1991 - 2016, News
Investigative consumer reports.
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Episode Guide

  • Marketplace - The Ticket Game (Episode 531)
    Episode 531:

    The Ticket Game

    Industry insiders reveal the truth behind the Tragically Hip ticket debacle and if fans are truly being shut out from seeing their favourite bands.

  • Marketplace - Trouble in the Classroom (Episode 529)
    Episode 529:

    Trouble in the Classroom

    A national investigation on teacher misconduct and abuse.

  • Marketplace - New Car Theft; Tourist Tax? (Episode 528)
    Episode 528:

    New Car Theft; Tourist Tax?

    High-tech ways thieves can break into cars; an investigation into a misleading vacation fee.

  • Marketplace - Cell Phone Bill Shock; Hospital Parking (Episode 527)
    Episode 527:

    Cell Phone Bill Shock; Hospital Parking

    An investigation reveals that cell phone companies are letting kids rack up data bills without parental approval; an investigation into the cost of hospital parking.

  • Marketplace - Egg Crackdown (Episode 526)
    Episode 526:

    Egg Crackdown

    An investigation into grocery store labels with access to barns, nutritional content testing and a blind taste test on six types of eggs.

  • Marketplace - Restaurant Dress Codes; Speed Limits (Episode 525)
    Episode 525:

    Restaurant Dress Codes; Speed Limits

    Questioning whether the sexy dress codes for servers at family restaurants are sexist; highway speed limits are tested.

  • Marketplace - Are We Racist? (Episode 524)
    Episode 524:

    Are We Racist?

    An investigation into how one's colour or name can impact getting a job, shopping or renting an apartment.

  • Marketplace - Tired Doctors (Episode 523)
    Episode 523:

    Tired Doctors

    Doctors test themselves by staying awake for a 26-hour marathon shift.

  • Marketplace - Cell Phone Bill Busters (Episode 522)
    Episode 522:

    Cell Phone Bill Busters

    Tips on dealing with cell phone companies and cutting their big bills.

  • Marketplace - Are You Being Served?; Coffee Cups Update (Episode 521)
    Episode 521:

    Are You Being Served?; Coffee Cups Update

    An investigation into the true benefits of self service; an update on the investigation into coffee chains recycling cups.

  • Marketplace - Snack Attack (Episode 520)
    Episode 520:

    Snack Attack

    An investigation into the ingredients in popular snack foods; an update on the investigation into vitamins and supplements.

  • Marketplace - Toxic Jewelry (Episode 519)
    Episode 519:

    Toxic Jewelry

    Three tweens discover that popular, low-cost jewelry from leading retailers is actually made with a toxic metal.

  • Marketplace - Outlet Sales (Episode 518)
    Episode 518:

    Outlet Sales

    An investigation into factory outlets and how to find the real deals.

  • Marketplace - Exposed (Episode 517)
    Episode 517:


    The most shocking 'Marketplace' investigations.

  • Marketplace - Tow Tricks; Misleading Flyers (Episode 515)
    Episode 515:

    Tow Tricks; Misleading Flyers

    Some tow truck companies are desperate to hook customers; prices on top products are tracked to see if consumers are getting a real deal.

  • Marketplace - Retail Tricks (Episode 514)
    Episode 514:

    Retail Tricks

    A test flight reveals how well the airline industry prepares passengers for emergencies.

  • Marketplace - Supplements: Are You Getting What You're Promised? (Episode 513)
    Episode 513:

    Supplements: Are You Getting What You're Promised?

    An investigation on vitamins and supplements reveals the true ingredients.

  • Marketplace - Are You Prepared? Airline Safety (Episode 512)
    Episode 512:

    Are You Prepared? Airline Safety

    A simulation tests possible life-saving airline safety procedures.

  • Marketplace - How Fresh Is Your Food? (Episode 511)
    Episode 511:

    How Fresh Is Your Food?

    Tricks used by grocery stores to extend the shelf life of its products.

  • Marketplace - Coffee Con?; The Need for Speed (Episode 510)
    Episode 510:

    Coffee Con?; The Need for Speed

    Dumpster diving to find out if coffee cups get recycled; testing speed limits; comic Nile Seguin takes on social media.

  • Marketplace - Mind Games (Episode 508)
    Episode 508:

    Mind Games

    Tom Harrington explores memory loss by testing brain training games and technologies.

  • Marketplace - Gene Genie (Episode 507)
    Episode 507:

    Gene Genie

    An investigation into the growing DNA home testing kit business.

  • Marketplace - Grocery Games (Episode 506)
    Episode 506:

    Grocery Games

    An investigation into grocery product downsizing while prices stay the same.

  • Marketplace - License to Deceive (Episode 505)
    Episode 505:

    License to Deceive

    An investigation into drug store remedies and how they get licensed by Health Canada.

  • Marketplace - Dumb Charge Countdown (Episode 504)
    Episode 504:

    Dumb Charge Countdown

    The top five picks for Canada's stupidest charges.

  • Marketplace - Uneasy Money (Episode 503)
    Episode 503:

    Uneasy Money

    An investigation into the real cost of borrowing money.

