2000 - 2017, Science
Drama series set in a busy Midlands practice.

Episode Guide

  • Doctors - Creature Comfort (Season 17 Episode 217)
    Season 17 Episode 217:

    Creature Comfort

  • Doctors - Hanging by a Thread (Season 17 Episode 216)
    Season 17 Episode 216:

    Hanging by a Thread

  • Doctors - The Woman Who Runs (Season 17 Episode 215)
    Season 17 Episode 215:

    The Woman Who Runs

  • Doctors - Fit for Work (Season 17 Episode 214)
    Season 17 Episode 214:

    Fit for Work

  • Doctors - Man Up (Season 17 Episode 213)
    Season 17 Episode 213:

    Man Up

  • Doctors - Me Before You (Season 17 Episode 212)
    Season 17 Episode 212:

    Me Before You

  • Doctors - Indecent Proposal (Season 17 Episode 211)
    Season 17 Episode 211:

    Indecent Proposal

  • Doctors - Songs of Appraisal (Season 17 Episode 210)
    Season 17 Episode 210:

    Songs of Appraisal

  • Doctors - Age Concern (Season 17 Episode 209)
    Season 17 Episode 209:

    Age Concern

  • Doctors - On the Beat (Season 17 Episode 208)
    Season 17 Episode 208:

    On the Beat

  • Doctors - This One's for You (Season 17 Episode 207)
    Season 17 Episode 207:

    This One's for You

  • Doctors - Sugar (Season 17 Episode 206)
    Season 17 Episode 206:


  • Doctors - Under My Roof (Season 17 Episode 205)
    Season 17 Episode 205:

    Under My Roof

  • Doctors - Climb Another Mountain (Season 17 Episode 204)
    Season 17 Episode 204:

    Climb Another Mountain

  • Doctors - Shadowland (Season 17 Episode 203)
    Season 17 Episode 203:


  • Doctors - Mother's Ruin (Season 17 Episode 202)
    Season 17 Episode 202:

    Mother's Ruin

  • Doctors - Pest (Season 17 Episode 201)
    Season 17 Episode 201:


  • Doctors - Promises, Promises (Season 17 Episode 200)
    Season 17 Episode 200:

    Promises, Promises

  • Doctors - The Bad Spell (Season 17 Episode 199)
    Season 17 Episode 199:

    The Bad Spell

  • Doctors - Trash (Season 17 Episode 198)
    Season 17 Episode 198:


  • Doctors - Old Flames (Season 17 Episode 197)
    Season 17 Episode 197:

    Old Flames

  • Doctors - The Last Days of Queen Victoria (Season 17 Episode 196)
    Season 17 Episode 196:

    The Last Days of Queen Victoria

  • Doctors - Menage a Quatre (Season 17 Episode 194)
    Season 17 Episode 194:

    Menage a Quatre

  • Doctors - Monique (Season 17 Episode 193)
    Season 17 Episode 193:


  • Doctors - Direct from the West End (Season 17 Episode 192)
    Season 17 Episode 192:

    Direct from the West End

  • Doctors - 24 (Season 17 Episode 191)
    Season 17 Episode 191:


  • Doctors - Triangle (Season 17 Episode 190)
    Season 17 Episode 190:


  • Doctors - Cold Facts (Season 17 Episode 189)
    Season 17 Episode 189:

    Cold Facts

  • Doctors - Melting Point (Season 17 Episode 188)
    Season 17 Episode 188:

    Melting Point

  • Doctors - Martians (Season 17 Episode 187)
    Season 17 Episode 187:


  • Doctors - Being Witched (Season 17 Episode 186)
    Season 17 Episode 186:

    Being Witched

  • Doctors - Prey: Part Two (Season 17 Episode 185)
    Season 17 Episode 185:

    Prey: Part Two

  • Doctors - Prey: Part One (Season 17 Episode 184)
    Season 17 Episode 184:

    Prey: Part One

  • Doctors - The Rules of the Game (Season 17 Episode 183)
    Season 17 Episode 183:

    The Rules of the Game

  • Doctors - A Ghost at the Feast (Season 17 Episode 182)
    Season 17 Episode 182:

    A Ghost at the Feast

  • Doctors - Play Date (Season 17 Episode 181)
    Season 17 Episode 181:

    Play Date

  • Doctors - Try Before You Die (Season 17 Episode 180)
    Season 17 Episode 180:

    Try Before You Die

  • Doctors - Junction 10 (Season 17 Episode 179)
    Season 17 Episode 179:

    Junction 10

  • Doctors - The Hunter (Season 17 Episode 178)
    Season 17 Episode 178:

    The Hunter

  • Doctors - A Taste of Home (Season 17 Episode 177)
    Season 17 Episode 177:

    A Taste of Home

  • Doctors - Peanut (Season 17 Episode 176)
    Season 17 Episode 176:


  • Doctors - Dracula's Choice (Season 17 Episode 175)
    Season 17 Episode 175:

    Dracula's Choice

  • Doctors - Heart Strings (Season 17 Episode 174)
    Season 17 Episode 174:

    Heart Strings

  • Doctors - Right in Two (Season 17 Episode 173)
    Season 17 Episode 173:

    Right in Two

  • Doctors - This Fading Light (Season 17 Episode 172)
    Season 17 Episode 172:

    This Fading Light

  • Doctors - Moving In (Season 17 Episode 171)
    Season 17 Episode 171:

    Moving In

  • Doctors - Stop the World (Season 17 Episode 170)
    Season 17 Episode 170:

    Stop the World

  • Doctors - Nighthawks: Part 2 (Season 17 Episode 169)
    Season 17 Episode 169:

    Nighthawks: Part 2

  • Doctors - Nighthawks: Part 1 (Season 17 Episode 168)
    Season 17 Episode 168:

    Nighthawks: Part 1

  • Doctors - Roadkill (Season 17 Episode 167)
    Season 17 Episode 167:


  • Doctors - The Winner Takes It All (Season 17 Episode 166)
    Season 17 Episode 166:

    The Winner Takes It All

  • Doctors - A Good Man (Season 17 Episode 165)
    Season 17 Episode 165:

    A Good Man

  • Doctors - Without You (Season 17 Episode 164)
    Season 17 Episode 164:

    Without You

  • Doctors - Future Perfect (Season 17 Episode 163)
    Season 17 Episode 163:

    Future Perfect

  • Doctors - Pudding (Season 17 Episode 162)
    Season 17 Episode 162:


  • Doctors - Perennial (Season 17 Episode 161)
    Season 17 Episode 161:


  • Doctors - Speaking Up (Season 17 Episode 160)
    Season 17 Episode 160:

    Speaking Up

  • Doctors - From Daddy With Love (Season 17 Episode 159)
    Season 17 Episode 159:

    From Daddy With Love

  • Doctors - He's Making a List, He's Checking it Twice (Season 17 Episode 158)
    Season 17 Episode 158:

    He's Making a List, He's Checking it Twice

  • Doctors - Self Portraits (Season 17 Episode 157)
    Season 17 Episode 157:

    Self Portraits

  • Doctors - Tinkle All the Way (Season 17 Episode 156)
    Season 17 Episode 156:

    Tinkle All the Way

  • Doctors - Favourites (Season 17 Episode 155)
    Season 17 Episode 155:


  • Doctors - Mother to Be (Season 17 Episode 154)
    Season 17 Episode 154:

    Mother to Be

  • Doctors - The Many Shades of Joan Gray (Season 17 Episode 153)
    Season 17 Episode 153:

    The Many Shades of Joan Gray

  • Doctors - The Power of You (Season 17 Episode 152)
    Season 17 Episode 152:

    The Power of You

  • Doctors - Vapour Trail (Season 17 Episode 151)
    Season 17 Episode 151:

    Vapour Trail

  • Doctors - Shunt (Season 17 Episode 150)
    Season 17 Episode 150:


  • Doctors - In Death Do Us Meet (Season 17 Episode 149)
    Season 17 Episode 149:

    In Death Do Us Meet

  • Doctors - Warrior Princess (Season 17 Episode 148)
    Season 17 Episode 148:

    Warrior Princess

  • Doctors - And the Winner Is (Season 17 Episode 147)
    Season 17 Episode 147:

    And the Winner Is

  • Doctors - Bullseye (Season 17 Episode 145)
    Season 17 Episode 145:


  • Doctors - Exposed (Season 17 Episode 144)
    Season 17 Episode 144:


  • Doctors - Skin Deep (Season 17 Episode 143)
    Season 17 Episode 143:

    Skin Deep

  • Doctors - Faster than a Speeding Bullet (Season 17 Episode 142)
    Season 17 Episode 142:

    Faster than a Speeding Bullet

  • Doctors - Trespass Against Us (Season 17 Episode 141)
    Season 17 Episode 141:

    Trespass Against Us

  • Doctors - Crash Bang Pow (Season 17 Episode 140)
    Season 17 Episode 140:

    Crash Bang Pow

  • Doctors - I Got Up (Season 17 Episode 139)
    Season 17 Episode 139:

    I Got Up

  • Doctors - Date in the Diary (Season 17 Episode 138)
    Season 17 Episode 138:

    Date in the Diary

  • Doctors - Phantoms (Season 17 Episode 137)
    Season 17 Episode 137:


  • Doctors - Forever (Season 17 Episode 136)
    Season 17 Episode 136:


  • Doctors - Mr Charity (Season 17 Episode 135)
    Season 17 Episode 135:

    Mr Charity

  • Doctors - Afternoon of the Living Dead (Season 17 Episode 134)
    Season 17 Episode 134:

    Afternoon of the Living Dead

  • Doctors - Are You Kidding Me? (Season 17 Episode 133)
    Season 17 Episode 133:

    Are You Kidding Me?

  • Doctors - About Time (Season 17 Episode 132)
    Season 17 Episode 132:

    About Time

    Mrs. Tembe discovers what it's really like to be a nurse on house calls; Kevin and Heston make a shocking discovery.

