Godzilla: The Series

Godzilla: The Series

1999 - 2001, Animation, Kids
Animated adventures based on the blockbuster film.

Episode Guide

  • Godzilla: The Series - Shafted


    To drum up funding, the HEAT team travels to Wyoming, where they come across a two-headed, 75-foot, regenerating dragon-like monster.

  • Godzilla: The Series - S.C.A.L.E


    While battling a mosquito-like insect, Godzilla is interrupted by the fanatical group Fist of Godzilla and its beautiful leader, Alexandra Hamilton. The HEAT squad agrees to accompany Hicks to Monster Island, a government area for captive mutations.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Talkin' Trash

    Talkin' Trash

    Dean Whitehead employs a nanotech-driven, petroleum-eating microbe colony to solve New York City's refuse problem, but the colony evolves and grows out of control.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Tourist Trap

    Tourist Trap

    Off the New Jersey coast, the HEAT team meets Milo Sanders, a slimy opportunist who runs a cheesy monster tour ship called Manhattan Monster Line, and encounter a giant mutated frogfish with enormous shark-like jaws.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Protector


    In the Middle East, a team of archaeological specialists are refurbishing an ancient, 15-foot-tall iron statue of a sphinx. Without warning, the statue crumbles and a real, iron-skinned predatory feline emerges.

  • Godzilla: The Series - New Family: Part 2

    New Family: Part 2

    In the wake of Godzilla's apparent death, the Humanitarian Environmental Analysis Team (HEAT) travels to Jamaica to investigate giant squid attacks, only to discover a monster is creating all the havoc.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Trust No One

    Trust No One

    In Brazil, the HEAT team investigates an abandoned laboratory, where years earlier scientists developed a protoplasmic blob of pure DNA that is capable of mimicking any living being by merely touching it.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Ring of Fire

    Ring of Fire

    A fire erupts on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, from which the Creature of Living Flame emerges. The HEAT team and Godzilla battle this mighty foe, but the monster only gets bigger and more powerful with each of Godzilla's fiery blasts.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Vision


    In San Francisco, a giant, long-beaked hummingbird suddenly appears and attacks planes. HEAT discovers that this species feeds off smog-like emissions and can cloak itself by using its incredibly fast wing speed.

  • Godzilla: The Series - What Dreams May Come

    What Dreams May Come

    The HEAT team faces its biggest challenge yet -- a gigantic, humanoid-shaped energy monster that is attacking parts of New York City by firing electrical blasts as a weapon against Godzilla and everything in its path.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Where Is Thy Sting?

    Where Is Thy Sting?

    The HEAT team and Hicks discover that Col. Charles Tarrington has been conducting government-funded experiments to use genetic mutations as a weapon. When these mutations become out of control, Godzilla and the military wage a battle.

  • Godzilla: The Series - The Winter of Our Discontent

    The Winter of Our Discontent

    Nick is reunited with an old college rival, Cameron Winter, who has created cybernetic flying attack drones as bait for Godzilla. Randy is tricked into hooking up a control unit to Godzilla, allowing Winter control over the creature's actions.

  • Godzilla: The Series - What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

    What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

    The HEAT team watches as Godzilla is critically hurt while fighting the Bactillus, an enormous, spongy-green, mucus-covered monster. Nick and Monique must go inside Godzilla to eradicate the bacteria and concoct an antibiotic to weaken the Bacillus.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Wedding Bells Blew

    Wedding Bells Blew

    Elsie is frazzled because her family (unaware of what type of assignment she is working on) is in town for her sister's wedding. When a distress call comes from the local aquarium, the HEAT team finds a gigantic, vulture-like bird of prey.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Underground Movement

    Underground Movement

    The HEAT team splits up to investigate strange mutant parasites in Florida and a giant mutant fungus with sucking tentacles in Michigan. Eventually reuniting in Michigan, the entire group must pull together with Godzilla's help to destroy the fungus.

  • Godzilla: The Series - New Family: Part 1

    New Family: Part 1

    Just when the first Godzilla is destroyed, another one is born. Dr. Nick Tatopoulos develops a bond with his new creature, although Hicks is torn between killing it or listening to Nick and letting it live.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Web Site

    Web Site

    The HEAT team, primarily Craven, is working on a sonic signaler, a device which in theory will allow them to communicate with Godzilla. The crew is mobilized to a Caribbean Island infested with spiders of every type -- including a mutant tarantula.