  • Marketplace - Doing Good, Feeling Bad & Speak Up for Service (Episode 502)
    Episode 502:

    Doing Good, Feeling Bad & Speak Up for Service

    An investigation into two common checkout issues.

  • Marketplace - Food Fiction (Episode 501)
    Episode 501:

    Food Fiction

    A search for falsified food labels.

  • Marketplace - No Free Ride (Episode 500)
    Episode 500:

    No Free Ride

    An investigation into the cost of ambulance fees.

  • Marketplace - Dispensing Danger (Episode 499)
    Episode 499:

    Dispensing Danger

    Protecting yourself from drug store dispensing errors.

  • Marketplace - Stash Your Cash (Episode 498)
    Episode 498:

    Stash Your Cash

    Three ways to save money.

  • Marketplace - Juicy Secrets (Episode 497)
    Episode 497:

    Juicy Secrets

    Testing some of the most popular orange juice brands and take-out breakfast sandwiches.

  • Marketplace - Repairmen Unplugged (Episode 496)
    Episode 496:

    Repairmen Unplugged

    Five secrets about appliances from real life repairmen.

  • Marketplace - Paws for Concern (Episode 495)
    Episode 495:

    Paws for Concern

    Testing best-selling pet restraints and examining the chemicals used in flea medications.

  • Marketplace - Shot of Confusion (Episode 494)
    Episode 494:

    Shot of Confusion

    Stories of Canadians who are persuaded to forego vaccinations for risky alternatives.

  • Marketplace - Price Wars: Battle of the Sexes (Episode 493)
    Episode 493:

    Price Wars: Battle of the Sexes

    An undercover shopping experiment reveals who gets the better buy, men or women.

  • Marketplace - Fuel Proof (Episode 491)
    Episode 491:

    Fuel Proof

    An investigation into mileage ratings and what the auto industry isn't telling their buyers.

  • Marketplace - Faking It (Episode 490)
    Episode 490:

    Faking It

    An investigation into how reliable online product reviews really are.

  • Marketplace - Remedy or Ripoff (Episode 489)
    Episode 489:

    Remedy or Ripoff

    How to avoid getting tricked by so-called natural health remedies; a person's right when a car is recalled.

  • Marketplace - Truth Behind the Trend (Episode 488)
    Episode 488:

    Truth Behind the Trend

    The story behind the gluten-free craze; the results of Canada's Dumbest Charge vote.

  • Marketplace - Canada's Dumbest Charge (Episode 487)
    Episode 487:

    Canada's Dumbest Charge

    Fighting against extra charges and a vote on Canada's dumbest charge of all.

  • Marketplace - Canada's Restaurant Secrets (Episode 486)
    Episode 486:

    Canada's Restaurant Secrets

    An undercover investigation into Canada's restaurants.

  • Marketplace - Plane Wrong (Episode 484)
    Episode 484:

    Plane Wrong

    The search for justice for those caught in a travel nightmare.

  • Marketplace - The Trouble With Turkeys (Episode 483)
    Episode 483:

    The Trouble With Turkeys

    An investigation into turkey and the dark side of white meat; citizens are surprised with info they've posted on social media.

  • Marketplace - Up in the Air (Episode 482)
    Episode 482:

    Up in the Air

    The risks of outdoor adventure activities.

  • Marketplace - Show Me the Money (Episode 481)
    Episode 481:

    Show Me the Money

    Financial advisors are put to the test.

  • Marketplace - Detox Challenge (Episode 478)
    Episode 478:

    Detox Challenge

  • Marketplace - Farther, Faster, Fitter? (Episode 477)
    Episode 477:

    Farther, Faster, Fitter?

    Testing sports performance products' claims.

  • Marketplace - Point of No Returns (Episode 476)
    Episode 476:

    Point of No Returns

    Three customers challenge the bounds of retail return policies.

  • Marketplace - Detox Challenge (Episode 475)
    Episode 475:

    Detox Challenge

    A sorority tests popular detox and cleansing diets.

  • Marketplace - Wrap Rage Awards (Episode 474)
    Episode 474:

    Wrap Rage Awards

    Testing frustrating and difficult-to-open packaging for Canada's Wrap Rage Awards.

  • Marketplace - You're Not Covered (Episode 473)
    Episode 473:

    You're Not Covered

    Loop holes in insurance policies that could mean a lack of coverage.

  • Marketplace - Shock to the System (Episode 472)
    Episode 472:

    Shock to the System

    The true accessibility of public defibrillators.

  • Marketplace - Price Wars (Episode 471)
    Episode 471:

    Price Wars

    The Canada-U.S. price gap is exposed in a cross-border shopathon.

  • Marketplace - Food Secrets (Episode 470)
    Episode 470:

    Food Secrets

    Testing popular grocery store food items to reveal secrets that could change the way people eat.

  • Marketplace - Greasy Business (Episode 469)
    Episode 469:

    Greasy Business

    An undercover investigation at an oil change company reveals major rip-offs.

  • Marketplace - Knock It Off! (Episode 468)
    Episode 468:

    Knock It Off!

    Secret sales tricks of door-to-door salesman are revealed and how many are fighting back.

  • Marketplace - Movin' Day Showdown (Episode 467)
    Episode 467:

    Movin' Day Showdown

    An undercover investigation of moving companies to test their practices, fees and how to be protected.