  • Doctors - Working the Net (Season 17 Episode 131)
    Season 17 Episode 131:

    Working the Net

  • Doctors - Interpretations (Season 17 Episode 130)
    Season 17 Episode 130:


  • Doctors - Perfect (Season 17 Episode 129)
    Season 17 Episode 129:


    Ruth runs into an old friend of Davey's and is surprisingly at ease with him; Elaine gets lost in St. Phil's and is rescued by a handsome stranger; Jack takes up running and is ridiculed by an ultra-fit foe as a result.

  • Doctors - The Wrong Foot (Season 17 Episode 128)
    Season 17 Episode 128:

    The Wrong Foot

  • Doctors - House of Hammered Horrors (Season 17 Episode 127)
    Season 17 Episode 127:

    House of Hammered Horrors

  • Doctors - Best Laid Plans (Season 17 Episode 126)
    Season 17 Episode 126:

    Best Laid Plans

  • Doctors - Who Knew (Season 17 Episode 125)
    Season 17 Episode 125:

    Who Knew

  • Doctors - All in a Day's Work (Season 17 Episode 124)
    Season 17 Episode 124:

    All in a Day's Work

  • Doctors - Where There's Hope (Season 17 Episode 123)
    Season 17 Episode 123:

    Where There's Hope

  • Doctors - In The Midst of Life (Season 17 Episode 122)
    Season 17 Episode 122:

    In The Midst of Life

  • Doctors - A Handful of Dust (Season 17 Episode 121)
    Season 17 Episode 121:

    A Handful of Dust

  • Doctors - Hitting The Wall (Season 17 Episode 120)
    Season 17 Episode 120:

    Hitting The Wall

  • Doctors - Signs and Wonders (Season 17 Episode 119)
    Season 17 Episode 119:

    Signs and Wonders

  • Doctors - You Can Run (Season 17 Episode 118)
    Season 17 Episode 118:

    You Can Run

  • Doctors - The Odd Couple (Season 17 Episode 117)
    Season 17 Episode 117:

    The Odd Couple

  • Doctors - The Key (Season 17 Episode 116)
    Season 17 Episode 116:

    The Key

  • Doctors - No Smoke Without Fire (Season 17 Episode 115)
    Season 17 Episode 115:

    No Smoke Without Fire

    Mac tries to persuade a teenage girl to undergo a critical operation; Jo feels the impact of her grandmother's recent death.

  • Doctors - Girl About Town (Season 17 Episode 114)
    Season 17 Episode 114:

    Girl About Town

  • Doctors - It Starts With the Shoes (Season 17 Episode 113)
    Season 17 Episode 113:

    It Starts With the Shoes

  • Doctors - Clarity (Season 17 Episode 112)
    Season 17 Episode 112:


  • Doctors - Troubled Waters (Season 17 Episode 111)
    Season 17 Episode 111:

    Troubled Waters

  • Doctors - Spectre of the Rose (Season 17 Episode 110)
    Season 17 Episode 110:

    Spectre of the Rose

  • Doctors - Time of My Life (Season 17 Episode 109)
    Season 17 Episode 109:

    Time of My Life

  • Doctors - Conclusions (Season 17 Episode 108)
    Season 17 Episode 108:


  • Doctors - Spin Doctor (Season 17 Episode 107)
    Season 17 Episode 107:

    Spin Doctor

  • Doctors - The Man Who Was King (Season 17 Episode 106)
    Season 17 Episode 106:

    The Man Who Was King

  • Doctors - Fallen Hero (Season 17 Episode 105)
    Season 17 Episode 105:

    Fallen Hero

  • Doctors - All the Time in the World (Season 17 Episode 104)
    Season 17 Episode 104:

    All the Time in the World

  • Doctors - A Proper Copper (Season 17 Episode 103)
    Season 17 Episode 103:

    A Proper Copper

  • Doctors - Marrow (Season 17 Episode 102)
    Season 17 Episode 102:


  • Doctors - The Pain Barrier (Season 17 Episode 101)
    Season 17 Episode 101:

    The Pain Barrier

    A woman is diagnosed with endometriosis, possibly meaning she and her partner may never have children.

  • Doctors - Reawakening (Season 17 Episode 100)
    Season 17 Episode 100:


  • Doctors - The Hatchling (Season 17 Episode 99)
    Season 17 Episode 99:

    The Hatchling

  • Doctors - In Search of Happiness (Season 17 Episode 98)
    Season 17 Episode 98:

    In Search of Happiness

  • Doctors - Safety Net (Season 17 Episode 97)
    Season 17 Episode 97:

    Safety Net

  • Doctors - Big Girls Don't Cry (Season 17 Episode 96)
    Season 17 Episode 96:

    Big Girls Don't Cry

  • Doctors - Bitter Pill (Season 17 Episode 95)
    Season 17 Episode 95:

    Bitter Pill

    Caroline faces the consequences of spending the night with a stranger.

  • Doctors - A Very Reverend Institution (Season 17 Episode 94)
    Season 17 Episode 94:

    A Very Reverend Institution

  • Doctors - Resilience (Season 17 Episode 93)
    Season 17 Episode 93:


  • Doctors - The Reader (Season 17 Episode 92)
    Season 17 Episode 92:

    The Reader

  • Doctors - The Heart of England (Season 17 Episode 91)
    Season 17 Episode 91:

    The Heart of England

  • Doctors - The Bingo Conspiracy (Season 17 Episode 90)
    Season 17 Episode 90:

    The Bingo Conspiracy

  • Doctors - Busted (Season 17 Episode 89)
    Season 17 Episode 89:


  • Doctors - Sea Whispers (Season 17 Episode 88)
    Season 17 Episode 88:

    Sea Whispers

  • Doctors - Drop Dead (Season 17 Episode 87)
    Season 17 Episode 87:

    Drop Dead

  • Doctors - An Act of Charity (Season 17 Episode 86)
    Season 17 Episode 86:

    An Act of Charity

  • Doctors - Corked (Season 17 Episode 85)
    Season 17 Episode 85:


  • Doctors - Take Two (Season 17 Episode 84)
    Season 17 Episode 84:

    Take Two

  • Doctors - Reborn (Season 17 Episode 83)
    Season 17 Episode 83:


  • Doctors - Shambles (Season 17 Episode 82)
    Season 17 Episode 82:


  • Doctors - Breaking Point (Season 17 Episode 81)
    Season 17 Episode 81:

    Breaking Point

  • Doctors - Golden Ticket (Season 17 Episode 80)
    Season 17 Episode 80:

    Golden Ticket

  • Doctors - Let Them All Talk (Season 17 Episode 79)
    Season 17 Episode 79:

    Let Them All Talk

  • Doctors - The Prince (Season 17 Episode 78)
    Season 17 Episode 78:

    The Prince

  • Doctors - The Letterbox (Season 17 Episode 77)
    Season 17 Episode 77:

    The Letterbox

  • Doctors - Best Served Cold (Season 17 Episode 76)
    Season 17 Episode 76:

    Best Served Cold

  • Doctors - Injecting A Little Spice (Season 17 Episode 75)
    Season 17 Episode 75:

    Injecting A Little Spice

  • Doctors - Bad Samaritan (Season 17 Episode 74)
    Season 17 Episode 74:

    Bad Samaritan

  • Doctors - Manhunt (Season 17 Episode 73)
    Season 17 Episode 73:


  • Doctors - Treehouse (Season 17 Episode 72)
    Season 17 Episode 72:


  • Doctors - Noli Me Tangere (Season 17 Episode 71)
    Season 17 Episode 71:

    Noli Me Tangere

  • Doctors - The Ring (Season 17 Episode 70)
    Season 17 Episode 70:

    The Ring

  • Doctors - Seen and Not Heard (Season 17 Episode 69)
    Season 17 Episode 69:

    Seen and Not Heard

  • Doctors - Someone Like You (Season 17 Episode 68)
    Season 17 Episode 68:

    Someone Like You

  • Doctors - Sticks and Stones (Season 17 Episode 67)
    Season 17 Episode 67:

    Sticks and Stones

  • Doctors - Housemates (Season 17 Episode 66)
    Season 17 Episode 66:


  • Doctors - Lady Brenda (Season 17 Episode 65)
    Season 17 Episode 65:

    Lady Brenda

  • Doctors - Spandex and Secrets (Season 17 Episode 64)
    Season 17 Episode 64:

    Spandex and Secrets

  • Doctors - Slipping Through the Cracks (Season 17 Episode 63)
    Season 17 Episode 63:

    Slipping Through the Cracks

  • Doctors - Zero Tolerance (Season 17 Episode 62)
    Season 17 Episode 62:

    Zero Tolerance

  • Doctors - Insignificant (Season 17 Episode 61)
    Season 17 Episode 61:


  • Doctors - Blind Spot (Season 17 Episode 60)
    Season 17 Episode 60:

    Blind Spot

  • Doctors - The Laughing Gnome (Season 17 Episode 59)
    Season 17 Episode 59:

    The Laughing Gnome

  • Doctors - Chef's Special (Season 17 Episode 58)
    Season 17 Episode 58:

    Chef's Special

  • Doctors - Trust Me I'm a Doctor (Season 17 Episode 57)
    Season 17 Episode 57:

    Trust Me I'm a Doctor

  • Doctors - It (Season 17 Episode 56)
    Season 17 Episode 56:


  • Doctors - End of Episode (Season 17 Episode 55)
    Season 17 Episode 55:

    End of Episode

  • Doctors - A Quiet Life (Season 17 Episode 54)
    Season 17 Episode 54:

    A Quiet Life

  • Doctors - Mean Girls (Season 17 Episode 53)
    Season 17 Episode 53:

    Mean Girls

    Mrs. Tembe helps a bride stand up to her domineering sister; Zara is definitely not happy when Daniel challenges Michael's research and she is forced to confront her treatment of Sid.

