Monster House

Monster House

2003 - 2006, Reality, Home / Garden
Steve Watson and the crew give drab houses a high-octane renovation

Episode Guide

  • Monster House - Farewell House (Season 4 Episode 11)
    Season 4 Episode 11:

    Farewell House

    The team builds one last house for Steve "Tombstone" Sterle.

  • Monster House - Motocross House (Season 4 Episode 10)
    Season 4 Episode 10:

    Motocross House

    Two motocross enthusiasts have their house transformed into a dream home.

  • Monster House - Bali House (Season 4 Episode 9)
    Season 4 Episode 9:

    Bali House

    A couple's house becomes a tropical paradise for their wedding day.

  • Monster House - Pirate House (Season 4 Episode 8)
    Season 4 Episode 8:

    Pirate House

    A house becomes a pirate's haven.

  • Monster House - Tinsel Town (Season 4 Episode 7)
    Season 4 Episode 7:

    Tinsel Town

    Restorers return a Hollywood landmark to its original splendor.

  • Monster House - Theme Park House (Season 4 Episode 6)
    Season 4 Episode 6:

    Theme Park House

  • Monster House - Sixties House (Season 4 Episode 5)
    Season 4 Episode 5:

    Sixties House

  • Monster House - Ghost Town House (Season 4 Episode 4)
    Season 4 Episode 4:

    Ghost Town House

    The Kress family wants their home to have a ghost town feel to it.

  • Monster House - Airplane House (Season 4 Episode 3)
    Season 4 Episode 3:

    Airplane House

    The Penikas family's home becomes an aviator's dream.

  • Monster House - Paris House (Season 4 Episode 2)
    Season 4 Episode 2:

    Paris House

    Three friends want their new duplex to have a Parisian feel to it.

  • Monster House - Robin Hood House (Season 4 Episode 1)
    Season 4 Episode 1:

    Robin Hood House

    Steve helps a couple from Los Angeles remodel their house with a Robin Hood theme.

  • Monster House - Animal Shelter (Season 3 Episode 2)
    Season 3 Episode 2:

    Animal Shelter

    An animal shelter is transformed into a friendlier adoption center.

  • Monster House - Magic House (Season 3 Episode 1)
    Season 3 Episode 1:

    Magic House

    A magician's house receives a makeover.

  • Monster House - Steve's Mom's House (Season 2 Episode 27)
    Season 2 Episode 27:

    Steve's Mom's House

    Steve's mom's house is made over with a 1950s-style kitchen and new laundry room.

  • Monster House - Skateboard House (Season 2 Episode 26)
    Season 2 Episode 26:

    Skateboard House

    A backyard becomes a skaters paradise.

  • Monster House - Club Monster (Season 2 Episode 25)
    Season 2 Episode 25:

    Club Monster

    The legendary Cat Club is renovated.

  • Monster House - Good Ol' Boy Trailer (Season 2 Episode 24)
    Season 2 Episode 24:

    Good Ol' Boy Trailer

    A 1950 Nashua trailer is remodeled.

  • Monster House - Monster Shop Class (Season 2 Episode 23)
    Season 2 Episode 23:

    Monster Shop Class

    The crew helps high-school students remodel their long-shuttered shop classroom in North Hollywood, Calif.

  • Monster House - Monster Loft (Season 2 Episode 22)
    Season 2 Episode 22:

    Monster Loft

    A crew of students from Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles tackles a downtown loft.

  • Monster House - Golf House (Season 2 Episode 21)
    Season 2 Episode 21:

    Golf House

    A miniature golf course runs throughout a house and ends at a 19th hole Boston beer bar.

  • Monster House - Three Stooges House (Season 2 Episode 20)
    Season 2 Episode 20:

    Three Stooges House

    What it would be like if the build team worked like the Three Stooges.

  • Monster House - Chicago Blues House (Season 2 Episode 17)
    Season 2 Episode 17:

    Chicago Blues House

    Four blues-themed designs are the finalists for a new home renovation.

  • Monster House - Egypt House (Season 2 Episode 16)
    Season 2 Episode 16:

    Egypt House

    Ancient Egypt provides inspiration for a theme house.

  • Monster House - Tree House; Club House (Season 2 Episode 15)
    Season 2 Episode 15:

    Tree House; Club House

    A 10-year-old boy with leukemia gets a monster clubhouse.

  • Monster House - Hero: Police Station (Season 2 Episode 14)
    Season 2 Episode 14:

    Hero: Police Station

    A police chief and a mayor have a run-down police station monsterized.