  • Marketplace - Renovation Horror Story (Episode 466)
    Episode 466:

    Renovation Horror Story

    The staggering number of botched spray foam insulation jobs are on the rise, driving citizens out of their homes.

  • Marketplace - The Dirt on Hotels: We're Back! (Episode 465)
    Episode 465:

    The Dirt on Hotels: We're Back!

    A year after exposing secrets about hotels, Canada's consumer watchdog checks in to see if they've changed their ways.

  • Marketplace - Barking Mad (Episode 464)
    Episode 464:

    Barking Mad

    An undercover investigation of veterinarians to reveal ways patients may be paying too much.

  • Marketplace - What's the Deal? (Episode 463)
    Episode 463:

    What's the Deal?

    An investigation into daily deal websites that offer discounts on shopping and dining, to attractions and services.

  • Marketplace - Busted (Episode 461)
    Episode 461:


    An investigation into big name companies.

  • Marketplace - Hospital Parking Pain (Episode 460)
    Episode 460:

    Hospital Parking Pain

    An investigation of hospital parking fees.

  • Marketplace - The Great Salt Shakedown (Episode 459)
    Episode 459:

    The Great Salt Shakedown

    A test on salt consumption and what is being done to limit sodium.

  • Marketplace - Mike Holmes: Home Ripoffs (Episode 458)
    Episode 458:

    Mike Holmes: Home Ripoffs

    Famous contractor Mike Holmes discusses rip-off renovators, shady roofers and incompetent inspectors.

  • Marketplace - Who's Watching the Kids? (Episode 457)
    Episode 457:

    Who's Watching the Kids?

    An investigation of illegal day care centers.

  • Marketplace - Price Tag Confidential (Episode 456)
    Episode 456:

    Price Tag Confidential

    An investigation into high prices in Canada.

  • Marketplace - When the Repairman Knocks: Air Ducts (Episode 455)
    Episode 455:

    When the Repairman Knocks: Air Ducts

    Hidden cameras capture the work of air duct cleaners.

  • Marketplace - Back on the Case (Episode 454)
    Episode 454:

    Back on the Case

    A water filtration company's tricks; a hospital cleaning test.

  • Marketplace - Busting the Banks (Episode 453)
    Episode 453:

    Busting the Banks

    An investigation reveals sneaky bank fees.

  • Marketplace - When the Repairman Knocks: Air Ducts (Episode 452)
    Episode 452:

    When the Repairman Knocks: Air Ducts

    A house is equipped with hidden cameras to capture air duct cleaners on the job.

  • Marketplace - To Catch a Telemarketer (Episode 451)
    Episode 451:

    To Catch a Telemarketer

    An investigation of who is behind telemarketing calls.

  • Marketplace - The Dirt on Hotels (Episode 450)
    Episode 450:

    The Dirt on Hotels

    Six hotel chains in Canada are put to the test, with shocking results.

  • Marketplace - Burned (Episode 449)
    Episode 449:


    Testing flame retardants.

  • Marketplace - When the Repairman Knocks: Garage (Episode 448)
    Episode 448:

    When the Repairman Knocks: Garage

    Hidden cameras reveal the true work of garage repairmen.

  • Marketplace - The Dirt on Hotels (Episode 447)
    Episode 447:

    The Dirt on Hotels

    Six hotel chains in Canada are put to the test, with shocking results.

  • Marketplace - Pump Fiction (Episode 446)
    Episode 446:

    Pump Fiction

    Testing claims of premium gasoline.

  • Marketplace - Money Where Your Mouth Is (Episode 445)
    Episode 445:

    Money Where Your Mouth Is

    A hidden camera in a dental office reveals up-selling and unnecessary treatments.

  • Marketplace - High Steaks (Episode 444)
    Episode 444:

    High Steaks

    An investigation of the risks of meat tenderization.

  • Marketplace - Too Good to Be True (Episode 443)
    Episode 443:

    Too Good to Be True

    Products and services that were too good to be true.

  • Marketplace - Getting Squeezed (Episode 442)
    Episode 442:

    Getting Squeezed

    Some citizens are demanding Canada adopt 'lemon laws' that would protect those who purchase cars.

  • Marketplace - Fighting for Fido (Episode 441)
    Episode 441:

    Fighting for Fido

    Investigating the unregulated business of pet food.

  • Marketplace - When the Repairman Knocks: Pools (Episode 440)
    Episode 440:

    When the Repairman Knocks: Pools

    Hidden cameras test the skills of pool repairmen.

  • Marketplace - Lousy Labels: Home Edition (Episode 439)
    Episode 439:

    Lousy Labels: Home Edition

    Erica Johnson counts down the list of so-called green products.

  • Marketplace - The Busted Edition (Episode 438)
    Episode 438:

    The Busted Edition

    Erica Johnson and Tim Harrington report on claims and poor services.

  • Marketplace - Dirty Hospitals (Episode 437)
    Episode 437:

    Dirty Hospitals

    Erica Johnson tests hospital cleanliness.

  • Marketplace - Tripped Up (Episode 436)
    Episode 436:

    Tripped Up

    Erica Johnson investigates a travel health insurance company.

