Divorce Court

Divorce Court

1999 - 2018, Drama, Reality
Judge Lynn Toler resolves couples' disputes.

Episode Guide

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 94)
    Season 19 Episode 94:

    Divorce Court

    Tedrick wants to be a rapper, but Ariel says he needs to get a steady job instead; her mom has moved in to help pay the bills and take care of their baby while Tedrick plays video games.

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 93)
    Season 19 Episode 93:

    Divorce Court

    Karen gets fed up with handling the bills while Anthony pursues his dream of being a famous actor, and says Anthony needs to take care of the household and step it up in the bedroom.

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 92)
    Season 19 Episode 92:

    Divorce Court

    Jonneshia wants Deonte to pay more attention to her and the kids; Deonte says Jonneshia is impossible to get along with and too controlling.

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 91)
    Season 19 Episode 91:

    Divorce Court

    A devastating secret affecting two of Patricia's children has left her overwhelmed, and she needs Burt to take charge, but he may bolt.

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 90)
    Season 19 Episode 90:

    Divorce Court

    Chris is unemployed and has trouble finding work due to his prison record; Naikia has three children from a previous relationship and supports the family as a cook; she feels he is taking advantage of her and is too controlling.

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 89)
    Season 19 Episode 89:

    Divorce Court

    Lyndsey says Deshala is too close to her ex-husband, and he's her backup plan in case their relationship doesn't work out; Deshala says she's given up a lot to be with Lyndsey and is even at odds with relatives because she came out.

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 88)
    Season 19 Episode 88:

    Divorce Court

    Malcolm says he doesn't trust Olympiada and he doubts that her child is his; she says he is the father and he needs to start being a full-time dad.

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 87)
    Season 19 Episode 87:

    Divorce Court

    Alethea is fed up with Justin's cheating; Justin says lack of sex is part of the problem, and he sleeps on the floor.

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 86)
    Season 19 Episode 86:

    Divorce Court

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 85)
    Season 19 Episode 85:

    Divorce Court

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 84)
    Season 19 Episode 84:

    Divorce Court

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 83)
    Season 19 Episode 83:

    Divorce Court

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 82)
    Season 19 Episode 82:

    Divorce Court

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 81)
    Season 19 Episode 81:

    Divorce Court

    Jeff and Helena met in a bar and got married six months later; she says shortly after they tied the knot, he started staying out all night and drinking with his friends; he says she cheated on him.

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 80)
    Season 19 Episode 80:

    Divorce Court

    Andrea and Quinton are both guilty of cheating and their relationship lacks trust; she says he needs to give up his pipe dream of being an entrepreneur and get a real job.

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 79)
    Season 19 Episode 79:

    Divorce Court

    Valisha says JaMika refuses to have sex with her because she's insecure about her body; JaMika says she no longer trusts Valisha after she posted a picture of her private parts online.

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 78)
    Season 19 Episode 78:

    Divorce Court

    Fights over Martina's extreme hoarding and Terry's gambling are ripping the engaged couple apart.

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 77)
    Season 19 Episode 77:

    Divorce Court

    Kedrick says Porscha is a cheater; she says he is verbally abusive and caused her to have three miscarriages.

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 76)
    Season 19 Episode 76:

    Divorce Court

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 75)
    Season 19 Episode 75:

    Divorce Court

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 74)
    Season 19 Episode 74:

    Divorce Court

  • Divorce Court - Divorce Court (Season 19 Episode 73)
    Season 19 Episode 73:

    Divorce Court

  • Divorce Court - Manning vs. Curtis (Season 19 Episode 72)
    Season 19 Episode 72:

    Manning vs. Curtis

    Misty suspects Chris is cheating and says he needs to be a better provider; Chris says he's never cheated on Misty, and he's doing the best he can to make ends meet.

  • Divorce Court - Coleman vs. Wyatt (Season 19 Episode 71)
    Season 19 Episode 71:

    Coleman vs. Wyatt

    Laquia says Joseph is a serial cheater with an explosive temper, and he doesn't know how to manage money; Joseph says Laquia cheats, and she's the one with an out-of-control temper.

  • Divorce Court - Chambers vs. Little (Season 19 Episode 70)
    Season 19 Episode 70:

    Chambers vs. Little

    When Shiree's life spiraled out of control and she lost custody of her kids, Yacob stood by her and helped her weather the storm; now, the couple face new problems that tear them apart.

  • Divorce Court - Griffin vs. Griffin (Season 19 Episode 69)
    Season 19 Episode 69:

    Griffin vs. Griffin

    Charity uncovered Dante's double life with another woman across town; Dante says he got bored with Charity wearing a ponytail every day and the other woman is more stylish and switches things up.

  • Divorce Court - Sample vs. Johnston-Collier (Season 19 Episode 68)
    Season 19 Episode 68:

    Sample vs. Johnston-Collier

    Chris says he's tired of Porsche's controlling ways and extreme jealousy; Porsche says she's sick of Chris' secrets and lies.

  • Divorce Court - Lamb vs. Ray (Season 19 Episode 67)
    Season 19 Episode 67:

    Lamb vs. Ray

    Dale previously appeared on the show with his now ex-wife, and his new relationship may suffer the same fate.

  • Divorce Court - Bryson vs. Bryson (Season 19 Episode 66)
    Season 19 Episode 66:

    Bryson vs. Bryson

    While Elaina and Esmond were broken up, Esmond may have gotten another woman pregnant, but they are back together, and he says he is a changed man and ready to support their family.

  • Divorce Court - Jackson vs. Jackson (Season 19 Episode 65)
    Season 19 Episode 65:

    Jackson vs. Jackson

    Lawanda says she made it clear she doesn't like dogs, but Peggy got one anyway, and now the couple fight all of the time.

  • Divorce Court - Raudenbush vs. Banks (Season 19 Episode 64)
    Season 19 Episode 64:

    Raudenbush vs. Banks

    Sara complains that Byron is a mama's boy and cares more about video games than her and the children.

  • Divorce Court - Williams vs. Taylor (Season 19 Episode 63)
    Season 19 Episode 63:

    Williams vs. Taylor

    Charles says Kristi's lack of confidence is hurting their sex life and their finances, and he thinks she is cheating on him to get attention.

  • Divorce Court - Brown vs. Summers (Season 19 Episode 62)
    Season 19 Episode 62:

    Brown vs. Summers

    Quea says Michael's family doesn't like her; Michael claims Quea drinks too much and her insecurity is driving him away.

  • Divorce Court - Brown vs. Brown (Season 19 Episode 61)
    Season 19 Episode 61:

    Brown vs. Brown

    Rashonda feels Jovan is pressuring her to be the perfect wife and mother; Jovan says he just wants a little love and appreciation when he's home.

  • Divorce Court - Owens vs. Bundley (Season 19 Episode 60)
    Season 19 Episode 60:

    Owens vs. Bundley

    Alvin says Holly babies her adult sons; Holly says Alvin's drinking, jealousy and insecurities are pushing her away.

  • Divorce Court - Johnson vs. Meeks (Season 19 Episode 59)
    Season 19 Episode 59:

    Johnson vs. Meeks

    After Cherree relocated to be with Marshell, he cheated with several women.

  • Divorce Court - Thomas vs. Bright (Season 19 Episode 58)
    Season 19 Episode 58:

    Thomas vs. Bright

    James has had four DUIs and totaled three of Amanda's cars, and a woman sent her a photo of him passed out in the woman's bed; he blames Amanda for his drinking.

  • Divorce Court - Chavez vs. Condori (Season 19 Episode 57)
    Season 19 Episode 57:

    Chavez vs. Condori

    Jon isn't sure he wants to stay with Kelly and start a family, but a surprise witness may help him to make up his mind.

  • Divorce Court - Chavez vs. Condori (Season 19 Episode 56)
    Season 19 Episode 56:

    Chavez vs. Condori

    Jon and Kelly's relationship has been rocky from the start, with both sides cheating and unable to move past the infidelity, but Kelly wants to stay together and start a family, while Jon may be ready to call it quits.

  • Divorce Court - Rivers vs. Foucha (Season 19 Episode 55)
    Season 19 Episode 55:

    Rivers vs. Foucha

    Tiawanda wants to be a rap star, but Tyron says she needs to focus on their relationship, not her career.

  • Divorce Court - Ketterling vs. Ketterling (Season 19 Episode 54)
    Season 19 Episode 54:

    Ketterling vs. Ketterling

    Andrea and Trevor have been married for only nine months, but his struggle with drugs is ripping them apart.

  • Divorce Court - Patterson vs. Patterson (Season 19 Episode 53)
    Season 19 Episode 53:

    Patterson vs. Patterson

    Dontavis and Justine got married after knowing each other for only three weeks; he wants to start a family right away, but she worries they're not ready since all they do is argue, and his ex-girlfriend recently popped up again.

  • Divorce Court - Francis vs. Williams (Season 19 Episode 52)
    Season 19 Episode 52:

    Francis vs. Williams

    Constant allegations of cheating have caused Aigner and Dameien to separate; she is willing to take a lie detector test to prove she's faithful, but he says that's not good enough, and he wants a DNA test to prove their 9-year-old son is his child.

  • Divorce Court - Greaves-Brown vs. Ward (Season 19 Episode 51)
    Season 19 Episode 51:

    Greaves-Brown vs. Ward

    Davarius and LaToya are engaged and have three children together, but he says she didn't reveal to him she had two other kids until after their first child was born; his mother causes trouble and admits she didn't like LaToya from the start.

  • Divorce Court - Greaves-Brown vs. Ward (Season 19 Episode 50)
    Season 19 Episode 50:

    Greaves-Brown vs. Ward

    Davarius says LaToya keeps accusing him of cheating, argues with his family and kept her previous kids a secret from him; LaToya claims Davarius nearly got another woman pregnant and his family needs to stay out of their business.

  • Divorce Court - Hamrick vs. Jones (Season 19 Episode 49)
    Season 19 Episode 49:

    Hamrick vs. Jones

    Heather says she's sick of Chris sleeping all day and playing video games all night; Chris claims Heather keeps taking his cash and pawns his stuff.

  • Divorce Court - Tezeno vs. Belser (Season 19 Episode 48)
    Season 19 Episode 48:

    Tezeno vs. Belser

    Brittney claims the fairy tale is now a nightmare, while Willie says Brittney's not the woman he fell in love with, and he wants the marriage annulled.

  • Divorce Court - Burnett vs. Burnett (Season 19 Episode 47)
    Season 19 Episode 47:

    Burnett vs. Burnett

    Jamie says Kevin is controlling, and his family won't stay out of their business; Kevin says Jamie is a cheater who slept with one of his relatives.

  • Divorce Court - Adams vs. David (Season 19 Episode 46)
    Season 19 Episode 46:

    Adams vs. David

    Darnesia has caught Kendrell cheating, and he may have gotten another woman pregnant.

  • Divorce Court - Mapps vs. Mapps (Season 19 Episode 45)
    Season 19 Episode 45:

    Mapps vs. Mapps

    Eric's extreme jealousy is pushing Joanna away, and she's tired of him always accusing her of cheating.

  • Divorce Court - Gray vs. Johnson (Season 19 Episode 44)
    Season 19 Episode 44:

    Gray vs. Johnson

    D'Errix wants to marry Terrione, but he's sick of her accusing him of cheating all the time; she says he needs to earn her trust before any talk of getting married, and she's so upset by his infidelity she moved out.

  • Divorce Court - Thompson vs. Wilkins (Season 19 Episode 43)
    Season 19 Episode 43:

    Thompson vs. Wilkins

    Keisha suspects David is having an affair, and she's fed up with his controlling ways; he says she needs to control her temper, and he's not a cheater, just a friendly guy.

  • Divorce Court - Stewart vs. Stewart (Season 19 Episode 42)
    Season 19 Episode 42:

    Stewart vs. Stewart

    TaKayla says Tanessa asked for an "open marriage" and now she suspects her wife is cheating with men and women; Tanessa claims TaKayla lies about everything and faked having cancer to get out of working.

  • Divorce Court - Rye vs. Taylor: Part 2 (Season 19 Episode 41)
    Season 19 Episode 41:

    Rye vs. Taylor: Part 2

    LaKeisha says her husband, Tim, is a cheater and calls her names, but she's afraid of divorcing him and being alone.

  • Divorce Court - Rye vs. Taylor: Part 1 (Season 19 Episode 40)
    Season 19 Episode 40:

    Rye vs. Taylor: Part 1

    LaKeisha says Tim cheats on her and his drinking is ruining their marriage; he says her friends and laziness are to blame for their problems.

  • Divorce Court - Moten vs. Woodley (Season 19 Episode 39)
    Season 19 Episode 39:

    Moten vs. Woodley

    Taqueda and Joseph are recently engaged and expecting a child together; she claims he is emotionally cheating on her with his female friends, but he says she is just trying to control him.

  • Divorce Court - Moore vs. Barnes (Season 19 Episode 38)
    Season 19 Episode 38:

    Moore vs. Barnes

    The Klan has played a big part in Kayla and Greg's marriage; she wants to put the Klan aside, but he has no intention of changing.

  • Divorce Court - Jordan vs. Randall (Season 19 Episode 37)
    Season 19 Episode 37:

    Jordan vs. Randall

    Femi says Ray stood her up from the first day they met and has been unsupportive ever since, even when she was in the hospital; Ray claims Femi flaunts herself to other men and he's sick of it.

  • Divorce Court - Rhodes vs. Ogando (Season 19 Episode 36)
    Season 19 Episode 36:

    Rhodes vs. Ogando

    Kelvin claims Jahairas has a bad temper and cheated on him; Jahairas says she's not the only one who cheated and their relationship lacks intimacy, plus she feels he doesn't treat her kids the same as his own.

  • Divorce Court - Fowler vs. Bradley (Season 19 Episode 35)
    Season 19 Episode 35:

    Fowler vs. Bradley

    Lee says Danielle is more like an FBI agent than a fiancée; Danielle says if Lee didn't act so shady, she wouldn't have to spy on him, and she's tired of him always being low on cash due to paying so much child support from previous relationships.

  • Divorce Court - Musgrave vs. Musgrave (Season 19 Episode 34)
    Season 19 Episode 34:

    Musgrave vs. Musgrave

    Allegations of cheating, and vindictive destruction of each other's property has driven Juliette and Ryan apart.

  • Divorce Court - Leonard vs. Bartley (Season 19 Episode 33)
    Season 19 Episode 33:

    Leonard vs. Bartley

    Taneisha says she kicked Darrell out because of his cheating and controlling ways; Darrell says he's doing all he can to make Taneisha trust him again.

  • Divorce Court - Pascal vs. Pascal (Season 19 Episode 32)
    Season 19 Episode 32:

    Pascal vs. Pascal

    Marie and James were teenage sweethearts, but now Marie suspects James is cheating on her with younger women.

  • Divorce Court - Stevenson vs. Stevenson (Season 19 Episode 31)
    Season 19 Episode 31:

    Stevenson vs. Stevenson

    Jason's porn watching habits have led his wife to seek attention from other men; Ashley admits to cheating, but says she wants to work on her marriage.

  • Divorce Court - Jefferson vs. Jefferson (Season 19 Episode 30)
    Season 19 Episode 30:

    Jefferson vs. Jefferson

    Erika and Shaun need to overcome disappointment, infidelity and money troubles to forge a future together.

  • Divorce Court - Mixon vs. Brown (Season 19 Episode 29)
    Season 19 Episode 29:

    Mixon vs. Brown

    Janae thinks Joseph needs to clean up his act, and she's having trouble trusting him; Joseph says Janae needs to stop being so controlling.

  • Divorce Court - Luna vs. Phillips (Season 19 Episode 28)
    Season 19 Episode 28:

    Luna vs. Phillips

    Hurricane Harvey and a car crash left Michelle and Donnell with no place to go; insecurity and distrust cause a couple to fight.

  • Divorce Court - Harris vs. Harris (Season 19 Episode 27)
    Season 19 Episode 27:

    Harris vs. Harris

    Jordan says David turns into a monster when he drinks, and if he doesn't stop, they're getting a divorce; David says it's Jordan's fault he's drinking, and he's not going to stop.

  • Divorce Court - Wiltbanks vs. Lopez (Season 19 Episode 26)
    Season 19 Episode 26:

    Wiltbanks vs. Lopez

    Mackenzie is a free spirit who wants Priscilla to loosen up.

  • Divorce Court - Parker vs. Dixon (Season 19 Episode 25)
    Season 19 Episode 25:

    Parker vs. Dixon

    Dominique is upset over Ron's drinking and staying out all night, and she doesn't trust him.

