2006 - 2012, Crime, Drama
Opposite sides of the law come together.

Episode Guide

  • Intelligence - We Were Here Now We Disappear (Season 2 Episode 12)
    Season 2 Episode 12:

    We Were Here Now We Disappear

    Special Investigations insists on meeting CSIS's informant, setting in motion a chain of events that jeopardizes Julianna's life. Meanwhile, Jimmy leads the local Vancouver traffickers in putting up a united front against the American interlopers.

  • Intelligence - A Dark Alliance (Season 2 Episode 11)
    Season 2 Episode 11:

    A Dark Alliance

    Mary discovers that the Blackmire group is really a CIA front.

  • Intelligence - A Dark Alliance; We Were Here Now We Disappear (Season 2 Episode 11)
    Season 2 Episode 11:

    A Dark Alliance; We Were Here Now We Disappear

    Reardon gains the advantage against the Americans; Mary learns that Blackmire is a CIA front; Reardon's alliance with the gangs results in violence on the street.

  • Intelligence - The Heat Is On (Season 2 Episode 10)
    Season 2 Episode 10:

    The Heat Is On

    Reardon meets with a rogue American crew suspected in the murders of both Phan and Dante's lieutenants; Mary comes up with a plan that will safeguard her as a CSIS informant.

  • Intelligence - A Woman Inside (Season 2 Episode 9)
    Season 2 Episode 9:

    A Woman Inside

    Mary persuades Reardon to split his eastern drug connections between two rival gangs.

  • Intelligence - Flipping the Script (Season 2 Episode 8)
    Season 2 Episode 8:

    Flipping the Script

    Mary is pressured by the CIA to stop her investigation of the Blackmire group.

  • Intelligence - A Sweetheart Deal With the Devil (Season 2 Episode 7)
    Season 2 Episode 7:

    A Sweetheart Deal With the Devil

    When Mary learns that Reardon may be able to provide valuable intel, she races to convince the Attorney General to keep him in Canada.

  • Intelligence - Something in the Air (Season 2 Episode 6)
    Season 2 Episode 6:

    Something in the Air

    Reardon struggles to stay one step ahead of the growing extradition threats; Mary is thrust into matters of Canadian sovereignty.

  • Intelligence - Something in the Air (Season 2 Episode 6)
    Season 2 Episode 6:

    Something in the Air

  • Intelligence - Love and Conspiracy (Season 2 Episode 5)
    Season 2 Episode 5:

    Love and Conspiracy

    Mary is ordered to gather intel on her lover; Reardon punishes an opportunistic drug supplier.

  • Intelligence - A Man and a Woman Betrayed (Season 2 Episode 4)
    Season 2 Episode 4:

    A Man and a Woman Betrayed

    Reardon fights to finalize the Bahama Bank deal; Mary is asked to stop a story from being printed.

  • Intelligence - A Man Underground (Season 2 Episode 3)
    Season 2 Episode 3:

    A Man Underground

    Reardon struggles to keep peace and cash flowing into the business before it collapses; Mary goes head to head with the FBI.

  • Intelligence - A Man Is Framed (Season 2 Episode 2)
    Season 2 Episode 2:

    A Man Is Framed

    Reardon faces murder charges; Mary races to uncover the truth behind Reardon's setup.

  • Intelligence - A Man Escapes (Season 2 Episode 1)
    Season 2 Episode 1:

    A Man Escapes

    Reardon goes on the run after the DEA set-up turns ugly; Royden is found killed while under CSIS surveillance.

  • Intelligence - Down But Not Out (Season 1 Episode 13)
    Season 1 Episode 13:

    Down But Not Out

    Reardon tries to find out who within CSIS is planning to out him; Mary tries to remove Royden.

  • Intelligence - Dante's Inferno (Season 1 Episode 12)
    Season 1 Episode 12:

    Dante's Inferno

    Ronnie and Reardon race to save their Vietnamese accomplice; Mary tries to keep all her informant files away from the mole.

  • Intelligence - Not a Nice Boy! (Season 1 Episode 11)
    Season 1 Episode 11:

    Not a Nice Boy!

    Reardon's stateside weed distributor is swept up in the DEA sting; Dante is determined to find out if Reardon had anything to do with the death of his nephew.

  • Intelligence - Things Change (Season 1 Episode 10)
    Season 1 Episode 10:

    Things Change

    Mary goes after CSIS director Royden; Falcone puts in a gun order with Bingham.

  • Intelligence - Cleaning Up (Season 1 Episode 9)
    Season 1 Episode 9:

    Cleaning Up

    Reardon buys a shipment of drugs from an undercover agent; Mary works with Deakins in order to go after a bigger target.

  • Intelligence - Clean and Simple (Season 1 Episode 8)
    Season 1 Episode 8:

    Clean and Simple

    Reardon's lawyer tries to convince him to set up his own bank; Mary tries to get Deakins suspended.

  • Intelligence - Love and War (Season 1 Episode 7)
    Season 1 Episode 7:

    Love and War

    Mary fears a leak within CSIS caused Lee's death; Ronnie wants to hit the bikers; Reardon meets with the Vietnamese.

  • Intelligence - Pressure Drop (Season 1 Episode 6)
    Season 1 Episode 6:

    Pressure Drop

    Reardon's money laundering leads to conflict with a biker gang; Mary asks Reardon to help her track an arms shipment to Africa.

  • Intelligence - Where There's One There's Another (Season 1 Episode 5)
    Season 1 Episode 5:

    Where There's One There's Another

    Mary sets a trap; Reardon gets a tip about who may have ordered the hit on him; Stella runs away from home.

  • Intelligence - Jimmy's Got a Money Machine (Season 1 Episode 4)
    Season 1 Episode 4:

    Jimmy's Got a Money Machine

    Reardon launches a new money laundering system; Mary starts surveillance on the Mole in her wire room.

  • Intelligence - Don't Break Your Brother's Heart (Season 1 Episode 3)
    Season 1 Episode 3:

    Don't Break Your Brother's Heart

    O.C.U. Deputy Director, Ted Altman tries to convince the DEA to go after Reardon; Reardon's ex-wife tries to get sole custody of their daughter.

  • Intelligence - A Champagne Payday (Season 1 Episode 2)
    Season 1 Episode 2:

    A Champagne Payday

    Mary Spalding tries to infiltrate Jimmy Reardon's criminal organization by placing an undercover operator inside his strip club.

  • Intelligence - Where Good Men Die Like Dogs (Season 1 Episode 1)
    Season 1 Episode 1:

    Where Good Men Die Like Dogs

    Drug trafficker tries to get his grower out of the country; O.C.U. Director is being groomed for a position at CSIS.

  • Intelligence - Pilot (Episode 31)
    Episode 31:


    Mary eyes a promotion.

  • Intelligence - Intelligence (Episode 30)
    Episode 30:


    Mary eyes a promotion.

  • Intelligence - Pilote (Episode 26)
    Episode 26:


    Soupçonnant les forces de l'ordre de le suivre, Jimmy demande à l'un de ses contacts, un policier corrompu, s'il fait l'objet d'une enquête.

  • Intelligence - Intelligence