Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer

1992 - 2017, Chat
Confrontations develop over personal conflicts.

Episode Guide

  • Jerry Springer - Jerry Springer (Season 26 Episode 120)
    Season 26 Episode 120:

    Jerry Springer

    Amy suspects that her boyfriend is cheating with the other member of their threesome; Karlee finally gets her chance to be on the show; Keiron hooks up with two fast-food workers.

  • Jerry Springer - Jerry Springer (Season 26 Episode 119)
    Season 26 Episode 119:

    Jerry Springer

    Caleb wants out of his relationship; Bina is tired of her sister's ignoring and badmouthing her, so she gets revenge; lesbian Aaliyah wants to sleep with a man.

  • Jerry Springer - Jerry Springer (Season 26 Episode 118)
    Season 26 Episode 118:

    Jerry Springer

    Bored Ty wants a divorce; Summer gives her tattoo-artist man a clean slate; Mo'Nae decides to exact revenge by cheating with her partner's brother.

  • Jerry Springer - Jerry Springer (Season 26 Episode 117)
    Season 26 Episode 117:

    Jerry Springer

    Day accidentally got pregnant by her fiancee's brother; Carter's transgender one-night stand won't leave him alone; Kaylee hooked up with another woman's man.

  • Jerry Springer - Jerry Springer (Season 26 Episode 116)
    Season 26 Episode 116:

    Jerry Springer

    After Kevarsha's fiancee broke up their engagement, she dealt with the pain by hooking up with her stepbrother; going through her boyfriend's social media, Maria found video of him behaving inappropriately with her friend.

  • Jerry Springer - Springer Goes Stripper Crazy (Season 26 Episode 115)
    Season 26 Episode 115:

    Springer Goes Stripper Crazy

    Ray says a night of stripping has him wanting to repeal his proposal to his girlfriend; one of Julia's colleagues broke the stripper code; Chinky, the 2017 Gold Rush champion, performs.

  • Jerry Springer - I Have a Gay Fetish (Season 26 Episode 114)
    Season 26 Episode 114:

    I Have a Gay Fetish

    Chase learns the hard way that not all surprises are good ones; Deldrick wants to come clean about his double life; Chyanne just found out that her boyfriend is cheating with her so-called friend.

  • Jerry Springer - The Pot Made Me Do It (Season 26 Episode 113)
    Season 26 Episode 113:

    The Pot Made Me Do It

    Jada wants to know why she's seeing green; the guy with whom Sarah cheated may not leave her alone.

  • Jerry Springer - Ratchet Relatives (Season 26 Episode 112)
    Season 26 Episode 112:

    Ratchet Relatives

    Matthew admits to having a very brief lapse in judgment; Alex refuses to lose his girlfriend to another man without a fight; Cameron admits he cheated on his fiancee, but he blames her.

  • Jerry Springer - One Night Stand With a ... (Season 26 Episode 111)
    Season 26 Episode 111:

    One Night Stand With a ...

    Darnell is obsessed with professional "Twerker" Torian, but the feeling is not mutual; Quay comes up with a plan to sabotage her transgender brother's marriage; Jasmine wants a virtual romance with Logan, but she is unaware of his true situation.

  • Jerry Springer - Click Bait & Switch (Season 26 Episode 110)
    Season 26 Episode 110:

    Click Bait & Switch

    Jay Davy got more than he could ever bargain for; Shay's boyfriend is smitten with a woman he met online but may not feel the same when he finds out her secret; Stanley has a transgender stalker.

  • Jerry Springer - Two Steppin' Two Timers (Season 26 Episode 109)
    Season 26 Episode 109:

    Two Steppin' Two Timers

    Andrew and Becca thought having an open marriage would strengthen things between them, but it has done the opposite; Whitney feels like she has been duped by her new boyfriend; Matthew wants to come clean about an affair he had with a stripper.

  • Jerry Springer - Pity Proposal (Season 26 Episode 108)
    Season 26 Episode 108:

    Pity Proposal

    Tinnie wants to confess a secret to her sister; Bebo's baby's mother admits she slept with his best friend.

  • Jerry Springer - No Love, Just Sex (Season 26 Episode 107)
    Season 26 Episode 107:

    No Love, Just Sex

    Shauna is ready to fight for her girlfriend; Carl says a secret he has is going to damage his marriage irrevocably; Jay wants to end his relationship so he can live the life of a player.

  • Jerry Springer - Open Marriage Regrets (Season 26 Episode 106)
    Season 26 Episode 106:

    Open Marriage Regrets

    Cold feet have landed Manye in a heap of trouble with his girlfriend, Teetee; Austin crashed his brother's wedding and stole the bride; transgender Chad is ready to propose, but he may not be ready to settle down.

  • Jerry Springer - Emojis Exposed (Season 26 Episode 105)
    Season 26 Episode 105:

    Emojis Exposed

    Sara is not about to let her man go back to his child's mother; lewd pictures cause Eric to change his mind about wanting to marry his girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Trampy Grandma (Season 26 Episode 104)
    Season 26 Episode 104:

    Trampy Grandma

    Zak wants to confess to his baby's mother about sleeping with their child's godmother; Alicia has no idea why she has been invited onto the show; Tiffany knows her man is up to no good.

  • Jerry Springer - Husband-Stealing Lesbian (Season 26 Episode 103)
    Season 26 Episode 103:

    Husband-Stealing Lesbian

    Justin's sister found out about his affair and wants to inform his wife; another woman wants to share Cabbage's man; Karen confronts a back-stabbing "friend."

  • Jerry Springer - Super Mouth-Off (Season 26 Episode 102)
    Season 26 Episode 102:

    Super Mouth-Off

    Kienna's boyfriend wanted to experience an aspiring porn star for himself; Kendall's friend wants her to call off her wedding; Joseph admits to making some mistakes in his relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - Slapped Straight (Season 26 Episode 101)
    Season 26 Episode 101:

    Slapped Straight

    Leonard drops a bomb on his fiancee; Leek has a birthday surprise for his secret crush; Destiny's boyfriend cheated on her with a mutual friend.

  • Jerry Springer - Springtime Slip-Ups (Season 26 Episode 100)
    Season 26 Episode 100:

    Springtime Slip-Ups

    Jayda finds an explicit video of her friend on her boyfriend's phone; Hector wants to propose to his girlfriend, but must come clean about something he did; Brittany learns that her high school sweetheart cheated on her with their mutual friend.

  • Jerry Springer - Your Dude's Gay (Season 26 Episode 99)
    Season 26 Episode 99:

    Your Dude's Gay

    Travis tries to win back the love of his life, who hooked up with his good friend; Aaron's college girlfriend learns he hooked up with a young woman at a party.

  • Jerry Springer - BDs in the Hot Seat (Season 26 Episode 98)
    Season 26 Episode 98:

    BDs in the Hot Seat

    Dancer Kesha's client wants to take things up a notch; Dawson learns he is the father of a baby; Nene gives her boyfriend an unusual lie-detector test.

  • Jerry Springer - You Hit On My Mom! (Season 26 Episode 97)
    Season 26 Episode 97:

    You Hit On My Mom!

    Lakeesha confronts her boyfriend's side piece; Elizabeth wants to know if her husband slept with her friend; Kaylan wants two sexy women to go a few rounds to decide which deserves her affection.

  • Jerry Springer - Angry Wives vs. Hot Mistresses (Season 26 Episode 96)
    Season 26 Episode 96:

    Angry Wives vs. Hot Mistresses

    Ed regrets cheating on his fiancee, but blames her for it; Chris says he is tired of his wife berating him in front of the children, but he admits to infidelity.

  • Jerry Springer - Let Me Have My Hos (Season 26 Episode 95)
    Season 26 Episode 95:

    Let Me Have My Hos

    Keondra suspects that J.R. is cheating on her with Krissie; Kayla wants to marry Brad, but he's having second thoughts; Nicki loves Draco, but he feels like it's time to pursue another woman.

  • Jerry Springer - Turned Up & Transgender (Season 26 Episode 94)
    Season 26 Episode 94:

    Turned Up & Transgender

    Lynette admits to sleeping with her best friend Mecca's boyfriend; Corey wants to dump Aleesa so that he can be with a stripper; Finn is faced with having to make a decision.

  • Jerry Springer - Trolling for True Love (Season 26 Episode 93)
    Season 26 Episode 93:

    Trolling for True Love

    Tori feels suffocated by her son's father; Dedric wants to meet his stripper crush, who happens to be married; Ashley learns that her girlfriend is transitioning to a man.

  • Jerry Springer - Pregnant and Pissed! (Season 26 Episode 92)
    Season 26 Episode 92:

    Pregnant and Pissed!

    Ajia says it's time for Hailey to learn a lesson she won't ever forget; another woman wants to steal Tibbi's man; Calvin wants his best friend to dump his girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Battle of the Nerds (Season 26 Episode 91)
    Season 26 Episode 91:

    Battle of the Nerds

    Santana has not been attentive to Briana's needs; Jonathan wants to get to the bottom of his girlfriend's friendship with a guy; Brittney wants to turn her friendship with Sammy's boyfriend into something more romantic.

  • Jerry Springer - Jerry Springer (Season 26 Episode 91)
    Season 26 Episode 91:

    Jerry Springer

  • Jerry Springer - Big Girls & Big Melons (Season 26 Episode 90)
    Season 26 Episode 90:

    Big Girls & Big Melons

    Hookup Tete wants to be promoted to Marcus' main woman, moving his baby-mama out of the picture; Evan wants his girlfriend to move out and move on; women wrestle in watermelon juice to be chosen to be in a salacious photo shoot with a stripper.

  • Jerry Springer - Cloudy With a Chance of Strippers (Season 26 Episode 89)
    Season 26 Episode 89:

    Cloudy With a Chance of Strippers

    Kaylea wants to put stripper Storm da Conquer in her place; Jayvon's girlfriend fears he has met someone else; recently divorced Kristofer is ready to pop the question to a transgender woman.

  • Jerry Springer - Thirsty Throwdowns (Season 26 Episode 88)
    Season 26 Episode 88:

    Thirsty Throwdowns

    Ziggy says her cousin tried to seduce her boyfriend with macaroni and cheese; in order to get back her man, Kayli must get rid of two of her friends; Levi admits to hooking up with his female friend's boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Bisexual Twerkaholic Strippers (Season 26 Episode 87)
    Season 26 Episode 87:

    Bisexual Twerkaholic Strippers

    Danielle calls on the audience to help her decide between two women; Tasheena found out that her girlfriend was seen cavorting with another woman; Tamara wants to know if the rumors about her boyfriend are true.

  • Jerry Springer - Torn Between Two Genders (Season 26 Episode 86)
    Season 26 Episode 86:

    Torn Between Two Genders

    Aiden tells his girlfriend he was born female; Ashley wants her so-called friend to stop coming on to her husband; Sean hooked up with his roommate's boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - A Little Side Chick Action (Season 26 Episode 85)
    Season 26 Episode 85:

    A Little Side Chick Action

    Diniro's addiction to strippers may ruin things with his girlfriend; Ryan's estranged wife has moved a boyfriend in; Sean's night out with the boys led to a slew of bad decisions.

  • Jerry Springer - Face Fightin' Time (Season 26 Episode 84)
    Season 26 Episode 84:

    Face Fightin' Time

    Aliyah says that after uprooting herself to be with her online boyfriend, things went downhill fast; Taylor thinks her husband is sleeping with her sister; some memes Hannah discovered on her boyfriend's phone may end their relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - Sex With Your Twin Sister (Season 26 Episode 83)
    Season 26 Episode 83:

    Sex With Your Twin Sister

    Avian hooked up with his girlfriend Santasia's twin, Santusia; Tee knows Dee has cheated on her, but she is going to learn some new information; Jason took things too far with a stripper.

  • Jerry Springer - Strippers Milkin' It (Season 26 Episode 82)
    Season 26 Episode 82:

    Strippers Milkin' It

    Jamie is unaware that her boyfriend's relationships have 90-day expiration dates; Tara's baby daddy has been keeping a secret from her; Mitch is irate over his girlfriend's ex's squealing on him; a pole-dancing champion performs.

  • Jerry Springer - Blunt Break-Ups (Season 26 Episode 81)
    Season 26 Episode 81:

    Blunt Break-Ups

    Kita wants to confront a woman who is sleeping with her weed man; a friend inexplicably slept with Cody's girlfriend; Madison is ready to call it quits with Bear and move on to the next man.

  • Jerry Springer - Guests Get Lit (Season 26 Episode 80)
    Season 26 Episode 80:

    Guests Get Lit

    Bree says Nuke has betrayed her one too many times; Miguel must choose between two women; Savannah is smitten with a guy who already has a girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Vicious V-Day (Season 26 Episode 79)
    Season 26 Episode 79:

    Vicious V-Day

    Asia comes to regret finding a prison-inmate boyfriend through social media; Cody thinks he gave his heart to the wrong woman.

  • Jerry Springer - Bye Bye Baby Mama! (Season 26 Episode 78)
    Season 26 Episode 78:

    Bye Bye Baby Mama!

    Gee tries to put his baggage out with the trash; Kelsie is a nurse by day and an escort by night; Ashley proposes to her boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Savage Viewers Confront Past Guests (Season 26 Episode 77)
    Season 26 Episode 77:

    Savage Viewers Confront Past Guests

    Several viewers get the chance to express their feelings face to face to some of the show's most memorable past guests.

  • Jerry Springer - Extra! Extra! Hos All About It! (Season 26 Episode 76)
    Season 26 Episode 76:

    Extra! Extra! Hos All About It!

    Danika gets revenge on her former best friend for spreading rumors about her; handyman Tyler gets in hot water with his fiancee; Dede fears she could be making a big mistake by giving her boyfriend a second chance.

  • Jerry Springer - Booty From the Backpage (Season 26 Episode 75)
    Season 26 Episode 75:

    Booty From the Backpage

    Sarah says it's time for her to put a thirsty gold-digging woman in her place; Tamone fears that her wife may secretly want to be with a man instead of her; Taylor makes Starr and Summer wrestle in a tub of mud to win his heart.

  • Jerry Springer - From Zero to Beatdown (Season 26 Episode 74)
    Season 26 Episode 74:

    From Zero to Beatdown

    Faith thinks she has put too much into her relationship to quit now; Ryan's girlfriend takes exception to Rachel's advances on him; Blake has a secret to reveal to Taliana.

  • Jerry Springer - Ice Cold-Cocked (Season 26 Episode 73)
    Season 26 Episode 73:

    Ice Cold-Cocked

    Jada learns who her boyfriend is sleeping with; Grace hopes she can get back her ex; Michael does everything he can to put a stop to his daughter's wedding.

  • Jerry Springer - I Had Sex With My Brother (Season 26 Episode 72)
    Season 26 Episode 72:

    I Had Sex With My Brother

    An hour of chaos, betrayal and drama.

  • Jerry Springer - Tiny Twerk Off (Season 26 Episode 71)
    Season 26 Episode 71:

    Tiny Twerk Off

    After her boyfriend posts nude pictures of himself on the internet, Capricia must confront one of his fans; Kyle demands that his girlfriend choose between him and her job; Martel proposes to his girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Wifeys Disrespected (Season 26 Episode 70)
    Season 26 Episode 70:

    Wifeys Disrespected

    Diana suspects that her husband is hiding something; Adam may get revenge on his girlfriend for breaking his heart; a woman breaks the "girl code" with her best friend's husband.

  • Jerry Springer - Baby Mama vs. Side Chick (Season 26 Episode 69)
    Season 26 Episode 69:

    Baby Mama vs. Side Chick

    Mitch constantly cheats on Danni but says he doesn't want to be a player anymore; Brianna demands the truth from her baby-daddy and her friend; Makayla wants to confront a woman with whom her children's father hooked up.

  • Jerry Springer - Best Frenemies (Season 26 Episode 68)
    Season 26 Episode 68:

    Best Frenemies

    Kylie sleeps with a man her friend likes; Shanice's husband has an affair with their child's godmother; Amanda learns a secret from her fiance.

  • Jerry Springer - Jerry's Cure for the Cold (Season 26 Episode 67)
    Season 26 Episode 67:

    Jerry's Cure for the Cold

    Simone admits that she has something going on with her boyfriend's uncle; Nick's affair with his friend gets her into troubled waters.

  • Jerry Springer - Stale Sex (Season 26 Episode 66)
    Season 26 Episode 66:

    Stale Sex

    Bianca suspects that her boyfriend has been cheating; Shauna wants to turn back time and reverse the proposal she accepted; Destiny plans to stop at nothing to get her friend's boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - I Now Pronounce You ... Over! (Season 26 Episode 65)
    Season 26 Episode 65:

    I Now Pronounce You ... Over!

    Taylor's fiance reveals the truth; Tashara gets the attention she desires from someone very close to her boyfriend; Brandi offers her boyfriend an unusual proposal.

  • Jerry Springer - Big Bang Out (Season 26 Episode 64)
    Season 26 Episode 64:

    Big Bang Out

    Zach's girlfriend hooked up with his co-worker; Josh's latest moment of indiscretion could mean the end of his relationship; bartender Madison's crush on her customer turns into disaster.

  • Jerry Springer - Sleep-Around Sisters (Season 26 Episode 63)
    Season 26 Episode 63:

    Sleep-Around Sisters

    Josh says the birth of his child and his girlfriend's disrespectful ways made him sleep with her sister; Ronald denies being in a relationship with Renee.

  • Jerry Springer - Nice Guys Need Not Apply (Season 26 Episode 62)
    Season 26 Episode 62:

    Nice Guys Need Not Apply

    DJ admits to having a crush on his friend's partner; Hector serenades and proposes to the love of his life; Nae finds out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with friends.

  • Jerry Springer - Dude, Try a Transsexual (Season 26 Episode 61)
    Season 26 Episode 61:

    Dude, Try a Transsexual

    Steph'on hopes Elexandria is everything her picture says she is; Jaliyah found salacious text messages and photos from another woman on Tre's phone; Demitris wants another chance at romance but not with his baby's mother.

  • Jerry Springer - Dudes in the Doghouse (Season 26 Episode 60)
    Season 26 Episode 60:

    Dudes in the Doghouse

    Kyle schemes to get rid of his sister-in-law's no-good boyfriend; Dayvon is sweet on his stripper partner's co-worker; Derek wants to get back into his girlfriend's good graces.

  • Jerry Springer - Droppin' Truth Bombs (Season 26 Episode 59)
    Season 26 Episode 59:

    Droppin' Truth Bombs

    Sam's secret crush happens to be her roommate, Aliya; Teirsa's first love has been sleeping with her friends; Donna reveals something about her friend's boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Gay Crush on My Best Friend (Season 26 Episode 58)
    Season 26 Episode 58:

    Gay Crush on My Best Friend

    Ex-girlfriend Bri suspects that Tank has a crush on his male best friend; Darius tells his girlfriend's brother to mind his own love life; Renne finds out the hard way that certain lines should not be crossed.

  • Jerry Springer - Heartless Hacking Hos (Season 26 Episode 57)
    Season 26 Episode 57:

    Heartless Hacking Hos

    Dazai tries to ruin the reputation of her former friend, who hooked up with Dazai's younger brother; Kelsey posts a video exposing her friend having sex; Ashley thinks another woman is getting too flirtatious with her man.

  • Jerry Springer - Savage Stepsister! (Season 26 Episode 56)
    Season 26 Episode 56:

    Savage Stepsister!

    Travis thinks messing around with his wife's stripper ex-stepsister is no big deal; Carissa is not sorry about hooking up with her boyfriend's brother; teen Jade hopes her friend will be her first.

  • Jerry Springer - Fist-Fight Flashbacks (Season 26 Episode 55)
    Season 26 Episode 55:

    Fist-Fight Flashbacks

    The show looks back on epic brawls; Chase sees nothing wrong with cheating on his fiancee; Selina confronts Eric about the status of their relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - Revenge Sex With My Uncle (Season 26 Episode 54)
    Season 26 Episode 54:

    Revenge Sex With My Uncle

    Allison hooks up with her sister's boyfriend after telling her she could do better; Shay gets even with her aunt for sabotaging her relationship by sleeping with her husband.

