2004 - 2012, Drama, Science
A brilliant and acerbic diagnostician leads a team of specialists.

Episode Guide

  • House - Everybody Dies (Season 8 Episode 23)
    Season 8 Episode 23:

    Everybody Dies

    While treating a drug addicted patient, House is forced to look at his own life, future and personal demons.

  • House - Swan Song; Everybody Dies (Season 8 Episode 22)
    Season 8 Episode 22:

    Swan Song; Everybody Dies

    A look back at the story so far; while treating a patient addicted to drugs, House is forced to look at his own life, future and personal demons.

  • House - Swan Song (Season 8 Episode 22)
    Season 8 Episode 22:

    Swan Song

    A special episode looks back at the series so far, including interviews with stars and producers.

  • House - Holding On (Season 8 Episode 21)
    Season 8 Episode 21:

    Holding On

    The team believes a patient's problems are both physical and psychological; Foreman tries an alternative approach with House.

  • House - Post Mortem (Season 8 Episode 20)
    Season 8 Episode 20:

    Post Mortem

    The team must convince its patient that a missing House is still calling all the shots.

  • House - The C-Word (Season 8 Episode 19)
    Season 8 Episode 19:

    The C-Word

    When the team treats a 6-year-old with multiple health issues, they must collaborate with her mother (Jessica Collins), who is also a doctor; Wilson and House go on vacation.

  • House - Body & Soul (Season 8 Episode 18)
    Season 8 Episode 18:

    Body & Soul

    The team treats a boy who wakes up from nightmares of being choked still unable to breathe; Park has intimate dreams about co-workers; Dominika discovers a secret that has the potential to ruin her relationship with House.

  • House - We Need the Eggs (Season 8 Episode 17)
    Season 8 Episode 17:

    We Need the Eggs

    House and the team treat a man who sheds tears of blood; when House acts out when his favorite prostitute decides to leave the business.

  • House - Gut Check (Season 8 Episode 16)
    Season 8 Episode 16:

    Gut Check

    After a fight on the ice, a 22-year-old minor league hockey player collapses and coughs up blood; House stuns Wilson; Chase has an offer for Park.

  • House - Blowing the Whistle (Season 8 Episode 15)
    Season 8 Episode 15:

    Blowing the Whistle

    The team treats an Army veteran who refuses treatment unless he and his brother are given information about their dead father; Adams seeks help when she suspects House is sick.

  • House - Love Is Blind (Season 8 Episode 14)
    Season 8 Episode 14:

    Love Is Blind

    The team works to save a blind man with a mysterious illness; House's mother makes an unexpected visit.

  • House - Man of the House (Season 8 Episode 13)
    Season 8 Episode 13:

    Man of the House

    The team notices behavioral changes in a marriage counselor who collapsed during a speaking engagement; House and Dominka work to convince Immigration they are a happy couple; House chooses a team leader.

  • House - Chase (Season 8 Episode 12)
    Season 8 Episode 12:


    As Chase treats Moira (Julie Mond), a cloistered nun who is on the verge of making life-altering vows, they form a connection that causes Moira to question her faith; Taub and House take part in a series of pranks.

  • House - Nobody's Fault (Season 8 Episode 11)
    Season 8 Episode 11:

    Nobody's Fault

    Dr. Walter Cofield (Jeffrey Wright), Foreman's former mentor, places House and the team under review after a violent incident involving a patient.

  • House - Runaways (Season 8 Episode 10)
    Season 8 Episode 10:


    When a homeless teenager's (Bridgit Mendler) symptoms get worse, adult consent is required for an invasive surgery; Taub tries to connect with his daughters; House threatens Foreman's relationship with a married woman (Yaya DaCosta).

  • House - Better Half (Season 8 Episode 9)
    Season 8 Episode 9:

    Better Half

    An Alzheimer's patient participating in a drug trial suffers from a violent temper; Wilson treats a patient who claims to be in a chaste marriage.

  • House - Perils of Paranoia (Season 8 Episode 8)
    Season 8 Episode 8:

    Perils of Paranoia

    During an interrogation at the witness stand, a prosecutor has what he thinks is a heart attack; Wilson is determined to prove that House is hiding something; Park starts to come out of her shell.

  • House - Dead & Buried (Season 8 Episode 7)
    Season 8 Episode 7:

    Dead & Buried

    The team discovers its teenage patient isn't just being dramatic when her symptoms worsen; House becomes consumed with determining the cause of a 4-year-old's death; Park tries to get Chase to admit why he has become obsessed with grooming.

  • House - Parents; Dead & Buried (Season 8 Episode 6)
    Season 8 Episode 6:

    Parents; Dead & Buried

    The team discovers a disturbing family secret while trying to find a bone-marrow match for an ailing teen; House tries to remove his ankle monitor so he can go to a boxing match; House tries to determine the cause of a 4-year-old's death.

  • House - Parents (Season 8 Episode 6)
    Season 8 Episode 6:


    The team discovers a disturbing family secret while trying to find a bone marrow match for an ailing teen; House tries to remove his ankle monitor so he can go to a boxing match; Taub's ex-wife wants to move across the country with their daughter.

  • House - The Confession (Season 8 Episode 5)
    Season 8 Episode 5:

    The Confession

    A patient confesses dark secrets to his family and community, compromising his chances of receiving life-saving medical treatment; Chase and Taub rejoin the team; Taub struggles to balance work and fatherhood.

  • House - Risky Business (Season 8 Episode 4)
    Season 8 Episode 4:

    Risky Business

    A businessman (Michael Nouri) becomes ill days before signing a contract that would relocate his company's labor force to China; Park prepares for her hearing with the hospital's disciplinary committee.

  • House - Charity Case (Season 8 Episode 3)
    Season 8 Episode 3:

    Charity Case

    When a man (Wentworth Miller) collapses after making a generous donation, House and Dr. Chi Park try to identify his medical disorder; Thirteen's pursuit of happiness is hampered by feelings of guilt.

  • House - Charity Case; Risky Business (Season 8 Episode 3)
    Season 8 Episode 3:

    Charity Case; Risky Business

    When a man collapses after making a generous donation, House and Dr. Chi Park try to identify his medical disorder; a businessman becomes ill days before signing a contract that would relocate his company's labor force to China.

  • House - Transplant (Season 8 Episode 2)
    Season 8 Episode 2:


    An unexpected visitor offers House the chance to help the Princeton Plainsboro team with a patient; Wilson is unreceptive to House's attempts to reconnect.

  • House - Twenty Vicodin; Transplant (Season 8 Episode 1)
    Season 8 Episode 1:

    Twenty Vicodin; Transplant

    House notices strange symptoms in a fellow inmate at the East New Jersey Correctional Facility; an unexpected visitor offers House the chance to help the Princeton Plainsboro team with a patient.

  • House - Twenty Vicodin (Season 8 Episode 1)
    Season 8 Episode 1:

    Twenty Vicodin

    House notices strange symptoms in a fellow inmate at the East New Jersey Correctional Facility; a clinic doctor must decide whether to risk her job by helping House.

  • House - Moving On (Season 7 Episode 23)
    Season 7 Episode 23:

    Moving On

    The team questions the necessity of the treatments it is giving a performance artist; House's unexpected action may forever change his relationships with Wilson and Cuddy.

  • House - After Hours (Season 7 Episode 22)
    Season 7 Episode 22:

    After Hours

    Thirteen turns to Chase when a friend comes to her in need of medical attention and can't be taken to the hospital; House gets devastating news.

  • House - The Fix (Season 7 Episode 21)
    Season 7 Episode 21:

    The Fix

    House and Wilson disagree on the outcome of a boxing match they bet on; the team suspects House of having another drug problem.

  • House - Changes (Season 7 Episode 20)
    Season 7 Episode 20:


    A lottery winner experiences partial paralysis while looking for a long-lost love; medical licenses are jeopardized when Cuddy's mother (Candice Bergen) threatens to sue the hospital.

  • House - Last Temptation (Season 7 Episode 19)
    Season 7 Episode 19:

    Last Temptation

    Masters must decide if she wants to be a surgeon or officially join House's team; a 16-year-old collapses days before embarking on a sailing tour of the globe.

  • House - The Dig (Season 7 Episode 18)
    Season 7 Episode 18:

    The Dig

    After learning that Thirteen spent time in prison, House tries to figure out why she was incarcerated; the team makes a discovery about a teacher who has severe respiratory problems.

  • House - Fall From Grace (Season 7 Episode 17)
    Season 7 Episode 17:

    Fall From Grace

    A young homeless man and former drug addict is found in a park with scars and burn marks on his chest; Cuddy expresses her guilt to Wilson.

  • House - Out of the Chute (Season 7 Episode 16)
    Season 7 Episode 16:

    Out of the Chute

    A young professional bull rider needs risky open-heart surgery after being attacked by a bull; Taub is surprised when Masters develops a crush on a patient.

  • House - Bombshells (Season 7 Episode 15)
    Season 7 Episode 15:


    Cuddy receives news that forces her to re-evaluate her priorities; a teenage patient's suspicious body scars suggest his illness is more than physical.

  • House - Recession Proof (Season 7 Episode 14)
    Season 7 Episode 14:

    Recession Proof

    A patient has a severe rash after being exposed to caustic chemicals at work; House must choose between attending a charity event to support Cuddy and staying with his patient; Chase and Masters learn about relationships.

  • House - Two Stories (Season 7 Episode 13)
    Season 7 Episode 13:

    Two Stories

    House shares explicit medical stories with students at a school's career day; two fifth-graders try to help House understand how his antics prevent him from showing Cuddy how he feels.

  • House - You Must Remember This (Season 7 Episode 12)
    Season 7 Episode 12:

    You Must Remember This

    A woman with an extraordinary memory experiences temporary paralysis, and a visit from her sister triggers more health complications; Foreman helps Taub prepare for an exam; House discovers Wilson's new secret companion.

  • House - Family Practice (Season 7 Episode 11)
    Season 7 Episode 11:

    Family Practice

    After Cuddy's mother (Candice Bergen) complains of unusual symptoms, she is admitted to the hospital; Masters questions her principles.

  • House - Carrot or Stick (Season 7 Episode 10)
    Season 7 Episode 10:

    Carrot or Stick

    A boot-camp trainee and his drill sergeant exhibit the same peculiar symptoms; an indecent photo of Chase is posted online; House helps prepare Rachel for enrollment at a prestigious preschool.

  • House - Larger Than Life (Season 7 Episode 9)
    Season 7 Episode 9:

    Larger Than Life

    After saving a stranger who fell onto subway tracks, a man suddenly collapses despite appearing to be unscathed; House tries to avoid a dinner with Cuddy and her opinionated mother (Candice Bergen).

  • House - Small Sacrifices; Larger Than Life (Season 7 Episode 8)
    Season 7 Episode 8:

    Small Sacrifices; Larger Than Life

    A man becomes a patient after re-enacting the Crucifixion; after saving a stranger who fell onto subway tracks, a man suddenly collapses despite appearing to be unscathed; House tries to avoid a dinner.

  • House - Small Sacrifices (Season 7 Episode 8)
    Season 7 Episode 8:

    Small Sacrifices

    A man becomes a patient after re-enacting the Crucifixion; Taub questions his wife about her relationship with a member of an infidelity support group; Wilson's relationship with Sam takes an unexpected turn at a co-worker's wedding.

  • House - A Pox on Our House (Season 7 Episode 7)
    Season 7 Episode 7:

    A Pox on Our House

    When a 200-year-old medicine jar shatters in a teenager's palm, she is admitted to the hospital with symptoms closely linked to smallpox; House must make a dangerous decision that puts his life in jeopardy; Wilson and Sam comfort a young patient.

  • House - Office Politics (Season 7 Episode 6)
    Season 7 Episode 6:

    Office Politics

    House chooses a third-year medical student (Amber Tamblyn) when Cuddy forces him to hire a female team member; a politician's campaign manager mysteriously falls ill with liver failure and temporary paralysis.

  • House - Unplanned Parenthood (Season 7 Episode 5)
    Season 7 Episode 5:

    Unplanned Parenthood

    A newborn experiences breathing problems and liver failure; House requests a female doctor be hired for the team; Cuddy asks House to baby-sit.

  • House - Massage Therapy (Season 7 Episode 4)
    Season 7 Episode 4:

    Massage Therapy

    House and his team make unexpected discoveries about a female patient admitted to the hospital after severe and uncontrollable vomiting; House and Cuddy are forced to face the reservations in their relationship after a visit from a massage therapist.

  • House - Unwritten (Season 7 Episode 3)
    Season 7 Episode 3:


    A popular children's author has a seizure moments before attempting suicide; House and Cuddy go on a date with Wilson and his girlfriend (Cynthia Watros).

  • House - Selfish (Season 7 Episode 2)
    Season 7 Episode 2:


    A seemingly healthy 14-year-old collapses during a skateboarding exhibition; House and Cuddy face the challenge of handling their romantic relationship at work.

  • House - Now What? (Season 7 Episode 1)
    Season 7 Episode 1:

    Now What?

    House and Cuddy explore the ramifications of their feelings for each other; a colleague's illness leaves the hospital without a neurosurgeon on site.

  • House - Help Me (Season 6 Episode 22)
    Season 6 Episode 22:

    Help Me

    The team heads outside the hospital to help provide medical attention at the scene of an emergency.

  • House - Baggage (Season 6 Episode 21)
    Season 6 Episode 21:


    House recounts the case of a woman who came to the emergency room with an unexplained illness and no memory of her identity.

  • House - The Choice (Season 6 Episode 20)
    Season 6 Episode 20:

    The Choice

    The team treats an ailing groom; House, Chase and Foreman visit a karaoke bar during a raucous night out.

  • House - Open and Shut (Season 6 Episode 19)
    Season 6 Episode 19:

    Open and Shut

    A woman in an open marriage suddenly becomes ill during a date with her boyfriend; House tests Wilson and Sam's relationship.

  • House - Knight Fall (Season 6 Episode 18)
    Season 6 Episode 18:

    Knight Fall

    House and the team treat a knight from a community of men and women living according to the ideals of the High Renaissance; Wilson and an ex start over.

  • House - Lockdown (Season 6 Episode 17)
    Season 6 Episode 17:


    The hospital is locked down when a newborn disappears from the nursery; new insights about the team's personal lives, relationships and regrets surface.

  • House - Black Hole (Season 6 Episode 16)
    Season 6 Episode 16:

    Black Hole

    A high-school senior repeatedly hallucinates after blacking out during a class trip; Wilson tries to furnish his condo.

  • House - Private Lives (Season 6 Episode 15)
    Season 6 Episode 15:

    Private Lives

    An avid blogger experiences sudden bruising and bleeding; Wilson and House discover secrets about each other.

  • House - 5 to 9 (Season 6 Episode 14)
    Season 6 Episode 14:

    5 to 9

    The inner workings of the hospital are seen through the eyes of Dr. Cuddy.

  • House - Moving the Chains (Season 6 Episode 13)
    Season 6 Episode 13:

    Moving the Chains

    House's team rushes to treat an ailing college football star in time for the patient to try out for the NFL; Foreman's brother (Orlando Jones) makes a surprise visit to the hospital.

  • House - Remorse (Season 6 Episode 12)
    Season 6 Episode 12:


    The men on the team are charmed by an attractive female executive experiencing random bouts of excruciating pain; House tries to make amends with a former colleague.

  • House - The Down Low (Season 6 Episode 11)
    Season 6 Episode 11:

    The Down Low

    A drug dealer mysteriously collapses during a sale; House and Wilson compete for a new neighbor's affection; Chase, Thirteen and Taub play a practical joke.

  • House - Wilson (Season 6 Episode 10)
    Season 6 Episode 10:


    An old friend and former patient of Wilson's experiences paralysis in his right arm; Cuddy continues her search for real estate.

  • House - Ignorance Is Bliss (Season 6 Episode 9)
    Season 6 Episode 9:

    Ignorance Is Bliss

    On the eve of Thanksgiving, the team treats an exceptionally brilliant physicist who traded his career for a job as a courier; a myriad of strange symptoms nearly stumps the doctors; the doctors wrestle with strained personal relationships.

  • House - Teamwork (Season 6 Episode 8)
    Season 6 Episode 8:


    House reclaims his role as head of diagnostics in time to treat an adult film star admitted to the hospital for pulsating eye pain; Cuddy is reminded that Princeton Plainsboro is not conducive to healthy personal relationships.

  • House - Known Unknowns (Season 6 Episode 7)
    Season 6 Episode 7:

    Known Unknowns

    A teenage girl is brought to the hospital with severely swollen appendages after a wild night out; as her condition worsens, the patient is unable to distinguish fact from fiction; the doctors attend a medical conference.

  • House - Brave Heart (Season 6 Episode 6)
    Season 6 Episode 6:

    Brave Heart

    The team takes on the case of a police detective whose father, grandfather and great-grandfather all died of sudden heart failure at age 40; House confronts some of his ghosts.

  • House - Instant Karma (Season 6 Episode 5)
    Season 6 Episode 5:

    Instant Karma

    A wealthy businessman brings his teenage son to the hospital and insists on having House handle the case; Foreman and Chase prepare to present information on the Dibala case.

  • House - The Tyrant (Season 6 Episode 4)
    Season 6 Episode 4:

    The Tyrant

    The team treats a controversial African politician (James Earl Jones) who has fallen ill; Wilson tries to make amends with a feuding neighbor.

  • House - Epic Fail (Season 6 Episode 3)
    Season 6 Episode 3:

    Epic Fail

    House has surprising news for Cuddy; an ailing video game creator opts for treatments suggested by people on the Internet rather than listening to the doctors; Foreman tries to get House's job.

  • House - Broken (Season 6 Episode 2)
    Season 6 Episode 2:


    House decides to accept treatment from Dr. Nolan in order to get his license reinstated.

  • House - Broken (Season 6 Episode 1)
    Season 6 Episode 1:


    House goes through detox, hoping to stop the hallucinations that tormented him; Dr. Nolan refuses to sign the paperwork to reinstate House's license until House participates in his own mental recovery; House decides to accept treatment from Nolan.

  • House - Broken (Season 6 Episode 1)
    Season 6 Episode 1:


    House goes through detox, hoping to stop the hallucinations that tormented him; Dr. Nolan refuses to sign the paperwork to reinstate House's license until House participates in his own mental recovery.

  • House - Both Sides Now (Season 5 Episode 24)
    Season 5 Episode 24:

    Both Sides Now

    House is intrigued by a patient whose left brain and right brain operate independently, creating two distinct personalities.

  • House - Under My Skin; Both Sides Now (Season 5 Episode 23)
    Season 5 Episode 23:

    Under My Skin; Both Sides Now

    House and the team treat a ballerina whose lungs collapse during a performance; House is intrigued by a patient whose left brain and right brain operate independently, creating two distinct personalities.

  • House - Under My Skin (Season 5 Episode 23)
    Season 5 Episode 23:

    Under My Skin

    House and the team treat a ballerina whose lungs collapse during a performance; House is desperate to find a cure for his insomnia.

  • House - House Divided (Season 5 Episode 22)
    Season 5 Episode 22:

    House Divided

    The team treats a deaf 14-year-old who collapses while competing in a wrestling match; House has trouble sleeping.

  • House - Saviors (Season 5 Episode 21)
    Season 5 Episode 21:


    Cameron asks House to accept the case of an environmental activist who collapsed at a protest with mysterious symptoms.

  • House - Simple Explanation (Season 5 Episode 20)
    Season 5 Episode 20:

    Simple Explanation

    After caring for her dying husband (Meat Loaf Aday) for several months, a woman (Colleen Camp) collapses and, while his condition mysteriously improves, hers deteriorates.

  • House - Locked In (Season 5 Episode 19)
    Season 5 Episode 19:

    Locked In

    A man (Mos Def) awakes in a New York hospital after a bicycle accident, unable to move or communicate; injured and in the next bed, Dr. House insists he knows what is affecting the man and has him transferred to Princeton Plainsboro.

  • House - Here Kitty (Season 5 Episode 18)
    Season 5 Episode 18:

    Here Kitty

    House sets out to disprove the allegations of a nursing home worker who feigns illness after being visited by the facility's pet cat, which has a reputation for visiting people who are about to die.

  • House - The Social Contract (Season 5 Episode 17)
    Season 5 Episode 17:

    The Social Contract

    House and the team treat a patient who speaks his mind uncontrollably; House thinks Taub and Wilson are keeping something from him.

  • House - The Softer Side (Season 5 Episode 16)
    Season 5 Episode 16:

    The Softer Side

    The team treats a teenager who doesn't know that he has genetic mosaicism; Wilson and Cuddy think something is wrong with House when he starts acting nice.

  • House - Unfaithful (Season 5 Episode 15)
    Season 5 Episode 15:


    A priest is admitted to the ER after he sees a bleeding Jesus hovering at his doorstep; House confronts Thirteen and Foreman about their relationship.

  • House - The Greater Good (Season 5 Episode 14)
    Season 5 Episode 14:

    The Greater Good

    While treating a former cancer researcher who gave up her career to pursue her own personal happiness, House and his staff begin to question their own choices; Thirteen begins to show serious reactions to her experimental treatment.

  • House - Big Baby (Season 5 Episode 13)
    Season 5 Episode 13:

    Big Baby

    Cuddy gives some of her day-to-day responsibilities to Cameron; the team takes on the case of a teacher who collapsed after spitting up blood during a class.

  • House - Painless (Season 5 Episode 12)
    Season 5 Episode 12:


    House and the team try to diagnose a man's severe, chronic pain; Thirteen and Foreman explore their complicated relationship; Cuddy discovers that caring for her baby leaves her with little time to run the hospital.

  • House - Joy to the World (Season 5 Episode 11)
    Season 5 Episode 11:

    Joy to the World

    House and the team treat a teenager who collapsed during her high-school Christmas program; Foreman and Thirteen's relationship progresses; Cuddy receives an unexpected gift.

  • House - Let Them Eat Cake (Season 5 Episode 10)
    Season 5 Episode 10:

    Let Them Eat Cake

    House and the team treat a high-profile fitness trainer who collapses while shooting an infomercial; Thirteen participates in a clinical trial led by Foreman.

  • House - Last Resort (Season 5 Episode 9)
    Season 5 Episode 9:

    Last Resort

    A man (Zeljko Ivanek) willing to kill or die for a diagnosis takes House, Thirteen and a number of patients hostage in Cuddy's office, where House tries to come up with the correct diagnosis.

  • House - Emancipation (Season 5 Episode 8)
    Season 5 Episode 8:


    An emancipated minor (Emily Rios) working as a factory manager falls ill on the job; Foreman takes on a pediatric case that has him questioning whether he can function without House's oversight.

  • House - The Itch (Season 5 Episode 7)
    Season 5 Episode 7:

    The Itch

    House and the team treat an agoraphobic who adamantly refuses to leave his home and get treatment at the hospital; Chase and Cameron try to work through some kinks in their relationship; House deals with an itch he can't seem to scratch.

  • House - Joy (Season 5 Episode 6)
    Season 5 Episode 6:


    The team takes on the case of a sleepwalking patient experiencing unexplained blackouts; House discovers that Cuddy is planning to adopt a baby that is due in two weeks.

  • House - Lucky Thirteen (Season 5 Episode 5)
    Season 5 Episode 5:

    Lucky Thirteen

    Thirteen's date gets ill after a night of partying, and House takes on her case; Foreman confronts Thirteen about her self-destructive lifestyle; private investigator Lucas is hot on Wilson's trail.

  • House - Birthmarks (Season 5 Episode 4)
    Season 5 Episode 4:


    After receiving word that his father has passed away, House is coerced into attending the funeral; the team tries to diagnose the illness of a woman who was in China searching for her birth mother.

  • House - Adverse Events (Season 5 Episode 3)
    Season 5 Episode 3:

    Adverse Events

    House and the team take on the case of a struggling artist with an undiagnosed illness that's distorting his perception and threatening his career; House continues to have a private investigator dig up dirt on everyone on his team.

  • House - Not Cancer (Season 5 Episode 2)
    Season 5 Episode 2:

    Not Cancer

    House and the team investigate a string of deaths centering around a single organ donor, then rush to save the only two surviving recipients; House auditions new best friends and uses a detective to spy on Wilson.

  • House - Dying Changes Everything (Season 5 Episode 1)
    Season 5 Episode 1:

    Dying Changes Everything

    Still mourning the death of his girlfriend, Wilson resigns from Princeton Plainsboro; House must determine if he is responsible for the death of his best friend's girlfriend; Thirteen struggles to treat a patient objectively.

  • House - Wilson's Heart (Season 4 Episode 16)
    Season 4 Episode 16:

    Wilson's Heart

    House's murky memories of the bus crash test his friendship with Wilson and threaten to change their lives forever.

  • House - House's Head; Wilson's Heart (Season 4 Episode 15)
    Season 4 Episode 15:

    House's Head; Wilson's Heart

    A bus accident robs House of several hours, and as his memory slowly returns, he realizes that one of his fellow passengers was exhibiting signs of a deadly illness, so he races to unlock the secrets in his brain.

  • House - House's Head (Season 4 Episode 15)
    Season 4 Episode 15:

    House's Head

    A bus accident robs House of several hours, and as his memory slowly returns, he realizes that one of his fellow passengers was exhibiting signs of a deadly illness, so he races to unlock the secrets in his brain.

  • House - Living the Dream (Season 4 Episode 14)
    Season 4 Episode 14:

    Living the Dream

    House takes matters into his own hands when he feels certain that one of the actors on his favorite soap opera (Jason Lewis) is suffering from a serious medical condition, but the actor dismisses House's assessment.

  • House - No More Mr. Nice Guy (Season 4 Episode 13)
    Season 4 Episode 13:

    No More Mr. Nice Guy

    House suspects a patient has a bigger problem than the original diagnosis; House and Amber argue about how much time they each get to spend with Wilson; Cuddy demands that House give his team performance reviews.

  • House - Don't Ever Change (Season 4 Episode 12)
    Season 4 Episode 12:

    Don't Ever Change

    House and the team consider foul play while treating a woman who collapsed at her wedding; Wilson's newly revealed relationship preoccupies House.

  • House - Frozen (Season 4 Episode 11)
    Season 4 Episode 11:


    House and his team must treat, by way of webcam, a psychiatrist (Mira Sorvino) who is stationed at the South Pole; the identity of Wilson's love interest surprises House.

  • House - It's a Wonderful Lie (Season 4 Episode 10)
    Season 4 Episode 10:

    It's a Wonderful Lie

    As the team runs tests to determine what caused a woman to have sudden paralysis of the hands, the rest of her system begins to shut down; the team participates in a gift exchange with a twist, courtesy of House.

  • House - Games (Season 4 Episode 9)
    Season 4 Episode 9:


    House assigns the candidates to the particularly challenging case of an uncooperative, over-the-hill rock star with a history of drug abuse and civil disobedience; Cuddy orders House to hire the members of his team.

  • House - You Don't Want to Know (Season 4 Episode 8)
    Season 4 Episode 8:

    You Don't Want to Know

    After a magician's heart fails during an underwater escape act, House suspects him of being a scam artist faking his ailments.

  • House - Ugly (Season 4 Episode 7)
    Season 4 Episode 7:


    A documentary film crew follows House and his team, as they treat a teenager who had a heart attack prior to facial reconstruction; several of the fellowship candidates distract House.

  • House - Whatever It Takes (Season 4 Episode 6)
    Season 4 Episode 6:

    Whatever It Takes

    The CIA recruits House to help an agent dying of an unknown illness; Foreman faces resistance from the remaining fellowship candidates when they question his judgment.

  • House - Mirror Mirror (Season 4 Episode 5)
    Season 4 Episode 5:

    Mirror Mirror

    While treating a patient they think is a hypochondriac, Foreman and the six fellows seem to learn more about themselves than about the patient; Cameron and Chase gamble on which candidate House will cut next.

  • House - Guardian Angels (Season 4 Episode 4)
    Season 4 Episode 4:

    Guardian Angels

    House and the remaining candidates must determine why a 20-year-old cosmetician had a massive seizure and now has hallucinations; Foreman's reputation precedes him as he interviews for a new job; House must narrow the candidates to six.

  • House - 97 Seconds (Season 4 Episode 3)
    Season 4 Episode 3:

    97 Seconds

    House splits the final 10 fellowship candidates into two teams by gender; the teams must treat a man with muscular atrophy and diagnose the cause; at his new hospital, Foreman resorts to Houselike behavior to help a patient.

  • House - The Right Stuff (Season 4 Episode 2)
    Season 4 Episode 2:

    The Right Stuff

    House begins interviewing for the open positions on his team and sets the applicants against one another to help treat a woman who has an unusual neurological disorder.

  • House - Alone (Season 4 Episode 1)
    Season 4 Episode 1:


    A young woman survives an office-building collapse, and House discusses his ideas about the case with a hospital janitor; Wilson resorts to desperate measures.

  • House - Human Error (Season 3 Episode 24)
    Season 3 Episode 24:

    Human Error

    The team takes on the case of a woman who was rescued at sea en route from Cuba in her desperate bid to get a diagnosis from Dr. House.

  • House - The Jerk (Season 3 Episode 23)
    Season 3 Episode 23:

    The Jerk

    A 16-year-old chess prodigy with intense head pain and behavioral issues offends the members of House's team during his treatment.

  • House - Resignation (Season 3 Episode 22)
    Season 3 Episode 22:


    A 19-year-old college student goes to the hospital after coughing up blood during karate class; House takes a special interest in an attractive nutritionist (Piper Perabo), who accompanied her boyfriend to the clinic.

  • House - Family (Season 3 Episode 21)
    Season 3 Episode 21:


    Wilson prepares a 14-year-old leukemia patient for a last-resort bone-marrow transplant from his younger brother; a mistake that killed a patient a week earlier haunts Foreman.

  • House - House Training (Season 3 Episode 20)
    Season 3 Episode 20:

    House Training

    When a young scam artist passes out while working a card-playing scheme, Foreman suspects her condition stems from drug abuse; Cuddy and Wilson go on a date to an art exhibit.

  • House - Act Your Age (Season 3 Episode 19)
    Season 3 Episode 19:

    Act Your Age

    When a 6-year-old girl collapses at day care, the team discovers that she has a condition that is common in much older patients; tension develops between Cameron and Chase.

  • House - Airborne (Season 3 Episode 18)
    Season 3 Episode 18:


    When a man next to House on a flight from Singapore to the United States becomes violently ill, Cuddy suspects he has a deadly contagious virus.

  • House - Fetal Position (Season 3 Episode 17)
    Season 3 Episode 17:

    Fetal Position

    A pregnant photographer collapses in the midst of a photo shoot with a famous musician (Tyson Ritter); Foreman and Cuddy learn about Cameron and Chase's secret relationship.

  • House - Top Secret (Season 3 Episode 16)
    Season 3 Episode 16:

    Top Secret

    House's newest patient, an ex-Marine who had saved House's life in a dream the night before, intrigues him.

  • House - Half-Wit (Season 3 Episode 15)
    Season 3 Episode 15:


    A 35-year-old musical savant (Dave Matthews) is admitted to the hospital with a rare movement disorder; Cameron discovers that House has been in contact with a Massachusetts hospital.

  • House - Insensitive (Season 3 Episode 14)
    Season 3 Episode 14:


    A snowstorm leaves the ER short-staffed on Valentine's Day; House determines that Foreman's patient, who was injured in a car accident, has a rare condition that makes her completely insensitive to pain.

  • House - Needle in a Haystack (Season 3 Episode 13)
    Season 3 Episode 13:

    Needle in a Haystack

    A 16-year-old patient has internal bleeding, but his Gypsy parents arrive and refuse all modern medical treatment.

  • House - One Day, One Room (Season 3 Episode 12)
    Season 3 Episode 12:

    One Day, One Room

    House returns to the hospital after a short stint in rehab; Cuddy comes to collect on the debt of perjuring herself for House; House encounters a patient who tests positive for an STD and says she was raped recently.

  • House - Words and Deeds (Season 3 Episode 11)
    Season 3 Episode 11:

    Words and Deeds

    House makes a shocking revelation in a bid to save himself from jail time; a firefighter chooses to have a risky, radical treatment on his brain in order to keep a secret.

  • House - Merry Little Christmas (Season 3 Episode 10)
    Season 3 Episode 10:

    Merry Little Christmas

    House is furious about Wilson striking a deal with Tritter, and at the same time, he tries to diagnose a little person's serious illness.

  • House - Finding Judas (Season 3 Episode 9)
    Season 3 Episode 9:

    Finding Judas

    House takes the divorced parents of a young patient to court when their bickering prevents a decision on her treatment.

  • House - Whac-A-Mole (Season 3 Episode 8)
    Season 3 Episode 8:


    House challenges his co-workers to correctly diagnose the ailment of an 18-year-old heart-attack patient (Patrick Fugit).

  • House - Son of Coma Guy (Season 3 Episode 7)
    Season 3 Episode 7:

    Son of Coma Guy

    Symptoms point to a possible genetic connection when House notices something about the son of a man (John Larroquette) who has been in a coma for a decade; Wilson confronts House about stealing his prescription pad.

  • House - Que Sera Sera (Season 3 Episode 6)
    Season 3 Episode 6:

    Que Sera Sera

    After being found in a coma at his apartment, a 600-pound man is admitted to the hospital; House spends the night in jail after being arrested for a number of violations.

  • House - Fools for Love (Season 3 Episode 5)
    Season 3 Episode 5:

    Fools for Love

    House treats a young married couple with similar symptoms, but they are shocked by the cause of the illness; a walk-in patient (David Morse) stands up to House.

  • House - Lines in the Sand (Season 3 Episode 4)
    Season 3 Episode 4:

    Lines in the Sand

    Dr. House takes the case of an autistic 10-year-old who screams for no apparent reason, then House refuses to use his office after Cuddy makes a minor change.

  • House - Informed Consent (Season 3 Episode 3)
    Season 3 Episode 3:

    Informed Consent

    House and team wrestle with an ethical dilemma when a patient asks them to help him end his life.

  • House - Cane & Able (Season 3 Episode 2)
    Season 3 Episode 2:

    Cane & Able

    House denies his physical pain; a child comes to the hospital with rectal bleeding and proclamations of being tortured by aliens.

  • House - Meaning (Season 3 Episode 1)
    Season 3 Episode 1:


    House returns to work after healing from gunshot wounds; a paraplegic man drives into a swimming pool; a young woman finds herself paralyzed after a yoga session.

  • House - Meaning (Season 3 Episode 1)
    Season 3 Episode 1:


    House returns to work after healing from gunshot wounds; a paraplegic man drives into a swimming pool; a young woman finds herself paralyzed after a yoga session.

  • House - No Reason (Season 2 Episode 24)
    Season 2 Episode 24:

    No Reason

    A disgruntled former patient (Elias Koteas) walks into House's office and shoots him while House and his team are trying to help a man with a swollen tongue.

  • House - Who's Your Daddy? (Season 2 Episode 23)
    Season 2 Episode 23:

    Who's Your Daddy?

    House's former bandmate, Crandall, brings in a teenage girl who is having hallucinations about Hurricane Katrina; Cuddy looks for a sperm donor.

  • House - Forever (Season 2 Episode 22)
    Season 2 Episode 22:


    House and the team try to save the lives of a young mother and her newborn son; Foreman struggles to regain normalcy in his life.

  • House - Euphoria, Part 2 (Season 2 Episode 21)
    Season 2 Episode 21:

    Euphoria, Part 2

    Facing imminent death, Dr. Foreman talks with his father and tries to make amends; House tries radical procedures to save Foreman's life.

  • House - Euphoria, Parts 1 and 2 (Season 2 Episode 20)
    Season 2 Episode 20:

    Euphoria, Parts 1 and 2

    Foreman faces his own mortality as House and the team race to stop the progression of his deadly illness.

  • House - House vs. God (Season 2 Episode 19)
    Season 2 Episode 19:

    House vs. God

    House takes on a teenage faith healer; tension brews between Cameron and Foreman.

  • House - Sleeping Dogs Lie (Season 2 Episode 18)
    Season 2 Episode 18:

    Sleeping Dogs Lie

    The relationship between a liver donor and the intended recipient throws the team into an ethical quandary.

  • House - All In (Season 2 Episode 17)
    Season 2 Episode 17:

    All In

    House tries to save the life of a young boy who has the same unique symptoms as an elderly patient who died.

  • House - Safe (Season 2 Episode 16)
    Season 2 Episode 16:


    A young heart-transplant patient has a severe allergic reaction and goes into shock despite living in a "clean" room.

  • House - Clueless (Season 2 Episode 15)
    Season 2 Episode 15:


    A man suffers from a breathing attack while role-playing in the bedroom with his wife.

  • House - Sex Kills (Season 2 Episode 14)
    Season 2 Episode 14:

    Sex Kills

    House believes a patient's (Howard Hesseman) seizure was caused by an infection, but the man's sudden heart attack forces the team to change direction and opt for a heart transplant.

  • House - Skin Deep (Season 2 Episode 13)
    Season 2 Episode 13:

    Skin Deep

    While treating a supermodel for heroin addiction, Dr. House uncovers a startling secret; Wilson hopes that House's increased leg pain is proof that his nerves are regenerating.

  • House - Distractions (Season 2 Episode 12)
    Season 2 Episode 12:


    When a young man comes into the hospital severely burned and has unusual blood-test results, House and his team have a difficult challenge.

  • House - Need to Know (Season 2 Episode 11)
    Season 2 Episode 11:

    Need to Know

    A housewife (Julie Warner) on fertility medication visits Princeton Plainsboro Hospital when her inexplicable muscle-flailing causes her to crash her car.

  • House - Failure to Communicate (Season 2 Episode 10)
    Season 2 Episode 10:

    Failure to Communicate

    With House and Stacy out of town, the team is left on its own to help a journalist, whose sudden collapse is followed by an inability to speak clearly.

  • House - Deception (Season 2 Episode 9)
    Season 2 Episode 9:


    Off-track betting gambler Anica (Cynthia Nixon) collapses in front of House while they are both following horse races at the site.

  • House - The Mistake (Season 2 Episode 8)
    Season 2 Episode 8:

    The Mistake

    A young mother with stomach pain dies, and Stacy (Sela Ward) must determine whether Chase made a mistake that caused her death.

  • House - Hunting (Season 2 Episode 7)
    Season 2 Episode 7:


    House searches for connections between the unique symptoms exhibited by a gay AIDS patient and his father.

  • House - Spin (Season 2 Episode 6)
    Season 2 Episode 6:


    House resists treating a famous bicyclist, brought in after collapsing during a race, because he believes the athlete is taking performance enhancers.

  • House - Daddy's Boy (Season 2 Episode 5)
    Season 2 Episode 5:

    Daddy's Boy

    Trust issues between a father and his mysteriously ill son prevent the medical team from getting the information they need to diagnose and treat the illness.

  • House - TB or Not TB (Season 2 Episode 4)
    Season 2 Episode 4:

    TB or Not TB

    The hospital admits a renowned physician and advocate against the spread of tuberculosis in Africa, and his TB-like symptoms draw media attention which could further his cause.

  • House - Humpty Dumpty (Season 2 Episode 3)
    Season 2 Episode 3:

    Humpty Dumpty

    When Cuddy's handyman, Alfredo, falls from her roof and develops strange symptoms, she joins the team to figure out what is wrong with him.

  • House - Autopsy (Season 2 Episode 2)
    Season 2 Episode 2:


    A 9-year-old patient with terminal cancer handles her situation so well that House begins to wonder whether she is really that brave or if it is a medical symptom.

  • House - Acceptance (Season 2 Episode 1)
    Season 2 Episode 1:


    When death row inmate Clarence mysteriously collapses after hallucinating, House jumps at the case for its difficulty and because he thinks it is "cool."

  • House - Honeymoon (Season 1 Episode 22)
    Season 1 Episode 22:


    While House works to save Stacy's husband, he cannot help but think his feelings for her may have reignited.

  • House - Three Stories (Season 1 Episode 21)
    Season 1 Episode 21:

    Three Stories

    A woman from Dr. House's past returns to the hospital, where she used to be legal counsel, seeking his help in diagnosing the illness her husband has.

  • House - Love Hurts (Season 1 Episode 20)
    Season 1 Episode 20:

    Love Hurts

    House and Cameron explore their relationship; the team tries to discover what is causing a young man to have blood clots and strokes.

  • House - Kids (Season 1 Episode 19)
    Season 1 Episode 19:


    A meningitis scare overwhelms the resources and staff of the hospital, but House singles out a 12-year-old patient whose symptoms are similar to but not quite right for the disease.

  • House - Babies & Bathwater (Season 1 Episode 18)
    Season 1 Episode 18:

    Babies & Bathwater

    House and his team scramble to find the cause of kidney and brain dysfunction in a pregnant patient, leaving the woman and her husband to face a heartbreaking choice, and Vogler continues his quest to have House fired.

  • House - Role Model (Season 1 Episode 17)
    Season 1 Episode 17:

    Role Model

    When Tom Wright, a senator with presidential aspirations, becomes ill, House examines him and finds that the symptoms point toward AIDS, a condition that would squash his career.

  • House - Heavy (Season 1 Episode 16)
    Season 1 Episode 16:


    House and his team blame an adverse reaction to diet pills after an obese 10-year-old girl has a heart attack but, ultimately, they find another cause for her illness.

  • House - Mob Rules (Season 1 Episode 15)
    Season 1 Episode 15:

    Mob Rules

    When a mob informant suddenly collapses before court, House and his team try to cure him or determine whether he is faking.

  • House - Control (Season 1 Episode 14)
    Season 1 Episode 14:


    Billionaire entrepreneur Edward Vogler (Chi McBride) buys his way into becoming chairman of the board with plans to use the facility as a new biotech venture, which could mean the hospital no longer needs the services of Dr. House.

  • House - Cursed (Season 1 Episode 13)
    Season 1 Episode 13:


    When a financial supporter of the hospital gets a divorce, his son falls ill and begins to believe he is cursed, leaving House and the team trying to treat him and deal with his demanding father.

  • House - Sports Medicine (Season 1 Episode 12)
    Season 1 Episode 12:

    Sports Medicine

    A severely broken arm reveals underlying problems and ends the comeback plans of a major league pitcher (Scott Foley), whom House suspects is taking steroids.

  • House - Detox (Season 1 Episode 11)
    Season 1 Episode 11:


    House agrees to stop taking painkillers for a week in exchange for a month without clinic duty, but the team thinks detox is affecting his judgment in the case of a young man's unexplained blood loss.

  • House - Histories (Season 1 Episode 10)
    Season 1 Episode 10:


    Dr. Foreman believes an uncooperative homeless woman is faking seizures so she can stay in the hospital, but her worsening symptoms prove to be a complex mystery for Dr. House and his team.

  • House - House (Season 1 Episode 9)
    Season 1 Episode 9:


    A legendary jazz musician checks into the hospital, believing he is dying of ALS, and signs a "do not resuscitate" order, which House violates to save the man's life.

  • House - DNR (Season 1 Episode 9)
    Season 1 Episode 9:


    A legendary jazz musician checks into the hospital, believing he is dying of ALS, and signs a "do not resuscitate" order, which House violates to save the man's life.

  • House - Poison (Season 1 Episode 8)
    Season 1 Episode 8:


    House and his team investigate the mysterious poisoning of a high-school student, and they think they have the answers they need until a second teen develops the same symptoms.

  • House - Fidelity (Season 1 Episode 7)
    Season 1 Episode 7:


    When a young housewife falls ill, House suspects that she has contracted a rare sexually transmitted disease, but she and her husband (Dominic Purcell) each deny having an affair.

  • House - The Socratic Method (Season 1 Episode 6)
    Season 1 Episode 6:

    The Socratic Method

    Dr. House shows special interest in a schizophrenic with deep-vein thrombosis and her teenage son, who is her primary caregiver.

  • House - Damned if You Do (Season 1 Episode 5)
    Season 1 Episode 5:

    Damned if You Do

    Dr. House's approach raises questions when he treats a nun for what he believes to be an allergy, not realizing that her past is coming back to haunt her.

  • House - Maternity (Season 1 Episode 4)
    Season 1 Episode 4:


    Dr. House annoys his boss when he suggests that two sick newborns in the hospital are the start of an epidemic, but as more babies fall ill, the maternity ward closes and the doctors battle over courses of treatment.

  • House - Occam's Razor (Season 1 Episode 3)
    Season 1 Episode 3:

    Occam's Razor

    A collegian collapses after raucous sex with his girlfriend, and Dr. House and his team scramble to figure out why as the student's condition worsens.

  • House - Paternity (Season 1 Episode 2)
    Season 1 Episode 2:


    Dr. House and the team think a teenage lacrosse player has multiple sclerosis until the boy's night-terrors disprove their diagnosis.

  • House - Pilot (Season 1 Episode 1)
    Season 1 Episode 1:


    Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) and his team try to save the life of a kindergarten teacher (Robin Tunney) who began speaking gibberish and passed out in front of her students.

  • House - Elegido para la Gloria (Episode 448)
    Episode 448:

    Elegido para la Gloria

    House comienza a entrevistar para la posición disponible en su equipo.

  • House - Todo el Mundo Muere (Episode 426)
    Episode 426:

    Todo el Mundo Muere

    Paciente adicto a drogas obliga a House a evaluar su propia vida y enfrentar a sus demonios personales.

  • House - Sobrellevar (Episode 425)
    Episode 425:


    El equipo cree que una paciente tiene problemas físicos y tambien psicológicos; Foreman intenta una nueva táctica con House.

  • House - Post Mortem (Episode 424)
    Episode 424:

    Post Mortem

    Equipo trata a un doctor que duda de todos menos de House, pero House esta desaparecido.

  • House - La Mala Palabra (Episode 423)
    Episode 423:

    La Mala Palabra

    El equipo trata a un niño de seis años con varios problemas de salud; Wilson y House van de vacaciones.

  • House - Cuerpo y Alma (Episode 421)
    Episode 421:

    Cuerpo y Alma

    El equipo atiende a un niño que despierta por unas pesadillas en las que es ahogado y no puede respirar; Park tiene sueños íntimos con los compañeros de trabajo; Dominika descubre un secreto que podría arruinar su relación con House.

  • House - Necesitamos los Huevos (Episode 420)
    Episode 420:

    Necesitamos los Huevos

    House y el equipo atienden a un hombre que derrama lágrimas de sangre; la prostituta favorita de House decide abandonar el negocio.

  • House - Control de Tripa (Episode 419)
    Episode 419:

    Control de Tripa

    Jugador de hockey de las ligas menores se desmorona después de una pelea y tose sangre.

  • House - El Canto del Cisne (Episode 418)
    Episode 418:

    El Canto del Cisne

    Especial sobre las ocho temporadas de la serie. Cuenta con entrevistas a los actores y productores, así como contenido exclusivo.

  • House - Delación (Episode 416)
    Episode 416:


    El equipo atiende a un veterano militar que rechaza ser tratado a menos que él y su hermano reciban información de su padre muerto; Adams busca ayuda cuando ella sospecha que House está enfermo.

  • House - El Amor Es Ciego (Episode 415)
    Episode 415:

    El Amor Es Ciego

    El equipo trabaja para salvar a un ciego con una misteriosa enfermedad; la madre de House realiza una visita inesperada.

  • House - El Hombre de la Casa (Episode 413)
    Episode 413:

    El Hombre de la Casa

    Paciente que desmayo durante una charla, demuestra cambios de comportamiento.

  • House - Persecución (Episode 412)
    Episode 412:


    Chase hace una conexión con una paciente, una monja llamada Moira, que esta por tomar sus votos; Taub y House se hacen bromas.

  • House - No Es Culpa de Nadie (Episode 411)
    Episode 411:

    No Es Culpa de Nadie

    El equipo esta bajo escrutinio tras un incidente violento con un paciente.

  • House - Fugados (Episode 407)
    Episode 407:


    Se necesita el consentimiento de un adulto para intervenir quirúrgicamente a una joven desamparada.

  • House - La Media Naranja (Episode 406)
    Episode 406:

    La Media Naranja

    Paciente de Alzheimer que participa en una prueba de drogas sufre de un temperamento violento.

  • House - Los Peligros de la Paranoia (Episode 395)
    Episode 395:

    Los Peligros de la Paranoia

    Durante el interrogatorio a un testigo, un fiscal sufre lo que él piensa es un ataque cardiaco; Wilson está determinado en probar que House está ocultando algo; Park empieza a salir de su caparazón.

  • House - Muerto y Enterrado (Episode 394)
    Episode 394:

    Muerto y Enterrado

    El equipo descubre que su paciente adolescente no sólo está siendo dramática cuando sus síntomas empeoran; House intenta determinar la causa de la muerte de un niño de 4 años; Park intenta que Chase admita que está obsesionado.

  • House - Padres (Episode 393)
    Episode 393:


    Equipo descubre un inquietante secreto familiar mientras intenta hallar a un donador de médula ósea para un joven enfermo; House intenta remover el monitor que tiene en su tobillo para ir a una pelea; ex-esposa de Taub viaja por el país con su hija.

  • House - La Confesión (Episode 392)
    Episode 392:

    La Confesión

    Un paciente revela oscuros secretos a su comunidad, comprometiendo sus oportunidades de recibir el tratamiento médico que salve su vida; Chase y Taub regresan al equipo; Taub intenta equilibrar el trabajo y la paternidad.

  • House - Empresa Arriesgada (Episode 391)
    Episode 391:

    Empresa Arriesgada

    Un hombre de negocios (Michael Nouri) enferma días antes de firmar un contrato que trasladará la fuerza laboral de su compañía a China; Park se prepara para su audiencia con el comité disciplinario del hospital.

  • House - Veinte Vicodinas (Episode 390)
    Episode 390:

    Veinte Vicodinas

    House percibe síntomas extraños en un compañero en la Correccional del Este de Nueva Jersey; una doctora clínica debe decidir si arriesga su trabajo ayudando a House.

  • House - Un Caso de Beneficencia (Episode 389)
    Episode 389:

    Un Caso de Beneficencia

    Cuando un hombre (Wentworth Miller) se desmaya después de hacer una generosa donación, House y Dr. Chi Park intentan identificar su problema médico; la búsqueda de la felicidad de Trece se ve obstaculizada por sus sentimientos de culpa.

  • House - Transplante (Episode 388)
    Episode 388:


    Un visitante inesperado le ofrece a House la oportunidad de ayudar al equipo del Princeton Plainsboro con un paciente; Wilson se muestra poco receptivo con los intentos de House para volver a relacionarse con él.

  • House - Chicas (Episode 379)
    Episode 379:


    Un caso de meningitis abruma los recursos y al equipo del hospital, pero House atiende a un paciente de 12 años cuyos síntomas son similares pero no totalmente a los de la enfermedad.

  • House - Jubilo (Episode 370)
    Episode 370:


    House y el equipo atienden a un paciente agorafóbico quien obstinadamente rechaza dejar su casa y ser atendido en el hospital; Chase y Cameron intentan resolver algunos problemas en su relación; House tiene una comezón que no puede controlar.

  • House - Después de Hora (Episode 369)
    Episode 369:

    Después de Hora

    Trece le pide ayuda a Chase cuando una amiga la contacta en busca de atención médica y no puede ser admitida en el hospital; House recibe noticias devastadoras.

  • House - La Apuesta (Episode 368)
    Episode 368:

    La Apuesta

    House y Wilson están en desacuerdo con el resultado de una pelea de boxeo en la que apostaron; el equipo sospecha que House está sufriendo otro problema de drogadicción.

  • House - Avances (Episode 367)
    Episode 367:


    El equipo de House atiende a una estrella del fútbol americano colegial para que el paciente pueda probarse en la NFL; el hermano (Orlando Jones) de Foreman realiza una visita sorpresiva al hospital.

  • House - Remordimientos (Episode 366)
    Episode 366:


    Los hombres en el equipo quedan encantados con una ejecutiva que experimenta una serie de dolores intensos; House intenta arreglar su relación con un ex-colega.

  • House - El Secreto (Episode 365)
    Episode 365:

    El Secreto

    Un narcotraficante misteriosamente colapsa durante una venta; House y Wilson compiten por el cariño de una vecina; Chase, Trece y Taub juegan una broma pesada.

  • House - Ojos que no Ven... (Episode 364)
    Episode 364:

    Ojos que no Ven...

    En la víspera del Día de Acción de Gracias, el equipo atiende a un físico excepcionalmente brillante quien renunció a su carrera para ser mensajero; síntomas extraños desconciertan al equipo; doctores luchan con sus complicadas relaciones personale

  • House - La Vida Sigue (Episode 363)
    Episode 363:

    La Vida Sigue

    El equipo se cuestiona la necesidad de los tratamientos de un artista de performance; la acción inesperada de House podría cambiar para siempre sus relaciones con Wilson y Cuddy.

  • House - Corazón Valiente (Episode 361)
    Episode 361:

    Corazón Valiente

    El equipo se hace cargo del caso de un detective policiaco cuyo padre, abuelo y bisabuelo han muerto del corazón a los 40 años; House se enfrenta a sus fantasmas.

  • House - Karma Instante (Episode 360)
    Episode 360:

    Karma Instante

    Un adinerado hombre de negocios lleva a su hijo adolescente al hospital e insiste en que House se haga cargo del caso; Foreman y Chase se preparan para presentar la información del caso Dibala.

  • House - El Tirano (Episode 359)
    Episode 359:

    El Tirano

    El equipo atiende a un controvertido político (James Earl Jones) africano que ha enfermado; Wilson intenta arreglar su relación con un vecino problemático.

  • House - Fracaso Total (Episode 357)
    Episode 357:

    Fracaso Total

    House tiene noticias sorprendentes para Cuddy; un creador de videojuegos enfermo opta por los tratamientos sugeridos por la gente en Internet en vez de escuchar a los doctores; Foreman intenta obtener el trabajo de House.

  • House - Destrozado (Episode 356)
    Episode 356:


    House decide aceptar el tratamiento del Dr. Nolan para poder recuperar su licencia.

  • House - Destrozado (Episode 355)
    Episode 355:


    House inicia su desintoxicación con la esperanza de detener las alucinaciones que lo atormentan; Dr. Nolan rechaza firmar los papeles para rehabilitar la licencia de House hasta que él participe en su propia recuperación mental; House decide aceptar.

  • House - Ambos Lados Ahora (Episode 353)
    Episode 353:

    Ambos Lados Ahora

    House está intrigado con un paciente cuyo lado izquierdo del cerebro opera independientemente del derecho, creando dos personalidades distintas.

  • House - Bajo mi piel (Episode 352)
    Episode 352:

    Bajo mi piel

    House y el equipo atienden a una bailarina cuyos pulmones se colapsan durante una actuación; House está desesperado por encontrar una cura para su insomnio.

  • House - Casa Dividida (Episode 351)
    Episode 351:

    Casa Dividida

    El equipo atiende a un joven de 14 años que se desmaya mientras compite en un combate de lucha libre; House tiene problemas para dormir.

  • House - Cambios (Episode 349)
    Episode 349:


    Un ganador de la lotería experimenta una parálisis facial mientras busca a un viejo amor; licencias médicas están en peligro cuando la madre (Candice Bergen) de Cuddy amenaza con demandar al hospital.

  • House - Salvadores (Episode 348)
    Episode 348:


    Cameron le pide a House que acepte el caso de un ambientalista que se desmayó durante una protesta y que sufre de síntomas misteriosos.

  • House - Simple Explicación (Episode 347)
    Episode 347:

    Simple Explicación

    Después de cuidar a su esposo (Meat Loaf Aday) moribundo durante varios meses, una mujer (Colleen Camp) se desmaya, mientras que su condición mejora misteriosamente, la de ella empeora.

  • House - Enclaustrado (Episode 346)
    Episode 346:


    Un hombre despierta en un hospital de Nueva York después de un accidente en bicicleta, sin poder moverse, ni comunicarse; House, está lesionado, se encuentra en una cama contigua del hospital e insiste en que sabe qué es lo que tiene el hombre.

  • House - La Última Tentación (Episode 345)
    Episode 345:

    La Última Tentación

    Masters debe decidir si quiere ser una cirujana o unirse oficialmente al equipo de House; una chica de 16 años se desmaya antes de iniciar un viaje de navegación por la Tierra.

  • House - Aquí Gatito (Episode 344)
    Episode 344:

    Aquí Gatito

    House se dispone a desmentir las afirmaciones de la empleada de un asilo que finge estar enferma después de estar en contacto con un gato que tiene la reputación de visitar a la gente que está por morir.

  • House - Maternidad (Episode 343)
    Episode 343:


    Dr. House molesta a su jefa cuando sugiere que dos recién nacidos enfermos en el hospital iniciaron una epidemia, pero al enfermarse más niños, la sala de maternidad cierra y los doctores se enfrentan durante el tratamiento.

  • House - El Regreso (Episode 339)
    Episode 339:

    El Regreso

    Después de que descubre que Trece estuvo un tiempo en prisión, House intenta averiguar por qué estuvo encerrada; el equipo hace un descubrimiento acerca de un maestro con severos problemas respiratorios.

  • House - El contrato social (Episode 334)
    Episode 334:

    El contrato social

    House y el equipo atienden a un paciente que dice lo que piensa incontrolablemente; House cree que Taub y Wilson le están ocultando algo.

  • House - Lado Suave (Episode 333)
    Episode 333:

    Lado Suave

    El equipo atiende a un adolescente que no sabe que tiene mosaicismo genético; Wilson y Cuddy creen que algo está mal con House cuando empieza a comportarse amablemente.

  • House - Infiel (Episode 332)
    Episode 332:


    Un sacerdote es admitido en el hospital después de que ve a Jesús sangrando frente a la puerta de su casa; House enfrenta a Trece y Foreman por su relación.

  • House - El Bien Mayor (Episode 331)
    Episode 331:

    El Bien Mayor

    Mientras atienden a una ex-investigadora del cáncer quien abandonó su carrera para buscar su propia felicidad personal, House y su equipo empiezan a cuestionarse sus decisiones; Trece empieza a mostrar serias reacciones a su tratamiento experimental.

  • House - Gran Bebé (Episode 330)
    Episode 330:

    Gran Bebé

    Cuddy le da algunas responsabilidades diarias a Cameron; el equipo trata el caso de un maestro que se desmayó después de escupir sangre durante una clase.

  • House - Caído en Desgracia (Episode 329)
    Episode 329:

    Caído en Desgracia

    Un joven hombre desamparado y ex drogadicto es hallado en un parque con cicatrices y quemaduras en su pecho; Cuddy le expresa su culpa a Wilson.

  • House - Sin Dolor (Episode 328)
    Episode 328:

    Sin Dolor

    House y el equipo intentan diagnosticar el dolor severo y crónico de un hombre; Trece y Foreman deciden explorar su relación; Cuddy descubre que cuidar un bebé le deja muy poco tiempo para administrar el hospital.

  • House - Alegría para el Mundo (Episode 327)
    Episode 327:

    Alegría para el Mundo

    House y el equipo atienden a una adolescente que se desmayó durante el festival navideño de su preparatoria; la relación entre Foreman y Trece progresa; Cuddy recibe un regalo inesperado.

  • House - Déjalos Comer Pastel (Episode 326)
    Episode 326:

    Déjalos Comer Pastel

    House y el equipo atienden a un entrenador de alto nivel que colapsa mientras graba un infomercial; Trece participa en un ensayo clínico dirigido por Foreman.

  • House - El Torero (Episode 325)
    Episode 325:

    El Torero

    Un jinete profesional de toros necesita una operación a corazón abierto después de ser atacado por el animal; Masters se enamora de un paciente, sorprendiendo a Taub.

  • House - Último recurso (Episode 324)
    Episode 324:

    Último recurso

    Un hombre (Zeljko Ivanek) que desea matar o morir por un diagnóstico secuestra a House, Trece y a varios paciente en la oficina de Cuddy, en donde House intenta realizar un diagnóstico correcto.

  • House - Emancipación (Episode 323)
    Episode 323:


    Una menor (Emily Rios) emancipada que trabaja como gerente de una fábrica se enferma en el trabajo; Foreman se encarga de un caso pediátrico que lo lleva a cuestionarse si él puede funcionar sin la vigilancia de House.

  • House - Dos Historias (Episode 319)
    Episode 319:

    Dos Historias

    House comparte historias médicas explícitas con estudiantes en el día de la carrera en la escuela; dos estudiantes de quinto grado intentan ayudar a House a entender cómo sus travesuras evitan que le pueda mostrar sus sentimientos a Cuddy.

  • House - Lo Fundamental (Episode 318)
    Episode 318:

    Lo Fundamental

    Una mujer con una memoria extraordinaria experimenta una parálisis temporal, y una visita de su hermana complica su salud; Foreman ayuda a Taub a prepararse para un examen; House descubre a la nueva pareja secreta de Wilson.

  • House - Alegría (Episode 317)
    Episode 317:


    El equipo se hace cargo del caso de un paciente sonámbulo que experimenta unos bloqueos inexplicables; House descubre que Cuddy está planeando adoptar un bebé de sólo dos semanas.

  • House - La Suerte de Thirteen (Episode 316)
    Episode 316:

    La Suerte de Thirteen

    La pareja de Trece se enferma después de una noche de fiesta, y House se encarga de su caso; Foreman se enfrenta a Trece acerca de su estilo de vida auto-destructivo; el investigador privado Lucas sigue los pasos de Wilson.

  • House - Marcas de nacimiento (Episode 315)
    Episode 315:

    Marcas de nacimiento

    Después de enterarse de la muerte de su padre, House es obligado a asistir al funeral; el equipo intenta diagnosticar la enfermedad que estuvo en China buscando a su madre biológica.

  • House - Eventos Adversos (Episode 314)
    Episode 314:

    Eventos Adversos

    House y el equipo atienden el caso de un artista con una enfermedad que no ha sido diagnosticada que distorsiona su percepción y amenaza su carrera; House continúa con el investigador privado desenterrando la suciedad de los integrantes de su equipo.

  • House - No Cáncer (Episode 313)
    Episode 313:

    No Cáncer

    House y el equipo investigan una serie de muertes que se centran en un donador de órganos, y se apresuran a salvar al único sobreviviente de los receptores; House audiciona a nuevos mejores amigos y usa un detective para espiar a Wilson.

  • House - La Muerte lo Cambia Todo (Episode 312)
    Episode 312:

    La Muerte lo Cambia Todo

    Wilson aún está de luto por la muerte de su novia y renuncia al hospital Princeton Plainsboro; House debe determinar si es responsable de la muerte de la novia de su mejor amigo; Trece sufre para atender objetivamente a un paciente.

  • House - El corazón de Wilson (Episode 311)
    Episode 311:

    El corazón de Wilson

    Los sombríos recuerdos de House acerca del accidente de autobús ponen a prueba su amistad con Wilson amenazando con cambiar sus vidas para siempre.

  • House - La cabeza de House (Episode 310)
    Episode 310:

    La cabeza de House

    El accidente de un autobús atrapa a House durante varias horas, y al regresar su memoria, él se da cuenta que uno de los pasajeros estaba exhibiendo signos de una enfermedad mortal, por lo que se apresura para liberar los secretos de su cerebro.

  • House - Vivir el sueño (Episode 309)
    Episode 309:

    Vivir el sueño

    House toma el asunto en sus propias manos cuando él está seguro de que uno de los actores (Jason Lewis) de su telenovela favorita está sufriendo una enfermedad grave, pero el actor rechaza la atención de House.

  • House - Malas Noticias (Episode 308)
    Episode 308:

    Malas Noticias

    Cuddy recibe noticias que la obligan a reevaluar sus prioridades; las cicatrices sospechosas en el cuerpo de un paciente sugieren que su enfermedad es más que física.

  • House - Se Acabó el Sr. Simpático (Episode 307)
    Episode 307:

    Se Acabó el Sr. Simpático

    House sospecha que un paciente tiene un problema mayor de lo que originalmente fue diagnosticado; House y Amber discuten acerca de qué tanto tiempo tienen para estar con Wilson; Cuddy demanda que House entregue evaluaciones de su equipo.

  • House - Nunca Cambies (Episode 306)
    Episode 306:

    Nunca Cambies

    House y el equipo consideran un juego sucio mientras atienden a una mujer que se colapsó en su boda; la nueva relación revelada de Wilson preocupa a House.

  • House - Congelado (Episode 305)
    Episode 305:


    House y su equipo deben atender a través de la Internet, a una psiquiatra (Mira Sorvino) que se encuentra estacionada en el Polo Sur; la identidad de la mujer que ama Wilson sorprende a House.

  • House - TBD (Episode 304)
    Episode 304:


    Paciente le pide ayuda al equipo para terminar con su vida.

  • House - A Prueba de Recesión (Episode 303)
    Episode 303:

    A Prueba de Recesión

    Un paciente tiene una severa comezón después de exponerse a unos químicos cáusticos en el trabajo; House debe elegir entre asistir a un evento de caridad para apoyar a Cuddy y quedarse con su paciente; Chase y Masters aprenden sobre las relaciones.

  • House - Juegos (Episode 299)
    Episode 299:


    House le asigna a los candidatos el caso de una antigua estrella de Rock.

  • House - Mejor que No lo Sepas (Episode 298)
    Episode 298:

    Mejor que No lo Sepas

    House se encuentra con un mago cuyo corazón falla durante una actuación.

  • House - Fealdad (Episode 297)
    Episode 297:


    Un equipo documentalista sigue a House y a su equipo, mientras ellos atienden a un adolescente quien sufrió un ataque cardiaco antes de una reconstrucción facial; varios de los candidatos distraen a House.

  • House - Lo que haga falta (Episode 296)
    Episode 296:

    Lo que haga falta

    La CIA recluta a House para ayudar a un agente moribundo que sufre una enfermedad desconocida; Foreman enfrenta resistencia de los candidatos restantes cuando ellos cuestionan juicio.

  • House - Espejito, espejito (Episode 295)
    Episode 295:

    Espejito, espejito

    Mientras atienden a un paciente que ellos creen es un hipocondríaco, Foreman y sus seis compañeros parecen aprender más de ellos mismos que sobre el paciente; Cameron y Chase juegan sobre qué candidato eliminará House a continuación.

  • House - Ángeles Guardianes (Episode 294)
    Episode 294:

    Ángeles Guardianes

    House y los candidatos restantes deben determinar porque una estilista de 20 años alucina y tiene ataques masivos. La reputación de Foreman lo precede al entrevistar por un nuevo trabajo.

  • House - 97 Segundos (Episode 293)
    Episode 293:

    97 Segundos

    House separa a los diez candidatos finalistas en dos equipos por genero.

  • House - Elegidos para la Gloria (Episode 292)
    Episode 292:

    Elegidos para la Gloria

    House comienza a entrevistar para la posición disponible en su equipo.

  • House - Solo (Episode 291)
    Episode 291:


    Una joven mujer sobrevive al colapso de un edificio de oficinas, y House discute sus ideas acerca del caso con un portero del hospital; Wilson recurre a medidas desesperadas.

  • House - Error Humano (Episode 290)
    Episode 290:

    Error Humano

    El equipo toma el caso de una mujer que fue rescatada en el mar en ruta desde Cuba en su intento desesperado de obtener un diagnóstico de. Dr. House.

  • House - Más Bueno que el Pan (Episode 289)
    Episode 289:

    Más Bueno que el Pan

    Un hombre colapsa, luego de salvar a un extraño; House evita cenar con Cuddy y su entrometida madre.

  • House - Medicina Familiar (Episode 288)
    Episode 288:

    Medicina Familiar

    La mamá (Candice Bergen) de Cuddy se queja de unos síntomas inusuales y es admitida en el hospital; Masters cuestiona sus principios.

  • House - Recompensa o Castigo (Episode 287)
    Episode 287:

    Recompensa o Castigo

    Un entrenador y su sargento presenta los mismos síntomas; Fotos indecentes de Chase.

  • House - Pequeños Sacrificios (Episode 268)
    Episode 268:

    Pequeños Sacrificios

    Un hombre es admitido después de re-escenificar la Crucifixión; Dr. Taub cuestiona a su esposa acerca de su relación con un miembro del grupo de apoyo; la relación de Wilson con Sam da un giro inesperado en la boda de un compañero.

  • House - El C... (Episode 267)
    Episode 267:

    El C...

    Un ajedrecista prodigio de 16 años con un intenso dolor de cabeza y problemas de comportamiento ofende a los miembros del equipo de House durante su tratamiento.

  • House - La Resignación (Episode 266)
    Episode 266:

    La Resignación

    Un estudiante universitario de 19 años llega al hospital después de toser con sangre durante una clase de karate; House siente un interés especial por una atractiva nutrióloga (Piper Perabo), quien acompañó a su novio a la clínica.

  • House - La Familia (Episode 265)
    Episode 265:

    La Familia

    Wilson prepara a un paciente de 14 años con leucemia para un trasplante de medula ósea de su hermano menor; un error que mató a un paciente una semana antes obsesiona a Foreman.

  • House - Adiestramiento (Episode 264)
    Episode 264:


    Cuando una joven artista de la estafa se desmaya al trabajar una combinación de cartas, Foreman sospecha su condición por abuso de droga; Cuddy y Wilson van a una cita a una exposición de arte.

  • House - Cosas de la Edad (Episode 263)
    Episode 263:

    Cosas de la Edad

    Una niña de seis años colapsa en una guardería y el equipo descubre que ella sufre una enfermedad que es común en pacientes mayores; tensión se desarrolla entre Cameron y Chase.

  • House - Transmisión Aérea (Episode 262)
    Episode 262:

    Transmisión Aérea

    Cuando un hombre al lado de House en un vuelo de Singapur a los Estados Unidos se enferma gravemente, Cuddy sospecha que él tiene un contagioso virus mortal.

  • House - Posición Fetal (Episode 261)
    Episode 261:

    Posición Fetal

    Una fotógrafa embarazada colapsa en medio de una sesión fotográfica con un músico (Tyson Ritter) famoso; Foreman y Cuddy descubren la relación secreta entre Cameron y Chase.

  • House - Confidencial (Episode 260)
    Episode 260:


    El nuevo paciente de House, un ex integrante de la Marina que le salvó la vida a House en un sueño la noche anterior, lo intriga.

  • House - Medio Lelo (Episode 259)
    Episode 259:

    Medio Lelo

    Un erudito (Dave Matthews) musical de 35 años es admitido en el hospital con un extraño trastorno en sus movimientos; Cameron descubre que House ha estado en contacto con un hospital de Massachusetts.

  • House - Insensible (Episode 258)
    Episode 258:


    Una tormenta de nieve provoca ausencia de personal en el hospital el Día de San Valentín; House decide que una paciente de Foreman, herida en un accidente automovilístico, tiene una extraña enfermedad que la vuelve insensible al dolor.

  • House - Una Aguja en un Pajar (Episode 257)
    Episode 257:

    Una Aguja en un Pajar

    Un paciente de 16 años tiene una hemorragia interna, pero sus padres gitanos llegan al hospital y no aceptan que sea sometido a un moderno tratamiento médico.

  • House - Un Día, una Habitación (Episode 256)
    Episode 256:

    Un Día, una Habitación

    House regresa al hospital después de una corta rehabilitación; Cuddy llega a cobrar una deuda por perjurio con House; House conoce a una paciente que resulta positivo de STD y ella le cuenta que fue violada recientemente.

  • House - Palabras y Hechos (Episode 255)
    Episode 255:

    Palabras y Hechos

    House hace una impresionante revelación con la intención de no ir a la cárcel; un bombero elige someterse a un arriesgado tratamiento cerebral para guardar un secreto.

  • House - Buscando a Judas (Episode 254)
    Episode 254:

    Buscando a Judas

    House lleva a corte a los padres divorciados de una joven paciente cuando sus problemas no permiten tomar una decisión acerca de su tratamiento.

  • House - El Juego del Topo (Episode 253)
    Episode 253:

    El Juego del Topo

    House desafía a sus compañeros para diagnosticar correctamente la enfermedad de un paciente (Patrick Fugit) de 18 años que sufrió un ataque cardiaco.

  • House - Hijo de Paciente en Coma (Episode 251)
    Episode 251:

    Hijo de Paciente en Coma

    Unos síntomas apuntan hacia una posible conexión genética cuando House observa algo raro en el hijo de un hombre (John Larroquette) que ha estado en coma durante una década; Wilson se enfrenta a House por robar sus recetas.

  • House - Política (Episode 250)
    Episode 250:


    House elige a una estudiante (Amber Tamblyn) de medicina de tercer año cuando Cuddy lo obliga a contratar a una mujer para su equipo; el director de una campaña política misteriosamente se enferma del hígado y de parálisis temporal.

  • House - Que Será (Episode 249)
    Episode 249:

    Que Será

    Un hombre de 600 libras es admitido en el hospital después de ser hallado en coma en su departamento; House pasa la noche en la cárcel después de ser arrestado por diversas violaciones.

  • House - Locos de Amor (Episode 248)
    Episode 248:

    Locos de Amor

    House atiende a una joven pareja casada con síntomas similares, pero ellos se sorprenden por la causa de su enfermedad; un paciente (David Morse) se enfrenta a House.

  • House - Autopsia (Episode 248)
    Episode 248:


    O Dr. Wilson convence House a cuidar do caso de um de seus pacientes. Este, que é uma menina com câncer que começou a sofrer de alucinações, lida tão bem com seu tratamento que o Dr. House imagina que pode ser um sintoma.

  • House - Líneas en la Arena (Episode 247)
    Episode 247:

    Líneas en la Arena

    Dr. House toma el caso de un niño autista de 10 años quien grita sin ninguna razón aparente, luego House rechaza usar su oficina después de que Cuddy hace un pequeño cambio.

  • House - Caín y Abel (Episode 246)
    Episode 246:

    Caín y Abel

    House niega su dolor físico; un niño llega al hospital con un fuerte sangrado rectal y asegura haber sido torturado por unos extraterrestres.

  • House - Sentido (Episode 245)
    Episode 245:


    House regresa a trabajar después de curarse de las heridas de bala; un hombre parapléjico cae en una alberca; una joven queda paralítica después de practicar yoga.

  • House - Sin Razón (Episode 244)
    Episode 244:

    Sin Razón

    Un ex-paciente (Elias Koteas) disgustado entra a la oficina de House y le dispara mientras él y su equipo intentan ayudar a un hombre que tiene la lengua inflamada.

  • House - ¿Quién Es Tu Papá? (Episode 243)
    Episode 243:

    ¿Quién Es Tu Papá?

    Crandall, ex-compañero de banda de House, lleva a una niña que tiene alucinaciones acerca del Huracán Katrina; Cuddy busca a un donador de esperma.

  • House - Por Siempre (Episode 242)
    Episode 242:

    Por Siempre

    House y el equipo intentan salvar las vidas de una joven madre y su recién nacido; Foreman lucha por regresar la normalidad a su vida.

  • House - Euforia (Episode 241)
    Episode 241:


    El Dr. Foreman se enfrenta a la muerte, se reúne con su padre e intenta reconciliarse con él; House usa métodos radicales para salvar la vida de Foreman.

  • House - Euforia (Episode 240)
    Episode 240:


    Un oficial de policía en condición crítica tiene síntomas muy extraños; el Dr. Foreman se encuentra en una situación desagradable.

  • House - House vs. Dios (Episode 239)
    Episode 239:

    House vs. Dios

    House se enfrenta a un joven sanador; una tensión amenaza la relación entre Cameron y Foreman.

  • House - Viruela (Episode 238)
    Episode 238:


    Cuando un tarro de medicina de 200 años se quiebra en la palma de la mano de una adolescente, ella es admitida en el hospital con síntomas muy relacionados con la viruela; House debe tomar una decisión importante que pone su vida en peligro.

  • House - El Sueño de los Justos (Episode 237)
    Episode 237:

    El Sueño de los Justos

    La relación entre un donador de hígado y el supuesto receptor provoca que el equipo se enfrente a un gran dilema.

  • House - Apuesto el Resto (Episode 236)
    Episode 236:

    Apuesto el Resto

    House intenta salvar la vida de un niño que tiene los mismos síntomas extraños de un paciente anciano que falleció.

  • House - A Salvo (Episode 235)
    Episode 235:

    A Salvo

    Un joven paciente que tiene un trasplante de corazón tiene una reacción alérgica y sufre un ataque a pesar de vivir en cuarto 'limpio'.

  • House - Sin Pistas (Episode 234)
    Episode 234:

    Sin Pistas

    Un hombre sufre un ataque respiratorio mientras se encuentra en su recámara con su esposa.

  • House - Egoísmo (Episode 226)
    Episode 226:


    Una chica aparentemente sana de 14 años colapsa durante una exhibición de patinetas; House y Cuddy relación romántica en el trabajo.

  • House - ¿Y Ahora qué? (Episode 225)
    Episode 225:

    ¿Y Ahora qué?

    House y Cuddy exploran las ramificaciones de los sentimientos que hay entre ellos; la enfermedad de un colega provoca que el hospital no cuente con un neurocirujano.

  • House - Ayúdenme (Episode 224)
    Episode 224:


    El equipo sale del hospital para ayudar con la atención médica en el sitio de una emergencia.

  • House - Bagaje (Episode 223)
    Episode 223:


    House analiza el caso de una mujer que llego a la sala de emergencias con una enfermedad inexplicable y sin poder recordar su identidad.

  • House - La elección (Episode 222)
    Episode 222:

    La elección

    El equipo atiende a un novio enfermo; House, Chase y Foreman visitan un bar karaoke durante una ruidosa salida nocturna.

  • House - Abierto y Cerrado (Episode 221)
    Episode 221:

    Abierto y Cerrado

    Una mujer en un matrimonio abierto repentinamente se enferma durante una cita con su novio; House pone a prueba la relación de Wilson y Sam.

  • House - El Caballero Medieval (Episode 220)
    Episode 220:

    El Caballero Medieval

    House y el equipo atienden a un caballero de una comunidad de hombres y mujeres que viven de acuerdo a los ideales del Alto Renacimiento; Wilson y una ex novia inician de nuevo.

  • House - Encerrados (Episode 219)
    Episode 219:


    El hospital es cerrado cuando una bebé desaparece del cuarto de recién nacidos; nuevos puntos de vista acerca de las vidas personales de los miembros del equipo; surgen relaciones y excusas.

  • House - Agujero negro (Episode 218)
    Episode 218:

    Agujero negro

    Una estudiante de preparatoria alucina repetidamente después de perder el conocimiento durante un viaje escolar; Wilson intenta amueblar su condominio.

  • House - Vidas privadas (Episode 217)
    Episode 217:

    Vidas privadas

    Una fanática del Internet experimenta moretones y sangrados repentinos; Wilson y House descubren secretos entre ellos mismos.

  • House - De 5 a 9 (Episode 216)
    Episode 216:

    De 5 a 9

    El funcionamiento interno del hospital es visto a través de los ojos de la Dra. Cuddy.

  • House - Una Gran Mentira (Episode 209)
    Episode 209:

    Una Gran Mentira

    Cuando el equipo dirige pruebas para determinar qué causó que una mujer tuviera parálisis repentina de las manos, el resto de su sistema comienza a paralizarse; el equipo participa en un intercambio de regalo con un giro, cortesía de House.

  • House - La Decepción (Episode 208)
    Episode 208:

    La Decepción

    Anica (Cynthia Nixon), una mujer a la que le gusta apostar, colapsa enfrente de House mientras ambos observan unas carreras de caballos.

  • House - Felices Pequeñas Navidades (Episode 204)
    Episode 204:

    Felices Pequeñas Navidades

    House está furioso cuando Wilson hace un trato con Tritter, y al mismo tiempo, él intenta diagnosticar a una persona enana con una seria enfermedad.

  • House - El Sexo Mata (Episode 202)
    Episode 202:

    El Sexo Mata

    House cree que la convulsión de un paciente (Howard Hesseman) fue provocada por una infección, pero el súbito ataque cardiaco del hombre obliga al equipo a cambiar la dirección y optar por un trasplante de corazón.

  • House - No Es Oro Todo lo que Reluce (Episode 200)
    Episode 200:

    No Es Oro Todo lo que Reluce

    Dr. House descubre un secreto asombroso mientras atiende a una supermodelo por su adicción a la heroína; Wilson espera que el dolor en la pierna de House sea una prueba de que sus nervios se están regenerando.

  • House - Distracciones (Episode 198)
    Episode 198:


    Un joven llega al hospital con quemaduras severas, tiene unos resultados inusuales tras un examen de sangre y House y su equipo se enfrentan a un desafío complicado.

  • House - Necesidad Saber (Episode 196)
    Episode 196:

    Necesidad Saber

    Una ama de casa (Julie Warner) que toma medicamento para la fertilidad visita el Hospital Princeton Plainsboro cuando una inexplicable debilidad muscular provoca un accidente automovilístico.

  • House - Problemas de Comunicación (Episode 195)
    Episode 195:

    Problemas de Comunicación

    Con House y Stacy fuera de la ciudad, el equipo se queda solo para ayudar a un periodista que colapsa súbitamente y pierde el habla.

  • House - El Error (Episode 193)
    Episode 193:

    El Error

    Una joven madre con dolores estomacales muere, y Stacy (Sela Ward) debe determinar si Chase cometió un error que causó su muerte.

  • House - L'Amour de sa vie (Episode 191)
    Episode 191:

    L'Amour de sa vie

    House se penche sur le cas d'une jeune femme hospitalisée pour des problèmes de respiration.

  • House - Cacería (Episode 191)
    Episode 191:


    House investiga la relación entre los síntomas misteriosos exhibidos por un paciente homosexual con SIDA y su padre.

  • House - Marché conclu (Episode 188)
    Episode 188:

    Marché conclu

    Un éminent chercheur a de plus en plus mal à respirer.

  • House - Dar Vueltas (Episode 187)
    Episode 187:

    Dar Vueltas

    House no quiere atender a un ciclista famoso, llevado al hospital luego de colapsarse durante una carrera, debido a que cree que el atleta está tomando estimulantes para mejorar su rendimiento.

  • House - El Hijo de Papá (Episode 186)
    Episode 186:

    El Hijo de Papá

    Temas de confianza entre un padre y su hijo misteriosamente enfermo dificultan que el equipo obtenga la información que requiere para diagnosticar y atender una enfermedad.

  • House - Es o no Es (Episode 184)
    Episode 184:

    Es o no Es

    El hospital admite a un médico renombrado y se manifiesta en contra de la propagación de la tuberculosis en África, y sus síntomas llaman la atención de los medios lo que podría ser benéfico para su causa.

  • House - Humpty Dumpty (Episode 182)
    Episode 182:

    Humpty Dumpty

    Alfredo, el ayudante de Cuddy, se cae del techo y desarrolla una serie de síntomas extraños, y ella se une al equipo para descubrir qué está mal con él.

  • House - Paternidad no Planificada (Episode 181)
    Episode 181:

    Paternidad no Planificada

    Recién nacido tiene problemas respiratorios y en su hígado; House pide que una doctora se contratada para el equipo; Cuddy le pide a House que cuide a su bebé.

  • House - La Autopsia (Episode 180)
    Episode 180:

    La Autopsia

    Una paciente de 9 años con cáncer terminal enfrenta muy bien su situación y House empieza a preguntarse si ella es realmente valiente o es un síntoma médico.

  • House - La Masajista (Episode 178)
    Episode 178:

    La Masajista

    House y su equipo realizan descubrimientos inesperados en una paciente admitida en el hospital después de que vomita severa e incontrolablemente; House y Cuddy tratan su relación con muchas reservas tras la visita de una terapeuta masajista.

  • House - No Escrito (Episode 177)
    Episode 177:

    No Escrito

    Una popular escritora de libros infantiles tiene una convulsión momentos antes de intentar suicidarse; House y Cuddy salen en una cita con Wilson y su novia (Cynthia Watros).

  • House - La Aceptación (Episode 176)
    Episode 176:

    La Aceptación

    Clarence, un prisionero condenado a muerte colapsa misteriosamente después de alucinar, House analiza el caso debido a su dificultad y porque él cree que es 'interesante'.

  • House - Désirs illusoires (Episode 152)
    Episode 152:

    Désirs illusoires

    Une mère de famille commence à ressentir une douleur lancinante au bras.

  • House - Poussées d'hormones (Episode 115)
    Episode 115:

    Poussées d'hormones

    Une fillette est hospitalisée car elle souffre de douleurs que l'on ne décèle habituellement que chez des patients âgés.

  • House - L'Homme de ses rêves (Episode 112)
    Episode 112:

    L'Homme de ses rêves

    Gregory House soigne un soldat qui a fait apparition dans ses rêves.

  • House - Demi-prodige (Episode 111)
    Episode 111:


    Un prodige de la musique de 35 ans débarque dans le service avec un symptôme étrange.

  • House - À la vie, à la mort (Episode 94)
    Episode 94:

    À la vie, à la mort

    Une mère et son bébé sont conduits d'urgence à l'hôpital.

  • House - 12 ans après (Episode 89)
    Episode 89:

    12 ans après

    Un groupe d'enfants accompagnés leur maîtresse font une visite au musée de l'Enfance.

  • House - Bonheur conjugal (Episode 87)
    Episode 87:

    Bonheur conjugal

    Une femme se fait agresser par un homme cagoulé en sortant de la douche.

  • House - Wilson (Episode 11)
    Episode 11:


    Un viejo amigo y ex paciente de Wilson experimenta parálisis en su brazo derecho; Cuddy continúa buscando una casa.

  • House - Teamwork (Episode 8)
    Episode 8:


    House reclama su puesto como jefe de diagnósticos para atender a una estrella de filmes para adultos admitida por un dolor ocular pulsante; Cuddy recuerda que el Princeton Plainsboro no es un lugar apropiado para relaciones personales saludables.

  • House - Known Unknowns (Episode 6)
    Episode 6:

    Known Unknowns

    Una adolescente es llevada al hospital con el apéndice severamente inflamado tras una noche de fiesta; su condición empeora y la paciente no puede distinguir entre la realidad y la ficción; los doctores asisten a una conferencia de medicina.