1996, Animation
Siblings find adventure in a board game's magical world.

Episode Guide

  • Jumanji - Jumanji (Season 1 Episode 1)
    Season 1 Episode 1:


    Siblings find adventure in a board game's magical world.

  • Jumanji - Return of Squint

    Return of Squint

    Judy, Peter and Alan get caught sneaking around Ibsen's lab and narrowly escape by way of Ibsen's submarine. In the meantime, Peter has turned into a salamander after having been slimed.

  • Jumanji - Ransom of Redhead

    Ransom of Redhead

    Van Pelt captures Aunt Nora after she gets sucked into Jumanji, and the chimps show up to torment her for a while. It's up to Judy, Peter and Alan to save her.

  • Jumanji - The Red and the Black

    The Red and the Black

    Peter is carried off by giant red ants, while Judy and Alan meet the red ants' sworn enemies -- a colony of black ants.

  • Jumanji - The Price

    The Price

    Judy and Peter get sucked into a fantastical jungle world and meet Alan Parrish.

  • Jumanji - Perfect Match

    Perfect Match

    Aunt Nora is in Jumanji again, and this time Peter and Judy realize they've got to play matchmaker. Will pairing Aunt Nora with Alan will save him from the game?

  • Jumanji - Oh, Grow Up!

    Oh, Grow Up!

    Tired of feeling left out because he is short, Peter secretly barters with Trader Slick for a potion that will make him grow. But Peter takes more than enough of the serum and doesn't stop growing.

  • Jumanji - An Old Story

    An Old Story

    After returning from Jumanji, Peter and Judy find themselves growing older. At first, they think it's cool to be teenagers. But when they continue to grow old, they go back into Jumanji to figure out how to reverse the problem.

  • Jumanji - The Palace of Clues

    The Palace of Clues

    After Trader Slick tricks Alan into becoming his slave forever, an opportunity to erase the transaction appears.

  • Jumanji - The Plague

    The Plague

    Sick and refusing to stay in bed, Peter rolls into the game with Judy anyway.

  • Jumanji - Truth of Consequently

    Truth of Consequently

    Peter brings a "harmless" animal back from Jumanji, but the beast grows and multiplies whenever Peter tells a lie.

  • Jumanji - Nothing to Fear

    Nothing to Fear

    Prof. Ibsen unveils his latest invention, the Triangle of Terror, which is an object that brings your worst fears to life. Alan, Judy and Peter are already experiencing the Triangle's effects, unbeknownst to them.

  • Jumanji - Ultimate Weapon

    Ultimate Weapon

    Trader Slick has gathered the villains of Jumanji to bid on the Transvector of Jumanji, which grants its owner control of all the land.

  • Jumanji - Who Am I?

    Who Am I?

    Professor Ibsen has created the Trijuminate Prism, which turns dark into light and day into night -- and Peter into Judy, and Judy into Peter.

  • Jumanji - Young Alan

    Young Alan

    Judy and Peter are captured by Ibsen, who has a plot to restore his human form.

  • Jumanji - The Trail

    The Trail

    After being captured by monkeys, Alan is charged with stealing a treasure.

  • Jumanji - The Three Peters

    The Three Peters

    After Peter gets mad at the game and throws it against the wall, Alan and Judy find that his personality has split into three separate and distinct characteristics.

  • Jumanji - Robo-Peter


    Peter rolls into Jumanji by himself to find Alan claiming that Ibsen has turned over a new leaf. To keep Peter in Jumanji, Ibsen sends a robot version of him back to Brantford, which pleases Aunt Nora but worries Judy.

  • Jumanji - The Sorceress of Jumanji

    The Sorceress of Jumanji

    When Old Miss Desmona, the meanest lady in Brantford, buys the game at a garage sale, Judy and Peter try to get the game back.

  • Jumanji - Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather

    When Alan is killed in a sudden storm, Judy and Peter keep reliving the turn until they can figure out how to save him.

  • Jumanji - The Riddle of Alan

    The Riddle of Alan

    Peter and Judy find Alan dressed in a bizarre costume and suffering from amnesia.

  • Jumanji - The Magic Chest

    The Magic Chest

    When Peter wants a new water gun, he and Judy roll into the game, where they find gold coins coveted by the greedy Sand King.