  • Jerry Springer - I Hate My Sister (Season 26 Episode 53)
    Season 26 Episode 53:

    I Hate My Sister

    An escort is furious she never got paid for her services; Ashley hates her sister and sleeps with her boyfriend to send a message; Chris hopes to win back his ex, who is now married with a child.

  • Jerry Springer - You Had Sex With My Mom (Season 26 Episode 52)
    Season 26 Episode 52:

    You Had Sex With My Mom

    Samantha believes her cousin is sleeping with her boyfriend and finds out he has also slept with her mom; Larissa is suspicious of her sister and her fiance; Raven reveals to Alexis that she slept with her boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Hooked Up With Your Stepdad (Season 26 Episode 51)
    Season 26 Episode 51:

    Hooked Up With Your Stepdad

    Malik wants to reunite with his estranged boyfriend, who is now engaged to someone else; Ebony reveals a secret to her sister; Kara's boyfriend brings her nothing but pain.

  • Jerry Springer - Catfished by You and Your Brother (Season 26 Episode 50)
    Season 26 Episode 50:

    Catfished by You and Your Brother

    Asia found five dating apps and some suggestive workout videos on her boyfriend's phone; Rachel anticipates meeting her online boyfriend; James must reveal a dirty little secret before walking down the aisle.

  • Jerry Springer - OMG Secrets (Season 26 Episode 49)
    Season 26 Episode 49:

    OMG Secrets

    A minor detail Tim neglected to share with a woman he recently met could mean the end of their relationship; Kay Kay's boyfriend disappeared for four days and claims he went hunting; pregnant teen Ally does not know who the father is.

  • Jerry Springer - Wi-Fi Hookups (Season 26 Episode 48)
    Season 26 Episode 48:

    Wi-Fi Hookups

    Cupcake refuses to let another woman steal her man; Ashleigh wants two women to show off their hidden talents; Amy's boyfriend is not interested in monogamy.

  • Jerry Springer - Sex, Dreams and Nightmares (Season 26 Episode 47)
    Season 26 Episode 47:

    Sex, Dreams and Nightmares

    Charlea's boyfriend recently proposed to her, but she suspects that something is amiss; Will leaves his girlfriend, saying she is too emotional; Austin is ready to marry.

  • Jerry Springer - Man Up! (Season 26 Episode 46)
    Season 26 Episode 46:

    Man Up!

    Nick wants to tell his fiancee that he is no longer in love with her; Tyler has been cheating with a transgender woman; Whitney says the town home-wrecker has slept with her boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Run Up Again (Season 26 Episode 45)
    Season 26 Episode 45:

    Run Up Again

    Keiara wants to know why her man suddenly disappeared; Desmond wants his brother's girlfriend; Christine learns that her brother's girlfriend hooked up with her man.

  • Jerry Springer - Fighting Families Get Stuffed (Season 26 Episode 44)
    Season 26 Episode 44:

    Fighting Families Get Stuffed

    Dalton is in love with his sister's husband; while Becca was pregnant, her sister slept with the baby's father; Dee Dee wants to replace her good friend's girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Strippers Get Down (Season 26 Episode 43)
    Season 26 Episode 43:

    Strippers Get Down

    Atlanta plans to teach another stripper a lesson about breaking the rules; Bryce confesses to his young wife about a night of fun he had prior to their marriage.

  • Jerry Springer - Mama Says Kick You Out (Season 26 Episode 42)
    Season 26 Episode 42:

    Mama Says Kick You Out

    Caprice's godsister drops a bomb on her about her fiance; Barbie wants to get her friend back after sleeping with the friend's boyfriend; Amber's secret may break up the bond between two brothers.

  • Jerry Springer - Girls Get Nailed (Season 26 Episode 41)
    Season 26 Episode 41:

    Girls Get Nailed

    Leslie learns that her boyfriend hooked up with her friend; Matt thought cheating on his girlfriend would be fun; Jade and Chloe battle it out for stripper Destiny's affections.

  • Jerry Springer - Best Friend or Worst Enemy (Season 26 Episode 40)
    Season 26 Episode 40:

    Best Friend or Worst Enemy

    Jasmine's rapper boyfriend sleeps around; Erica's boyfriend has repeatedly left her for other women, but she keeps taking him back; Shaun is willing to move to another state to be closer to Brittney, but she may not feel the same way.

  • Jerry Springer - Menage a Transexual (Season 26 Episode 39)
    Season 26 Episode 39:

    Menage a Transexual

    Kenneth reverts back to his old ways; Michelle learns that her boyfriend hooked up with her transgender friend; Tyler has decided to date a woman because his boyfriend is disrespectful.

  • Jerry Springer - Nasty Women Get It Done (Season 26 Episode 38)
    Season 26 Episode 38:

    Nasty Women Get It Done

    Izzy tries to replace Ines in Jorge's heart; Jay cheated on his girlfriend on his 30th birthday; Chris is in love with a married woman.

  • Jerry Springer - Homeboys Hit Below the Belt (Season 26 Episode 37)
    Season 26 Episode 37:

    Homeboys Hit Below the Belt

    Having sex with a white woman comes at the expense of Oh's friend and co-worker; Calonie confronts the rapper who misled her; friends Pearce and Mike go three rounds in the ring over a woman.

  • Jerry Springer - Sticky Situations (Season 26 Episode 36)
    Season 26 Episode 36:

    Sticky Situations

    Cousins Popeye and Papi compete in a pancake-eating contest and a maple syrup wrestling match for Sherrie's love; Tavia found a sex video of her boyfriend with two other women; retired stripper CeCee cheats on her husband with his good friend.

  • Jerry Springer - Sex With My Cousin (Season 26 Episode 35)
    Season 26 Episode 35:

    Sex With My Cousin

    Billy went to his cousin for some romantic advice and ended up with much more; Nikki fears that someone has been hooking up with her baby's daddy; Damon's girlfriend has been receiving text messages from her child's father.

  • Jerry Springer - Ballot Box Babes (Season 26 Episode 34)
    Season 26 Episode 34:

    Ballot Box Babes

    After cheating on his girlfriend with a stripper, Levi finds that the stripper wants a relationship with him; Dustin cheated on his fiancee with her good friend; Chris hooked up with two men he met at a bath house, and must decide whom he wants.

  • Jerry Springer - Thirsty at the Club (Season 26 Episode 33)
    Season 26 Episode 33:

    Thirsty at the Club

    Dedee and Devonte have been hiding secrets from each other; Ashley gets revenge on her ex-friend for destroying her couch; Jasmine wants to throw a divorce party for her new man, but he has a surprise in store for her.

  • Jerry Springer - Throwin' Lemon Shade (Season 26 Episode 32)
    Season 26 Episode 32:

    Throwin' Lemon Shade

    Trinton gives up his family for a new attraction; Raven tries to choose between two rappers by making them battle it out.

  • Jerry Springer - Gay Sex With Your Dad (Season 26 Episode 31)
    Season 26 Episode 31:

    Gay Sex With Your Dad

    Brittany suspects that another woman is trying to move in on her boyfriend; Kenneth wants to break up with Robert and has been hooking up with Robert's son; Justin's friend has been badmouthing him to his girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Baby Mama Bombshells (Season 26 Episode 30)
    Season 26 Episode 30:

    Baby Mama Bombshells

    Adrianna and Solei don't want Wesley to patch things up with his girlfriend; Sparkles is tired of being a side chick; Paige's boyfriend has other plans.

  • Jerry Springer - Great Pumpkin Smash Down (Season 26 Episode 29)
    Season 26 Episode 29:

    Great Pumpkin Smash Down

    Shane denies that he hooked up with his ex; Nella wants to go on a date with Justin, but she has never told him that she was born male; Rachel wants Mikey to be more than just a one-night stand.

  • Jerry Springer - Raging House Party!!! (Season 26 Episode 28)
    Season 26 Episode 28:

    Raging House Party!!!

    Patricia wants to confront the woman she thinks is fooling around with her husband; Armuni fears that her boyfriend is cheating with his female best friend; Trinity admits to hooking up with her man's friend.

  • Jerry Springer - Squad Girls Attack (Season 26 Episode 27)
    Season 26 Episode 27:

    Squad Girls Attack

    Transgender hairstylist Key'Airra plans to put her disrespectful ex-friend in her place; Kaleb has misgivings about a young woman's proposition; Sam's girlfriend confronts Dazia about having sex with her man.

  • Jerry Springer - Mississippi Mayhem (Season 26 Episode 26)
    Season 26 Episode 26:

    Mississippi Mayhem

    Zo says he started cheating on his girlfriend because of her constant accusations; Josh's girlfriend's sister sets him up with another woman in order to prove he is untrustworthy; Will admits to hooking up with his friend's girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Flipped Out Females (Season 26 Episode 25)
    Season 26 Episode 25:

    Flipped Out Females

    Charlie's stripper girlfriend wants to get married and offers him a threesome; Morgan finds her boyfriend's secret phone; Katrina learns that her man cheated with her friend.

  • Jerry Springer - T.H.O.T. You Were a Girl (Season 26 Episode 24)
    Season 26 Episode 24:

    T.H.O.T. You Were a Girl

    Alexa will not leave her one-night stand alone and has a secret to reveal that will have him regretting that night; Gem wants to divorce her wife and be with a man; Nick learns that his girlfriend has another man on the side.

  • Jerry Springer - Baby Daddies Dip Out (Season 26 Episode 23)
    Season 26 Episode 23:

    Baby Daddies Dip Out

    After cheating on his girlfriend, Paul finds himself in a love triangle; Amber thinks her boyfriend and his ex are trying to tear apart her family; Kristin suspects her fiance has been unfaithful with her cousin.

  • Jerry Springer - Girlfriends Swiped Left (Season 26 Episode 22)
    Season 26 Episode 22:

    Girlfriends Swiped Left

    Sand gets even with her girlfriend by hooking up with her friend; Micayla, tired of betrayal, has one more bomb dropped on her; Katie's boyfriend texts other women constantly when in her presence.

  • Jerry Springer - You Are Not My Gay BFF! (Season 26 Episode 21)
    Season 26 Episode 21:

    You Are Not My Gay BFF!

    Isha found text messages between her boyfriend and her cousin; Haley wants to know if her boyfriend hooked up with a popular woman around town; Antonio's boyfriend has a new "friend."

  • Jerry Springer - Strippers Bare It All (Season 26 Episode 20)
    Season 26 Episode 20:

    Strippers Bare It All

    Chey wants to take things to the next level with her cheating boyfriend; Juanisha says her baby's daddy went MIA while she was in the hospital giving birth; Streety learns about his fiancee and his brother.

  • Jerry Springer - You Left Me for a Hooker! (Season 26 Episode 19)
    Season 26 Episode 19:

    You Left Me for a Hooker!

    Stripper Misty tries to convince a client to dump his girlfriend for her; Deja offers twin strippers free tattoos in exchange for a private lap dance and more; a night of bad decision-making causes drama for Kemari and his boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Crushed on Springer (Season 26 Episode 18)
    Season 26 Episode 18:

    Crushed on Springer

    Emani's friend explains why she should move on from her ex-boyfriend; Ariana is torn between two men; two women wrestle in apple sauce for Lexi's heart.

  • Jerry Springer - Baby Daddies Fumble (Season 26 Episode 17)
    Season 26 Episode 17:

    Baby Daddies Fumble

    When Mason's friend cheated on his girlfriend, Mason broadcast it via social media; Jacoyia wants her baby's daddy to step up and be involved; belly dancer Stefanne performs.

  • Jerry Springer - T.H.O.T.-ing Is Life (Season 26 Episode 16)
    Season 26 Episode 16:

    T.H.O.T.-ing Is Life

    Daysia pays her sister back by cheating; DJ proposes to his girlfriend; Jazz discovered suggestive text messages from CeCe on Smurf's phone.

  • Jerry Springer - Wifey vs. Jump Off (Season 26 Episode 15)
    Season 26 Episode 15:

    Wifey vs. Jump Off

    Something Brooke did has sister Peyton upset; Troy wants to spice things up in the bedroom; Martin says he has succumbed to temptation, and girlfriend Jenny is ready to unleash her fury.

  • Jerry Springer - Creepers Crushed (Season 26 Episode 14)
    Season 26 Episode 14:

    Creepers Crushed

    Linda wants to know why beau Terry is not affectionate toward her; Kristina is upset that friend Katie is dating a guy she likes; wrestler Brandon hooked up with a female fan and now wants to end the extramarital activity.

  • Jerry Springer - Hoping for a Homerun (Season 26 Episode 13)
    Season 26 Episode 13:

    Hoping for a Homerun

    Mallorie hopes she can get back together with Chance when he is single again, but his girlfriend may end any chance of that happening; Stephen's transgression jeopardizes his relationship with girlfriend Gail; Jelani wants to meet an online crush.

  • Jerry Springer - Nice Girls Get Naughty (Season 26 Episode 12)
    Season 26 Episode 12:

    Nice Girls Get Naughty

    Brittany wants to have a threesome with two of her friends; stripper Sugar wants to reveal a secret that could affect a relationship; Anthony has a confession for girlfriend Diana before he goes away to boot camp.

  • Jerry Springer - I'm Marrying My Daughter's Ex (Season 26 Episode 11)
    Season 26 Episode 11:

    I'm Marrying My Daughter's Ex

    Sabrina gets a marriage proposal from George, her daughter's former boyfriend; Nae wants to know why boyfriend E bought her friend bundles of hair; before he can propose to Amber, Kyle must convince her that his cheating days are over.

  • Jerry Springer - Fresh Meat at the Strip Club (Season 26 Episode 10)
    Season 26 Episode 10:

    Fresh Meat at the Strip Club

    Renesha wants revenge on a woman who hooked up with her boyfriend; Kayla thinks she has found help for her friend, who is going through a divorce.

  • Jerry Springer - Lurking Liars (Season 26 Episode 9)
    Season 26 Episode 9:

    Lurking Liars

    Ericka finds text messages her boyfriend sent to other women; Tiera gets her friend to bait her sister's man into cheating; Duff says his girlfriend gets jealous too quickly.

  • Jerry Springer - Redneck Rumble (Season 26 Episode 8)
    Season 26 Episode 8:

    Redneck Rumble

    When Jeff puts an end to his sister's relationship, her boyfriend gets even by sleeping with Jeff's girlfriend; engaged Jesse's side chick falls in love with him; Lindsey learns her boyfriend was unfaithful.

  • Jerry Springer - Bestie Breakups (Season 26 Episode 7)
    Season 26 Episode 7:

    Bestie Breakups

    Deanna finds out why Ykeen has become so distant lately; Dee-Dee thinks CeCe should try being with a man instead of a woman; Austin's girlfriend abruptly leaves him, without notice.

  • Jerry Springer - Pregnant by the Same Teen Dad (Season 26 Episode 6)
    Season 26 Episode 6:

    Pregnant by the Same Teen Dad

    Alicia learns that she is not the only girl Nate impregnated; stripper Rae'chelle steals another stripper's shoes; Rodney tells his girlfriend that he is addicted to women.

  • Jerry Springer - I Faked My Pregnancy ... Sorry (Season 26 Episode 5)
    Season 26 Episode 5:

    I Faked My Pregnancy ... Sorry

    Ajla, faking a pregnancy to please her fiancee, learns that she is not the only one who has not been honest; Tia finds out that her boyfriend has hooked up with her friend; Boogie reveals that he is not a rapper, but a dogcatcher.

  • Jerry Springer - Back Off My $ Bag (Season 26 Episode 4)
    Season 26 Episode 4:

    Back Off My $ Bag

    Stripper Daija suspects that her boyfriend is cheating; Collin must choose between his ex and the woman he wants to wed; Schyler's new marriage may be set to end before it begins.

  • Jerry Springer - Counterfeit Friends (Season 26 Episode 3)
    Season 26 Episode 3:

    Counterfeit Friends

    Anika slept with her roommate's boyfriend; a bra Gabbie found in her car may disprove her boyfriend's claims of not cheating on her; Kirsten's sister slept with her pregnant friend's man.

  • Jerry Springer - My Mama Don't Like You (Season 26 Episode 2)
    Season 26 Episode 2:

    My Mama Don't Like You

    Brittany wants to confront her man's meddling mother; Porcia learns that her boyfriend has found love with another woman; ice-cream truck driver Rodney's job is causing him problems with his girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Sister Slapdown (Season 26 Episode 1)
    Season 26 Episode 1:

    Sister Slapdown

    Shakeara admits to sleeping with her sister's man and says she wants to date him full time; Jammes learns that her boyfriend hooked up with a transsexual woman; Avri's boyfriend is a serial cheater.

  • Jerry Springer - Bro, I Need to Tell You This ... (Season 25 Episode 160)
    Season 25 Episode 160:

    Bro, I Need to Tell You This ...

    Woody explains why his brother should not propose to his child's mother; unfaithful Ryan wants a bright future with his current girlfriend; Dae fears that his secret will end his relationship with his girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Hipster Heartbreaks (Season 25 Episode 159)
    Season 25 Episode 159:

    Hipster Heartbreaks

    Devin wants his summer romance to last forever; Derek and Haven, who had a night of passion, must come clean to their respective partners; Becka's boyfriend is suspicious of her every move.

  • Jerry Springer - Dryspell Drama (Season 25 Episode 158)
    Season 25 Episode 158:

    Dryspell Drama

    Kayla fears that her fiance has something going on with her classmate; Amanda wants to confront her child's father; Victoria's ex tries to win her back.

  • Jerry Springer - Honey, I'm Gay (Season 25 Episode 157)
    Season 25 Episode 157:

    Honey, I'm Gay

    Sonya lives with both her husband and her ex-husband, who admits there is an attraction; Kristina reveals a secret to a partner who left her; Levi must choose between his fiancee and his ex.

  • Jerry Springer - Girlfriends Mowed Over (Season 25 Episode 156)
    Season 25 Episode 156:

    Girlfriends Mowed Over

    Delta has been hooking up with her boss and wants to take things to another level; one of the men Jenna found on a dating website desires a full-fledged relationship; Ronnie wants to know why his girlfriend is not into him anymore.

  • Jerry Springer - Hot Lesbian Action (Season 25 Episode 155)
    Season 25 Episode 155:

    Hot Lesbian Action

    Tired of being mistreated by men, Keondra starts dating a woman; Stacy learns that her transsexual boyfriend has been cheating on her; Shawn comes on the show to meet someone who has a crush on him.

  • Jerry Springer - The Serious Side of Springer (Season 25 Episode 154)
    Season 25 Episode 154:

    The Serious Side of Springer

    Jerry looks back at some of the most thought-provoking stories of the show's past.

  • Jerry Springer - Twerked Off Girlfriends (Season 25 Episode 153)
    Season 25 Episode 153:

    Twerked Off Girlfriends

    Larrion's girlfriend is distrustful of him; JoJo's boyfriend refuses to end his friendship with another woman; Mona has a secret to tell a man she slept with once.

  • Jerry Springer - Sex With Twins! (Season 25 Episode 152)
    Season 25 Episode 152:

    Sex With Twins!

    Angelica is unapologetic about sleeping with her twin sister's man; Breanna learns that her boyfriend is the father of another woman's baby; siblings Kyle and Kelsey reveal secrets.

  • Jerry Springer - Cuddling Gets Complicated (Season 25 Episode 151)
    Season 25 Episode 151:

    Cuddling Gets Complicated

    Kissing another man may cost Jessi a relationship; Aniya confronts her boyfriend and his ex; Toni, who thinks she has a happy family, learns she has some competition.

  • Jerry Springer - Lesbians Over Easy (Season 25 Episode 150)
    Season 25 Episode 150:

    Lesbians Over Easy

    Kelci is angry because her boyfriend hooked up with a lesbian; a male stripper wants to be the object of 18-year-old Sierra's affection, but she has someone else in mind; Sandy confronts her husband and her so-called friend.