  • Divorce Court - Bradley vs. Frazier (Season 19 Episode 24)
    Season 19 Episode 24:

    Bradley vs. Frazier

    Both Betty and Gerald deal with anger issues, and Betty says Gerald needs to make good on his promise to move to her city.

  • Divorce Court - Jones vs. Mole (Season 19 Episode 23)
    Season 19 Episode 23:

    Jones vs. Mole

    Jay's workplace romance is on hold because he is still legally married to another woman, and Aaliyah says she is fed up with him lying about filing for a divorce.

  • Divorce Court - Gaskill vs. James (Season 19 Episode 22)
    Season 19 Episode 22:

    Gaskill vs. James

    Karlin and Cory constantly fight over the time Karlin spends on social media.

  • Divorce Court - Wallace vs. Clyburn (Season 19 Episode 21)
    Season 19 Episode 21:

    Wallace vs. Clyburn

    Lache says Kayla doesn't do her fair share around the house and needs to grow up; Kayla still hasn't told her parents that she's married.

  • Divorce Court - Cannon vs. Cannon (Season 19 Episode 20)
    Season 19 Episode 20:

    Cannon vs. Cannon

    Alia may be getting revenge on James for his past behavior by having an affair of her own.

  • Divorce Court - Parks vs. McClendon (Season 19 Episode 19)
    Season 19 Episode 19:

    Parks vs. McClendon

    Chris is trying to make it big on social media, but financial strains and not enough quality time together are taking a toll on Aiyonna.

  • Divorce Court - Williams vs. Flanagan (Season 19 Episode 18)
    Season 19 Episode 18:

    Williams vs. Flanagan

    Senettria says her baby's father acts like a child; he says she doesn't respect him, and he is ready to move on.

  • Divorce Court - Cunningham vs. Johnson (Season 19 Episode 17)
    Season 19 Episode 17:

    Cunningham vs. Johnson

    Tawonda is battling a rare, incurable cancer and doesn't feel that her fiance gives her the emotional support she needs; he says working and taking care of the kids is more than enough.

  • Divorce Court - Houston vs. Morgan (Season 19 Episode 16)
    Season 19 Episode 16:

    Houston vs. Morgan

    Victoria says her fiance cheated on her while she was pregnant; he says she had sex with a man she claimed was her uncle.

  • Divorce Court - Lewis vs. Williams (Season 19 Episode 15)
    Season 19 Episode 15:

    Lewis vs. Williams

    Qualina's boyfriend moved in with her, became injured, forcing her to work overtime to pay the bills, and cheated on her in their new home.

  • Divorce Court - Jones vs. Staffney (Season 19 Episode 14)
    Season 19 Episode 14:

    Jones vs. Staffney

    Chassandra got into a big fight with Anthony's family on Facebook.

  • Divorce Court - Drew vs. Drew (Season 19 Episode 13)
    Season 19 Episode 13:

    Drew vs. Drew

    A secret witness shares a revelation of her own about Kevin and Kevisha's marriage.

  • Divorce Court - Drew vs. Drew (Season 19 Episode 12)
    Season 19 Episode 12:

    Drew vs. Drew

    Kevisha says her husband is a cheating mama's boy, and his mother is hooking him up with other women.

  • Divorce Court - Malloy vs. Edwards (Season 19 Episode 11)
    Season 19 Episode 11:

    Malloy vs. Edwards

    Secret relationships have caused Erinn to break up with her part-time rock musician fiance, Joe; Erinn's best friend has a secret of her own to share in court.

  • Divorce Court - Welch vs. Johnson (Season 19 Episode 10)
    Season 19 Episode 10:

    Welch vs. Johnson

    Jeremiah thinks Brandy is pregnant, but she isn't; Brandy thinks Jeremiah's been faithful, but he's cheating.

  • Divorce Court - Allen vs. Allen (Season 19 Episode 9)
    Season 19 Episode 9:

    Allen vs. Allen

    Teresa's crazy jealousy and Steven's flirty nature fuel heated arguments.

  • Divorce Court - Teelucksingh vs. Gibson (Season 19 Episode 8)
    Season 19 Episode 8:

    Teelucksingh vs. Gibson

    Moving in together has landed a couple's relationship on the rocks.

  • Divorce Court - Sargent vs. Sargent (Season 19 Episode 7)
    Season 19 Episode 7:

    Sargent vs. Sargent

    Alexandra says Jimmy's chronic cheating hasn't stopped and she's worried his mistress will walk back into the picture.

  • Divorce Court - Cheatteam vs. Dillard (Season 19 Episode 6)
    Season 19 Episode 6:

    Cheatteam vs. Dillard

    Michelle says she has already caught her fiance, Antonio, cheating with a family member, and now she suspects he's hooking up with another one.

  • Divorce Court - Crump vs. Gaston (Season 19 Episode 5)
    Season 19 Episode 5:

    Crump vs. Gaston

    Kevin is ready to pop the question, but Keri says he is more of a stalker than a boyfriend and won't stop accusing her of cheating.

  • Divorce Court - Jackson vs. Jones (Season 19 Episode 4)
    Season 19 Episode 4:

    Jackson vs. Jones

    Crystal loves her boyfriend, but a dispute over rent may keep them from the altar.

  • Divorce Court - Mitchell vs. Meadows (Season 19 Episode 3)
    Season 19 Episode 3:

    Mitchell vs. Meadows

    Renita has carefully crafted her "how to marry me" checklist, but forcing her man to quit the job he loves may be going too far.

  • Divorce Court - McCloud vs. McCloud (Season 19 Episode 2)
    Season 19 Episode 2:

    McCloud vs. McCloud

    Hassan is working to overcome a criminal past, but thug life and a "break baby" are threatening to destroy the magnetic love he and Jamie share.

  • Divorce Court - Benjamin vs. Rahming (Season 19 Episode 1)
    Season 19 Episode 1:

    Benjamin vs. Rahming

    Melissa pays all the bills and is frustrated with Rasheid's chronic unemployment and excuses, suspecting that he is more interested in free housing than a relationship; he wonders why she has kept their marriage a secret from her family.

  • Divorce Court - Hayman vs. Williams (Season 18 Episode 160)
    Season 18 Episode 160:

    Hayman vs. Williams

    Lucy says her husband spends too much money and time by himself, neglecting their family.

  • Divorce Court - James vs. James (Season 18 Episode 159)
    Season 18 Episode 159:

    James vs. James

    Nikki says her husband does not trust her, but he says her temper is out of control.

  • Divorce Court - Phillips vs. Rice (Season 18 Episode 158)
    Season 18 Episode 158:

    Phillips vs. Rice

    After living together for six months, soul mates have developed serious issues.

  • Divorce Court - Hicks vs. Farnum (Season 18 Episode 157)
    Season 18 Episode 157:

    Hicks vs. Farnum

    A couple bonded over Bible verses, but infidelity and a lack of trust push them away from scripture and each other.

  • Divorce Court - Turner vs. Turner (Season 18 Episode 156)
    Season 18 Episode 156:

    Turner vs. Turner

    A man says he was driven to cheat and get another woman pregnant because his wife communicated with her ex-boyfriend.

  • Divorce Court - Hubbard vs. Hubbard (Season 18 Episode 155)
    Season 18 Episode 155:

    Hubbard vs. Hubbard

    Bianca wants Jasmine to stop insinuating that she is stepping out on their marriage; Jasmine feels Bianca never puts her first.

  • Divorce Court - Shaw vs. Brown (Season 18 Episode 154)
    Season 18 Episode 154:

    Shaw vs. Brown

    A side-chick becomes a fiancée and now wonders if her man will cheat on her the way he cheated on his last girlfriend.

  • Divorce Court - Lewis vs. Silas (Season 18 Episode 153)
    Season 18 Episode 153:

    Lewis vs. Silas

    Brandon believes Janel should turn a blind eye to his philandering ways, since he provides financially for her and their child.

  • Divorce Court - Walker vs. Williams (Season 18 Episode 152)
    Season 18 Episode 152:

    Walker vs. Williams

    Michael tires of Taneal forcing him to live up to her father's expectations and running to her parents whenever they have a disagreement.

  • Divorce Court - Miller vs. Kelly (Season 18 Episode 151)
    Season 18 Episode 151:

    Miller vs. Kelly

    Scott complains about his future wife's stripper career but doesn't seem to have a problem spending her money.

  • Divorce Court - Tyson vs. Tyson (Season 18 Episode 150)
    Season 18 Episode 150:

    Tyson vs. Tyson

    Burlinda feels she has done everything to show her devotion to her husband -- including marrying him while he was in jail -- but now says he treats her like a child instead of a wife.

  • Divorce Court - Gaines vs. Griffin (Season 18 Episode 149)
    Season 18 Episode 149:

    Gaines vs. Griffin

    Patrick and Cara plan to get married, but issues of control and alcohol have begun to tear them apart already.

  • Divorce Court - Braswell vs. Crosby (Season 18 Episode 148)
    Season 18 Episode 148:

    Braswell vs. Crosby

    Cheating accusations, conflicting lifestyles, and disagreements in the bedroom have already begun to rip an 8-month-old marriage apart.

  • Divorce Court - Perez vs. Gelacio (Season 18 Episode 147)
    Season 18 Episode 147:

    Perez vs. Gelacio

    A couple felt like they hit the jackpot when they first met at a casino and started dating, but now, the odds seem stacked against them due to a 19-year age gap and a lack of trust.

  • Divorce Court - Pinner vs. Martin (Season 18 Episode 146)
    Season 18 Episode 146:

    Pinner vs. Martin

    Back in 2014, Rommel and Brittany received the judge's blessing to marry as long as they got counseling together; they got married and had a second child but never went for counseling. Now, they are back for a divorce.

  • Divorce Court - Storm vs. Storm (Season 18 Episode 145)
    Season 18 Episode 145:

    Storm vs. Storm

    A nudist couple's hope for a peaceful life together fades when his drinking and her rage cause nothing but stormy weather.

  • Divorce Court - Cannon vs. Smith (Season 18 Episode 144)
    Season 18 Episode 144:

    Cannon vs. Smith

    A couple dealing with cheating and lies need to decide if they are ready to get serious.

  • Divorce Court - Uriola-Davis vs. Davis (Season 18 Episode 143)
    Season 18 Episode 143:

    Uriola-Davis vs. Davis

    Conswella complains that her husband is not financially stable and does not help care for their kids; he is tired of her arguing with him and withholding intimacy.

  • Divorce Court - Blythe vs. Bone (Season 18 Episode 142)
    Season 18 Episode 142:

    Blythe vs. Bone

    A woman with a jewelry fetish considers marrying a former 38-year-old virgin who obsesses over his Transformers collection.

  • Divorce Court - Smith vs. Collins (Season 18 Episode 141)
    Season 18 Episode 141:

    Smith vs. Collins

    A couple's dream to take the entertainment industry by storm unites them, but the hard work and attention needed for success divides them.

  • Divorce Court - Fisher vs. Mayran (Season 18 Episode 140)
    Season 18 Episode 140:

    Fisher vs. Mayran

    A rocking couple are worlds apart, with a gaping cultural divide.

  • Divorce Court - Willingham vs. Pierce (Season 18 Episode 139)
    Season 18 Episode 139:

    Willingham vs. Pierce

    Porcha is tired of dealing with her husband's multiple baby-mamas, while he is increasingly untrusting of her.

  • Divorce Court - Bronner vs. Reed (Season 18 Episode 138)
    Season 18 Episode 138:

    Bronner vs. Reed

    A young beauty-blogger and her older beau lose the spark after moving in together.

  • Divorce Court - Lohuis vs. Zuniga-Camacho (Season 18 Episode 137)
    Season 18 Episode 137:

    Lohuis vs. Zuniga-Camacho

    A young couple split after having a baby but are back together and considering marriage.

  • Divorce Court - Joseph vs. Joseph (Season 18 Episode 136)
    Season 18 Episode 136:

    Joseph vs. Joseph

    A husband gives more love and affection to other women than to his own wife.

  • Divorce Court - Mahassine vs. Mahassine (Season 18 Episode 135)
    Season 18 Episode 135:

    Mahassine vs. Mahassine

    Jackie is the breadwinner, and Frank hasn't worked in eight years; Jackie's resentment and belittling of her husband have led to him to consider a divorce after 18 years of marriage.

  • Divorce Court - Greer vs. Vasquez (Season 18 Episode 134)
    Season 18 Episode 134:

    Greer vs. Vasquez

    He says she's too dirty for his clean-living, vegan lifestyle; she says if he can't stop being rude and unaffectionate, and clean up his act, he can hit the road.

  • Divorce Court - King vs. Turner (Season 18 Episode 133)
    Season 18 Episode 133:

    King vs. Turner

    Dorisa says her boyfriend is a pathological liar who tells sob stories to gain sympathy; Jeffrey has issues with Dorisa being friends with her ex.

  • Divorce Court - Ward vs. Avery (Season 18 Episode 132)
    Season 18 Episode 132:

    Ward vs. Avery

    Getting engaged was easy but living together has been a serious reality-check for a couple.

  • Divorce Court - Brown vs. Shade (Season 18 Episode 131)
    Season 18 Episode 131:

    Brown vs. Shade

    One cheating partner's past habits keep repeating.

  • Divorce Court - Pipkins vs. Walker (Season 18 Episode 130)
    Season 18 Episode 130:

    Pipkins vs. Walker

    Shala is distraught because Dion won't commit to her after being together and intimate for almost two years.

  • Divorce Court - Robinson vs. Parker (Season 18 Episode 129)
    Season 18 Episode 129:

    Robinson vs. Parker

    Natalie thinks her fiancé is a liar who is obsessed with strip clubs; he is embarrassed by her coming to his workplace and accusing his female co-workers of sleeping with him.

  • Divorce Court - Cibrian vs. Sanchez (Season 18 Episode 128)
    Season 18 Episode 128:

    Cibrian vs. Sanchez

    Arturo wants his longtime girlfriend and mother of his three kids to put her dreams on hold to care for the family; she is tired of him telling her what to do.

  • Divorce Court - Morse vs. Miller (Season 18 Episode 127)
    Season 18 Episode 127:

    Morse vs. Miller

    The wrong engagement ring and a less-expensive wedding venue may stall Howard's dream of marrying DamitaJo.

  • Divorce Court - Winston vs. Walker (Season 18 Episode 126)
    Season 18 Episode 126:

    Winston vs. Walker

    A frat-boy lifestyle is causing issues in a young college couple's relationship.

  • Divorce Court - McCraney vs. Dykes (Season 18 Episode 125)
    Season 18 Episode 125:

    McCraney vs. Dykes

    A couple's marriage is in jeopardy due to strip clubs and cheating accusations.

  • Divorce Court - Smith vs. Smith (Season 18 Episode 124)
    Season 18 Episode 124:

    Smith vs. Smith

    Constant cheating and outbursts are threatening to tear a couple's marriage apart.

  • Divorce Court - Garrett vs. Haney (Season 18 Episode 123)
    Season 18 Episode 123:

    Garrett vs. Haney

    A woman claims her husband is trying to bond her to a marriage she never agreed to.

  • Divorce Court - Lassiter vs. Days (Season 18 Episode 122)
    Season 18 Episode 122:

    Lassiter vs. Days

    Joe must turn off his video games, kick out his crew and reign in his philandering behavior to save his relationship with his college sweetheart and mother of his child.

  • Divorce Court - Hudson vs. Pearson (Season 18 Episode 121)
    Season 18 Episode 121:

    Hudson vs. Pearson

    A pair of young runaways fall in love and want a chance at happiness together, but it has been a rough road thus far.

  • Divorce Court - Martin vs. Fields (Season 18 Episode 120)
    Season 18 Episode 120:

    Martin vs. Fields

    Andre claims Chantel doesn't cook, clean, or know how to properly take care of their son.

  • Divorce Court - Thayer vs. Thayer (Season 18 Episode 119)
    Season 18 Episode 119:

    Thayer vs. Thayer

    Amber believes that work, social media and her husband's phone are more important to him than family.

  • Divorce Court - Kent vs. Morris (Season 18 Episode 118)
    Season 18 Episode 118:

    Kent vs. Morris

    A mother of four forces her boyfriend to check in constantly.

  • Divorce Court - Turners vs. Turner (Season 18 Episode 117)
    Season 18 Episode 117:

    Turners vs. Turner

    Lena says her husband is a serial cheater who can't hold a job; Mark says his wife treats him like a child and isn't supportive; Lena wants a divorce but Mark wants to save the marriage.

