science of preparing for earthquakes focuses on the lessons learned from the 1994 Northridge, Calif., temblor and the 1995 quake in Kobe, Japan.

  • NOVA - Terror in the Mine Fields (Season 23 Episode 1)
    Season 23 Episode 1:

    Terror in the Mine Fields

    Stacy Keach narrates this look at land mines in Cambodia and the dangers associated with locating and defusing the mines.

  • NOVA - Can Buildings Make You Sick? (Season 22 Episode 22)
    Season 22 Episode 22:

    Can Buildings Make You Sick?

    Investigators search for possible causes of sick-building syndrome.

  • NOVA - Race to Catch a Buckyball (Season 22 Episode 21)
    Season 22 Episode 21:

    Race to Catch a Buckyball

    Two scientists stumble across a third form of carbon.

  • NOVA - Treasures of the Great Barrier Reef (Season 22 Episode 20)
    Season 22 Episode 20:

    Treasures of the Great Barrier Reef

    Cameras chronicle the diverse activity of Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

  • NOVA - Hunt for the Serial Arsonist (Season 22 Episode 19)
    Season 22 Episode 19:

    Hunt for the Serial Arsonist

    A rash of suspicious store fires sets Los Angeles investigators on the trail of a serial arsonist.

  • NOVA - Lightning! (Season 22 Episode 18)
    Season 22 Episode 18:


    Three scientific teams attempt to solve the mystery of how lightning is generated.

  • NOVA - The Doomsday Asteroid (Season 22 Episode 17)
    Season 22 Episode 17:

    The Doomsday Asteroid

    Many astronomers believe that a large meteor will invade the Earth's atmosphere within the next 50 to 100 years.

  • NOVA - Hawaii Born of Fire (Season 22 Episode 16)
    Season 22 Episode 16:

    Hawaii Born of Fire

    Traces the speedy evolution of the Hawaiian Islands from a plume of molten rock into a tropical paradise.

  • NOVA - Venus Unveiled (Season 22 Episode 15)
    Season 22 Episode 15:

    Venus Unveiled

    Radar views of the surface of Venus spark a debate about the planet's long-term history.

  • NOVA - Anastasia Dead or Alive? (Season 22 Episode 14)
    Season 22 Episode 14:

    Anastasia Dead or Alive?

    DNA analysis is used to determine whether Anastasia survived the 1918 Bolshevik attack that murdered the last czar of Russia and his family.

  • NOVA - Fast Cars (Season 22 Episode 13)
    Season 22 Episode 13:

    Fast Cars

    A team entering the Indianapolis 500 attempts to build a faster car.

  • NOVA - Making of a Doctor (Season 22 Episode 12)
    Season 22 Episode 12:

    Making of a Doctor

    Seven recently graduated doctors struggle with death, divorce and chronic sleep deprivation.

  • NOVA - The Universe Within (Season 22 Episode 11)
    Season 22 Episode 11:

    The Universe Within

    Athletes Mike Powell, Rob Taylor, Bonnie Blair and Karen Hatchett Pavlin demonstrate how the human body's physiological systems function.

  • NOVA - Mystery of the Senses: Vision (Season 22 Episode 10)
    Season 22 Episode 10:

    Mystery of the Senses: Vision

  • NOVA - Mystery of the Senses: Touch (Season 22 Episode 9)
    Season 22 Episode 9:

    Mystery of the Senses: Touch

  • NOVA - Mystery of the Senses: Taste (Season 22 Episode 8)
    Season 22 Episode 8:

    Mystery of the Senses: Taste

  • NOVA - Mystery of the Senses: Smell (Season 22 Episode 7)
    Season 22 Episode 7:

    Mystery of the Senses: Smell

  • NOVA - Mystery of the Senses: Hearing (Season 22 Episode 6)
    Season 22 Episode 6:

    Mystery of the Senses: Hearing

  • NOVA - Siamese Twins (Season 22 Episode 5)
    Season 22 Episode 5:

    Siamese Twins

    Doctors attempt to separate two girls who were born joined at the pelvis.