  • Marketplace - When the Repairman Knocks (Episode 435)
    Episode 435:

    When the Repairman Knocks

    Tom Harrington tests the skills and ethics of some home-repair services.

  • Marketplace - Recruitment Rip-off (Episode 434)
    Episode 434:

    Recruitment Rip-off

    A look at a job recruitment agency.

  • Marketplace - Framed (Episode 433)
    Episode 433:


    Tom Harrington investigates the high price of eyeglasses.

  • Marketplace - Snake in the Grass (Episode 432)
    Episode 432:

    Snake in the Grass

    Tom Harrington tests Canada's leading lawn care company, and finds several unhappy customers.

  • Marketplace - Lousy Labels: Health Hype (Episode 431)
    Episode 431:

    Lousy Labels: Health Hype

    Erica Johnson investigates 'health-washing' buzzwords on food packaging.

  • Marketplace - The Toilet Paper Chase (Episode 430)
    Episode 430:

    The Toilet Paper Chase

    Tom Harrington tracks the eco-logo on a major toilet paper brand to find its source.

  • Marketplace - Trouble For Rent (Episode 429)
    Episode 429:

    Trouble For Rent

    Investigating a top Canadian landlord reveals leaky roofs and mouldy walls. Tom Harrington meets tenants who are fighting back.

  • Marketplace - Spinning a Pill Update (Episode 428)
    Episode 428:

    Spinning a Pill Update

    An update on the potential risks of popular birth control pills.

  • Marketplace - What FX? (Episode 427)
    Episode 427:

    What FX?

    Erica Johnston investigates a cold remedy and discovers clever marketing.

  • Marketplace - Canada's Worst Customer Service: Store Edition (Episode 426)
    Episode 426:

    Canada's Worst Customer Service: Store Edition

    The customer service of Canada's major retail chains.

  • Marketplace - Won't Get Fooled Again (Episode 425)
    Episode 425:

    Won't Get Fooled Again

    Why do we keep falling for scams?

  • Marketplace - Lousy Labels (Episode 424)
    Episode 424:

    Lousy Labels

    Companies use green buzz words to get us to spend more.

  • Marketplace - Canada's Worst Cell Phone Bill: The Sequel (Episode 423)
    Episode 423:

    Canada's Worst Cell Phone Bill: The Sequel

    Canada's cell phone industry.

  • Marketplace - Debt Collector Dread (Episode 422)
    Episode 422:

    Debt Collector Dread

    Debt collectors are put to the test.

  • Marketplace - Back on the Case (Episode 421)
    Episode 421:

    Back on the Case

    Store-bought puppies; money-making scheme; fitness industry.

  • Marketplace - Crash and Burned (Episode 420)
    Episode 420:

    Crash and Burned

    The best kept secret in the car insurance industry.

  • Marketplace - Superbug in the Supermarket (Episode 419)
    Episode 419:

    Superbug in the Supermarket

    Samples of chicken from across the country are tested for antibiotics.

  • Marketplace - Hitting the Roof (Episode 418)
    Episode 418:

    Hitting the Roof

    Investigating the shady world of shoddy roofers with Mike Holmes.

  • Marketplace - Spinning a Pill (Episode 417)
    Episode 417:

    Spinning a Pill

    Top-selling oral contraceptive in Canada.

  • Marketplace - Clean Water, Dirty Tricks (Episode 416)
    Episode 416:

    Clean Water, Dirty Tricks

    Techniques used in door-to-door sales of water purification systems across Canada.

  • Marketplace - Cure or Con? (Episode 415)
    Episode 415:

    Cure or Con?

    Homeopathy, one of the fastest growing alternative health practices in the country.

  • Marketplace - Big Gym Ripoff (Episode 414)
    Episode 414:

    Big Gym Ripoff

    Canadians affected by gym membership contracts and billing charges.

  • Marketplace - Stretching the Truth? (Episode 413)
    Episode 413:

    Stretching the Truth?

  • Marketplace - Burning Question; The Debt Trap (Episode 412)
    Episode 412:

    Burning Question; The Debt Trap

  • Marketplace - Something's Fishy (Episode 411)
    Episode 411:

    Something's Fishy

    Testing fish with surprising results.

  • Marketplace - Who's Minding the Store (Episode 410)
    Episode 410:

    Who's Minding the Store

    The newest way thieves are stealing credit and debit card information.

  • Marketplace - Canada's Worst Cellphone Bill (Episode 403)
    Episode 403:

    Canada's Worst Cellphone Bill

    An in-depth look at the charges on cell phone bills.

  • Marketplace - Road to Rich Dad (Episode 402)
    Episode 402:

    Road to Rich Dad

    Free seminars.

  • Marketplace - Magic in a Bottle (Episode 400)
    Episode 400:

    Magic in a Bottle

    An investigation into a Canadian diet company.

  • Marketplace - GPS Distraction and Busted Shingles (Episode 397)
    Episode 397:

    GPS Distraction and Busted Shingles

    An investigation into GPSs.

  • Marketplace - Grow-Op Cover Up (Episode 396)
    Episode 396:

    Grow-Op Cover Up

    Home inspectors.