  • Jerry Springer - Miso Horny (Season 25 Episode 149)
    Season 25 Episode 149:

    Miso Horny

    Marquis wants to break up with his girlfriend, because he has been hooking up with another woman, or so he thinks; CP wants to be with a stripper because he is tired of seeing other men mistreat her; Jose's crush has a secret to reveal.

  • Jerry Springer - Dad, Stop Dating My Friends (Season 25 Episode 148)
    Season 25 Episode 148:

    Dad, Stop Dating My Friends

    Bubby has a thing for his daughter's teen friends; Roy challenges his ex's new man to a mud-wrestling match; stripper Taylor tells the world she is sleeping with her friend's boyfriend and plans to continue doing so.

  • Jerry Springer - Girls Wig Out (Season 25 Episode 147)
    Season 25 Episode 147:

    Girls Wig Out

    Kim wants to convince Tae to leave his girlfriend for her; Michelle tells of finding pictures of a naked woman on her fiance's phone; Charles tells his wife he had an encounter with a transgender woman.

  • Jerry Springer - Boyfriends Break the Rules (Season 25 Episode 146)
    Season 25 Episode 146:

    Boyfriends Break the Rules

    Jeremiah wants to dump his girlfriend and two of her friends know why; Sheena's boyfriend hooked up while she was in jail; Destiny had a fling with her boyfriend's cousin.

  • Jerry Springer - T.H.O.T.-licious (Season 25 Episode 145)
    Season 25 Episode 145:


    Miranda thinks her friend stole her TV and is trying to steal her boyfriend; self-proclaimed video vixen Scandalous wants to win her ex back from his baby's mama; Pete says an innocent dare turned into a love affair with his friend's wife.

  • Jerry Springer - Personal Trainer Taps In (Season 25 Episode 144)
    Season 25 Episode 144:

    Personal Trainer Taps In

    Shelby wants to dump her fiance for her workout partner; Dacien tries to get his friend to leave her boyfriend so they can be together; Kyle wants to make a break from his baby mama.

  • Jerry Springer - I Cheated 40 Times (Season 25 Episode 143)
    Season 25 Episode 143:

    I Cheated 40 Times

    Engaged Malik does not want to be in a relationship; Main Main says he hooked up with his brother's girlfriend; Justin meets his online crush.

  • Jerry Springer - Girlfriends Split (Season 25 Episode 142)
    Season 25 Episode 142:

    Girlfriends Split

    Amari says her boyfriend's Facebook habits are starting to ruin their relationship; Amanda learns the truth about her boyfriend; Cody finds out that his fiancee has been hooking up with his stepbrother.

  • Jerry Springer - I'm Your No. 1 Fan (Season 25 Episode 141)
    Season 25 Episode 141:

    I'm Your No. 1 Fan

    Julisa says her rapper boyfriend's groupies create drama in her relationship; Tatiana makes her friend's fantasy a reality; Ariel feels betrayed by her friend and her boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Three-Timing Stripper (Season 25 Episode 140)
    Season 25 Episode 140:

    Three-Timing Stripper

    Zack wants a second chance with his stripper ex-girlfriend; Alannah confronts her boyfriend for cheating while he was on spring break; Britney was able to track down her boyfriend's secret, which has something to do with her stepbrother.

  • Jerry Springer - Bad Boys Blindsided (Season 25 Episode 139)
    Season 25 Episode 139:

    Bad Boys Blindsided

    Mychael demands an apology from the woman with whom he hooked up; Stefan learns that his girlfriend cheated with his brother; unfaithful husband Chuck wants to commit to a stripper called Scarlett.

  • Jerry Springer - Get the Picture: We're Done (Season 25 Episode 138)
    Season 25 Episode 138:

    Get the Picture: We're Done

    Newly-thin Christine wants to win her old friend away from his girlfriend; Tiffany says she cheated because her boyfriend is immature; Charles wants his good friend's wife.

  • Jerry Springer - Fight Invite (Season 25 Episode 137)
    Season 25 Episode 137:

    Fight Invite

    Dominic wants his lazy, sloppy girlfriend to move out, so he can move on; Ryan wants his brother's girlfriend; Unique tries to win her friend away from her new girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Special Delivery: Betrayals (Season 25 Episode 136)
    Season 25 Episode 136:

    Special Delivery: Betrayals

    Fearing that his wife's sex drive is off completely, Jeff goes to her co-worker; Rommel confesses to having a threesome with strippers, but he isn't the only one with a surprise to reveal; Becca wants her ex to leave his current girlfriend and child.

  • Jerry Springer - Baby ... Forgive Me (Season 25 Episode 135)
    Season 25 Episode 135:

    Baby ... Forgive Me

    Marquis blames his girlfriend for his inability to stay faithful; Tay wants to marry her partner, even though she cheated on her with a man; Tyler does not want to be exclusive with his girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Unsatisfying Sex (Season 25 Episode 134)
    Season 25 Episode 134:

    Unsatisfying Sex

    Kayla wants to move on from her current partner and begin something with his best friend; Precious' boyfriend gets around; Jamie fears that her boyfriend has been sleeping with her brother's girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Friend Zoned! (Season 25 Episode 133)
    Season 25 Episode 133:

    Friend Zoned!

    Alex gets even with his cousin for stealing the love of his life; Dez finds out something about the woman with whom he hooked up at a bar; Chelsey wants to put her crush back in the friend zone but encounters some competition.

  • Jerry Springer - Blindsided by a Secret (Season 25 Episode 132)
    Season 25 Episode 132:

    Blindsided by a Secret

    Lexus is unsure who the father of her second child is; because the man she met online was not completely honest about his status, Coco decides to give him a dose of his own medicine; Savanna hopes she can save her marriage, but it may be too late.

  • Jerry Springer - Jilted While in Jail (Season 25 Episode 131)
    Season 25 Episode 131:

    Jilted While in Jail

    Jamarri wants to know why his girlfriend stopped coming to visit him in prison; Danny falls for his best friend's girlfriend after hooking up with her; Angelee reacts when her boyfriend's crush reveals her desire to be more than just friends.

  • Jerry Springer - Guys Scared Straight (Season 25 Episode 130)
    Season 25 Episode 130:

    Guys Scared Straight

    Khalil wants to dump his baby's mother, so he can be with his one-night stand, who has something to confess; Porshe wants to confront her boyfriend's side chick; Zack is transitioning into a man, but his girlfriend wants him to stay the same.

  • Jerry Springer - Girls Whipped! (Season 25 Episode 129)
    Season 25 Episode 129:

    Girls Whipped!

    Megan wants Ciarra's boyfriend; Tianna wants to confront a woman whose suggestive photo she found on her boyfriend's phone; Matt says his relationship with Jenny is past its expiration date.

  • Jerry Springer - Can I Be Blunt? ... I'm Cheating (Season 25 Episode 128)
    Season 25 Episode 128:

    Can I Be Blunt? ... I'm Cheating

    Alex admits to hooking up with his fiancee's childhood friend; Teekay must choose between his girlfriend and his ex, both of whom live with him; Alexis says her boyfriend's head is in the clouds, and their relationship is about to go up in smoke.

  • Jerry Springer - Main Chick Status: Denied (Season 25 Episode 127)
    Season 25 Episode 127:

    Main Chick Status: Denied

    A stripper wants a relationship with Daniel, who is already engaged; Kayla wants to kick her roommate out of the house, so she can move in on her boyfriend; Nick says his wife abandoned him in the bedroom, so he wants someone else.

  • Jerry Springer - Busted Up Bae's (Season 25 Episode 126)
    Season 25 Episode 126:

    Busted Up Bae's

    Someone causes Chris to be reluctant to take his relationship with Tashauna to the next level; Ryan is on the prowl in search of a new girlfriend; Ashley saw some video of her boyfriend with another woman.

  • Jerry Springer - Ain't No Friends at the Strip Club (Season 25 Episode 125)
    Season 25 Episode 125:

    Ain't No Friends at the Strip Club

    Dan is tired of his girlfriend living the stripper lifestyle, so he hooks up with another stripper; a night of lust with a stripper is on the verge of breaking up Aaron's happy home; strippers battle it out.

  • Jerry Springer - Officially Over! (Season 25 Episode 124)
    Season 25 Episode 124:

    Officially Over!

    Lexie bought an engagement ring and is planning to propose to her boyfriend; Harley admits he cheated on his girlfriend; Josh is in love with a man who already has a partner.

  • Jerry Springer - Ding, Ding, Ding! (Season 25 Episode 123)
    Season 25 Episode 123:

    Ding, Ding, Ding!

    Craig wants to save his marriage, but his wife has eyes for the maintenance man; Ken apologizes to his baby's mama for cheating on her with a young woman he met at the mall; Celene says she keeps dreaming that her boyfriend is unfaithful.

  • Jerry Springer - Two Girls One Night (Season 25 Episode 122)
    Season 25 Episode 122:

    Two Girls One Night

    Nick may be preparing to dump his girlfriend for his ex; Megan's man says that when he was with another woman, he was not actually cheating, due to a technicality; Sharnice says her so-called friend is trying to sabotage her lesbian relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - Spring Fling Faceoffs (Season 25 Episode 121)
    Season 25 Episode 121:

    Spring Fling Faceoffs

    Guests spin the wheel to determine whether their relationships will blossom or wither.

  • Jerry Springer - Droppin' Beats Down (Season 25 Episode 120)
    Season 25 Episode 120:

    Droppin' Beats Down

    Eric's girlfriend wants him to choose between her and his other woman; Melvin wants to break up with his current girlfriend in order to pursue the woman of his dreams; DJ Bear Grillz showcases his electronic dance music repertoire.

  • Jerry Springer - Threesome With Two Sisters (Season 25 Episode 119)
    Season 25 Episode 119:

    Threesome With Two Sisters

    Erica wants to confront the sisters who had a threesome with her boyfriend; Marco's girlfriend dismisses his dream of being a tap dancer, but her friend Bunny is more supportive; Shelly's honeymoon is over.

  • Jerry Springer - 2nd Thought T.H.O.T.S. (Season 25 Episode 118)
    Season 25 Episode 118:

    2nd Thought T.H.O.T.S.

    Rashard says things are moving too fast in his relationship, and he wants to end it; Zack thinks his one-night stand could break up his family; Sierra does everything in her power to prevent her partner from changing genders.

  • Jerry Springer - Control Your Crazy (Season 25 Episode 117)
    Season 25 Episode 117:

    Control Your Crazy

    Newlywed Kelsey learns that her husband is still philandering; Miranda is tired of low-class women interfering in her relationship; Nicole objects to her boyfriend meeting his secret foot-fetish crush.

  • Jerry Springer - Too Late to Say Sorry? (Season 25 Episode 116)
    Season 25 Episode 116:

    Too Late to Say Sorry?

    Rapper Keiwon says cheating on his girlfriend with strippers is an occupational hazard; as revenge for being ditched by her cousin, RJ sleeps with her cousin's man; Amber is tired of her boyfriend horsing around with other women.

  • Jerry Springer - Porn Fantasies & Fights (Season 25 Episode 115)
    Season 25 Episode 115:

    Porn Fantasies & Fights

    Porn stars want to get dirty so they can get clean; Larry cheats on his fiancee with his good friend's girlfriend; Amber unloads her secrets on her partner.

  • Jerry Springer - Cyber Smackdown (Season 25 Episode 114)
    Season 25 Episode 114:

    Cyber Smackdown

    Adrien and Milan want to settle the score with a transgender woman they fought in a viral video; Juan's infidelity may cost him his relationship; Zach learns that his girlfriend cheated with another woman.

  • Jerry Springer - L Bombs Dropped (Season 25 Episode 113)
    Season 25 Episode 113:

    L Bombs Dropped

    Murphy responds to her boyfriend's revelation by sleeping with another man; RTerrys has a confession to make to his wife; Shane says his girlfriend has not been paying him enough attention.

  • Jerry Springer - Besties Have Beef (Season 25 Episode 112)
    Season 25 Episode 112:

    Besties Have Beef

    Brittanie's husband insists he has been faithful, but her friend tells a completely different story; Kayla fears that her boyfriend has been hooking up with her good friend; engaged-to-be-married Jeff is smitten with a BBW model.

  • Jerry Springer - Naked Peek-a-Boo (Season 25 Episode 111)
    Season 25 Episode 111:

    Naked Peek-a-Boo

    Judah reveals something to his friend Johnny; Britani hooks up with her friend's man; Tiffany fears that something is amiss in her marriage.

  • Jerry Springer - Springer and Chill (Season 25 Episode 110)
    Season 25 Episode 110:

    Springer and Chill

    Women do chilling things to win the love of lesbian stripper Tee Tee; Tashiana's cold-hearted mistake could end her relationship; Summer shows no remorse for having sex with her best friend's man.

  • Jerry Springer - You Just Got Duuuumped! (Season 25 Episode 109)
    Season 25 Episode 109:

    You Just Got Duuuumped!

    The guy Meagan met online reveals the truth about his existing relationship status; AJ says his girlfriend has been distant with him lately, but he wants to repair things; Deziray discovers a suggestive video her boyfriend sent to her good friend.

  • Jerry Springer - Amateur Porn Stars Slapped (Season 25 Episode 108)
    Season 25 Episode 108:

    Amateur Porn Stars Slapped

    Newlywed Misty's husband has already cheated on her; Leah hopes to turn her fling with a friend's boyfriend into a real relationship; Rashard and his girlfriend are self-proclaimed porn stars, but his ex wants to get back in the picture.

  • Jerry Springer - Snatched-Up Baby Daddies (Season 25 Episode 107)
    Season 25 Episode 107:

    Snatched-Up Baby Daddies

    When his wife left him, Matt sought comfort from his female roommate; Meb fears that her boyfriend has been hooking up with various women, including her friend Joniqua.

  • Jerry Springer - Bad Girls Beatdown (Season 25 Episode 106)
    Season 25 Episode 106:

    Bad Girls Beatdown

    Don shows no remorse for sleeping with his best friend's woman; a one-night stand with a female stripper has Alike's relationship in flames.

  • Jerry Springer - Stripper Pole Shakedown (Season 25 Episode 105)
    Season 25 Episode 105:

    Stripper Pole Shakedown

    Stripper London found a video of her boyfriend sleeping with her co-worker; Dusty says his girlfriend wants to invite another woman into their relationship; Maitlynn fears that her boyfriend is up to his old cheating ways.

  • Jerry Springer - Never Wife a T.H.O.T. (Season 25 Episode 104)
    Season 25 Episode 104:

    Never Wife a T.H.O.T.

    Jasmine's cheating boyfriend offers her a promise ring; Quan confesses to his girlfriend about his one-night stand; D has absolute proof that his best friend's girlfriend is a cheater.

  • Jerry Springer - Unhappily Ever After (Season 25 Episode 103)
    Season 25 Episode 103:

    Unhappily Ever After

    Tera's husband groped her friend; Tiffany found explicit photos and messages from another woman on her husband's phone; Greg is unable to stop thinking about his wife's stripper sister.

  • Jerry Springer - Dudes Double Down (Season 25 Episode 102)
    Season 25 Episode 102:

    Dudes Double Down

    After a threesome, Heather has started dating her friend's boyfriend; Gypsy wants two women to play strip Black Jack for her heart; Marcus' big mistake may cost him his family.

  • Jerry Springer - Take My Lesbian V-Card (Season 25 Episode 101)
    Season 25 Episode 101:

    Take My Lesbian V-Card

    Ronnie's friend has a shocking revelation that could end his marriage plans; Brittany wants to do some spring cleaning in her cousin's bedroom; Alex does not take kindly to Shelby's advances, and a confrontation ensues.

  • Jerry Springer - Online Hook-Ups IRL (Season 25 Episode 100)
    Season 25 Episode 100:

    Online Hook-Ups IRL

    Shai doesn't trust Marcus; Kate and Mike's rocky marriage gets worse when the man she had an affair with resurfaces; Rob is torn between two strippers.

  • Jerry Springer - Hand Delivered Secrets (Season 25 Episode 99)
    Season 25 Episode 99:

    Hand Delivered Secrets

    Tasha confessed to sleeping with Christine's boyfriend, Chris; Ciera feels that Luther used her.

  • Jerry Springer - Have Your Cake and Beat It! (Season 25 Episode 98)
    Season 25 Episode 98:

    Have Your Cake and Beat It!

    Christian suspects that Bryan and Brittany hooked up; Dae-Dae's obsessive one-night stand.

  • Jerry Springer - Eye Spy a Cheater (Season 25 Episode 97)
    Season 25 Episode 97:

    Eye Spy a Cheater

    Josh regrets proposing to Iyana; Alexis hooked up with Xena's boyfriend; Alannah confronts Courtney.

  • Jerry Springer - Virginal Vixens (Season 25 Episode 96)
    Season 25 Episode 96:

    Virginal Vixens

    Lexi wants to lose her virginity to Tommy; Hillarie can't decide between Frankie and Paul.

  • Jerry Springer - Relationships in the Gutter (Season 25 Episode 95)
    Season 25 Episode 95:

    Relationships in the Gutter

    Nicki says the life she and her fiance live is not what she wants; Shonda exacts some revenge on her former friend for hooking up with her boyfriend; Diana is suspicious of her man wanting her good friend to be on his bowling team.

  • Jerry Springer - Springer's Chapel of Love (Season 25 Episode 94)
    Season 25 Episode 94:

    Springer's Chapel of Love

    Ed regrets cheating on his fiancee but blames her for it; Danielle has some bad news about her cousin's fiance; Quan fears that his secret could ruin his relationship with his girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - You Cheated ... Literally (Season 25 Episode 93)
    Season 25 Episode 93:

    You Cheated ... Literally

    Sarah hooks up with her roommate's boyfriend out of sheer malice; Nick reveals a big secret to his fiancee; Chelly thinks her baby's daddy is cheating on her.

  • Jerry Springer - Lesbian Spring Break! (Season 25 Episode 92)
    Season 25 Episode 92:

    Lesbian Spring Break!

    Jordan and Abby battle it out to see who will accompany their friend on spring break; Trisha confronts her husband and the so-called friend who sent a lewd video to him; rapper Young Money Mane's fan, a stripper, brings him on the show to meet him.

  • Jerry Springer - Sexing My Transexual Sister's Boyfriend (Season 25 Episode 91)
    Season 25 Episode 91:

    Sexing My Transexual Sister's Boyfriend

    Isabella suspects that her bisexual boyfriend had an affair with her sister; Raymond hooked up with his ex when he mistakenly thought his girlfriend cheated on him; Miranda seeks to prevent her twin from having a relationship with a soccer star.

  • Jerry Springer - Sex Bet Goes Bust (Season 25 Episode 90)
    Season 25 Episode 90:

    Sex Bet Goes Bust

    A bet may cost Deonte his marriage; Iceland knows why Kesha's boyfriend is reluctant to pop the question; Derrick's two co-workers want a threesome.

  • Jerry Springer - Bros Versus Babes (Season 25 Episode 89)
    Season 25 Episode 89:

    Bros Versus Babes

    Chris says he hooked up with his so-called friend's girlfriend to get even for being fired from his job; Shauna does not take kindly to a saucy secret from her friend; Millie wants to take her friend's boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Sex Is My Thing (Season 25 Episode 88)
    Season 25 Episode 88:

    Sex Is My Thing

    Solara wants to give her girlfriend a sexy surprise; Jessica confesses to cheating on her fiance; Nique says she slept with her so-called friend's boyfriend to teach her a lesson.

  • Jerry Springer - Bad Decisions With a Transsexual (Season 25 Episode 87)
    Season 25 Episode 87:

    Bad Decisions With a Transsexual

    Natasha reveals something that could affect her future with her new boyfriend; Willie says he allowed things to go too far with his gay friend; a stalker is putting Marcus' relationship in peril.

  • Jerry Springer - Jail Break Beatdown (Season 25 Episode 86)
    Season 25 Episode 86:

    Jail Break Beatdown

    Gerry says his mistress is a stalker trying to blow his cover; Kyle's bisexual girlfriend wants to hook up with her female yoga instructor; Destianya recently got out of jail, but her friend and boyfriend did something that could send her back.