  • Divorce Court - Pence vs. Fradue (Season 18 Episode 116)
    Season 18 Episode 116:

    Pence vs. Fradue

    A couple must overcome a big mistake after three years of not trusting each other.

  • Divorce Court - Hubbard vs. Ayers (Season 18 Episode 115)
    Season 18 Episode 115:

    Hubbard vs. Ayers

    Lakiya called off their wedding earlier this year after disagreeing with Maurice's parenting skills; Maurice says Lakiya is a negative person, and nothing he does satisfies her.

  • Divorce Court - Howe vs. Keigley (Season 18 Episode 114)
    Season 18 Episode 114:

    Howe vs. Keigley

    Valen is ready to get married and have a baby now, but Tommy can't handle the pressure and wants to propose on his own time.

  • Divorce Court - Curry vs. McAllister (Season 18 Episode 113)
    Season 18 Episode 113:

    Curry vs. McAllister

    Tia and Tony have been engaged for eight months, but fights over cheating, distrust, career and religion have become more regular and caused them to rethink the possible marriage.

  • Divorce Court - Johnstone vs. Stevenson (Season 18 Episode 112)
    Season 18 Episode 112:

    Johnstone vs. Stevenson

    Misty is dating the father of her cousin's child, but her anger issues are slowly pushing him away.

  • Divorce Court - Bennette vs. Jackson (Season 18 Episode 111)
    Season 18 Episode 111:

    Bennette vs. Jackson

    Since Kara and Fred rekindled their relationship five years ago, there has been more anger than love.

  • Divorce Court - Brunner vs. Reddick (Season 18 Episode 110)
    Season 18 Episode 110:

    Brunner vs. Reddick

    Lawn-Nette agreed to give her relationship with Cedric a chance after he got out of jail, but his drinking is forcing her to reconsider.

  • Divorce Court - Gipson vs. Plummer (Season 18 Episode 109)
    Season 18 Episode 109:

    Gipson vs. Plummer

    A couple was able to overcome a 16-year age gap and get engaged, but the crazy jealousy, negativity and insecurities threaten their dream of a happy life together.

  • Divorce Court - Burney vs. Burney (Season 18 Episode 108)
    Season 18 Episode 108:

    Burney vs. Burney

    Chaz's dreams of the rap-star lifestyle have begun to crack, leaving his wife to wonder if they can still find a bright future together or are headed down a dead-end track.

  • Divorce Court - Mount vs. Mount (Season 18 Episode 107)
    Season 18 Episode 107:

    Mount vs. Mount

    Cheating, financial issues and lack of trust lead Johnnie and Cedric to file for divorce after 15 years together.

  • Divorce Court - Franklin vs. Brewer (Season 18 Episode 106)
    Season 18 Episode 106:

    Franklin vs. Brewer

    Unwed parents have lingering issues and wonder if they should set a wedding date at all.

  • Divorce Court - Reid vs. Palermo (Season 18 Episode 105)
    Season 18 Episode 105:

    Reid vs. Palermo

    A traditional Italian couple are working hard to make a name for themselves in Las Vegas.

  • Divorce Court - Graves vs. Graves (Season 18 Episode 104)
    Season 18 Episode 104:

    Graves vs. Graves

    Leslie lost more than 200 pounds via weight-loss surgery, but she also lost her libido.

  • Divorce Court - Cook vs. Miller (Season 18 Episode 103)
    Season 18 Episode 103:

    Cook vs. Miller

    Shannon wants to marry, but Alvin doesn't want to mess up a good thing.

  • Divorce Court - Harper vs. Banner (Season 18 Episode 102)
    Season 18 Episode 102:

    Harper vs. Banner

    Loren separated from his wife Deitra and committed to Nortrice, his mistress, after he appeared on "Divorce Court" in 2010; Loren and Nortrice now need the judge's help with their failing relationship.

  • Divorce Court - Harper vs. Banner (Season 18 Episode 101)
    Season 18 Episode 101:

    Harper vs. Banner

    Loren separated from his wife Deitra and committed to Nortrice, his mistress, when he appeared on "Divorce Court" in 2010; Loren and Nortrice now need the judge's help with their failing relationship.

  • Divorce Court - Sweet vs. Sweet (Season 18 Episode 100)
    Season 18 Episode 100:

    Sweet vs. Sweet

    Eddie and Loxie met while homeless and vowed to get their lives on track, but three years after marriage, Loxie refuses to work, leaving Eddie stressed and ready to walk out.

  • Divorce Court - Williams vs. Kirby (Season 18 Episode 99)
    Season 18 Episode 99:

    Williams vs. Kirby

    She threw her engagement ring at him when she thought she caught him with another woman, and he wants an apology or he's moving out.

  • Divorce Court - Jones vs. Nixon (Season 18 Episode 98)
    Season 18 Episode 98:

    Jones vs. Nixon

    Rhamu returns with a new woman and new problems after splitting with his ex on "Divorce Court" in 2009: Mesha, his girlfriend of eight years, is pushing him to propose, but he is concerned about her abusive attitude and that she may be cheating.

  • Divorce Court - Earl vs. Embry (Season 18 Episode 97)
    Season 18 Episode 97:

    Earl vs. Embry

    Fights over strained finances and trust have pushed Amelia to consider ending her marriage to Corey, an ex-pimp.

  • Divorce Court - Young vs. Williams (Season 18 Episode 96)
    Season 18 Episode 96:

    Young vs. Williams

    A three-year polyamorous relationship makes Alexis feel like a sex slave; in an attempt to regain her self-worth and peace of mind, Alexis wants Sean Paul to embrace a monogamous lifestyle.

  • Divorce Court - Slocum vs. Slocum (Season 18 Episode 95)
    Season 18 Episode 95:

    Slocum vs. Slocum

    Colbey says his wife falsely accuses him of cheating with any woman he meets; Kourtney says she does not trust her husband, because she has caught him cheating in the past.

  • Divorce Court - Feld vs. Lutz (Season 18 Episode 94)
    Season 18 Episode 94:

    Feld vs. Lutz

    A co-dependent couple struggle with sobriety and constant arguing.

  • Divorce Court - Brown vs. Brown (Season 18 Episode 93)
    Season 18 Episode 93:

    Brown vs. Brown

    Dava is tired of Patrick's party-boy lifestyle, borderline OCD cleaning habits and complaints about her spending.

  • Divorce Court - Alexander vs. Ulmer (Season 18 Episode 92)
    Season 18 Episode 92:

    Alexander vs. Ulmer

    A man turns honeymoon plans to Puerto Rico into a guys' weekend; his woman wonders if he's too busy partying with his guy friend to have a relationship with her.

  • Divorce Court - Tijerina vs. Tijerina (Season 18 Episode 91)
    Season 18 Episode 91:

    Tijerina vs. Tijerina

    Jonathan says his wife has had secret relationships with men and has even cheated, and he needs to know the truth, or it's over.

  • Divorce Court - Martin vs. Tripp (Season 18 Episode 90)
    Season 18 Episode 90:

    Martin vs. Tripp

    Kara and Brandon met six months after his cancer went into remission and bonded over their troubled experiences emancipating out of foster care; their 10-year age difference causes constant arguments and power struggles.

  • Divorce Court - Downing vs. Davis (Season 18 Episode 89)
    Season 18 Episode 89:

    Downing vs. Davis

    Nicobye met Maurice after having five kids from five failed relationships, and was certain he was her soul mate, but three years and two children later, she fears the love is gone and realizes this relationship may end too.

  • Divorce Court - Chavez vs. Chavez (Season 18 Episode 88)
    Season 18 Episode 88:

    Chavez vs. Chavez

    Mallory is fed up with David's excessive drinking; David claims Mallory's lack of intimacy is breaking them apart.

  • Divorce Court - Pritchett vs. Smith (Season 18 Episode 87)
    Season 18 Episode 87:

    Pritchett vs. Smith

    Laurie says her husband is always out with friends and is not giving her enough attention in the bedroom; he is sick of her complaints and is not sure how much longer he can stay with her.

  • Divorce Court - Barron-Bradshaw vs. Tiller (Season 18 Episode 86)
    Season 18 Episode 86:

    Barron-Bradshaw vs. Tiller

    Terasia thinks her baby daddy has cheated on her throughout their relationship, but she wants to marry him anyway.

  • Divorce Court - Wilder vs. Ouellette (Season 18 Episode 85)
    Season 18 Episode 85:

    Wilder vs. Ouellette

    Angela finds her boyfriend wearing her dress; he thinks her art videos are pornographic.

  • Divorce Court - Sims vs. Sims (Season 18 Episode 84)
    Season 18 Episode 84:

    Sims vs. Sims

    A lack of compassion, selfish behavior, and constant arguments over parenting are tearing Latricia and Elijah apart.

  • Divorce Court - McCaninch vs. Reyes (Season 18 Episode 83)
    Season 18 Episode 83:

    McCaninch vs. Reyes

    After dealing with Jonathan's infidelity for years, Aliyah is having second thoughts.

  • Divorce Court - Ortiz vs. Ortiz (Season 18 Episode 82)
    Season 18 Episode 82:

    Ortiz vs. Ortiz

    Infidelity, lies and a lack of a job contribute to the rift in Tiffany and Daniel's marriage.

  • Divorce Court - Johnson vs. Harrow (Season 18 Episode 81)
    Season 18 Episode 81:

    Johnson vs. Harrow

    Derrick looks for a way to convince Yolanda, his fiancée of three years, to finally marry him.

  • Divorce Court - Norton vs. Douglas (Season 18 Episode 80)
    Season 18 Episode 80:

    Norton vs. Douglas

    Meredith and Tyler face threats to their marriage including trust issues, cheating and a significant medical diagnosis.

  • Divorce Court - Tolbert vs. Spicer (Season 18 Episode 79)
    Season 18 Episode 79:

    Tolbert vs. Spicer

    Trust and respect issues cause Shomma and Shannon to have second thoughts about marriage as the expiration date for their marriage certificate approaches.

  • Divorce Court - Reynolds vs. Reynolds (Season 18 Episode 78)
    Season 18 Episode 78:

    Reynolds vs. Reynolds

    Shelita wants to leave her cheating husband, a hustler from Oakland, after a 9-year relationship.

  • Divorce Court - Martin vs. Battles (Season 18 Episode 77)
    Season 18 Episode 77:

    Martin vs. Battles

    A career woman and a 43-year-old full-time student.

  • Divorce Court - Payne vs. Williams Jr. (Season 18 Episode 76)
    Season 18 Episode 76:

    Payne vs. Williams Jr.

    An engaged couple, plagued by a gambling addiction and control issues, wonder if moving to another state will give them a fresh start.

  • Divorce Court - Waban vs. Waban (Season 18 Episode 75)
    Season 18 Episode 75:

    Waban vs. Waban

    Bickering and lack of communication ruin a relationship.

  • Divorce Court - Buck vs. Buck (Season 18 Episode 74)
    Season 18 Episode 74:

    Buck vs. Buck

    A man says his overly controlling wife is the reason he drinks and thinks about being with other women.

  • Divorce Court - Butler vs. Fernandez (Season 18 Episode 73)
    Season 18 Episode 73:

    Butler vs. Fernandez

    Jontue admits to cheating, but says his fiancee will not forgive him and move on.

  • Divorce Court - Nickson vs. Nickson (Season 18 Episode 72)
    Season 18 Episode 72:

    Nickson vs. Nickson

    A young couple try to stay together while they live with their parents instead of each other.

  • Divorce Court - Morris vs. Morris (Season 18 Episode 71)
    Season 18 Episode 71:

    Morris vs. Morris

    Niyel and Robert's open marriage leads to bickering outside the bedroom.

  • Divorce Court - Gilbert vs. Simmons (Season 18 Episode 70)
    Season 18 Episode 70:

    Gilbert vs. Simmons

    A young couple need to overcome jealousy and accusations of cheating to create a stable home for their instant family.

  • Divorce Court - Hicks vs. Barrett (Season 18 Episode 69)
    Season 18 Episode 69:

    Hicks vs. Barrett

    A fake engagement ring and accusations of cheating threaten the wedding plans of a mama's boy and a party girl.

  • Divorce Court - Graham vs. Bugayong (Season 18 Episode 68)
    Season 18 Episode 68:

    Graham vs. Bugayong

    Anger issues threaten to break apart long-lost friends who reconnected on social media.

  • Divorce Court - Espino vs. Espino (Season 18 Episode 67)
    Season 18 Episode 67:

    Espino vs. Espino

    An agreed-upon one-night stand shakes a married couple to the core.

  • Divorce Court - Coleman vs. Smiley (Season 18 Episode 66)
    Season 18 Episode 66:

    Coleman vs. Smiley

    A couple reunite 20 years after being married and divorced.

  • Divorce Court - Lawson vs. Bell (Season 18 Episode 65)
    Season 18 Episode 65:

    Lawson vs. Bell

    Teen sweethearts with two children need to overcome infidelity issues.

  • Divorce Court - Cottingham vs. Buik (Season 18 Episode 64)
    Season 18 Episode 64:

    Cottingham vs. Buik

    Breadwinner Marcus wants his partner to start paying up.

  • Divorce Court - Glenn vs. Neal (Season 18 Episode 63)
    Season 18 Episode 63:

    Glenn vs. Neal

    An up-and-coming comic fears he is not the father of his partner's unborn baby.

  • Divorce Court - Baptiste vs. Baptiste (Season 18 Episode 62)
    Season 18 Episode 62:

    Baptiste vs. Baptiste

    Donte wants his wife to know that he is not meant for her anymore.

  • Divorce Court - Gee vs. Gee (Season 18 Episode 61)
    Season 18 Episode 61:

    Gee vs. Gee

    An up-and-coming rapper must learn to balance his career and family time.

  • Divorce Court - Hashim vs. Cazares (Season 18 Episode 60)
    Season 18 Episode 60:

    Hashim vs. Cazares

    Newly married Arturo needs to set aside his party lifestyle for Ayesha and the baby.

  • Divorce Court - Middleton vs. Middleton (Season 18 Episode 59)
    Season 18 Episode 59:

    Middleton vs. Middleton

    Women suffer from a lack of intimacy and jealous behavior.

  • Divorce Court - Miller vs. Tyner (Season 18 Episode 58)
    Season 18 Episode 58:

    Miller vs. Tyner

    Cheating accusations plague both sides of a relationship from the start.

  • Divorce Court - Brabham vs. Trotter (Season 18 Episode 57)
    Season 18 Episode 57:

    Brabham vs. Trotter

    Kenny's narcissistic and possessive behavior may bring his relationship to an end.

  • Divorce Court - Holley vs. Clayton (Season 18 Episode 56)
    Season 18 Episode 56:

    Holley vs. Clayton

    A couple with a relationship filled with deception and disguises returns to the show.

  • Divorce Court - Topps vs. Brown (Season 18 Episode 55)
    Season 18 Episode 55:

    Topps vs. Brown

    A woman with two children and a baby on the way gets fed up with her partner's cheating and compulsive gambling.

  • Divorce Court - Moore vs. Harlston (Season 18 Episode 54)
    Season 18 Episode 54:

    Moore vs. Harlston

    Isaiah's possessive and angry potential fiancee may be sleeping with her best friend.

  • Divorce Court - Moore vs. Harlston (Season 18 Episode 53)
    Season 18 Episode 53:

    Moore vs. Harlston

    Isaiah returns to the show with a potential fiancee.

  • Divorce Court - Brank vs. Maier (Season 18 Episode 52)
    Season 18 Episode 52:

    Brank vs. Maier

    An unhappy couple stay together for the sake of the dog.

  • Divorce Court - Jackson vs. Harris (Season 18 Episode 51)
    Season 18 Episode 51:

    Jackson vs. Harris

    Anjanette wants to save her marriage to a liar, flirt and alcoholic.

  • Divorce Court - Rice vs. Rice (Season 18 Episode 50)
    Season 18 Episode 50:

    Rice vs. Rice

    A woman married 10 years wants to continue her party lifestyle.

  • Divorce Court - Ware vs. Alexander (Season 18 Episode 49)
    Season 18 Episode 49:

    Ware vs. Alexander

    Veronica and Calvin's spouses prevent them from marrying each other.

  • Divorce Court - Torres vs. Torres (Season 18 Episode 48)
    Season 18 Episode 48:

    Torres vs. Torres

    Kia wants Angel to welcome her new girlfriend into a polyamorous relationship.

  • Divorce Court - Adams vs. McCray (Season 18 Episode 47)
    Season 18 Episode 47:

    Adams vs. McCray

    High school sweethearts suffer years of infidelity and broken promises.

