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Episode Guide

  • Enterprise - Run for the Money (Episode 37)
    Episode 37:

    Run for the Money

    Business sponsorship of America's oldest amateur athletic event, the Boston Marathon.

  • Enterprise - Embargo (Episode 36)
    Episode 36:


    The repercussions of the trade embargo between the United States and Nicaragua.

  • Enterprise - Billion Dollar Day (Episode 35)
    Episode 35:

    Billion Dollar Day

    Three currency traders in New York, London and Hong Kong gamble against each other.

  • Enterprise - Battle of the Blimps (Episode 34)
    Episode 34:

    Battle of the Blimps

    The competition between Goodyear and Airship Industries for military contracts.

  • Enterprise - Space Salvage (Episode 33)
    Episode 33:

    Space Salvage

    NASA's recovery of two communication satellites lost in February 1984.

  • Enterprise - The Million Dollar Scan (Episode 32)
    Episode 32:

    The Million Dollar Scan

    An Israeli-based firm tries to develop, produce and deliver a superior medical to compete with larger corporations.

  • Enterprise - Hard Sell, Soft Sell (Episode 31)
    Episode 31:

    Hard Sell, Soft Sell

    The psychology of selling is explored with a variety of salespeople demonstrating their personal tricks of the ancient trade.

  • Enterprise - Buy-Out (Episode 30)
    Episode 30:


    A look at how 1200 New Jersey workers and managers bought their unprofitable business from General Motors.

  • Enterprise - Crosswind Take-Off (Episode 29)
    Episode 29:

    Crosswind Take-Off

    The competition of two airplane manufacturers as they battle with technical problems, skeptical investors and bureaucracy.

  • Enterprise - All in the Game (Episode 28)
    Episode 28:

    All in the Game

    The volatile world of video games is explored as Imagic, with a highly profitable start, copes with a weakening market.

  • Enterprise - Hot Chocolate (Episode 27)
    Episode 27:

    Hot Chocolate

    Big winners and losers in the commodities future market of cocoa try to follow the rumors and risks of investing in chocolate.

  • Enterprise - The Selling of Terri Gibbs (Episode 26)
    Episode 26:

    The Selling of Terri Gibbs

    The efforts of an award-winning country and western singer tries to make her second album into a hit.

  • Enterprise - Hong Kong Dresses Up (Episode 25)
    Episode 25:

    Hong Kong Dresses Up

    The regulation-free "manufacturer's paradise" of Hong Kong is profiled through one of its leading manufacturers.

  • Enterprise - Fast Horse in a Bull Market (Episode 24)
    Episode 24:

    Fast Horse in a Bull Market

    A profile of Kentucky horsebreeder Tom Gentry in a look at the world of racehorses as investments.

  • Enterprise - The Jet Set (Episode 23)
    Episode 23:

    The Jet Set

    Boeing Aircraft is watched as the company bids for large jet contracts.

  • Enterprise - Cash on the Vine (Episode 22)
    Episode 22:

    Cash on the Vine

    A look at how a prize winning California winery tries to increase production while juggling supply, demand and quality.

  • Enterprise - Tailspin (Episode 21)
    Episode 21:


    The nation's first airline bankruptcy is updated as Braniff prepares a new, pared down flight schedule.

  • Enterprise - Workout (Episode 20)
    Episode 20:


    The struggle for survival of a health-club chain is used to demonstrate the vigorous competition in the $6 billion-a-year industry.

  • Enterprise - Not by Jeans Alone (Episode 19)
    Episode 19:

    Not by Jeans Alone

    The Levi Strauss campaign to market a new product is watched as it develops.

  • Enterprise - Wildcatter (Episode 18)
    Episode 18:


    A look at the drilling process on a gas well in Louisiana Cajun country.

  • Enterprise - Perfectly Frank (Episode 17)
    Episode 17:

    Perfectly Frank

    Chicken entrepreneur Frank Perdue prepares the marketing strategy for his newest product, chicken franks.

  • Enterprise - On Key (Episode 16)
    Episode 16:

    On Key

    An electric-guitar maker has difficulty meeting the demand for his innovative instrument.

  • Enterprise - Fired (Episode 15)
    Episode 15:


    After being fired from a managerial position, a depressed businessman seeks to find a new job.

  • Enterprise - Room at the Top (Episode 14)
    Episode 14:

    Room at the Top

    A new $125-million hotel in Boston competes in a market already filled to capacity with luxury hotels.

  • Enterprise - Life After Death (Episode 13)
    Episode 13:

    Life After Death

    The Telophase Corporation plans to market cremation as an alternative to burials.

  • Enterprise - Hard News (Episode 12)
    Episode 12:

    Hard News

    The competition between Ted Turner's Cable News Network and Group W's Satellite News Channels resulted in Turner's buyout of SNC.

  • Enterprise - California Crude (Episode 11)
    Episode 11:

    California Crude

    Sun Oil Company as prepares oil lease bids, demonstrating the risk, expense and competition for non-renewable energy sources.

  • Enterprise - Hong Kong Dresses Up (Episode 10)
    Episode 10:

    Hong Kong Dresses Up

    Hong Kong's regulation-free economy allows extraordinary flexibility for clothing manufacturers and bargains for world retailers.

  • Enterprise - All in the Game (Episode 9)
    Episode 9:

    All in the Game

    One company's profitable start in the video-game industry is explored as Imagic copes with the weakening market.

  • Enterprise - The New Space Race (Episode 8)
    Episode 8:

    The New Space Race

    A survey of the space industry focuses on the large investments of U.S. and foreign companies.

  • Enterprise - Hard-Ball (Episode 7)
    Episode 7:


    The Oakland A's 1982 season provides a background for a study of the hard realities of the baseball business.

  • Enterprise - Chef's Special (Episode 6)
    Episode 6:

    Chef's Special

    The owner of a San Francisco restaurant reviews the complicated and risky arrangements involved in this high-risk, low-return business.

  • Enterprise - The Buck Stops in Brazil (Episode 5)
    Episode 5:

    The Buck Stops in Brazil

    World banks invest in Brazil even though it already owes 70 billion dollars.

  • Enterprise - The Diamond Game (Episode 4)
    Episode 4:

    The Diamond Game

    Diamonds move from the mine to the fashionable jewelers on Fifth Avenue.

  • Enterprise - The Selling of Terri Gibbs (Episode 3)
    Episode 3:

    The Selling of Terri Gibbs

    The award-winning country western singer tries for a second hit album.

  • Enterprise - Tailspin (Episode 2)
    Episode 2:


    The nation's first airline goes bankrupt and must restructure the $2 billion operation in a few months.

  • Enterprise - The Colonel Comes to Japan (Episode 1)
    Episode 1:

    The Colonel Comes to Japan

    Kentucky Fried Chicken attempts to succeed in the Far East.