  • Jerry Springer - BBW Blizzard! (Season 25 Episode 85)
    Season 25 Episode 85:

    BBW Blizzard!

    Leanna demands to know whether her girlfriend, Oreo, hooked up with a woman named Spicy; Tara caught her husband messaging another woman online; Austin wants his two potential girlfriends to wrestle in cottage cheese.

  • Jerry Springer - Good, Good Turns Bad, Bad (Season 25 Episode 84)
    Season 25 Episode 84:

    Good, Good Turns Bad, Bad

    Reshaun says he got drunk and unknowingly hooked up with a transsexual, who is now stalking him; Deshonlee's girlfriend has given him an ultimatum.

  • Jerry Springer - Meme Girls (Season 25 Episode 83)
    Season 25 Episode 83:

    Meme Girls

    Sanford says he hooked up with a woman named Chassity because his wife nags him and Chassity makes him feel like a man; April admits to cheating on her boyfriend while he was in jail; Jenna's relationship is about to change, and she doesn't know why.

  • Jerry Springer - Frozen Lovers ... Let It Go (Season 25 Episode 82)
    Season 25 Episode 82:

    Frozen Lovers ... Let It Go

    Raqiyah has been giving her best friend, Eureka, a cold shoulder ever since she found out that her boyfriend gave Eureka a ride; Sarah suspects that her fiance has gotten cold feet and wonders why; Tiny the sexy snowflake performs.

  • Jerry Springer - About Last Night ... (Season 25 Episode 81)
    Season 25 Episode 81:

    About Last Night ...

    Isis learns that her child's father has been sleeping with her sister-in-law; Mike wants to confess to his girlfriend about hooking up with a sure thing; Taylor hopes to sing his way back into his fiancee's heart.

  • Jerry Springer - Betrayed by My Parrot (Season 25 Episode 80)
    Season 25 Episode 80:

    Betrayed by My Parrot

    Hannah is unapologetic about sleeping with her friend's man; Kyosho has neglected to tell her boyfriend that she was born male and cannot give him the children he wants; Chris has not told his mistress that he is married and was born female.

  • Jerry Springer - Threesomes and Touchdowns (Season 25 Episode 79)
    Season 25 Episode 79:

    Threesomes and Touchdowns

    Alexis' confession could thwart her ex's plans for marriage; Erica hopes that admitting to hooking up with another woman will end her current relationship for good; JD finds that juggling two women can be a disaster.

  • Jerry Springer - Cray Cray Secrets (Season 25 Episode 78)
    Season 25 Episode 78:

    Cray Cray Secrets

    Tracy says he caught his ex peeping into his bedroom window; Mariah finds out who is responsible for Isiah's devilish disposition; artist Mercedes' sketch of her friend's boyfriend is worth a thousand words.

  • Jerry Springer - I Won't Be Chained Down (Season 25 Episode 77)
    Season 25 Episode 77:

    I Won't Be Chained Down

    Brittany and her boyfriend want to patch things up, but she has heard rumors that he hooked up with her roommate; Kyle's "perfect" girlfriend wants her freedom; RJ must choose between his girlfriend and her friend.

  • Jerry Springer - Baby Moms Go Ballistic (Season 25 Episode 76)
    Season 25 Episode 76:

    Baby Moms Go Ballistic

    Tim tells his girlfriend that he slept with her sister; Keanu is reluctant to discuss his girlfriend's suspicions that he has been cheating on her; DeJanae slept with the father of her sister's four children.

  • Jerry Springer - First Time Sexperience (Season 25 Episode 75)
    Season 25 Episode 75:

    First Time Sexperience

    Ryan accuses his girlfriend of cheating with his friend; Janae confronts rumors that her baby's daddy has been sleeping with one of her roommates; Michelle wants to try being with a woman.

  • Jerry Springer - Beads & Boas ... Springer Mardi Gras (Season 25 Episode 74)
    Season 25 Episode 74:

    Beads & Boas ... Springer Mardi Gras

    Patrick says he cheated out of revenge on his conniving girlfriend; Josh suspects his girlfriend has been sleeping with his brother; Tiffany puts her heart on the line for the man she loves.

  • Jerry Springer - Red Hot Strippers (Season 25 Episode 73)
    Season 25 Episode 73:

    Red Hot Strippers

    After getting fired from his job, Kody cheated with his girlfriend's co-worker; Mantha confronts the stripper she says is wrecking her relationship with her man; Emily hooked up with another woman's boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Side Chick Pride (Season 25 Episode 72)
    Season 25 Episode 72:

    Side Chick Pride

    Eddie hopes his girlfriend will be OK with him having another woman on the side; LaTanya wants to convince her ex to take her back; John tells Kathryn their plans to marry must be put on hold due to lack of money, but there is another reason.

  • Jerry Springer - Viewers Get Vicious (Season 25 Episode 71)
    Season 25 Episode 71:

    Viewers Get Vicious

    Viewer Zamar wants to date past guest Hijara; a viewer wants to give home-wrecker Nina a whipping; viewer Baron tells a transgender guest to stop being deceitful and be up front about her identity; seductive guests perform.

  • Jerry Springer - Countdown to a Breakup (Season 25 Episode 70)
    Season 25 Episode 70:

    Countdown to a Breakup

    Ethan gets an unexpected reaction to his marriage proposal; Destiny wants to know why her child's father has suggestive videos of her friend on his cell phone; Talisha says her marriage is beyond repair, so she looks elsewhere for attention.

  • Jerry Springer - Bye Felicia (Season 25 Episode 69)
    Season 25 Episode 69:

    Bye Felicia

    Felicia demands to know whether another woman has seduced "her" man; Lexi reveals something about herself to shock a guy she thinks is playing her; one drunken night may ruin Amber's relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - Brawling Blood Lines (Season 25 Episode 68)
    Season 25 Episode 68:

    Brawling Blood Lines

    Chris says he thought of Lynasia as a casual hook-up, but she conned her way into his home and wants a serious relationship; Jake tries to sabotage his relationship with Kayla; a brawl ensues when Jill confronts Gabby about sleeping with her man.

  • Jerry Springer - Fired Up Strippers (Season 25 Episode 67)
    Season 25 Episode 67:

    Fired Up Strippers

    Danny wants to dump his baby mama for a stripper; Ty's secret love affair with a stripper may ruin his relationship with Jalessa; Lena enjoys taking other women's men.

  • Jerry Springer - Booty in My ... (Season 25 Episode 66)
    Season 25 Episode 66:

    Booty in My ...

    Case's boyfriend has a roving eye; John wants to continue seeing both of his girlfriends; Marie and Kenneth return to the show because Marie fears Kenneth is up to his cheating ways.

  • Jerry Springer - Surprise Wedding Guests (Season 25 Episode 65)
    Season 25 Episode 65:

    Surprise Wedding Guests

    Brandy's maids of honor throw her a Jerry Springer-style bachelorette party; Antoinesse tries to prevent her friend's wedding because she has a crush on his fiance; Pat's brother wants his fiancee to know he cheated on her.

  • Jerry Springer - Lesbian Cousins Kiss (Season 25 Episode 64)
    Season 25 Episode 64:

    Lesbian Cousins Kiss

    Kiera, who fears that her new boyfriend is obsessed with her, has a scandalous secret to reveal; after her boyfriend tried to get rid of her cat, Kelly hooked up with his best friend; Brian got revenge on his webcam model girlfriend by cheating.

  • Jerry Springer - Girlfriends Flip Out (Season 25 Episode 63)
    Season 25 Episode 63:

    Girlfriends Flip Out

    Mikey wants to woo his best friend's girlfriend away from him; Daja had a momentary fling with her man's younger brother, who now wants a relationship with her; roommates play a game to see who gets to be with Austin.

  • Jerry Springer - Bad Boy Brawls (Season 25 Episode 62)
    Season 25 Episode 62:

    Bad Boy Brawls

    Fuller and Kenyetta learn that their partners have been cheating together; Amber reveals her deep and dirty secret; Brady has reason to be unfazed by his girlfriend's admission.

  • Jerry Springer - Caught! (Season 25 Episode 61)
    Season 25 Episode 61:


    Janea's boyfriend wanted some excitement and found it on the Internet; Mary Beth moves in on another woman's man; Mike says he has slept with 218 women.

  • Jerry Springer - High and Goodbye (Season 25 Episode 60)
    Season 25 Episode 60:

    High and Goodbye

    Rodney hopes the flame he stoked will eventually come to an end; Clifford did the unthinkable when he slept with his military brother's girlfriend; Exotic says a stripper's life is far from simple.

  • Jerry Springer - Surprise ... I'm a Transsexual Stripper (Season 25 Episode 59)
    Season 25 Episode 59:

    Surprise ... I'm a Transsexual Stripper

    Antwon's Facebook crush has not been completely honest with him; Layla is terrified to learn the truth about her boyfriend; Justice's girlfriend was already aware of his violation.

  • Jerry Springer - I'm Gay ... Sometimes (Season 25 Episode 58)
    Season 25 Episode 58:

    I'm Gay ... Sometimes

    Kayela learns that her boyfriend occasionally has a desire to be with other men, like one he met online; Taisha says she slept with her roommate's boyfriend because she hates her; MD tells his girlfriend that he was born a girl.

  • Jerry Springer - Scheming Sisters (Season 25 Episode 57)
    Season 25 Episode 57:

    Scheming Sisters

    Katie tries to make her brother's relationship fail by getting him to hook up with her friend; Donna says her baby-daddy is unable to do right by her and their child, so she found another man who can; Keon learns he has been duped.

  • Jerry Springer - Past Guest Takedowns (Season 25 Episode 56)
    Season 25 Episode 56:

    Past Guest Takedowns

    Preston, who has been sleeping with his next-door neighbor, wants to dump his wife; Caila wants to confront the friend who has been accused of hooking up with her new boyfriend; Jerry tries to help a previous guest to find a date from the audience.

  • Jerry Springer - Throwback Throwdowns (Season 25 Episode 55)
    Season 25 Episode 55:

    Throwback Throwdowns

    Jerry recaps memorable moments of seething-mad women fighting for the men they love.

  • Jerry Springer - Love Burns Out (Season 25 Episode 54)
    Season 25 Episode 54:

    Love Burns Out

    Pregnant Mareeza wants to confront her children's father about his infidelity; Courtney's boyfriend cheated with her friend; two women have a tug-of-war to determine who will be Jeff's girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Lip-Locked Lesbians (Season 25 Episode 53)
    Season 25 Episode 53:

    Lip-Locked Lesbians

    Phoenyx and China's kiss; Shay wants to get back with Justin; Ariel wants to reveal her true feelings to Erica.

  • Jerry Springer - Hexes on Exes (Season 25 Episode 52)
    Season 25 Episode 52:

    Hexes on Exes

    Dana says Alyssa has been cheating on Cody again; Diesha claims Whitey has been avoiding her; Susan is having an affair with Freddie.

  • Jerry Springer - Bisexual Shocker (Season 25 Episode 51)
    Season 25 Episode 51:

    Bisexual Shocker

    Angel says he's overwhelmed by his arrangement with Brianna; Bree wants to come clean to Kat about Mike; Martin wants Branden back.

  • Jerry Springer - Holiday Hook-Up Regrets (Season 25 Episode 50)
    Season 25 Episode 50:

    Holiday Hook-Up Regrets

    Carissa wants to know what's going on between Jade and Alex; Yvette found out that Trinity hooked up with her boyfriend Dejuan.

  • Jerry Springer - Stalkers Pop-Up (Season 25 Episode 49)
    Season 25 Episode 49:

    Stalkers Pop-Up

    Sophia resorts to extreme measures to get Jamie back; Taylor has a very dark secret to tell Crystal; a love triangle between Rashanna, Snoop and Barbie.

  • Jerry Springer - Porn Star Auditions (Season 25 Episode 48)
    Season 25 Episode 48:

    Porn Star Auditions

    Layla wants to be a porn star; Angel wants Kody's girlfriend to back off; Keisha wants to repair her relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - Love Punked (Season 25 Episode 47)
    Season 25 Episode 47:

    Love Punked

    Desiree and Steve have confessions to make; Andrew tells Becca about a mistake he made with Kayla; Kelvin wants a fresh start with Danielle.

  • Jerry Springer - Relationship Fails (Season 25 Episode 46)
    Season 25 Episode 46:

    Relationship Fails

    Fatima gets the chance to meet her online crush Joe; Robert's wife Ashley confronts 18-year-old Madison; Cody's special delivery for Brandon.

  • Jerry Springer - Twerksgiving (Season 25 Episode 45)
    Season 25 Episode 45:


    Billie's son and daughter constantly fight, because they want to date the same person; Markisha thinks her boyfriend has a peculiar relationship with his cousin; Brett's computer-game addiction is taking a toll on his wife.

  • Jerry Springer - Shocking Sexcapades (Season 25 Episode 44)
    Season 25 Episode 44:

    Shocking Sexcapades

    Amanda's neighbor wants more than just a one-night stand; Ashley's partner is in the process of transitioning to a man but hasn't told her yet; stripper Bonwynn wants to give her boyfriend a sexy surprise.

  • Jerry Springer - Fights on Fleek (Season 25 Episode 43)
    Season 25 Episode 43:

    Fights on Fleek

    Ashley wants to give a former friend the birthday gift she deserves; Shelby's boyfriend dumped her for his ex, but she isn't going down without a fight; Kayla wants to know what went wrong in her relationship, but may not be able to handle the truth.

  • Jerry Springer - Springer's Tailgate Party! (Season 25 Episode 42)
    Season 25 Episode 42:

    Springer's Tailgate Party!

    Selina suspects that there is someone else in her boyfriend's life; Paige fears that someone is trying to push her aside in her marriage; Zack is unable to choose between women, so he has them compete for his love.

  • Jerry Springer - I Love Bad Boys (Season 25 Episode 41)
    Season 25 Episode 41:

    I Love Bad Boys

    Taylor's sweet and kind ways work against him; Lisa's husband has become very friendly with her cousin; men battle for Mai's heart.

  • Jerry Springer - Cousins Turnt Up (Season 25 Episode 40)
    Season 25 Episode 40:

    Cousins Turnt Up

    Tanisha faces the consequences after revealing her cousin's stripper life to their family; Nicole did something she is not proud of with her boyfriend's cousin; Alyssa fishes with her boyfriend and his friend.

  • Jerry Springer - Bad Blood BFFs (Season 25 Episode 39)
    Season 25 Episode 39:

    Bad Blood BFFs

    Cheating boyfriend Hubert wants to sing his way back into his ex-partner's heart; Austin's secret could halt his fiancee's wedding plans; Shannon fears that her boyfriend has been unfaithful.

  • Jerry Springer - Clingy Coeds (Season 25 Episode 38)
    Season 25 Episode 38:

    Clingy Coeds

    Lyric has a surefire plan to get her college roommate to move out; Mike admits to cheating on his girlfriend; Cade is caught in a love triangle with his girlfriend and her mother.

  • Jerry Springer - Transsexual Sex Confessions (Season 25 Episode 37)
    Season 25 Episode 37:

    Transsexual Sex Confessions

    Ty's fantasy has quickly turned into a nightmare; Deasia is in love with someone she has no business being in love with.

  • Jerry Springer - Savage Splits (Season 25 Episode 36)
    Season 25 Episode 36:

    Savage Splits

    Justice plans to move to Florida, but her boyfriend is reluctant to go with her; Dedric wants to meet his stripper crush, who is married to a woman; Ashley is tired of being played for a fool.

  • Jerry Springer - HashtagLOVEWINS (Season 25 Episode 35)
    Season 25 Episode 35:


    Alex wants to upgrade his relationship with Taylor before he joins the military; three women want Imani; Brianna suspects her fiance is cheating on social media.

  • Jerry Springer - Hottie High-School Hook-Ups (Season 25 Episode 34)
    Season 25 Episode 34:

    Hottie High-School Hook-Ups

    Bailey distrusts her baby-daddy and has put a tracking device on his phone; Cali wants to know if her fiance has been hooking up with the baby sitter.

  • Jerry Springer - My Virgin Sister Wants My Man (Season 25 Episode 33)
    Season 25 Episode 33:

    My Virgin Sister Wants My Man

    Desiree desires her sister's boyfriend; Savannah wants to end her relationship with Rusty so she can pursue Rusty's sister; Quella confronts a woman who continues to meddle with her boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - The Stripper Life (Season 25 Episode 32)
    Season 25 Episode 32:

    The Stripper Life

    A woman wants her cousin to stop working as a stripper and embarrassing the family; Dan wants to come clean with Adrianna; strippers compete in performance.

  • Jerry Springer - Mistresses Smoked Out (Season 25 Episode 31)
    Season 25 Episode 31:

    Mistresses Smoked Out

    Brittany wants her boyfriend to make a decision; Shantay wants to confront the woman who's cheating with her boyfriend; Roxy wants to fight for her relationship with John.

  • Jerry Springer - Sorry Not Sorry (Season 25 Episode 30)
    Season 25 Episode 30:

    Sorry Not Sorry

    Relationship advice leads to muddy waters for Kerry and Randy; Jamie fears a man could ruin things for her and her roommate, Ashley; Travon worries about his relationship with his brother.

  • Jerry Springer - Sisters Step Up to Throwdown (Season 25 Episode 29)
    Season 25 Episode 29:

    Sisters Step Up to Throwdown

    Netta wonders about her boyfriend's sexuality; Julie has issues with her boyfriend's sister; Lauren says her sister stole her boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Selfish Singles Get Slapped! (Season 25 Episode 28)
    Season 25 Episode 28:

    Selfish Singles Get Slapped!

    Abby wants her boyfriend's ex out of the picture; Malik feels like he's being suffocated by his girlfriend; Corey and Carlos may not be able to save their relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - Nightmare on Springer Street (Season 25 Episode 27)
    Season 25 Episode 27:

    Nightmare on Springer Street

    Ellie's boyfriend is up to his cheating ways again; Kia has no problem with being a side chick; Jamie has a super-size sweet treat surprise for her cousin.

  • Jerry Springer - Ratchet Rejections (Season 25 Episode 26)
    Season 25 Episode 26:

    Ratchet Rejections

    Rapper Johnny says his partner is jealous over his female fans; Taylor's man cheated with her best friend; Courtney's unhappy husband has sought passion with a woman who is having issues in her own marriage.

  • Jerry Springer - Smash and Dash (Season 25 Episode 25)
    Season 25 Episode 25:

    Smash and Dash

    Rebel complains that his exotic-dancer baby-mama, Queen Bossetta, is not taking care of his needs; Candice has checked all of her boyfriend's online accounts to prove he is cheating; Katie's fairytale relationship may be a fantasy.

  • Jerry Springer - Hotties Hit Hard (Season 25 Episode 24)
    Season 25 Episode 24:

    Hotties Hit Hard

    Ian's stripper fantasy turns into a nightmare; Chelsi says her sister has been manipulated into being gay; Nicky's promiscuous, violent behavior is an embarrassment to her family.

  • Jerry Springer - I Sexed Your Ex (Season 25 Episode 23)
    Season 25 Episode 23:

    I Sexed Your Ex

    Randal wants to know why Kayla dumped him; Tiffney reveals that her husband may not be her son's father; Chelsey does not want her sister to get back together with her ex.

  • Jerry Springer - Sisters Throw Shade (Season 25 Episode 22)
    Season 25 Episode 22:

    Sisters Throw Shade

    Sarah says she has proof that her sister's boyfriend is cheating again; Travon hopes his partner will dump him after he confesses to kissing another woman; Kayla's friend explains why she should not accept her baby-daddy's proposal of marriage.

  • Jerry Springer - Sex on a Break (Season 25 Episode 21)
    Season 25 Episode 21:

    Sex on a Break

    Women find ways to pay Dominique for tattoos; Erica's ex-boyfriend wants to rekindle their relationship, but first he confesses to a one-night stand; a bridesmaid has been sleeping with the groom.