  • NOVA - Nazi Designers of Death (Season 22 Episode 4)
    Season 22 Episode 4:

    Nazi Designers of Death

    Recently opened German archives yield files seized when the Red Army liberated the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz.

  • NOVA - Little Creatures Who Run the World (Season 22 Episode 3)
    Season 22 Episode 3:

    Little Creatures Who Run the World

    Professor Edward O. Wilson reveals the hidden world of ants, including their bloody rivalry with termites.

  • NOVA - Vikings in America (Season 22 Episode 2)
    Season 22 Episode 2:

    Vikings in America

    The myths surrounding the Vikings and their exploration of North America; retracing the route to a northern Newfoundland village believed to be their Vinland.

  • NOVA - Mammoths of the Ice Age (Season 22 Episode 1)
    Season 22 Episode 1:

    Mammoths of the Ice Age

    Recent evidence unearthed on Wrangel Island demonstrates the woolly mammoth lived well beyond the ice age and nearly avoided extinction.

  • NOVA - In Search of the First Language (Season 21 Episode 20)
    Season 21 Episode 20:

    In Search of the First Language

    Linguists search for links between languages previously considered unrelated.

  • NOVA - Journey to the Sacred Sea (Season 21 Episode 19)
    Season 21 Episode 19:

    Journey to the Sacred Sea

    The people of Siberia refer to Lake Baikal as the "sacred sea."

  • NOVA - Rescue Mission in Space (Season 21 Episode 18)
    Season 21 Episode 18:

    Rescue Mission in Space

    The Hubble space telescope, from its planning to its results.

  • NOVA - Buried in Ash (Season 21 Episode 17)
    Season 21 Episode 17:

    Buried in Ash

    Dr. Mike Voorhies travels to a north-central Nebraska location where volcanic ash preserved fossils of animals.

  • NOVA - Killer Quake! (Season 21 Episode 16)
    Season 21 Episode 16:

    Killer Quake!

    Scientific efforts to understand the January 1994 Northridge, Calif., earthquake and predict when the Los Angeles basin may be devastated by the "Big One.".

  • NOVA - The Tribe That Time Forgot (Season 21 Episode 15)
    Season 21 Episode 15:

    The Tribe That Time Forgot

    A Brazilian Amazonian tribe maintains a primitive culture.

  • NOVA - What's New About Menopause? (Season 21 Episode 14)
    Season 21 Episode 14:

    What's New About Menopause?

    New research into menopause addresses medical and ethical questions.

  • NOVA - Haunted Cry of a Long Gone Bird (Season 21 Episode 13)
    Season 21 Episode 13:

    Haunted Cry of a Long Gone Bird

    Naturalist Richard Wheeler kayaks the migration route of the extinct auk, a flightless seabird, down the Northeast Atlantic coast.

  • NOVA - Secret of the Wild Child (Season 21 Episode 12)
    Season 21 Episode 12:

    Secret of the Wild Child

    Social workers find a teen imprisoned from infancy by her parents.

  • NOVA - The Great Wildlife Heist (Season 21 Episode 11)
    Season 21 Episode 11:

    The Great Wildlife Heist

    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agents conduct an undercover investigation of illegal traffickers dealing in parrots.

  • NOVA - Aircraft Carrier! (Season 21 Episode 10)
    Season 21 Episode 10:

    Aircraft Carrier!

    This look at life aboard the aircraft carrier USS Independence follows four of its flight crew at the "Top Gun" school in California.

  • NOVA - Can China Kick the Habit? (Season 21 Episode 9)
    Season 21 Episode 9:

    Can China Kick the Habit?

    Looks at smoking in China, where Western advertising and trading practices glamorize the practice, and lung cancer cases are straining the health care system.

