Monsters Inside Me

Monsters Inside Me

Documentary providing an insight into the work of scientists fighting some of nature's deadliest parasites.

Episode Guide

  • Monsters Inside Me - Hell-iday Horrors (Season 8 Episode 12)
    Season 8 Episode 12:

    Hell-iday Horrors

    Three unsuspecting victims see the holidays turn from a time of joy and merriment to fear and agonizing pain as they battle against mystery attackers trying to destroy them from the inside out.

  • Monsters Inside Me - There Are Twigs In My Urine (Season 8 Episode 12)
    Season 8 Episode 12:

    There Are Twigs In My Urine

    A strange growth develops on a man's wrist; a nurse finds twig-like pieces in her urine; a pregnant woman falls ill with flu-like symptoms.

  • Monsters Inside Me - All I Got For Christmas (Season 8 Episode 11)
    Season 8 Episode 11:

    All I Got For Christmas

    After a man hits his head, he's left fighting a one-on-a-million medical mystery; a boy's wounded knee becomes home to an uninvited guest; a man unwittingly feeds his own intended killer.

  • Monsters Inside Me - My Lungs Are Rotting (Season 8 Episode 10)
    Season 8 Episode 10:

    My Lungs Are Rotting

    A dangerous parasite strikes a woman down; an infant suffers a mysterious illness; a fungus brings a man to the brink of death.

  • Monsters Inside Me - The Organ Shredder (Season 8 Episode 9)
    Season 8 Episode 9:

    The Organ Shredder

    An infant is suddenly paralyzed; a young father grapples with a monster that threatens to blind him; a woman's excruciating pain confounds experts.

  • Monsters Inside Me - I Can't Stop Coughing Up Blood (Season 8 Episode 8)
    Season 8 Episode 8:

    I Can't Stop Coughing Up Blood

    A man coughs up blood; a newlywed husband is felled by a rare disease; a father struggles with abdominal pain.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Braced for Death (Season 8 Episode 7)
    Season 8 Episode 7:

    Braced for Death

    A teenager develops mysterious blotchy sores; an athlete is struck down by a rare disease; a woman battles strange bouts of vomiting.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Something Is Eating My Baby (Season 8 Episode 6)
    Season 8 Episode 6:

    Something Is Eating My Baby

    A toddler falls into a trance-like state; a strange condition strikes a boy; a woman's symptoms push her to madness.

  • Monsters Inside Me - There's A Maggot In My Head (Season 8 Episode 5)
    Season 8 Episode 5:

    There's A Maggot In My Head

    Doctors discover an invader in a young man's brain; a new mother is in critical condition; a young boy's illness defies antibiotics.

  • Monsters Inside Me - The Monster In My Mouth (Season 8 Episode 4)
    Season 8 Episode 4:

    The Monster In My Mouth

    A professor becomes an unsuspecting host; an infant falls mysteriously ill; a father is brought to the brink.

  • Monsters Inside Me - My Second Brain Is Killing Me (Season 8 Episode 3)
    Season 8 Episode 3:

    My Second Brain Is Killing Me

    A man experiences strange swelling around his eye; a young girl falls mysteriously ill; a bizarre set of symptoms leave a young woman on the edge of madness.

  • Monsters Inside Me - My Brain Is Under Attack (Season 8 Episode 2)
    Season 8 Episode 2:

    My Brain Is Under Attack

    A man falls comatose; a college student's deadly sore throat; a woman's bizarre symptoms confound experts.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Help! I'm Being Eaten Alive (Season 8 Episode 1)
    Season 8 Episode 1:

    Help! I'm Being Eaten Alive

    A young girl is brought to the hospital with stabbing pains in her scalp; a mother's mysterious symptoms threaten to tear a family apart; a deadly invader turns a relaxing vacation into a nightmare.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Holiday from Hell (Season 7 Episode 7)
    Season 7 Episode 7:

    Holiday from Hell

    Three infectious diseases ruin the holidays; a Christmas baby is born, but doctors find her brain was infected in utero; woman sees a dark shadow move across her eye and believes it's a worm; man is left with an unwanted Christmas surprise.

  • Monsters Inside Me - My Evil Twin is Driving Me Crazy (Season 7 Episode 6)
    Season 7 Episode 6:

    My Evil Twin is Driving Me Crazy

    Three families are turned upside down by deadly monsters; a four-year-old boy is plagued by crippling pain; a college student with a small cut finds herself fighting for her life; a woman is driven to insanity by an intruder in her own body.