  • Jerry Springer - Crazy Cousin Crushes (Season 25 Episode 20)
    Season 25 Episode 20:

    Crazy Cousin Crushes

    Ivory's years of being mean to her cousin have come back to haunt her; Shane and Megan have crushes on Karissa; Rebecca's husband has been cheating with his ex-girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Roped Into Sex (Season 25 Episode 19)
    Season 25 Episode 19:

    Roped Into Sex

    TJ's night of passion lands him in a world of trouble; Frenchie is ready to call it quits with his baby's mama; two men compete in a series of events to win Kori's heart.

  • Jerry Springer - Springer's Internet Sensations (Season 25 Episode 18)
    Season 25 Episode 18:

    Springer's Internet Sensations

    Viewers turn some of the most popular guests into online sensations.

  • Jerry Springer - Big Fat Lies (Season 25 Episode 17)
    Season 25 Episode 17:

    Big Fat Lies

    Lance learns that someone else is competing for his girlfriend's heart; Ashley's ex-husband wants to get back with her, but she must decide how she feels about his latest indiscretion; Bernice thinks there is something fishy in her relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - Viral Nightmares (Season 25 Episode 16)
    Season 25 Episode 16:

    Viral Nightmares

    Keyonna goes AWOL after meeting up with a man she met on Instagram; pregnant Shannon has two bombs to drop on her boyfriend; Casey suspects that an acquaintance has been sleeping in her boyfriend's bed.

  • Jerry Springer - Stripper Sabotage (Season 25 Episode 15)
    Season 25 Episode 15:

    Stripper Sabotage

    PJ says she was temporarily a lesbian during her stint in jail, but now that she is free, she wants to leave her cell mate behind and get back with men; Bree duped her friend's boyfriend and slept with him; Tae apologizes to his ex to get her back.

  • Jerry Springer - Sham Marriage (Season 25 Episode 14)
    Season 25 Episode 14:

    Sham Marriage

    Extracurricular activities could put a damper on Greggory and Paulette's fairytale wedding; Jeff wants to know why his girlfriend has a suggestive picture of his friend on her phone; a night of succumbing to temptation may ruin Tommy's wedding day.

  • Jerry Springer - Babymamas Hit the Bricks (Season 25 Episode 13)
    Season 25 Episode 13:

    Babymamas Hit the Bricks

    Kesha's longtime man acts as if he is still a single man on the prowl; Brittany slept with her twin's boyfriend; Ashley says her baby's daddy's lies are larger than life.

  • Jerry Springer - Spontaneous Sex Mistakes (Season 25 Episode 12)
    Season 25 Episode 12:

    Spontaneous Sex Mistakes

    Tywon slept with his baby mama's sister and hooked up with their cousin; Becca wants her ex-boyfriend back, then learns he slept with her cousin as a means to get over her; Mamacita thinks a threesome she had was a big mistake.

  • Jerry Springer - Under Cover Exes (Season 25 Episode 11)
    Season 25 Episode 11:

    Under Cover Exes

    Monica's boyfriend's roommate is a woman with whom he once had sex; Levi's girlfriend has a surprise for him when he pops the question.

  • Jerry Springer - Suspicious Packages (Season 25 Episode 10)
    Season 25 Episode 10:

    Suspicious Packages

    Scotty's romantic time with his girlfriend goes downhill when he confesses to sleeping with her friend Pookie; Sabrina is reluctant to accept her boyfriend's proposal; Rokia meets a stripper she has been lusting over online for years.

  • Jerry Springer - Ruthless Rejections (Season 25 Episode 9)
    Season 25 Episode 9:

    Ruthless Rejections

    Tootie wants to take things further with Poppy, but she must dump Taiwan first; Johnny says he is bored with his girlfriend, so he cheated with someone he met online; Quay slept with her gay friend Quan in hope of changing his sexual orientation.

  • Jerry Springer - Boyfriends Bounce Around (Season 25 Episode 8)
    Season 25 Episode 8:

    Boyfriends Bounce Around

    Curtis wants to dump his baby's mama so he can be with other women, including her cousin; Alex's girlfriend and one-night stand have a beer-pong battle over him; Robbie fears his cheating past is coming back to haunt him.

  • Jerry Springer - Big Girls Bring It! (Season 25 Episode 7)
    Season 25 Episode 7:

    Big Girls Bring It!

    Women battle for a man in a pork-and-beans wrestling match; Ray admits to cheating with his girlfriend's father's girlfriend; Chanel says she got even with her former best friend, Brittany, by sleeping with Brittany's husband.

  • Jerry Springer - Lesbian Stepsister Hook-Up (Season 25 Episode 6)
    Season 25 Episode 6:

    Lesbian Stepsister Hook-Up

    Cody learns that his summertime crush has moved on with her stepsister; David admits that he has been sleeping with his friend, but says it is not his fault; Allyson hooked up with her high-school sweetheart, who is dating her good friend.

  • Jerry Springer - My Transsexual Cousin Wants My Man (Season 25 Episode 5)
    Season 25 Episode 5:

    My Transsexual Cousin Wants My Man

    Transsexual Asia thinks her cousin's boyfriend desires her; Katie discovered photos of her boyfriend and her best friend together; Tessa's boyfriend plans to take a trip with another woman.

  • Jerry Springer - Birthday T.H.O.T.S. (Season 25 Episode 4)
    Season 25 Episode 4:

    Birthday T.H.O.T.S.

    Toya wants to continue her romance with her cousin's fiance; Charlie hopes his fiancee can turn a blind eye to his big mistake.

  • Jerry Springer - Sorry Sis, Your Man Is Fair Game (Season 25 Episode 3)
    Season 25 Episode 3:

    Sorry Sis, Your Man Is Fair Game

    Quinn wants her high-school sweetheart back, but he has moved on; Haley says she slept with her sister's boyfriend out of revenge.

  • Jerry Springer - Marriage Meltdowns (Season 25 Episode 2)
    Season 25 Episode 2:

    Marriage Meltdowns

    Chris admits to cheating on his wife, but wants her to stop demeaning him in front of their children; Cameron blames his fiancee for his cheating on her; Daisy has a secret crush.

  • Jerry Springer - 25th Season Spectacular (Season 25 Episode 1)
    Season 25 Episode 1:

    25th Season Spectacular

    Despite being engaged, Chase sees nothing wrong with him being with other women, and wants his fiancee to go along with his plan; Nashon promises he is going to change his ways; Brittany's crazy confession causes more than one relationship to end.

  • Jerry Springer - Love Falls Flat (Season 24 Episode 160)
    Season 24 Episode 160:

    Love Falls Flat

    Chris learns that the person with whom he drunkenly hooked up is not who she appears to be; Cassidy confronts her so-called friend about her behavior at a house party; Markieth has been cheating on Trinesha with Timmesha.

  • Jerry Springer - Bros Get Brushed Off (Season 24 Episode 159)
    Season 24 Episode 159:

    Bros Get Brushed Off

    Myron plans to win back his baby's mother, but she drops a bomb on him; Dawn has a dirty secret to reveal to her boyfriend; Rashell's revelation may put her future with Cecil on hold.

  • Jerry Springer - Now That's a Mouthful (Season 24 Episode 158)
    Season 24 Episode 158:

    Now That's a Mouthful

    Kristin and her special skill set stand in the way of Rikki's trip down the aisle; Eric did something he regrets and asks his wife to forgive him; Danielle fears that her boyfriend cheated with her cousin Qwon.

  • Jerry Springer - I Used You for Sex & Money ... Sorry (Season 24 Episode 157)
    Season 24 Episode 157:

    I Used You for Sex & Money ... Sorry

    Insecure Star likes Deandre, but he prefers her stripper cousin; Dominic has a confession to make to his girlfriend; Kristin cheats with her husband's teenage nephew.

  • Jerry Springer - OMG on Springer (Season 24 Episode 156)
    Season 24 Episode 156:

    OMG on Springer

    Amanda learns that her boyfriend has been blowing his money on strippers; Jessica wants her baby daddy to leave his fiancee; Tyler's partner is ambivalent about his sexuality.

  • Jerry Springer - Cheaters out of Chances (Season 24 Episode 155)
    Season 24 Episode 155:

    Cheaters out of Chances

    Kenyatta confronts a suspected home-wrecker; Corey wants to reunite with his children and their mother; Ashley wants her baby daddy's wife to get out of the way.

  • Jerry Springer - Love Predictions ... Threesomes (Season 24 Episode 154)
    Season 24 Episode 154:

    Love Predictions ... Threesomes

    Jazzy wants a threesome with her best friend and her boyfriend; Danielle's baby daddy hooked up with her good friend; Marra's big secret explodes in his face.

  • Jerry Springer - Fired Up Females (Season 24 Episode 153)
    Season 24 Episode 153:

    Fired Up Females

    Tyler refuses to slow down just because his girlfriend is pregnant; Kaneisha wants another woman to stop interfering in her relationship; Samantha discovered her boyfriend's dirty secret.

  • Jerry Springer - Family Fisticuffs (Season 24 Episode 152)
    Season 24 Episode 152:

    Family Fisticuffs

    Lonnie reveals a big secret to his wife through song; Leynah wants a fairy-tale transsexual wedding; Jesse's boyfriend has a personal matter to disclose.

  • Jerry Springer - Hot and Dumped (Season 24 Episode 151)
    Season 24 Episode 151:

    Hot and Dumped

    Marcus is caught between two baby-mamas; Brett wants to make amends with his ex; Jordi stands by her man, a serial cheater.

  • Jerry Springer - Dodging Divorce (Season 24 Episode 150)
    Season 24 Episode 150:

    Dodging Divorce

    Anthoney wants to be a father to his child, but he wants nothing to do with the one-night-stand mother; Deja had sex with her friend's boyfriend and now wants him for herself; Derrick and Haven have confessions to make.

  • Jerry Springer - I Can't Bear Your Cheating (Season 24 Episode 149)
    Season 24 Episode 149:

    I Can't Bear Your Cheating

    Netta's boyfriend's one-night stand wants him all to herself; Libby says her new man is overbearing, and she just wants to have fun -- with someone else; Kayla wants revenge on her frenemy.

  • Jerry Springer - Players Get Played (Season 24 Episode 148)
    Season 24 Episode 148:

    Players Get Played

    Corey warns Amanda that her boyfriend is still cheating; Ryan, who wants to hook up with Kala, tells her that her boyfriend is unfaithful; Treyshon assures his girlfriend that nothing happened with a transgender woman he met online.

  • Jerry Springer - Thirsty For a Transsexual (Season 24 Episode 147)
    Season 24 Episode 147:

    Thirsty For a Transsexual

    Trina has a surprise for Larry; Edwin wants to end things with Sadee; Shamm and Nita.

  • Jerry Springer - Lesbian Sex and Candy (Season 24 Episode 146)
    Season 24 Episode 146:

    Lesbian Sex and Candy

    Meme wants to have an exclusive relationship with Te; Acadia objects to Lauren and Crystal getting married; Jenna can't decide between Savannah or Deina.

  • Jerry Springer - Hot Girls Behaving Badly (Season 24 Episode 145)
    Season 24 Episode 145:

    Hot Girls Behaving Badly

    Carlos says his girlfriend Danyelle is crazy; Caila says Mari slept with her boyfriend; Bethany's sister, Ashley, claims that Dylan is cheating on her.

  • Jerry Springer - Fling Fall Outs (Season 24 Episode 144)
    Season 24 Episode 144:

    Fling Fall Outs

    Crystal has been sending explicit photos to her roommate's boyfriend; Kevin wants to give Jessica a dream wedding; Mario wants to confess.

  • Jerry Springer - Harsh Heartbreakers (Season 24 Episode 143)
    Season 24 Episode 143:

    Harsh Heartbreakers

    Kierra's friend Adrianna says Darrius is no good; Brittany wants a monogamous relationship with Mark; Samantha hopes Drew accepts her proposition to move in together.

  • Jerry Springer - Talented Liars (Season 24 Episode 142)
    Season 24 Episode 142:

    Talented Liars

    Daniel confesses to cheating on his girlfriend in a song; Brittany thinks her husband is obsessed with basketball; stripper Riley is bored in her relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - Is My Stripper Boyfriend Gay? (Season 24 Episode 141)
    Season 24 Episode 141:

    Is My Stripper Boyfriend Gay?

    Latoia suspects that her male-stripper boyfriend, Hurricane, is gay; Savannah thinks Windy has caused a divide in her relationship with her boyfriend; Taylor wants her one-night stand with Cowboy to turn into a long-term relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - Girls off the Leash (Season 24 Episode 140)
    Season 24 Episode 140:

    Girls off the Leash

    A melee ensues when Carlee reveals what she has been doing behind her girlfriend's back; Sean confronts his girlfriend and the man he suspects her of seeing; Krissy's kinky boyfriend has a contract he wants her to sign.

  • Jerry Springer - Shocking Family Secrets (Season 24 Episode 139)
    Season 24 Episode 139:

    Shocking Family Secrets

    Tamara confronts her ex-girlfriend for dating a man; Jay slept with his stepsister and wants to take things to the next level; April confronts her boyfriend and her cousin, who have been seen around town together.

  • Jerry Springer - Relationships Hit a Sour Note (Season 24 Episode 138)
    Season 24 Episode 138:

    Relationships Hit a Sour Note

    Brandy admits to sleeping with her pregnant friend's boyfriend; Amanda fears that her fiance has eyes for another woman; Scott hopes he can sing his way back into his girlfriend's heart.

  • Jerry Springer - Hush Hush Affairs (Season 24 Episode 137)
    Season 24 Episode 137:

    Hush Hush Affairs

    When aspiring rapper Lila learns that a club promoter is nothing but a scam artist, she reveals her true identity; Janae confronts her boyfriend and stepmother; Sierra parties with her male friends while her boyfriend stays home to raise their child.

  • Jerry Springer - Hostile Hook-Ups (Season 24 Episode 136)
    Season 24 Episode 136:

    Hostile Hook-Ups

    After an argument, stripper Sunshine's boyfriend sought consolation from another woman; Matt hopes his old friend will drop her boyfriend for him; Dede's family tries to sabotage her relationship with Rico.

  • Jerry Springer - Tutu Much! (Season 24 Episode 135)
    Season 24 Episode 135:

    Tutu Much!

    Brittney's boyfriend has no intentions of exclusivity; Heather has confessions to make before she and her husband go their separate ways; Jordan lets his partner know that he found someone else online.

  • Jerry Springer - Secret Transsexual Mistresses (Season 24 Episode 134)
    Season 24 Episode 134:

    Secret Transsexual Mistresses

    One of Freddy's mistresses reveals that they have something in common; an unhappy newlywed and new father picks up a woman in a bar and gets more than he expected; Dariah's online boyfriend has a secret to reveal.

  • Jerry Springer - He Wasn't Gay Last Weekend (Season 24 Episode 133)
    Season 24 Episode 133:

    He Wasn't Gay Last Weekend

    Danielle hopes her one-night stand can escalate into something special; Diamond admits to having sex with her sister's fiance; Laura lives with her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Epic Boyfriend Betrayal (Season 24 Episode 132)
    Season 24 Episode 132:

    Epic Boyfriend Betrayal

    DJ hopes that cheating on his girlfriend will cost him his relationship; Crystal brags about sleeping with her friend's boyfriend; kicked out of their home, Brittney may be taking her former friend's husband with her.

  • Jerry Springer - Men Acting Fishy (Season 24 Episode 131)
    Season 24 Episode 131:

    Men Acting Fishy

    Colby says he stays with Brentnie only for the sake of the children; Melissa's brother catches her kissing a man and tells the man's girlfriend; Sam wants to win back his girlfriend but learns that she has found someone else.

  • Jerry Springer - Drama Queens Dethroned (Season 24 Episode 130)
    Season 24 Episode 130:

    Drama Queens Dethroned

    Taylor thinks her fiance has been hooking up with her roommate; Brian may not get to take his girlfriend to the prom, because he admitted to sleeping with her friend; Yanni wants to take things to the next level, but Vonn wants to play the field.

  • Jerry Springer - Back Up Booty Call (Season 24 Episode 129)
    Season 24 Episode 129:

    Back Up Booty Call

    Renee thinks her twin sister betrayed her by sleeping with her man; Jonathan suspects that his girlfriend has a friend with benefits; Kia plans to repay a back-stabber.

  • Jerry Springer - Flexin' Females (Season 24 Episode 128)
    Season 24 Episode 128:

    Flexin' Females

    Niecey caught her boyfriend in their home with a woman named Mocha Baby, whose story does not match his; another woman gave Samantha's boyfriend a place to stay after she kicked him out; Charles met someone who may end his girlfriend's wedding plans.

  • Jerry Springer - Tramps Stamped Out (Season 24 Episode 127)
    Season 24 Episode 127:

    Tramps Stamped Out

    Pearl learns that her boyfriend sleeps around; Ricky says it is not his fault he has been cheating on his fiancee; Shane wants to leave his wife, but only if a woman named Sherry will have a relationship with him.

  • Jerry Springer - The Fiesta Is Over (Season 24 Episode 126)
    Season 24 Episode 126:

    The Fiesta Is Over

    A scandal involves two cousins and their boyfriends; Hector wants to propose to his girlfriend, but must first come clean about something he did while he was on the road; Brittney wants to get romantic with a man who already has a girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Fierce Fights (Season 24 Episode 125)
    Season 24 Episode 125:

    Fierce Fights

    Heather confronts the stripper who has been sleeping with her husband; Brianna learns that her boyfriend crashed at his ex's after she kicked him out of the house; Amanda reveals that she has been sleeping with her uncle.

  • Jerry Springer - High End Stripper Smackdown (Season 24 Episode 124)
    Season 24 Episode 124:

    High End Stripper Smackdown

    Stripper Tiny wants to get Brandon away from his baby's mother; Brad decides to take matters into his own hands when his wife refuses to quit stripping.

  • Jerry Springer - Party Bus-ted (Season 24 Episode 123)
    Season 24 Episode 123:

    Party Bus-ted

    Brianna demands the truth about her baby's father and her friend; stripper Caylea's ex makes a heartfelt plea to win her back; Keshanna learns that her ex hooked up with another woman.

  • Jerry Springer - Bisexual Bombshells (Season 24 Episode 122)
    Season 24 Episode 122:

    Bisexual Bombshells

    Tyla learns she has a lot to be concerned about in her relationship with Tiger; Glen feels he is under constant surveillance; Marshelle has been posing as a lesbian.

  • Jerry Springer - Snap Cheat (Season 24 Episode 121)
    Season 24 Episode 121:

    Snap Cheat

    Tyler has caught his baby's mother texting other men; Dorian seeks revenge by sleeping with his girlfriend's best friend, Honey Bun; Michael wants his longtime crush to end things with her good-for-nothing boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - I'm Soooorrry (Season 24 Episode 120)
    Season 24 Episode 120:

    I'm Soooorrry

    Will confesses to sleeping with his ex-girlfriend; Danni confronts her friend about sleeping with her boyfriend; Jake says he is too young to be shackled to just one woman.

  • Jerry Springer - Sex Junkies (Season 24 Episode 119)
    Season 24 Episode 119:

    Sex Junkies

    Jen learns that her boyfriend hooked up with a stripper and someone else; Itzy's boyfriend cheated with her cousin Zuly; Ashley takes vengeance on the "friend" who wrecked her last relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - My Baby Daddy Has a Boyfriend (Season 24 Episode 118)
    Season 24 Episode 118:

    My Baby Daddy Has a Boyfriend

    Kayle reacts to her boyfriend's jaw-dropping news; pregnant Hali wants to patch things up with her estranged husband, then learns he has moved on to another woman; Curtis has a thing for Asian women and baby sitters.

  • Jerry Springer - Naive and Knocked Up (Season 24 Episode 117)
    Season 24 Episode 117:

    Naive and Knocked Up

    James, 32, lives for free with his teen girlfriend and her mom, who, he complains, constantly interferes with their sex life; Kelli is nervous about the news her girlfriend is about to drop on her; Raeven's friend has a confession to make.