  • Godzilla: The Series - The Twister

    The Twister

    The HEAT team encounters an enormous mutant with the ability to suck up everything in its path. Not convinced that it is a creature, Hicks insists it is just another force of Mother Nature.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars: Part 1

    Monster Wars: Part 1

    With Elsie's surreptitious help, Nick finds and extracts the alien spacecraft from the bottom of the ocean, and the tension between HEAT and Hicks escalates. In Africa, meanwhile, a giant bat with huge jaws is on the loose.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Cat and Mouse

    Cat and Mouse

    When a huge mutant sewer rat appears from the bowels of Manhattan, HEAT and Godzilla attempt to destroy it. Unfortunately, Godzilla's efforts are destroying the city, as well.

  • Godzilla: The Series - D.O.A


    The HEAT team travels to a small Central American republic to investigate a giant rampaging earthworm. There, Godzilla is hit with an experimental biological weapon by the local military and an overzealous Gen. Albondiga.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Deadloch


    The HEAT team travels to Scotland's Pisces Institute, near Loch Ness. Apparently Nessie is alive and has been attacking the Institute.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Bug Out

    Bug Out

    The HEAT team realizes that Godzilla is getting smarter and more willful. Nick feels betrayed when Audrey uses this confidential information in her report, creating a serious rift between them.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Bird of Paradise

    Bird of Paradise

    A giant flying lizard with napalm fire-breathing abilities emerges from a dormant volcano in southern Mexico and begins destroying local villages.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Area 51

    Area 51

    The HEAT team travels to Nevada's Area 51 to investigate a strange, huge eyeball. They meet the station's military spokeswoman and chief scientist, along with Thorny Devil, a 200-foot lizard-like creature with razor-sharp spikes on its back and head.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Ballad of Gens du Marias

    Ballad of Gens du Marias

    Covering Mardi Gras, Audrey and Animal interview Paul Dimanche, whose family is one of the oldest and wealthiest in the French Quarter. When Audrey discovers monster-like attacks in the city, she calls Nick and the HEAT team to investigate.

  • Godzilla: The Series - End of the Line

    End of the Line

    While on a vacation cruise, Nick and Audrey's ship is attacked by a giant reptilian creature, and the two are washed ashore on a deserted island.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Freakshow


    Theodore P. Bunkum and his Weird World of Wonders Show has placed a million-dollar bounty on Godzilla's head. To track down Godzilla, Bunkum unleashes his star attraction, Medusa -- a 50-foot amphibious anemone with toxic tentacles.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Lizard Season

    Lizard Season

    Three hunters -- Dale, Hank and Bill -- are released from jail on bail paid by Cameron Winter, who outfits the men with experimental tanks. In their quest to conquer Godzilla, they destroy everything in their path.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Metamorphosis


    In Iowa, the HEAT team confronts a gigantic centipede with barbed legs, stinging spurs and the capability to spray a blinding foam. However, the creature soon thereafter transforms into another mutant insect.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars: Part 2

    Monster Wars: Part 2

    While tracking a giant bat, the HEAT team discovers Cryptocledius, one of the aquatic dinosaurs surrounding the alien spaceship, is alive and hungry! They must also defeat the reanimated corpse of the first Godzilla and a slew of other monsters.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Juggernaut


    A mysterious object from outer space lands on Earth and fuses itself with any mechanical device within reach. It then becomes an 8-foot tall amalgam of electronic parts and takes on anthropomorphic features.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Hive


    Stranded on a remote island, the HEAT team and Godzilla battle a hive of gigantic mutated bees that can fire their stingers at any target.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Freeze


    The HEAT team investigates the disappearance of a research team in the South Pole, where they discover huge flesh-eating creatures with an incredibly high metabolic rate and body temperature.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Future Shock

    Future Shock

    The HEAT team is engulfed in a bizarre, tunnel-like storm. Once it is over, they discover they have traveled 35 years into the future, and that New York City is a wasteland overrun by gigantic dragon-like mutations.

  • Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars: Part 3

    Monster Wars: Part 3

    Monsters are attacking everywhere! While Godzilla is doing battling in Washington, D.C., Nick and the HEAT team attempt to disrupt the tachyon signals from the aliens and free the monsters from their mental hold.