  • NOVA - In Search of Human Origins (Season 21 Episode 8)
    Season 21 Episode 8:

    In Search of Human Origins

    Problems created by man's successful transition to hunting caused him to migrate, physically change and act like his modern counterpart.

  • NOVA - In Search of Human Origins (Season 21 Episode 7)
    Season 21 Episode 7:

    In Search of Human Origins

    Early man's small body features forced him to rely on intelligence to find food in other ways than hunting.

  • NOVA - In Search of Human Origins (Season 21 Episode 6)
    Season 21 Episode 6:

    In Search of Human Origins

    The discovery of an ape's fossilized remains in 1974 changed scientific thinking about evolution.

  • NOVA - Can Chimps Talk? (Season 21 Episode 5)
    Season 21 Episode 5:

    Can Chimps Talk?

    Researchers working with chimps are training them to communicate using human symbols via sign language and computers.

  • NOVA - Journey to Kilimanjaro (Season 21 Episode 4)
    Season 21 Episode 4:

    Journey to Kilimanjaro

    Wildlife flourishes in the volcanic peaks of Kenya, Kilimanjaro and the Aberdares.

  • NOVA - Daredevils of the Sky (Season 21 Episode 3)
    Season 21 Episode 3:

    Daredevils of the Sky

    The U.S. Aerobatic Team's preparation for the 1992 World Aerobatic Championship.

  • NOVA - Dinosaurs of the Gobi (Season 21 Episode 2)
    Season 21 Episode 2:

    Dinosaurs of the Gobi

    The American Museum of Natural History team traces paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews' 1920 fossil-hunting expedition.

  • NOVA - Codebreakers (Season 21 Episode 1)
    Season 21 Episode 1:


    World War II code breaking, focusing on the stories of the "Enigma" and "Purple" ciphers and how the Japanese version of the Enigma machine worked.

  • NOVA - Stranger in the Mirror (Season 20 Episode 20)
    Season 20 Episode 20:

    Stranger in the Mirror

    With the neurological disorder visual agnosia, the patient fails to recognize familiar articles and people.

  • NOVA - The Best Mind Since Einstein (Season 20 Episode 19)
    Season 20 Episode 19:

    The Best Mind Since Einstein

    A profile of Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman whose career included the Manhattan Project and serving on the presidential commission investigating the Challenger disaster.

  • NOVA - Great Moments From Nova (Season 20 Episode 18)
    Season 20 Episode 18:

    Great Moments From Nova

    Host Bill Cosby celebrates the show's 20th anniversary with excerpts from previous shows.

  • NOVA - Mysterious Crash of Flight 201 (Season 20 Episode 17)
    Season 20 Episode 17:

    Mysterious Crash of Flight 201

    The investigation of a plane crash in Panama unearths clues.

  • NOVA - Roller Coaster! (Season 20 Episode 16)
    Season 20 Episode 16:

    Roller Coaster!

    Roller coaster designers use physics and psychology to build the thrill rides.

  • NOVA - The Real Jurassic Park (Season 20 Episode 15)
    Season 20 Episode 15:

    The Real Jurassic Park

    An examination of the steps needed to genetically re-create dinosaurs answers questions of its possibility.

  • NOVA - Shadow of the Condor (Season 20 Episode 14)
    Season 20 Episode 14:

    Shadow of the Condor

    A controversial program attempts to help the California condor from becoming extinct, while the Andean condor flourishes.

  • NOVA - Dying to Breathe (Season 20 Episode 13)
    Season 20 Episode 13:

    Dying to Breathe

    Three terminally ill patients wait for lung transplants at Toronto General Hospital.

  • NOVA - Secrets of the Psychics (Season 20 Episode 12)
    Season 20 Episode 12:

    Secrets of the Psychics

    Magician James Randi investigates paranormal claims like knifeless surgery, faith healers and psychic services.

  • NOVA - Wanted: Butch and Sundance (Season 20 Episode 11)
    Season 20 Episode 11:

    Wanted: Butch and Sundance

    An archaeological dig may determine if Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were killed in a Bolivian town shootout.