  • Monsters Inside Me - My Hands Are Falling Off (Season 7 Episode 5)
    Season 7 Episode 5:

    My Hands Are Falling Off

    A painful rash engulfs a man's body; a woman feels a piercing pain in her throat; a teen girl falls victim to spells of dizziness and fatigue.

  • Monsters Inside Me - My Wife is Rotting (Season 7 Episode 4)
    Season 7 Episode 4:

    My Wife is Rotting

    A 2-year-old swallows a horror during a family's vacation cruise; a mother of two houses a mysterious infection; lethal parasites hijack a 6-year-old boy's brain.

  • Monsters Inside Me - There's Something Living In My Hand! (Season 7 Episode 3)
    Season 7 Episode 3:

    There's Something Living In My Hand!

    A mystery infection tackles a football player; parasites devour the eyeball of a stay-at-home mom; sea monsters attack a marina dock master.

  • Monsters Inside Me - I Have a What in my What? (Season 7 Episode 2)
    Season 7 Episode 2:

    I Have a What in my What?

    A baby falls mysteriously ill and struggles to breathe; a man has something living in an embarrassing place; a woman's weight gain confounds experts.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Backyard Killers (Season 7 Episode 1)
    Season 7 Episode 1:

    Backyard Killers

    A boy getting sick, upchucks his own feces; teenager contracts horrifying disease; young girl's illness is undiagnosable, so she is quarantined.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Vacations From Hell (Season 6 Episode 63)
    Season 6 Episode 63:

    Vacations From Hell

    Ohio toddler is no longer growing, has bizarre salt cravings and doctors have no clue why; in California, a corporate executive's punctured colon unleashes something deadly; New Mexico couple suffer deadly infection during New York vacation.

  • Monsters Inside Me - They Hijacked My Eyeball (Season 6 Episode 10)
    Season 6 Episode 10:

    They Hijacked My Eyeball

    A cut on his knee causes a teenage boy to become feverish and fatigued; Dee and Tom experience nasty rashes, difficulty breathing and memory loss after they move into their new home in N.M.; in Hawaii, something is destroying Jade's retinas.

  • Monsters Inside Me - All I Got For Christmas Is Brain Surgery (Season 6 Episode 9)
    Season 6 Episode 9:

    All I Got For Christmas Is Brain Surgery

    Doctors must cut out half of Christmas baby, Lillian's, brain which is is malformed and causing seizures; PR executive Jenny endures risky surgery on the eve of Hanukkah; school teacher Dawn must have brain surgery on Christmas... while she's awake.

  • Monsters Inside Me - The Backyard Killer (Season 6 Episode 8)
    Season 6 Episode 8:

    The Backyard Killer

    Doctors rush to save teenager Jordan in Calif. by oxygenating his blood when he gradually stops breathing; in Hawaii, personal trainer Suzie eats something that causes rashes and nerve pain; something is eating Melissa's blood in Mich.

  • Monsters Inside Me - The Eyeball Eater (Season 6 Episode 7)
    Season 6 Episode 7:

    The Eyeball Eater

    Infection is eating away a college student's eyeball; mysterious infection paralyzes a 6-month-old boy in just 24 hours; mother recovering from giving birth gets a nasty surprise.

  • Monsters Inside Me - An Amoeba is Eating My Brain (Season 6 Episode 6)
    Season 6 Episode 6:

    An Amoeba is Eating My Brain

    Three infections terrorize their victims; 2-year-old girl screams in pain and is near death; neuro-psychiatrist experiences multi-organ failure; woman's life hangs by a thread.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Worms Are Eating My Lungs (Season 6 Episode 5)
    Season 6 Episode 5:

    Worms Are Eating My Lungs

    Horrific tales from three families below the Mason/Dixon line; baby faces near death from common household item; man discovers worms crawling throughout his lungs; female boxer fights for her life.

  • Monsters Inside Me - There's a Fungus in My What!?! (Season 6 Episode 4)
    Season 6 Episode 4:

    There's a Fungus in My What!?!

    The lives of three families are turned upside down; a couple's dream home is a living nightmare; an insidious creature takes a man's spleen.

