Gold Rush: Pay Dirt
Gold Rush: Pay Dirt

Gold Rush: Pay Dirt

2012 - 2015, Other
Extra footage from the reality show Gold Rush where oregonians stake everything on mining and head north to Alaska to dig for gold
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Episode Guide

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Pay Dirt: Million Dollar Season (Special)

    Pay Dirt: Million Dollar Season

    Todd doubles down with two claims; Dakota Fred's glory hole; Parker hires a new crew; bonus footage, production facts and tweets.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Pay Dirt: Redemption Road (Episode 55)

    Pay Dirt: Redemption Road

    Todd comes up with a risky plan to hit his gold goal; Parker fears that his season is over; viewer tweets.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Pay Dirt: The Night Shift (Episode 52)

    Pay Dirt: The Night Shift

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Pay Dirt: Pink Slip (Episode 49)

    Pay Dirt: Pink Slip

    Todd calls it quits and shuts down his Quartz Creek operation; Parker hits bedrock at Emerson Trench; production facts and tweets.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Pay Dirt: Leprechaun Gold (Episode 45)

    Pay Dirt: Leprechaun Gold

    Parker learns about the fate of his Grandpa; Indian River faces a shutdown; the history of the Glory Hole; production facts and tweets and bonus footage.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Pay Dirt: Up Smith Creek (Episode 43)

    Pay Dirt: Up Smith Creek

    Todd Hoffman needs 100 ounces of gold to avoid being closed down; the mystery of Smith Creek; with bonus footage and production facts and tweets.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Pay Dirt: Game Changer (Episode 39)

    Pay Dirt: Game Changer

    Todd takes delivery of the Turbo Trommel; Dave's mine might close.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Pay Dirt: The Ultimatum (Episode 38)

    Pay Dirt: The Ultimatum

    Todd's chief investor wants to see gold in the next few weeks; Fred tries to make a part from a pile of scrap metal.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Pay Dirt: Secret Weapons (Episode 36)

    Pay Dirt: Secret Weapons

    Todd does a deal on a new gold-rich claim to get Dave's crew back in action; the Dakota boys hire new miners and one is quickly fired; Parker sets an unprecedented goal to get $40,000 worth of gold in his first week.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Rivers of Gold (Episode 32)

    Rivers of Gold

    A mishap slows the Hoffman crew's progress; Gene devises a plan to get Parker running dirt again; Tony moves a heavy piece of the dredge into place.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Gold Road (Episode 31)

    Gold Road

    Logan has a scare with the rock truck; the Hoffman crew has high hopes for a clean up; Parker's new cut is frozen; Tony does some heavy lifting.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Grandpa John (Episode 30)

    Grandpa John

    The life of John Schnabel from the Kansas dustbowl, to a career on an Alaskan gold mine, Schnabel continues to inspire his grandson.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Ship of Fools (Episode 29)

    Ship of Fools

    Todd's claim owner pressures the crew to produce more gold; Tony and the team work on the dredge; Parker has his eyes on a claim.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Goldzilla (Episode 27)


    Todd needs a down payment for a wash plant; Parker spends a lot of money on new equipment; Tony tries to remove the wheelhouse from his dredge.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Colossal Clean Up (Episode 26)

    Colossal Clean Up

    The Hoffmans must overcome a water shortage to clean their paydirt; Tony begins to move his dredge; Parker breaks records.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Hard Bargain (Episode 25)

    Hard Bargain

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Golden Boy (Episode 24)

    Golden Boy

    The Hoffmans' struggle continues; Parker takes extreme measures; Tony's rush to move his dredge could cause more delays.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Heroes and Zeros (Episode 23)

    Heroes and Zeros

    A look back at the fourth season of Gold Rush with an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming season where new claims, miners and machines are revealed.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Parker's Take (Episode 22)

    Parker's Take

    Parker Schnabel recaps the fourth season of 'Gold Rush,' and his journey to more than a thousand-ounce season.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - New Blood (Episode 20)

    New Blood

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - From the Ashes (Episode 19)

    From the Ashes

    Todd tries to get his claim ready for mining; Tony and his son have a close call; Parker is swamped at the start of the season.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Grandpa's Last Wish (Episode 18)

    Grandpa's Last Wish

    Parker and Payson follow their grandfather's lifelong wish and search for gold at Smith Creek.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Go Big or Go Home (Episode 17)

    Go Big or Go Home

    Parker tries to succeed in his goal, getting help from an unlikely source.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Medevac (Episode 14)


    One of Todd's men is airlifted to safety; Tony is angry to learn that Parker has moved the operation; the Dakota boys may be required to abandon their hole.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Fantasy Land (Episode 13)

    Fantasy Land

    Todd's claim owner forces a change of plans; Grandpa makes a radical suggestion while visiting Parker; Dustin fights to reach mountain gold.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - The Resurrection (Episode 12)

    The Resurrection

    Todd's claim-owner issues an ultimatum; Dustin sets up shop at Cahoon Creek; Parker pushes Big Red to its limit.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Blow Out (Episode 11)

    Blow Out

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Hope Creek (Episode 10)

    Hope Creek

    Dave and Tim butt heads over the mining plan; the Dakota boys stake their future on a new cut; Parker gets a second chance.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Jungle Boogie (Episode 9)

    Jungle Boogie

    Todd switches to diamond mining; Dustin is stranded in the mountains during an electrical storm; Parker's wash plant is destroyed.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Mutiny (Episode 8)


    Todd gets a shock when he returns to Guyana; Parker seeks advice from his grandfather when faced with mutiny; the Dakota Boys believe they will get a large payout.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Garnets or Gold (Episode 7)

    Garnets or Gold

    Todd makes a startling departure; Parker must rebuild his wash plant; the Dakota Boys hit the bottom of the glory hole.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - In Too Deep (Episode 5)

    In Too Deep

    The Hoffman crew battles the hostile jungle to get mining equipment to the claim; the Dakota Boys drill hoping to find millions in gold; a new crew member throws out Parker's gold.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Queen of Diamonds (Episode 4)

    Queen of Diamonds

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - Million Dollar Season (Episode 3)

    Million Dollar Season

    A review of the last season of 'Gold Rush'; catching up with the miners.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - South America - Guyanese Gold (Episode 2)

    South America - Guyanese Gold

    With added facts, tweets and bonus scenes; Todd needs a good strike in Guyana in order to convince his crew to abandon the Klondike.

  • Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - South America - Chilean Gold (Episode 1)

    South America - Chilean Gold

    With added facts, tweets and bonus scenes; Todd and his crew arrive in Chile and visit several potential mining locations.

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