Line of Fire

Line of Fire

2000 - 2006, History, Other
A birds-eye view of what it would be like to face the enemy in some of history's most famous battles.

Episode Guide

  • Line of Fire - The Retreat From Mons 1914 (Episode 47)
    Episode 47:

    The Retreat From Mons 1914

    The first major clash of arms during World War I.

  • Line of Fire - Normandy 1944 (Episode 44)
    Episode 44:

    Normandy 1944

    The D-Day landings from the Allied ships; the position of the German army in its defense of the beaches of Normandy.

  • Line of Fire - The Revenge of Cortez (Episode 42)
    Episode 42:

    The Revenge of Cortez

    The Aztecs defeat the Spanish in the Battle of Tenochtitlan.

  • Line of Fire - Genghis Khan (Episode 41)
    Episode 41:

    Genghis Khan

    Genghis Khan succeeds his father at age 13 overcomes hostile tribes to become a remarkable ruler.

  • Line of Fire - Viking: The Norse Raiders (Episode 40)
    Episode 40:

    Viking: The Norse Raiders

    Norsemen plunder for land and gold as they make settlements in Britain.

  • Line of Fire - The Roman Conquests of Britain (Episode 39)
    Episode 39:

    The Roman Conquests of Britain

    Inhabitants of the British Isles mount a ferocious campaign against Rome's all-powerful Legions.

  • Line of Fire - Caesar: Conqueror of Gaul (Episode 38)
    Episode 38:

    Caesar: Conqueror of Gaul

    Caesar leads a series of campaigns against the Celtic tribes of Gaul between 58 and 51 B.C..

  • Line of Fire - Hannibal's Great Triumph (Episode 37)
    Episode 37:

    Hannibal's Great Triumph

  • Line of Fire - The Conquests of Alexander (Episode 36)
    Episode 36:

    The Conquests of Alexander

    The Macedonian king's battles at Grancius, Issus and Gaugemala earned him a fearsome reputation.

  • Line of Fire - Disaster for Athens (Episode 35)
    Episode 35:

    Disaster for Athens

  • Line of Fire - The Spartan Wars (Episode 34)
    Episode 34:

    The Spartan Wars

  • Line of Fire - Ramses, Warrior Pharaoh (Episode 33)
    Episode 33:

    Ramses, Warrior Pharaoh

    The Egyptian king's struggle for control culminates in a bloody battle with the Hitites at Qadesh in 1296 B.C..

  • Line of Fire - Port Stanley 1982 (Episode 32)
    Episode 32:

    Port Stanley 1982

    After the sinking of the Atlantic Conveyor, British troops in the Falklands were without valuable equipment, but their assault on the capital went ahead.

  • Line of Fire - Gallipoli (Episode 31)
    Episode 31:


  • Line of Fire - Battle for Port Stanley (Episode 30)
    Episode 30:

    Battle for Port Stanley

    British troops in the Falklands are left without valuable equipment after the sinking of the Atlantic Conveyor.

  • Line of Fire - Goose Green (Episode 29)
    Episode 29:

    Goose Green

    The fight at Goose Green is the most famous battle of the Falklands War.

  • Line of Fire - The Six-Day War (Episode 28)
    Episode 28:

    The Six-Day War

    1967 saw inter-Arab tensions reach crisis point; clashes on the Egyptian-Syrian border escalated into full-scale war until Israel pulled off a stunning victory.

  • Line of Fire - The Gulf War (Episode 27)
    Episode 27:

    The Gulf War

    A hi-tech battle ensues when Saddam Hussein attacks Kuwait in 1990.

  • Line of Fire - Mons 1914 (Episode 26)
    Episode 26:

    Mons 1914

    The first major clash of arms during World War I.

  • Line of Fire - Cambrai 1917 (Episode 25)
    Episode 25:

    Cambrai 1917

    The final allied attack on the western front in 1917 marked the first time a large number of tanks were used in battle.

  • Line of Fire - Naseby 1645 (Episode 24)
    Episode 24:

    Naseby 1645

  • Line of Fire - Edgehill 1642 (Episode 23)
    Episode 23:

    Edgehill 1642

  • Line of Fire - Monte Cassino 1944 (Episode 22)
    Episode 22:

    Monte Cassino 1944

    For six months in 1944, Allied forces battle German forces for control of a Benedictine monastery at Monte Cassino.