  • Monster House - Hero: Firehouse (Season 2 Episode 13)
    Season 2 Episode 13:

    Hero: Firehouse

    A firehouse kitchen has not changed since the 1940s.

  • Monster House - Hero: Teacher's Lounge 2 (Season 2 Episode 12)
    Season 2 Episode 12:

    Hero: Teacher's Lounge 2

    An elementary-school teachers' lounge and lunch room becomes part French bistro, part Zen retreat and part DaVinci's studio.

  • Monster House - Hero: Teacher's Lounge (Season 2 Episode 11)
    Season 2 Episode 11:

    Hero: Teacher's Lounge

    An elementary-school teachers' lounge and lunch room becomes part French bistro, part Zen retreat and part DaVinci's studio.

  • Monster House - Vegas House Revisited (Season 2 Episode 10)
    Season 2 Episode 10:

    Vegas House Revisited

    A suburban home gets a Las Vegas look.

  • Monster House - Mobster House Revisited (Season 2 Episode 9)
    Season 2 Episode 9:

    Mobster House Revisited

    Newlyweds' home reflects their fascination with mafia gangsters.

  • Monster House - Dog House 2 (Season 2 Episode 8)
    Season 2 Episode 8:

    Dog House 2

    A therapist helps five notorious builders to create a monster doghouse for a chihuahua rescue.

  • Monster House - Dog House (Season 2 Episode 7)
    Season 2 Episode 7:

    Dog House

    A therapist joins a group of notorious builders to create a doghouse for a Chihuahua rescue.

  • Monster House - Shark House (Season 2 Episode 6)
    Season 2 Episode 6:

    Shark House

    A home's makeover includes a shark tank that descends into an underwater room.

  • Monster House - Christmas House Revisited (Season 2 Episode 5)
    Season 2 Episode 5:

    Christmas House Revisited

    A scaled replica of an English city wraps around three dining-room walls.

  • Monster House - Soccer House (Season 2 Episode 4)
    Season 2 Episode 4:

    Soccer House

    The crew turns a living room into a soccer field.

  • Monster House - Biker House (Season 2 Episode 3)
    Season 2 Episode 3:

    Biker House

    A homeowner challenges the crew to outdo the race-car house with a biker version.

  • Monster House - Surfer Girl House (Season 2 Episode 2)
    Season 2 Episode 2:

    Surfer Girl House

    A single mom and her 11-year-old daughter want their bland backyard to be transformed into a surfer girl getaway.

  • Monster House - Outback House (Season 2 Episode 1)
    Season 2 Episode 1:

    Outback House

    An Australia-inspired theme includes half a Land Cruiser with a plasma-screen TV for a windshield.

  • Monster House - Amusement Park House (Season 1 Episode 28)
    Season 1 Episode 28:

    Amusement Park House

    A tract house gets a working merry-go-round table, a roller-coaster slide, arcade games and stuffed-animal prizes.

  • Monster House - New York House (Season 1 Episode 27)
    Season 1 Episode 27:

    New York House

    A displaced big-city family gets a New York City-themed home.

  • Monster House - Mad Scientist House (Season 1 Episode 26)
    Season 1 Episode 26:

    Mad Scientist House

    A bachelor pad is turned into a mad scientist house for a guy with a Jekyll and Hyde lifestyle.

  • Monster House - Viking House (Season 1 Episode 25)
    Season 1 Episode 25:

    Viking House

    A man wants a home that reminds him of his childhood and heritage.

  • Monster House - Roman House (Season 1 Episode 24)
    Season 1 Episode 24:

    Roman House

    Homeowners looking for something more decadent get the look of ancient Rome in their 1960s ranch-style home.

  • Monster House - Mobster House (Season 1 Episode 23)
    Season 1 Episode 23:

    Mobster House

    Newlyweds update their home to reflect their fascination with the mob.

  • Monster House - Mardi Gras House (Season 1 Episode 22)
    Season 1 Episode 22:

    Mardi Gras House

    A love of Cajun culture leads to a house with a Mardi Gras theme.

  • Monster House - Retro Future House Revisited (Season 1 Episode 21)
    Season 1 Episode 21:

    Retro Future House Revisited

    Steve and the team renovate a 1950s-style house into a Zen home with bamboo flooring and a koi pond.