  • Divorce Court - Cabel vs. Rios (Season 18 Episode 46)
    Season 18 Episode 46:

    Cabel vs. Rios

    Dating apps create a firestorm of jealousy for two Florida party guys.

  • Divorce Court - Ward vs. Jones (Season 18 Episode 45)
    Season 18 Episode 45:

    Ward vs. Jones

    After three failed marriage proposals, Derrick feels like giving up.

  • Divorce Court - Williams vs. Williams (Season 18 Episode 44)
    Season 18 Episode 44:

    Williams vs. Williams

    Tonjla has a hot temper and Don behaves completely irresponsibly.

  • Divorce Court - Williams vs. Williams (Season 18 Episode 43)
    Season 18 Episode 43:

    Williams vs. Williams

    Arguments over finances, social media flirtation, anger issues and unemployment send Tonjla and Don over the edge.

  • Divorce Court - Patterson vs. Patterson (Season 18 Episode 42)
    Season 18 Episode 42:

    Patterson vs. Patterson

    A couple raising four children deal with infidelity.

  • Divorce Court - Buck vs. Newsom (Season 18 Episode 41)
    Season 18 Episode 41:

    Buck vs. Newsom

    Sarah's rap career forces her relationship with Devin to take the back seat.

  • Divorce Court - McElroy vs. Presley (Season 18 Episode 40)
    Season 18 Episode 40:

    McElroy vs. Presley

    An unwed couple with 12 children in the household suffer stress and financial challenges.

  • Divorce Court - Friday vs. Daley Jr. (Season 18 Episode 39)
    Season 18 Episode 39:

    Friday vs. Daley Jr.

    Art's mixed martial arts dream has Stephanie footing the bill.

  • Divorce Court - Buckner vs. Buckner (Season 18 Episode 38)
    Season 18 Episode 38:

    Buckner vs. Buckner

    A couple argue about finances, household duties, internet addictions and botched cosmetic surgery.

  • Divorce Court - Megariz vs. Rosselli (Season 18 Episode 37)
    Season 18 Episode 37:

    Megariz vs. Rosselli

    Gary's first real job becomes a distraction from home and his relationship with Dayna.

  • Divorce Court - Coleman vs. Coleman (Season 18 Episode 36)
    Season 18 Episode 36:

    Coleman vs. Coleman

    Alonzo says Iesha's constant nagging about his bad habits and foul mouth caused him to turn to alcohol.

  • Divorce Court - Sohn vs. Moore (Season 18 Episode 35)
    Season 18 Episode 35:

    Sohn vs. Moore

    Brittany returns to the show with a new fiance.

  • Divorce Court - Moore vs. Dennis (Season 18 Episode 34)
    Season 18 Episode 34:

    Moore vs. Dennis

    Childhood lovers face financial difficulties and cheating allegations.

  • Divorce Court - Enot vs. LaFleur (Season 18 Episode 33)
    Season 18 Episode 33:

    Enot vs. LaFleur

    Al's career competes with Haely's engagement hopes.

  • Divorce Court - Deinert vs. Davis (Season 18 Episode 32)
    Season 18 Episode 32:

    Deinert vs. Davis

    Aspiring rapper Josh and his groupies push his fiancee, Sarah, out the door.

  • Divorce Court - Thorton vs. Harris (Season 18 Episode 31)
    Season 18 Episode 31:

    Thorton vs. Harris

    Infidelities cause damage to Picasso and Partenia's marriage.

  • Divorce Court - Richardson vs. Richardson (Season 18 Episode 30)
    Season 18 Episode 30:

    Richardson vs. Richardson

    Parents Anderson and Georgetta have infidelity and anger issues.

  • Divorce Court - Williams vs. Williams (Season 18 Episode 29)
    Season 18 Episode 29:

    Williams vs. Williams

    Her health issues and his behavior tear a couple apart.

  • Divorce Court - Borders vs. Bertagna (Season 18 Episode 28)
    Season 18 Episode 28:

    Borders vs. Bertagna

    A partner in a lesbian relationship gets pregnant while on a break.

  • Divorce Court - Reyna vs. Gonzales (Season 18 Episode 27)
    Season 18 Episode 27:

    Reyna vs. Gonzales

    Colliding tempers and ripped marriage certificates leave a couple feeling hopeless.

  • Divorce Court - Vaughn vs. Davis-Hochstein (Season 18 Episode 26)
    Season 18 Episode 26:

    Vaughn vs. Davis-Hochstein

    A couple who broke up during their first pregnancy are expecting another child.

  • Divorce Court - Hayman vs. Taylor (Season 18 Episode 25)
    Season 18 Episode 25:

    Hayman vs. Taylor

    Young lovers try to overcome infidelity and resentment.

  • Divorce Court - Land vs. Bergey (Season 18 Episode 24)
    Season 18 Episode 24:

    Land vs. Bergey

    A big spender is in a relationship with someone who prefers to save money.

  • Divorce Court - Thompson vs. Maxwell (Season 18 Episode 23)
    Season 18 Episode 23:

    Thompson vs. Maxwell

    A serial cheater and his girlfriend lose trust in each other.

  • Divorce Court - Virgil vs. Jackson (Season 18 Episode 22)
    Season 18 Episode 22:

    Virgil vs. Jackson

    A 14-year age gap fuels jealousy and deception.

  • Divorce Court - Dockery vs. Dockery (Season 18 Episode 21)
    Season 18 Episode 21:

    Dockery vs. Dockery

    Lesha feels alone after her husband finds God.

  • Divorce Court - Davis vs. Wilson (Season 18 Episode 20)
    Season 18 Episode 20:

    Davis vs. Wilson

    Quiana questions whether Marcus can leave his troubled past and cheating behavior behind to build a family with her and their daughter.

  • Divorce Court - Brown vs. Parker (Season 18 Episode 19)
    Season 18 Episode 19:

    Brown vs. Parker

    A baby with another man may stop Lemuel from stepping up and supporting Renesha.

  • Divorce Court - McMurry vs. Huntington (Season 18 Episode 18)
    Season 18 Episode 18:

    McMurry vs. Huntington

    Infidelity has partying wife Haley and controlling, jealous husband Johnny at a crossroads.

  • Divorce Court - Willis vs. Willis (Season 18 Episode 17)
    Season 18 Episode 17:

    Willis vs. Willis

    A couple feud over dress code violations and religious differences.

  • Divorce Court - Monroy vs. Rice (Season 18 Episode 16)
    Season 18 Episode 16:

    Monroy vs. Rice

    Cortes' desires for a baby may outweigh the commitment of love.

  • Divorce Court - Hillard vs. Dunlap (Season 18 Episode 15)
    Season 18 Episode 15:

    Hillard vs. Dunlap

    Darius and Stacy, with their fourth child on the way, are not sure they can stay together any longer due to the stress of fighting over their business and accusations of cheating.

  • Divorce Court - Solomon vs. Benker (Season 18 Episode 14)
    Season 18 Episode 14:

    Solomon vs. Benker

    Briana and unemployed rap artist Nick are in financial trouble.

  • Divorce Court - Hall vs. Hall (Season 18 Episode 13)
    Season 18 Episode 13:

    Hall vs. Hall

    The judge tries to fix infidelity and fighting.

  • Divorce Court - Marsh vs. Marsh (Season 18 Episode 12)
    Season 18 Episode 12:

    Marsh vs. Marsh

    A young couple deal with cheating and violent anger.

  • Divorce Court - Oakley vs. Lucas (Season 18 Episode 11)
    Season 18 Episode 11:

    Oakley vs. Lucas

    Conflict with future in-laws and a lack of communication have a pregnant woman rethinking her relationship.

  • Divorce Court - Harris vs. Harris (Season 18 Episode 10)
    Season 18 Episode 10:

    Harris vs. Harris

    A married couple try to work through their baby mama/daddy drama.

  • Divorce Court - Cruz vs. Rosado (Season 18 Episode 9)
    Season 18 Episode 9:

    Cruz vs. Rosado

    Manuela says she will walk out on Nelson if he cannot fix his anger problem.

  • Divorce Court - Hunter vs. Hunter (Season 18 Episode 8)
    Season 18 Episode 8:

    Hunter vs. Hunter

    A woman tries to trust her husband after cheating allegations surface from multiple women.

  • Divorce Court - Bothe vs. Bothe (Season 18 Episode 7)
    Season 18 Episode 7:

    Bothe vs. Bothe

    A couple are unable to agree on how to parent their newly blended family.

  • Divorce Court - Brown vs. Hobby (Season 18 Episode 6)
    Season 18 Episode 6:

    Brown vs. Hobby

    A man fathers a child with another woman after his fiancee's miscarriage.

  • Divorce Court - Sutherlin vs. Mason (Season 18 Episode 5)
    Season 18 Episode 5:

    Sutherlin vs. Mason

    One half of a lesbian couple transitions into a man.

  • Divorce Court - Rivera-Foxx vs. Wright (Season 18 Episode 4)
    Season 18 Episode 4:

    Rivera-Foxx vs. Wright

    An unemployed husband relies on his wife to provide for their household.

  • Divorce Court - Graham vs. Marchbanks (Season 18 Episode 3)
    Season 18 Episode 3:

    Graham vs. Marchbanks

    A man claims his fiancee's nagging pushes him into the arms of other women.

  • Divorce Court - Parks vs. McCray (Season 18 Episode 2)
    Season 18 Episode 2:

    Parks vs. McCray

    Charmaine and Steve navigate the future with four young children.

  • Divorce Court - Diaz vs. Llaguno (Season 18 Episode 1)
    Season 18 Episode 1:

    Diaz vs. Llaguno

    Jealous Julio waits impatiently for Nicole to leave her mother's house.

  • Divorce Court - Benson vs. McGhee (Season 17 Episode 160)
    Season 17 Episode 160:

    Benson vs. McGhee

    A man says his wife's habit of picking up and moving on has him unemployed and heading for home.

  • Divorce Court - Novem vs. Dourm (Season 17 Episode 159)
    Season 17 Episode 159:

    Novem vs. Dourm

    A woman brings along her ex-girlfriend to live with her new spouse.

  • Divorce Court - Oviedo vs. Alonzo (Season 17 Episode 158)
    Season 17 Episode 158:

    Oviedo vs. Alonzo

    A woman's jealousy may hold her back from saying "I do."

  • Divorce Court - Arias vs. Allen (Season 17 Episode 157)
    Season 17 Episode 157:

    Arias vs. Allen

    A man's jealousy creates lots of drama.

  • Divorce Court - Wells vs. Williams (Season 17 Episode 156)
    Season 17 Episode 156:

    Wells vs. Williams

    A man cheats with his ex, fathers a child and messes around with a stripper.

  • Divorce Court - Bielefeldt vs. Bielefeldt (Season 17 Episode 155)
    Season 17 Episode 155:

    Bielefeldt vs. Bielefeldt

    A man says his husband has changed and their relationship has been torn apart.

  • Divorce Court - Bell vs. Tucker (Season 17 Episode 154)
    Season 17 Episode 154:

    Bell vs. Tucker

    Taylor's baby daddy has an appetite for other women.

  • Divorce Court - Obleton vs. Martinez (Season 17 Episode 153)
    Season 17 Episode 153:

    Obleton vs. Martinez

    A woman says her boyfriend's insistence on togetherness smothers her.

  • Divorce Court - Bryant vs. Chappell (Season 17 Episode 152)
    Season 17 Episode 152:

    Bryant vs. Chappell

    Bryant socializes with ex-girlfriends and prostitutes, but Ricqreesha is not allowed to have male friends.

  • Divorce Court - Gunter vs. Johnson (Season 17 Episode 151)
    Season 17 Episode 151:

    Gunter vs. Johnson

    Noelle wants Terrell to get rid of the third wheel in their relationship.

  • Divorce Court - Ray vs. Ingram (Season 17 Episode 150)
    Season 17 Episode 150:

    Ray vs. Ingram

    Judge Toler reins in an angry and combative woman.

  • Divorce Court - Partridge vs. Partridge (Season 17 Episode 149)
    Season 17 Episode 149:

    Partridge vs. Partridge

    A couple's infidelity becomes a sordid love triangle.

  • Divorce Court - Rivera vs. Rivera (Season 17 Episode 148)
    Season 17 Episode 148:

    Rivera vs. Rivera

    A two-day vacation becomes two years.

  • Divorce Court - Russell vs. Russell (Season 17 Episode 147)
    Season 17 Episode 147:

    Russell vs. Russell

    Marijuana is the root of a couple's issue.

  • Divorce Court - Fitzgerald vs. Wright (Season 17 Episode 146)
    Season 17 Episode 146:

    Fitzgerald vs. Wright

    When Jamell made a surprise visit to Ayanna's house, he saw another man running out the back door.

  • Divorce Court - Lewis vs. Sanders (Season 17 Episode 145)
    Season 17 Episode 145:

    Lewis vs. Sanders

    A couple's uncontrollable anger and jealousy.

  • Divorce Court - Lewis vs. Sanders (Season 17 Episode 144)
    Season 17 Episode 144:

    Lewis vs. Sanders

    Exotic dancer Mariah saw her man talking to another dancer.

  • Divorce Court - Rudolph vs. Rudolph (Season 17 Episode 143)
    Season 17 Episode 143:

    Rudolph vs. Rudolph

    Cyber-sex addiction causes a couple to go offline.

  • Divorce Court - Romero vs. Romero (Season 17 Episode 142)
    Season 17 Episode 142:

    Romero vs. Romero

    A woman says her husband works too much and does not spend enough time with her.

  • Divorce Court - Berry vs. Jones (Season 17 Episode 141)
    Season 17 Episode 141:

    Berry vs. Jones

    Suspicions of cheating lead to the use of private investigators and polygraph tests.

  • Divorce Court - Quezada vs. Rodriguez (Season 17 Episode 140)
    Season 17 Episode 140:

    Quezada vs. Rodriguez

    Suspicions of infidelity and failed attempts at counseling.

  • Divorce Court - Johnson vs. Jeffers (Season 17 Episode 139)
    Season 17 Episode 139:

    Johnson vs. Jeffers

    Gabrielle accuses LoQuan of using her to further his rap career.

  • Divorce Court - Sow vs. Wilson (Season 17 Episode 138)
    Season 17 Episode 138:

    Sow vs. Wilson

    Accusations of cheating tear apart a young couple with four children.

  • Divorce Court - Riley vs. Hayes (Season 17 Episode 137)
    Season 17 Episode 137:

    Riley vs. Hayes

    A couple tell outrageous stories about each other's crazy antics.

  • Divorce Court - Harris vs. Harris (Season 17 Episode 136)
    Season 17 Episode 136:

    Harris vs. Harris

    One partner refuses to let go of the past.

  • Divorce Court - Spears vs. Jenkins (Season 17 Episode 135)
    Season 17 Episode 135:

    Spears vs. Jenkins

    Precious was headed to the altar until she found out her man was not divorced from his first wife.

  • Divorce Court - Torres vs. Johnson (Season 17 Episode 134)
    Season 17 Episode 134:

    Torres vs. Johnson

    Diana tells why she did not leave after she found her man cheating.

  • Divorce Court - Keys vs. Roper (Season 17 Episode 133)
    Season 17 Episode 133:

    Keys vs. Roper

    Chevoyn is sick and tired of her children's father accusing her of cheating.

  • Divorce Court - Addison vs. Sims (Season 17 Episode 132)
    Season 17 Episode 132:

    Addison vs. Sims

    Arlana asks for $3,000 in transitional support from the husband she says cheated on her with seven women.

  • Divorce Court - Martinez vs. LeBruce (Season 17 Episode 131)
    Season 17 Episode 131:

    Martinez vs. LeBruce

    A paternity test reveals a woman's secret and exposes a man's character.

  • Divorce Court - Rahneva vs. Duncan (Season 17 Episode 130)
    Season 17 Episode 130:

    Rahneva vs. Duncan

    A wife forced her husband to take a test for STDs.

  • Divorce Court - Adams vs. Martin (Season 17 Episode 129)
    Season 17 Episode 129:

    Adams vs. Martin

    The judge helps a young woman understand that first comes trust, then comes marriage, and then comes babies.

  • Divorce Court - Minniear vs. Carter (Season 17 Episode 128)
    Season 17 Episode 128:

    Minniear vs. Carter

    George accuses Arlena of stalking him.

  • Divorce Court - Johnson vs. Gorzik (Season 17 Episode 127)
    Season 17 Episode 127:

    Johnson vs. Gorzik

    A couple thought their relationship was going to work after dating for two months and getting pregnant.