  • NOVA - The Nova Quiz (Season 20 Episode 10)
    Season 20 Episode 10:

    The Nova Quiz

    Marc Summers tests the science knowledge of a cross section of Americans to celebrate the show's 20th season.

  • NOVA - The Lost Tribe (Season 20 Episode 9)
    Season 20 Episode 9:

    The Lost Tribe

    Anthropologists conflict on whether the Tasaday, a Philippine jungle tribe, is truly of the Stone-Age.

  • NOVA - Murder, Rape and DNA (Season 20 Episode 8)
    Season 20 Episode 8:

    Murder, Rape and DNA

    DNA surpasses the fingerprint as a forensic tool for solving murder, rape, paternity suit and immigration cases.

  • NOVA - Diving for Pirate Gold (Season 20 Episode 7)
    Season 20 Episode 7:

    Diving for Pirate Gold

    Modern pirates use metal detectors, sonar and other high-tech equipment unavailable to the high-seas robbers of yore.

  • NOVA - Can Science Build a Champion Athlete? (Season 20 Episode 6)
    Season 20 Episode 6:

    Can Science Build a Champion Athlete?

    Science takes a vital role in improving athletic performance.

  • NOVA - In the Path of a Killer Volcano (Season 20 Episode 5)
    Season 20 Episode 5:

    In the Path of a Killer Volcano

    The science of predicting volcanoes in the Philippines in the aftermath of Mount Pinatubo's 1992 eruption.

  • NOVA - Nazis and the Russian Bomb (Season 20 Episode 4)
    Season 20 Episode 4:

    Nazis and the Russian Bomb

    Surviving German participants recount how a group of scientists developed the Soviet Union's first atom bomb in the 1940s.

  • NOVA - The Deadly Deception (Season 20 Episode 3)
    Season 20 Episode 3:

    The Deadly Deception

    A Tuskegee study of untreated syphilis victimized black men who sought treatment but received placebos.

  • NOVA - Can Bombing Win a War? (Season 20 Episode 2)
    Season 20 Episode 2:

    Can Bombing Win a War?

    A history of strategic bombing examines its success in the Persian Gulf War.

  • NOVA - The Hunt for Saddam's Secret Weapons (Season 20 Episode 1)
    Season 20 Episode 1:

    The Hunt for Saddam's Secret Weapons

    Cameras accompany a United Nations inspection team as they search for clandestine biological, chemical and nuclear weapons sites in Iraq.

  • NOVA - Sex and the Single Rhino (Season 19 Episode 20)
    Season 19 Episode 20:

    Sex and the Single Rhino

    Conservationists employ biology, ecology, diplomacy and political acumen to preserve endangered species like the rhino.

  • NOVA - Can You Stop People From Drinking? (Season 19 Episode 19)
    Season 19 Episode 19:

    Can You Stop People From Drinking?

    Medical historian Dr. David Musto hosts this look at some of the treatment methods used by Russians and Americans who are trying to stop abusing alcohol.

  • NOVA - Brain Transplant (Season 19 Episode 18)
    Season 19 Episode 18:

    Brain Transplant

    In a sequel to 1986's "The Case of the Frozen Addict," researchers seek a cure for paralysis in patients with addictions and Parkinson's disease.

  • NOVA - The Private Lives of Dolphins (Season 19 Episode 17)
    Season 19 Episode 17:

    The Private Lives of Dolphins

    Researchers in Sarasota, Fla., and Shark Bay, Australia, study the social behavior of bottlenose dolphins.

  • NOVA - Iceman (Season 19 Episode 16)
    Season 19 Episode 16:


    Documents the international effort to learn what life was like for a man whose frozen corpse was discovered in 1991 -- 5,000 years after he perished in a storm.