  • Monster House - Tropical House Revisited (Season 1 Episode 20)
    Season 1 Episode 20:

    Tropical House Revisited

    An eternal honeymoon spot features cavernous bedrooms, a tiki-inspired kitchen and, for the back yard, a tropical rain forest.

  • Monster House - Race Car House Revisited (Season 1 Episode 19)
    Season 1 Episode 19:

    Race Car House Revisited

    A mild-mannered house is made over with a race-car theme.

  • Monster House - Sports House (Season 1 Episode 18)
    Season 1 Episode 18:

    Sports House

    A couple with two grown children get the ultimate sports fans' home.

  • Monster House - Christmas House (Season 1 Episode 17)
    Season 1 Episode 17:

    Christmas House

    Fiber optic lighting brings a scale-model replica of Hoddesdon, England, to life around three walls of a dining room.

  • Monster House - Jurassic House (Season 1 Episode 16)
    Season 1 Episode 16:

    Jurassic House

    Driven by Jurassic inspiration, the team transforms a modern house into a dinosaur haven.

  • Monster House - Family Vacation House (Season 1 Episode 15)
    Season 1 Episode 15:

    Family Vacation House

    The crew has five days to transform a home into an ultimate vacation spot for the Stephans, who love to go camping.

  • Monster House - Under Sea House (Season 1 Episode 14)
    Season 1 Episode 14:

    Under Sea House

    The builders create an underwater experience for a family who loves the ocean and makes going to the beach a weekly ritual.

  • Monster House - House of Fears (Season 1 Episode 13)
    Season 1 Episode 13:

    House of Fears

    Mike Muir, lead singer of Suicidal Tendencies, wants the spookiest house possible.

  • Monster House - Vegas House (Season 1 Episode 12)
    Season 1 Episode 12:

    Vegas House

    The builders try to bring the excitement of the Las Vegas strip to a suburban home.

  • Monster House - Retro Future House (Season 1 Episode 11)
    Season 1 Episode 11:

    Retro Future House

    The builders try to transform a suburban box into a retro-future palace.

  • Monster House - Olde English House (Season 1 Episode 10)
    Season 1 Episode 10:

    Olde English House

    An English pub motif transforms a home into a place for entertaining the whole neighborhood.

  • Monster House - Sultan's House (Season 1 Episode 9)
    Season 1 Episode 9:

    Sultan's House

    Actress Anne Ramsay's home overlooking the Pacific Ocean is transformed into a Moroccan-flavored palace.

  • Monster House - Hacienda House (Season 1 Episode 8)
    Season 1 Episode 8:

    Hacienda House

    Elements of the Central American rain forest and Mayan culture are incorporated in a hacienda-style project.

  • Monster House - Zen House (Season 1 Episode 7)
    Season 1 Episode 7:

    Zen House

    Two sisters' inherited home loses its 1950s style in favor of Zen touches, including bamboo flooring and a bridge over their new koi pond.

  • Monster House - Hollywood House (Season 1 Episode 6)
    Season 1 Episode 6:

    Hollywood House

    The team transforms a Hollywood couple's B-movie bungalow into a home with Oscar potential complete with an art deco entertainment center and a concession stand.

  • Monster House - Old West House (Season 1 Episode 5)
    Season 1 Episode 5:

    Old West House

    The crew creates the Wild West in a suburban Los Angeles home.

  • Monster House - Medieval Castle House (Season 1 Episode 4)
    Season 1 Episode 4:

    Medieval Castle House

    The crew turns a home into a palatial palace reminiscent of the days of chivalry.

  • Monster House - '70s Disco House (Season 1 Episode 3)
    Season 1 Episode 3:

    '70s Disco House

    A stale bachelor pad gets a 1970s-inspired theme with a disco dance floor.

  • Monster House - Tropical House (Season 1 Episode 2)
    Season 1 Episode 2:

    Tropical House

    A house is turned into an island paradise with huge bedrooms, a Tiki-inspired kitchen and a jungle for a backyard.

  • Monster House - Race Car House (Season 1 Episode 1)
    Season 1 Episode 1:

    Race Car House

    The crew gives a mild-mannered house a high-octane makeover, including a kitchen inspired by a racing pit stop crew.

  • Monster House - Monster House (Episode 47)
    Episode 47:

    Monster House

    Steve Watson and the Monster build crew transform an American family's home into a old English pub.

  • Monster House - Monster House (Episode 46)
    Episode 46:

    Monster House

    Four designs are to be used in a LaBatt's online contest.