  • Monsters Inside Me - My Vacation From Hell (Season 6 Episode 3)
    Season 6 Episode 3:

    My Vacation From Hell

    Three real -life tales of horror; Man's leg is torn apart by an infection; 7- year-old girl becomes suicidal because of a brain infection; another infection puts a woman in the hospital.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Help! My Son is a Leper (Season 6 Episode 2)
    Season 6 Episode 2:

    Help! My Son is a Leper

    A mysterious infection brings a tough athlete to his knees, a teenager contracts a feared disease, and a woman's brain is practically set on fire.

  • Monsters Inside Me - There's Something Living in My Knee (Season 6 Episode 1)
    Season 6 Episode 1:

    There's Something Living in My Knee

    Four-year-old boy is drowning in his own mucus; vile discovery in a seven-year-old's knee; bizarre dreams lead to a college student's hospitalization.

  • Monsters Inside Me - I Smell Like Death (Season 5 Episode 10)
    Season 5 Episode 10:

    I Smell Like Death

    Three outdoors people suffer deadly menaces; Oregon man's toothache becomes life threatening infection; Wisconsin woman tirelessly searches for a diagnosis of her pain; infection overtakes Ohio boy's body.

  • Monsters Inside Me - The Brain Colonizer (Season 5 Episode 9)
    Season 5 Episode 9:

    The Brain Colonizer

    Toddler struggles to breathe in Saskatchewan but gets worse in the ER; Virginia teen's seizures and sudden blindness leads to a horrific discovery in her brain; six-year old with rash and high fever ends up in the ER.

  • Monsters Inside Me - My Body is Rotting (Season 5 Episode 8)
    Season 5 Episode 8:

    My Body is Rotting

    Teenager's shoulder pain evolves into health nightmare leaving her quarantined; monster is causing a Georgia woman to rot from inside; Seattle woman with years of pain discovers series of infectious agents crawling all over her entire body.

  • Monsters Inside Me - A Holiday in the Hospital (Season 5 Episode 7)
    Season 5 Episode 7:

    A Holiday in the Hospital

    New Hampshire man is close to death after coming out of surgery; Florida woman sees worms and gets sharp pains in her eyes while shopping; Utah grandmother gets a life-threatening infectious disease for the holidays.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Vampire Parasites Attack (Season 5 Episode 6)
    Season 5 Episode 6:

    Vampire Parasites Attack

    Life threatening parasites attack a war veteran, a PhD scientist, and a Tennessee newborn has a deadly infection.

  • Monsters Inside Me - There's a Worm Crawling in My What? (Season 5 Episode 5)
    Season 5 Episode 5:

    There's a Worm Crawling in My What?

    Three young people fight for their lives; in South Dakota, a 15-year-old girl's sore throat rapidly becomes more serious and life threatening.

  • Monsters Inside Me - The Killer in the Lake (Season 5 Episode 4)
    Season 5 Episode 4:

    The Killer in the Lake

    Illinois contractor who suffers bump on his head finds himself fighting for his life in the ICU; college football player is in agony from life threatening blinding headaches; mystery illness threatens life of boy 48 hours after beach day.

  • Monsters Inside Me - A Menace in My Own Backyard (Season 5 Episode 3)
    Season 5 Episode 3:

    A Menace in My Own Backyard

    Massachusetts EMT is shattered when call is for her son who is suffering from deadly and inexplicable seizures; New Jersey tough guy's intestines are being ripped apart bringing him to tears; teenage girl is suddenly stricken blind while driving.

  • Monsters Inside Me - West Nile Attack (Season 5 Episode 2)
    Season 5 Episode 2:

    West Nile Attack

    Married couple in California helplessly watch their son struggle to breathe; new father in Georgia suddenly can't move his legs; international journalist returns home to Maine finds himself in a merciless cycle of agony and sickness.

  • Monsters Inside Me - My Daughter's Going Crazy (Season 5 Episode 1)
    Season 5 Episode 1:

    My Daughter's Going Crazy

    Teenage girl in Tennessee has life-threatening inflammation of the brain; matriarch of a large Louisiana family hosts flesh eating infection; reality TV competitor in California returns from Fiji with creature attacking vital organs from the inside.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Holiday Special (Season 5)
    Season 5:

    Holiday Special

    As a young couple returns home for Christmas from traveling the globe, they learn that stowaways in the form of flesh eating parasites have joined them; something is eating a family man's heart... out.