  • NOVA - This Old Pyramid (Season 19 Episode 15)
    Season 19 Episode 15:

    This Old Pyramid

    Egyptologist Mark Lehner and stonemason Roger Hopkins ("This Old House") test theories on how pyramids were built, by constructing a scale model in Egypt.

  • NOVA - Rafting Through the Grand Canyon (Season 19 Episode 14)
    Season 19 Episode 14:

    Rafting Through the Grand Canyon

    A rafting trip down the Colorado River examines natural and man-made forces shaping the Grand Canyon.

  • NOVA - Search for the First Americans (Season 19 Episode 13)
    Season 19 Episode 13:

    Search for the First Americans

    New discoveries shed light on the arrival of the first peoples in North, Central and South America.

  • NOVA - Mind of a Serial Killer (Season 19 Episode 12)
    Season 19 Episode 12:

    Mind of a Serial Killer

    An FBI unit uses psychological profiles in a serial-murder investigation in Rochester, N.Y.; narrator Patrick Stewart.

  • NOVA - The Genius Behind the Bomb (Season 19 Episode 11)
    Season 19 Episode 11:

    The Genius Behind the Bomb

    Edward Asner narrates the story of Hungarian-born physicist Leo Szilard, who pioneered nuclear energy.

  • NOVA - Animal Olympians (Season 19 Episode 10)
    Season 19 Episode 10:

    Animal Olympians

    Nature graces animals with extraordinary speed and strength; training and talent help humans excel.

  • NOVA - Eclipse of the Century (Season 19 Episode 9)
    Season 19 Episode 9:

    Eclipse of the Century

    Scientists study the 1991 solar eclipse at Hawaiian observatories.

  • NOVA - An Astronaut's View of Earth (Season 19 Episode 8)
    Season 19 Episode 8:

    An Astronaut's View of Earth

    Music by David Byrne forms the backdrop for dramatic footage of a shuttle mission.

  • NOVA - Rescuing the Baby Whales (Season 19 Episode 7)
    Season 19 Episode 7:

    Rescuing the Baby Whales

    An update of the 1986 rescue of beached whales in Cape Cod includes a more recent rescue and efforts to stop strandings.

  • NOVA - Making a Dishonest Buck (Season 19 Episode 6)
    Season 19 Episode 6:

    Making a Dishonest Buck

    The Treasury tries to curb counterfeiting by catching criminals and by making currency harder to duplicate.

  • NOVA - Can You Believe TV Ratings? (Season 19 Episode 5)
    Season 19 Episode 5:

    Can You Believe TV Ratings?

    Though not a science, the statistical analysis of TV audiences improves in accuracy.

  • NOVA - What Smells? (Season 19 Episode 4)
    Season 19 Episode 4:

    What Smells?

    Scientists study olfaction's role in human survival, from detecting food to finding potential mates.

  • NOVA - Saddam's War on Wildlife (Season 19 Episode 3)
    Season 19 Episode 3:

    Saddam's War on Wildlife

    Environmentalist John Walsh tries to save animals from oil spills and other man-made dangers during the Persian Gulf War.

  • NOVA - Submarine (Season 19 Episode 2)
    Season 19 Episode 2:


    A film crew accompanies the ballistic missile submarine USS Michigan on a three-month undersea mission.

  • NOVA - Hell Fighters of Kuwait (Season 19 Episode 1)
    Season 19 Episode 1:

    Hell Fighters of Kuwait

    Firefighters battle Kuwait's blazing oil wells, the source of the worst man-made pollution in history.

  • NOVA - The Fine Art of Faking It (Season 18 Episode 20)
    Season 18 Episode 20:

    The Fine Art of Faking It

    Museums employ scientists to discover forgeries and delve into the artistic process.

  • NOVA - Avoiding the Surgeon's Knife (Season 18 Episode 18)
    Season 18 Episode 18:

    Avoiding the Surgeon's Knife

    Doctors try alternatives to surgery and drugs to treat patients with heart disease.

  • NOVA - Fastest Planes in the Sky (Season 18 Episode 17)
    Season 18 Episode 17:

    Fastest Planes in the Sky

    The speed of planes increases dramatically since the record 47 mph set in 1908.

  • NOVA - Taller Than Everest? (Season 18 Episode 16)
    Season 18 Episode 16:

    Taller Than Everest?

    Cartographers examine satellite data to determine whether Godwin Austen (K2) is taller than Mount Everest.

  • NOVA - Suicide Mission to Chernobyl (Season 18 Episode 15)
    Season 18 Episode 15:

    Suicide Mission to Chernobyl

    Soviet scientists undertake a perilous mission inside the sarcophagus entombing the Chernobyl nuclear reactor.

  • NOVA - Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls (Season 18 Episode 14)
    Season 18 Episode 14:

    Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls

    Scholars seek access to the Dead Sea Scrolls, controlled for 40 years by a team painstakingly compiling them.

  • NOVA - So You Want to Be a Doctor? (Season 18 Episode 12)
    Season 18 Episode 12:

    So You Want to Be a Doctor?

    Host Neil Patrick Harris; cameras follow seven aspiring doctors through four years of medical school and experiences with birth and death.

  • NOVA - Sex, Lies & Toupee Tape (Season 18 Episode 11)
    Season 18 Episode 11:

    Sex, Lies & Toupee Tape

    A study of causes, cures and cover-ups for baldness includes an annual convention of men who claim bald is beautiful.

  • NOVA - Swimming With Whales (Season 18 Episode 10)
    Season 18 Episode 10:

    Swimming With Whales

    For five weeks in 1989, a team studies whale migration, feeding and breaching to learn how man can protect the creatures.

  • NOVA - Russian Right Stuff: Mission (Season 18 Episode 9)
    Season 18 Episode 9:

    Russian Right Stuff: Mission

    Soviet cosmonauts prepare for a 6-month stay in space, as their families prepare for their absence.

  • NOVA - Russian Right Stuff: Dark Side of the Moon (Season 18 Episode 8)
    Season 18 Episode 8:

    Russian Right Stuff: Dark Side of the Moon

    Plans to land a man on the moon die with Korolev; a moon project is kept secret for 20 years.

  • NOVA - Russian Right Stuff: Invisible Spaceman (Season 18 Episode 7)
    Season 18 Episode 7:

    Russian Right Stuff: Invisible Spaceman

    Korolev, the anonymous mastermind behind early Soviet space missions, is profiled.

  • NOVA - T. Rex Exposed (Season 18 Episode 6)
    Season 18 Episode 6:

    T. Rex Exposed

    Paleontologists laboriously unearth the nearly complete skeleton of a tyrannosaur in Montana.

  • NOVA - Case of the Flying Dinosaur (Season 18 Episode 5)
    Season 18 Episode 5:

    Case of the Flying Dinosaur

    Newly discovered fossils fuel debate among paleontologists on whether birds evolved from dinosaurs.

  • NOVA - Hunt for China's Dinosaurs (Season 18 Episode 4)
    Season 18 Episode 4:

    Hunt for China's Dinosaurs

    Chinese and Canadian paleontologists collaborate to scour dinosaur fields of Asia's Gobi plateau.

  • NOVA - Chip vs. the Chess Master (Season 18 Episode 3)
    Season 18 Episode 3:

    Chip vs. the Chess Master

    Chess champion Gary Kasparov plays against a computer called Deep Thought created at Carnegie-Mellon University.

  • NOVA - ConFusion in a Jar (Season 18 Episode 2)
    Season 18 Episode 2:

    ConFusion in a Jar

    Scientists try vainly to duplicate a 1989 experiment said to have produced cold fusion, a source of limitless energy.

  • NOVA - Return to Mount St. Helens (Season 18 Episode 1)
    Season 18 Episode 1:

    Return to Mount St. Helens

    Crews return a decade after the eruption of Mount St. Helens to see how nature has reacted to the disaster.