  • Doctors - In the Line of Duty (Season 17 Episode 52)
    Season 17 Episode 52:

    In the Line of Duty

    Jimmi struggles to control his anger when a police officer is injured in the line of duty; Zara's bullying of Sid escalates to a level which shocks them both; Emma has serious doubts about Howard's commitment.

  • Doctors - Indefensible (Season 17 Episode 51)
    Season 17 Episode 51:


    Ayesha is forced to be the peacekeeper when an exasperated single mother clashes with her grumpy neighbor; peace is in short supply when Emma and Howard disagree on the details of their dating project.

  • Doctors - Climb Every Mountain (Season 17 Episode 50)
    Season 17 Episode 50:

    Climb Every Mountain

    Sid proves he's got what it takes when he gets caught up in one man's crusade to save a tree; back at The Mill, Zara seems determined to cut short his career.

  • Doctors - A Fine Romance (Season 17 Episode 49)
    Season 17 Episode 49:

    A Fine Romance

    An old family friend turns to Niamh with a delicate problem; Karen's fear that she is cursed leads her to a psychic, but Ayesha smells a rat.

  • Doctors - Touch and Go (Season 17 Episode 48)
    Season 17 Episode 48:

    Touch and Go

    Howard has a suggestion for Emma; Mrs. Tembe is given pause for thought by Ayesha; Al has to put himself in an unusual situation to resolve a patient's problems.

  • Doctors - Waiting for Gordon (Season 17 Episode 47)
    Season 17 Episode 47:

    Waiting for Gordon

    Ayesha wakes up with Sid, but during the day she finds his attention too much; Howard feels inspired after meeting an old friend.

  • Doctors - Everybody Needs Somebody (Season 17 Episode 46)
    Season 17 Episode 46:

    Everybody Needs Somebody

    Howard is surprised when a face from his past appears at the police station.

  • Doctors - Truth or Dare (Season 17 Episode 45)
    Season 17 Episode 45:

    Truth or Dare

    When a student is found dead, it seems an open and shut case but Jimmi is not so sure; Zara has a confrontation with Sid but this time, he fights back.

  • Doctors - Ghost (Season 17 Episode 44)
    Season 17 Episode 44:


    Maria has a fiance, a little girl and a good job, but her world is turned upside down when past deeds come back to haunt her.

  • Doctors - The Neighbours from Hull (Season 17 Episode 43)
    Season 17 Episode 43:

    The Neighbours from Hull

    Karen meets her new neighbors who are very friendly, maybe too friendly; Zara has some surprising news for Howard and Emma; Niamh and Ayesha enjoy a games evening with Sid.

  • Doctors - Sensitive Skin (Season 17 Episode 42)
    Season 17 Episode 42:

    Sensitive Skin

    Daniel sees a young couple who wants botox, but really needs to trust each other; Mrs. Tembe is on a winning streak with Al and Jimmi.

  • Doctors - The Doctor (Season 17 Episode 41)
    Season 17 Episode 41:

    The Doctor

    At the police station, a troubled Jimmi treats an autistic boy with a `Doctor Who' obsession; Jimmi is forced to put his own issues aside when he discovers the boy is in danger.

  • Doctors - The Other Foot (Season 17 Episode 40)
    Season 17 Episode 40:

    The Other Foot

    When a young boy comes into Campus struggling to breathe, Daniel struggles with a diagnosis; Mrs. Tembe plays her cards close to her chest; things come to a head between Zara and Sid.

  • Doctors - C Pass (Season 17 Episode 39)
    Season 17 Episode 39:

    C Pass

    Al sees an old friend who is accused of sexual harassment by one of his pupils and despite the girl's distress, Al refuses to believe he's capable of such a thing; a hot and bothered Emma goes to see Daniel; Sid is in trouble with Zara.

  • Doctors - Fair Game (Season 17 Episode 38)
    Season 17 Episode 38:

    Fair Game

    Rob is left horrified when he investigates a case involving a missing burglar and a strange residence known as `The Birdhouse'; Daniel loses his temper with Zara; Ayesha goes on her first date with Sid.

  • Doctors - Down and Up (Season 17 Episode 37)
    Season 17 Episode 37:

    Down and Up

    Sid comes across a young woman who thinks she has just missed out on meeting her soulmate; for Howard, it's more a case of stalemate as he struggles to get the answers he needs.

  • Doctors - Father Figure (Season 17 Episode 36)
    Season 17 Episode 36:

    Father Figure

    Heston explores uncomfortable territory; Daniel's rage gets the better of him; Ayesha gets a taste of her own medicine.

  • Doctors - Strike a Pose (Season 17 Episode 35)
    Season 17 Episode 35:

    Strike a Pose

    Heston sticks his foot in it.

  • Doctors - Subsidence (Season 17 Episode 34)
    Season 17 Episode 34:


    It's moving day for Karen and Rob; Jimmi and Daniel clash over a troublesome patient.

  • Doctors - Little Brother (Season 17 Episode 33)
    Season 17 Episode 33:

    Little Brother

    Karen finds herself at the center of an unusual sibling feud; Zara backs Daniel into a corner; Mrs. Tembe experiments with pain relief.

  • Doctors - Joint Lock (Season 17 Episode 32)
    Season 17 Episode 32:

    Joint Lock

    Sid enjoys a small heroic moment; Zara is forced to see that her marriage is in crisis; Mrs. Tembe finds herself in an embarrassing position.

  • Doctors - Plus One (Season 17 Episode 31)
    Season 17 Episode 31:

    Plus One

    Despite no longer being a couple, Niamh and Al attend a wedding together, but they're not the only ones finding the whole set-up a bit uncomfortable.

  • Doctors - Deeper (Season 17 Episode 30)
    Season 17 Episode 30:


    It's the morning after the night before and Zara returns home to face the music; Mrs. Tembe's plan for a fire drill goes awry, so Sid must find the courage to take the helm.

  • Doctors - Mystic Madge (Season 17 Episode 29)
    Season 17 Episode 29:

    Mystic Madge

    Rob is on the trail of a door-to-door thief and confidence trickster; Ayesha is acting mysterious about her plans for a girl's night in; tensions run high in the Granger-Carmichael household.

  • Doctors - Flying Carpets (Season 17 Episode 28)
    Season 17 Episode 28:

    Flying Carpets

    Distracted by his personal life, Daniel agrees to help an estranged father who has heard his son has cancer; his decision to help may cause more harm than good.

  • Doctors - By The Lake (Season 17 Episode 27)
    Season 17 Episode 27:

    By The Lake

    Rob takes time off to go fishing and meets a seemingly friendly fellow angler, but the stranger's troubled past has come back to haunt him.

  • Doctors - Mods and Rockers (Season 17 Episode 26)
    Season 17 Episode 26:

    Mods and Rockers

    Niamh gets dragged into a race with a difference as an aging Mod and Rocker finally settle an old score; Daniel and Zara clash when he meets Michael for the first time; Jimmi takes the opportunity to stir up trouble.

  • Doctors - A Spade a Spade (Season 17 Episode 25)
    Season 17 Episode 25:

    A Spade a Spade

    Mrs. Tembe's compassion is tested when she tries to help the church refreshments committee's newest member, who keeps upsetting everyone with her tactless outbursts.

  • Doctors - Bumble Bee (Season 17 Episode 24)
    Season 17 Episode 24:

    Bumble Bee

    Al gets entangled in a young woman's plans for revenge when he stops at the corner shop on his way home; Emma plans a sophisticated evening in with the girls; Michael takes Zara by surprise when he turns up at her house.

  • Doctors - Norman Is Upstairs (Season 17 Episode 23)
    Season 17 Episode 23:

    Norman Is Upstairs

    When a young man arrives at the police station begging to be locked up, Emma debates whether to take him seriously or send him on his way; Howard tries to talk to Jimmi; Zara strays into dangerous territory with Michael.

  • Doctors - Finish Line (Season 17 Episode 22)
    Season 17 Episode 22:

    Finish Line

    Sid's doctoring skills are put to the test when he visits a terminally ill patient at home; Joe's test results are in; Jimmi comes back to The Mill.

  • Doctors - Shining Light (Season 17 Episode 21)
    Season 17 Episode 21:

    Shining Light

    Ayesha takes center stage when she's asked to present the Letherbridge Young Carer of the Year award; Jimmi is absent without leave; Zara takes Joe for his developmental assessment with Michael.

  • Doctors - Cold City (Season 17 Episode 20)
    Season 17 Episode 20:

    Cold City

    Jimmi is forced to face up to the terrible consequences of his actions.

  • Doctors - Haunted (Season 17 Episode 19)
    Season 17 Episode 19:


    Alun Clay is beset by poor health, bad debts and painful memories and starts to fear that he's being haunted; Bryn is searching frantically for Jimmi, but he's disappeared.

  • Doctors - Rescuing Silver (Season 17 Episode 18)
    Season 17 Episode 18:

    Rescuing Silver

    Karen gets caught in a sticky situation when she visits a neighbor; Zara is surprised to bump into Michael; Al comes home, leaving Jimmi with a friend in Wales.

  • Doctors - Aftermath (Season 17 Episode 17)
    Season 17 Episode 17:


    Al manages to track down Jimmi and confronts him; Sid has an easier day of it; Ayesha deals with a single mother struggling with a new baby and uncovers a dark secret.

  • Doctors - L'Amore e la Morte (Season 17 Episode 16)
    Season 17 Episode 16:

    L'Amore e la Morte

    Al tries to track down Jimmi; Zara visits a pediatrician with Joe; Heston can't escape from a house call.

  • Doctors - Someone To Watch Over Me (Season 17 Episode 15)
    Season 17 Episode 15:

    Someone To Watch Over Me

    Everything comes to a head for Jimmi and Heather; Karen takes Rob to a house auction.

  • Doctors - Give Us This Day (Season 17 Episode 14)
    Season 17 Episode 14:

    Give Us This Day

    Zara gets frustrated by Sid, but then uses him as a sounding board; Karen worries about buying houses; Mrs. Tembe attends a therapy group for torture victims.

