Lunar Jim

Lunar Jim

2006 - 2008, Animation, Kids
Jim and his team explore space.
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Episode Guide

  • Lunar Jim - Jim Gets Mucky (Season 1 Episode 1)
    Season 1 Episode 1:

    Jim Gets Mucky

  • Lunar Jim - Mind and Musle (Episode 10a)
    Episode 10a:

    Mind and Musle

  • Lunar Jim - Rover's Big Dig (Episode 12a)
    Episode 12a:

    Rover's Big Dig

  • Lunar Jim - Cosmic Kite (Episode 14a)
    Episode 14a:

    Cosmic Kite

  • Lunar Jim - Lost and Found Friends (Episode 15a)
    Episode 15a:

    Lost and Found Friends

  • Lunar Jim - Ripple's Moon Blast Off Board (Episode 16a)
    Episode 16a:

    Ripple's Moon Blast Off Board

  • Lunar Jim - The Falling Star (Episode 17a)
    Episode 17a:

    The Falling Star

  • Lunar Jim - Scooperbot Hide n' Seek (Episode 18a)
    Episode 18a:

    Scooperbot Hide n' Seek

  • Lunar Jim - Moon Mischief (Episode 19a)
    Episode 19a:

    Moon Mischief

  • Lunar Jim - Meteor Mystery (Episode 1a)
    Episode 1a:

    Meteor Mystery

  • Lunar Jim - I'm Like a Bird (Episode 20a)
    Episode 20a:

    I'm Like a Bird

  • Lunar Jim - The Topsy-Turvy Zone (Episode 21a)
    Episode 21a:

    The Topsy-Turvy Zone

    The team rescues a battered and broken Colby the robot.

  • Lunar Jim - Lunar Litter Bugs (Episode 22a)
    Episode 22a:

    Lunar Litter Bugs

  • Lunar Jim - Incredible Shrinking Ted (Episode 23a)
    Episode 23a:

    Incredible Shrinking Ted

  • Lunar Jim - Ted and the Beanstalk (Episode 24a)
    Episode 24a:

    Ted and the Beanstalk

  • Lunar Jim - Lunar Attraction (Episode 25a)
    Episode 25a:

    Lunar Attraction

  • Lunar Jim - Cowbot Ted (Episode 26a)
    Episode 26a:

    Cowbot Ted

  • Lunar Jim - Pest Problem (Episode 2a)
    Episode 2a:

    Pest Problem

  • Lunar Jim - The Moon Thief (Episode 3a)
    Episode 3a:

    The Moon Thief

  • Lunar Jim - Up Up and Away (Episode 4a)
    Episode 4a:

    Up Up and Away

  • Lunar Jim - Wrong Way Ted (Episode 5a)
    Episode 5a:

    Wrong Way Ted

  • Lunar Jim - Recipe Rover (Episode 7a)
    Episode 7a:

    Recipe Rover

  • Lunar Jim - Real Slick Ted (Episode 8a)
    Episode 8a:

    Real Slick Ted

  • Lunar Jim - Puddle Predicament (Episode 9a)
    Episode 9a:

    Puddle Predicament

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