  • Line of Fire - The Battle of El Alamein (Episode 21)
    Episode 21:

    The Battle of El Alamein

    The British victory at El Alamein eliminates the German threat to the Suez Canal and the Middle East.

  • Line of Fire - Borodino: 1812 (Episode 20)
    Episode 20:

    Borodino: 1812

    Russian troops stop Napoleon's march on Moscow in 1812.

  • Line of Fire - Trafalgar: 1805 (Episode 19)
    Episode 19:

    Trafalgar: 1805

    Admiral Lord Nelson defeats a combined fleet of French and Spanish ships.

  • Line of Fire - Austerlitz: 1805 (Episode 18)
    Episode 18:

    Austerlitz: 1805

    Napoleon's military genius is displayed at the battle of Austerlitz.

  • Line of Fire - Gettysburg 1863 (Episode 17)
    Episode 17:

    Gettysburg 1863

    Over 50,000 men died during the three-day bloodbath at Gettysburg, the turning point of the American Civil War.

  • Line of Fire - The Third Crusade 1189-1192 (Episode 16)
    Episode 16:

    The Third Crusade 1189-1192

    Crusaders fail to reclaim Jerusalem from the sultan of Egypt and Syria due to Franco-British tensions.

  • Line of Fire - The Somme: 1916 (Episode 15)
    Episode 15:

    The Somme: 1916

    The British try to end the war but their offensive will go down in history for all the wrong reasons. What happened that day retains its power to shock.

  • Line of Fire - Battle for Berlin - 1945 (Episode 14)
    Episode 14:

    Battle for Berlin - 1945

    The final battle for Berlin in 1945 from the viewpoints of both the Red Army and desperate German defense forces.

  • Line of Fire - The Battle of the Bulge: 1944 (Episode 13)
    Episode 13:

    The Battle of the Bulge: 1944

    Hitler's ambitious plan to split US and British forces en route to Antwerp.

  • Line of Fire - Stalingrad: 1942 (Episode 11)
    Episode 11:

    Stalingrad: 1942

    In 1942, German forces try to capture the Russian city of Stalingrad.

  • Line of Fire - The Kaiser's Battle 1918 (Episode 10)
    Episode 10:

    The Kaiser's Battle 1918

    German success is prevented by bad luck, the defense of the Allied armies, and exhaustion of German troops.

  • Line of Fire - Culloden: 1746 (Episode 9)
    Episode 9:

    Culloden: 1746

    Bonnie Prince Charles' troops make a final charge at Culloden in 1746.

  • Line of Fire - Hastings 1066 (Episode 8)
    Episode 8:

    Hastings 1066

    England was a country in tatters following William's conquest and Harold's arrow in the eye. The Battle of Hastings was a savage event which changed the Anglo Saxon way of life forever.

  • Line of Fire - Agincourt 1415 (Episode 7)
    Episode 7:

    Agincourt 1415

    Henry V's English victory over the French, made famous by Shakespeare.

  • Line of Fire - Arnhem: 1944 (Episode 6)
    Episode 6:

    Arnhem: 1944

    At Arnhem, Operation Market Garden marks Montgomery's only major defeat in battle.

  • Line of Fire - Bannockburn (Episode 5)
    Episode 5:


    Scottish forces defeat superior English forces due to the tactical trickery of Robert the Bruce.

  • Line of Fire - Balaclava: 1854 (Episode 4)
    Episode 4:

    Balaclava: 1854

    A Russian commander tries to lift the siege of Sebastopol by an attack of 25,000 troops at Balaclava.

  • Line of Fire - Rourke's Drift: 1879 (Episode 3)
    Episode 3:

    Rourke's Drift: 1879

    Zulu forces attack the British mission station at Rourke's Drift.

  • Line of Fire - Marston Moor - 1644 (Episode 2)
    Episode 2:

    Marston Moor - 1644

    Charles I's error at Marston Moor results in a defeat.

  • Line of Fire - Waterloo: 1815 (Episode 1)
    Episode 1:

    Waterloo: 1815

    Wellington's positioning of his men out of the line of fire broke with centuries of military tradition during the bloody battle at Waterloo.