  • Doctors - The Route Of All Good (Season 17 Episode 13)
    Season 17 Episode 13:

    The Route Of All Good

    Zara goes to Al for his opinion on her son; Jimmi worries about Heather; Niamh has to deal with a businesswoman who isn't looking after herself.

  • Doctors - Listen To Me (Season 17 Episode 12)
    Season 17 Episode 12:

    Listen To Me

    Sid is keen to make a good impression but when he gets involved with an ex-patient's complaint, he finds himself in the doghouse; a new wardrobe unleashes the monster in Niamh; Zara's mentoring gets off to a bad start.

  • Doctors - The Hope (Season 17 Episode 11)
    Season 17 Episode 11:

    The Hope

    Emma treats a woman with memory loss who thinks she might have harmed her baby; Jimmi and a pregnant Heather contemplate their future together; a new doctor at The Mill meets with mixed feelings.

  • Doctors - Idolatory (Season 17 Episode 10)
    Season 17 Episode 10:


    A forgotten statue leads to a strange day at Campus; after a series of disasters, Al convinces Karen that mystical forces are at work; Jimmi and Heather are battling with their guilt; Zara is in no mood to take prisoners and wants answers.

  • Doctors - Afternoon Delight (Season 17 Episode 9)
    Season 17 Episode 9:

    Afternoon Delight

    Howard finds himself trapped in a strange story involving a broken chair, missing porridge and a golden-haired stranger in his bed; there is no fairytale ending for Heston; tragedy strikes when Heather ignores Ayesha's advice.

  • Doctors - Xander Harrison (Season 17 Episode 8)
    Season 17 Episode 8:

    Xander Harrison

    Al struggles to engage with his `godson', who blames him for the breakup of his parents' marriage; Zara has some accusations of her own to make; Karen discovers today is no ordinary day for The Mill.

  • Doctors - What Love Means (Season 17 Episode 7)
    Season 17 Episode 7:

    What Love Means

    Niamh faces a tough decision when an old friend with a young secret calls on her; Rob and Karen are thwarted by their own game plan when looking for a new house; Emma is left speechless when Ayesha starts making demands.

  • Doctors - Touched By An Angel (Season 17 Episode 6)
    Season 17 Episode 6:

    Touched By An Angel

    Jimmi has to deal with Heather's past; Daniel and Zara continue to be at odds; Mrs. Tembe has to deal with a girl who believes she is an angel who has lost her wings.

  • Doctors - Toy Story (Season 17 Episode 5)
    Season 17 Episode 5:

    Toy Story

    Barry helps Rob to close in on the Letherbridge burglar; Al plans to be tactful but drinks himself honest; Heather's latest decision receives criticism.

  • Doctors - Fusion Food (Season 17 Episode 4)
    Season 17 Episode 4:

    Fusion Food

    Ayesha gets mixed up in revenge; Zara fights to hide the chink in her armor; Emma sees through Ayesha's bravado.

  • Doctors - The Dark Net (Season 17 Episode 3)
    Season 17 Episode 3:

    The Dark Net

    Ryan fights to prove his innocence when he is arrested for a heinous crime; Jimmi risks his relationship by revealing an uncomfortable truth; Howard sees Ayesha in a new light.

  • Doctors - Out of Control (Season 17 Episode 2)
    Season 17 Episode 2:

    Out of Control

    Al patches things up for a family made up of a troubled teenager, a child with Asperger's syndrome and a single mom; Heather is shocked when Jimmi explodes at her and tells her to keep her nose out of his family business.

  • Doctors - Boom Banger (Season 17 Episode 1)
    Season 17 Episode 1:

    Boom Banger

    Heston is caught up in a drama between a loving father and cocky stepson; Barry's successor causes chaos in the Campus; Al questions Jimmi's newfound positivity.

  • Doctors - Angels and Demons (Season 16 Episode 219)
    Season 16 Episode 219:

    Angels and Demons

    Jimmi worries about recent developments; Zara struggles at home with Joe; Mrs. Tembe feels guilty after her advice to Barry doesn't work out as planned.

  • Doctors - Surrogate Dad (Season 16 Episode 218)
    Season 16 Episode 218:

    Surrogate Dad

    Barry has to deal with a difficult work experience trainee while waiting to see if he gets a promotion; Jimmi and Heather have to be honest about their situation; Zara appeals to Ayesha for advice.

  • Doctors - Pity Party (Season 16 Episode 217)
    Season 16 Episode 217:

    Pity Party

    Karen tries to help a grieving friend and her family move on with their lives; Jimmi and Heather have a difficult discussion; Barry is confident as he goes for an interview.

  • Doctors - Optional Extras (Season 16 Episode 216)
    Season 16 Episode 216:

    Optional Extras

    Ayesha has to help her friend with a difficult life choice; Zara struggles with the stress of her work and personal life; Jimmi puts off having a difficult conversation with Heather.

  • Doctors - Late Lunch (Season 16 Episode 215)
    Season 16 Episode 215:

    Late Lunch

    Emma helps out when a woman with an intense fear of childbirth goes into labor in a restaurant; Barry's colleagues try to convince him to apply for a promotion; Heather wonders what to do about her tricky situation.

  • Doctors - Profit and Loss (Season 16 Episode 214)
    Season 16 Episode 214:

    Profit and Loss

    Heston tries to get to the bottom of a patient's heart trouble to find if it's stress related or something more sinister; Zara struggles with childcare; Al is up to something fishy; Jimmi has prepared a wonderful surprise for Heather.

  • Doctors - The Lost Weekday (Season 16 Episode 213)
    Season 16 Episode 213:

    The Lost Weekday

    When a brand new vehicle is taken from a car showroom, Rob finds himself on the trail of a daring and elusive thief; Jimmi and Heather go bowling; Mrs. Tembe puts Barry through his paces; Niamh has a confession to make to Emma.

  • Doctors - Finding Nina (Season 16 Episode 212)
    Season 16 Episode 212:

    Finding Nina

    Al tries to limit the damage when a visiting academic is diagnosed with suspected diphtheria; Heather finds it hard to choose between a girl's night in with Niamh and Emma and a trip to the movies with Jimmi.

  • Doctors - A Matter of Perspective (Season 16 Episode 211)
    Season 16 Episode 211:

    A Matter of Perspective

    After Niamh is present as a patient falls from a great height and dies, Rob has to dig deep to uncover the truth about what happened.

  • Doctors - Old Times' Sake (Season 16 Episode 210)
    Season 16 Episode 210:

    Old Times' Sake

    Ayesha's morals are tested when an old friend comes back into her life asking for help; Barry tries to be a hero and save The Mill; Heather fills Jimmi in on what she learned at the dinner party.

  • Doctors - Perfect Match (Season 16 Episode 209)
    Season 16 Episode 209:

    Perfect Match

    Heston finds himself caught up in a love triangle when both the long-suffering wife and the mistress of a prospective MP seek his help.

  • Doctors - A Hero Inside (Season 16 Episode 208)
    Season 16 Episode 208:

    A Hero Inside

    Despite being warned off, Karen gets involved in one of Rob's cases; Jimmi has a question to ask Heather, but doesn't know if she will she approve.

  • Doctors - Decisions, Decisions, Decisions (Season 16 Episode 207)
    Season 16 Episode 207:

    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

    Al has to deal with a patient who treats him as her general problem solver, while he quizzes Jimmi about his relationship with Heather; Ayesha struggles with life without Sierra.

  • Doctors - Presence of Beauty (Season 16 Episode 206)
    Season 16 Episode 206:

    Presence of Beauty

    Zara has to deal with a patient who continues to pass out with no obvious cause; Jimmi goes for lunch with Heather; Ayesha comes to terms with her loss.

  • Doctors - Peter and The Wolf (Season 16 Episode 205)
    Season 16 Episode 205:

    Peter and The Wolf

    Heston helps a young boy with an overactive imagination come to terms with his parents' divorce; Karen gets annoyed when an embarrassing photo of her gets sent to everyone at work.

  • Doctors - Bognor Banana (Season 16 Episode 204)
    Season 16 Episode 204:

    Bognor Banana

    Emma tries to help a patient deal with a complicated love life; Karen gets more than she bargained for at the zoo; Jimmi, Al and Ayesha hit the town.

  • Doctors - Forget Me or Knott (Season 16 Episode 203)
    Season 16 Episode 203:

    Forget Me or Knott

    Mrs. Tembe comes between an absent-minded professor and her cleaner; Jimmi continues his quest to find his guardian angel; Zara confronts a rogue pharmacist.

  • Doctors - Animal Crackers (Season 16 Episode 202)
    Season 16 Episode 202:

    Animal Crackers

    Rob struggles to cope when the station is understaffed due to a virus; things get even more complicated when some vital evidence goes missing.

  • Doctors - Inked (Season 16 Episode 201)
    Season 16 Episode 201:


    Ayesha meets a charmer with a questionable tattoo and plans an afternoon of fun; Jimmi can't stop thinking about his mystery woman; Zara challenges Niamh when she finds out a pharmacist has been altering prescriptions.

  • Doctors - What Happens in Brighton (Season 16 Episode 200)
    Season 16 Episode 200:

    What Happens in Brighton

    Niamh helps a dying man come to terms with a terrible secret; Jimmi has a near-death experience and tries to find the woman who saved him; Karen is hoping for a special birthday present from Rob.

  • Doctors - Bad Influence (Season 16 Episode 199)
    Season 16 Episode 199:

    Bad Influence

    A troubled patient confides in Jimmi about a dangerous premonition; Ayesha is forced to admit a difficult truth; Daniel receives a once-in-a-lifetime offer.

  • Doctors - Inconceivable (Season 16 Episode 198)
    Season 16 Episode 198:


    Zara advises an unconventional couple on its options for parenthood; Jimmi takes Al out to drown his sorrows and Emma does the same with Niamh.