  • Marketplace - Credit Card Catch (Episode 395)
    Episode 395:

    Credit Card Catch

    Credit balance insurance, does it work?

  • Marketplace - How Not to Win $500,000 (Episode 394)
    Episode 394:

    How Not to Win $500,000

    How a sweepstakes offer to win big money may end up costing some people thousands of dollars.

  • Marketplace - Power of Persuasion (Episode 392)
    Episode 392:

    Power of Persuasion

    Door-to-door energy sales people and what they don't reveal to the public.

  • Marketplace - Lawless Loans (Episode 391)
    Episode 391:

    Lawless Loans

    Loan companies are popping up on the internet as big banks crack down on loans.

  • Marketplace - How to Buy a Puppy (Episode 390)
    Episode 390:

    How to Buy a Puppy

    Why some store-bought puppies may have a sick and secret history.

  • Marketplace - The Trouble With Fake Guns (Episode 389)
    Episode 389:

    The Trouble With Fake Guns

    The growing popularity of replica handguns.

  • Marketplace - The Seven Sins of the Marketplace (Episode 388)
    Episode 388:

    The Seven Sins of the Marketplace

    Seven signs to watch for so you don't get ripped off.

  • Marketplace - The Price Cut Promise (Episode 387)
    Episode 387:

    The Price Cut Promise

    The truth behind cut-rate deals on furniture and appliances.

  • Marketplace - Power of Persuasion (Episode 386)
    Episode 386:

    Power of Persuasion

    Tactics used by door-to-door energy sales people.

  • Marketplace - Lawless Loans (Episode 385)
    Episode 385:

    Lawless Loans

    Loan companies on the Internet.

  • Marketplace - How Not to Buy a Puppy (Episode 383)
    Episode 383:

    How Not to Buy a Puppy

    Puppies purchased at stores that may be sick or have a secret history.

  • Marketplace - Want to Win Big? (Episode 381)
    Episode 381:

    Want to Win Big?

    How a sweepstake offer to win big money may end up costing some people thousands of dollars.

  • Marketplace - Easy Money (Episode 379)
    Episode 379:

    Easy Money

    The latest get rich scheme that may break the bank for trusting Canadians.

  • Marketplace - The Secret History of Cars (Episode 378)
    Episode 378:

    The Secret History of Cars

    The secret history of used cars.

  • Marketplace - Generation Cell Phone (Episode 376)
    Episode 376:

    Generation Cell Phone

    New evidence about possible health risks facing cell phone users.

  • Marketplace - Miracle Makers or Money Takers? (Episode 375)
    Episode 375:

    Miracle Makers or Money Takers?

    A machine that promises to battle diseases.

  • Marketplace - New Home Nightmares (Episode 374)
    Episode 374:

    New Home Nightmares

    An investigation into brand new homes that fall apart.

  • Marketplace - Calorie Confidential (Episode 373)
    Episode 373:

    Calorie Confidential

    An investigation into restaurants that have dishes double the fat, salt and calories of burger chains.

  • Marketplace - The Ticket Ride (Episode 372)
    Episode 372:

    The Ticket Ride

    The slippery and often illegal world of online ticket sales.

  • Marketplace - The Sole Patrol (Episode 371)
    Episode 371:

    The Sole Patrol

    An investigation into high-priced inserts.

  • Marketplace - Can't Buy Me Love (Episode 370)
    Episode 370:

    Can't Buy Me Love

    Dating services where you will get hit with more than cupid's arrow.

  • Marketplace - Get a Grip (Episode 369)
    Episode 369:

    Get a Grip

    An investigation into the safety of rental cars on winter roads.

  • Marketplace - In Denial (Episode 368)
    Episode 368:

    In Denial

    An investigation into mortgage insurance.

  • Marketplace - Digging Deep (Episode 367)
    Episode 367:

    Digging Deep

    Digging underground and avoiding gas lines.

  • Marketplace - The Condo Crunch (Episode 366)
    Episode 366:

    The Condo Crunch

    The do's and dont's of purchasing a condominium.

  • Marketplace - Hyping Health? (Episode 365)
    Episode 365:

    Hyping Health?

    An investigation into marketing ploys on popular foods.

  • Marketplace - Buying a Belief (Episode 364)
    Episode 364:

    Buying a Belief

    The making of an infomercial for a bracelet.

  • Marketplace - Inside the Gene Machine (Episode 363)
    Episode 363:

    Inside the Gene Machine

    Genetic testing kits.

  • Marketplace - Dogs on Drugs (Episode 362)
    Episode 362:

    Dogs on Drugs

    Dogs that are on powerful drugs.

  • Marketplace - Mammoth Meals (Episode 361)
    Episode 361:

    Mammoth Meals

    The surprising secrets on restaurant menus.

  • Marketplace - Battery Park (Episode 358)
    Episode 358:

    Battery Park

    How the battery industry is handling hazardous dead cells.

  • Marketplace - Product of Canada (Episode 357)
    Episode 357:

    Product of Canada

    Where food labeled 'Product of Canada' really comes from.

  • Marketplace - Grey, Black and Blue (Episode 356)
    Episode 356:

    Grey, Black and Blue

    Hidden camera footage from nursing homes, reveals residents attacking other residents.

