2000 - 2018, Science
Drama series set in a busy Midlands practice.

Episode Guide

  • Doctors - Creature Comfort (Season 17 Episode 217)
    Season 17 Episode 217:

    Creature Comfort

  • Doctors - Hanging by a Thread (Season 17 Episode 216)
    Season 17 Episode 216:

    Hanging by a Thread

  • Doctors - The Woman Who Runs (Season 17 Episode 215)
    Season 17 Episode 215:

    The Woman Who Runs

  • Doctors - Fit for Work (Season 17 Episode 214)
    Season 17 Episode 214:

    Fit for Work

  • Doctors - Man Up (Season 17 Episode 213)
    Season 17 Episode 213:

    Man Up

  • Doctors - Me Before You (Season 17 Episode 212)
    Season 17 Episode 212:

    Me Before You

  • Doctors - Indecent Proposal (Season 17 Episode 211)
    Season 17 Episode 211:

    Indecent Proposal

  • Doctors - Songs of Appraisal (Season 17 Episode 210)
    Season 17 Episode 210:

    Songs of Appraisal

  • Doctors - Age Concern (Season 17 Episode 209)
    Season 17 Episode 209:

    Age Concern

  • Doctors - On the Beat (Season 17 Episode 208)
    Season 17 Episode 208:

    On the Beat

  • Doctors - This One's for You (Season 17 Episode 207)
    Season 17 Episode 207:

    This One's for You

  • Doctors - Sugar (Season 17 Episode 206)
    Season 17 Episode 206:


  • Doctors - Under My Roof (Season 17 Episode 205)
    Season 17 Episode 205:

    Under My Roof

  • Doctors - Climb Another Mountain (Season 17 Episode 204)
    Season 17 Episode 204:

    Climb Another Mountain

  • Doctors - Shadowland (Season 17 Episode 203)
    Season 17 Episode 203:


  • Doctors - Mother's Ruin (Season 17 Episode 202)
    Season 17 Episode 202:

    Mother's Ruin

  • Doctors - Pest (Season 17 Episode 201)
    Season 17 Episode 201:


  • Doctors - Promises, Promises (Season 17 Episode 200)
    Season 17 Episode 200:

    Promises, Promises

  • Doctors - The Bad Spell (Season 17 Episode 199)
    Season 17 Episode 199:

    The Bad Spell

  • Doctors - Trash (Season 17 Episode 198)
    Season 17 Episode 198:


  • Doctors - Old Flames (Season 17 Episode 197)
    Season 17 Episode 197:

    Old Flames

  • Doctors - The Last Days of Queen Victoria (Season 17 Episode 196)
    Season 17 Episode 196:

    The Last Days of Queen Victoria

  • Doctors - Menage a Quatre (Season 17 Episode 194)
    Season 17 Episode 194:

    Menage a Quatre

  • Doctors - Monique (Season 17 Episode 193)
    Season 17 Episode 193:


  • Doctors - Direct from the West End (Season 17 Episode 192)
    Season 17 Episode 192:

    Direct from the West End

  • Doctors - 24 (Season 17 Episode 191)
    Season 17 Episode 191:


  • Doctors - Triangle (Season 17 Episode 190)
    Season 17 Episode 190:


  • Doctors - Cold Facts (Season 17 Episode 189)
    Season 17 Episode 189:

    Cold Facts

  • Doctors - Melting Point (Season 17 Episode 188)
    Season 17 Episode 188:

    Melting Point

  • Doctors - Martians (Season 17 Episode 187)
    Season 17 Episode 187:


  • Doctors - Being Witched (Season 17 Episode 186)
    Season 17 Episode 186:

    Being Witched

  • Doctors - Prey: Part Two (Season 17 Episode 185)
    Season 17 Episode 185:

    Prey: Part Two

  • Doctors - Prey: Part One (Season 17 Episode 184)
    Season 17 Episode 184:

    Prey: Part One

  • Doctors - The Rules of the Game (Season 17 Episode 183)
    Season 17 Episode 183:

    The Rules of the Game

  • Doctors - A Ghost at the Feast (Season 17 Episode 182)
    Season 17 Episode 182:

    A Ghost at the Feast

  • Doctors - Play Date (Season 17 Episode 181)
    Season 17 Episode 181:

    Play Date

  • Doctors - Try Before You Die (Season 17 Episode 180)
    Season 17 Episode 180:

    Try Before You Die

  • Doctors - Junction 10 (Season 17 Episode 179)
    Season 17 Episode 179:

    Junction 10

  • Doctors - The Hunter (Season 17 Episode 178)
    Season 17 Episode 178:

    The Hunter

  • Doctors - A Taste of Home (Season 17 Episode 177)
    Season 17 Episode 177:

    A Taste of Home

  • Doctors - Peanut (Season 17 Episode 176)
    Season 17 Episode 176:


  • Doctors - Dracula's Choice (Season 17 Episode 175)
    Season 17 Episode 175:

    Dracula's Choice

  • Doctors - Heart Strings (Season 17 Episode 174)
    Season 17 Episode 174:

    Heart Strings

  • Doctors - Right in Two (Season 17 Episode 173)
    Season 17 Episode 173:

    Right in Two

  • Doctors - This Fading Light (Season 17 Episode 172)
    Season 17 Episode 172:

    This Fading Light

  • Doctors - Moving In (Season 17 Episode 171)
    Season 17 Episode 171:

    Moving In

  • Doctors - Stop the World (Season 17 Episode 170)
    Season 17 Episode 170:

    Stop the World

  • Doctors - Nighthawks: Part 2 (Season 17 Episode 169)
    Season 17 Episode 169:

    Nighthawks: Part 2

  • Doctors - Nighthawks: Part 1 (Season 17 Episode 168)
    Season 17 Episode 168:

    Nighthawks: Part 1

  • Doctors - Roadkill (Season 17 Episode 167)
    Season 17 Episode 167:


  • Doctors - The Winner Takes It All (Season 17 Episode 166)
    Season 17 Episode 166:

    The Winner Takes It All

  • Doctors - A Good Man (Season 17 Episode 165)
    Season 17 Episode 165:

    A Good Man

  • Doctors - Without You (Season 17 Episode 164)
    Season 17 Episode 164:

    Without You

  • Doctors - Future Perfect (Season 17 Episode 163)
    Season 17 Episode 163:

    Future Perfect

  • Doctors - Pudding (Season 17 Episode 162)
    Season 17 Episode 162:


  • Doctors - Perennial (Season 17 Episode 161)
    Season 17 Episode 161:


  • Doctors - Speaking Up (Season 17 Episode 160)
    Season 17 Episode 160:

    Speaking Up

  • Doctors - From Daddy With Love (Season 17 Episode 159)
    Season 17 Episode 159:

    From Daddy With Love

  • Doctors - He's Making a List, He's Checking it Twice (Season 17 Episode 158)
    Season 17 Episode 158:

    He's Making a List, He's Checking it Twice

  • Doctors - Self Portraits (Season 17 Episode 157)
    Season 17 Episode 157:

    Self Portraits

  • Doctors - Tinkle All the Way (Season 17 Episode 156)
    Season 17 Episode 156:

    Tinkle All the Way

  • Doctors - Favourites (Season 17 Episode 155)
    Season 17 Episode 155:


  • Doctors - Mother to Be (Season 17 Episode 154)
    Season 17 Episode 154:

    Mother to Be

  • Doctors - The Many Shades of Joan Gray (Season 17 Episode 153)
    Season 17 Episode 153:

    The Many Shades of Joan Gray

  • Doctors - The Power of You (Season 17 Episode 152)
    Season 17 Episode 152:

    The Power of You

  • Doctors - Vapour Trail (Season 17 Episode 151)
    Season 17 Episode 151:

    Vapour Trail

  • Doctors - Shunt (Season 17 Episode 150)
    Season 17 Episode 150:


  • Doctors - In Death Do Us Meet (Season 17 Episode 149)
    Season 17 Episode 149:

    In Death Do Us Meet

  • Doctors - Warrior Princess (Season 17 Episode 148)
    Season 17 Episode 148:

    Warrior Princess

  • Doctors - And the Winner Is (Season 17 Episode 147)
    Season 17 Episode 147:

    And the Winner Is

  • Doctors - Bullseye (Season 17 Episode 145)
    Season 17 Episode 145:


  • Doctors - Exposed (Season 17 Episode 144)
    Season 17 Episode 144:


  • Doctors - Skin Deep (Season 17 Episode 143)
    Season 17 Episode 143:

    Skin Deep

  • Doctors - Faster than a Speeding Bullet (Season 17 Episode 142)
    Season 17 Episode 142:

    Faster than a Speeding Bullet

  • Doctors - Trespass Against Us (Season 17 Episode 141)
    Season 17 Episode 141:

    Trespass Against Us

  • Doctors - Crash Bang Pow (Season 17 Episode 140)
    Season 17 Episode 140:

    Crash Bang Pow

  • Doctors - I Got Up (Season 17 Episode 139)
    Season 17 Episode 139:

    I Got Up

  • Doctors - Date in the Diary (Season 17 Episode 138)
    Season 17 Episode 138:

    Date in the Diary

  • Doctors - Phantoms (Season 17 Episode 137)
    Season 17 Episode 137:


  • Doctors - Forever (Season 17 Episode 136)
    Season 17 Episode 136:


  • Doctors - Mr Charity (Season 17 Episode 135)
    Season 17 Episode 135:

    Mr Charity

  • Doctors - Afternoon of the Living Dead (Season 17 Episode 134)
    Season 17 Episode 134:

    Afternoon of the Living Dead

  • Doctors - Are You Kidding Me? (Season 17 Episode 133)
    Season 17 Episode 133:

    Are You Kidding Me?

  • Doctors - About Time (Season 17 Episode 132)
    Season 17 Episode 132:

    About Time

    Mrs. Tembe discovers what it's really like to be a nurse on house calls; Kevin and Heston make a shocking discovery.

  • Doctors - Working the Net (Season 17 Episode 131)
    Season 17 Episode 131:

    Working the Net

  • Doctors - Interpretations (Season 17 Episode 130)
    Season 17 Episode 130:


  • Doctors - Perfect (Season 17 Episode 129)
    Season 17 Episode 129:


    Ruth runs into an old friend of Davey's and is surprisingly at ease with him; Elaine gets lost in St. Phil's and is rescued by a handsome stranger; Jack takes up running and is ridiculed by an ultra-fit foe as a result.

  • Doctors - The Wrong Foot (Season 17 Episode 128)
    Season 17 Episode 128:

    The Wrong Foot

  • Doctors - House of Hammered Horrors (Season 17 Episode 127)
    Season 17 Episode 127:

    House of Hammered Horrors

  • Doctors - Best Laid Plans (Season 17 Episode 126)
    Season 17 Episode 126:

    Best Laid Plans

  • Doctors - Who Knew (Season 17 Episode 125)
    Season 17 Episode 125:

    Who Knew

  • Doctors - All in a Day's Work (Season 17 Episode 124)
    Season 17 Episode 124:

    All in a Day's Work

  • Doctors - Where There's Hope (Season 17 Episode 123)
    Season 17 Episode 123:

    Where There's Hope

  • Doctors - In The Midst of Life (Season 17 Episode 122)
    Season 17 Episode 122:

    In The Midst of Life

  • Doctors - A Handful of Dust (Season 17 Episode 121)
    Season 17 Episode 121:

    A Handful of Dust

  • Doctors - Hitting The Wall (Season 17 Episode 120)
    Season 17 Episode 120:

    Hitting The Wall

  • Doctors - Signs and Wonders (Season 17 Episode 119)
    Season 17 Episode 119:

    Signs and Wonders

  • Doctors - You Can Run (Season 17 Episode 118)
    Season 17 Episode 118:

    You Can Run

  • Doctors - The Odd Couple (Season 17 Episode 117)
    Season 17 Episode 117:

    The Odd Couple

  • Doctors - The Key (Season 17 Episode 116)
    Season 17 Episode 116:

    The Key

  • Doctors - No Smoke Without Fire (Season 17 Episode 115)
    Season 17 Episode 115:

    No Smoke Without Fire

    Mac tries to persuade a teenage girl to undergo a critical operation; Jo feels the impact of her grandmother's recent death.

  • Doctors - Girl About Town (Season 17 Episode 114)
    Season 17 Episode 114:

    Girl About Town

  • Doctors - It Starts With the Shoes (Season 17 Episode 113)
    Season 17 Episode 113:

    It Starts With the Shoes

  • Doctors - Clarity (Season 17 Episode 112)
    Season 17 Episode 112:


  • Doctors - Troubled Waters (Season 17 Episode 111)
    Season 17 Episode 111:

    Troubled Waters

  • Doctors - Spectre of the Rose (Season 17 Episode 110)
    Season 17 Episode 110:

    Spectre of the Rose

  • Doctors - Time of My Life (Season 17 Episode 109)
    Season 17 Episode 109:

    Time of My Life

  • Doctors - Conclusions (Season 17 Episode 108)
    Season 17 Episode 108:


  • Doctors - Spin Doctor (Season 17 Episode 107)
    Season 17 Episode 107:

    Spin Doctor

  • Doctors - The Man Who Was King (Season 17 Episode 106)
    Season 17 Episode 106:

    The Man Who Was King

  • Doctors - Fallen Hero (Season 17 Episode 105)
    Season 17 Episode 105:

    Fallen Hero

  • Doctors - All the Time in the World (Season 17 Episode 104)
    Season 17 Episode 104:

    All the Time in the World

  • Doctors - A Proper Copper (Season 17 Episode 103)
    Season 17 Episode 103:

    A Proper Copper

  • Doctors - Marrow (Season 17 Episode 102)
    Season 17 Episode 102:


  • Doctors - The Pain Barrier (Season 17 Episode 101)
    Season 17 Episode 101:

    The Pain Barrier

    A woman is diagnosed with endometriosis, possibly meaning she and her partner may never have children.

  • Doctors - Reawakening (Season 17 Episode 100)
    Season 17 Episode 100:


  • Doctors - The Hatchling (Season 17 Episode 99)
    Season 17 Episode 99:

    The Hatchling

  • Doctors - In Search of Happiness (Season 17 Episode 98)
    Season 17 Episode 98:

    In Search of Happiness

  • Doctors - Safety Net (Season 17 Episode 97)
    Season 17 Episode 97:

    Safety Net

  • Doctors - Big Girls Don't Cry (Season 17 Episode 96)
    Season 17 Episode 96:

    Big Girls Don't Cry

  • Doctors - Bitter Pill (Season 17 Episode 95)
    Season 17 Episode 95:

    Bitter Pill

    Caroline faces the consequences of spending the night with a stranger.