  • Doctors - Hollow Man (Season 16 Episode 197)
    Season 16 Episode 197:

    Hollow Man

    Emma has to deal with a surprise visitor from Franc's past; Al wonders if he can rekindle his relationship with Niamh; Daniel considers his career options.

  • Doctors - The Kick Inside (Season 16 Episode 196)
    Season 16 Episode 196:

    The Kick Inside

    Karen is faced with a dilemma when a young girl lies to her; Jimmi breaches patient confidentiality; it's up to Heston to save the day when he goes to the planning meeting.

  • Doctors - Arthur and Stan (Season 16 Episode 195)
    Season 16 Episode 195:

    Arthur and Stan

    Mrs. Tembe helps two old friends recognize that they need each other; Al overhears Franc and Gary and realizes they have the information they needed.

  • Doctors - With Intent (Season 16 Episode 194)
    Season 16 Episode 194:

    With Intent

    Andy is a risk-taker, but Niamh is on to him and engineers his downfall; Howard is in his element as the tents are put into use following the fire, but the rest of the Practice is less enamored.

  • Doctors - When the Heart Breaks (Season 16 Episode 193)
    Season 16 Episode 193:

    When the Heart Breaks

    Heston realizes there is more than meets the eye when he visits a patient at a care home; Howard has to deal with the repercussions of the damage to The Mill.

  • Doctors - Desperate Measures (Season 16 Episode 192)
    Season 16 Episode 192:

    Desperate Measures

    Ayesha seeks solace in her anger against her aunt; Franc wonders how he can deliver his promise to Gary Lucas.

  • Doctors - Let the Wrong One In (Season 16 Episode 191)
    Season 16 Episode 191:

    Let the Wrong One In

    Ayesha has to deal with problems at Sierra's nursery; Franc's grand plan accelerates.

  • Doctors - The Rat (Season 16 Episode 190)
    Season 16 Episode 190:

    The Rat

    Gary Lucas puts a scheme forward to Daniel; Valerie gets an offer that she doesn't think she can refuse.

  • Doctors - Crisis of Faith (Season 16 Episode 189)
    Season 16 Episode 189:

    Crisis of Faith

    Emma helps a teenage girl when her foster parents, expecting a new baby, seem to no longer want her; it's a big day for Heston and Valerie as they nervously await the results of the council elections.

  • Doctors - Bunny Love (Season 16 Episode 188)
    Season 16 Episode 188:

    Bunny Love

    When the son of a colleague falls seriously ill, his mother enlists Rob's help to track down her husband; they may not be prepared for the truth when they find him.

  • Doctors - The Invisibles (Season 16 Episode 187)
    Season 16 Episode 187:

    The Invisibles

    Zara helps a woman who fears that she's become invisible; it's the eve of the elections and Heston decides his campaign needs a final push; Al becomes convinced that Niamh has a new man in her life.

  • Doctors - Tough Love (Season 16 Episode 186)
    Season 16 Episode 186:

    Tough Love

    Emma suspects that the wife of a murdered man is hiding something; Howard is closing in on Franc.

  • Doctors - The Messenger (Season 16 Episode 185)
    Season 16 Episode 185:

    The Messenger

    Franc clashes with a hard-bitten criminal who's convinced that he can communicate with the dead; Daniel mislays Joe's favorite toy; Al appears to have had a personality transplant.

  • Doctors - Happy Ever After (Season 16 Episode 184)
    Season 16 Episode 184:

    Happy Ever After

    A mystery man comes to the offices looking for Karen; Howard tries to enlist Al's help to catch Franc; Valerie and Howard have their three minutes of fame.

  • Doctors - Cosmic Rays (Season 16 Episode 183)
    Season 16 Episode 183:

    Cosmic Rays

    Niamh tries to help a boy caught between warring parents; Howard becomes convinced that Gary Lucas is plotting to bring down the Mill.

  • Doctors - Other Side of the Track (Season 16 Episode 182)
    Season 16 Episode 182:

    Other Side of the Track

    Daniel tries to help a young mother battling against poor housing conditions; Heston speaks out against a housing development which threatens the future of Letherbridge Common.

  • Doctors - Lights Out (Season 16 Episode 181)
    Season 16 Episode 181:

    Lights Out

    When a young boy is brought into the police station after being found wandering alone, he will not talk; Jimmi has to try to convince him to open up, but his attempts are not helped by an inexperienced policeman.

  • Doctors - Oh What a Tangled Web... (Season 16 Episode 180)
    Season 16 Episode 180:

    Oh What a Tangled Web...

    Karen and Rob go to extreme lengths to get rid of some nightmare guests; Mrs. Tembe determines to reignite Heston's passion for politics; Barry and Ashley vie for Valerie's approval.

  • Doctors - Sometimes They Come Back (Season 16 Episode 179)
    Season 16 Episode 179:

    Sometimes They Come Back

    Zara deals with a traumatized teen who cannot accept that her mother has died; Howard has to deal with the mounting crisis at The Mill; Valerie channels her inner Maggie Thatcher.

  • Doctors - Mrs Waverly's Winnings (Season 16 Episode 178)
    Season 16 Episode 178:

    Mrs Waverly's Winnings

    Valerie has to step in when two elderly friends go to war over a winning lotto ticket; The Mill is thrown into chaos when it is shut down due to a suspected case of Weil's disease.

  • Doctors - Child of Mine (Season 16 Episode 177)
    Season 16 Episode 177:

    Child of Mine

    An unstable man is haunted by the corpse of his dead mother, but Niamh is there to save the day; Daniel gets a surprise visitor from his past, bringing an unwanted and unnerving outcome; Heston gains a rival.

  • Doctors - Put Away Childish Things (Season 16 Episode 176)
    Season 16 Episode 176:

    Put Away Childish Things

    Howard is caught up in a rift between friends after a stag night goes wrong; Ayesha's long lost aunt comes back into the picture; Al isn't coping well after his split with Niamh.

  • Doctors - Territoriality (Season 16 Episode 175)
    Season 16 Episode 175:


    Niamh and Ayesha brave an unseen terror to help an expectant mother in an isolated caravan; Valerie takes to the streets to campaign for Heston.

  • Doctors - Look Who's Talking (Season 16 Episode 174)
    Season 16 Episode 174:

    Look Who's Talking

    Greg thinks he's going mad when he starts hearing voices; Daniel comes to the rescue and saves the day for Howard; Valerie helps Heston plan his election campaign; Al tries to prove his love for Niamh.

  • Doctors - Scoff (Season 16 Episode 173)
    Season 16 Episode 173:


    Rob and Karen attend a market research chocolate-tasting course in disguise; Niamh has to endure the stress of a training day with the other doctors.

  • Doctors - The Week Out (Season 16 Episode 172)
    Season 16 Episode 172:

    The Week Out

    Rob helps two young people come to terms with the death of their parents; Howard embarks on a PR campaign to restore confidence in The Mill.

  • Doctors - Not Ticking Boxes (Season 16 Episode 171)
    Season 16 Episode 171:

    Not Ticking Boxes

    Valerie stands up to discrimination to help a young foster child with health problems get adopted; Niamh worries about what decision the partners will make regarding her future.

  • Doctors - Between the Cracks (Season 16 Episode 170)
    Season 16 Episode 170:

    Between the Cracks

    Heston becomes concerned for the safety of a young patient when he discovers a shocking event in his father's past; as Howard deals with accusations against the practice, Niamh comes to him with a confession.

  • Doctors - Safe House (Season 16 Episode 169)
    Season 16 Episode 169:

    Safe House

    Rob helps a mother and son move on from a dangerous situation; Heston and Valerie go canvassing and find it is not as easy as they thought.

  • Doctors - Purity: Part Two (Season 16 Episode 168)
    Season 16 Episode 168:

    Purity: Part Two

    Mrs. Tembe will not be dissuaded from trying to get people to face up to what is happening at the Church of Purity; Ayesha has a miserable day off with Sierra, made worse by meeting up with Zara and Joe.

  • Doctors - Purity: Part One (Season 16 Episode 167)
    Season 16 Episode 167:

    Purity: Part One

    Mrs. Tembe becomes concerned about the health of two young girls who belong to the Church of Purity; Jimmi suggests that Heston take a look at his manifesto, which he feels will put some voters off.

  • Doctors - Still Life (Season 16 Episode 166)
    Season 16 Episode 166:

    Still Life

    It is not an easy day for Zara when she goes to an art gallery to pick up a picture; first the owner, Ursula, collapses, and then Zara discovers Ursula's partner collapsed in his wet suit.

  • Doctors - Long Lost (Season 16 Episode 165)
    Season 16 Episode 165:

    Long Lost

    Valerie intervenes between her friend Michael and his long-lost mother in the hope of reuniting them, but Michael is somewhat resistant.

  • Doctors - A Forced Marriage (Season 16 Episode 164)
    Season 16 Episode 164:

    A Forced Marriage

    DC Indhu Chaudry allows her own prejudices to cloud her judgement; Emma and Franc have a lovely evening out; Ayesha has a horrid evening in.

  • Doctors - DNA (Season 16 Episode 163)
    Season 16 Episode 163:


    Charlie wants a DNA test, as he feels that he has nothing in common with his father.

  • Doctors - End of the Road (Season 16 Episode 162)
    Season 16 Episode 162:

    End of the Road

    Local councillor Alan Hargreaves, under fire from an expense scandal, tries to juggle fighting a building development with looking after his mother.

  • Doctors - Revenge (Season 16 Episode 161)
    Season 16 Episode 161:


    Ellen seeks revenge on her ex-lover Sean over topless photos that have been posted on the Internet; Heston discovers a new business venture.

  • Doctors - I Don't Like Mondays (Season 16 Episode 160)
    Season 16 Episode 160:

    I Don't Like Mondays

    When a strange young man is arrested on suspicion of assault, Jimmi finds himself drawn in and determined to seek the truth.