  • Monsters Inside Me - My Christmas From Hell (Season 4 Episode 10)
    Season 4 Episode 10:

    My Christmas From Hell

    Three holiday celebrations and infections; Colorado couple bring home flesh eating parasite; Virginia man's heart is being eaten; Arizona photographer has emergency surgery on Christmas Eve.

  • Monsters Inside Me - I Almost Killed My Baby (Season 4 Episode 9)
    Season 4 Episode 9:

    I Almost Killed My Baby

    Doctors discover something is eating a newborn's eyes and brain.

  • Monsters Inside Me - A Deadly Swim (Season 4 Episode 8)
    Season 4 Episode 8:

    A Deadly Swim

    Young girl develops headaches, nausea and a bizarre rash all over her body after swimming.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Maggots are Eating Me (Season 4 Episode 7)
    Season 4 Episode 7:

    Maggots are Eating Me

    Doctors discover a hideous infection in a teenager who survives getting sucked into a tornado.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Dying Abroad (Season 4 Episode 6)
    Season 4 Episode 6:

    Dying Abroad

    A young Peace Corps volunteer gets her dream assignment in West Africa, only to be hindered by a deadly organism.

  • Monsters Inside Me - My Husband Is Hallucinating (Season 4 Episode 5)
    Season 4 Episode 5:

    My Husband Is Hallucinating

    A boy suffering from an apparent flu soon develops a life-threatening condition; a former beauty queen develops an extreme case of asthma.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Monsters Inside Me (Season 4 Episode 4)
    Season 4 Episode 4:

    Monsters Inside Me

    A mother suffers with abdominal pain and nausea for four years until the true cause of her condition is discovered; a 2-year-old girl develops a mysterious lump on her neck.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Choosing Between Life and Limb (Season 4 Episode 3)
    Season 4 Episode 3:

    Choosing Between Life and Limb

    In Illinois, a newly engaged man mysteriously collapses and faces organ failure. His fiancé gazes in horror as he must choose between life and limb.

  • Monsters Inside Me - There's a Worm in My Eye (Season 4 Episode 2)
    Season 4 Episode 2:

    There's a Worm in My Eye

    A teenage ballerina suffers from painful migraines and muscle failures; a young missionary's skin crawls when he uncovers an unholy revelation.

  • Monsters Inside Me - The Flesh-Eating Monster (Season 4 Episode 1)
    Season 4 Episode 1:

    The Flesh-Eating Monster

    A 7-year-old girl suffers from painful rashes and mysterious seizures; a college student learns her case of "the flu" is actually a flesh-eating infection.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Killer in My Neck (Season 3 Episode 10)
    Season 3 Episode 10:

    Killer in My Neck

    A California man who suddenly developed a swollen face and yellow eyes is the victim of an infection that is shutting down his organs.

  • Monsters Inside Me - You Left What Inside Me? (Season 3 Episode 9)
    Season 3 Episode 9:

    You Left What Inside Me?

    A mysterious infection takes over a 7-year-old child's brain, causing violent and uncontrollable seizures.

  • Monsters Inside Me - My Brain Has Been Hijacked (Season 3 Episode 8)
    Season 3 Episode 8:

    My Brain Has Been Hijacked

    A 1-year-old child who survived a premature birth is attacked from within by an unseen enemy.

  • Monsters Inside Me - I Coughed Up Worms! (Season 3 Episode 7)
    Season 3 Episode 7:

    I Coughed Up Worms!

    A sudden infection leaves an expectant young mother in a coma; a Texas woman learns that her lungs are filled with parasitic worms.

  • Monsters Inside Me - A Monster's Taking My Baby (Season 3 Episode 6)
    Season 3 Episode 6:

    A Monster's Taking My Baby

    A pregnant teacher experiences excruciating bouts of diarrhea; a parasite attacks a truck driver's vision.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Something's Eating My Dreams (Season 3 Episode 5)
    Season 3 Episode 5:

    Something's Eating My Dreams

    Doctors seek to uncover why an Oregon man has been suffering for two years from constant coughing and insomnia.

  • Monsters Inside Me - My Daughter Is Losing Her Mind (Season 3 Episode 4)
    Season 3 Episode 4:

    My Daughter Is Losing Her Mind

    A parasite derails a newlywed's dreams of motherhood; a hidden killer lives in an 8-year-old boy's limbs; a plumber is plagued by ill health and weight loss.