  • Doctors - A Very Reverend Institution (Season 17 Episode 94)
    Season 17 Episode 94:

    A Very Reverend Institution

  • Doctors - Resilience (Season 17 Episode 93)
    Season 17 Episode 93:


  • Doctors - The Reader (Season 17 Episode 92)
    Season 17 Episode 92:

    The Reader

  • Doctors - The Heart of England (Season 17 Episode 91)
    Season 17 Episode 91:

    The Heart of England

  • Doctors - The Bingo Conspiracy (Season 17 Episode 90)
    Season 17 Episode 90:

    The Bingo Conspiracy

  • Doctors - Busted (Season 17 Episode 89)
    Season 17 Episode 89:


  • Doctors - Sea Whispers (Season 17 Episode 88)
    Season 17 Episode 88:

    Sea Whispers

  • Doctors - Drop Dead (Season 17 Episode 87)
    Season 17 Episode 87:

    Drop Dead

  • Doctors - An Act of Charity (Season 17 Episode 86)
    Season 17 Episode 86:

    An Act of Charity

  • Doctors - Corked (Season 17 Episode 85)
    Season 17 Episode 85:


  • Doctors - Take Two (Season 17 Episode 84)
    Season 17 Episode 84:

    Take Two

  • Doctors - Reborn (Season 17 Episode 83)
    Season 17 Episode 83:


  • Doctors - Shambles (Season 17 Episode 82)
    Season 17 Episode 82:


  • Doctors - Breaking Point (Season 17 Episode 81)
    Season 17 Episode 81:

    Breaking Point

  • Doctors - Golden Ticket (Season 17 Episode 80)
    Season 17 Episode 80:

    Golden Ticket

  • Doctors - Let Them All Talk (Season 17 Episode 79)
    Season 17 Episode 79:

    Let Them All Talk

  • Doctors - The Prince (Season 17 Episode 78)
    Season 17 Episode 78:

    The Prince

  • Doctors - The Letterbox (Season 17 Episode 77)
    Season 17 Episode 77:

    The Letterbox

  • Doctors - Best Served Cold (Season 17 Episode 76)
    Season 17 Episode 76:

    Best Served Cold

  • Doctors - Injecting A Little Spice (Season 17 Episode 75)
    Season 17 Episode 75:

    Injecting A Little Spice

  • Doctors - Bad Samaritan (Season 17 Episode 74)
    Season 17 Episode 74:

    Bad Samaritan

  • Doctors - Manhunt (Season 17 Episode 73)
    Season 17 Episode 73:


  • Doctors - Treehouse (Season 17 Episode 72)
    Season 17 Episode 72:


  • Doctors - Noli Me Tangere (Season 17 Episode 71)
    Season 17 Episode 71:

    Noli Me Tangere

  • Doctors - The Ring (Season 17 Episode 70)
    Season 17 Episode 70:

    The Ring

  • Doctors - Seen and Not Heard (Season 17 Episode 69)
    Season 17 Episode 69:

    Seen and Not Heard

  • Doctors - Someone Like You (Season 17 Episode 68)
    Season 17 Episode 68:

    Someone Like You

  • Doctors - Sticks and Stones (Season 17 Episode 67)
    Season 17 Episode 67:

    Sticks and Stones

  • Doctors - Housemates (Season 17 Episode 66)
    Season 17 Episode 66:


  • Doctors - Lady Brenda (Season 17 Episode 65)
    Season 17 Episode 65:

    Lady Brenda

  • Doctors - Spandex and Secrets (Season 17 Episode 64)
    Season 17 Episode 64:

    Spandex and Secrets

  • Doctors - Slipping Through the Cracks (Season 17 Episode 63)
    Season 17 Episode 63:

    Slipping Through the Cracks

  • Doctors - Zero Tolerance (Season 17 Episode 62)
    Season 17 Episode 62:

    Zero Tolerance

  • Doctors - Insignificant (Season 17 Episode 61)
    Season 17 Episode 61:


  • Doctors - Blind Spot (Season 17 Episode 60)
    Season 17 Episode 60:

    Blind Spot

  • Doctors - The Laughing Gnome (Season 17 Episode 59)
    Season 17 Episode 59:

    The Laughing Gnome

  • Doctors - Chef's Special (Season 17 Episode 58)
    Season 17 Episode 58:

    Chef's Special

  • Doctors - Trust Me I'm a Doctor (Season 17 Episode 57)
    Season 17 Episode 57:

    Trust Me I'm a Doctor

  • Doctors - It (Season 17 Episode 56)
    Season 17 Episode 56:


  • Doctors - End of Episode (Season 17 Episode 55)
    Season 17 Episode 55:

    End of Episode

  • Doctors - A Quiet Life (Season 17 Episode 54)
    Season 17 Episode 54:

    A Quiet Life

  • Doctors - Mean Girls (Season 17 Episode 53)
    Season 17 Episode 53:

    Mean Girls

    Mrs. Tembe helps a bride stand up to her domineering sister; Zara is definitely not happy when Daniel challenges Michael's research and she is forced to confront her treatment of Sid.

  • Doctors - In the Line of Duty (Season 17 Episode 52)
    Season 17 Episode 52:

    In the Line of Duty

    Jimmi struggles to control his anger when a police officer is injured in the line of duty; Zara's bullying of Sid escalates to a level which shocks them both; Emma has serious doubts about Howard's commitment.

  • Doctors - Indefensible (Season 17 Episode 51)
    Season 17 Episode 51:


    Ayesha is forced to be the peacekeeper when an exasperated single mother clashes with her grumpy neighbor; peace is in short supply when Emma and Howard disagree on the details of their dating project.

  • Doctors - Climb Every Mountain (Season 17 Episode 50)
    Season 17 Episode 50:

    Climb Every Mountain

    Sid proves he's got what it takes when he gets caught up in one man's crusade to save a tree; back at The Mill, Zara seems determined to cut short his career.

  • Doctors - A Fine Romance (Season 17 Episode 49)
    Season 17 Episode 49:

    A Fine Romance

    An old family friend turns to Niamh with a delicate problem; Karen's fear that she is cursed leads her to a psychic, but Ayesha smells a rat.

  • Doctors - Touch and Go (Season 17 Episode 48)
    Season 17 Episode 48:

    Touch and Go

    Howard has a suggestion for Emma; Mrs. Tembe is given pause for thought by Ayesha; Al has to put himself in an unusual situation to resolve a patient's problems.

  • Doctors - Waiting for Gordon (Season 17 Episode 47)
    Season 17 Episode 47:

    Waiting for Gordon

    Ayesha wakes up with Sid, but during the day she finds his attention too much; Howard feels inspired after meeting an old friend.

  • Doctors - Everybody Needs Somebody (Season 17 Episode 46)
    Season 17 Episode 46:

    Everybody Needs Somebody

    Howard is surprised when a face from his past appears at the police station.

  • Doctors - Truth or Dare (Season 17 Episode 45)
    Season 17 Episode 45:

    Truth or Dare

    When a student is found dead, it seems an open and shut case but Jimmi is not so sure; Zara has a confrontation with Sid but this time, he fights back.

  • Doctors - Ghost (Season 17 Episode 44)
    Season 17 Episode 44:


    Maria has a fiance, a little girl and a good job, but her world is turned upside down when past deeds come back to haunt her.