  • Doctors - Tequila Perfect (Season 16 Episode 159)
    Season 16 Episode 159:

    Tequila Perfect

    The big day arrives and Rob hopes all will go well as he renews his wedding vows with Karen; a routine consultation with an elderly couple takes a dramatic turn when Niamh makes a home visit.

  • Doctors - The Man in the Red Suit (Season 16 Episode 158)
    Season 16 Episode 158:

    The Man in the Red Suit

    Mrs. Tembe is surprised when the search for a Santa Claus reveals hidden prejudice among the volunteers at St. Phil's.

  • Doctors - Fool for Love (Season 16 Episode 157)
    Season 16 Episode 157:

    Fool for Love

    When a burglar is knocked out by a heroic young man, Jimmi intuits that the situation is more complex than it seems.

  • Doctors - Cakes and Ale (Season 16 Episode 156)
    Season 16 Episode 156:

    Cakes and Ale

    It's the season of goodwill and time for some fun and frolics at Al and Niamh's Yuletide party.

  • Doctors - The Good Guys (Season 16 Episode 155)
    Season 16 Episode 155:

    The Good Guys

    When Valerie attends a speed awareness course, she begins to suspect that one of her classmates is hiding something; Daniel arrives at The Mill to find that Franc has made himself a little too comfortable.

  • Doctors - Right of Entry (Season 16 Episode 154)
    Season 16 Episode 154:

    Right of Entry

    Daniel finds himself detained at the airport; Franc's generosity knows no bounds.

  • Doctors - The Naughty List (Season 16 Episode 153)
    Season 16 Episode 153:

    The Naughty List

    Mrs. Tembe gets into the Christmas spirit when she helps a father and son at the Church fete; when Al makes his debut as Father Christmas, Niamh thinks he'll be brilliant, but Mrs. Tembe's not so sure.

  • Doctors - Careless (Season 16 Episode 152)
    Season 16 Episode 152:


    Ayesha suspects that a carer is neglecting an elderly patient; Christmas is coming but Emma isn't feeling the Christmas spirit, so Franc tries to help her.

  • Doctors - Elf & Safety (Season 16 Episode 151)
    Season 16 Episode 151:

    Elf & Safety

    Heston is drawn into a Christmas caper when a desperate friend steals money from the tyrannical boss of a terrible Christmas theme park.

  • Doctors - The Girl Upstairs (Season 16 Episode 150)
    Season 16 Episode 150:

    The Girl Upstairs

    Valerie and Barry are at odds when a young woman on the run turns up at the Campus; a game of `patient bingo' brings out the worst in the doctors before it takes a dangerous turn.

  • Doctors - Missing (Season 16 Episode 149)
    Season 16 Episode 149:


    Franc is in a tough spot when he is caught in the middle of an armed robbery; Ayesha is forced to examine her drinking habits; Al and Mrs. Tembe go to war over a nativity display.

  • Doctors - Heaven Can Wait (Season 16 Episode 148)
    Season 16 Episode 148:

    Heaven Can Wait

    Al comes up against an airy-fairy yoga instructor when one of her pupils becomes ill; Ayesha is left mortified when an evening with Franc goes disastrously; Karen begins to worry that Rob organizing the wedding will be a disaster.

  • Doctors - Victim (Season 16 Episode 147)
    Season 16 Episode 147:


    A seemingly straightforward home visit takes an incredibly dark turn for Niamh; it's Howard's time to shine as the documentary is being filmed today, but things don't go quite as planned.

  • Doctors - Paper Chains (Season 16 Episode 146)
    Season 16 Episode 146:

    Paper Chains

    Rob must unravel the mystery of an elderly woman who can't even remember her own name; a drunk Bren makes an unwelcome visit to Ayesha; Howard makes a regrettable decision.

  • Doctors - Losing Touch (Season 16 Episode 145)
    Season 16 Episode 145:

    Losing Touch

    Heston uses his surgery skills in an unexpected way to help an old friend; Ayesha tries to find somewhere to live with Sierra; Emma wants Howard to buy some new Christmas decorations.

  • Doctors - Harsh Conditions (Season 16 Episode 144)
    Season 16 Episode 144:

    Harsh Conditions

    Valerie helps a hairdresser get back to his roots; Ayesha makes a controversial suggestion about Sierra; Karen dreams of a perfect wedding.

  • Doctors - The Hardest Hit (Season 16 Episode 143)
    Season 16 Episode 143:

    The Hardest Hit

    Howard calls on his military training to help out the daughter of an old family friend; Ayesha comes to her mom's rescue; Karen and Rob go Christmas shopping.

  • Doctors - Black Mirror (Season 16 Episode 142)
    Season 16 Episode 142:

    Black Mirror

    Emma investigates the mysterious death of a patient.

  • Doctors - Two Halves (Season 16 Episode 141)
    Season 16 Episode 141:

    Two Halves

    Franc is treating an injured soccer player and receives a very tempting offer; Al needs expert advice on his homebrew; Jimmi pays a visit to Ayesha's sister, Debs.

  • Doctors - Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (Season 16 Episode 140)
    Season 16 Episode 140:

    Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

    A mother and her son come face to face with a former stalker; Ayesha has to consider the future as Bren's problems are brought into sharp focus.

  • Doctors - One of Those Days (Season 16 Episode 139)
    Season 16 Episode 139:

    One of Those Days

    A brief altercation with a difficult patient at The Mill soon turns into a nightmare for Karen, as the man seeks his revenge.

  • Doctors - Gold Diggers (Season 16 Episode 138)
    Season 16 Episode 138:

    Gold Diggers

    When Heston is called to certify the death of a rich elderly gentleman, he finds himself caught up in an increasingly bizarre situation as the family members fight for their inheritance.

  • Doctors - Choose Your Poison (Season 16 Episode 137)
    Season 16 Episode 137:

    Choose Your Poison

    Al finds himself competing against an obsessive student on an Internet encryption challenge and may have met his match.

  • Doctors - Lust for Life (Season 16 Episode 136)
    Season 16 Episode 136:

    Lust for Life

    Mrs. Tembe faces a moral dilemma when she is trusted with a neighbor's secret; Ayesha attends alcohol counseling with her mom; a new locum attracts a lot of attention, not all of it good.

  • Doctors - Niamh Donoghue (Season 16 Episode 135)
    Season 16 Episode 135:

    Niamh Donoghue

    While Niamh is out on house calls, Al becomes concerned for her safety when he finds that a mysterious man is following her.

  • Doctors - Fear and Loathing (Season 16 Episode 134)
    Season 16 Episode 134:

    Fear and Loathing

    When neurotic student Sam is convinced he has a brain tumor, Zara tries to help him before it's too late; Jimmi and Al embark on their first beer-making adventure; Ayesha finds herself making things worse for her mother.

  • Doctors - Motherhood (Season 16 Episode 133)
    Season 16 Episode 133:


    Mrs. Tembe helps a woman who was abandoned at birth to find her mother; Ayesha begins to fear that Bren may lose Sierra; Zara decides it's time to stand up to Emma.

  • Doctors - A Foot Wrong (Season 16 Episode 132)
    Season 16 Episode 132:

    A Foot Wrong

    Jimmi bumps into an old university pal who used to be a bit of a hell-raiser, but claims to be a reformed person.

  • Doctors - Across Time (Season 16 Episode 131)
    Season 16 Episode 131:

    Across Time

    The discovery of a romantic letter in an old book opens up a mystery which Zara is determined to solve; Emma is on the warpath after failing to get the partnership; Ayesha's decision to trust Bren to look after Sierra ends in disaster.

  • Doctors - Weirdo (Season 16 Episode 130)
    Season 16 Episode 130:


    Daniel endeavors to help a single father face up to his checkered past; the results of the partnership interviews are out and Howard is determined to ensure that no one is left disappointed.

  • Doctors - Sea Change (Season 16 Episode 129)
    Season 16 Episode 129:

    Sea Change

    Heston prepares to say farewell; tensions rise as the partnership interviews begin.

  • Doctors - Not Waving (Season 16 Episode 128)
    Season 16 Episode 128:

    Not Waving

    Heston has to face up to his demons when he visits Curtis Brown's pregnant girlfriend at home; back at the Mill, Emma, Al and Jimmi prepare for the partnership interviews.

  • Doctors - The Curse of the Mummy (Season 16 Episode 127)
    Season 16 Episode 127:

    The Curse of the Mummy

    Ayesha's skills are put to the test when a woman goes into labor and they can't get to the hospital; Howard is thrown when Emma, Jimmi and Al all apply for the partnership; Heston has a difficult decision to make.

  • Doctors - Unfinished Business (Season 16 Episode 126)
    Season 16 Episode 126:

    Unfinished Business

    Heston wonders what he wants when Curtis Brown traps him alone in The Mill; Al is annoyed at not being considered for the partnership vacancy; Emma asks Daniel for advice.

  • Doctors - Scullery Boy (Season 16 Episode 125)
    Season 16 Episode 125:

    Scullery Boy

    Karen discovers an uncomfortable secret in the relationship between an elderly woman and her son; Howard and Daniel try to drum up interest in the partnership vacancy; Heston is horrified when an old enemy turns up at The Mill.

  • Doctors - Whistle (Season 16 Episode 124)
    Season 16 Episode 124:


    Al is forced to confront his skepticism of the supernatural when he finds a whistle with mysterious powers.

  • Doctors - The House (Season 16 Episode 123)
    Season 16 Episode 123:

    The House

    Niamh gets involved with an elderly brother and sister, who are being pressured to sell their family home by a property developer; the Mill staff gets competitive at the go-karting track for Kevin's farewell party.

  • Doctors - Do No Harm (Season 16 Episode 122)
    Season 16 Episode 122:

    Do No Harm

    It's Kevin's last day and he wants to go quietly, but a mysterious man is desperate to speak to him; Mrs. Tembe is convinced she can persuade Heston not to leave.

  • Doctors - Silent Partners (Season 16 Episode 121)
    Season 16 Episode 121:

    Silent Partners

    Stuart begins to suspect Kevin's true motives; Al and Daniel get competitive over Halloween lanterns.