  • Jerry Springer - Bro Code Brawl (Season 24 Episode 116)
    Season 24 Episode 116:

    Bro Code Brawl

    Rumor has it that Torrance's so-called best friend has violated the guy code; Sarah's instincts tell her that something is amiss in her marriage; Tom wants to ask out a hula-hoop sensation on a date.

  • Jerry Springer - Baby Mama Battle Royale (Season 24 Episode 115)
    Season 24 Episode 115:

    Baby Mama Battle Royale

    Mallory and her fiance cheat on each other; Howard comes clean to his girlfriend, and a melee ensues; Jesse and Amber have some say in whether or not an estranged married couple can reconcile their differences.

  • Jerry Springer - I Stopped Being a Lesbian for You (Season 24 Episode 114)
    Season 24 Episode 114:

    I Stopped Being a Lesbian for You

    Aubrey wants out of his relationship with his angry, bossy girlfriend; Savonnah says she does not trust her girlfriend; Victoria met a woman on a dating website, but secretly has a crush on the woman's brother.

  • Jerry Springer - Throw Down or Go Home (Season 24 Episode 113)
    Season 24 Episode 113:

    Throw Down or Go Home

    Shamica says she saw her boyfriend, Shemarr, and her best friend, Shatyra, running out of her bedroom, naked; Rachel has unfinished business with a woman she caught sleeping with her boyfriend; Mariah vows to wreck a couple's relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - New Mama Drama (Season 24 Episode 112)
    Season 24 Episode 112:

    New Mama Drama

    Heather says her boyfriend became aloof after she gave birth to his child; Gary is tired of living a lie; Tiresha's boyfriend admits to cheating while she was pregnant.

  • Jerry Springer - Stripper Scandals (Season 24 Episode 111)
    Season 24 Episode 111:

    Stripper Scandals

    Ashlee's baby-daddy sought the comfort of her sister; Morgan sees some salacious text messages on her man's phone; Tamara's boyfriend wants to meet his Instagram crush.

  • Jerry Springer - Baby Daddies Bounce ... Back (Season 24 Episode 110)
    Season 24 Episode 110:

    Baby Daddies Bounce ... Back

    Zariah's fiance slept with her friend; Jason's estranged wife admits that his friend might be their baby's father; Bill must end a fling if he wants his ex-girlfriend back.

  • Jerry Springer - Cousin, Will You Be My Girlfriend? (Season 24 Episode 109)
    Season 24 Episode 109:

    Cousin, Will You Be My Girlfriend?

    Amber confronts Shavon; Will wants to be with his cousin Tereca.

  • Jerry Springer - Rappers Battle... For Love (Season 24 Episode 108)
    Season 24 Episode 108:

    Rappers Battle... For Love

    Sony wants to know if Mobetta has been unfaithful.

  • Jerry Springer - Mad Mamas (Season 24 Episode 107)
    Season 24 Episode 107:

    Mad Mamas

    Brandon wants to repair his relationship with Haley; Felipe wants to win back Bianca.

  • Jerry Springer - I Want Better Sex! (Season 24 Episode 106)
    Season 24 Episode 106:

    I Want Better Sex!

    Ciera confronts Paris about some extracurricular activities he did with her friend Lacy; Zack cheated on Jessica because she belittled him.

  • Jerry Springer - My Twin Stole My Prom Date (Season 24 Episode 105)
    Season 24 Episode 105:

    My Twin Stole My Prom Date

    Competitive twins fight over prom date; man admits to cheating and wants to make things right.

  • Jerry Springer - Springer Break-Ups (Season 24 Episode 104)
    Season 24 Episode 104:

    Springer Break-Ups

    Sarah admits to sleeping with her boyfriend's brother; Alicia heard that her boyfriend cheated on her with his own cousin; Jake wants to break up with his girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Twisted Love Triangles (Season 24 Episode 103)
    Season 24 Episode 103:

    Twisted Love Triangles

    Kenny's girlfriend finds out that he had a threesome with strippers; Brandy says she has nightmares about her boyfriend having sex with another woman; Milani has a secret to reveal to the man who dumped his girlfriend for her.

  • Jerry Springer - Hunting for a Man (Season 24 Episode 102)
    Season 24 Episode 102:

    Hunting for a Man

    Jessica wants to break up with her rapper boyfriend, but he proposes marriage; Carly reveals her true feelings for her close friend; Nicole, who has been with her boyfriend for five years, wants to know why he hasn't divorced his wife yet.

  • Jerry Springer - Girl ... Bye (Season 24 Episode 101)
    Season 24 Episode 101:

    Girl ... Bye

    Traniese reveals her true identity to a guy she met online; Que's new love interest finds out he is really a she; Nate contacted the show in order to meet his online crush, who has a surprise for him.

  • Jerry Springer - 3 Point T.H.O.T.S (Season 24 Episode 100)
    Season 24 Episode 100:

    3 Point T.H.O.T.S

    Kareem admits to cheating on his baby-mama with her best friend; Jenny says her friend's boyfriend cheated, but not with her; Money and Justin play basketball to win Empress' heart.

  • Jerry Springer - Sexercise Me (Season 24 Episode 99)
    Season 24 Episode 99:

    Sexercise Me

    Tiffany wants to escalate things with her workout partner, but he has eyes for a woman who is hiding her true identity; Sammie says he offered a woman sex instead of money when he lost a bet to her; Brianna has feelings for her pool-playing buddy.

  • Jerry Springer - Snowed In Sex (Season 24 Episode 98)
    Season 24 Episode 98:

    Snowed In Sex

    Jay admits to cheating on his girlfriend with a woman who wants to take it to the next level; Parail demands to know the truth about his baby-mama and his best friend; Sam has a list of reasons why he wants to break up with his fiancee.

  • Jerry Springer - Frenemies Attack! (Season 24 Episode 97)
    Season 24 Episode 97:

    Frenemies Attack!

    Dustin admits to cheating on his partner with his middle-school crush; psychic Nana says she has a premonition that her fiance is sleeping with her friend; Desiree believes that another woman is contending with her over her boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Past Guests' Mash-Ups (Season 24 Episode 96)
    Season 24 Episode 96:

    Past Guests' Mash-Ups

    Viewer Josh comes on the show to teach a past guest a lesson about respecting women; viewer Fendi, a stripper, was offended by a comment she heard on the show; Jaycee returns to teach another former guest that it is never OK to break up a family.

  • Jerry Springer - Awkward Hook-Ups (Season 24 Episode 95)
    Season 24 Episode 95:

    Awkward Hook-Ups

    Mookie has a confession that could be a deal breaker; Kelvin assures his girlfriend that an encounter he had at a movie theater meant nothing; two women's feelings are mutual, but one of them has a boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Bossy Brides (Season 24 Episode 94)
    Season 24 Episode 94:

    Bossy Brides

    Taylor's fiance reveals the truth; Falin wants her engaged friend to know that she has been hooking up with her man; Yashisca's fiance wants to get all of his skeletons out of the closet before taking a trip down the aisle.

  • Jerry Springer - Slapped With the Truth (Season 24 Episode 93)
    Season 24 Episode 93:

    Slapped With the Truth

    A transgendered woman's boyfriend has a confession to make; Kelsey is ready to take her relationship off life support and get together with someone else; Samantha admits to hooking up with her friend's boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Sleeping With the Frenemy (Season 24 Episode 92)
    Season 24 Episode 92:

    Sleeping With the Frenemy

    Jerrad wants his ex to break up with his boyfriend and come back to him; Holly's friend inadvertently reveals that she had a one-night stand with Holly's husband; Kristol's long-distance boyfriend misleads her.

  • Jerry Springer - Lesbians Come Out ... of the Cold (Season 24 Episode 91)
    Season 24 Episode 91:

    Lesbians Come Out ... of the Cold

    Derrick reveals a secret he has been keeping from the woman he has been seeing; lesbian stripper Diana is on a mission to break up one relationship and start a new one; Summer is a lesbian who cannot stop having sex with men.

  • Jerry Springer - In Your Face Mistresses (Season 24 Episode 90)
    Season 24 Episode 90:

    In Your Face Mistresses

    Arianna learns that her girlfriend has another on the side; Anthony says he made a mistake in cheating on his girlfriend, but the other woman will stop at nothing to be with him.

  • Jerry Springer - Catfight Fever (Season 24 Episode 89)
    Season 24 Episode 89:

    Catfight Fever

    Aaron admits he hooked up with his fiancee's stripper friend; TJ hopes an apology and a song can prevent women from fighting; Dave cheated on the woman he says he loves.

  • Jerry Springer - Busted by Your Bestie (Season 24 Episode 88)
    Season 24 Episode 88:

    Busted by Your Bestie

    Freddie insists he wants to be with his wife and his days of hooking up with his ex-girlfriend are over; Carleeta devises a scheme she thinks will strengthen her bond with her sister; Shi's friend and boyfriend got to know each other better.

  • Jerry Springer - Stripnotized (Season 24 Episode 87)
    Season 24 Episode 87:


    Fefe confronts the strippers with whom her boyfriend had a threesome; stripper Monet teaches her competitive new co-worker a lesson by sleeping with her boyfriend; Cayenne meets a dancer he follows on Instagram.

  • Jerry Springer - Secret T.H.O.T.S (Season 24 Episode 86)
    Season 24 Episode 86:

    Secret T.H.O.T.S

    Cheyenne says her boyfriend has cheated far too many times; Chanti blames her boyfriend's behavior on social media; Selina hates her brother's ex-girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Sexperiments Backfire (Season 24 Episode 85)
    Season 24 Episode 85:

    Sexperiments Backfire

    Bobbie wants to end an online affair with a woman named Encore; Andrew's tiny mistake may end his relationship; Brieanna may have contributed to her boyfriend's affair with her co-worker.

  • Jerry Springer - He's Taken! (Season 24 Episode 84)
    Season 24 Episode 84:

    He's Taken!

    Cupcake refuses to let another woman steal her man again; Chris tells his girlfriend he had sex with her friend; Hayli wants to give her boyfriend a chance to come clean about a recent fling.

  • Jerry Springer - Grooms Full of Bologna (Season 24 Episode 83)
    Season 24 Episode 83:

    Grooms Full of Bologna

    Deshawn is engaged to his baby's mother, but it did not stop him from hooking up with his friend; Quan must reveal a secret to his fiancee; Makayla has a confession that could end her engagement.

  • Jerry Springer - Ice Cold Breakups (Season 24 Episode 82)
    Season 24 Episode 82:

    Ice Cold Breakups

    Summer feels no remorse for having sex with her best friend's boyfriend; Simone confirms that she has something going on with her boyfriend's uncle; Travis' budding career as a hip-hop performer gets in the way of his relationship with Marissa.

  • Jerry Springer - Springer Strip Off (Season 24 Episode 81)
    Season 24 Episode 81:

    Springer Strip Off

    Shianne confronts the stripper she says is destroying her marriage; stripper Candy wants a threesome with her two female co-workers.

  • Jerry Springer - Side Chick Sex (Season 24 Episode 80)
    Season 24 Episode 80:

    Side Chick Sex

    Justine proposes to be Amanda's boyfriend's side chick; Nika learns that her son's father has been cheating with her roommate; Rachel discovers that her husband has been unfaithful with one of her friends.

  • Jerry Springer - Baby, I'm Weak (Season 24 Episode 79)
    Season 24 Episode 79:

    Baby, I'm Weak

    Diamynn admits to hooking up with a man who has a girlfriend and a child; Angel regrets kissing Brittany and does not want to rekindle a relationship with her; Kaitlyn says her husband's floundering wrestling career is hard on their family.

  • Jerry Springer - Played by a Transsexual (Season 24 Episode 78)
    Season 24 Episode 78:

    Played by a Transsexual

    Shai investigates her boyfriend's computer, phone and bank statements looking for suspicious activity; Bottle learns that the sexy woman he met online was born male; the audience chooses which of three transsexuals Keemi will date.

  • Jerry Springer - You're Pregnant by Him, but It Should Be Me (Season 24 Episode 77)
    Season 24 Episode 77:

    You're Pregnant by Him, but It Should Be Me

    Becca wants to rekindle her relationship with her ex, who has a pregnant new girlfriend; best friends Cory, Jess and Juan find themselves in a love triangle; siblings Keimo and Keke learn that their significant others have hooked up.

  • Jerry Springer - Past Guests Get Turned Up (Season 24 Episode 76)
    Season 24 Episode 76:

    Past Guests Get Turned Up

    Viewers confront some of the baddest, saddest and feistiest guests from past shows.

  • Jerry Springer - I Had Sex With My Baby Mama's Twin (Season 24 Episode 75)
    Season 24 Episode 75:

    I Had Sex With My Baby Mama's Twin

    Brittany's twin seems ready, willing and able to pick up her slack; Junior offers his wife a symbolic gesture of his love and commitment, but she has moved on; Becca is crazy about her boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Young Mom Meltdown (Season 24 Episode 74)
    Season 24 Episode 74:

    Young Mom Meltdown

    Keema wants to propose to the father of her child; Eleni went through her boyfriend's cell phone and found revealing text messages from another woman; Mike wants to keep his family intact, but his baby's mother has a confession to make.

  • Jerry Springer - Sexy Girl Crushes (Season 24 Episode 73)
    Season 24 Episode 73:

    Sexy Girl Crushes

    Vinny learns that his girlfriend is leaving him for a woman; Chris' girlfriend bores him since he had a one-night tryst with two women; college student Jenna wants two of her female friends to compete for her heart.

  • Jerry Springer - Big Booty Mistakes (Season 24 Episode 72)
    Season 24 Episode 72:

    Big Booty Mistakes

    Whitney learns what really happens during her children's father's late-night sessions at the recording studio; new mom Coralena is engaged in a war between her fiance and her friend; Denzel's girlfriends fight over him.

  • Jerry Springer - I Paid Your Girlfriend for Sex (Season 24 Episode 71)
    Season 24 Episode 71:

    I Paid Your Girlfriend for Sex

    Khristal's significant other does not take kindly to Billy's advances; a secret revelation puts a kibosh on April's marriage; Meghan wants to reunite with her online boyfriend, who confesses to having had an affair.

  • Jerry Springer - Half-Baked Proposals (Season 24 Episode 70)
    Season 24 Episode 70:

    Half-Baked Proposals

    Fists fly when Cee Cee proposes to her boyfriend on the show; old flames come out of the woodwork to profess their love for Summer; Jon confesses a shocking secret to the woman he wants to marry.

  • Jerry Springer - Frosty Females (Season 24 Episode 69)
    Season 24 Episode 69:

    Frosty Females

    Teekah slept with her sister's boyfriend and wants to be with him; Levi says nothing will stop him from trying to win back his ex; Chastity thinks her baby-daddy is keeping her in the dark for a reason.

  • Jerry Springer - Steamy Sister Sex (Season 24 Episode 68)
    Season 24 Episode 68:

    Steamy Sister Sex

    Angelica is unapologetic about sleeping with her twin's boyfriend; Makayla confronts the woman with whom her children's father hooked up; Stormy wants to take a shower with her friend Jessica.

  • Jerry Springer - Sideline Chicks Smackdown (Season 24 Episode 67)
    Season 24 Episode 67:

    Sideline Chicks Smackdown

    Bre has good reason to think Austin is cheating on her; Michael regrets his actions and hopes his plea can convince Bria to forgive him; Jeremy confesses his feelings for another man's girlfriend through a romantic rap.

  • Jerry Springer - Bad Baby Daddies (Season 24 Episode 66)
    Season 24 Episode 66:

    Bad Baby Daddies

    Demond confesses to cheating on his baby-mama with a woman he met at a gas station; Erika wants to get back together with her husband, who has a child with another woman; Martin admits to cheating with his ex to see if he still has feelings for her.

  • Jerry Springer - Wrestling With a Secret (Season 24 Episode 65)
    Season 24 Episode 65:

    Wrestling With a Secret

    Rodney confesses to doing the unthinkable; Sarah says she no longer wants to marry her girlfriend; two women battle for Jesse's love in an oil-wrestling match.

  • Jerry Springer - Driven to Cheat (Season 24 Episode 64)
    Season 24 Episode 64:

    Driven to Cheat

    Zack and Cheyenne have differing hopes for their future; Nee Nee confronts the friend she thinks is trying to sabotage her relationship with her boyfriend; Stormi confesses to sleeping with her friend's man.

  • Jerry Springer - Man Snatching Sister (Season 24 Episode 63)
    Season 24 Episode 63:

    Man Snatching Sister

    Tia says she has proof that her brother-in-law cheats on her sister; Maranda wants to get back together with her ex-fiance but believes it could stir up problems with her best friend; Kaila wants a threesome.

  • Jerry Springer - Megabeast Unleashed (Season 24 Episode 62)
    Season 24 Episode 62:

    Megabeast Unleashed

    Hollie fears that her husband is cheating again; Zach is running out of time to come clean to his wife about an affair he had with their neighbor; Quinton tells his fiancee about his recent fling with an old flame.

  • Jerry Springer - I'm Not His Cousin, I'm His Fiancee (Season 24 Episode 61)
    Season 24 Episode 61:

    I'm Not His Cousin, I'm His Fiancee

    Thomas' baby's mama and fiancee demand that he choose between them; Autumn reveals her true identity to a man who is interested in her; Alyse is blind-sided by her boyfriend's ruthless rejection.

  • Jerry Springer - Bitter BFFs (Season 24 Episode 60)
    Season 24 Episode 60:

    Bitter BFFs

    Jordan admits that he has not been faithful to his girlfriend; Shay confesses that she has shared a lot with her best friend; Trisha learns that her fiance slept with her friend again.

  • Jerry Springer - Stripper Slapfest (Season 24 Episode 59)
    Season 24 Episode 59:

    Stripper Slapfest

    Audrina is prepared to get to the bottom of rumors that her boyfriend slept with her strip-club co-worker; Ashley's husband wants her permission to have sex with other women; Stephanie's revelation may ruin her bond with her newfound sister.

  • Jerry Springer - Bad Boy Toys (Season 24 Episode 58)
    Season 24 Episode 58:

    Bad Boy Toys

    Emily's damning information may spell disaster for Kadie and Casey's nuptials; Moosa says being in love made him do a crazy, unthinkable thing; Stephen gets a surprise when he goes to dump Barbie for her friend Ashley.

  • Jerry Springer - Pregnant Secrets Dropped (Season 24 Episode 57)
    Season 24 Episode 57:

    Pregnant Secrets Dropped

    A man cheats on his girlfriend, then tries to apologize; a woman realizes the father of her child could be her good friend's boyfriend; a woman gets more than she bargained for when she hooks up with her friend's roommate.

  • Jerry Springer - Transsexual Surprise (Season 24 Episode 56)
    Season 24 Episode 56:

    Transsexual Surprise

    A woman suspects her husband is cheating; a stripper hired for a bachelor party turns out to be man; a woman tries to avoid contact with her one-night stand.

  • Jerry Springer - Boyfriend Stealing Bestie (Season 24 Episode 55)
    Season 24 Episode 55:

    Boyfriend Stealing Bestie

    A woman thinks her friend is sleeping with someone she is also dating; a man wants his girlfriend back after she leaves; a woman tries to save her friend from what she thinks is a bad relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - Next Level Shockers (Season 24 Episode 54)
    Season 24 Episode 54:

    Next Level Shockers

    A woman confronts her fiance and his ex; a man tries to explain to his girlfriend that he has been involved with someone else; a lesbian with a girlfriend has feelings for a man.

  • Jerry Springer - Mistress Takeover (Season 24 Episode 53)
    Season 24 Episode 53:

    Mistress Takeover

    After a co-worker started rumors about her, Samantha got even by sleeping with the woman's boyfriend; Jordan says his girlfriend's accusations force him to cheat; Yanalee's boyfriend wants to end their relationship in order to pursue a stripper.