  • Doctors - The Neighbours from Hull (Season 17 Episode 43)
    Season 17 Episode 43:

    The Neighbours from Hull

    Karen meets her new neighbors who are very friendly, maybe too friendly; Zara has some surprising news for Howard and Emma; Niamh and Ayesha enjoy a games evening with Sid.

  • Doctors - Sensitive Skin (Season 17 Episode 42)
    Season 17 Episode 42:

    Sensitive Skin

    Daniel sees a young couple who wants botox, but really needs to trust each other; Mrs. Tembe is on a winning streak with Al and Jimmi.

  • Doctors - The Doctor (Season 17 Episode 41)
    Season 17 Episode 41:

    The Doctor

    At the police station, a troubled Jimmi treats an autistic boy with a `Doctor Who' obsession; Jimmi is forced to put his own issues aside when he discovers the boy is in danger.

  • Doctors - The Other Foot (Season 17 Episode 40)
    Season 17 Episode 40:

    The Other Foot

    When a young boy comes into Campus struggling to breathe, Daniel struggles with a diagnosis; Mrs. Tembe plays her cards close to her chest; things come to a head between Zara and Sid.

  • Doctors - C Pass (Season 17 Episode 39)
    Season 17 Episode 39:

    C Pass

    Al sees an old friend who is accused of sexual harassment by one of his pupils and despite the girl's distress, Al refuses to believe he's capable of such a thing; a hot and bothered Emma goes to see Daniel; Sid is in trouble with Zara.

  • Doctors - Fair Game (Season 17 Episode 38)
    Season 17 Episode 38:

    Fair Game

    Rob is left horrified when he investigates a case involving a missing burglar and a strange residence known as `The Birdhouse'; Daniel loses his temper with Zara; Ayesha goes on her first date with Sid.

  • Doctors - Down and Up (Season 17 Episode 37)
    Season 17 Episode 37:

    Down and Up

    Sid comes across a young woman who thinks she has just missed out on meeting her soulmate; for Howard, it's more a case of stalemate as he struggles to get the answers he needs.

  • Doctors - Father Figure (Season 17 Episode 36)
    Season 17 Episode 36:

    Father Figure

    Heston explores uncomfortable territory; Daniel's rage gets the better of him; Ayesha gets a taste of her own medicine.

  • Doctors - Strike a Pose (Season 17 Episode 35)
    Season 17 Episode 35:

    Strike a Pose

    Heston sticks his foot in it.

  • Doctors - Subsidence (Season 17 Episode 34)
    Season 17 Episode 34:


    It's moving day for Karen and Rob; Jimmi and Daniel clash over a troublesome patient.

  • Doctors - Little Brother (Season 17 Episode 33)
    Season 17 Episode 33:

    Little Brother

    Karen finds herself at the center of an unusual sibling feud; Zara backs Daniel into a corner; Mrs. Tembe experiments with pain relief.

  • Doctors - Joint Lock (Season 17 Episode 32)
    Season 17 Episode 32:

    Joint Lock

    Sid enjoys a small heroic moment; Zara is forced to see that her marriage is in crisis; Mrs. Tembe finds herself in an embarrassing position.

  • Doctors - Plus One (Season 17 Episode 31)
    Season 17 Episode 31:

    Plus One

    Despite no longer being a couple, Niamh and Al attend a wedding together, but they're not the only ones finding the whole set-up a bit uncomfortable.

  • Doctors - Deeper (Season 17 Episode 30)
    Season 17 Episode 30:


    It's the morning after the night before and Zara returns home to face the music; Mrs. Tembe's plan for a fire drill goes awry, so Sid must find the courage to take the helm.

  • Doctors - Mystic Madge (Season 17 Episode 29)
    Season 17 Episode 29:

    Mystic Madge

    Rob is on the trail of a door-to-door thief and confidence trickster; Ayesha is acting mysterious about her plans for a girl's night in; tensions run high in the Granger-Carmichael household.

  • Doctors - Flying Carpets (Season 17 Episode 28)
    Season 17 Episode 28:

    Flying Carpets

    Distracted by his personal life, Daniel agrees to help an estranged father who has heard his son has cancer; his decision to help may cause more harm than good.

  • Doctors - By The Lake (Season 17 Episode 27)
    Season 17 Episode 27:

    By The Lake

    Rob takes time off to go fishing and meets a seemingly friendly fellow angler, but the stranger's troubled past has come back to haunt him.

  • Doctors - Mods and Rockers (Season 17 Episode 26)
    Season 17 Episode 26:

    Mods and Rockers

    Niamh gets dragged into a race with a difference as an aging Mod and Rocker finally settle an old score; Daniel and Zara clash when he meets Michael for the first time; Jimmi takes the opportunity to stir up trouble.

  • Doctors - A Spade a Spade (Season 17 Episode 25)
    Season 17 Episode 25:

    A Spade a Spade

    Mrs. Tembe's compassion is tested when she tries to help the church refreshments committee's newest member, who keeps upsetting everyone with her tactless outbursts.

  • Doctors - Bumble Bee (Season 17 Episode 24)
    Season 17 Episode 24:

    Bumble Bee

    Al gets entangled in a young woman's plans for revenge when he stops at the corner shop on his way home; Emma plans a sophisticated evening in with the girls; Michael takes Zara by surprise when he turns up at her house.

  • Doctors - Norman Is Upstairs (Season 17 Episode 23)
    Season 17 Episode 23:

    Norman Is Upstairs

    When a young man arrives at the police station begging to be locked up, Emma debates whether to take him seriously or send him on his way; Howard tries to talk to Jimmi; Zara strays into dangerous territory with Michael.

  • Doctors - Finish Line (Season 17 Episode 22)
    Season 17 Episode 22:

    Finish Line

    Sid's doctoring skills are put to the test when he visits a terminally ill patient at home; Joe's test results are in; Jimmi comes back to The Mill.

  • Doctors - Shining Light (Season 17 Episode 21)
    Season 17 Episode 21:

    Shining Light

    Ayesha takes center stage when she's asked to present the Letherbridge Young Carer of the Year award; Jimmi is absent without leave; Zara takes Joe for his developmental assessment with Michael.

  • Doctors - Cold City (Season 17 Episode 20)
    Season 17 Episode 20:

    Cold City

    Jimmi is forced to face up to the terrible consequences of his actions.

  • Doctors - Haunted (Season 17 Episode 19)
    Season 17 Episode 19:


    Alun Clay is beset by poor health, bad debts and painful memories and starts to fear that he's being haunted; Bryn is searching frantically for Jimmi, but he's disappeared.

  • Doctors - Rescuing Silver (Season 17 Episode 18)
    Season 17 Episode 18:

    Rescuing Silver

    Karen gets caught in a sticky situation when she visits a neighbor; Zara is surprised to bump into Michael; Al comes home, leaving Jimmi with a friend in Wales.

  • Doctors - Aftermath (Season 17 Episode 17)
    Season 17 Episode 17:


    Al manages to track down Jimmi and confronts him; Sid has an easier day of it; Ayesha deals with a single mother struggling with a new baby and uncovers a dark secret.

  • Doctors - L'Amore e la Morte (Season 17 Episode 16)
    Season 17 Episode 16:

    L'Amore e la Morte

    Al tries to track down Jimmi; Zara visits a pediatrician with Joe; Heston can't escape from a house call.