  • Divorce Court - Harper vs. Brown (Season 17 Episode 126)
    Season 17 Episode 126:

    Harper vs. Brown

    A controlling girlfriend wants her vegetarian boyfriend to eat beef.

  • Divorce Court - Ochs vs. Harris (Season 17 Episode 125)
    Season 17 Episode 125:

    Ochs vs. Harris

    A man says he planned to travel the world with his wife, but she is doing it without him.

  • Divorce Court - Robinson vs. Bacon (Season 17 Episode 124)
    Season 17 Episode 124:

    Robinson vs. Bacon

    A woman considers marrying a man with 15 children.

  • Divorce Court - Farias vs. Sanchez (Season 17 Episode 123)
    Season 17 Episode 123:

    Farias vs. Sanchez

    The judge tries to uncover why a shy woman has lost her voice.

  • Divorce Court - Michaels vs. Michaels (Season 17 Episode 122)
    Season 17 Episode 122:

    Michaels vs. Michaels

    A man who dumped his first wife for his second finds himself divorcing her as well.

  • Divorce Court - Collier vs. Baker (Season 17 Episode 121)
    Season 17 Episode 121:

    Collier vs. Baker

    A fiance's bad attitude and big secret threaten the wedding.

  • Divorce Court - Lockerbie vs. Washington (Season 17 Episode 120)
    Season 17 Episode 120:

    Lockerbie vs. Washington

    Financial disorganization leaves a couple confused about their future.

  • Divorce Court - Martin vs. Martin (Season 17 Episode 119)
    Season 17 Episode 119:

    Martin vs. Martin

    A man's obsession with twerking videos may be too much for his marriage to handle.

  • Divorce Court - Robinson vs. Robinson (Season 17 Episode 118)
    Season 17 Episode 118:

    Robinson vs. Robinson

    A couple who tried to rekindle a childhood relationship are breaking apart.

  • Divorce Court - McNeley vs. McNeley (Season 17 Episode 117)
    Season 17 Episode 117:

    McNeley vs. McNeley

    An unemployed man and his wife move back in with her family.

  • Divorce Court - Nash vs. Nash (Season 17 Episode 116)
    Season 17 Episode 116:

    Nash vs. Nash

    A woman says she was surprised with divorce papers.

  • Divorce Court - Trafas vs. Hutchings (Season 17 Episode 115)
    Season 17 Episode 115:

    Trafas vs. Hutchings

    A surfer's wife wants him to put down roots and settle down.

  • Divorce Court - Dooley vs. Williams (Season 17 Episode 114)
    Season 17 Episode 114:

    Dooley vs. Williams

    A couple who have canceled two weddings may lose their race to the altar again.

  • Divorce Court - Mister vs. Mister (Season 17 Episode 113)
    Season 17 Episode 113:

    Mister vs. Mister

    Trauma takes a toll on a young couple.

  • Divorce Court - Washington vs. Moore (Season 17 Episode 112)
    Season 17 Episode 112:

    Washington vs. Moore

    An angry spouse breaks multiple cell phones out of jealousy.

  • Divorce Court - Kimbel vs. Carson (Season 17 Episode 111)
    Season 17 Episode 111:

    Kimbel vs. Carson

    She says he leaves for the slightest reason; he says her false accusations drive him away.

  • Divorce Court - Milam Jr. vs. Stewart (Season 17 Episode 110)
    Season 17 Episode 110:

    Milam Jr. vs. Stewart

    Forgiveness or revenge for cheating in a 15-year relationship.

  • Divorce Court - Edwards vs. Vanderlaan (Season 17 Episode 109)
    Season 17 Episode 109:

    Edwards vs. Vanderlaan

    A woman says her husband left when her money ran out.

  • Divorce Court - Golden vs. Barnett (Season 17 Episode 108)
    Season 17 Episode 108:

    Golden vs. Barnett

    A couple grew up in the foster-care system.

  • Divorce Court - Tilley vs. Tilley (Season 17 Episode 107)
    Season 17 Episode 107:

    Tilley vs. Tilley

    A couple from different social statuses get married.

  • Divorce Court - Washington vs. Washington (Season 17 Episode 106)
    Season 17 Episode 106:

    Washington vs. Washington

    A disagreement over disciplining children may destroy an otherwise strong marriage.

  • Divorce Court - White vs. Groce (Season 17 Episode 105)
    Season 17 Episode 105:

    White vs. Groce

    A woman says her mate's compulsive gambling has caused her to file for bankruptcy.

  • Divorce Court - Harrison vs. Singleton (Season 17 Episode 104)
    Season 17 Episode 104:

    Harrison vs. Singleton

    Quitting exotic dancing to be a homemaker may have destroyed a woman's marriage.

  • Divorce Court - Pearson vs. Langston (Season 17 Episode 103)
    Season 17 Episode 103:

    Pearson vs. Langston

    A woman says her fiance's funky ways are keeping them from tying the knot.

  • Divorce Court - Anderson vs. Williams (Season 17 Episode 102)
    Season 17 Episode 102:

    Anderson vs. Williams

    A woman may be gambling her future away with a man who is too controlling.

  • Divorce Court - Morelli vs. Morelli (Season 17 Episode 101)
    Season 17 Episode 101:

    Morelli vs. Morelli

    The loss of a late father's urn sends a couple to court.

  • Divorce Court - Sherrod vs. Sherrod (Season 17 Episode 100)
    Season 17 Episode 100:

    Sherrod vs. Sherrod

    Judge Toler gives romance a fighting chance.

  • Divorce Court - Nevarez vs. Antieri (Season 17 Episode 99)
    Season 17 Episode 99:

    Nevarez vs. Antieri

    Citing experiences from previous relationships, a man suspects that his woman cheated.

  • Divorce Court - Nash vs Degraffenreid (Season 17 Episode 98)
    Season 17 Episode 98:

    Nash vs Degraffenreid

    A woman's bad cooking may destroy her relationship.

  • Divorce Court - Durham vs. Thornton (Season 17 Episode 97)
    Season 17 Episode 97:

    Durham vs. Thornton

    An apparent marriage proposal may be just a colossal misunderstanding.

  • Divorce Court - Garth vs. Williams (Season 17 Episode 96)
    Season 17 Episode 96:

    Garth vs. Williams

    A woman who says she married under false pretenses hears an impartial witness speak the truth about her spouse.

  • Divorce Court - Soria vs. Torres (Season 17 Episode 95)
    Season 17 Episode 95:

    Soria vs. Torres

    He says he wants out of the relationship because he is not good enough for her.

  • Divorce Court - Garcia vs. Williams (Season 17 Episode 94)
    Season 17 Episode 94:

    Garcia vs. Williams

    A woman says her husband's cheating spiraled out of control.

  • Divorce Court - Boyd vs. Boyd (Season 17 Episode 93)
    Season 17 Episode 93:

    Boyd vs. Boyd

    A spur-of-the-moment wedding leads to lasting disagreements.

  • Divorce Court - Duncan vs. Tallas (Season 17 Episode 92)
    Season 17 Episode 92:

    Duncan vs. Tallas

    A man's obsessive relationship with his dogs may cause the downfall of his marriage.

  • Divorce Court - Griffin vs. Williams II (Season 17 Episode 91)
    Season 17 Episode 91:

    Griffin vs. Williams II

    A woman says the father of her four children dismisses her feelings, and she is ready to dismiss their relationship.

  • Divorce Court - Fitzhugh vs. Ahatsi Jr. (Season 17 Episode 90)
    Season 17 Episode 90:

    Fitzhugh vs. Ahatsi Jr.

    Her boyfriend's attitude causes a woman to uncover the truth about their financial situation.

  • Divorce Court - Berger vs. Hicks (Season 17 Episode 89)
    Season 17 Episode 89:

    Berger vs. Hicks

    A couple who have been together since high school continue to act like kids even though they have a child of their own.

  • Divorce Court - Sanders vs. Henry (Season 17 Episode 88)
    Season 17 Episode 88:

    Sanders vs. Henry

    A woman fears that her man is cheating.

  • Divorce Court - Tyner vs. Ellis (Season 17 Episode 87)
    Season 17 Episode 87:

    Tyner vs. Ellis

    A woman claims her jealousy is justified due to her man's actions.

  • Divorce Court - White vs. Smith (Season 17 Episode 86)
    Season 17 Episode 86:

    White vs. Smith

    William is accused of gettting married just so he could move out of his family's house.

  • Divorce Court - Garcia vs. Sircar (Season 17 Episode 85)
    Season 17 Episode 85:

    Garcia vs. Sircar

    A man says he's tired of competing with pooches for his woman's love.

  • Divorce Court - Duffy vs. Vick, Jr. (Season 17 Episode 84)
    Season 17 Episode 84:

    Duffy vs. Vick, Jr.

    Determining if one woman's new young boyfriend should get a key to her apartment.

  • Divorce Court - Rios vs. Rios (Season 17 Episode 83)
    Season 17 Episode 83:

    Rios vs. Rios

    A jealous woman forces her man to tattoo her initials on his neck to prevent him from cheating.

  • Divorce Court - Weaver vs. Askey (Season 17 Episode 82)
    Season 17 Episode 82:

    Weaver vs. Askey

    The relationship between a cheapskate and a breadwinner may be in jeopardy.

  • Divorce Court - Carson vs. Reed (Season 17 Episode 81)
    Season 17 Episode 81:

    Carson vs. Reed

    A pregnant woman wonders if her spouse will stick around.

  • Divorce Court - Hargis vs. Holdfelder (Season 17 Episode 80)
    Season 17 Episode 80:

    Hargis vs. Holdfelder

    A couple's anger issues are driving their friends away.

  • Divorce Court - Bruce vs. St. Jean (Season 17 Episode 79)
    Season 17 Episode 79:

    Bruce vs. St. Jean

    Texting causes trouble for a couple's future.

  • Divorce Court - Irvin vs. Irvin (Season 17 Episode 78)
    Season 17 Episode 78:

    Irvin vs. Irvin

    A spouse's sexy business and her husband's jealous ways.

  • Divorce Court - Hayward vs. Hayward Jr. (Season 17 Episode 77)
    Season 17 Episode 77:

    Hayward vs. Hayward Jr.

    A woman is moving forward in life and says she is tired of waiting for her husband to catch up.

  • Divorce Court - Rivas vs. Sumpit (Season 17 Episode 76)
    Season 17 Episode 76:

    Rivas vs. Sumpit

    A man's complacency pushes his wife to seek her freedom.

  • Divorce Court - Jenkins vs. Cheatham (Season 17 Episode 75)
    Season 17 Episode 75:

    Jenkins vs. Cheatham

    A couple try to temper an out-of-control anger issue that is destroying their relationship.

  • Divorce Court - Kramer vs. Kramer (Season 17 Episode 74)
    Season 17 Episode 74:

    Kramer vs. Kramer

    While a man is deployed, a "friend" helps the man's wife raise her new son.

  • Divorce Court - Doss vs. Lewis (Season 17 Episode 73)
    Season 17 Episode 73:

    Doss vs. Lewis

    A woman finds out that her husband is addicted to cyber pornography.

  • Divorce Court - Corona vs. Silva (Season 17 Episode 72)
    Season 17 Episode 72:

    Corona vs. Silva

    Both members of a couple dated others during their separation.

  • Divorce Court - Cochran vs. Brownlee-Cochran (Season 17 Episode 71)
    Season 17 Episode 71:

    Cochran vs. Brownlee-Cochran

    A "house man" says he spends all of his time picking up after his wife.

  • Divorce Court - Williams vs. Williams (Season 17 Episode 70)
    Season 17 Episode 70:

    Williams vs. Williams

    A woman's husband says she is not living up to his expectations and should be more like his mother.

  • Divorce Court - Talford vs. Talford (Season 17 Episode 69)
    Season 17 Episode 69:

    Talford vs. Talford

    A woman is unable to prove that her husband really cheated on her.

  • Divorce Court - Estrada vs. Diaz (Season 17 Episode 68)
    Season 17 Episode 68:

    Estrada vs. Diaz

    A young couple's biggest issue is "poking" on social media.

  • Divorce Court - Green vs. Williams (Season 17 Episode 67)
    Season 17 Episode 67:

    Green vs. Williams

    Michelle may have cheated just to let her husband know that their marriage was not meant to be.

  • Divorce Court - Brooks vs. Brooks (Season 17 Episode 66)
    Season 17 Episode 66:

    Brooks vs. Brooks

    Driving an 18-wheeler may drive a wedge into a marriage.

  • Divorce Court - Dulac vs. Dulac (Season 17 Episode 65)
    Season 17 Episode 65:

    Dulac vs. Dulac

    A busy wife neglects her family and focuses on fitness and business.

  • Divorce Court - Carter vs. Brown (Season 17 Episode 64)
    Season 17 Episode 64:

    Carter vs. Brown

    Respect for one another becomes the challenge for two young couples.

  • Divorce Court - Jones vs. Carson (Season 17 Episode 63)
    Season 17 Episode 63:

    Jones vs. Carson

    A relationship built on lies crumbles.

  • Divorce Court - Thorpe vs. Bodden Jr. (Season 17 Episode 62)
    Season 17 Episode 62:

    Thorpe vs. Bodden Jr.

    Quitting a job for love turns out to be a bad idea.

  • Divorce Court - Hamilton vs. Robinson (Season 17 Episode 61)
    Season 17 Episode 61:

    Hamilton vs. Robinson

    Neither person will admit who cheated first.

  • Divorce Court - Kyer vs. Tillberry Jr. (Season 17 Episode 60)
    Season 17 Episode 60:

    Kyer vs. Tillberry Jr.

    After walking away from a high-flying career, a young couple crash lands into reality.

  • Divorce Court - Chambers vs. Brown (Season 17 Episode 59)
    Season 17 Episode 59:

    Chambers vs. Brown

    Neffiteria and Terrance reveal whether children are all that are keeping their marriage together.

  • Divorce Court - Sedor vs. Sedor (Season 17 Episode 58)
    Season 17 Episode 58:

    Sedor vs. Sedor

    A man says he has forgiven his wife's mistakes, but he has not forgotten them.

  • Divorce Court - Stinchcomb vs. Scott (Season 17 Episode 57)
    Season 17 Episode 57:

    Stinchcomb vs. Scott

    Drinking sends a couple to the emergency room and their relationship on life support.

  • Divorce Court - Thompson vs. Padilla (Season 17 Episode 56)
    Season 17 Episode 56:

    Thompson vs. Padilla

    A man says his wife kicked him out of the house after he lost his job and started performing in drag.

  • Divorce Court - Davenport vs. Clemons (Season 17 Episode 55)
    Season 17 Episode 55:

    Davenport vs. Clemons

    The reality of marriage hits a couple once they live in the same city.

  • Divorce Court - Akubuiro vs. Kittler (Season 17 Episode 54)
    Season 17 Episode 54:

    Akubuiro vs. Kittler

    After losing more than 100 pounds, a woman is contemplating marriage, but her mate has found out that she is still legally married.

  • Divorce Court - Whitney vs. Whitney (Season 17 Episode 53)
    Season 17 Episode 53:

    Whitney vs. Whitney

    A man says his wife no longer communicates with him, and he has asked their children to step in to resolve their situation.

  • Divorce Court - Bacame vs. Sanchez (Season 17 Episode 52)
    Season 17 Episode 52:

    Bacame vs. Sanchez

    A man's constant insults and his spouse's constant yelling.

  • Divorce Court - Stokes vs. Asher Jr. (Season 17 Episode 51)
    Season 17 Episode 51:

    Stokes vs. Asher Jr.

    Aging 30 years through makeup, a couple's drastic transformation may change their minds about marriage.

  • Divorce Court - Thompson vs. Barkdale (Season 17 Episode 50)
    Season 17 Episode 50:

    Thompson vs. Barkdale

    Aging a couple 30 years into their future may give them a reality check.

  • Divorce Court - Jackson vs. Smith (Season 17 Episode 49)
    Season 17 Episode 49:

    Jackson vs. Smith

    An ignored spouse resorts to bleaching basketball shoes and damaging cell phones to get attention.

  • Divorce Court - Gonzalez vs. Ramirez (Season 17 Episode 48)
    Season 17 Episode 48:

    Gonzalez vs. Ramirez

    A spouse says that her mate's constant temper tantrums are getting in the way of their eight year relationship.

  • Divorce Court - Jones vs. Montgomery (Season 17 Episode 47)
    Season 17 Episode 47:

    Jones vs. Montgomery

    A 29 year age gap may be too much for a marriage to overcome.

  • Divorce Court - Favours vs. Jackson (Season 17 Episode 46)
    Season 17 Episode 46:

    Favours vs. Jackson

    An outburst in the courtroom forces the judge to bring down the gavel on a spouse's anger issues.

  • Divorce Court - Rogers vs. Hillman (Season 17 Episode 45)
    Season 17 Episode 45:

    Rogers vs. Hillman

    After playing house with the boy next door for 12 years things spiral out of control.

  • Divorce Court - Woods vs. Woods (Season 17 Episode 44)
    Season 17 Episode 44:

    Woods vs. Woods

    Jealousy from past relationships becomes the grounds for divorce.

  • Divorce Court - Cole vs. Randall Jr. (Season 17 Episode 43)
    Season 17 Episode 43:

    Cole vs. Randall Jr.

    A husband refuses to grow up and his wife does not pull her own weight.

  • Divorce Court - Graves vs. Graves (Season 17 Episode 42)
    Season 17 Episode 42:

    Graves vs. Graves

    Online role players get together in real life.

  • Divorce Court - Shabaka vs. Shabaka (Season 17 Episode 41)
    Season 17 Episode 41:

    Shabaka vs. Shabaka

    A polygamist with four wives has been breaking rules.

  • Divorce Court - Shabaka vs. Shabaka (Season 17 Episode 40)
    Season 17 Episode 40:

    Shabaka vs. Shabaka

    A polygamist with four wives has been breaking rules.

  • Divorce Court - Ottinger vs. Fears (Season 17 Episode 39)
    Season 17 Episode 39:

    Ottinger vs. Fears

    When a man pawns his fiancee's engagement ring, he may ruin his chance at marrying her.

  • Divorce Court - Jinnies vs. Jinnies (Season 17 Episode 38)
    Season 17 Episode 38:

    Jinnies vs. Jinnies

    A spouse turns to alcohol after catching a cheater.

  • Divorce Court - Gray vs. Sanchez (Season 17 Episode 37)
    Season 17 Episode 37:

    Gray vs. Sanchez

    A young woman wants to know if she should marry her boyfriend, and if she is really the problem in their relationship.

  • Divorce Court - Sheffield vs. Sheffield (Season 17 Episode 36)
    Season 17 Episode 36:

    Sheffield vs. Sheffield

    A man does not let his wife move into their marital home.

  • Divorce Court - White vs. White (Season 17 Episode 35)
    Season 17 Episode 35:

    White vs. White

    A husband's need for alone time clashes with his wife's need for attention.

  • Divorce Court - Goodman vs. Reynolds (Season 17 Episode 34)
    Season 17 Episode 34:

    Goodman vs. Reynolds

    A man says women should strive for perfection and always follow their men.

  • Divorce Court - Moore vs. Moore (Season 17 Episode 33)
    Season 17 Episode 33:

    Moore vs. Moore

    A jealous woman says her man cheated on her four years ago.

  • Divorce Court - Beaufort vs. Beaufort (Season 17 Episode 32)
    Season 17 Episode 32:

    Beaufort vs. Beaufort

    A husband was wrongly sent to jail over some Easter clothes.

  • Divorce Court - Pierre vs. Buckner (Season 17 Episode 31)
    Season 17 Episode 31:

    Pierre vs. Buckner

    Judge Toler uncovers a disturbing story.

  • Divorce Court - Williams vs. Bridges (Season 17 Episode 30)
    Season 17 Episode 30:

    Williams vs. Bridges

    After 10 years, a woman gives her husband an ultimatum: stop being a stripper or move out.

  • Divorce Court - Green vs. White (Season 17 Episode 29)
    Season 17 Episode 29:

    Green vs. White

    A husband tells everyone that his wife has a new boyfriend.

  • Divorce Court - Hendrick vs. Hendrick (Season 17 Episode 28)
    Season 17 Episode 28:

    Hendrick vs. Hendrick

    A wife accused of sleeping around takes out her anger on a vehicle.

  • Divorce Court - Estrella vs. Estrella (Season 17 Episode 27)
    Season 17 Episode 27:

    Estrella vs. Estrella

    A day of cheating may have turned into an eight-year punishment.

  • Divorce Court - Ware vs. Ware (Season 17 Episode 26)
    Season 17 Episode 26:

    Ware vs. Ware

    A husband in an open relationship moves on.

  • Divorce Court - Hagan vs. Hagan (Season 17 Episode 25)
    Season 17 Episode 25:

    Hagan vs. Hagan

    Neka handcuffed her spouse to the bed to save the marriage.

  • Divorce Court - Williams vs. Williams (Season 17 Episode 24)
    Season 17 Episode 24:

    Williams vs. Williams

    A couple who raced to the altar seek a divorce.

  • Divorce Court - McBride vs. Brice (Season 17 Episode 23)
    Season 17 Episode 23:

    McBride vs. Brice

    The loss of a child may be the cause of a spouse's cheating.

  • Divorce Court - Rios Santana vs. Cortez (Season 17 Episode 22)
    Season 17 Episode 22:

    Rios Santana vs. Cortez

    Since Paola has been pregnant, her mate has been starting arguments.

  • Divorce Court - Jackson vs. Jackson (Season 17 Episode 21)
    Season 17 Episode 21:

    Jackson vs. Jackson

    A nightlife-loving wife goes to gentlemen's clubs and meets sugar daddies.

  • Divorce Court - McKinney vs. McKinney (Season 17 Episode 20)
    Season 17 Episode 20:

    McKinney vs. McKinney

    James is addicted to pot, porn and video games; his wife cheated 52 times.

  • Divorce Court - Lewis vs. Hunter (Season 17 Episode 19)
    Season 17 Episode 19:

    Lewis vs. Hunter

    A couple together since high school have filed for divorce multiple times, but keep taking each other back.

  • Divorce Court - Holley vs. Holley (Season 17 Episode 18)
    Season 17 Episode 18:

    Holley vs. Holley

    A spouse stole the wedding ring and pawned it.

  • Divorce Court - Durham vs. Durham (Season 17 Episode 17)
    Season 17 Episode 17:

    Durham vs. Durham

    The dream of being a rap videographer may have ruined a marriage.

  • Divorce Court - Jacobs vs. Alsup (Season 17 Episode 16)
    Season 17 Episode 16:

    Jacobs vs. Alsup

    Jennifer says that once she quit her job and moved in with him, her boyfriend controlled every aspect of their relationship.

  • Divorce Court - Douglas vs. Jones (Season 17 Episode 15)
    Season 17 Episode 15:

    Douglas vs. Jones

    Love may lead a spouse to give up the bad boys for a preacher's kid.

  • Divorce Court - Terrell vs. Terrell (Season 17 Episode 14)
    Season 17 Episode 14:

    Terrell vs. Terrell

    A blended family of six, two different parenting styles and a cheating husband.

  • Divorce Court - Eggerson vs. Eggerson (Season 17 Episode 13)
    Season 17 Episode 13:

    Eggerson vs. Eggerson

    A man says his partner's exotic dancing made him rethink their relationship and rescue his newborn daughter.

  • Divorce Court - Pachauer vs. Adams (Season 17 Episode 12)
    Season 17 Episode 12:

    Pachauer vs. Adams

    A litigant opened the home to an ex's belongings and flirted on the job.

  • Divorce Court - Ingram vs. Brown (Season 17 Episode 11)
    Season 17 Episode 11:

    Ingram vs. Brown

    A woman learns that if a man seems too good to be true, he probably is.

  • Divorce Court - Conry vs. Burgess (Season 17 Episode 10)
    Season 17 Episode 10:

    Conry vs. Burgess

    A woman must decide whether she has outgrown her man.

  • Divorce Court - Robinson vs. McCaleb (Season 17 Episode 9)
    Season 17 Episode 9:

    Robinson vs. McCaleb

    Margaret wants her fiance to put a ring on her finger.

  • Divorce Court - Acosta vs. Oliver (Season 17 Episode 8)
    Season 17 Episode 8:

    Acosta vs. Oliver

    Dating websites cause trouble in a couple's relationship.

  • Divorce Court - Newcomb vs. Reece (Season 17 Episode 7)
    Season 17 Episode 7:

    Newcomb vs. Reece

    He says she has been lying and deceiving him for 12 years.

  • Divorce Court - Ruff vs. Ruff (Season 17 Episode 6)
    Season 17 Episode 6:

    Ruff vs. Ruff

    He is a saver; she is a spender.

  • Divorce Court - McCreery vs. McCreery (Season 17 Episode 5)
    Season 17 Episode 5:

    McCreery vs. McCreery

    Barbecued clothes may teach a cheating spouse a lesson.

  • Divorce Court - Gonzalez vs. Lopez (Season 17 Episode 4)
    Season 17 Episode 4:

    Gonzalez vs. Lopez

    Jeovany has heard several secret conversations with other men on his wife's cell phone.

  • Divorce Court - Roberson vs. Roberson (Season 17 Episode 3)
    Season 17 Episode 3:

    Roberson vs. Roberson

    A young woman says her new husband is beginning to show controlling behavior.

  • Divorce Court - Strong vs. Jones (Season 17 Episode 2)
    Season 17 Episode 2:

    Strong vs. Jones

    Dante blames his wife for his drinking problem.

  • Divorce Court - Crudup vs. Pelley Jr. (Season 17 Episode 1)
    Season 17 Episode 1:

    Crudup vs. Pelley Jr.

    A woman tries to school her husband on his duties, but he fails to check off each task.

  • Divorce Court - McDaniel vs. McDaniel (Season 16 Episode 160)
    Season 16 Episode 160:

    McDaniel vs. McDaniel

    She says their relationship is based on his lies; he says she turned her family against him by sharing his business with them.

  • Divorce Court - Hugle vs. Patterson (Season 16 Episode 159)
    Season 16 Episode 159:

    Hugle vs. Patterson

    She says she walks on eggshells because she is not sure what will make him snap; he says she lies and never takes responsibility for her actions.

  • Divorce Court - Jones vs. Rosser (Season 16 Episode 158)
    Season 16 Episode 158:

    Jones vs. Rosser

    She says his music career aspirations are tearing them apart, and if he makes any money, she doesn't see it.

  • Divorce Court - Dunn vs. Day (Season 16 Episode 157)
    Season 16 Episode 157:

    Dunn vs. Day

    She says he spends all of his money on lottery tickets, even though he was raised not to waste money; he says her issues with self-image are a big problem.

  • Divorce Court - Fleming vs. Womack (Season 16 Episode 156)
    Season 16 Episode 156:

    Fleming vs. Womack

    She says he has anger problems and spends money like crazy, and they lack sexual intimacy; he says she is a perfectionist and too independent.

  • Divorce Court - Foster vs. Rayson (Season 16 Episode 155)
    Season 16 Episode 155:

    Foster vs. Rayson

    She says he has trust issues and gets an attitude when she goes out with her friends; he points out that she is still married, and when she goes out, he feels abandoned.

  • Divorce Court - Overstreet vs. Overstreet (Season 16 Episode 154)
    Season 16 Episode 154:

    Overstreet vs. Overstreet

    He says she is insecure and bossy; she says he threatens divorce every time they argue, and once disappeared for two weeks.

  • Divorce Court - Whitcomb vs. Whitcomb (Season 16 Episode 153)
    Season 16 Episode 153:

    Whitcomb vs. Whitcomb

    He says she was not supportive when he was going to school and working three jobs; she says his bad attitude prevented him from holding down a job.

  • Divorce Court - Lester vs. Lester (Season 16 Episode 152)
    Season 16 Episode 152:

    Lester vs. Lester

    Marlayna says her male chauvinist husband has driven her to depression; he says she has broken windows out of 10 of his cars in the past 18 years.

  • Divorce Court - Robertson vs. Branham (Season 16 Episode 151)
    Season 16 Episode 151:

    Robertson vs. Branham

    Roxy says her fiance loves his cats more than her, is hypersexual and says inappropriate things to strangers; he says she is terrible with a budget.

  • Divorce Court - Scott vs. Torres (Season 16 Episode 150)
    Season 16 Episode 150:

    Scott vs. Torres

    Angela says her husband drinks excessively, is extremely jealous and tries to monitor her every move; he says she is unstable with her anger, draining him emotionally.

  • Divorce Court - Hurnes vs. Hurnes (Season 16 Episode 149)
    Season 16 Episode 149:

    Hurnes vs. Hurnes

    Jamie and his wife agree that her cheating has ruined their marriage, and he says he hated her for two years.

  • Divorce Court - Cruz vs. Baez (Season 16 Episode 148)
    Season 16 Episode 148:

    Cruz vs. Baez

    Merlin says that ever since her boyfriend got out of jail, he has not been the same person; he says she shows off too much of her body and attracts the wrong kind of attention.

  • Divorce Court - Washington vs. Washington (Season 16 Episode 147)
    Season 16 Episode 147:

    Washington vs. Washington

    Derrick and his wife accuse each other of abuse, and he says she married him only because she wanted to get out of her strict family home, and he is ready to leave her and move on with his life.

  • Divorce Court - Sherrod vs. Hardnett (Season 16 Episode 146)
    Season 16 Episode 146:

    Sherrod vs. Hardnett

    Timothy wants to marry his girlfriend, even though they have been cheating on each other throughout their relationship.

  • Divorce Court - Moore vs. Moore (Season 16 Episode 145)
    Season 16 Episode 145:

    Moore vs. Moore

    Amy says her husband monitors her phone calls, texts, social media and spending, and if he does not get his way, he throws a fit; he says she is spoiled and selfish.

  • Divorce Court - Ashaka vs. Aasgaard (Season 16 Episode 144)
    Season 16 Episode 144:

    Ashaka vs. Aasgaard

    Brittani says her biological clock is ticking and she is already acting like a wife, so she wants her boyfriend to propose, but he keeps making excuses and spending his money on video games and shoes; he says she complains too much and is insecure.

  • Divorce Court - Thacker vs. Thacker (Season 16 Episode 143)
    Season 16 Episode 143:

    Thacker vs. Thacker

    Jervonne, who met her sixth husband through a phone-chat line, is bored with him; he says they argue over everything and she is simply spoiled rotten.

  • Divorce Court - Bradford vs. Reynolds (Season 16 Episode 142)
    Season 16 Episode 142:

    Bradford vs. Reynolds

    Lee says he was with Courtney for two years before he found out she was only 14 when they met; she says she always felt mature for her age, and once she started lying she had to keep it going.

  • Divorce Court - Boone vs. Boone (Season 16 Episode 141)
    Season 16 Episode 141:

    Boone vs. Boone

    Trivia says her husband cancels plans with her to be with his friends; he says she is suffocating him.

  • Divorce Court - Woodford vs. Bahati (Season 16 Episode 140)
    Season 16 Episode 140:

    Woodford vs. Bahati

    Barbara says that when Shakir was trying to win her over, he was a different man; he says all she does is complain about leaving her family and sacrificing for him.

  • Divorce Court - Thomas vs. Brookins (Season 16 Episode 139)
    Season 16 Episode 139:

    Thomas vs. Brookins

    Quanya is tired of the drama Rondrekus brings into her life and says he always chooses his rap "career" over their family.

  • Divorce Court - Vargas vs. Vargas (Season 16 Episode 138)
    Season 16 Episode 138:

    Vargas vs. Vargas

    Caring for extremely premature twins causes problems in Brittny's marriage, and she feels that she is the only one doing anything for the family.

  • Divorce Court - Jones vs. Jones (Season 16 Episode 137)
    Season 16 Episode 137:

    Jones vs. Jones

    Mother-of-four Stevisha feels the spark is gone from her marriage, and is ready to move on; her husband says she never lets him forget his past.

  • Divorce Court - Razo vs. Garcia (Season 16 Episode 136)
    Season 16 Episode 136:

    Razo vs. Garcia

    Pregnant Cheyenne says she is ready to move on from her lying, cheating, selfish boyfriend; he says they fight over everything and she keeps him away from their older child.

  • Divorce Court - Foster vs. Foster (Season 16 Episode 135)
    Season 16 Episode 135:

    Foster vs. Foster

    Danielle says she let her new boyfriend come over one night, and he never left; they accuse each other of looking for someone new.

  • Divorce Court - Hotney vs. Younger (Season 16 Episode 134)
    Season 16 Episode 134:

    Hotney vs. Younger

    Shereka, who got pregnant early in the relationship, says she has taken Breece back after his trysts more times than she can count.