  • Marketplace - Lawn and Order (Episode 355)
    Episode 355:

    Lawn and Order

    Buying products at big-brand stores that may be illegal to use on your lawns.

  • Marketplace - Getting Gouged by Geeks (Episode 354)
    Episode 354:

    Getting Gouged by Geeks

    Computer repair guys are caught red-handed as they misdiagnose, overprice and violate the privacy of consumers.

  • Marketplace - Troubles Brewing (Episode 351)
    Episode 351:

    Troubles Brewing

  • Marketplace - Can You Hack It? (Episode 349)
    Episode 349:

    Can You Hack It?

    What Canadian retailers are doing to protect personal information from hackers.

  • Marketplace - The Gift That Stops Giving (Episode 343)
    Episode 343:

    The Gift That Stops Giving

    The world of gift cards.

  • Marketplace - Curbing Car Break-Ins (Episode 342)
    Episode 342:

    Curbing Car Break-Ins

    An investigation into why some cars are crime targets.

  • Marketplace - Cat and House (Episode 341)
    Episode 341:

    Cat and House

    Contractors show up at an undercover house to bid on a job.

  • Marketplace - Tamiflu (Episode 340)
    Episode 340:


  • Marketplace - Fakes and Frauds (Episode 339)
    Episode 339:

    Fakes and Frauds

    Counterfeit goods for sale in big name chain stores.

  • Marketplace - Dangerous Defects (Episode 338)
    Episode 338:

    Dangerous Defects

    An investigation into why governments can't do much to crackdown on companies selling dangerous goods.

  • Marketplace - Chasing the Cancer Answer (Episode 337)
    Episode 337:

    Chasing the Cancer Answer

    Journalist Wendy Mesley reveals disturbing clues about why more Canadians than ever are getting sick.

  • Marketplace - Money Makeover (Episode 336)
    Episode 336:

    Money Makeover

  • Marketplace - Flu's Gold (Episode 335)
    Episode 335:

    Flu's Gold

    An investigation into the illegal sale of the avian flu drug, Tamiflu.

  • Marketplace - Debt Nation (Episode 334)
    Episode 334:

    Debt Nation

    Families that are living on credit and paying massive amounts of interest.

  • Marketplace - Debt Nation (Episode 333)
    Episode 333:

    Debt Nation

    Families that are living on credit and paying massive amounts of interest.

  • Marketplace - Underdogs (Episode 332)
    Episode 332:


    A group of consumers who are trying to get their complaints addressed.

  • Marketplace - Supermarket Secrets (Episode 331)
    Episode 331:

    Supermarket Secrets

    A behind-the-scenes guide to grocery stores and supermarkets.

  • Marketplace - Betting the House (Episode 330)
    Episode 330:

    Betting the House

    What agents do not tell consumers when purchasing a home.

  • Marketplace - Scammed (Episode 329)
    Episode 329:


    How cyber crooks trick users into revealing personal information.

  • Marketplace - Credit (Episode 328)
    Episode 328:


    The fine print on credit card agreements.

  • Marketplace - How to Complain (Episode 327)
    Episode 327:

    How to Complain

  • Marketplace - Hall of Shame (Episode 326)
    Episode 326:

    Hall of Shame

  • Marketplace - Red Bull (Episode 325)
    Episode 325:

    Red Bull

  • Marketplace - Used Car Survival Guide (Episode 324)
    Episode 324:

    Used Car Survival Guide

    A guide to buying used cars.

  • Marketplace - Heart of the Matter (Episode 323)
    Episode 323:

    Heart of the Matter

  • Marketplace - A Marketplace Mystery (Episode 321)
    Episode 321:

    A Marketplace Mystery

    How toxic gases ended up in homes.

  • Marketplace - Cold Confusion (Episode 315)
    Episode 315:

    Cold Confusion

    Cold and flu medicines that can cause serious health problems for seniors.

  • Marketplace - Buying Into Sexy (Episode 313)
    Episode 313:

    Buying Into Sexy

    How marketers are selling a grown-up, sexy image to preteen girls.

  • Marketplace - Rebates (Episode 312)
    Episode 312:


    Companies that bet against consumers following through on their rebates.

  • Marketplace - The Naked Shopper (Episode 309)
    Episode 309:

    The Naked Shopper

    Companies that track consumer's spending habits.

  • Marketplace - Fat Grade! (Episode 308)
    Episode 308:

    Fat Grade!

    The debate over what to do about childhood obesity.

  • Marketplace - Sudden Death! (Episode 307)
    Episode 307:

    Sudden Death!

    Sudden cardiac arrest.

  • Marketplace - House on Fire! (Episode 306)
    Episode 306:

    House on Fire!

    Homeowners and fire insurance.

  • Marketplace - Break In! (Episode 305)
    Episode 305:

    Break In!

    Is your home as secure as you think?

  • Marketplace - Rhyme Pays: Hip Hop and the Marketing of Cool (Episode 304)
    Episode 304:

    Rhyme Pays: Hip Hop and the Marketing of Cool

    The relationship between hip hop and advertising, and how purchases being made may have been influenced by their popularity within the hip hop community.