  • Jerry Springer - Fooled by a Fake Friend (Season 24 Episode 52)
    Season 24 Episode 52:

    Fooled by a Fake Friend

    Mike is ready to end his relationship with his girlfriend because of her jealous ways; Jared admits a secret; Barry hopes to prove to an exotic dancer that he is not a typical customer and wants a chance at love.

  • Jerry Springer - She Took My Man ... and My Car! (Season 24 Episode 51)
    Season 24 Episode 51:

    She Took My Man ... and My Car!

    Strippers Precious and Jewels have too much in common; John learns that his friend is responsible for the downturn in his marriage; DJ's girlfriend wants to see other people.

  • Jerry Springer - One Night Stands Reunited (Season 24 Episode 50)
    Season 24 Episode 50:

    One Night Stands Reunited

    T-Jay says it is time to share his deep, dark secret with the woman he has been seeing; Natasha wants to marry her baby's father, but he is miserable in the relationship; Sasha's boyfriend betrayed her trust.

  • Jerry Springer - Hot Headed Bromance (Season 24 Episode 49)
    Season 24 Episode 49:

    Hot Headed Bromance

    Another man may thwart Devin's pursuit of a relationship with a college student; Zhane learns who has been occupying her boyfriend's time; Emily and her brother learn that their significant others have gotten too close.

  • Jerry Springer - Baby Daddy Deception (Season 24 Episode 48)
    Season 24 Episode 48:

    Baby Daddy Deception

    Percy must choose between his baby-mama and his other woman; Mary learns that her fiance has messed around with her friend; Casey wonders whether she should get back together with a man who constantly lies.

  • Jerry Springer - Hillbilly Heartbreak (Season 24 Episode 47)
    Season 24 Episode 47:

    Hillbilly Heartbreak

    Josh wants to win back his ex, but his cheating ways resurface; Deja confronts her boyfriend about his indecent proposal to twin strippers; Misti learns that her boyfriend is cheating again.

  • Jerry Springer - Don't Settle for My Sister ... Pick Me (Season 24 Episode 46)
    Season 24 Episode 46:

    Don't Settle for My Sister ... Pick Me

    Josh says his world was ruined once his girlfriend gave birth to their child, so he slept with her sister; Derrick wants to dump his boyfriend so that he can be single, free and able to do his own thing.

  • Jerry Springer - Sex Secrets & Regrets (Season 24 Episode 45)
    Season 24 Episode 45:

    Sex Secrets & Regrets

    Tracy is angry because her one-night stand has never called back; Alyssa wants to experience a first with her female best friend; Alfonso's girlfriend gets the attention she wants from another source.

  • Jerry Springer - I Was Set Up! (Season 24 Episode 44)
    Season 24 Episode 44:

    I Was Set Up!

    Paige disapproves of her sister's boyfriend and devises a plan to get her to leave him; another woman may foil Derek's plans to make his girlfriend a permanent part of his life; Tony wants his cousin's girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - WCW: Women Crushed Wednesday (Season 24 Episode 43)
    Season 24 Episode 43:

    WCW: Women Crushed Wednesday

    John's one moment of weakness may cost him everything; Antonio meets his online crush; Paige tries to make her boyfriend forgive her for cheating by offering him a threesome.

  • Jerry Springer - Strippers Shake It Up (Season 24 Episode 42)
    Season 24 Episode 42:

    Strippers Shake It Up

    Tanisha confronts her man and the dancer who hooked up with him; to try to get her boyfriend to marry her, Brandi has taken extraordinary measures to spice up their love life; Ashley needs to teach her coworker the importance of stripper etiquette.

  • Jerry Springer - I Cheated Because You're Pregnant (Season 24 Episode 41)
    Season 24 Episode 41:

    I Cheated Because You're Pregnant

    Priscilla's boyfriend admits to cheating but blames her and her pregnancy for his behavior; Santana says he is willing to change, but his actions may be too little, too late; Scoota wants the benefits of a relationship without the attachment.

  • Jerry Springer - Stone Cold Sisters (Season 24 Episode 40)
    Season 24 Episode 40:

    Stone Cold Sisters

    Destiny confronts her friend about trespassing on other people's property; a confession of epic proportions could be a deal breaker; a hidden secret may alter a couple's plans.

  • Jerry Springer - Mom, We're Sleeping With Your Man (Season 24 Episode 39)
    Season 24 Episode 39:

    Mom, We're Sleeping With Your Man

    Tori confesses that she has been sleeping with her mother's boyfriend; Tabitha wants her man to admit to his wrongdoing; Daniel pleads his case through song.

  • Jerry Springer - Horrible Husbands (Season 24 Episode 38)
    Season 24 Episode 38:

    Horrible Husbands

    Brooklyn sheds light on why a married woman contracted an STD; Brittany's husband is not the only one she should distrust; Brianna's boyfriend and his accomplice have been using her.

  • Jerry Springer - Threesomes and Throwdowns (Season 24 Episode 37)
    Season 24 Episode 37:

    Threesomes and Throwdowns

    Three best friends agree to have a threesome; Leo's fiancee confronts her cousin about some explicit photos she sent to him; Brian wants to leave his possessive girlfriend, but she refuses to give up without a fight.

  • Jerry Springer - Bestie Blindside (Season 24 Episode 36)
    Season 24 Episode 36:

    Bestie Blindside

    Emani says she will do anything to win back her ex-boyfriend, but her best friend tells her why she should not; Davita's husband has a confession to make; Shannon challenges her boyfriend's other woman to a wrestling match.

  • Jerry Springer - Halloween: I'm Sorry Boo (Season 24 Episode 35)
    Season 24 Episode 35:

    Halloween: I'm Sorry Boo

    Alex, who left his girlfriend while she was pregnant, wants her back; Ciarra faces Trice's wrath for sleeping with her boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Barely Legal Hook-Ups (Season 24 Episode 34)
    Season 24 Episode 34:

    Barely Legal Hook-Ups

    Paige wants her man to commit; Monica suspects her daughter's boyfriend is cheating; Ashleigh wants two women to show off their hidden talents to win her love.

  • Jerry Springer - Baby Daddy Denial (Season 24 Episode 33)
    Season 24 Episode 33:

    Baby Daddy Denial

    Megan's sister knows something that could change her mind about her cheating boyfriend; Princess admits to having feelings for her ex; Brad's girlfriend wonders why his attitude toward her has changed.

  • Jerry Springer - Chronic Cheaters (Season 24 Episode 32)
    Season 24 Episode 32:

    Chronic Cheaters

    Destiny admits to cheating on her live-in boyfriend with a one-night stand; an all-out battle ensues after Kashe confesses to hooking up with her cousin's girlfriend; two men challenge each other to an eating contest to win Amber.

  • Jerry Springer - You're Not Man Enough (Season 24 Episode 31)
    Season 24 Episode 31:

    You're Not Man Enough

    Alex refuses to lose his ex-girlfriend without a fight; CeeCee needs to reveal her true identity to her online crush; Kyle and his sister have secrets to confess.

  • Jerry Springer - I Slept With 120 Men ... and Yours (Season 24 Episode 30)
    Season 24 Episode 30:

    I Slept With 120 Men ... and Yours

    Paige admits to sleeping with her friend's boyfriend; Alex confesses to cheating with two women; Kaylynn decides to get even with her friend.

  • Jerry Springer - Battle Royal With Cheese (Season 24 Episode 29)
    Season 24 Episode 29:

    Battle Royal With Cheese

    Stripper Brittany confronts a co-worker who hooked up with one of Brittany's clients; Bebo's baby-mama confesses to sleeping with his best friend; three guests provide a surprise.

  • Jerry Springer - I Cheated With Three Strippers (Season 24 Episode 28)
    Season 24 Episode 28:

    I Cheated With Three Strippers

    Darleen's husband says he is addicted to strip clubs; Mary's boyfriend is obsessed with cleaning his car, and she suspects he is using it as cover for something else; Jesse's fear of commitment lands him in hot water.

  • Jerry Springer - Girlfriends Get Rolled (Season 24 Episode 27)
    Season 24 Episode 27:

    Girlfriends Get Rolled

    Joanne wants to have a threesome with her friend and the friend's boyfriend; Ron's girlfriend is insanely jealous for a reason; Jazmen confronts her boyfriend and a woman he has been sexting.

  • Jerry Springer - I'm Gay & Sleeping With Your Nephew (Season 24 Episode 26)
    Season 24 Episode 26:

    I'm Gay & Sleeping With Your Nephew

    Kenny hooked up with a woman who is pressing him for a relationship, but he has a surprise for her; possessive Kelsey confronts her boyfriend and the woman with whom he hooked up at a house party; Jeremy wants to end his relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - Mistresses Reeled In (Season 24 Episode 25)
    Season 24 Episode 25:

    Mistresses Reeled In

    Scotty says he feels like his girlfriend has a GPS on him 24/7; Giovanni blames his girlfriend for his infidelity; Winona wants to spice things up in the bedroom.

  • Jerry Springer - It Was a 1 Night Smash (Season 24 Episode 24)
    Season 24 Episode 24:

    It Was a 1 Night Smash

    Brady proposes to his ex-girlfriend, then she learns he cheated with her friend; Dillon feels he has to come clean about an advance he made toward his fiancee's friend.

  • Jerry Springer - Auditioning New Girlfriends (Season 24 Episode 23)
    Season 24 Episode 23:

    Auditioning New Girlfriends

    A transgender man has second thoughts about marrying a woman; Germaine wants his ex to take him back and reveals a secret; Stormie's husband gives her an ultimatum.

  • Jerry Springer - 50 Shades of Springer (Season 24 Episode 22)
    Season 24 Episode 22:

    50 Shades of Springer

    Kiki wants to marry the man who cheated with her cousin; Tayshun blames his girlfriend for his infidelity; a porn star wants her crush to act out a scene with her.

  • Jerry Springer - Down for a Threesome? (Season 24 Episode 21)
    Season 24 Episode 21:

    Down for a Threesome?

    Things were going great with his new girlfriend until Roger found himself in bed with her friend; Kandy's boyfriend reveals a secret that could change her generous ways; Dannisha's boyfriend continues to beg for a threesome.

  • Jerry Springer - My Big Gay Wedding (Season 24 Episode 20)
    Season 24 Episode 20:

    My Big Gay Wedding

    Barin's new girlfriend has a secret; Ericka disapproves of her sister's girlfriend; another man may ruin Tyler's wedding.

  • Jerry Springer - A Hot Minute (Season 24 Episode 19)
    Season 24 Episode 19:

    A Hot Minute

    Sarah confronts her boyfriend and the woman with whom he is rumored to have had a rendezvous; Thomas professes an emotional connection to his friend's girlfriend; Tootie breaks bad news to her boyfriend and his meddling sister.

  • Jerry Springer - Heartburned (Season 24 Episode 18)
    Season 24 Episode 18:


    Danny plans to leave his child's mother for a stripper; Richard confesses to his fiancee that he cheated while she was locked up; Dorreon wants to put the kibosh on his relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - Proposal Do-Over (Season 24 Episode 17)
    Season 24 Episode 17:

    Proposal Do-Over

    Antiatte's friend and sister determine whether she will accept her boyfriend's marriage proposal; two women battle it out for a porn star's love; Britanny says something is fishy about her boyfriend's behavior.

  • Jerry Springer - Clingy Chicks (Season 24 Episode 16)
    Season 24 Episode 16:

    Clingy Chicks

    Nick's girlfriend finds out why he spends so much time with their neighbor; Osha's boyfriend scored with his female friend; Brandi resents her boyfriend's reckless behavior after all of the sacrifices she has made to keep their relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - Bring It Bro (Season 24 Episode 15)
    Season 24 Episode 15:

    Bring It Bro

    A man wants to get back with his ex-girlfriend; a woman seeks to end two relationships; a man tries to save his marriage.

  • Jerry Springer - Lesbian Twin Love Triangle (Season 24 Episode 14)
    Season 24 Episode 14:

    Lesbian Twin Love Triangle

    A woman finds romance with her fiancee's twin sister; a man turns to another woman for attention; a man tells the mother of his child that he wants to be with someone else.

  • Jerry Springer - Girlfriend Grudge Match (Season 24 Episode 13)
    Season 24 Episode 13:

    Girlfriend Grudge Match

    A woman finds out her co-worker went out with her boyfriend; a woman finds a video of another woman on her boyfriend's phone.

  • Jerry Springer - I Slept With Your Twin & Your Mom (Season 24 Episode 12)
    Season 24 Episode 12:

    I Slept With Your Twin & Your Mom

    A woman sleeps with her twin sister's boyfriend; a man is caught between two women; a man asks a friend to lie for him.

  • Jerry Springer - My Stripper Sister Strikes Again (Season 24 Episode 11)
    Season 24 Episode 11:

    My Stripper Sister Strikes Again

    A woman wants the truth from her sister and boyfriend; a woman must decide between two men; a woman hooks up with her friend's boyfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Fight Fest (Season 24 Episode 10)
    Season 24 Episode 10:

    Fight Fest

    Briget wants the rumors about her boyfriend's cheating to stop; Samantha says her best friend has turned into her worst enemy; Moniqua wants to get her ex-boyfriend's new baby-mama out of the picture.

  • Jerry Springer - Lesbian Sister Betrayals (Season 24 Episode 9)
    Season 24 Episode 9:

    Lesbian Sister Betrayals

    Leon has nothing but contempt for his sister's girlfriend, but found himself doing an unthinkable act with her; Brenda fears that a romance with Erika could ruin their friendship; Jenny wants to confess a mistake to her sister.

  • Jerry Springer - Proposals Backfire (Season 24 Episode 8)
    Season 24 Episode 8:

    Proposals Backfire

    Chyna confronts her backstabbing "friend"; Jarod says the stress of being the sole breadwinner for his family has driven him down the path of adultery; Derrick proposes to his ex-girlfriend, who is already married.

  • Jerry Springer - Fall Flings (Season 24 Episode 7)
    Season 24 Episode 7:

    Fall Flings

    Alex says he was forced into his relationship with his girlfriend, and he has a secret to reveal; two women wrestle in applesauce for Lexi's love; Tai has moved from Atlanta to Ohio to be with his baby-mama, but she has a confession to make.

  • Jerry Springer - Dangerously in Love (Season 24 Episode 6)
    Season 24 Episode 6:

    Dangerously in Love

    Deja confronts her child's father to find out why she found her friend's number on his call log; Christian wanted to do the right thing after fathering a baby, then hooked up with another woman; Davonta says his ex is crazy, and he wants to be free.

  • Jerry Springer - Selfie Destruction (Season 24 Episode 5)
    Season 24 Episode 5:

    Selfie Destruction

    Tish finds bad news while snooping through her friend's cell phone; Kalia wants Victoria's boyfriend; CJ blames his wife for his infidelity.

  • Jerry Springer - Smothered ... With Sauce (Season 24 Episode 4)
    Season 24 Episode 4:

    Smothered ... With Sauce

    D'Handsome wants to call off his engagement; Jeff wants a threesome; Jamie's boyfriend hooked up with another woman.

  • Jerry Springer - Forecast: 90 Percent Chance of Cheating (Season 24 Episode 3)
    Season 24 Episode 3:

    Forecast: 90 Percent Chance of Cheating

    Morgan's boyfriend's controlling ways have driven her into the arms of his cousin; Hannah goes to great lengths to keep track of her boyfriend's whereabouts; Ebony wants her boyfriend to step up and be a positive example for their children.

  • Jerry Springer - Turned Down for ... What?! (Season 24 Episode 2)
    Season 24 Episode 2:

    Turned Down for ... What?!

    Tashe wants the truth about her boyfriend and another woman; Frank has a revelation that will turn his girlfriend's world upside down; Passion wonders if she should give her boyfriend a threesome.

  • Jerry Springer - Love Sick (Season 24 Episode 1)
    Season 24 Episode 1:

    Love Sick

    Ariana's friend wants her to dump her boyfriend for him; Samantha goes on strike because she fears that her boyfriend is cheating.

  • Jerry Springer - I Cheated With a Man ... Again (Season 23 Episode 161)
    Season 23 Episode 161:

    I Cheated With a Man ... Again

    Courtney's fiance has cheated, not once, but twice; Heather comes clean about something that may ruin her chances of restoring her relationship with her boyfriend; Jack says he regrets being unfaithful to his wife.

  • Jerry Springer - Dead-End Relationships (Season 23 Episode 160)
    Season 23 Episode 160:

    Dead-End Relationships

    Eric cuts ties with his nagging, bickering girlfriend; Adam confesses to his partner that he had a one-night stand; Brad has a list of reasons why he wants to break off his engagement.

  • Jerry Springer - Girlfriend Wannabes ... Dumped (Season 23 Episode 159)
    Season 23 Episode 159:

    Girlfriend Wannabes ... Dumped

    Krissy learns why her relationship with her boyfriend has not escalated; Taylor's girlfriend knows he is a cheater but keeps hoping he will change; after learning she has caught an STD, Renee's boyfriend confesses to hooking up with numerous women.

  • Jerry Springer - Buzzkill Boyfriends (Season 23 Episode 158)
    Season 23 Episode 158:

    Buzzkill Boyfriends

    Taniaja says she was faithful to her on-again, off-again fiance until one night when her friend's boyfriend gave her a lift; Nick may be returning to his ex-girlfriend; Kade fears that what he did at his bachelor party may ruin his upcoming marriage.

  • Jerry Springer - I Had Sex With My Ex (Season 23 Episode 157)
    Season 23 Episode 157:

    I Had Sex With My Ex

    Armina is desperate to get back with her ex-boyfriend, even though each has moved on to someone else; Brett is enamored of a woman who prefers her friend's boyfriend; Ryan has an obsessive devotee who will not leave him alone.

  • Jerry Springer - Fabulous Fights (Season 23 Episode 156)
    Season 23 Episode 156:

    Fabulous Fights

    Gay Deyoun regrets hooking up with the woman who took him in when he had no place to go; Mark says he loves his wife but cheated on her because she is not exciting enough in the bedroom; Curtis' partner has been spending time with a woman.

  • Jerry Springer - Mudslinging Mistresses (Season 23 Episode 155)
    Season 23 Episode 155:

    Mudslinging Mistresses

    Sadie is ready to bust her boyfriend for his web of lies; JJ's one-night stand challenges his fiancee to a mud-wrestling match; Corrine's inattentiveness may push her girlfriend into changing her allegiance.

  • Jerry Springer - Family Drama (Season 23 Episode 154)
    Season 23 Episode 154:

    Family Drama

    Pregnant Shativa has recruited her best friend to get revenge on her cousin, who hooked up with her baby's daddy; Seth has slept with Graber's girlfriend, sister and mother.

  • Jerry Springer - Love Tyrants (Season 23 Episode 153)
    Season 23 Episode 153:

    Love Tyrants

    Lanie says her baby's daddy drives her insane, and she is ready to move on; Damaja says he is not ready to settle down with his girlfriend and wants to be free to hook up with other women; Amber caught her girlfriend cheating with her ex.

  • Jerry Springer - Booty Bumpin' Breakups (Season 23 Episode 152)
    Season 23 Episode 152:

    Booty Bumpin' Breakups

    Amy's fiance is unhappy in their relationship; after inviting a friend to have a threesome with her and her husband, Crystal fears that the two of them have left her out in the cold; the love of Nicki's life is pursuing a woman named Cheeks.

  • Jerry Springer - Brides Get the Boot (Season 23 Episode 151)
    Season 23 Episode 151:

    Brides Get the Boot

    Gilbert wants to stop his brother from getting married; Katie says her friend is blackmailing a man into marriage; Jay wants to reveal a shocking secret before he proposes to his girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - I'm Leaving My Baby Mama (Season 23 Episode 150)
    Season 23 Episode 150:

    I'm Leaving My Baby Mama

    J wants nothing to do with his fiancee, but she does not want to end the relationship despite his confession of cheating; Dave gets a surprise when he proposes to the love of his life; Tanesha has moved on, but her ex has not.

  • Jerry Springer - Transsexual Temptations (Season 23 Episode 149)
    Season 23 Episode 149:

    Transsexual Temptations

    Malik learns that his crazy stalker is a man; male strippers battle it out for a woman's affection, but she has a revelation to make; Tim says his new girlfriend is everything his ex is not.

  • Jerry Springer - Indecent Proposals (Season 23 Episode 148)
    Season 23 Episode 148:

    Indecent Proposals

    Foot model Ashley wants to give her best customer the time of his life; Derek's distrust of his fiancee has gotten the better of him; stripper Sedan fears that her co-worker has a crush on her.

  • Jerry Springer - Twin Trouble (Season 23 Episode 147)
    Season 23 Episode 147:

    Twin Trouble

    Cassie puts her cheating fiance on the hot seat; Regina has heard rumors that her man has been hooking up with her best friend; Marcus says his girlfriend's twin sisters seduced him into having a threesome.

  • Jerry Springer - I'm an Honest Cheater! (Season 23 Episode 146)
    Season 23 Episode 146:

    I'm an Honest Cheater!

    Meech apologizes to Kristina for leaving her after hooking up, but she has a secret surprise for him; an engaged couple cheat on each other; Alyssa's longtime fiance drops a bomb on her.

  • Jerry Springer - Fights! (Season 23 Episode 145)
    Season 23 Episode 145:


    Pregnant Ashley's boyfriend cheats on her with multiple women; things between Daniel and his mistress have spiraled out of control, and he wants her to leave him and his family alone; Tim confronts a man who slept with his ex.

  • Jerry Springer - We're Practicing for Porn (Season 23 Episode 144)
    Season 23 Episode 144:

    We're Practicing for Porn

    Single mother Montel wants to make easy money with her friend's man; Tiffany wants nothing more to do with her ex, and to prove it she hooked up with his friend; Heather says she moved in on her frenemy's boyfriend in revenge.

  • Jerry Springer - I Propose We Break Up! (Season 23 Episode 143)
    Season 23 Episode 143:

    I Propose We Break Up!

    Veronica learns that her husband has been cheating with her sister; when Chris proposes to his girlfriend, her reaction is unexpected; Ryan's girlfriend is already married and slept with his good friend.

  • Jerry Springer - Big Time Liars (Season 23 Episode 142)
    Season 23 Episode 142:

    Big Time Liars

    Newlywed Emma reveals the identity of her mystery lover; Brian's secret is eating him alive; Lolo confesses the reason his baby-mama mistreats him.

  • Jerry Springer - Bros Get Brutal (Season 23 Episode 141)
    Season 23 Episode 141:

    Bros Get Brutal

    Donte wants to win back the love of his life, but she has moved on; Allison says her boyfriend mistreats her, but she wants to repair their broken relationship; Shay confesses that she slept with her girlfriend's cousin.

  • Jerry Springer - Sister Showdown (Season 23 Episode 140)
    Season 23 Episode 140:

    Sister Showdown

    Zack is in love with two sisters, so they wrestle in the mud, with the winner landing him as the prize; twins learn that they have been hooking up with the same man; Bianca's mother and sister weigh in when Felipe tries to win her back.

  • Jerry Springer - Smashed and Passed (Season 23 Episode 139)
    Season 23 Episode 139:

    Smashed and Passed

    Ashley learns that her fiance hooked up with two women; Brandon finds out that his child's mother cheated while he was incarcerated; Addie wants her best friend to leave her husband and children for her.

  • Jerry Springer - Nice Guys ... Finish Last (Season 23 Episode 138)
    Season 23 Episode 138:

    Nice Guys ... Finish Last

    Amber reveals her deep and dirty secret; Joe's girlfriend is newly attracted to women; Kody wants to date his brother's girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Man Stealers Slapped! (Season 23 Episode 137)
    Season 23 Episode 137:

    Man Stealers Slapped!

    A man confronts his boyfriend-stealing friend; a man confesses to cheating.

  • Jerry Springer - Peek a Boo ... I'm Leaving You (Season 23 Episode 136)
    Season 23 Episode 136:

    Peek a Boo ... I'm Leaving You

    Wild Nichelle says she wants to settle down for her new boyfriend, but her weekend in Las Vegas is not helping her transformation; in order to break up with her boyfriend, Amy cheated on him with her friend's guy; Taylor wants to propose to her man.

  • Jerry Springer - I Slept With My Twin Brother's Boyfriend (Season 23 Episode 135)
    Season 23 Episode 135:

    I Slept With My Twin Brother's Boyfriend

    Clara says she is in love with her twin's fiance; Melloh has second thoughts about marrying his fiancee after being seduced by her friend; Kasie confesses to her fiance about a one-night stand with their roommate.

  • Jerry Springer - Trailer Park Hustle (Season 23 Episode 134)
    Season 23 Episode 134:

    Trailer Park Hustle

    Brady is unfazed by his girlfriend's admission; Tiffany's sordid revelation may derail her husband's plans; Vanna admits to hooking up with her girlfriend's roommate.

  • Jerry Springer - Sexy Cyber Hook-Ups (Season 23 Episode 133)
    Season 23 Episode 133:

    Sexy Cyber Hook-Ups

    Jahari must choose between his girlfriend and his Instagram interest; Justin wants to dump his girlfriend for his online crush; Don tells a woman he met online that he was only using her and he wants to get back with his ex.

  • Jerry Springer - Worst. Boyfriend. Ever! (Season 23 Episode 132)
    Season 23 Episode 132:

    Worst. Boyfriend. Ever!

    Brandi has dreams that her boyfriend is cheating on her; Chris has a confession to make; Danny has no plans of stopping his infidelity.

  • Jerry Springer - Misleading Men (Season 23 Episode 131)
    Season 23 Episode 131:

    Misleading Men

    Natasha threatened to do bodily harm to her boyfriend if she caught him checking out another woman; cousins feud over a man; Rosa slept with her friend's ex as part of a dare.

  • Jerry Springer - BFF Beatdown (Season 23 Episode 130)
    Season 23 Episode 130:

    BFF Beatdown

    Keyanna blames social media for ruining her relationship; David has a secret to reveal; Sirrock meets his Instagram crush.

  • Jerry Springer - Crazy Prison Breakups (Season 23 Episode 129)
    Season 23 Episode 129:

    Crazy Prison Breakups

    Dusty's latest conquest may be the straw that broke the camel's back; Adrienna fights women who have slept with her man; Zack's girlfriend cheated on him twice.

  • Jerry Springer - Toxic Marriage Madness (Season 23 Episode 128)
    Season 23 Episode 128:

    Toxic Marriage Madness

    Lonnie has a big secret to reveal, and he does so through song; Jeff cheats with his wife's co-worker; a lesbian triangle.

  • Jerry Springer - Stripper Fight Free-for-All (Season 23 Episode 127)
    Season 23 Episode 127:

    Stripper Fight Free-for-All

    Loreal confronts two dancers who have been taking up too much of her man's time; James gets revenge on his girlfriend; AJ tells of hooking up with his friend's wife.

  • Jerry Springer - Dirty Fights (Season 23 Episode 126)
    Season 23 Episode 126:

    Dirty Fights

    Meghan wants to get back together with her boyfriend, but has trouble trusting him; Mikeyah is ready to kick her roommate to the curb; Morgan wants to put the kibosh on her wedding plans to James.

  • Jerry Springer - Sugar Daddy Smackdown (Season 23 Episode 125)
    Season 23 Episode 125:

    Sugar Daddy Smackdown

    Kari wants to ruin the relationship between her boyfriend and his daughter; a stripper gets revenge on a co-worker by sleeping with her girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Strippers Make It Rain on Springer (Season 23 Episode 124)
    Season 23 Episode 124:

    Strippers Make It Rain on Springer

    Puca will fight anyone to get her baby's father back in her life; Levi wants to rid himself of his stripper-pole addiction and do right by his girlfriend.

  • Jerry Springer - Epic Baby Mama Brawls (Season 23 Episode 123)
    Season 23 Episode 123:

    Epic Baby Mama Brawls

    Pregnant Tiffany wants to marry her boyfriend, if he will be faithful, but he says they are not a couple and he can do whatever he wants; a contrite man confesses through song; Sha Sha tells of discovering that her father slept with her roommate.

  • Jerry Springer - Outrageous Proposals (Season 23 Episode 122)
    Season 23 Episode 122:

    Outrageous Proposals

    Ashley challenges her crush to a baby-oil wrestling match; Leheze has a confession for his fiancee; Tamara wants to know what happened when her man left her while she was pregnant to stay with her best friend.

  • Jerry Springer - Seduced by the Single Life (Season 23 Episode 121)
    Season 23 Episode 121:

    Seduced by the Single Life

    Demond feels trapped by his baby's mother and has a secret to tell; Julio wants to end his relationship with his controlling girlfriend; Jorddann's confession could thwart any chance of things escalating with Ricky.

  • Jerry Springer - Trash-Talking Transsexuals (Season 23 Episode 120)
    Season 23 Episode 120:

    Trash-Talking Transsexuals

    Raven hopes that divulging her little secret about her identity will cause her one-night stand to give up on her and move on; Edwin and his other woman make revelations; Tyna wants her boyfriend to move away with her, but he may foil her plans.

  • Jerry Springer - I Didn't Cheat ... I Had a Hall Pass (Season 23 Episode 119)
    Season 23 Episode 119:

    I Didn't Cheat ... I Had a Hall Pass

    Eric says his girlfriend shows up wherever he goes; Mac says his girlfriend's cousin is stalking him; Josh says his night of partying went too far.

  • Jerry Springer - Super Fun Springertime (Season 23 Episode 118)
    Season 23 Episode 118:

    Super Fun Springertime

    Kymber hopes her romantic fantasies for a pole-dancer named Honey become a reality; Jayda's man has an explicit photo of her friend on his phone; Dezeray's boyfriend goes out to lunch with his female co-worker.

  • Jerry Springer - Big Slap With a Side of Fights (Season 23 Episode 117)
    Season 23 Episode 117:

    Big Slap With a Side of Fights

    Nicole takes great pride in ruining relationships; Selyne tells her co-worker that she is sleeping with her man; Rashell's shocking revelation may put her boyfriend's wedding plans on hold.

  • Jerry Springer - Social Media Meltdown (Season 23 Episode 116)
    Season 23 Episode 116:

    Social Media Meltdown

    James' online girlfriend reveals her true identity; Aaron's girlfriend meets his online crush; Jessica wants to tell her friend that her fiance is no good for her.

  • Jerry Springer - Long Lost Lesbian Lovers (Season 23 Episode 115)
    Season 23 Episode 115:

    Long Lost Lesbian Lovers

    Payton must break up with her current girlfriend in order to proceed with another; Mariah wants to wreck a couple's relationship so that she can be with the man; Crystal fears that her boyfriend is cheating.

  • Jerry Springer - Instacrushed (Season 23 Episode 114)
    Season 23 Episode 114:


    CeCe learns the identity of the person who has a crush on her; Kevin's girlfriend comes clean about a fling; Suzanne's boyfriend has a confession to make.

  • Jerry Springer - Having Sex With a Brother ... and His Sister (Season 23 Episode 113)
    Season 23 Episode 113:

    Having Sex With a Brother ... and His Sister

    Tristin's confession of love for a woman makes his sister's blood boil; Trisha wants her fiance's ex-girlfriend out of their lives; Latouniece regrets letting her friend move into her home.

  • Jerry Springer - Hot Young Hook-Ups (Season 23 Episode 112)
    Season 23 Episode 112:

    Hot Young Hook-Ups

    Talissa confronts her fiance and the woman she suspects is his mistress; Heather says loneliness led her astray; a women's night out's unusual turn may leave Trevin without a girlfriend; Kayla wants more than a friends-with-benefits relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - You Owe Me a Threesome (Season 23 Episode 111)
    Season 23 Episode 111:

    You Owe Me a Threesome

    Alex wants a threesome, but his partner does not; Lamaine wants another chance with his girlfriend, but has something to confess; Shawn's wife wants to clear her conscience and come clean.

  • Jerry Springer - Lesbian Rebound (Season 23 Episode 110)
    Season 23 Episode 110:

    Lesbian Rebound

    Ridiculed by her girlfriend, pregnant Kesha finds support and nurturing with another woman; Billy reveals to a friend that her boyfriend is cheating; infidelity may end two relationships.

  • Jerry Springer - Leave Your Husband for Me (Season 23 Episode 109)
    Season 23 Episode 109:

    Leave Your Husband for Me

    Chelsea's decision may ruin two relationships; Korena makes a shocking confession to her friend; Alisha suspects that her fiance is cheating again.

  • Jerry Springer - Butt Out, Bro! (Season 23 Episode 108)
    Season 23 Episode 108:

    Butt Out, Bro!

    Mariah confronts the woman she believes ruined her relationship with her fiance; young CJ must choose from three women.

  • Jerry Springer - Party Girls Get Down (Season 23 Episode 107)
    Season 23 Episode 107:

    Party Girls Get Down

    Two women compete for Geri's love; Briana wants to get her ex-husband back from his current girlfriend -- her aunt; Chris plans to end his relationship with Quita and has a confession to make.

  • Jerry Springer - Desperate for My Ex (Season 23 Episode 106)
    Season 23 Episode 106:

    Desperate for My Ex

    Kassi thinks she is going to win back her ex-boyfriend's love; Craig confesses to still being in love with his ex, despite having a new man; Danny realizes he made a big mistake in letting his fiancee's ex-boyfriend move into his home.

  • Jerry Springer - Stop Playing Head Games (Season 23 Episode 105)
    Season 23 Episode 105:

    Stop Playing Head Games

    Stephen learns that a woman with whom he hooked up is not really a she; Jordi fears that her boyfriend has something going on with his friend; Savannah confesses that she had a lapse in judgment with her friend's man.

  • Jerry Springer - Girls Get Feisty (Season 23 Episode 104)
    Season 23 Episode 104:

    Girls Get Feisty

    Consuela confronts her ex's new woman; Julian says he cheated because his relationship with his girlfriend was too overwhelming; Meghan says a woman hit on her husband right in front of her.

  • Jerry Springer - I'm Not a Lesbian: I Want Your Brother (Season 23 Episode 103)
    Season 23 Episode 103:

    I'm Not a Lesbian: I Want Your Brother

    Victoria has a secret crush on the brother of a woman she met on a dating website; Dylan has a couple of reasons to kick his live-in girlfriend to the curb; Ian says he exacted revenge after his brother turned him in to the authorities.

  • Jerry Springer - Your Boyfriend Is Gay (Season 23 Episode 102)
    Season 23 Episode 102:

    Your Boyfriend Is Gay

    Sequoia fears that her boyfriend has been cheating with his female roommate; Carley tries to convince her friend that her boyfriend is no good for her; Frank confesses to having an affair.

  • Jerry Springer - Throwdown Thursday (Season 23 Episode 101)
    Season 23 Episode 101:

    Throwdown Thursday

    Elisha's boyfriend has an announcement to make; Ashley says she slept with Heather's man as payback for all of the mean things Heather did to her when they were in high school; Tiffany wants to know why her friend trashed her home and relationship.

  • Jerry Springer - He Stole My Heart and My Cash (Season 23 Episode 100)
    Season 23 Episode 100:

    He Stole My Heart and My Cash

    Melissa learns that her boyfriend played her for a fool; Vernon makes a confession to his girlfriend; Tiffany tells the world that she slept with her boyfriend's brother.

  • Jerry Springer - Sister Shockers (Season 23 Episode 99)
    Season 23 Episode 99:

    Sister Shockers

    Wesley must choose between his furious girlfriend and her sister; Sam has a confession to make to his fiancee; Selena regrets sleeping with her sister's boyfriend; Shauna suspects her man of cheating with her sister.

  • Jerry Springer - Sexcation (Season 23 Episode 98)
    Season 23 Episode 98:


    Greg gets invited to his stripper sister-in-law's private rehearsal; Breanna learns that her boyfriend is about to become a father to another woman's child; Chris found salacious text messages on his girlfriend's phone and confronts their author.

  • Jerry Springer - Be My Brother, Not My Lover (Season 23 Episode 97)
    Season 23 Episode 97:

    Be My Brother, Not My Lover

    Maranda admits to sleeping with her stepbrother, who wants to take their relationship to the next level; Quita confronts the woman who kissed her girlfriend; Laura says she found the number of a woman of ill repute on her boyfriend's phone.

  • Jerry Springer - Stripper All-Stars (Season 23 Episode 96)
    Season 23 Episode 96:

    Stripper All-Stars

    Jenna is suspicious of a woman who visited her boyfriend late at night; Chika confronts the stripper who hooked up with her man; two strippers compete onstage for Bobby's love.

  • Jerry Springer - Scorched by Love (Season 23 Episode 95)
    Season 23 Episode 95:

    Scorched by Love

    Kelsey must choose between his girlfriend and his ex; divorcee Stephanie admits she slept with a married man; Hannah learns that her fiance prefers her friend.

  • Jerry Springer - Cheating: There's an App for That (Season 23 Episode 94)
    Season 23 Episode 94:

    Cheating: There's an App for That

    Mekkah confronts her boyfriend and the woman with whom she thinks he is cheating; Johnathan dumps his fiancee for his mistress; Joe tells his fiancee what happened at a strip club.

  • Jerry Springer - Twerk Attack! (Season 23 Episode 93)
    Season 23 Episode 93:

    Twerk Attack!

    Jas hooked up with her longtime crush, but he is in a relationship with someone else; James wants to make amends with his baby's mother; Rob must decide between two strippers he would like to date.

  • Jerry Springer - Serenades and Smackdowns (Season 23 Episode 92)
    Season 23 Episode 92:

    Serenades and Smackdowns

    Amanda's indecent proposal to her boyfriend has him singing a different tune; Nathan's distant cousin makes advances; Patrick reveals his dirty secret.

  • Jerry Springer - Smashed-Up Weddings (Season 23 Episode 91)
    Season 23 Episode 91:

    Smashed-Up Weddings

    Jessica tries to stop her children's father from marrying; Killa's live-in lover is becoming too attached and cramping his style; Shelle is determined to prevent her best friend from making the biggest mistake of her life.

  • Jerry Springer - I'll Stop Being Gay for You (Season 23 Episode 90)
    Season 23 Episode 90:

    I'll Stop Being Gay for You

    Katrell reveals secrets to his high-school crush; Rick breaks off his engagement because his fiancee does not satisfy his dream-girl fantasy; Blake tries to win back his girlfriend after suspecting her of cheating.

  • Jerry Springer - Stripper Fights, Sparks Fly! (Season 23 Episode 89)
    Season 23 Episode 89:

    Stripper Fights, Sparks Fly!

    Amanda learns that her baby's father has been blowing his money on strippers; Ian's girlfriend is furious after a threesome; Christine learns how to seduce her fiance with a lap dance.

  • Jerry Springer - Threesome in a Double Wide (Season 23 Episode 88)
    Season 23 Episode 88:

    Threesome in a Double Wide

    Que no longer wants to keep his girlfriends in the dark; Misti says a threesome wrecked her marriage; Jake's friend broke the man code and snitched on him cheating.

  • Jerry Springer - Trannies Twerk It Out (Season 23 Episode 87)
    Season 23 Episode 87:

    Trannies Twerk It Out

    Martez learns his new flame's secret; Ladeja confronts her husband and the woman who sent text messages to him; Mark says he wants to quit cheating and be faithful to his girlfriend, but he may have gotten more than he expected in his recent affair.

  • Jerry Springer - I'm Leaving You for a Porn Star (Season 23 Episode 86)
    Season 23 Episode 86:

    I'm Leaving You for a Porn Star

    Stripper Crystal wants to make her biggest fan's fantasy come true, but he must break up with his girlfriend first; Ashley confronts the stripper who hooked up with her boyfriend at a bachelor party; Joshua's plan to end a relationship backfires.

  • Jerry Springer - Ice Cold Baby Daddies (Season 23 Episode 85)
    Season 23 Episode 85:

    Ice Cold Baby Daddies

    Tonya proposes to her boyfriend; Adrean confronts a woman who hooked up with her child's father; Kevin challenges the man he suspects is at the root of his troubled marriage.