  • Doctors - Bad Wedding (Season 16 Episode 118)
    Season 16 Episode 118:

    Bad Wedding

    When a young man discovers an embarrassing affliction on the morning of his wedding, Al wonders whether he wants to get married at all; Ayesha snaps when Mrs. Tembe checks up on her.

  • Doctors - Mysterious Ways (Season 16 Episode 117)
    Season 16 Episode 117:

    Mysterious Ways

    When a young girl turns up at the practice showing signs of stigmata, Daniel sets out to investigate; Heston discovers who has been amending the death certificates; Niamh apologizes to Emma; Mrs. Tembe nags Ayesha over her conduct.

  • Doctors - Dead People Are Perfect (Season 16 Episode 116)
    Season 16 Episode 116:

    Dead People Are Perfect

    When an elderly patient fails to attend her dialysis appointments, Jimmi investigates; Heston looks into discrepancies on death certificates; Kevin applies for a new position; Al helps Niamh move in to Emma's house.

  • Doctors - Bucket Behaviour (Season 16 Episode 115)
    Season 16 Episode 115:

    Bucket Behaviour

    Sarah has a terminal illness and her sister has moved in with her to-do list; Kevin goes to a funeral and gets a job offer; Howard is on a charm offensive, which the staff finds unnerving.

  • Doctors - Pet Project (Season 16 Episode 114)
    Season 16 Episode 114:

    Pet Project

    Mrs. Tembe helps an old lady who is in danger of being evicted; Niamh is also having problems with the same landlord and needs somewhere cheaper to live.

  • Doctors - Coping (Season 16 Episode 113)
    Season 16 Episode 113:


    Ayesha helps her friend to confront her difficulties, but she fails to improve the situation at home with her mother and after a hard day goes clubbing, with interesting results.

  • Doctors - I'm Ready for My Close-Up Now (Season 16 Episode 112)
    Season 16 Episode 112:

    I'm Ready for My Close-Up Now

    Karen is asked to be in a documentary about her memory loss, but things don't go according to plan; Kevin hands in his notice.

  • Doctors - Great Expectations (Season 16 Episode 111)
    Season 16 Episode 111:

    Great Expectations

    Al and Karen come to the rescue of an overseas student who has nowhere to stay; Zara threatens Kevin and he is forced to make a decision.

  • Doctors - A Law Unto Themselves (Season 16 Episode 110)
    Season 16 Episode 110:

    A Law Unto Themselves

    Rob is overseeing a demonstration over fracking when it all goes horribly wrong and a WPC is injured; he locks horns with a Special Projects DCI when he finds that an undercover cop has overstepped his brief.

  • Doctors - Piano Piano (Season 16 Episode 109)
    Season 16 Episode 109:

    Piano Piano

    Zara finds herself in a race against time when she meets a young pianist with a terrifying secret; Howard plucks up the courage to set the record straight with Heston; Kevin panics when Poppy's mom books her to see him at the Mill.

  • Doctors - All Shook Up (Season 16 Episode 108)
    Season 16 Episode 108:

    All Shook Up

    Following the extravagant memorial of an Elvis impersonator, Daniel tries to help a widow move past her grief; Poppy's 16th birthday opens up new possibilities with Kevin; Howard starts to suspect that Heston has feelings for him.

  • Doctors - Going Home (Season 16 Episode 107)
    Season 16 Episode 107:

    Going Home

    Emma helps a homeless teenager blamed by his father for a family tragedy; Howard settles awkwardly into Heston's home; Al hopes Niamh will like his surprise.

  • Doctors - Into the Blue (Season 16 Episode 106)
    Season 16 Episode 106:

    Into the Blue

    Mandy struggles with a heavy workload and a difficult patient on her last day; Karen wants to spend some quality time with Rob, but he's annoyed by her tactics.

  • Doctors - The Silent Treatment (Season 16 Episode 105)
    Season 16 Episode 105:

    The Silent Treatment

    Jimmi helps a woman draw boundaries with her mother; Howard runs into trouble with his builder; Kevin fears Poppy will expose their secret.

  • Doctors - Wasted (Season 16 Episode 104)
    Season 16 Episode 104:


    Ayesha makes a unique impression at her interview, but is unsure whether she wants the job; the team welcomes back a reluctant Heston and throws Mandy a farewell party.

  • Doctors - Rescue Me (Season 16 Episode 103)
    Season 16 Episode 103:

    Rescue Me

    Al pitches a new medical innovation to potential investors, with surprising results; Mandy tries to help Heston with his depression and the impact of his absence is felt by Mrs. Tembe.

  • Doctors - Big Fish (Season 16 Episode 102)
    Season 16 Episode 102:

    Big Fish

    Ayesha helps a man build bridges with his son; Niamh and Al argue over his attitude toward Cat's death; Mandy drops the bombshell that she's leaving the practice, but she has a replacement in mind.

  • Doctors - I Want to Break Free (Season 16 Episode 101)
    Season 16 Episode 101:

    I Want to Break Free

    Niamh is trying to help Samantha, a young woman with special needs, to move out of her big sister's house and into sheltered accommodation.

  • Doctors - Truth Be Told (Season 16 Episode 100)
    Season 16 Episode 100:

    Truth Be Told

    In the wake of Catriona's suicide, the events leading up to her death are scrutinized by the police and the medical practice.

  • Doctors - Toxic (Season 16 Episode 99)
    Season 16 Episode 99:


    Zara bumps into a former nanny who has reinvented herself as a successful businesswoman by using Zara as a role model.

  • Doctors - I Know What You Did (Season 16 Episode 98)
    Season 16 Episode 98:

    I Know What You Did

    Kevin is called upon to help an old friend who is being blackmailed; Mrs. Tembe tries to help Jimmi to choose a new car.

  • Doctors - Waiting (Season 16 Episode 97)
    Season 16 Episode 97:


    Mrs. Tembe finds herself trying to ward off unwanted company; things come to a head between Kevin and Poppy.

  • Doctors - Timeout (Season 16 Episode 96)
    Season 16 Episode 96:


    An exhausted craftsman finds himself between a rock and a hard place when his health threatens his business.

  • Doctors - Charlie's Angel (Season 16 Episode 95)
    Season 16 Episode 95:

    Charlie's Angel

    Karen tries to reconcile a lascivious mother and her betrayed daughter; Mandy tries to convince Catriona to go to the police; Kevin and Poppy go on a date.

  • Doctors - A Perfect Evening (Season 16 Episode 94)
    Season 16 Episode 94:

    A Perfect Evening

    Al, Heston and Kevin hope all goes well after they each plan their perfect evening.

  • Doctors - A Quick Fix (Season 16 Episode 93)
    Season 16 Episode 93:

    A Quick Fix

    Zara encounters a teenage vampire and her desperate mother; Heston begins to talk through his past with Dr. Clarke; Jimmi tries to avoid Mrs. Tembe's well-intentioned but relentless car talk.

  • Doctors - The Mad Woman in the Attic (Season 16 Episode 92)
    Season 16 Episode 92:

    The Mad Woman in the Attic

    A bad night's sleep forces Karen into a confrontation with her feelings of being haunted by her past self.

  • Doctors - Do Unto Others (Season 16 Episode 91)
    Season 16 Episode 91:

    Do Unto Others

    Jimmi visits a bereavement care center, where he finds the staff at odds; Mandy is concerned following a fight at a nightclub; Kevin is forced to give a sex education talk.

  • Doctors - The Good Copper (Season 16 Episode 90)
    Season 16 Episode 90:

    The Good Copper

    Rob's loyalty to a colleague and friend is challenged when somebody makes an accusation that a cop has been planting evidence.

  • Doctors - Critical Care (Season 16 Episode 89)
    Season 16 Episode 89:

    Critical Care

    Howard is pulled into a desperate woman's attempts to bend the NHS rules so that her infirm father can get a bed at the hospital.

  • Doctors - Root Of All Evil (Season 16 Episode 88)
    Season 16 Episode 88:

    Root Of All Evil

    Daniel is called to help out a fellow gambling addict who has fallen on hard times and is hiding a big surprise underneath his clothes.

  • Doctors - More Like Clouds Than Stars (Season 16 Episode 87)
    Season 16 Episode 87:

    More Like Clouds Than Stars

    Mandy helps a father who feels he cannot bear to look at his teenage daughter and is on the verge of losing her forever for reasons he can't admit.

  • Doctors - Love, Honour, Betray (Season 16 Episode 86)
    Season 16 Episode 86:

    Love, Honour, Betray

    Heston helps settle a dispute between a husband and wife; the husband has reappeared at home after having been missing for the last two years.

  • Doctors - Mother Knows Best (Season 16 Episode 85)
    Season 16 Episode 85:

    Mother Knows Best

    Kevin helps a new mother who's being pressured by her Nigerian mother-in-law to have her baby circumcised.

  • Doctors - Judgement Day (Season 16 Episode 84)
    Season 16 Episode 84:

    Judgement Day

    Rob tries to stop a woman from dousing acid on the magistrate she blames for her daughter's comatose state; Al and Niamh's first date is a seeming disaster.

  • Doctors - Life Story (Season 16 Episode 83)
    Season 16 Episode 83:

    Life Story

    Heston is told he does not have dementia, but he refuses to consider that he may be depressed.

  • Doctors - Monsters and Gods (Season 16 Episode 82)
    Season 16 Episode 82:

    Monsters and Gods

    Al saves the life of a fellow sci-fi enthusiast and impresses Niamh, who finally asks him out on a date.

  • Doctors - A Trick of the Mind (Season 16 Episode 81)
    Season 16 Episode 81:

    A Trick of the Mind

    Toni treats a heavily pregnant woman who is worried that she is losing her memory; Heston confides in Kevin his concerns that he may have dementia; Niamh and Al fail to realize they are attracted to one another.

  • Doctors - Signs (Season 16 Episode 80)
    Season 16 Episode 80:


    Mrs. Tembe refuses to assume the worst of an ex-con working as a handyman at Campus, even when things go missing.