  • Marketplace - Unsafe Cycling; Concert Tickets (Episode 303)
    Episode 303:

    Unsafe Cycling; Concert Tickets

    Bike paths; high concert ticket prices.

  • Marketplace - On Line Dating (Episode 302)
    Episode 302:

    On Line Dating

    Internet dating.

  • Marketplace - Rhyme Pays: Hip Hop and the Marketing of Cool (Episode 300)
    Episode 300:

    Rhyme Pays: Hip Hop and the Marketing of Cool

  • Marketplace - Ink Jet Cartridges; Baja (Episode 296)
    Episode 296:

    Ink Jet Cartridges; Baja

    The coast of ink jet cartridges; a group of Canadian bommers looking into purchasing a new-age retirement community.

  • Marketplace - Baby Formula (Episode 295)
    Episode 295:

    Baby Formula

    Ads that claim baby formula will help make babies smarter.

  • Marketplace - Telus Complaints (Episode 292)
    Episode 292:

    Telus Complaints

    A communications regulator lays down the law after complaints surge.

  • Marketplace - How Safe Is Your Cellphone? (Episode 290)
    Episode 290:

    How Safe Is Your Cellphone?

    An investigation into a study reportedly linking cancer and cell phones.

  • Marketplace - Beef (Episode 289)
    Episode 289:


  • Marketplace - Topamax (Episode 288)
    Episode 288:


  • Marketplace - Nightmare Movers (Episode 285)
    Episode 285:

    Nightmare Movers

  • Marketplace - Grand Theft Auto (Episode 284)
    Episode 284:

    Grand Theft Auto

    Car thieves are caught in the act as police use baited cars with cameras to document the crime.

  • Marketplace - Toxic Brew (Episode 279)
    Episode 279:

    Toxic Brew

    Household cleaners contain toxins; products unsafe for children.

  • Marketplace - Off-Lable Drugs (Episode 278)
    Episode 278:

    Off-Lable Drugs

    Misuse of prescription drugs.

  • Marketplace - Hockey School Face Off (Episode 276)
    Episode 276:

    Hockey School Face Off

    A Winnipeg hockey school never opens, disappointing some of the children hoping to attend.

  • Marketplace - Bad Movers (Episode 274)
    Episode 274:

    Bad Movers

    A Calgary company uses a third-party mover who steals the belongings.

  • Marketplace - Toxic Beauty (Episode 273)
    Episode 273:

    Toxic Beauty

    Possible health risks of beauty products.

  • Marketplace - Canning Lids (Episode 270)
    Episode 270:

    Canning Lids

    Prairie women confront a U.S. canning-lid manufacturer.

  • Marketplace - Apartment Discrimination; Electric Cars (Episode 269)
    Episode 269:

    Apartment Discrimination; Electric Cars

    New immigrants are asked to make illegal down-payments on apartments; electric cars.

  • Marketplace - Telemarketing (Episode 267)
    Episode 267:


    Toronto-based telemarketers target U.S. citizens.

  • Marketplace - Fear of Flying (Episode 266)
    Episode 266:

    Fear of Flying

    Remedies for fear of flying.

  • Marketplace - What's Your Beef? (Episode 265)
    Episode 265:

    What's Your Beef?

    Grain-fed beef cattle versus grass-fed cattle.

  • Marketplace - Junk Food Addiction (Episode 264)
    Episode 264:

    Junk Food Addiction

    Junk food; value of extended warranties.

  • Marketplace - High Tech Trash; Kids and the Internet (Episode 263)
    Episode 263:

    High Tech Trash; Kids and the Internet

    Old computers from Canada in China; photography contest; keeping children off porn sites.

  • Marketplace - Anniversary Special (Episode 252)
    Episode 252:

    Anniversary Special

    Impact of landmark episodes; government protection; emergence of the Internet.

  • Marketplace - Call Centre (Episode 242)
    Episode 242:

    Call Centre

    Canadian telemarketer.

  • Marketplace - Toys (Episode 241)
    Episode 241:


    Some toys sold in Canada are produced overseas under bad conditions.

  • Marketplace - Booster Seats (Episode 240)
    Episode 240:

    Booster Seats

    Protecting children who are too big for car seats.

  • Marketplace - Insulin (Episode 239)
    Episode 239:


    Many diabetics prefer the hard-to-find animal-based insulin.

  • Marketplace - Good Wood (Episode 238)
    Episode 238:

    Good Wood

    Lumber certification.

  • Marketplace - Accutane (Episode 237)
    Episode 237:


    A popular acne drug can have serious side effects.

  • Marketplace - Nursing Homes (Episode 236)
    Episode 236:

    Nursing Homes

    Private companies assume care of the elderly.

  • Marketplace - Lead in the Water (Episode 235)
    Episode 235:

    Lead in the Water

    Government testing for lead in drinking water.

  • Marketplace - Relenza (Episode 234)
    Episode 234:


    An American scientist fights to keep a new flu drug off the market.

  • Marketplace - Firestone Tires (Episode 233)
    Episode 233:

    Firestone Tires

    Recall of defective tires.

  • Marketplace - Organics (Episode 232)
    Episode 232:


    Organic food.