  • Monsters Inside Me - My Face Eating Parasite (Season 3 Episode 3)
    Season 3 Episode 3:

    My Face Eating Parasite

    An infection eats away at a traveler's face; a man's back injury leads to life-threatening complications; a parasite attacks the brain of a promising young athlete.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Something's Eating My Son Inside Out (Season 3 Episode 2)
    Season 3 Episode 2:

    Something's Eating My Son Inside Out

    A parasite pushes a pregnant model toward suicide; a boy on summer vacation contracts an infection that rots his flesh; a hidden killer threatens to suffocate a college freshman.

  • Monsters Inside Me - My Child Will Only Eat Cat Food (Season 3 Episode 1)
    Season 3 Episode 1:

    My Child Will Only Eat Cat Food

    An Ohio toddler stops eating and craves salt; a California business executive suffers a ruptured colon; an elderly New Mexico couple become ill during a trip to New York City.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Shape Shifters (Season 2 Episode 10)
    Season 2 Episode 10:

    Shape Shifters

    A factory worker begins to go blind; a local restaurant starts an outbreak involving a parasite.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Hometown Enemies (Season 2 Episode 9)
    Season 2 Episode 9:

    Hometown Enemies

    Thousands of silent monsters are discovered living in a mother's intestine tissue, but she's never left the country; Three stories of parasitic infection with one thing in common, they all originate in America.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Double Agents (Season 2 Episode 8)
    Season 2 Episode 8:

    Double Agents

    A man tries hookworms to cure his allergies; a bloodsuckers gets into a writer's nose.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Breeders (Season 2 Episode 7)
    Season 2 Episode 7:


    Daily stomach cramps reveal some of the most common parasites in nature.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Stowaways (Season 2 Episode 6)
    Season 2 Episode 6:


    Stories of parasites that reside inside their traveling hosts; an Iraq war veteran pulls a foot-long worm from his body.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Flesh Eaters (Season 2 Episode 5)
    Season 2 Episode 5:

    Flesh Eaters

    A cat scratch leads to a horrifying result for a veterinary volunteer; strange liquid oozes from a college student's arm.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Lurkers (Season 2 Episode 4)
    Season 2 Episode 4:


    A 3-year-old girl loses a third of her body weight due to extreme bouts of vomiting and diarrhea.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Cold Blooded Killers (Season 2 Episode 3)
    Season 2 Episode 3:

    Cold Blooded Killers

    Deadly parasites attack a 9-year-old hockey player, a computer programmer and a marathon runner.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Feeding Frenzy (Season 2 Episode 2)
    Season 2 Episode 2:

    Feeding Frenzy

    A parasite attacks a schoolteacher from the inside out; a dancer becomes concerned when her allergic outbreaks become lumpy and infected.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Suicide Attackers (Season 2 Episode 1)
    Season 2 Episode 1:

    Suicide Attackers

    A mass of decaying worms is discovered in a dance instructor's colon; a vacationer suffers headaches and a seizure; parasites get under a scientist's skin.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Living With the Enemy (Season 1 Episode 6)
    Season 1 Episode 6:

    Living With the Enemy

    A Virginia woman is attacked by a brain-eating parasite; a Midwestern farmer battles a parasite that cannot be killed; a New Yorker is infected with a deadly parasite.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Hijackers (Season 1 Episode 5)
    Season 1 Episode 5:


    A parasite invades a child in Virginia; a parasite infiltrates a traveler's blood; a boy's brain is attacked by parasites after he spends a day at a Florida lake.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Masters of Disguise (Season 1 Episode 4)
    Season 1 Episode 4:

    Masters of Disguise

    The most deceptive parasites.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Sex Maniacs (Season 1 Episode 3)
    Season 1 Episode 3:

    Sex Maniacs

    How parasites have manipulated reproduction to overwhelm their hosts.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Outbreak (Season 1 Episode 2)
    Season 1 Episode 2:


    Three stories of organisms causing outbreaks.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Sleeper Cells (Season 1 Episode 1)
    Season 1 Episode 1:

    Sleeper Cells

    The war on sleeper cell parasites.

  • Monsters Inside Me - Reload: There's a Fungus in My What!?! (Episode 67)
    Episode 67:

    Reload: There's a Fungus in My What!?!

    The lives of three families are turned upside down; a couple's dream home is a living nightmare; an insidious creature takes a man's spleen.