End of Empire

End of Empire

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Episode Guide

  • End of Empire - Aden (Episode 14)
    Episode 14:


    Aden follows Egypt in organized resistance to British rule.

  • End of Empire - Egypt (Episode 13)
    Episode 13:


    British troops withdraw from Egypt in 1956, then fail to recapture the Suez Canal.

  • End of Empire - Iran (Episode 12)
    Episode 12:


    Senior British officials describe their involvement in the 1953 Iranian coup, which restored the authority of the Shah.

  • End of Empire - Palestine (Episode 11)
    Episode 11:


    The end of British rule is marked by the establishment of Israel and the displacement of the Palestinians.

  • End of Empire - Malaya (Episode 10)
    Episode 10:


    The British withdrawal from Malaya in 1957.

  • End of Empire - India -- Divide & Quit (Episode 9)
    Episode 9:

    India -- Divide & Quit

    Lord Louis Mountbatten is appointed viceroy, charged with the transition to India's independence.

  • End of Empire - India -- The Muslim Card (1942-47) (Episode 8)
    Episode 8:

    India -- The Muslim Card (1942-47)

    The Muslim leader Jihhan calls for a "day of action," leading to demonstrations and violence.

  • End of Empire - India -- Engine of War (1939-42) (Episode 7)
    Episode 7:

    India -- Engine of War (1939-42)

    The British declare India at war with Germany; Churchill negotiates with Nehru and Gandhi.

  • End of Empire - Rhodesia (Episode 6)
    Episode 6:


    The demise of the British empire continues with the transformation of Rhodesia into Zimbabwe.

  • End of Empire - The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (Episode 5)
    Episode 5:

    The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland

    Hastings Kamazu Banda and Kenneth Kaunda lead growing forces of nationalism to independence.

  • End of Empire - Kenya (Episode 4)
    Episode 4:


    Kenya's road to independence is marked by murders, detention camps, secret societies and the victory of Jomo Kenyatta.

  • End of Empire - The Gold Coast (Episode 3)
    Episode 3:

    The Gold Coast

    The Gold Coast becomes the nation of Ghana under the leadership of Kwame Nkrumah.

  • End of Empire - Cyprus (Episode 2)
    Episode 2:


    Britain withdraws from the civil war between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

  • End of Empire - The Beginning of the End (Episode 1)
    Episode 1:

    The Beginning of the End

    A series on the decline of the British Empire begins with an overview of 1922-45.