  • Doctors - Someone To Watch Over Me (Season 17 Episode 15)
    Season 17 Episode 15:

    Someone To Watch Over Me

    Everything comes to a head for Jimmi and Heather; Karen takes Rob to a house auction.

  • Doctors - Give Us This Day (Season 17 Episode 14)
    Season 17 Episode 14:

    Give Us This Day

    Zara gets frustrated by Sid, but then uses him as a sounding board; Karen worries about buying houses; Mrs. Tembe attends a therapy group for torture victims.

  • Doctors - The Route Of All Good (Season 17 Episode 13)
    Season 17 Episode 13:

    The Route Of All Good

    Zara goes to Al for his opinion on her son; Jimmi worries about Heather; Niamh has to deal with a businesswoman who isn't looking after herself.

  • Doctors - Listen To Me (Season 17 Episode 12)
    Season 17 Episode 12:

    Listen To Me

    Sid is keen to make a good impression but when he gets involved with an ex-patient's complaint, he finds himself in the doghouse; a new wardrobe unleashes the monster in Niamh; Zara's mentoring gets off to a bad start.

  • Doctors - The Hope (Season 17 Episode 11)
    Season 17 Episode 11:

    The Hope

    Emma treats a woman with memory loss who thinks she might have harmed her baby; Jimmi and a pregnant Heather contemplate their future together; a new doctor at The Mill meets with mixed feelings.

  • Doctors - Idolatory (Season 17 Episode 10)
    Season 17 Episode 10:


    A forgotten statue leads to a strange day at Campus; after a series of disasters, Al convinces Karen that mystical forces are at work; Jimmi and Heather are battling with their guilt; Zara is in no mood to take prisoners and wants answers.

  • Doctors - Afternoon Delight (Season 17 Episode 9)
    Season 17 Episode 9:

    Afternoon Delight

    Howard finds himself trapped in a strange story involving a broken chair, missing porridge and a golden-haired stranger in his bed; there is no fairytale ending for Heston; tragedy strikes when Heather ignores Ayesha's advice.

  • Doctors - Xander Harrison (Season 17 Episode 8)
    Season 17 Episode 8:

    Xander Harrison

    Al struggles to engage with his `godson', who blames him for the breakup of his parents' marriage; Zara has some accusations of her own to make; Karen discovers today is no ordinary day for The Mill.

  • Doctors - What Love Means (Season 17 Episode 7)
    Season 17 Episode 7:

    What Love Means

    Niamh faces a tough decision when an old friend with a young secret calls on her; Rob and Karen are thwarted by their own game plan when looking for a new house; Emma is left speechless when Ayesha starts making demands.

  • Doctors - Touched By An Angel (Season 17 Episode 6)
    Season 17 Episode 6:

    Touched By An Angel

    Jimmi has to deal with Heather's past; Daniel and Zara continue to be at odds; Mrs. Tembe has to deal with a girl who believes she is an angel who has lost her wings.

  • Doctors - Toy Story (Season 17 Episode 5)
    Season 17 Episode 5:

    Toy Story

    Barry helps Rob to close in on the Letherbridge burglar; Al plans to be tactful but drinks himself honest; Heather's latest decision receives criticism.

  • Doctors - Fusion Food (Season 17 Episode 4)
    Season 17 Episode 4:

    Fusion Food

    Ayesha gets mixed up in revenge; Zara fights to hide the chink in her armor; Emma sees through Ayesha's bravado.

  • Doctors - The Dark Net (Season 17 Episode 3)
    Season 17 Episode 3:

    The Dark Net

    Ryan fights to prove his innocence when he is arrested for a heinous crime; Jimmi risks his relationship by revealing an uncomfortable truth; Howard sees Ayesha in a new light.

  • Doctors - Out of Control (Season 17 Episode 2)
    Season 17 Episode 2:

    Out of Control

    Al patches things up for a family made up of a troubled teenager, a child with Asperger's syndrome and a single mom; Heather is shocked when Jimmi explodes at her and tells her to keep her nose out of his family business.

  • Doctors - Boom Banger (Season 17 Episode 1)
    Season 17 Episode 1:

    Boom Banger

    Heston is caught up in a drama between a loving father and cocky stepson; Barry's successor causes chaos in the Campus; Al questions Jimmi's newfound positivity.

  • Doctors - Angels and Demons (Season 16 Episode 219)
    Season 16 Episode 219:

    Angels and Demons

    Jimmi worries about recent developments; Zara struggles at home with Joe; Mrs. Tembe feels guilty after her advice to Barry doesn't work out as planned.

  • Doctors - Surrogate Dad (Season 16 Episode 218)
    Season 16 Episode 218:

    Surrogate Dad

    Barry has to deal with a difficult work experience trainee while waiting to see if he gets a promotion; Jimmi and Heather have to be honest about their situation; Zara appeals to Ayesha for advice.

  • Doctors - Pity Party (Season 16 Episode 217)
    Season 16 Episode 217:

    Pity Party

    Karen tries to help a grieving friend and her family move on with their lives; Jimmi and Heather have a difficult discussion; Barry is confident as he goes for an interview.

  • Doctors - Optional Extras (Season 16 Episode 216)
    Season 16 Episode 216:

    Optional Extras

    Ayesha has to help her friend with a difficult life choice; Zara struggles with the stress of her work and personal life; Jimmi puts off having a difficult conversation with Heather.

  • Doctors - Late Lunch (Season 16 Episode 215)
    Season 16 Episode 215:

    Late Lunch

    Emma helps out when a woman with an intense fear of childbirth goes into labor in a restaurant; Barry's colleagues try to convince him to apply for a promotion; Heather wonders what to do about her tricky situation.

  • Doctors - Profit and Loss (Season 16 Episode 214)
    Season 16 Episode 214:

    Profit and Loss

    Heston tries to get to the bottom of a patient's heart trouble to find if it's stress related or something more sinister; Zara struggles with childcare; Al is up to something fishy; Jimmi has prepared a wonderful surprise for Heather.

  • Doctors - The Lost Weekday (Season 16 Episode 213)
    Season 16 Episode 213:

    The Lost Weekday

    When a brand new vehicle is taken from a car showroom, Rob finds himself on the trail of a daring and elusive thief; Jimmi and Heather go bowling; Mrs. Tembe puts Barry through his paces; Niamh has a confession to make to Emma.

  • Doctors - Finding Nina (Season 16 Episode 212)
    Season 16 Episode 212:

    Finding Nina

    Al tries to limit the damage when a visiting academic is diagnosed with suspected diphtheria; Heather finds it hard to choose between a girl's night in with Niamh and Emma and a trip to the movies with Jimmi.

  • Doctors - A Matter of Perspective (Season 16 Episode 211)
    Season 16 Episode 211:

    A Matter of Perspective

    After Niamh is present as a patient falls from a great height and dies, Rob has to dig deep to uncover the truth about what happened.

  • Doctors - Old Times' Sake (Season 16 Episode 210)
    Season 16 Episode 210:

    Old Times' Sake

    Ayesha's morals are tested when an old friend comes back into her life asking for help; Barry tries to be a hero and save The Mill; Heather fills Jimmi in on what she learned at the dinner party.

  • Doctors - Perfect Match (Season 16 Episode 209)
    Season 16 Episode 209:

    Perfect Match

    Heston finds himself caught up in a love triangle when both the long-suffering wife and the mistress of a prospective MP seek his help.