  • Divorce Court - Lett vs. Ellis (Season 16 Episode 133)
    Season 16 Episode 133:

    Lett vs. Ellis

    Nickii says Sylvester's personality has changed; he says her jealousy is out of control.

  • Divorce Court - Norris vs. Ryden (Season 16 Episode 132)
    Season 16 Episode 132:

    Norris vs. Ryden

    Sharon works two jobs to pay the bills, while Wade drinks and hangs out with his friends; he complains that she wants to wear the pants in the relationship.

  • Divorce Court - James vs. Andrews (Season 16 Episode 131)
    Season 16 Episode 131:

    James vs. Andrews

    DiAndre wants to marry his child's mother, but she wants to end the relationship because of their many issues.

  • Divorce Court - Marsh vs. Turner (Season 16 Episode 130)
    Season 16 Episode 130:

    Marsh vs. Turner

    Ariel fears that her fiance is living a double life, and she hates that he does not ask her advice about his work projects; he says she is too young to understand how his business deals are done and her jealousies are all in her head.

  • Divorce Court - Tate vs. McCoy (Season 16 Episode 129)
    Season 16 Episode 129:

    Tate vs. McCoy

    Comic Terrell says former groupie Trasha has a serious attitude problem that spoils his life full of laughter and fun people; she says she speaks her mind and has an opinion.

  • Divorce Court - Anderson vs. Anderson (Season 16 Episode 128)
    Season 16 Episode 128:

    Anderson vs. Anderson

    Antoine says he and his wife are having problems because she is not yet over her ex.

  • Divorce Court - Reed vs. Curtis (Season 16 Episode 127)
    Season 16 Episode 127:

    Reed vs. Curtis

    Brittany says her boyfriend admires and communicates with other women on social websites, but has little time for her; he says she has a drinking problem and their arguments become overly heated.

  • Divorce Court - Joseph vs. Schmidt (Season 16 Episode 126)
    Season 16 Episode 126:

    Joseph vs. Schmidt

    Jeramie says he has never had just one woman in his life; Christine feels like she is not good enough for him.

  • Divorce Court - Wallace vs. Stewart (Season 16 Episode 125)
    Season 16 Episode 125:

    Wallace vs. Stewart

    He says she has a gambling problem; she says he talks to other women on social media, then disappears for a week.

  • Divorce Court - Davis vs. Mundy (Season 16 Episode 124)
    Season 16 Episode 124:

    Davis vs. Mundy

    She says he has a drinking problem and is a compulsive liar who does not treat her like his future wife; he says she smashed his electronics and bleached his clothes.

  • Divorce Court - Gadson vs. Gadson (Season 16 Episode 123)
    Season 16 Episode 123:

    Gadson vs. Gadson

    She says he is lazy, does nothing around the house, and is a sex addict; he says she is a controlling nag and withholds sex to punish him.

  • Divorce Court - Taylor vs. Page (Season 16 Episode 122)
    Season 16 Episode 122:

    Taylor vs. Page

    He admits to cheating, but says she is physically abusive and controlling and is constantly pressuring him to marry her.

  • Divorce Court - Jackson vs. Jackson (Season 16 Episode 121)
    Season 16 Episode 121:

    Jackson vs. Jackson

    A couple who married without knowing each other well do not know if they are able to fix their issues.

  • Divorce Court - Robinson vs. Robinson (Season 16 Episode 120)
    Season 16 Episode 120:

    Robinson vs. Robinson

    Leslie regrets rushing into a marriage with Demond and says they are always broke because he spends their money in strip clubs.

  • Divorce Court - Simmons vs. Stokes (Season 16 Episode 119)
    Season 16 Episode 119:

    Simmons vs. Stokes

    Charles says the "friend with benefits" who had his baby will need to be a traditional wife and cook and clean like his mama.

  • Divorce Court - Roberti vs. Roberti (Season 16 Episode 118)
    Season 16 Episode 118:

    Roberti vs. Roberti

    Kerry-Anne says Daniel is unable to keep a job and stole a pearl necklace from her sister's boss; Daniel says he should have listened to his mother when she told him not to marry Kerry-Anne.

  • Divorce Court - Johnson vs. Tisdale (Season 16 Episode 117)
    Season 16 Episode 117:

    Johnson vs. Tisdale

    A pair who were hit by an 18-wheeler fight all day, every day.

  • Divorce Court - Thomas vs. Montgomery (Season 16 Episode 116)
    Season 16 Episode 116:

    Thomas vs. Montgomery

    Charles' mother says he and Tynesha constantly fight in front of their five children, and Tynesha sometimes gets physical.

  • Divorce Court - Johnson vs. Warren (Season 16 Episode 115)
    Season 16 Episode 115:

    Johnson vs. Warren

    Joshua says Christian is a conceited liar and he is tired of her posting sexy photos of herself on social media; she says she found out six months into their relationship that he was currently married.

  • Divorce Court - Evans vs. Goudeau (Season 16 Episode 114)
    Season 16 Episode 114:

    Evans vs. Goudeau

    Kim says Derek has champagne taste on a beer budget, and he is an obsessive-compulsive clean freak; he says she needs to learn how to trust his love.

  • Divorce Court - Warren vs. Morris (Season 16 Episode 113)
    Season 16 Episode 113:

    Warren vs. Morris

    Olympia says Eric throws tantrums when he gets angry; he says she is selfish, forgetful, childish and gullible.

  • Divorce Court - Palmquist vs. Sellers (Season 16 Episode 112)
    Season 16 Episode 112:

    Palmquist vs. Sellers

    Lia says she wants a traditional family with children, and she does not think Nathan does.

  • Divorce Court - Sanchez vs. Sanchez (Season 16 Episode 111)
    Season 16 Episode 111:

    Sanchez vs. Sanchez

    She says she cannot keep up with his sexual appetite; he says it is because she is still attracted to women.

  • Divorce Court - Batchman vs. Burton (Season 16 Episode 110)
    Season 16 Episode 110:

    Batchman vs. Burton

    Nathasha says her children's father is like a snapping turtle with a temper and is jealous and insecure.

  • Divorce Court - Givens vs. Gray (Season 16 Episode 109)
    Season 16 Episode 109:

    Givens vs. Gray

    A couple who say they are engaged have no ring and no date scheduled for a wedding.

  • Divorce Court - Cummings vs. Sibley (Season 16 Episode 108)
    Season 16 Episode 108:

    Cummings vs. Sibley

    Dana says her boyfriend calls restaurants saying he is a celebrity's manager so he will not have to wait for a table.

  • Divorce Court - Jackson vs. Bell (Season 16 Episode 107)
    Season 16 Episode 107:

    Jackson vs. Bell

    Tangi has called off her scheduled wedding because her fiance has cheated on her with seven women, and she wonders if she should marry him.

  • Divorce Court - Little vs. Little (Season 16 Episode 106)
    Season 16 Episode 106:

    Little vs. Little

    Parents Kim and Randy, who admit to being drug abusers, say they were unhappy throughout their entire 21-year marriage.

  • Divorce Court - Blackmar vs. Blackmar (Season 16 Episode 105)
    Season 16 Episode 105:

    Blackmar vs. Blackmar

    She thinks he is immature and spends too much time at comic book conventions.

  • Divorce Court - Hill vs. Hill (Season 16 Episode 104)
    Season 16 Episode 104:

    Hill vs. Hill

    She thinks he is a pathological liar and constantly suspects infidelity; he thinks she is lazy and has a bad attitude.

  • Divorce Court - Bamba vs. Bamba (Season 16 Episode 103)
    Season 16 Episode 103:

    Bamba vs. Bamba

    She says he spends more time playing video games than looking for a job; he says he loves her but thinks she cannot be trusted.

  • Divorce Court - Rayson vs. Wills (Season 16 Episode 102)
    Season 16 Episode 102:

    Rayson vs. Wills

    After being pressured by their families to wed, Montravia says Vincent is abusive and uses drugs while he says she doesn't have any compassion.

  • Divorce Court - Holloway vs. Mwaura (Season 16 Episode 101)
    Season 16 Episode 101:

    Holloway vs. Mwaura

    A man says his girlfriend can't be trusted and is a flirt; she says he is poor at communicating and doesn't have a filter.

  • Divorce Court - Thomas vs. Martin (Season 16 Episode 100)
    Season 16 Episode 100:

    Thomas vs. Martin

    Lanese says she is uncomfortable with how wild her fiance is in bed; he feels that he'll stray from Lanese if she doesn't reciprocate.

  • Divorce Court - Green vs. Easter (Season 16 Episode 99)
    Season 16 Episode 99:

    Green vs. Easter

    Tamikia and Daniel have been together for more than 20 years but didn't get married until 2010; she says their biggest problem is that they don't spend enough time together; he says she spends more time at clubs than in the house.

  • Divorce Court - Young vs. Harley (Season 16 Episode 98)
    Season 16 Episode 98:

    Young vs. Harley

    Erica says that Dwight, whom she has been dating for three years, is too passive in their relationship; he says she shoots him down when he tries to be more aggressive.

  • Divorce Court - Herron vs. Grant (Season 16 Episode 97)
    Season 16 Episode 97:

    Herron vs. Grant

    A couple who have been married for 15 years and have separated in the past wonder if they would be better off parting ways for good.

  • Divorce Court - Johnson vs. Jackson (Season 16 Episode 96)
    Season 16 Episode 96:

    Johnson vs. Jackson

    Joy and Magnum have been dating and living together for three years; she says he is a cheater and won't end things with his exes; he says she is jealous and insecure.

  • Divorce Court - Readus vs. Hollingsworth (Season 16 Episode 95)
    Season 16 Episode 95:

    Readus vs. Hollingsworth

    A married couple have a lot of trust issues because of the husband's job as an exotic dancer.

  • Divorce Court - Bey vs. White (Season 16 Episode 94)
    Season 16 Episode 94:

    Bey vs. White

    A couple who met in rehab have one child and many issues; he says she doesn't respect him; she doesn't understand why he doesn't trust her.

  • Divorce Court - Spain vs. Spain (Season 16 Episode 93)
    Season 16 Episode 93:

    Spain vs. Spain

    A married couple, expecting their second child, call each other lazy, and each says the other would rather spend time with friends than family.

  • Divorce Court - Hall vs. Hall (Season 16 Episode 92)
    Season 16 Episode 92:

    Hall vs. Hall

    Elijah wants his wife to leave her new boyfriend and return to him.

  • Divorce Court - Brown vs. Brown (Season 16 Episode 91)
    Season 16 Episode 91:

    Brown vs. Brown

    Teri, a woman caring for seven children, wants her husband to liven back up, or she is leaving him; he wonders if she is with another guy.

  • Divorce Court - Jamison vs. Matthews (Season 16 Episode 90)
    Season 16 Episode 90:

    Jamison vs. Matthews

    Single mother Meghan, who is writing a book about her tough life, says her live-in boyfriend does not work and contributes nothing to the household.

  • Divorce Court - Armstrong vs. Nevins (Season 16 Episode 89)
    Season 16 Episode 89:

    Armstrong vs. Nevins

    Tanisha and TC accuse each other of cheating, and she says he does not provide for the children or show respect or appreciation, while he says she is verbally abusive, vindictive, overly jealous and insecure.

  • Divorce Court - Merriweather vs. Merriweather (Season 16 Episode 88)
    Season 16 Episode 88:

    Merriweather vs. Merriweather

    Camille says she has found texts from other women to her husband, including one requesting a paternity test.

  • Divorce Court - Fobbs vs. Pace (Season 16 Episode 87)
    Season 16 Episode 87:

    Fobbs vs. Pace

    Daphne is angry that it took her husband so long to realize how great she is; he says she holds grudges over things that happened a long time ago.

  • Divorce Court - Wylie vs. Jackson (Season 16 Episode 86)
    Season 16 Episode 86:

    Wylie vs. Jackson

    A couple who live together feud over hygiene, housework, employment, cheating and sex, and wonder whether they should stay together or go their separate ways.

  • Divorce Court - Quintanilla vs. Luckey (Season 16 Episode 85)
    Season 16 Episode 85:

    Quintanilla vs. Luckey

    An engaged couple with a baby stay in contact with their exes; she worries that he may be racist because theirs is the only interracial relationship he has had.

  • Divorce Court - Harris vs. Harris (Season 16 Episode 84)
    Season 16 Episode 84:

    Harris vs. Harris

    Heidi says her husband hides a lot of things and stays in contact with the woman with whom he cheated.

  • Divorce Court - Ashford vs. Elbert (Season 16 Episode 83)
    Season 16 Episode 83:

    Ashford vs. Elbert

    Joeanne admits to having an affair; her child's father says he will never be the same again, and she has ruined him for any other woman.

  • Divorce Court - St. Valliere-Nozil vs. Nozil (Season 16 Episode 82)
    Season 16 Episode 82:

    St. Valliere-Nozil vs. Nozil

    Daphne says her husband is a pathological liar who has invested money in several failed businesses, causing her to have to bail him out.

  • Divorce Court - Brown vs. Johnson (Season 16 Episode 81)
    Season 16 Episode 81:

    Brown vs. Johnson

    He worries that their 11-year age difference is too much to overcome, and that she is too immature; she says he acts more like her father than her partner.

  • Divorce Court - Ochs vs. Grey (Season 16 Episode 80)
    Season 16 Episode 80:

    Ochs vs. Grey

    Raeven says she cannot trust her baby's father, because he is addicted to porn and does not want to work on improving their relationship; he says she is a feminist and does not support his music career.

  • Divorce Court - Daniels vs. Burge (Season 16 Episode 79)
    Season 16 Episode 79:

    Daniels vs. Burge

    Lionel says arguing about infidelity, friends, work and finances have never stopped.

  • Divorce Court - Johnson vs. Rodgers (Season 16 Episode 78)
    Season 16 Episode 78:

    Johnson vs. Rodgers

    Khiry feels he owes Erin the world for helping him get through some rough times, but he is not sure that is enough.

  • Divorce Court - Tretta vs. Genry (Season 16 Episode 77)
    Season 16 Episode 77:

    Tretta vs. Genry

    Cher is tired of waiting for Jeff to grow up, and he worries that he will never get out from under her bossy thumb; their main source of contention is their shared custody of a pit bull.

  • Divorce Court - Dunn vs. Dunn (Season 16 Episode 76)
    Season 16 Episode 76:

    Dunn vs. Dunn

    Tileda says she feels crazy because she has three children under the age of five and she never goes anywhere or has intimacy or even a conversation with her husband anymore.

  • Divorce Court - Lewis vs. Johnson Jr. (Season 16 Episode 75)
    Season 16 Episode 75:

    Lewis vs. Johnson Jr.

    Archie says he requires sex three times a day, and it is not happening in his marriage, so he cheats; his wife says he is a sex-addicted liar who berates her constantly.

  • Divorce Court - Rugley vs. Wafer (Season 16 Episode 74)
    Season 16 Episode 74:

    Rugley vs. Wafer

    David says he is tired of Sparkle's accusations of cheating, tired of living with her mother, and tired of doing all of the work.

  • Divorce Court - Hadden vs. Hadden (Season 16 Episode 73)
    Season 16 Episode 73:

    Hadden vs. Hadden

    Erik and Natalie say their exes have caused negative impacts on their newly blended family.

  • Divorce Court - Walker vs. Pruitte (Season 16 Episode 72)
    Season 16 Episode 72:

    Walker vs. Pruitte

    Pregnant with their second child, Nanita says Devin has until the end of the year to marry her or she is leaving him.

  • Divorce Court - Smith vs. Long (Season 16 Episode 71)
    Season 16 Episode 71:

    Smith vs. Long

    Tanya has been working toward becoming clean and sober for the sake of their child, while Robert has continued with his party lifestyle.

  • Divorce Court - Davis-Fischer vs. Fischer (Season 16 Episode 70)
    Season 16 Episode 70:

    Davis-Fischer vs. Fischer

    Lori says her husband's serious gambling problem has put a strain on their marriage.

  • Divorce Court - Baig vs. Khan (Season 16 Episode 69)
    Season 16 Episode 69:

    Baig vs. Khan

    Hina says her husband would rather party and talk to other women than be a family man; he says she is ungrateful, bitter and unhappy.

  • Divorce Court - Williams vs. Willoughby (Season 16 Episode 68)
    Season 16 Episode 68:

    Williams vs. Willoughby

    Julia says Greedy does not invite her out in public and tries to keep her a secret; he says they told each other all about the dishonest ways they treated their past partners, and now they do not trust each other.

  • Divorce Court - Burger vs. Burger (Season 16 Episode 67)
    Season 16 Episode 67:

    Burger vs. Burger

    David says his wife exaggerates her health issues and does not work; she is upset that his ex is constantly involved in their lives.