  • Marketplace - Celebrex (Episode 231)
    Episode 231:


    Arthritis painkiller.

  • Marketplace - Dangerous Tires (Episode 228)
    Episode 228:

    Dangerous Tires

    Bridgestone-Firestone tire recall.

  • Marketplace - Fire Safety; Teeth Whitening (Episode 227)
    Episode 227:

    Fire Safety; Teeth Whitening

  • Marketplace - Check Out Scanners; Child Car Seats (Episode 225)
    Episode 225:

    Check Out Scanners; Child Car Seats

  • Marketplace - Finding a Retirement Home; Buying a Used Car (Episode 224)
    Episode 224:

    Finding a Retirement Home; Buying a Used Car

  • Marketplace - Extinguishers; Chrysler's Paint Woes (Episode 223)
    Episode 223:

    Extinguishers; Chrysler's Paint Woes

  • Marketplace - Coffee With a Conscience (Episode 216)
    Episode 216:

    Coffee With a Conscience

    Coffee growing; quitting smoking.

  • Marketplace - Identity Theft (Episode 215)
    Episode 215:

    Identity Theft

    Thieves gather personal information about people in order to steal from their bank accounts and credit cards.

  • Marketplace - Vanishing Insurance Premiums (Episode 210)
    Episode 210:

    Vanishing Insurance Premiums

    Insurance companies that are misleading people about premiums.

  • Marketplace - Plastic Pipes: A Costly Problem; The Faltering Crackdown on Phone Fraud (Episode 207)
    Episode 207:

    Plastic Pipes: A Costly Problem; The Faltering Crackdown on Phone Fraud

    Defective plumbing pipes; telephone fraud.

  • Marketplace - Charity Problems; Tipping (Episode 206)
    Episode 206:

    Charity Problems; Tipping

    Donations; gratuities.

  • Marketplace - Laundry Disks (Episode 200)
    Episode 200:

    Laundry Disks

    Water-filled plastic disks eliminate laundry detergent.

  • Marketplace - Saline Implants (Episode 199)
    Episode 199:

    Saline Implants

    Saline breast-implants.

  • Marketplace - Buying a Computer (Episode 198)
    Episode 198:

    Buying a Computer

    Purchasing computers.

  • Marketplace - True Brew (Episode 196)
    Episode 196:

    True Brew


  • Marketplace - Bank Services (Episode 194)
    Episode 194:

    Bank Services

    Automated banks.

  • Marketplace - Drug Prices (Episode 192)
    Episode 192:

    Drug Prices

    Expensive drugs.

  • Marketplace - Russian Brides (Episode 190)
    Episode 190:

    Russian Brides

    Russian mail-order brides.

  • Marketplace - Olestra Non-Fat Oil (Episode 189)
    Episode 189:

    Olestra Non-Fat Oil


  • Marketplace - Carnival Scams (Episode 188)
    Episode 188:

    Carnival Scams

    Carnival-game scams.

  • Marketplace - Airline Defibrillators (Episode 186)
    Episode 186:

    Airline Defibrillators

    Medical emergencies on airplanes.

  • Marketplace - Hysterectomy (Episode 179)
    Episode 179:



  • Marketplace - Phony Cigars (Episode 172)
    Episode 172:

    Phony Cigars

    Fake cigars.

  • Marketplace - Canadian Travellers and Tropical Diseases (Episode 168)
    Episode 168:

    Canadian Travellers and Tropical Diseases

    Health precautions to take when traveling.

  • Marketplace - Glucosamines (Episode 167)
    Episode 167:


    Glusocamines as a cure for arthritis.

  • Marketplace - Bogus Mail-Order Brides on the Internet (Episode 166)
    Episode 166:

    Bogus Mail-Order Brides on the Internet

    Internet mail-order brides.

  • Marketplace - Halogen Lamps (Episode 164)
    Episode 164:

    Halogen Lamps

    Dangers of halogen lamps.

  • Marketplace - Car Breathalyzers (Episode 159)
    Episode 159:

    Car Breathalyzers

    Breathalyzers connected to the ignition of vehicles prevent drunken driving.

  • Marketplace - Garage Sales (Episode 158)
    Episode 158:

    Garage Sales

    Dangerous items wind up in garage sales.

  • Marketplace - Seldane and Hismanol (Episode 144)
    Episode 144:

    Seldane and Hismanol

    The dangers of prescription antihistamines.

  • Marketplace - Heat Tape (Episode 143)
    Episode 143:

    Heat Tape

    Dangers of using tape to prevent exposed water pipes from freezing.

  • Marketplace - Linseed Oil (Episode 142)
    Episode 142:

    Linseed Oil

    Fires caused by rags soaked in linseed oil.

  • Marketplace - Weight-Loss Drugs (Episode 137)
    Episode 137:

    Weight-Loss Drugs

    The risks of taking drugs to lose weight.

  • Marketplace - Pilot Fatigue (Episode 134)
    Episode 134:

    Pilot Fatigue

    How pilot fatigue plays a role in plane crashes.

  • Marketplace - Loan Brokers (Episode 131)
    Episode 131:

    Loan Brokers

    Shady loan brokers; Breathalyzers.

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