  • Jumanji - El Pollo Jumanji

    El Pollo Jumanji

    Peter takes the game to school to show off for a cute girl he likes. Jumanji pulls the girl and the school bully into the game and proceeds to make it easy for the bully to appear dashing and brave.

  • Jumanji - The Eye of the Sea

    The Eye of the Sea

    Peter, Judy and Alan team up with a sailor who says he knows the way out of Jumanji.

  • Jumanji - The Gift

    The Gift

    After Alan is poisoned Judy and Peter do battle with Ibsen, Van Pelt, Trader Slick and the Stalker to save him.

  • Jumanji - The Doll

    The Doll

    Peter brings back a voodoo doll enabling him to control whomever he chooses. But when the doll's ruby eye is lost he can't reverse the curse he's put on Judy.

  • Jumanji - Brantford, the Game

    Brantford, the Game

    After she's teased at school for not being able to solve a math problem, Judy joins Peter and Alan in Jumanji, where clues lead them to a dusty old box containing Brantford, the Game.

  • Jumanji - Air Judy

    Air Judy

    When the airplane of female aviator Dottie McGreal crashes into the game, Peter and Judy convince her to take them to the sky village of the Jumakis, home to a tribe of winged creatures who live in fear of a sky spirit.

  • Jumanji - Armageddon


    Judy and Peter arrive to find even stranger things happening in Jumanji. An elephant rescues them instead of charging at them; Trader Slick confesses to selling worthless junk; Van Pelt despises hunting; and Ibsen and Alan have become chess buddies.

  • Jumanji - Bargaining for Time

    Bargaining for Time

    Judy tries to outslick Slick by trading him her broken wristwatch in order to get out of the game. But when they return to Brantford, they find out that time itself has stopped.

  • Jumanji - Goodbye Jumanji

    Goodbye Jumanji

    A ferocious Jumanji lion chases Alan, Judy and Peter into a cave, where they stumble across the Crystal of Reflection. Legend has it that all that has ever occurred in Jumanji is stored in the crystal, like a cosmic video album.

  • Jumanji - The Intruder

    The Intruder

    When a criminal corners Judy and Peter in their attic, the siblings roll the dice and escape to Jumanji.

  • Jumanji - The Master of the Game

    The Master of the Game

    Peter and Judy find themselves in a desert facing Ibsen's latest mechanical creation.

  • Jumanji - Mud Boy

    Mud Boy

    When he and Judy find themselves in a bayou where Alan is battling some enormous leeches, Peter is shocked to find that his drawing of a boy in bubbling mud comes to life.

  • Jumanji - Night of the Hunters

    Night of the Hunters

    When Van Pelt uses Peter and Judy as bait to get at Alan, Van Pelt's rival, Von Richter, suggests a contest -- one in which Alan will be released into a special compound to determine who is the greater hunter.

  • Jumanji - Master Builder

    Master Builder

    Peter brings a computer into Jumanji to help them figure out how to get Alan out of the game. Unfortunately the machine falls into the hands of Prof. Ibsen, giving him god-like control over all of Jumanji.

  • Jumanji - Masked Identity

    Masked Identity

    Peter joins the fearsome Manji tribe and is slowly transformed into a mask-warrior, while Alan nearly escapes out the secret back door of Jumanji.

  • Jumanji - The Law of Jumanji

    The Law of Jumanji

    Alan decides to turn the tables on Van Pelt but the game transforms Peter into a miniature Van Pelt to replace the original.

  • Jumanji - Love on the Rocks

    Love on the Rocks

    When Judy is heartbroken over a cute guy at school, Jumanji creates a dashingly suave romantic interest for her. Peter, meanwhile, is transformed into a stone statue.

  • Jumanji - Love Potion

    Love Potion

    In order to win her boyfriend back, Judy procures a magic love potion from Trader Slick and brings it with her to Brantford. The potion not only works on Wade, her boyfriend, but on every boy in school.

  • Jumanji - No Dice

    No Dice

    Alan swipes the dice so that Peter and Judy won't be able to play Jumanji anymore, thus sparing them the life-threatening danger of playing the game.