  • Divorce Court - Osbourne vs. Johnson-Hayes (Season 16 Episode 66)
    Season 16 Episode 66:

    Osbourne vs. Johnson-Hayes

    Charlese says she caught Malcolm in bed with his ex-girlfriend; he says he saw some man jump from their second-story bedroom, and insists that his ex-girlfriend live with them until she is able to find a new place to stay.

  • Divorce Court - Stacy vs. Quinn (Season 16 Episode 65)
    Season 16 Episode 65:

    Stacy vs. Quinn

    Anquitte says her boyfriend has a habit of having children with other women whenever they break up; he says he is in no way ready to commit to a lifetime with her.

  • Divorce Court - Cullison vs. Cullison (Season 16 Episode 64)
    Season 16 Episode 64:

    Cullison vs. Cullison

    Frank says he loves his son more than anything and would be devastated to learn he belongs to his wife's ex-husband.

  • Divorce Court - Bonton vs. Barton (Season 16 Episode 63)
    Season 16 Episode 63:

    Bonton vs. Barton

    Living apart, Edward and his wife are so out of contact he is unaware she has given birth to their daughter.

  • Divorce Court - Bonner vs. Moore (Season 16 Episode 62)
    Season 16 Episode 62:

    Bonner vs. Moore

    Isaiah says he still wants to marry his fiancee, but trying to stay in love feels like a chore; she says his efforts in the relationship seem forced.

  • Divorce Court - Buchanan vs. Buchanan (Season 16 Episode 61)
    Season 16 Episode 61:

    Buchanan vs. Buchanan

    Newlyweds with one child and another on the way wonder if they got married for the wrong reasons.

  • Divorce Court - Clark vs. Singleton (Season 16 Episode 60)
    Season 16 Episode 60:

    Clark vs. Singleton

    Laylannai says her fiance is a wimp who cries when they argue and does not work; he says she is always pushing his buttons.

  • Divorce Court - Carr vs. Carr (Season 16 Episode 59)
    Season 16 Episode 59:

    Carr vs. Carr

    Terry says she is at the end of her rope because she has made too many sacrifices trying to make the marriage work; her husband says he is tired of constantly bickering with her.

  • Divorce Court - McClain-Boyce vs. Boyce (Season 16 Episode 58)
    Season 16 Episode 58:

    McClain-Boyce vs. Boyce

    Newlyweds who met online are unable to decide whether to continue working on their marriage, separate or divorce.

  • Divorce Court - King vs. Stewart (Season 16 Episode 57)
    Season 16 Episode 57:

    King vs. Stewart

    Tiffany says her six children's father is lazy, has money issues, has a poor parenting style, constantly requests sex and is addicted to porn; he cannot get past the fact that she refuses him sex.

  • Divorce Court - Hernandez vs. Hernandez (Season 16 Episode 56)
    Season 16 Episode 56:

    Hernandez vs. Hernandez

    Juliza says her husband cheats on her, is constantly high, does not appreciate anything she does for him and is not concerned about the children's welfare; he denies her allegations and says she slashed his tires.

  • Divorce Court - DuBose vs. DuBose (Season 16 Episode 55)
    Season 16 Episode 55:

    DuBose vs. DuBose

    Rachel is unhappy because her husband is away in the military and spends his free time with his brother, not her and the children; he says she is a cheater, and he is tired of looking like the stupid husband next to her.

  • Divorce Court - Fleming vs. Allen (Season 16 Episode 54)
    Season 16 Episode 54:

    Fleming vs. Allen

    A college student's girlfriend is a grandmother who pays all of the bills and hopes to bear his child.

  • Divorce Court - Wilson vs. Cook (Season 16 Episode 53)
    Season 16 Episode 53:

    Wilson vs. Cook

    Margaret says she found evidence of cheating on her boyfriend's phone, and one time she followed and confronted him while he was on a date with another woman.

  • Divorce Court - Woods vs. Woods (Season 16 Episode 52)
    Season 16 Episode 52:

    Woods vs. Woods

    Marcella says her husband has a drug-and-alcohol problem and refuses to go to counseling to fix their marriage; he says she needs to stop being so demanding and trust him more.

  • Divorce Court - Jalali vs Jalali (Season 16 Episode 51)
    Season 16 Episode 51:

    Jalali vs Jalali

    Mahan, who married his wife because he thought she was pregnant, later learned that she was not; she says he has had countless flings with both men and women during their relationship.

  • Divorce Court - Maddox vs. Maddox (Season 16 Episode 50)
    Season 16 Episode 50:

    Maddox vs. Maddox

    Joe moved out when he came home and found several men in the house; she says she moved on with her life, but as soon as she met a guy, Joe wanted to get back together.

  • Divorce Court - Williams vs. Williams (Season 16 Episode 49)
    Season 16 Episode 49:

    Williams vs. Williams

    Tenisha says her new husband does not make any attempt to save their marriage; he wants the judge to help fix their issues before their first wedding anniversary.

  • Divorce Court - Tierney vs. Pringle (Season 16 Episode 48)
    Season 16 Episode 48:

    Tierney vs. Pringle

    Jenny says her boyfriend's controlling attitude is turning him into her father instead of her lover.

  • Divorce Court - McKnight vs. McKnight (Season 16 Episode 47)
    Season 16 Episode 47:

    McKnight vs. McKnight

    Derrick has lost his sexual desire for his new wife, and they now live like brother and sister.

  • Divorce Court - Collins vs. Collins (Season 16 Episode 46)
    Season 16 Episode 46:

    Collins vs. Collins

    Sharonda caught her husband cheating and no longer trusts him; he says her mistrust is stopping him from being able to run his business and support her and the children.

  • Divorce Court - Taylor vs. Taylor (Season 16 Episode 45)
    Season 16 Episode 45:

    Taylor vs. Taylor

    Jachri promised his wife that the Army was going to train him for a great job, but when his service ended, he chose not to re-enlist, without having any sort of job lined up, so she feels he is too irresponsible.

  • Divorce Court - Johnson vs. Johnson (Season 16 Episode 44)
    Season 16 Episode 44:

    Johnson vs. Johnson

    Tonya says her husband is in a cult, and she is angry because his religion is more important to him than she is.

  • Divorce Court - Evans vs. Evans (Season 16 Episode 43)
    Season 16 Episode 43:

    Evans vs. Evans

    Nicole says her husband has women calling his phone, asking for "Big Daddy" all the time; he says she needs to cook and clean for him and should get out of the house and loosen up.

  • Divorce Court - Martin vs. Pinner (Season 16 Episode 42)
    Season 16 Episode 42:

    Martin vs. Pinner

    Rommel says Brittany's baby does not look anything like him, and because one of his homeboys saw her talking to other guys at the club, he fears the child is not his.

  • Divorce Court - Saulters vs. Saulters (Season 16 Episode 41)
    Season 16 Episode 41:

    Saulters vs. Saulters

    Pregnant Jessica says that when the going gets rough, her husband runs away, sometimes for days at a time.

  • Divorce Court - Franklin vs. Franklin (Season 16 Episode 40)
    Season 16 Episode 40:

    Franklin vs. Franklin

    She says their marriage has been filled with mistrust because of his cheating ways; he says she encouraged him to flirt with women online to help their business.

  • Divorce Court - Lambert vs. Johnson (Season 16 Episode 39)
    Season 16 Episode 39:

    Lambert vs. Johnson

    He worries about her jealousy of his career and lifestyle; she worries about his commitment to her and thinks his relationship with his best friend -- a female -- is inappropriate.

  • Divorce Court - Watts vs. Jennings (Season 16 Episode 38)
    Season 16 Episode 38:

    Watts vs. Jennings

    He claims she has had inappropriate interactions with one of her clients; she says that he has become lazy since he stopped wrestling and has a short temper.

  • Divorce Court - Saunders vs. Saunders (Season 16 Episode 37)
    Season 16 Episode 37:

    Saunders vs. Saunders

    She says he doesn't listen to her when she talks to him; he says she gets mad at him anytime he disagrees with her; they agree that their communication is awful.

  • Divorce Court - Bennet vs. Bennet (Season 16 Episode 36)
    Season 16 Episode 36:

    Bennet vs. Bennet

    She says he is abusive, immature, irresponsible and has anger issues; he says she has a bad attitude, doesn't contribute to the household expenses and doesn't let him see their daughter.

  • Divorce Court - Gollnick vs. Walker (Season 16 Episode 35)
    Season 16 Episode 35:

    Gollnick vs. Walker

    Shantae, who married her fourth husband after dating him for only a few weeks, says he has been lying to her from day one.

  • Divorce Court - Silva vs. Moreno (Season 16 Episode 34)
    Season 16 Episode 34:

    Silva vs. Moreno

    Jesus admits he lied about his young age when he first met his wife because he was looking for a "sugar mama" to take care of him.

  • Divorce Court - Johnson vs. Riley (Season 16 Episode 33)
    Season 16 Episode 33:

    Johnson vs. Riley

    Tomisha calls her live-in boyfriend "the king of complaining" and feels that he is just using her for her car and home.

  • Divorce Court - Velasquez vs. Younger (Season 16 Episode 32)
    Season 16 Episode 32:

    Velasquez vs. Younger

    Vanessa says her boyfriend quit working two years ago.

  • Divorce Court - Pace vs. Pace (Season 16 Episode 31)
    Season 16 Episode 31:

    Pace vs. Pace

    Tasha is tired of her DJ husband soliciting the attention of so many women at the club; he says her insane jealousy has made her insufferable to live with.

  • Divorce Court - Hoagland vs. Hoagland (Season 16 Episode 30)
    Season 16 Episode 30:

    Hoagland vs. Hoagland

    Amberlee's husband accuses her of cheating because she plays an online game in which she is a stripper and prostitute.

  • Divorce Court - Shelton vs. Shelton (Season 16 Episode 29)
    Season 16 Episode 29:

    Shelton vs. Shelton

    Tameca's husband has five children with five other women, including two who were born while they were married; he blames her.

  • Divorce Court - Holt vs. Holt (Season 16 Episode 28)
    Season 16 Episode 28:

    Holt vs. Holt

    Steven says his wife pulled a knife on him after a friend said she saw him with another woman, and has dented his car and broken his nose.

  • Divorce Court - Evans vs. Evans (Season 16 Episode 27)
    Season 16 Episode 27:

    Evans vs. Evans

    Lesa says her husband treats her like a "booty call" and takes care of his son only if they are on good terms.

  • Divorce Court - Fields vs. Fields (Season 16 Episode 26)
    Season 16 Episode 26:

    Fields vs. Fields

    A couple who met on social media and immediately moved in together after becoming pregnant deal with an affair, excessive drinking, unemployment and jealousy.

  • Divorce Court - Ramos vs. Ramos (Season 16 Episode 25)
    Season 16 Episode 25:

    Ramos vs. Ramos

    Brittney says her husband abuses drugs and alcohol, fails to provide for the family and is in a relationship with another woman.

  • Divorce Court - Bowen vs. Daniels (Season 16 Episode 24)
    Season 16 Episode 24:

    Bowen vs. Daniels

    Sashay regrets putting her life on hold for her male-model fiance and does not like having his twin brother living with them.

  • Divorce Court - Cheers vs. Daniels (Season 16 Episode 23)
    Season 16 Episode 23:

    Cheers vs. Daniels

    Karyn says her fiance has anger issues, frequently loses his temper, and flirts with young women on social media.

  • Divorce Court - Smith vs. Smith (Season 16 Episode 22)
    Season 16 Episode 22:

    Smith vs. Smith

    Vaughan says his wife's ill health and depression are holding him back from life.

  • Divorce Court - Humphreys vs. Humphreys (Season 16 Episode 21)
    Season 16 Episode 21:

    Humphreys vs. Humphreys

    Trisha says her husband has become increasingly ashamed of her past struggles and spends all of his weekends with his teen daughter by another woman.

  • Divorce Court - Reeves vs. Reeves (Season 16 Episode 20)
    Season 16 Episode 20:

    Reeves vs. Reeves

    Lisa says her husband is an idiot who spent all of her money, and as soon as it was gone, problems in the relationship began; he denies cheating and says their problems stem from her willingness to help everyone else out.

  • Divorce Court - Taylor vs. Taylor (Season 16 Episode 19)
    Season 16 Episode 19:

    Taylor vs. Taylor

    Derrick says his wife began to act like she was single after having several cosmetic surgeries, and he wants his money back; she says he is a cheating player.

  • Divorce Court - Etienne vs. Etienne (Season 16 Episode 18)
    Season 16 Episode 18:

    Etienne vs. Etienne

    Michael wants to have a baby and was unaware that Desiree was unable to bear another child until after they wed; she is tired of his accusations of cheating and says he needs to grow up.

  • Divorce Court - Simek vs. Kafure (Season 16 Episode 17)
    Season 16 Episode 17:

    Simek vs. Kafure

    Aaron says his fiancee has a major spending problem and refuses to learn to budget, and he is not excited about inheriting her college debts; she says he makes her feel too restricted about what she can and cannot buy.

  • Divorce Court - Blythe vs. Blythe (Season 16 Episode 16)
    Season 16 Episode 16:

    Blythe vs. Blythe

    Rebecca says her husband puts his mother and sister over his wife and daughter; he says she thinks she is the boss in his business.

  • Divorce Court - Figgins vs. Lazard (Season 16 Episode 15)
    Season 16 Episode 15:

    Figgins vs. Lazard

    Betsy says her husband is a habitual liar who wrecked and failed to pay for a car she bought him; he says she sold his video game console and wants her to pay for it.

  • Divorce Court - Taylor vs. Sanders (Season 16 Episode 14)
    Season 16 Episode 14:

    Taylor vs. Sanders

    Twenty-year-old Asia, pregnant with her third child, is engaged to a 62-year-old man who wants her to adjust her attitude problem.

  • Divorce Court - Massey vs. Massey (Season 16 Episode 13)
    Season 16 Episode 13:

    Massey vs. Massey

    Stephanie says she is tired of her husband's lazy, packrat, slob routine; he criticizes her use of Facebook and says she should cut down on her partying.

  • Divorce Court - Owens vs. Jenkins (Season 16 Episode 12)
    Season 16 Episode 12:

    Owens vs. Jenkins

    Maya and her boyfriend are solely dependent on her disability check to survive, and she has to handle all of the bills and take care of the children on her own; her boyfriend realizes he needs a job, but feels she does not respect or appreciate him.

  • Divorce Court - Winzer vs. Worthy (Season 16 Episode 11)
    Season 16 Episode 11:

    Winzer vs. Worthy

    Rachel called off the wedding when she came home to find her fiance partying it up with strippers; he says she has too many house rules.

  • Divorce Court - Brown vs. Mahone (Season 16 Episode 10)
    Season 16 Episode 10:

    Brown vs. Mahone

    Alexandria says her fiance hides his phone from her so she cannot view his texts to other women; he says she cheats and has pawned off her engagement ring after wearing it for only three months.

  • Divorce Court - Mir-Valliallahzadeh vs. Garza (Season 16 Episode 9)
    Season 16 Episode 9:

    Mir-Valliallahzadeh vs. Garza

    Friends "with benefits" who married on a whim find that things have not gone so smoothly since: she cheats, he drinks too much, and they argue daily.

  • Divorce Court - McGee vs. Walton (Season 16 Episode 8)
    Season 16 Episode 8:

    McGee vs. Walton

    Robin says her husband is a cheater who treats her children poorly; he claims that he has never cheated on her and that she has a gambling problem.

  • Divorce Court - Davis vs. Davis (Season 16 Episode 7)
    Season 16 Episode 7:

    Davis vs. Davis

    Jeremiah says his wife does not respect him and is a liar, a snake and a manipulator; she says he has called her horrible names and gotten into heated fights with her.

  • Divorce Court - Cooper vs. Cooper (Season 16 Episode 6)
    Season 16 Episode 6:

    Cooper vs. Cooper

    Charity says her husband's infidelities and lack of support make her question whether their marriage can last; he says her coldness and their lack of sex make him wonder if marriage is worth it.

  • Divorce Court - Taylor vs. Taylor (Season 16 Episode 5)
    Season 16 Episode 5:

    Taylor vs. Taylor

    Tenita and Willie accuse each other of cheating and having children with other people.

  • Divorce Court - Young vs. Young (Season 16 Episode 4)
    Season 16 Episode 4:

    Young vs. Young

    Young parents Sarah and Seth struggle to stay clean and find it hard to keep their marriage together.