  • Doctors - A Hero Inside (Season 16 Episode 208)
    Season 16 Episode 208:

    A Hero Inside

    Despite being warned off, Karen gets involved in one of Rob's cases; Jimmi has a question to ask Heather, but doesn't know if she will she approve.

  • Doctors - Decisions, Decisions, Decisions (Season 16 Episode 207)
    Season 16 Episode 207:

    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

    Al has to deal with a patient who treats him as her general problem solver, while he quizzes Jimmi about his relationship with Heather; Ayesha struggles with life without Sierra.

  • Doctors - Presence of Beauty (Season 16 Episode 206)
    Season 16 Episode 206:

    Presence of Beauty

    Zara has to deal with a patient who continues to pass out with no obvious cause; Jimmi goes for lunch with Heather; Ayesha comes to terms with her loss.

  • Doctors - Peter and The Wolf (Season 16 Episode 205)
    Season 16 Episode 205:

    Peter and The Wolf

    Heston helps a young boy with an overactive imagination come to terms with his parents' divorce; Karen gets annoyed when an embarrassing photo of her gets sent to everyone at work.

  • Doctors - Bognor Banana (Season 16 Episode 204)
    Season 16 Episode 204:

    Bognor Banana

    Emma tries to help a patient deal with a complicated love life; Karen gets more than she bargained for at the zoo; Jimmi, Al and Ayesha hit the town.

  • Doctors - Forget Me or Knott (Season 16 Episode 203)
    Season 16 Episode 203:

    Forget Me or Knott

    Mrs. Tembe comes between an absent-minded professor and her cleaner; Jimmi continues his quest to find his guardian angel; Zara confronts a rogue pharmacist.

  • Doctors - Animal Crackers (Season 16 Episode 202)
    Season 16 Episode 202:

    Animal Crackers

    Rob struggles to cope when the station is understaffed due to a virus; things get even more complicated when some vital evidence goes missing.

  • Doctors - Inked (Season 16 Episode 201)
    Season 16 Episode 201:


    Ayesha meets a charmer with a questionable tattoo and plans an afternoon of fun; Jimmi can't stop thinking about his mystery woman; Zara challenges Niamh when she finds out a pharmacist has been altering prescriptions.

  • Doctors - What Happens in Brighton (Season 16 Episode 200)
    Season 16 Episode 200:

    What Happens in Brighton

    Niamh helps a dying man come to terms with a terrible secret; Jimmi has a near-death experience and tries to find the woman who saved him; Karen is hoping for a special birthday present from Rob.

  • Doctors - Bad Influence (Season 16 Episode 199)
    Season 16 Episode 199:

    Bad Influence

    A troubled patient confides in Jimmi about a dangerous premonition; Ayesha is forced to admit a difficult truth; Daniel receives a once-in-a-lifetime offer.

  • Doctors - Inconceivable (Season 16 Episode 198)
    Season 16 Episode 198:


    Zara advises an unconventional couple on its options for parenthood; Jimmi takes Al out to drown his sorrows and Emma does the same with Niamh.

  • Doctors - Hollow Man (Season 16 Episode 197)
    Season 16 Episode 197:

    Hollow Man

    Emma has to deal with a surprise visitor from Franc's past; Al wonders if he can rekindle his relationship with Niamh; Daniel considers his career options.

  • Doctors - The Kick Inside (Season 16 Episode 196)
    Season 16 Episode 196:

    The Kick Inside

    Karen is faced with a dilemma when a young girl lies to her; Jimmi breaches patient confidentiality; it's up to Heston to save the day when he goes to the planning meeting.

  • Doctors - Arthur and Stan (Season 16 Episode 195)
    Season 16 Episode 195:

    Arthur and Stan

    Mrs. Tembe helps two old friends recognize that they need each other; Al overhears Franc and Gary and realizes they have the information they needed.

  • Doctors - With Intent (Season 16 Episode 194)
    Season 16 Episode 194:

    With Intent

    Andy is a risk-taker, but Niamh is on to him and engineers his downfall; Howard is in his element as the tents are put into use following the fire, but the rest of the Practice is less enamored.

  • Doctors - When the Heart Breaks (Season 16 Episode 193)
    Season 16 Episode 193:

    When the Heart Breaks

    Heston realizes there is more than meets the eye when he visits a patient at a care home; Howard has to deal with the repercussions of the damage to The Mill.

  • Doctors - Desperate Measures (Season 16 Episode 192)
    Season 16 Episode 192:

    Desperate Measures

    Ayesha seeks solace in her anger against her aunt; Franc wonders how he can deliver his promise to Gary Lucas.

  • Doctors - Let the Wrong One In (Season 16 Episode 191)
    Season 16 Episode 191:

    Let the Wrong One In

    Ayesha has to deal with problems at Sierra's nursery; Franc's grand plan accelerates.

  • Doctors - The Rat (Season 16 Episode 190)
    Season 16 Episode 190:

    The Rat

    Gary Lucas puts a scheme forward to Daniel; Valerie gets an offer that she doesn't think she can refuse.

  • Doctors - Crisis of Faith (Season 16 Episode 189)
    Season 16 Episode 189:

    Crisis of Faith

    Emma helps a teenage girl when her foster parents, expecting a new baby, seem to no longer want her; it's a big day for Heston and Valerie as they nervously await the results of the council elections.

  • Doctors - Bunny Love (Season 16 Episode 188)
    Season 16 Episode 188:

    Bunny Love

    When the son of a colleague falls seriously ill, his mother enlists Rob's help to track down her husband; they may not be prepared for the truth when they find him.

  • Doctors - The Invisibles (Season 16 Episode 187)
    Season 16 Episode 187:

    The Invisibles

    Zara helps a woman who fears that she's become invisible; it's the eve of the elections and Heston decides his campaign needs a final push; Al becomes convinced that Niamh has a new man in her life.

  • Doctors - The Messenger (Season 16 Episode 185)
    Season 16 Episode 185:

    The Messenger

    Franc clashes with a hard-bitten criminal who's convinced that he can communicate with the dead; Daniel mislays Joe's favorite toy; Al appears to have had a personality transplant.

  • Doctors - Happy Ever After (Season 16 Episode 184)
    Season 16 Episode 184:

    Happy Ever After

    A mystery man comes to the offices looking for Karen; Howard tries to enlist Al's help to catch Franc; Valerie and Howard have their three minutes of fame.

  • Doctors - Cosmic Rays (Season 16 Episode 183)
    Season 16 Episode 183:

    Cosmic Rays

    Niamh tries to help a boy caught between warring parents; Howard becomes convinced that Gary Lucas is plotting to bring down the Mill.

  • Doctors - Other Side of the Track (Season 16 Episode 182)
    Season 16 Episode 182:

    Other Side of the Track

    Daniel tries to help a young mother battling against poor housing conditions; Heston speaks out against a housing development which threatens the future of Letherbridge Common.

  • Doctors - Lights Out (Season 16 Episode 181)
    Season 16 Episode 181:

    Lights Out

    When a young boy is brought into the police station after being found wandering alone, he will not talk; Jimmi has to try to convince him to open up, but his attempts are not helped by an inexperienced policeman.

  • Doctors - Oh What a Tangled Web... (Season 16 Episode 180)
    Season 16 Episode 180:

    Oh What a Tangled Web...

    Karen and Rob go to extreme lengths to get rid of some nightmare guests; Mrs. Tembe determines to reignite Heston's passion for politics; Barry and Ashley vie for Valerie's approval.

  • Doctors - Sometimes They Come Back (Season 16 Episode 179)
    Season 16 Episode 179:

    Sometimes They Come Back

    Zara deals with a traumatized teen who cannot accept that her mother has died; Howard has to deal with the mounting crisis at The Mill; Valerie channels her inner Maggie Thatcher.

  • Doctors - Mrs Waverly's Winnings (Season 16 Episode 178)
    Season 16 Episode 178:

    Mrs Waverly's Winnings

    Valerie has to step in when two elderly friends go to war over a winning lotto ticket; The Mill is thrown into chaos when it is shut down due to a suspected case of Weil's disease.

  • Doctors - Child of Mine (Season 16 Episode 177)
    Season 16 Episode 177:

    Child of Mine

    An unstable man is haunted by the corpse of his dead mother, but Niamh is there to save the day; Daniel gets a surprise visitor from his past, bringing an unwanted and unnerving outcome; Heston gains a rival.

  • Doctors - Put Away Childish Things (Season 16 Episode 176)
    Season 16 Episode 176:

    Put Away Childish Things

    Howard is caught up in a rift between friends after a stag night goes wrong; Ayesha's long lost aunt comes back into the picture; Al isn't coping well after his split with Niamh.

  • Doctors - Territoriality (Season 16 Episode 175)
    Season 16 Episode 175:


    Niamh and Ayesha brave an unseen terror to help an expectant mother in an isolated caravan; Valerie takes to the streets to campaign for Heston.

  • Doctors - Look Who's Talking (Season 16 Episode 174)
    Season 16 Episode 174:

    Look Who's Talking

    Greg thinks he's going mad when he starts hearing voices; Daniel comes to the rescue and saves the day for Howard; Valerie helps Heston plan his election campaign; Al tries to prove his love for Niamh.

  • Doctors - Scoff (Season 16 Episode 173)
    Season 16 Episode 173:


    Rob and Karen attend a market research chocolate-tasting course in disguise; Niamh has to endure the stress of a training day with the other doctors.

  • Doctors - The Week Out (Season 16 Episode 172)
    Season 16 Episode 172:

    The Week Out

    Rob helps two young people come to terms with the death of their parents; Howard embarks on a PR campaign to restore confidence in The Mill.

  • Doctors - Not Ticking Boxes (Season 16 Episode 171)
    Season 16 Episode 171:

    Not Ticking Boxes

    Valerie stands up to discrimination to help a young foster child with health problems get adopted; Niamh worries about what decision the partners will make regarding her future.

  • Doctors - Between the Cracks (Season 16 Episode 170)
    Season 16 Episode 170:

    Between the Cracks

    Heston becomes concerned for the safety of a young patient when he discovers a shocking event in his father's past; as Howard deals with accusations against the practice, Niamh comes to him with a confession.

  • Doctors - Safe House (Season 16 Episode 169)
    Season 16 Episode 169:

    Safe House

    Rob helps a mother and son move on from a dangerous situation; Heston and Valerie go canvassing and find it is not as easy as they thought.

  • Doctors - Purity: Part Two (Season 16 Episode 168)
    Season 16 Episode 168:

    Purity: Part Two

    Mrs. Tembe will not be dissuaded from trying to get people to face up to what is happening at the Church of Purity; Ayesha has a miserable day off with Sierra, made worse by meeting up with Zara and Joe.

  • Doctors - Purity: Part One (Season 16 Episode 167)
    Season 16 Episode 167:

    Purity: Part One

    Mrs. Tembe becomes concerned about the health of two young girls who belong to the Church of Purity; Jimmi suggests that Heston take a look at his manifesto, which he feels will put some voters off.

  • Doctors - Still Life (Season 16 Episode 166)
    Season 16 Episode 166:

    Still Life

    It is not an easy day for Zara when she goes to an art gallery to pick up a picture; first the owner, Ursula, collapses, and then Zara discovers Ursula's partner collapsed in his wet suit.

  • Doctors - Long Lost (Season 16 Episode 165)
    Season 16 Episode 165:

    Long Lost

    Valerie intervenes between her friend Michael and his long-lost mother in the hope of reuniting them, but Michael is somewhat resistant.

  • Doctors - A Forced Marriage (Season 16 Episode 164)
    Season 16 Episode 164:

    A Forced Marriage

    DC Indhu Chaudry allows her own prejudices to cloud her judgement; Emma and Franc have a lovely evening out; Ayesha has a horrid evening in.

  • Doctors - DNA (Season 16 Episode 163)
    Season 16 Episode 163:


    Charlie wants a DNA test, as he feels that he has nothing in common with his father.

  • Doctors - End of the Road (Season 16 Episode 162)
    Season 16 Episode 162:

    End of the Road

    Local councillor Alan Hargreaves, under fire from an expense scandal, tries to juggle fighting a building development with looking after his mother.

  • Doctors - Revenge (Season 16 Episode 161)
    Season 16 Episode 161:


    Ellen seeks revenge on her ex-lover Sean over topless photos that have been posted on the Internet; Heston discovers a new business venture.

  • Doctors - I Don't Like Mondays (Season 16 Episode 160)
    Season 16 Episode 160:

    I Don't Like Mondays

    When a strange young man is arrested on suspicion of assault, Jimmi finds himself drawn in and determined to seek the truth.

  • Doctors - Tequila Perfect (Season 16 Episode 159)
    Season 16 Episode 159:

    Tequila Perfect

    The big day arrives and Rob hopes all will go well as he renews his wedding vows with Karen; a routine consultation with an elderly couple takes a dramatic turn when Niamh makes a home visit.

  • Doctors - The Man in the Red Suit (Season 16 Episode 158)
    Season 16 Episode 158:

    The Man in the Red Suit

    Mrs. Tembe is surprised when the search for a Santa Claus reveals hidden prejudice among the volunteers at St. Phil's.

  • Doctors - Fool for Love (Season 16 Episode 157)
    Season 16 Episode 157:

    Fool for Love

    When a burglar is knocked out by a heroic young man, Jimmi intuits that the situation is more complex than it seems.

  • Doctors - Cakes and Ale (Season 16 Episode 156)
    Season 16 Episode 156:

    Cakes and Ale

    It's the season of goodwill and time for some fun and frolics at Al and Niamh's Yuletide party.

  • Doctors - The Good Guys (Season 16 Episode 155)
    Season 16 Episode 155:

    The Good Guys

    When Valerie attends a speed awareness course, she begins to suspect that one of her classmates is hiding something; Daniel arrives at The Mill to find that Franc has made himself a little too comfortable.

  • Doctors - Right of Entry (Season 16 Episode 154)
    Season 16 Episode 154:

    Right of Entry

    Daniel finds himself detained at the airport; Franc's generosity knows no bounds.

  • Doctors - The Naughty List (Season 16 Episode 153)
    Season 16 Episode 153:

    The Naughty List

    Mrs. Tembe gets into the Christmas spirit when she helps a father and son at the Church fete; when Al makes his debut as Father Christmas, Niamh thinks he'll be brilliant, but Mrs. Tembe's not so sure.

  • Doctors - Careless (Season 16 Episode 152)
    Season 16 Episode 152:


    Ayesha suspects that a carer is neglecting an elderly patient; Christmas is coming but Emma isn't feeling the Christmas spirit, so Franc tries to help her.

  • Doctors - Elf & Safety (Season 16 Episode 151)
    Season 16 Episode 151:

    Elf & Safety

    Heston is drawn into a Christmas caper when a desperate friend steals money from the tyrannical boss of a terrible Christmas theme park.

  • Doctors - The Girl Upstairs (Season 16 Episode 150)
    Season 16 Episode 150:

    The Girl Upstairs

    Valerie and Barry are at odds when a young woman on the run turns up at the Campus; a game of `patient bingo' brings out the worst in the doctors before it takes a dangerous turn.

  • Doctors - Missing (Season 16 Episode 149)
    Season 16 Episode 149:


    Franc is in a tough spot when he is caught in the middle of an armed robbery; Ayesha is forced to examine her drinking habits; Al and Mrs. Tembe go to war over a nativity display.

  • Doctors - Heaven Can Wait (Season 16 Episode 148)
    Season 16 Episode 148:

    Heaven Can Wait

    Al comes up against an airy-fairy yoga instructor when one of her pupils becomes ill; Ayesha is left mortified when an evening with Franc goes disastrously; Karen begins to worry that Rob organizing the wedding will be a disaster.

  • Doctors - Victim (Season 16 Episode 147)
    Season 16 Episode 147:


    A seemingly straightforward home visit takes an incredibly dark turn for Niamh; it's Howard's time to shine as the documentary is being filmed today, but things don't go quite as planned.

  • Doctors - Paper Chains (Season 16 Episode 146)
    Season 16 Episode 146:

    Paper Chains

    Rob must unravel the mystery of an elderly woman who can't even remember her own name; a drunk Bren makes an unwelcome visit to Ayesha; Howard makes a regrettable decision.

  • Doctors - Losing Touch (Season 16 Episode 145)
    Season 16 Episode 145:

    Losing Touch

    Heston uses his surgery skills in an unexpected way to help an old friend; Ayesha tries to find somewhere to live with Sierra; Emma wants Howard to buy some new Christmas decorations.

  • Doctors - Harsh Conditions (Season 16 Episode 144)
    Season 16 Episode 144:

    Harsh Conditions

    Valerie helps a hairdresser get back to his roots; Ayesha makes a controversial suggestion about Sierra; Karen dreams of a perfect wedding.

  • Doctors - The Hardest Hit (Season 16 Episode 143)
    Season 16 Episode 143:

    The Hardest Hit

    Howard calls on his military training to help out the daughter of an old family friend; Ayesha comes to her mom's rescue; Karen and Rob go Christmas shopping.

  • Doctors - Black Mirror (Season 16 Episode 142)
    Season 16 Episode 142:

    Black Mirror

    Emma investigates the mysterious death of a patient.

  • Doctors - Two Halves (Season 16 Episode 141)
    Season 16 Episode 141:

    Two Halves

    Franc is treating an injured soccer player and receives a very tempting offer; Al needs expert advice on his homebrew; Jimmi pays a visit to Ayesha's sister, Debs.

  • Doctors - Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (Season 16 Episode 140)
    Season 16 Episode 140:

    Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

    A mother and her son come face to face with a former stalker; Ayesha has to consider the future as Bren's problems are brought into sharp focus.

  • Doctors - One of Those Days (Season 16 Episode 139)
    Season 16 Episode 139:

    One of Those Days

    A brief altercation with a difficult patient at The Mill soon turns into a nightmare for Karen, as the man seeks his revenge.

  • Doctors - Gold Diggers (Season 16 Episode 138)
    Season 16 Episode 138:

    Gold Diggers

    When Heston is called to certify the death of a rich elderly gentleman, he finds himself caught up in an increasingly bizarre situation as the family members fight for their inheritance.

  • Doctors - Choose Your Poison (Season 16 Episode 137)
    Season 16 Episode 137:

    Choose Your Poison

    Al finds himself competing against an obsessive student on an Internet encryption challenge and may have met his match.

  • Doctors - Lust for Life (Season 16 Episode 136)
    Season 16 Episode 136:

    Lust for Life

    Mrs. Tembe faces a moral dilemma when she is trusted with a neighbor's secret; Ayesha attends alcohol counseling with her mom; a new locum attracts a lot of attention, not all of it good.

  • Doctors - Niamh Donoghue (Season 16 Episode 135)
    Season 16 Episode 135:

    Niamh Donoghue

    While Niamh is out on house calls, Al becomes concerned for her safety when he finds that a mysterious man is following her.

  • Doctors - Fear and Loathing (Season 16 Episode 134)
    Season 16 Episode 134:

    Fear and Loathing

    When neurotic student Sam is convinced he has a brain tumor, Zara tries to help him before it's too late; Jimmi and Al embark on their first beer-making adventure; Ayesha finds herself making things worse for her mother.

  • Doctors - Motherhood (Season 16 Episode 133)
    Season 16 Episode 133:


    Mrs. Tembe helps a woman who was abandoned at birth to find her mother; Ayesha begins to fear that Bren may lose Sierra; Zara decides it's time to stand up to Emma.

  • Doctors - A Foot Wrong (Season 16 Episode 132)
    Season 16 Episode 132:

    A Foot Wrong

    Jimmi bumps into an old university pal who used to be a bit of a hell-raiser, but claims to be a reformed person.

  • Doctors - Across Time (Season 16 Episode 131)
    Season 16 Episode 131:

    Across Time

    The discovery of a romantic letter in an old book opens up a mystery which Zara is determined to solve; Emma is on the warpath after failing to get the partnership; Ayesha's decision to trust Bren to look after Sierra ends in disaster.

  • Doctors - Weirdo (Season 16 Episode 130)
    Season 16 Episode 130:


    Daniel endeavors to help a single father face up to his checkered past; the results of the partnership interviews are out and Howard is determined to ensure that no one is left disappointed.

  • Doctors - Sea Change (Season 16 Episode 129)
    Season 16 Episode 129:

    Sea Change

    Heston prepares to say farewell; tensions rise as the partnership interviews begin.

  • Doctors - Not Waving (Season 16 Episode 128)
    Season 16 Episode 128:

    Not Waving

    Heston has to face up to his demons when he visits Curtis Brown's pregnant girlfriend at home; back at the Mill, Emma, Al and Jimmi prepare for the partnership interviews.

  • Doctors - The Curse of the Mummy (Season 16 Episode 127)
    Season 16 Episode 127:

    The Curse of the Mummy

    Ayesha's skills are put to the test when a woman goes into labor and they can't get to the hospital; Howard is thrown when Emma, Jimmi and Al all apply for the partnership; Heston has a difficult decision to make.

  • Doctors - Unfinished Business (Season 16 Episode 126)
    Season 16 Episode 126:

    Unfinished Business

    Heston wonders what he wants when Curtis Brown traps him alone in The Mill; Al is annoyed at not being considered for the partnership vacancy; Emma asks Daniel for advice.

  • Doctors - Scullery Boy (Season 16 Episode 125)
    Season 16 Episode 125:

    Scullery Boy

    Karen discovers an uncomfortable secret in the relationship between an elderly woman and her son; Howard and Daniel try to drum up interest in the partnership vacancy; Heston is horrified when an old enemy turns up at The Mill.

  • Doctors - Whistle (Season 16 Episode 124)
    Season 16 Episode 124:


    Al is forced to confront his skepticism of the supernatural when he finds a whistle with mysterious powers.