  • Doctors - The Girl in the Photograph (Season 16 Episode 79)
    Season 16 Episode 79:

    The Girl in the Photograph

    Karen helps a young Asian woman to pursue her dream of becoming a costume designer; Daniel and Toni wow the judge at a dancing competition.

  • Doctors - The Loneliness of the Long Distance Lorry Driver (Season 16 Episode 78)
    Season 16 Episode 78:

    The Loneliness of the Long Distance Lorry Driver

    Mrs. Tembe finds herself reluctantly involved when a suspicious wife accuses her husband of smuggling illegal immigrants.

  • Doctors - Love is a Battlefield (Season 16 Episode 77)
    Season 16 Episode 77:

    Love is a Battlefield

    A desperate mother is prepared to go to any lengths to stop her son from getting married; Barry reluctantly partakes in a medieval role-playing date; Jimmi becomes suspicious of Zara.

  • Doctors - Three's a Crowd (Season 16 Episode 76)
    Season 16 Episode 76:

    Three's a Crowd

    Mandy tries to help a bickering couple with a secret to take care of a young baby; Heston has the day from hell as he turns from doctor to patient.

  • Doctors - The Moon Girl Chronicles (Part Two) (Season 16 Episode 75)
    Season 16 Episode 75:

    The Moon Girl Chronicles (Part Two)

    Jimmi's search for his goddaughter continues.

  • Doctors - The Moon Girl Chronicles (Part One) (Season 16 Episode 74)
    Season 16 Episode 74:

    The Moon Girl Chronicles (Part One)

    Jimmi is concerned for his goddaughter who was born with a hole in the heart; Rob is on the hunt for a missing sex offender.

  • Doctors - Flipping Cats (Season 16 Episode 73)
    Season 16 Episode 73:

    Flipping Cats

    On a hot summer's day, Howard finds himself with an unexpected new police partner while on the hunt for a stolen cat.

  • Doctors - Special (Season 16 Episode 72)
    Season 16 Episode 72:


    When some patients become sick with a mysterious illness, Al suspects that a young boy who claims to have healing powers is the cause.

  • Doctors - While the Cat's Away (Season 16 Episode 71)
    Season 16 Episode 71:

    While the Cat's Away

    Al struggles with his emotions when Niamh goes on a date with a perfect gentleman; Daniel and Toni try to liven things up at a dull conference; Zara has a secret liaison with a mysterious man.

  • Doctors - Payback (Season 16 Episode 70)
    Season 16 Episode 70:


    A session of dramatherapy means more self-exploration for the workshop leader than he could have guessed; Jimmi questions his skills when he misreads a horrible situation at the police station.

  • Doctors - Green-Eyed Monsters (Season 16 Episode 69)
    Season 16 Episode 69:

    Green-Eyed Monsters

    Everyone is wondering who he'll choose when two gorgeous women compete for Doctor Kevin's affections.

  • Doctors - For Those About To Rock (Season 16 Episode 68)
    Season 16 Episode 68:

    For Those About To Rock

    Mandy gets in touch with her inner rock goddess after a close encounter with a diehard rocker; Mrs. Tembe must face up to her shortcomings in the aftermath of Josh's disastrous date.

  • Doctors - Flashpoint (Season 16 Episode 67)
    Season 16 Episode 67:


    An investigation into a vicious assault puts Howard's policing skills to the test; Mrs. Tembe's attempts at matchmaking end in disaster.

  • Doctors - Buttoned Up (Season 16 Episode 66)
    Season 16 Episode 66:

    Buttoned Up

    Al has to intervene when a patient's fledgling relationship is put at risk by his girlfriend's unusual phobia.

  • Doctors - A Kind of Magic (Season 16 Episode 65)
    Season 16 Episode 65:

    A Kind of Magic

    Karen tries to help a miserable former celebrity magician who has fallen on hard times reconnect with her lost love; Mrs. Tembe pushes Josh and Claire closer together; Heston's apparent haunting is finally explained.

  • Doctors - Eppur Si Muove (Season 16 Episode 64)
    Season 16 Episode 64:

    Eppur Si Muove

    After finding more evidence of intrusion, Heston's paranoia gets out of control; Mrs. Tembe may be making a huge mistake by pushing Josh toward Claire.

  • Doctors - Starting Over (Season 16 Episode 63)
    Season 16 Episode 63:

    Starting Over

    Kevin is concerned when a depressed patient takes drastic action by auctioning off his life on the Internet; Daniel's first dance class doesn't work out quite as he'd hoped; Heston looks into home security.

  • Doctors - Free (Season 16 Episode 62)
    Season 16 Episode 62:


    Niamh is reminded of how much she likes Al; Josh wonders if he can ever trust himself in a relationship.

  • Doctors - Kill or Cure (Season 16 Episode 61)
    Season 16 Episode 61:

    Kill or Cure

    Al decides to act on his feelings for Niamh; when a group of school girls mysteriously falls ill, Zara makes a shocking discovery.

  • Doctors - Pieces Of String Too Short For Use (Season 16 Episode 60)
    Season 16 Episode 60:

    Pieces Of String Too Short For Use

    Heston has to save a hoarder who spills her husband's ashes on herself and goes missing; Mrs. Tembe interferes with Josh's attempts to reintegrate himself into society.

  • Doctors - Unsolved Mysteries (Season 16 Episode 59)
    Season 16 Episode 59:

    Unsolved Mysteries

    Karen stops to help a young girl who appears to be fleeing from abuse at home, but she might have gotten her facts confused about where the problem really is.

  • Doctors - Redirect the Heart (Season 16 Episode 58)
    Season 16 Episode 58:

    Redirect the Heart

    Kevin tries to expose the hypocrisy of a young Muslim patient who struggles to be a teenager and hang out with his friends while practicing his faith.

  • Doctors - Foreign Fields (Season 16 Episode 57)
    Season 16 Episode 57:

    Foreign Fields

    Howard's attempts to find out what happened to his great-grandfather in the First World War lead him into an investigation which spans the centuries.

  • Doctors - Fast & Furious (Season 16 Episode 56)
    Season 16 Episode 56:

    Fast & Furious

    Niamh is put in a bind and her ignorance of Ramadan is exposed when a young man comes in with his mother and sister who are abusing the festival's rules.

  • Doctors - The Gordian Knot (Season 16 Episode 55)
    Season 16 Episode 55:

    The Gordian Knot

    Daniel goes to bat for a patient whose little girl seems to have contracted scurvy after a cut in their benefits means that they are unable to feed themselves properly.

  • Doctors - The Good Doctor (Season 16 Episode 54)
    Season 16 Episode 54:

    The Good Doctor

    Al suspects foul play when he sees a patient who has discovered a miracle cure; the practice receives bad news about Emma; Jimmi's new policy doesn't last very long; Zara is hatching a plan.

  • Doctors - Baked (Season 16 Episode 53)
    Season 16 Episode 53:


    Daniel comes to Zara's rescue when she gets more than she bargains for visiting an elderly patient; Mandy and Niamh have a bit of fun at Mrs. Tembe's expense.

  • Doctors - Turn in the Road (Season 16 Episode 52)
    Season 16 Episode 52:

    Turn in the Road

    Rob investigates a driving test scam, but struggles to find any real leads until Howard comes up with a plan.

  • Doctors - What Lies Beneath (Season 16 Episode 51)
    Season 16 Episode 51:

    What Lies Beneath

    Howard discovers the real reason behind a sales rep's aggressive behavior and turns to Daniel for advice, but it seems they can do nothing to help him.

  • Doctors - Just the Ticket (Season 16 Episode 50)
    Season 16 Episode 50:

    Just the Ticket

    Jimmi discovers foul play at work when he responds to a nephew's concerns about his aunt's dementia medication.

  • Doctors - Author, Author (Season 16 Episode 49)
    Season 16 Episode 49:

    Author, Author

    A meeting with a mysterious publisher promises success for a lonely novelist and Emily Bronte tries to help her to navigate the day's romantic entanglements.

  • Doctors - Leper (Season 16 Episode 48)
    Season 16 Episode 48:


    The morning after Jade was rushed into the OR, a weary Zara arrives back at St. Phil's Hospital; Heston asks Niamh if she will run through a role-play with him; Josh goes to the Mill looking for help from Jimmi.

  • Doctors - The Wicca Man (Season 16 Episode 47)
    Season 16 Episode 47:

    The Wicca Man

    When Kevin finds that he has two patients suffering from stress due to their neighborly dispute, he tries to find out what is really going on and fix the situation.

  • Doctors - Better Off Alone (Season 16 Episode 46)
    Season 16 Episode 46:

    Better Off Alone

    Mandy takes a chance at romance when she helps a young woman, unaware that everything is not as it seems.

  • Doctors - Small Deaths (Season 16 Episode 45)
    Season 16 Episode 45:

    Small Deaths

    When tragedy strikes, Heston helps a young and vulnerable mom deal with the consequences as they set out to find the truth.

  • Doctors - In The Blood (Season 16 Episode 44)
    Season 16 Episode 44:

    In The Blood

    After her grandmother survived a Nazi concentration camp, a history student is thrilled to find her old wartime diary, but as the student and her boyfriend receive some exciting news, the past threatens to ruin their future; Emma tries to help.

  • Doctors - Boiling Point (Season 16 Episode 43)
    Season 16 Episode 43:

    Boiling Point

    Jimmi and Rob encounter a vulnerable old lady who is put in danger when her caregiver becomes the victim of a serious attack.

  • Doctors - Not Coming Out (Season 16 Episode 40)
    Season 16 Episode 40:

    Not Coming Out

    Kevin's cousin asks him to help her son admit he is gay, but his revelation shocks them both; love and rivalry are in the air as Howard and Emma prepare for their dates; Mrs. Tembe is anxious about a dinner date of her own.

  • Doctors - Doctors (Season 15)
    Season 15: