Holiday Showdown

Holiday Showdown

2003 - 2007, Reality
Two families who have never met spend two weeks together sharing their favourite holidays.

Episode Guide

  • Holiday Showdown - Algarve; Battlefield

    Algarve; Battlefield

  • Holiday Showdown - Gran Canaria; Fishing

    Gran Canaria; Fishing

    The Bexon-Simpkin family love their footie and holidays; the Fall family prefer the peace and quiet.

  • Holiday Showdown - Bristol/Thailand


    The Coates and the Wigmore families vacation.

  • Holiday Showdown - Tenerife; Lake District

    Tenerife; Lake District

    Fun loving family from Tenerife team up with a peace loving family from Peterborough.

  • Holiday Showdown - Biker Festival; Polo

    Biker Festival; Polo

    Fun loving biker family and posh polo family vacation together.

  • Holiday Showdown - Cornwall; Borneo

    Cornwall; Borneo

    The Glass and Theodore families go on vacation together to Cornwall and Borneo.

  • Holiday Showdown - Lech and Benidorm

    Lech and Benidorm

  • Holiday Showdown - Blackpool and Dubai

    Blackpool and Dubai

    The Codrais and Tunney families travel to Blackpool and Dubai.

  • Holiday Showdown - Surfing and Caravans

    Surfing and Caravans

    The Poulton family searches for the best beaches to surf and the Jones family heads to Great Yarmouth.

  • Holiday Showdown - Bangers and Morocco

    Bangers and Morocco

    Two families with contrasting ideas of vacation travel together.

  • Holiday Showdown - Holt and Rushby

    Holt and Rushby

  • Holiday Showdown - Australia; Sark

    Australia; Sark

  • Holiday Showdown - The Moran and Gage Families

    The Moran and Gage Families

    The Morans take the Gages to a Devon vacation camp; the Gages take the Morans to the Lake District for an activity vacation.

  • Holiday Showdown - Cancun; Ghana

    Cancun; Ghana

    Two families go on vacation together to Cancun, Mexico and Ghana.

  • Holiday Showdown - Cravitz and Thomas Families

    Cravitz and Thomas Families

    The Cravitz family takes the Thomases to the Costa del Sol; the Thomases take the Cravitzes riding in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

  • Holiday Showdown - The Docherty and Plummer families

    The Docherty and Plummer families