Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives

1992 - 2016, Soap
'Days of our Lives' is set in the fictitious Midwestern town of Salem. The core families are the Hortons and Bradys, and the multi-layered storylines involve elements of romance, adventure, mystery, comedy and drama.
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Episode Guide

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/23/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Carly wants to talk with Daniel and Chloe privately; Mia says goodbye to Will and Sami; Carrie apologizes to Sami; Lexie makes a stunning discovery.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/24/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Bo is happy to see Kimberly; Hope breaks down; Bill confronts Maggie; Rafe worries about Sami.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/25/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe shows up on Sami's doorstep; Stephanie tries to comfort Nathan; Kimberly is surprised to see Shane.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/28/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami accuses Rafe of being jealous; Bo shares his concerns with Hope; Bill and Kate say goodbye; Bo tries to comfort Kimberly.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/22/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Lucas makes an accusation; Carly interrupts Chloe and Daniel's wedding; Madeline's secret shocks Kate; Stephanie, Kayla and Caroline bond.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/21/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Madeline asks for a meeting with Stefano; Melanie and Nathan try to ignore their feelings; Chloe wants to marry Daniel as soon as possible.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/16/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Daniel agrees to postpone the wedding; Nicole finds Brady on the pier; Kate becomes furious with Stefano; Bo and Carly share memories of Alice.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/17/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nicole thinks she caused Brady's relapse; Julie thinks Sami is making a big mistake; Kate goes after the contents of Madeline's safe deposit box.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/18/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Brady confronts Arianna; Chloe worries the truth with come out; Kayla and Melissa come back to town; Maggie receives good news.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/29/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    E.J. is rattled when he sees Sami and Rafe kissing; Kayla confronts Philip; Carly confides in Jennifer.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/30/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe wants Arianna to fire E.J.; Nicole worries that E.J. has evidence against her; Shane wants to resolve things with Kimberly.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/12/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami and Rafe share an unexpected moment at the lake; Nicole confronts E.J. about kidnapping Sydney; Daniel questions Vivian about her involvement with Chloe and Carly; Vivan warns Melanie about Carly.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/13/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Melanie tries to help Brady and Arianna make up; Nicole decides to reveal E.J.'s guilt on air; Melanie asks Philip if they can move into their own home.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/14/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    E.J. warns Nicole to keep quiet; Adrienne confronts Hope about recent actions concerning Justin; Hope sees Bo and Carly kissing; Lexie discovers that Abe is using sleeping pills.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/15/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nicole considers telling Brady the truth about E.J.; E.J. summons Marco to bring Nicole to him; Hope has it out with Carly; Victor is happy to learn that Brady and Arianna have broken up.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/09/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nicole tells E.J. what she knows; Stephanie becomes suspicious of Philip's strange behavior; Caroline fights with Maggie and Victor.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/08/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami and E.J. take the kids to the lake; Nicole makes a discovery; Chloe receives a visit from Vivian.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/05/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    E.J. and Arianna get ready for her hearing; Will and Gabi share a nice moment; Kimberly and Shane make a decision.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/06/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Jennifer gives Carly advice; Nicole asks Dr. Baker to take care of E.J.; Chad is confronted by Will.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/07/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Stefano makes a discovery; Sami shares her feelings with E.J.; Hope meets with Dr. Baker; Will and Chad get into a fight.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/15/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe tries to defend himself; Sami visits Alice; Chloe shares her secret with Father Matt; Brady passes out.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/14/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Brady questions Lamar; E.J. and Sami think about their kiss; Carly wants Chloe to tell the truth.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/20/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Roman is questioned; Hope makes an arrest; Chloe gets upset with Nathan; Stephanie is confronted.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/21/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Philip tries to smooth things over with Daniel; Carly makes a shocking discovery; Stephanie makes an accusation.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/24/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe questions Anna; Stefano interrupts a moment between Sami and E.J.; Brady makes a shocking discovery.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/25/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Vivian comes to a realization; Chloe's resolve is weakened; bad news interrupts a nice moment between Brady and Nicole.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/19/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Baker and Hope attack Roman; Stephanie tells Melanie to mind her own business; Daniel wants to know why Chloe is so tense.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/18/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sexual tension grows between Sami and E.J.; Anna collapses; Maggie asks Mia to stay with her in Salem.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/13/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    E.J. and Sami grow closer; Anna becomes suspicious of Calliope; Melanie confides in Maggie.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/14/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Anna confronts Calliope; Stefano interrupts a moment between E.J. and Sami; Brady and Nicole argue; information about Madeline's past is revealed.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/17/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Anna tries to escape; Sami tells Brady that she doesn't have feelings for E.J.; Hope shares her concerns with Justin; Arianna and Brady argue.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/26/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Vivian makes an announcement that surprises everyone; Madeline makes a threat.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/28/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    A wedding ceremony begins; Philip struggles with his guilt; Rafe gets a new cell mate.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/08/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami and E.J. kiss; Rafe and Shane put their plan into action; Nicole comes to Brady's defense; Philip struggles with his guilt.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/09/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Melanie asks Carly about Chloe's accident; Hope breaks down; Stephanie makes a discovery; Stefano shares his plan with Kate.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/10/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    E.J.'s suspicions grow; Nicole visits Arianna in jail; Carly has words with Chloe; Jennifer, Maggie and Julie share memories of Alice.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/11/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nicole denies E.J.'s accusations; Brady tries to prove Arianna's innocence; E.J. comes up with a plan.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/07/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Chloe has second thoughts; Shane and Rafe plan their escape; Stephanie comes clean with Nathan.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/03/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Hope comes to a realization; Daniel talks to Maggie about his future; Stephanie turns to Adrienne for advice.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/31/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Carly makes a deal with Chloe; Victor offers his support to Maggie; Stephanie learns that Nathan might leave Salem.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/01/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Brady finds E.J. comforting Arianna; Nicole has a warning for Baker; Hope worries about Ciara; Chloe rejects Vivian's offer.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/02/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    E.J. and Nicole argue; Brady accidentally reveals Victor's recent marriage to Caroline; Chloe gives in.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/16/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nicole struggles with telling Brady about E.J.; Marco brings Nicole to E.J.; Chad continues to question Madeline about her past; Carly questions Hope's friendliness; Bo is determined to get to the bottom of Hope's behavior.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/19/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Roman offers advice to Bo; Stephanie and Nathan consider moving in together; Daniel confronts Chloe; Madeline is hospitalized.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/27/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe makes a promise; Stefano lectures E.J.; Daniel and Chloe share their happy news with Victor; the sarcophagus arrives.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/30/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami shares her feelings with Rafe; Kate continues to keep her secret; Arianna tries to comfort E.J.; Nicole asks for a favor.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/31/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe comforts Sami; Caroline warns Will about Stefano; Stephanie becomes suspicious; Nathan has trouble with his elbow during a surgery.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/01/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    E.J. tries to kill Nicole; Daniel makes a promise; Sami receives a call from Kate.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/26/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Baker has a change of heart; Melanie tells Maggie about Chloe's pregnancy; Nicole panics; E.J. tries to defend his actions.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/25/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe confronts E.J.; Nicole begs Brady for help; Bo testifies on Hope's behalf; Vivian makes he plans clear.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/20/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami and Will bond; Nicole is confronted; Daniel has a surprise for Chloe; Stephanie learns the truth.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/23/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Roman interrupts Sami and E.J.'s wedding; Rafe builds a case against E.J.; Daniel worries about Chloe; Stephanie is devastated.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/24/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe wants to speak with Sami alone; Nathan becomes suspicious of Ian; Chloe receives good news.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/02/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami snaps; Kate worries what E.J. will do next; Vivian works on her plan; Victor and Stefano have words.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/03/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe proposes to Sami; Kate and Stefano make a grisly discovery; Nicole decides to leave town; Ciara resents Carly's presence.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/14/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Hope is attacked; Ciara tries to be nicer to Carly; Vivian is confronted; Melanie runs into Nathan at the hospital.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/15/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Will makes a promise to Sami; Chad offers his sympathies to Kate; Vivian and Brady get into a fight.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/16/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe suspects Will is keeping a secret; Sami visits E.J.; Arianna argues with Nicole; Maggie visits Victor.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/17/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami makes her decision; Brady has second thoughts; Maggie has a talk with Victor.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/13/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami makes a confession; Carly and Vivian argue; Arianna makes a promise; Melanie thinks Maggie should confront her feelings for Victor.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/10/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami and Kate come to an agreement; Will makes an accusation; Maggie decides to help Melanie plan Chloe's baby shower; Carly tells Vivian to stay away.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/07/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe and Sami share their news with Caroline; Stefano accuses Nicole of shooting E.J.; Victor is confronted; Nathan offends Chloe.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/08/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami becomes nervous; Melanie plans a baby shower for Chloe; Stephanie asks Philip about Chloe's paternity test.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/09/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami asks Daniel for advice; Chloe makes a confession to Carly; Vivian and Gus inspect the sarcophagus.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/19/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    E.J. tells Arianna about his upcoming wedding; Sami sees Nicole and Rafe kissing; Kate worries about Chad; Maggie and Victor bond.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/18/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Justin, Bo and Abe testify on Hope's behalf; Sami hears that Rafe is with Nicole; Adrienne and Justin discuss their relationship.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/28/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Bo tries to remember his attack; Nicole asks E.J. for cash; Sami has a difficult day; Brady runs into Dr. Baker.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/29/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Vivian makes an accusation; Brady becomes suspicious; Sami asks Caroline for advice; Vivian starts drinking.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/30/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Vivian realizes that Carly is keeping more secrets; Dr. Baker decides to leave town; Sami runs into Rafe.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/02/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Hope tries to take care of Bo once and for all; Sami responds to E.J.'s proposal; Rafe tracks down Fay; Brady visits Nicole.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/27/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nicole is pleased when Brady stops by; Arianna and Rafe get into an argument; Stefano and Will bond.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/26/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Will offers his condolences to Chad; Stephanie makes an upsetting discovery; Philip has a surprise for Melanie.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/21/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Hope's dark side is revealed; Sami hopes to reconnect with Rafe; Brady continues to look for proof of Arianna's innocence; Nicole has a proposition for E.J.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/22/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Daniel finds Bo unconscious; Rafe listens to Nicole and E.J.'s conversation; Chloe runs into Carly at the hospital.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/23/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Hopes tries to finish Bo off; Rafe breaks into Nicole's apartment; E.J. and Sami grow closer; Victor has a late-night talk with Maggie.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/03/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Bo tries to defend himself; Brady becomes suspicious; Fay shares information with Rafe; Carly bonds with Melanie.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/04/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Bo confronts Hope; Nicole lies to Brady; Carly and Chloe wait for the results of the paternity test.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/12/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Stephanie gets suspicious; Nicole runs into Rafe at the Cheatin' Heart; Caroline gives Maggie a hard time about Victor.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/13/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Stephanie makes a discovery; Victor warns Brady to stay away from Nicole; E.J. tells Stefano and Kate about his engagement to Sami.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/16/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe turns to Victor for advice; Nicole begs Brady for forgiveness; Stephanie tries to view the results of Choe's paternity test; Melanie is attacked.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/17/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Hope wants to plead guilty; Nathan tries to rescue Melanie; Chloe confides in Father Matt; Rafe tries to seduce Nicole for information.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/11/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Vivian is upset when she finds Victor with Maggie; Bo threatens E.J.; Rafe kisses Sami.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/10/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami shares news with Will; Hope apologizes to Arianna; Kate tries to comfort Chad.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/05/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Bo and Hope go to the police station; Nicole proclaims her love for Brady; Chloe breaks down.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/06/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Hope confesses; Baker is attacked; Caroline, Doug and Julie try to comfort Ciara; Chloe tries to sneak out of the hospital.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/09/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Hope has a difficult time facing what she's done; Sami continues to consider E.J.'s proposal; Brady and Justin talk about what Hope did to them.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/12/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Melanie makes an admission to Daniel; Vivian tries to get Chloe to do her bidding; Hope tells Baker to get rid of Nicole.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/20/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Bo confronts Hope; Daniel and Chloe argue; Chad is overwhelmed with guilt; Nathan claims he is done with Melanie.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/09/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Carly is knocked unconscious; Vivian tries to persuade Melanie to go through with the wedding; Brady gives Arianna a gift.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/10/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Carly tries to sneak out of the hospital; Hope learns that Carly is Melanie's mother; Melanie opens Vivian's wedding gift; Chloe makes a discovery.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/11/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Melanie asks Stephanie to deliver a letter to Nathan; Vivian shares her murderous plot with Carly; Chloe shares her news with Daniel.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/12/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe and Sami reconnect; Philip and Melanie's wedding begins; Vivian panics; Carly escapes.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/08/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nathan is on the verge of telling Melanie he loves her; Rafe insists that he and Sami are meant to be together; Anna tries to convince E.J. that he needs her.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/05/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe gets suspicious; Nathan struggles with his feelings for Melanie; Carly asks Chloe about her fertility problems.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/02/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Hope opens Vivian's puzzle box; Victor tells Vivian to stay away from Melanie; Bo finds out that Carly was invited to Melanie's wedding; Arianna runs into E.J.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/03/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Anna runs into Rafe; Bo realizes Ciara shredded Carly's dress; Brady and Rafe interrupt a nice moment between Arianna and E.J.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/04/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Anna gets upset when Sami opens up to her; Rafe asks E.J. about Anna; Ciara walks in on Bo and Hope arguing.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/16/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Bo finds Hope unconscious; Stephanie and Nathan kiss; Mia receives a Valentine's Day gift; Anna agrees to meet with Rafe.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/17/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Melanie is taken to the hospital; Kate is suspicious of Vivian; Rafe questions Anna.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/26/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    E.J. reveals his new plan; Philip believes Vivian intended to kill Melanie; Bo tells Hope that the police have picked up Gus; Bo and Hope share a moment.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/01/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    E.J. and Sami disagree about whether to tell Rafe of the latest ransom note; Rafe confides in Arianna; Carly is desperate for news of Melanie's health; Melanie awakens in the hospital; Daniel blasts Carly.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/02/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    E.J. calls Sami with news about Sydney; Rafe confides in Roman; Arianna is upset that Brady wanted to tell Nicole of Sydney's death; Mia overhears Chad asking Gabi out; Gabi tells Will she is suspicious of Mia's feelings for him.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/03/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    E.J. spies on Sami with Rafe; Rafe questions Sami about what she is watching on the computer; Philip tells Chloe that Daniel may face charges with the hospital board; Daniel starts to tell Melanie the truth; Stephanie is surprised to see Philip.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/25/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Melanie confronts Carly about the identity of her father; Stefano and Victor discuss Sydney's death; Daniel and Chloe discuss Carly's life choices; E.J. finds Rafe and Sami back together; Rafe meets with Stefano.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/24/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami and Rafe talk about what went wrong during the search for Sydney; E.J. tells his father he is leaving town; Melanie finds out the circumstances of her conception and subsequent adoption; Bo and Hope share a close moment.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/18/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Kate thinks Victor was involved in Vivian's plan; Bo tries to comfort Carly; E.J. explains his plan to Johnny.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/19/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Carly tries to sneak into Melanie's room; Hope comes to a realization; Stephanie destroys Melanie's letter; Daniel tries to comfort Chloe.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/23/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe tells Sami he intends to find Sydney's abductors and bring them to justice; Melanie recalls her interactions with Carly; Mia vows to get Chad back.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/01/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Ciara sees Bo and Carly kiss; Melanie makes an admission to Carly; Hope asks Vivian about her interest in Melanie.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/28/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe decides to move out; Chloe and Daniel share a nice moment at the hospital; Melanie shares her wedding woes with Stephanie.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/08/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe is determined to bring Sydney home; Will breaks up with Mia; Bo and Justin have it out; Carly and Bo end up in a passionate embrace.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/11/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Melanie receives a gift from Arianna; Victor has words with Brady; Vivian tries to make peace with Philip; Carly shares her feelings with Bo.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/12/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Hope asks for Bo's help with a project; Carly decides to visit her daughter; Melanie and Nathan kiss; Lucas apologizes to Maggie.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/13/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Carly and Hope argue; Melanie and Nathan talk about their kiss; Chloe and Arianna talk about Nicole; Maggie and Mia bond.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/07/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nicole receives her sentence; Arianna realizes that Brady is still in love with Nicole; Gabi confronts Mia; Anna fears she is being watched.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/06/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Mia becomes jealous of Chad and Gabi; Brady comes to Nicole's defense; Melanie and Philip get ready to elope.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/11/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Carly has a confusing encounter with Hope; Nicole makes a deal with Dr. Baker; Carly comforts Daniel; Maggie and Victor bond.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/04/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Hope and Justin are caught in a kiss; Bo shares good news with Carly; Stephanie and Melanie learn that Nathan and Philip are in jail; Brady tries to help Nicole.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/05/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami and E.J. try to decipher the kidnapper's instructions; Maggie encourages Bo to work on his marriage; Troy hires an assassin.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/14/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    E.J. vows to turn over a new leaf; Rafe visits the DiMera mansion; Anna learns it's time for the next step; Carly reveals her daughter's identity.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/15/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami overreacts when Rafe questions her about E.J.; Vivian tries to discover the truth about Carly's daughter; Mia realizes Chad and Gabi are growing closer.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/25/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Brady questions E.J.; Vivian asks Melanie about her family; Hope and Bo bump into each other; Anna realizes that Sydney has a fever.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/26/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami tries to apologize to Rafe; Stefano wonders if E.J. has Sydney; Roman tells Arianna she will be returning to prison.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/27/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami is devastated when Rafe admits he doesn't have any new leads; Hope makes a mysterious phone call; Lawrence changes Vivian's mind.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/22/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Carly questions Vivian's motives; Chloe tells Brady that Nicole wants information on Sydney; Troy attacks Arianna.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/21/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami and Rafe argue; Anna becomes impatient; Julie encourages Hope to go after what she wants.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/18/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami and E.J. come clean with Rafe; Melanie tells Carly to stay out of her life; Hope shares her feelings with Maggie; Arianna has a talk with Roman.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/19/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Philip has a request for Bo; Vivian is determined to identify Mia's daughter; Kate tries harder to win Melanie over; Stephanie and Nathan kiss.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/20/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe, Sami and E.J. wait for the possible kidnapper; Hope turns to Justin for comfort.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/04/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nathan is shocked to learn that Melanie has been shot; Stephanie discovers that Melanie is in the hospital; Bo plans to question Melanie about the shooting; Carly wants to plead guilty; Daniel confronts Vivian.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/29/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    E.J. admonishes Anna; Brady worries about Arianna; Rafe asks Roman about Arianna's case and the search for Sydney.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/20/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Hope receives a call from Ciara's teacher; Daniel and Chloe get into a huge argument; Nicole gets a hot tip.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/21/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Vivian overhears Chloe and Daniel's argument; Hope finds Ciara in her room; Nicole wants Arianna to quit.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/22/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Hope sneaks out to a poker game; Philip sees Nathan kiss Melanie; E.J. decides to share his feelings with Sami.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/26/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Hope tells Baker to kill E.J.; Johnny has a nightmare; Chloe asks for Daniel's forgiveness; Vivian runs into Carly.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/19/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami rejects Stefano's offer; Adrienne and Hope talk about their feelings for Justin; Nathan and Melanie continue to struggle with their feelings.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/16/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Brady lays down the law with Nicole and Arianna; Melanie comforts Nathan; Stefano realizes that E.J. is in love with Sami.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/13/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Stefano and E.J. try to come to an agreement; Stephanie challenges Melanie; Daniel tries to get some time alone with Chloe.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/14/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Stefano is reunited with his grandchildren; Roman releases Rafe from police custody; Philip wonders if Melanie will be true to him; Nathan and Stephanie make plans.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/15/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Hope starts to change her mind about Justin; Philip waits for Melanie to come clean about her feelings for Nathan; Nicole and Arianna argue.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/27/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami tries to resuscitate E.J.; Rafe confronts Stefano; Chloe almost reveals everything; Vivian realizes her plan backfired.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/28/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Julie questions Hope; Baker vows to rise from the ashes; Nicole wants an interview with E.J.; Mia wants to reconcile with Chad.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/06/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Calliope wears Anna down; Sami tells E.J. about the kiss he doesn't remember; Gabi and Arianna bond.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/07/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    E.J. apologizes to Sami; Anna becomes suspicious of Calliope; Melanie confronts Stephanie after finding her pills; Victor vows revenge.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/05/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Anna confronts E.J. over what he is doing to Sami; Rafe continues to worry about Sami; Daniel tells Melanie that he is her father; Philip urges Hope to fight for Bo; Justin offers his support to Hope.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/10/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Will gets upset with Sami; Stefano assures E.J. that Anna will never be found; Nicole goes under cover; Melanie gives Nathan advice.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/05/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami shares her plan with Roman; Anna runs into Calliope in South America; Brady and Nicole bond; Hope and Ciara have a heart-to-heart.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/04/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Carly and Roman discover a mark on Brady's chest; Nicole and Gabi argue; Philip tells Melanie about Chloe's hysterical pregnancy.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/29/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    E.J. thinks Nicole attacked him; Sami and Rafe discuss E.J. and Stefano; Mia tries to make Chad jealous.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/30/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nicole turns to Stefano for help; Caroline gives Sami advice; Chloe does some investigating; Nathan and Melanie clear the air.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/03/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nicole asks Brady for help; Stephanie confronts Philip; Melanie and Carly share a nice moment; Chloe gets suspicious.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/12/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Carly runs into Hope; Sami interrupts Stefano and E.J.'s meeting; Brady wants to know why Adrianna wants to postpone the wedding; Adrienne considers selling the bar.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/23/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Philip and Chloe set out to confront Melanie and Daniel; Rafe can't stop thinking about Sami; Hope's secret agenda is revealed.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/23/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Anna tries to blackmail the governor; Nathan tells Stephanie that he wants a break from their relationship; Hope tells Justin that she doesn't love him.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/25/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nicole realizes that Brady is getting married; E.J. tries to do some damage control with Sami and Rafe; Adrienne confronts Hope.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/26/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Arianna decides to proceed with the wedding; E.J. is questioned by Rafe; Stefano is stunned when he learns that Anna kidnapped Sydney.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/29/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nicole remains confidant that Brady still has feelings for her; Chloe runs into Melanie and Daniel at the Brady pub; Hope tries to set Justin and Adrienne up.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/22/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nicole thinks Anna is trying to string her along; Arianna and Brady decide to elope; Will makes an accusation; Carly tells Bo about Vivian's threats.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/18/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nicole threatens Anna; Carly doesn't buy Melanie's rejection; Vivian is furious when she learns of Carly's exoneration.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/15/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    E.J. and Sami bond over Sydney; Nicole remembers Anna was the kidnapper; Max visits with Caroline; Carly plans to plead guilty.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/16/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nicole asks Anna to meet with her; Melanie bonds with Daniel and Max; Stephanie is determined to win Nathan over.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/17/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Melanie makes a surprising admission; Nicole questions Anna; Chad and Mia cannot forget about their kiss; E.J. realizes he has been tricked.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/30/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Arianna confronts Nicole; Sami tries to reconcile with Rafe; Melanie and Carly work together to try to save a patient.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/24/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Rafe confronts the governor; Brady and Arianna get ready to get married; Bo has an ultimatum for Victor; Melanie lies to Nathan.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/09/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami insists that E.J. has changed; Vivian taunts Carly; Stephanie and Nathan begin to reconcile; Madeline, Chad and Gabi meet for coffee.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/07/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Stefano toys with E.J.; Sami is upset when she hears that Rafe is in trouble; Bo prepares for his trip to Los Angeles.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/08/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami decides to provide Rafe with an alibi; Stefano shows E.J. Anna's taped confession; Daniel is surprised when Chloe invites Melanie and Philip for brunch.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/05/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nicole and Chloe reunite; Brady tells Melanie why he and Adrianna didn't get married; E.J. and Sami grow closer; Chloe feels threatened by Carly and Daniel's friendship.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/06/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Anna makes a deal with Stefano; Will catches Sami and E.J. in an embrace; Arianna is upset when Nicole asks Brady for a loan; Bo receives bad news about Kimberly.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/02/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Nicole makes an agreement; Sami kisses Rafe; Victor and Vivian's plan upsets Kate; Vivian makes a confession to Gus.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/01/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Benny is arrested; Philip sees Nathan comforting Melanie on the pier; Vivian shares her news with Melanie and Philip.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/31/10 (Season 2010)
    Season 2010:


    Sami punches Nicole; E.J. tells Lexie that he is still in love with Sami; Melanie and Carly bond for a moment; Nathan and Stephanie make plans.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/23/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Daniel asks Chloe to live with him; Kate makes a revelation to Victor; Philip confronts Kate; Roman catches on to Stefano's plan.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/24/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Philip tries to stop the wedding; Will watches over his father; Arianna confronts Brady; Sami almost catches Meredith with Rafe.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/25/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Kate has a fantasy about Daniel; Daniel proposes to Chloe; Lucas wakes up in the hospital; Nicole and E.J. enjoy their trip; Arianna makes a revelation to Brady.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/28/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Meredith knocks Rafe unconscious; E.J. confronts Nicole; Mia and Will bond; Chloe answers Daniel's proposal; Daniel's relationship with Victor takes a bad turn.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/29/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Meredith forges ahead with her plan; Will interrupts a confrontation between Chad and Mia; Arianna and Sami decide to work together to find Rafe; Daniel gives Victor an ultimatum.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/17/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Rafe makes a shocking realization; Nicole thinks E.J. knows the truth; Mia and Will reconcile; Daniel tries to escape; Chloe wakes up; Melanie and Nathan grow closer.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/30/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole is furious when she learns Kate is living in the mansion; Will turns to Sami for advice; Chad and Mia reconnect; Rafe tries to escape.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/16/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Rafe spies on Nicole and Brady; Mia's revelation upsets Will; Kate attacks Daniel; Lucas accuses Nathan and Melanie of injecting Chloe with a toxin.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/18/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Kate asks Stefano for help; Chloe decides to look for Daniel; Nicole makes plan to move to Europe; Rafe tries to prove that Sydney belongs to Sami.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/21/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Stefano helps Kate get rid of evidence; Daniel tries to get to Chloe; Hope tells Bo she and Ciara are leaving town; Nathan is released from jail.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/22/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Roman thinks someone helped Kate conceal her crimes; Victor confronts Kate; Daniel vows to protect Chloe; Philip asks Melanie what's going on with her and Nathan; E.J. makes a confession to Nicole.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/13/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Brady comes clean about helping Nicole with her baby deception; Roman informs Sami and Arianna that Meredith Hudson has disappeared; Sami goes to Grace's grave; Rafe goes into cardiac arrest; Justin encourages Bo to reach out to his wife.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/12/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Carly's flight makes an emergency landing and Omar takes her away on his boat; Victor asks Bo why Kate is still free after her recent crimes; Hope brings Justin to the lodge to execute paperwork transferring Ciara to a private school.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/15/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Mia reveals that she still loves Will; Sami realizes that she wants to help Nicole; Bo learns that Hope and Ciara are moving out; a traitorous crewman nearly kills Carly; Victor interrupts an intimate moment between Daniel and Chloe.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/14/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sydney interrupts Daniel and Chloe while they kiss; Carly must save Rafe from hypothermia; when he realizes Nicole adopted his daughter, Chad sets out to find his baby; E.J. confronts Brady about helping Nicole lie about Sydney.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/15/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Mia decides to tell Will about her baby; E.J. demands the truth from Nicole; Sami dreams about Rafe; Daniel elicits a confession from Kate; Nathan and Melanie are almost caught injecting Chloe with the drug.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/09/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    E.J. tells Nicole to take Sydney and leave; Nicole blames Brady for her secret being out; E.J. tells Sami about Nicole's lies; Philip tells Nathan to be good to Melanie; Stephanie confides in Maggie; Philip and Stephanie have a talk.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/08/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    E.J. tells Lexie about his situation with Nicole; Nicole decides to fight for her family; Sami thinks of Grace as she cares for Sydney; Brady worries about Nicole; Philip stands up to Kate for Melanie; Victor gloats to Kate.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/02/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    E.J. confronts Nicole about all of her lies; Sami decides to look for a job; Arianna tries to check up on Meredith; Sami tries to encourage Mia to forgive Will.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/05/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Philip runs into Chloe at the hospital and spots her engagement ring; E.J. forces Nicole to confess that she lied about Sydney; Sami applies for a job at Chez Rouge; Carly boards a plane headed for Salem; Bo confides in Justin.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/06/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Daniel gives Chloe a key to his place; Philip confronts Kate about marrying Stefano; Stefano collapses, clutching his chest; E.J. guesses that Dr. Baker helped Nicole; Sami thanks Philip for helping Lucas; Carly tries to call Bo.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/07/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Daniel gets Stefano stabilized; Maggie confronts Kate about putting something in Stefano's food; Chloe tells E.J. and Nicole about Stefano; Sami winds up caring for Sydney; Carly tries to call Justin; Philip confides in Victor.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/01/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Kate notices the tension between Nicole and E.J.; Nathan asks Melanie out; Victor worries that Stephanie is trying to get her hooks back into Philip; Maggie issues Philip a warning.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/22/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Daniel rushes Chloe to the hospital; Bo finds an incriminating empty bottle at Daniel's apartment; Philip kisses Melanie; Will and Nicole share a nice moment; Nicole asks Chad about Mia.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/06/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole tells Sami that E.J. changed Grace's headstone; Stefano says goodbye to Meredith; Mia makes a revelation to Will; Melanie asks Nathan for another chance; Stephanie has a conversation with Roman.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/07/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Kate and Lucas reconcile; Will is shocked by Mia's revelation; Sami confronts Rafe; Nicole and E.J. argue; Lexie and Abe get good news.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/11/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Daniel tries to visit Chloe; Hope and Bo are removed from Daniel's case; Kate worries that Chloe will recover; Maggie is confronted; Arianna and Rafe wonder if they should tell Sami the truth.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/12/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Rafe moves out of Sami's place; Dr. Baker asks Nicole for more money; Kate confronts Victor; Ellen and Tracy take Ciara to the carnival; Daniel wants Lexie to try an experimental treatment on Chloe.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/05/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    E.J. visits Grace's grave; Kate is shaken by her attraction to Daniel; Lucas wonders if he can forgive Chloe; Nathan and Stephanie enjoy an evening out; Bob tells Arianna that Brady will be trouble.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/28/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Daniel is questioned; Lexie doesn't know if Chloe will come out of the coma; Victor becomes suspicious of Kate; Sami asks Meredith questions about Emily; Rafe asks Roman why he wants to see Sami.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/20/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Rafe and Sami plan a picnic; E.J. wants to know what is going on between Stefano and Nicole; Brady kisses Arianna; Chad asks Mia about rehab; Mia starts a journal.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/16/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole worries that DNA testing will prove that Chad is not Sydney's father; Chad unleashes his rage on Mia; Will comforts distressed Mia; Brady realizes that Arianna still has feelings for him; Chloe's annulment from Lucas comes through.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/21/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami has a conversation with Emily's sister; Kate steals Chloe's cell phone; Daniel and Chloe kiss; Stephanie runs into Philip at the hospital; Melanie is torn between Nathan and Philip.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/24/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Maggie is impressed when Kate pretends to defend Daniel; Hope and Bo question Daniel; Nicole gets upset when she finds Sydney alone; Stephanie accuses Melanie of sleeping with Philip.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/13/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Ciara is lured into the forest; Rafe looks for information about Dr. Baker; Nicole asks Stefano for money to pay off Dr. Baker; E.J. makes a confession to Lexie; Stefano makes a mysterious phone call.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/14/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Ellen can't find Ciara; Rafe runs into Sami; Arianna and Brady share a passionate kiss; Melanie and Nathan's date does not go as planned; Victor's reaction to Carlo's death surprises Philip.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/04/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole tries to retrieve Dr. Baker's letters; Sami bonds with Sydney; Chad tries to steal Mia's diary; Melanie tries to get rid of the sex tape; Lexie and E.J. worry about Stefano's health.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/08/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole thwarts Rafe's search for evidence; Brady deletes the video of Philip and Melanie; Victor looks for information on Arianna; Maggie catches Chad with Dr. Baker's letter to Mia; Stephanie thinks Melanie put the sex video on the Internet.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/09/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami confronts Nicole; Rafe meets with Sister Theresa and learns more; Philip asks Bo about who leaked the sex tape; Victor forces Arianna to end her relationship with Brady; Dean tells Hope he wants to be in charge of the kidnapping case.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/10/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Rafe forces Nicole to accompany him to see Sister Theresa; Sami runs into E.J. in the park; Bo and Justin argue about the kidnapping case; Dean realizes that Hope is on to him; Justin bursts in and tackles Dean; Hope screams when a gun goes off.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/03/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Craig encourages Lucas to forgive Chloe; Kate catches Daniel in her room; Dean brings Ciara a stuffed animal; Victor orders Justin to help Daniel; Melanie gets a call from Stephanie.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/02/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Lucas wonders if Chloe is in love with Daniel; Victor invites Arianna to dinner; Philip proposes to Stephanie; Nathan and Melanie take steps towards a relationship.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/18/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Victor and Jason decide to provide the ransom money; Philip tries to convince Melanie that he really does care about her; Victor tells Stephanie about Ciara's kidnapping.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/19/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Hope and Bo wait for another call from the kidnapper; Stephanie makes an admission to Nathan; Daniel and Kate have a heated exchange; Lucas finds Chloe's living will.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/20/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Bo fears for Ciara's life; Philip asks Melanie to keep their relationship a secret; Dr. Baker agrees to stay out of Nicole's life.

  • Days of Our Lives - 08/21/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Rafe learns that Sami and Nicole both gave birth at Dr. Baker's clinic; Nicole gets upset when E.J. wants to run genetic tests on Sydney; Philip wonders if Melanie will tell Stephanie the truth.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/11/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Brady is angry with Philip; Melanie confronts Arianna; Victor asks Philip to stay at the mansion; Will learns that Mia still has feelings for Chad; Justin, though wounded, manages to call Bo; Bo and the police force charge to the rescue.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/25/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    E.J. receives a note from the kidnapper; Victor tells Daniel that Brady is dating a drug dealer; Philip makes an announcement.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/04/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami, Rafe and E.J. try to find Nicole; Carly moves out of Bo's house; Gabi encourages Arianna to call Brady; Philip and Nathan argue over Melanie.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/07/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    E.J. insists Nicole tell him what happened to Sydney; Rafe criticizes Stefano; Melanie won't let Carly move in.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/08/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Stefano offers to help find Sydney; Nicole tries to escape; Hope lays into Carly; Maggie tries to console Mia.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/09/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Rafe tracks Nicole down; E.J. and Roman reveal the truth about Sydney to Fay; Bo comforts Carly; Vivian wonders if Carly betrayed Lawrence.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/03/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole wonders if she is doing the right thing; Nathan confronts Melanie; Lucas comes back home after rehab.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/02/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Arianna runs into Brady; a motel manager recognizes Nicole; Sami's frustration grows; Nathan walks in as Philip and Melanie are about to kiss.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/25/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami, E.J. and Stefano fight over Sydney; Arianna realizes Gabi is up to something; Kate is horrified to learn that Vivian is back in town for good; Maggie uses the Thanksgiving holiday to help MIa come to terms with her loss.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/27/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    E.J. and Stefano continue to search for Nicole and Sydney; Nicole hides from Arianna; Sami runs into Brady, who admits he posted Nicole's bail; Nicole, in Cleveland with Sydney, dyes her hair so no one will recognize her; Bo agrees to help Carly.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/30/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole turns to her mother for help; Rafe interrogates Gabi about her interaction with Nicole; Sami asks E.J. for help finding Sydney.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/01/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Kate tells Philip that Vivian is back in town; Nicole and E.J. argue over the phone; Arianna tries to defend Gabi; Hope tries to get Carly to reveal the truth about her secret.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/10/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Fay is arrested; Stefano opens up to Kate; Justin misinterprets a close moment between Carly and Bo; Lucas apologizes to Mia.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/11/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    E.J. threatens to kick Stefano out of the DiMera mansion; Justin confronts Bo; Chloe and Daniel have a surprise for Nathan and Melanie.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/31/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami and Rafe spend New Year's Eve together; Carly tells Daniel about Lawrence; Chloe and Daniel share a romantic evening.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/30/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    E.J. threatens to replace Troy with Arianna; Carly regrets returning to Salem; Hope decides to protect Carly.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/29/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami finds the notes sent by the kidnapper; Chloe confronts Brady; Hope is hurt when she catches Carly and Bo kissing; Philip asks Melanie to elope.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/17/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami wants to call a truce with Nicole; Stefano tells Nicole that his plan is in motion; Brady talks to Victor about Arianna; Melanie takes her nursing test.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/28/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Vivian shares some information about Carly with Victor; Hope decides she's ready to move on; Justin makes a revelation; Philip tells Stephanie that he is marrying Melanie.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/24/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Hope gives Sami advice; Nicole reveals her latest memory; the Hortons decorate their tree; Arianna confides in Rafe.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/14/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Justin makes a discovery about Carly and Daniel; Sami wants to trap Stefano into admitting that he has Sydney; Nicole remembers something about her attack.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/21/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Rafe makes a promise to Sami; E.J. interrupts a nice moment between Brady and Arianna; Chloe visits Nicole in jail; Carly owns up to her feelings.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/22/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Arianna gives E.J. an idea; Chad and Will confront Mia; Gabi gets invited to the dance.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/23/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Brady decides to pay for a better lawyer for Nicole; Melanie sees Stephanie and Nathan kissing; Chad is taken with Gabi.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/20/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole tries to convince Brady to post her bail; E.J. realizes Stefano knew about the baby switch; Melanie kisses Philip.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/19/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Mia confronts Nicole; Roman questions E.J.; Troy tells Adrianna to step up her drug sales; Maggie tells Philip to stay away from Melanie.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/28/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Chad visits the DiMera mansion to ask E.J. if he will fight for custody of Sydney; Mia vows to stop Chad; Nicole attempts to come clean; while at Bo's house, Carly is nearly discovered by Maggie; Philip tells Melanie that she would be happy with him.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/29/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Stefano's attempt to tell Sami the truth about Sydney is stopped in its tracks; Chad serves Nicole with court papers for a DNA test; Rafe gathers his strength and leaves the boat; Stephanie gives Nathan a peace offering; Stephanie warns Philip.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/30/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Weakened Rafe makes contact with his sister; Stefano explains the plan to Nicole; Mia goes to Sami for help; Will reaffirms his love for Mia; Brady and Sami bond; Bo comforts Carly, who fears for her life; Vivian receives her nephew's ashes.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/02/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Mia is forced to tell Will that Chad may not be Sydney's father; distraught Chad seeks advice from Sami; Stefano gives Kate a diamond necklace as a wedding gift; Rafe realizes he needs DNA samples to prove a baby switch occurred.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/27/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    E.J. demands to know what Nicole is doing with Stefano; panicked Nicole leaves a message for Sami; Justin wonders if Hope is having second thoughts about leaving Bo; Nathan confirms that he can move into Lucas' place.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/26/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    In search of Justin, Carly ends up at the Kiriakis mansion; E.J. has a run-in with Sami, who blurts out that Nicole and Sydney have left town; Stefano orders Nicole back to the hospital; Arianna and Brady share a passionate night together.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/20/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Brady offers to help Sami track down Rafe; Nicole pleads with Chad to let her keep Sydney; Sami tries to talk some sense into Chad; Arianna wants to get out of the undercover assignment; Bo is determined to fight for his family.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/21/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami nearly convinces Chad to give up his pursuit of Sydney; after Brady refuses to help her, Nicole runs off; Carly injects Rafe with drugs that she hopes will save his life; Victor offers to sell his territory of the drug business to E.J.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/22/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami offers to help Nicole leave town; Stefano starts to awaken; Kate appeals to Stephanie about Philip; Philip insists his mother is out of his life; Maggie stops by to catch up with Chloe; Daniel tells Chloe that she may not be able to conceive.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/23/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Stefano learns that E.J. has discovered Nicole's secret about Sydney; E.J. tells Kate that his father is awake; Nicole appears at the DiMera mansion and runs into nosy Kate; Will and Chad get into a fight; Victor persuades Hope to stay in town with him.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/03/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Mia asks for Will's forgiveness; Rafe decides to sneak into Sami's townhouse to get DNA samples; Stefano cannot sell E.J. on bringing Nicole and Sydney back into his life; Brady confronts Arianna about being a drug dealer.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/04/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Rafe runs into Sami at the townhouse; Brady tells Arianna that he does not want to see her again; Bo tells Justin about Carly; Vivian closes in on Carly's location.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/13/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Hope admits she is jealous of Carly; Nicole asks Chloe to hide Sydney; Sami and Rafe search for Nicole.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/16/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Daniel convinces Chloe to give Sydney to Rafe; Sami confronts Nicole; Vivian vows to avenge Lawrence's death; Brady questions Victor.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/17/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami has a happy reunion with Sydney; E.J. rejects Nicole; Mia finds out that Sydney is Sami's baby; Vivian visits Carly.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/18/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole is arrested; E.J. and Sami discuss Syndey's future; Nicole asks Chloe for help; Bo catches Justin and Hope in an embrace.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/12/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami has a difficult time processing Rafe's news; Nicole searches for Sydney; Bo and Hope have an honest talk.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/11/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Chloe ends up taking care of Sydney when Mary has a family emergency; Sami demands information from Nicole; Melanie interrupts a warm moment between Nathan and Stephanie.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/05/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Victor investigates why Hope is upset; Hope makes a mysterious phone call; Sami helps Rafe hide from Nicole; Rafe sends the DNA samples to his friend at the FBI; Sami and E.J. reach a new understanding.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/06/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Brady tells Melanie that she should not be in a relationship; Nathan must save a woman's life at the pub; Lexie warns Chad that Nicole cannot be trusted; Rafe runs into E.J. when he goes to meet his friend for Sydney's DNA results.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/09/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole confesses everything to Stefano; Brady and Arianna have another painful parting; Vivian finds out that Carly is in jail; Bo confronts Justin and Hope; Chloe gets upsetting news.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/10/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Rafe gets proof that Sydney is Sami's child; Nicole runs into Mia; E.J. tries to figure out what Stefano is up to; Justin devises a plan to get Carly out of jail temporarily.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/19/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    E.J. talks to Lexie about his conflicted feelings; Nicole tries to persuade Chad to give up trying to gain custody of Sydney; Mia and Will ask Sami to help Mia with the custody situation; Arianna admits she did not want to break up with Brady.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/13/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Stephanie and Philip talk about their future; E.J. convinces Owen to carry out the first part of his plan; Rafe asks Dr. Baker to leave town; Sami runs into Nicole.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/27/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami goes to the hospital to visit Lucas; Victor gives Philip advice about Stephanie; Kate wants to gets revenge; E.J. destroys the formula; Hope tells Bo she misses him and wants to come home.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/09/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Philip confronts E.J.; Roman asks Stefano about the hit on the mayor; Nicole wants to find out what Sami is up to.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/10/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Max comes face to face with Will; Chloe asks Lucas to elope; Sami learns that Rafe has lots his job in Washington; Rafe asks Roman for a job.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/11/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami misses Grace more than ever; Hope and Daniel have a heart to heart; Bo has another vision; Lucas and Chloe argue.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/26/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami becomes emotional when she meet Sydney; Nicole threatens to leave E.J.; Kate tells Chloe they need to talk; Daniel is profoundly affected by his breakup with Chloe; Victor and Philip have a heart to heart.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/25/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole runs into Sami; Philip and Kate share a tender moment; Philip asks Stephanie for another chance; Chloe and Daniel share a farewell kiss.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/19/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Philip confesses his true feelings to Melanie; Stephanie and Chelsea meet on the pier; Daniel gets Kate's test results; Maggie tells Lucas about Chloe's affair with Daniel; Father Matt tells Chloe to ask God for a sign.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/20/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Daniel tells Chloe they can now tell Lucas and Kate the truth about their relationship; Lucas decides to confront Daniel; Stephanie confronts Melanie and Philip; Nicole asks Brady if he is in love with her.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/23/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Philip realizes that Brady and Nicole are keeping something from E.J.; E.J. breaks up a fight between Melanie and Stephanie; Stephanie ends things with Philip; after the explosion, Chloe finds Lucas not breathing.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/24/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Chloe tells Daniel that she can never be with him again; Philip threatens to expose Nicole's secret; Hope and Bo remain at an impasse.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/12/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Lucas and Chloe decide to elope; Sami wants to bring Grace to Salem; Nicole gets a mysterious call; Kate is determined to destroy Chloe.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/13/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Chloe and Lucas pack for Las Vegas; Melanie confronts E.J.; Chelsea thinks there is no point in continuing her relationship with Max.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/25/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Brady asks Tony to meet him at the pier; Philip gets fired; Bo gets upset when he sees Hope talking to Roman.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/26/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Kate apologizes to Daniel; Nicole confronts Mia; Philip and Tony get into a fight; Sami and Rafe kiss.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/27/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami asks Sister Agnes about Rafe's past; Daniel apologizes to Chloe; Bo lies to Hope; Stefano, E.J. and Philip have a confrontation.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/30/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole tries to persuade Tony to keep quiet; Lexie tries to keep Tony calm; Bo questions Philip; Rafe and Sami bond after Grace's christening.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/24/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Kate wonders how she can get rid of her new daughter-in-law; Daniel visits Brady; Bo tells Hope that he's had another vision.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/23/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Lucas and Chloe find Kate at the Justice of the Peace; Chelsea and Theo run into Max at the pier; Sami gets defensive; Brady realizes that Rafe has feelings for Sami.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/16/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole and E.J. decide to have Sydney christened; Stefano asks Nicole why she was at the convent; Kate goes to Las Vegas to try and stop Chloe and Lucas from getting married.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/18/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami and Will share a warm moment; Tony makes a discovery; Melanie is afraid that Tony will double-cross her; Stephanie tries to comfort Philip.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/19/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Tony tells Nicole about his conversation with Mia; Lexie's sitter calls in sick; Rafe runs into an old friend; Will wants to help Mia; Brady and Stephanie finally find Philip.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/20/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami and Lesie both run into Mia; Stefano tells E.J. that he thinks Nicole is hiding something; Sami gets a call from Sister Theresa.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/18/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Chloe realizes she loves Daniel and Lucas; Lucas succumbs to temptation and has a drink; Philip is furious when Victor lets Brady close a deal with a client; Kate tells Victor that she wants to rekindle her relationship with Daniel.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/17/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole gets upset when she learns Sami is coming home; Melanie confesses her feelings to Philip; Chelsea and Max share a kiss; Bo asks Hope for another chance; Kayla worries about Hope and Bo's relationship.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/14/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Mia realizes that Nicole is trying to trick her fiance; Melanie sees Philip and Stephanie kissing; Chloe and Daniel are almost caught together by Kate; Charlotte and Marlena have a heated discussion about John.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/16/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    John won't leave town without Marlena; Brady watches the tape of John getting some memories back; Mia has an ultrasound; E.J. asks Melanie about the Alternative Fuels Project.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/19/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami and Rafe learn that Hilda was murdered; Brady and Marlena watch the tape of John's hypnotherapy session; John decides to confront Charlotte; Mia calls Nicole and tells her she's gone into labor.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/21/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Brady tells John that Charlotte is withholding information from him; Charlotte confronts Marlena; E.J. tells Nicole he wants to be present when their baby is born; Chloe gets an audition in Vancouver.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/13/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Chloe tries to avoid Daniel at her engagement party; Charlotte refuses to reveal what John said in his hypnotherapy session; Nicole and E.J. have a nasty run-in with Victor; Max and Chelsea insist they are just friends.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/12/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami goes to the convent and is assured that they will help her with her baby; the killer captures Hilda; Lucas almost catches Daniel and Chloe together; Tony warns Nicole.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/15/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Chloe collapses; Daniel tells Kate he is quitting the show and leaving Salem; Will and Mia run into E.J., Sydney and Johnny in the park; Stephanie gets exciting news.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/05/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami takes care of Rafe; Nicole searches for Dr. Baker; Stephanie learns something about Melanie; Philip and Stephanie reconnect passionately; Lexie and Stefano get into an argument.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/06/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Theo is rushed to the hospital; Bo continues to be disturbed by his visions; Nicole asks Dr. Baker for the name and address of the woman who wanted to give up her baby; Kate tells Daniel she wants to put their relationship on hold.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/09/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami tries to make a call to the convent; Daniel asks Chloe to admit how she feels about him; Chelsea discovers that Kate offered Daniel his freedom; John goes under hypnosis.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/22/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    John is rushed to the hospital; Hope and Bo arrest Charlotte; Nicole discovers that Sami is pregnant with E.J.'s baby; Daniel considers telling Lucas about his affair with Chloe.

  • Days of Our Lives - 01/23/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole considers confronting Sami; Marlena decides to take John to Europe for treatment; Kate warns Lucas about keeping Sami in his life.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/10/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole receives a surprise visit from Dr. Baker; Stephanie runs into Philip at Chez Rouge; Chloe and Lucas set a wedding date; Victor begins to suspect that Daniel has feelings for Chloe.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/11/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Dr. Baker asks Nicole for more money; Nicole convinces Brady to betray Victor; Stefano tells E.J. he should keep a closer eye on his fiancée; Chloe breaks up with Lucas; Kayla and Daniel discuss his love life.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/12/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Victor catches Brady and Nicole breaking into his safe; E.J. is upset that Nicole left Sydney with the housekeeper; Lucas tells Kate that Chloe ended their engagement.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/13/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Philip tells Stephanie and Brady that Melanie has been fired; E.J. chooses a wedding date without consulting Nicole; Nicole gets a call from Mia; Sami misses her other children.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/09/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Stephanie confronts Philip about his talk with Victor; Melanie confides in Max; Kayla tells Hope she forgives her; Sydney is rushed to the hospital; Nicole thinks about telling E.J. everything.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/06/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole almost tells Chloe everything; Brady discovers that Nicole has acquired a baby; Nicole's plan starts to unravel; Stephanie and Philip talk about what almost happened between them; Kate fears for Lucas' future with Chloe.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/03/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    The killer and Hope face off at the hospital; Kayla is rushed into surgery; E.J. thinks the baby looks like Nicole until he notices a birthmark; Rafe is nursed back to health at the convent; Stephanie gets upsetting news.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/04/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Lexie tells everyone that Kayla's surgery is touch-and-go; Melanie fantasizes about Philip; E.J. and Nicole bring their baby home; Sami convinces Rafe to let her stay at the convent longer.

  • Days of Our Lives - 02/05/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Stefano comes home to meet his granddaughter; Chloe visits Nicole; Maggie asks Daniel to end things with Chloe; Chelsea tries to talk to Hope; Max and Chelsea worry about Bo and Hope's marriage.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/31/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Tony tries to tell E.J. that Sydney isn't his and Nicole's baby; Sami introduces Grace to Roman; Will apologizes to Sami.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/17/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Chloe and Lucas are married in Las Vegas; Kate comes up with a devious plan; Brady confronts Philip; Bo tells Stephanie to be careful with Philip; Bo has another vision.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/21/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Arianna is furious with Rafe when he tells her that he wants to adopt Grace; Philip tries to convince Victor to trade Stefano for Stephanie; Owen worries about Stephanie; E.J. is surprised when Nicole offers to help him in anyway she can.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/22/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Philip and E.J. make plans to exchange Stefano for Stephanie; Philip apologizes to Brady; Brady tells Bo that he thinks Stephanie's life is in danger; Max runs into Bo; Will tells Mia about his fight with his mother.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/01/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole gives Hope her statement; Stefano vows revenge; Lucas confronts Sami; Kate sets her plan in motion; Chloe takes a home pregnancy test.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/05/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Stefano's revelation sends Nicole reeling; E.J. smuggles Stefano out of the hospital; Stephanie has a nightmare that leads to a panic attack.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/20/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    E.J. tells Philip that he has Stephanie; Stephanie tries to escape; Arianna learns that Brady is Sami's stepbrother; Melanie is annoyed that she hasn't heard from Stephanie.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/19/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Rafe and Sami declare their love for each other; Philip tries to find Stephanie; Stephanie tries to attack Owen; Victor reminds E.J. that deadline is approaching; Brady and Arianna run into each other.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/07/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole is horrified when E.J. invites Dr. Baker over; Victor makes a revelation; Rafe and Sami go on their first real date.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/08/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Dr. Baker is rushed to the hospital; Victor and E.J. make a deal; Philip proposes to Stephanie; Will thinks he has judged Mia too hastily.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/14/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Philip passes out; Melanie is saddened when she learns that Stephanie and Philip are engaged; Victor tells Stefano that E.J. is running out of time; Bo's vision makes him feel uneasy.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/15/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Philip becomes irritable and irrational; Sami goes to the DiMera mansion to confront E.J.; Will wants to resume his friendship with Mia; Melanie finds out that Brady is a recovering addict.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/08/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Stefano decides not to tell E.J. about the baby switch; E.J. asks Stefano what he has done to prevent Owen from going to the police.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/09/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami shuts Rafe out of the townhouse, telling him she and Will need to talk to the twins as a family; Mia comforts Will; Victor invites Brady back into the family.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/18/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Will turns his back on Sami; Nicole feels guilty; Hope and Bo reminisce about Zack; Maggie introduces her grandson to Melanie.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/19/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    E.J. tries to get temporary full custody of Johnny; Bo lays into Rafe; Mia is tormented by Kinsey; Melanie tells Max that she wants to stay in Salem.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/30/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Stephanie makes a decision about her relationship with Philip; Nicole tries to get E.J. to rethink his position on the custody suit; Sami asks Rafe about Nicole and Emily; Kate poisons the fruit basket that Daniel sent to Chloe.

  • Days of Our Lives - 07/01/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Rafe and Sami get upset with each other; Kate records Chloe and Daniel; Chloe collapses; Melanie asks Brady and Arianna to help prepare the Horton cabin for summer.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/17/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Kate looks into Daniel's ex-wife's death; Chloe has a fantasy about Daniel; Stephanie makes a discovery; Melanie makes a new acquaintance.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/16/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    The DiMera family and the Kiriakis family decide to call a truce; Stephanie has a vision about Owen; Melanie gets an offer from Max; Brady lays into Nicole.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/10/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Rafe runs into Arianna; Stefano confronts Nicole about the baby switch; Victor tries to console Caroline; Chelsea returns and surprises Max.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/11/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Chloe is angry at Lucas for keeping a secret for Sami; Kate wants to meet with Daniel.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/12/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami comes clean with Will; Nicole is concerned that E.J. will go to jail for Stephanie's kidnapping; Victor arrives at the DiMera mansion.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/06/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole tries to convince Dr. Baker to leave town; Rafe introduces Sami to Arianna; Chelsea boards a plane to London; Brady shares his suspicions with Bo.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/04/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Mia runs into Nicole at the hospital; Stefano makes a revelation; Philip and Stephanie make love; Chloe gets an offer from Kate.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/13/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole recognizes Rafe; E.J. confronts Sami; Will tells Mia about Nicole's past; Melanie gives Brady advice that leaves him thoughtful.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/14/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Mia confronts Nicole and insists on taking her baby back; Kate has a surprise for Chloe; Bo has another vision about Hope and Roman.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/15/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Mia visits Will; Brady tells Nicole he is in love with her; Bo tries to find Hope and Roman; Max works with a new waitress at the Brady pub; Melanie makes a discovery.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/16/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Stephanie's plans with Philip are ruined; Melanie realizes that Brady is in love with Nicole; Sami tells Lucas that E.J. is Grace's father.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/10/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Brady tries to comfort Nicole; Caroline visits Sami; Kate continues to plot Chloe's demise; Lucas and Chloe discuss her job offer.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/09/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole fears that her wedding is doomed; Chloe gets a job offer; Stephanie walks in on Chelsea and Max during an intimate moment.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/02/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Chloe accepts a job offer; Chelsea and Max argue; Stephanie goes to the hospital to see Philip; Philip has a nightmare; Stefano confronts Nicole.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/05/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole meets up with Dr. Baker; Lucas and Chloe share a warm moment; Philip is attacked again; Chelsea says goodbye to Hope; E.J. vows to avenge Tony's death.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/03/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Stefano plots his next move; Kate tries to learn how to forge Daniel's signature; Bo tries to keep Roman away from Hope.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/08/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami is disgusted when Nicole makes a big deal about her upcoming wedding; Sami confides in Rafe; E.J. argues with Nicole; Stephanie gets upset when Philip decides to go back to work at Titan.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/17/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    A hit man tracks Philip; Stephanie and Philip finally make love; Chloe runs into Brady; Sami is desperate to tell E.J. the truth.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/03/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Stefano plots his next move; Kate tries to learn how to forge Daniel's signature; Bo tries to keep Roman away from Hope.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/28/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Stephanie makes a mysterious call; Stefano gets a diagnosis; Chelsea and Max realize how much they mean to each other; Sami and Rafe share a passionate kiss.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/01/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami asks Lucas to keep her secret to himself; Arianna and Rafe spend time catching up; Chelsea volunteers to go to London to help Billie.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/20/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami heads to the church to stop E.J. and Nicole's wedding; a hit man prepares to make his move on Philip; Dr. Baker tells Mia why she can never claim Sydney as her own.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/27/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Nicole interrupts a major confrontation between Brady and E.J.; Lexie runs tests on Stefano; Mia visits Will; Sami tries to convince Rafe to stay in Salem.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/29/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    E.J. finds himself thinking about Sami during an intimate moment with Nicole; Rafe confronts Sami; Chloe worries about Brady; Mia and Will spend time together.

  • Days of Our Lives - 05/04/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami confronts Rafe; Chloe lies to Lucas; Kate catches Chloe leaving a message for Daniel; Stephanie has a nightmare about Philip; Chelsea tells Max that she is leaving.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/24/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Sami meets Roman at the Brady pub; Nicole gets a call from Mia; Stefano and E.J. get a surprise visit from Roman; Victor tells Nicole that she married a monster.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/21/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    Stephanie tries to help Philip; Sami accuses E.J. of shooting Philip; Brady sees a nicer side of Melanie; Victor confronts Stefano.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/22/09 (Season 2009)
    Season 2009:


    E.J. thinks he knows why Sami interrupted his wedding to Nicole; the hospital staff tries to keep Philip alive; Kate and Stefano have an altercation; Sami discovers that Rafe's phone has been disconnected.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/17/09 (2009)


    Sami tells Will to go ahead with his plans to take Mia to the dance; Rafe surprises Sami; Brady confronts Victor.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/16/09 (2009)


    Nicole tries to convince Rafe that she is telling the truth; Victor has a warning for Brady; Melanie and Philip go on a date.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/15/09 (2009)


    Bo worries about Carly's permanent move to Salem; Chloe asks Brady to visit Nicole in jail; Nicole receives a surprise visit from Rafe; Stefano attacks Sami.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/18/09 (2009)


    Hope and Bo have an argument; Arianna and Brady fight about E.J.; Carly makes a horrifying discovery; Rafe questions Stefano.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/13/08 (Season 2008)
    Season 2008:


    E.J. tells Nicole that he wants proof of paternity; Stephanie thinks Melanie planted the wallet on her; Philip asks Melanie if she killed Trent; John visits Marlena; Chelsea finds Kate at Barron's and accuses her and Daniel of scheming.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/06/08 (Season 2008)
    Season 2008:


    After Lucas prompts Sami to tell E.J. about the baby, he sees E.J. and congratulates him; John upends Marlena's divorce intention; Stefano wants the board to see John's instability; though warned, Melanie meets Philip but drops Trent's wallet.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/31/08 (Season 2008)
    Season 2008:


    Stephanie confides in Philip about Melanie; Nick offers to let Mel stay with him at Maggie's; EJ tries to defend Nicole, who has been arrested, and she freaks out; an intruder spooks Sami, but the man is an FBI agent, Rafe, who will replace Hilda.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/13/08 (Season 2008)
    Season 2008:


    Melanie faces off with Maggie; Nick tries to get more pain medication; John tries to find the killer who is after Sami; Max apologizes to Kayla for not listening to her advice.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/02/08 (Season 2008)
    Season 2008:


    Nicole tells John that she's pregnant; E.J. cuts his date with Nicole short when he finds out that Sami's in the hospital; Daniel is determined to help Kate through her lung biopsy; Bo and Roman question Caroline.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/14/08 (Season 2008)
    Season 2008:


    Melanie confronts Nick; E.J. and Nicole go to her first prenatal visit; Sami is furious when she finds out that Nicole was granted bail and is at home with her son; Hope and Bo discover that the caretaker for the cemetery lied to them.

  • Days of Our Lives - 11/07/08 (Season 2008)
    Season 2008:


    Nicole admits she took a gun to the cemetery but couldn't kill Trent; Max tells Nick that having a relationship with Melanie isn't a good idea; Sami finds out that Nicole was arrested for murder.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/12/08 (Season 2008)
    Season 2008:


    Sami tries to get Lucas to admit that he broke house arrest; Hope tells John a warehouse full of his impounded shipments has gone up in flames; Chloe tells Morgan to stay away from Philip; Philip gets a confusing call from Paul.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/02/08 (Season 2008)
    Season 2008:


    E.J. admits to Nicole that his annulment is valid, but won't tell Sami the truth; Bo and Hope enjoy a romantic evening at Chez Rouge; Paul gets a mysterious phone call from Philip; Abe and Roman try to get John to confess to trafficking cocaine.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/14/08 (Season 2008)
    Season 2008:


    Kayla, Lexie and Daniel ask Shawn to round up the family to tell them a match has been found; Kayla tells the family who the donor is; no one can find Chelsea; Chelsea drowns her sorrows at the Cheatin' Heart; Kate finds Chelsea drunk and passed out.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/24/07 (Season 2007)
    Season 2007:


    Celeste urges Sami to move as the sirens get closer; Kate fears Lucas is dead; Sami's appearance in the hotel stuns Kate; Granger uses electroshock therapy on Steve; Shawn discovers Belle and Claire are gone; Gabby agrees to help Shawn search.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/27/07 (Season 2007)
    Season 2007:


    Sami shows E.J. the contents of the leather folio; Sami agrees to marry E.J. if Roman is returned safe; Stefano confronts Grandpa Shawn at the cemetery; Abe and Steve believe that Andre buried Roman alive; Steve despairs as he and Abe dig up the grave.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/26/07 (Season 2007)
    Season 2007:


    Andre tells Sami to shoot the man she loves least; Umar Abboud tells Nick he has come for the children; Jeremy tackles Umar; Hope, Marlena, John, Doug and Julie read the last letters of Colleen and Santo; Colleen accepts Santo's proposal.

  • Days of Our Lives - 06/19/06 (Season 2006)
    Season 2006:


    Kayla reminisces about Steve; Jennifer scolds Frankie for stopping by on the eve of their wedding; Max tells Chelsea to grow up; Bo kidnaps Hope and takes her to the Horton cabin; Sami enjoys the tango until she sees Austin and falls off the pier.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/23/04 (Season 2004)
    Season 2004:


    Alice finds Doug's puzzling note; Marlena goes to the cemetery armed with a letter opener; Celeste warns Hope of imminent danger; Bonnie buys a mechanical bull for the bar.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/22/04 (Season 2004)
    Season 2004:


    Marlena recalls seeing Doug burying something in the dirt behind Tom Horton's tombstone; John tells Hope he is convinced of Marlena's innocence; Tom's ghost instructs Alice to go back to the graveyard.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/19/04 (Season 2004)
    Season 2004:


    Marlena skillfully explains away John's suspicions; Doug's wake is held at the Horton house; Julie's speech inspires Sami to look at Lucas with renewed respect.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/24/04 (Season 2004)
    Season 2004:


    Abby finds a mysterious coin dropped by Patrick; Jennifer feels a pain in her abdomen; Hope lays out the evidence against Marlena; Tom's ghost seeks to warn Alice; Celeste summons spirits to answer John's query.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/25/04 (Season 2004)
    Season 2004:


    Patrick agrees to stay at Jennifer's behest; a ghostly message summons Kate to Roman's house; lightning disables the church's security camera; John goes to Father Jansen for advice; Marlena stalks Alice in her home.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/31/04 (Season 2004)
    Season 2004:


    Bo and Hope arrive at the Horton house, where they find Alice sitting in a chair; no one heeds Sami's warning that John is a threat to Marlena's life; Marlena plans to push John off the terrace balcony; Brady finds the burned opera-house model.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/26/04 (Season 2004)
    Season 2004:


    Kate attacks John, thinking he is an intruder; Shawn prays for help identifying the killer's next victim; Alice refuses to give Marlena the evidence retrieved from the graveyard; Jan plans to kill Belle.

  • Days of Our Lives - 09/28/04 (Season 2004)
    Season 2004:


    Shawn recalls faint memories of Belle with Philip; Belle and Philip ask Lexie about Shawn's bizarre personality change; Hope finds Patrick and drags him into a cave where they must struggle to keep warm; Lucas suggests eloping to Las Vegas.

  • Days of Our Lives - 04/02/04 (Season 2004)
    Season 2004:


    Sami accuses John and Kate of conspiring to frame her mother; Kate reproaches her son for saving Sami's life; Jennifer has excruciatingly painful cramps; Shawn plans to propose to Belle using the Irish wool engagement rings.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/17/04 (Season 2004)
    Season 2004:


    Belle is ready to tell Shawn she lied about Marlena's alibi, but he is called away; at the police station, John wrestles with the notion that all signs point to his wife as the serial killer; Mimi gets down on one knee to propose to Rex.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/18/04 (Season 2004)
    Season 2004:


    Brady needs Nicole's signature to obtain the money earmarked for the new concert hall; Belle finally finds the nerve to confess the truth to Shawn; Victor's ghost visits Nicole; Rex rejects Mimi's proposal.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/15/04 (Season 2004)
    Season 2004:


    Celeste predicts another member of Alice's family will be murdered; Marlena speaks to Father Jansen in the confessional; Rex asks Bonnie for Mimi's hand in marriage.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/15/04 (Season 2004)
    Season 2004:


    Celeste predicts another member of Alice's family will be murdered; Marlena speaks to Father Jansen in the confessional; Rex asks Bonnie for Mimi's hand in marriage.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/16/04 (Season 2004)
    Season 2004:


    John experiences convulsions while under hypnosis; Brady accuses Philip of having a crush on Belle; Patrick makes a mysterious telephone call; Rex and Mimi enjoy a romantic dinner at the Penthouse Grille.

  • Days of Our Lives - 03/16/04 (Season 2004)
    Season 2004:


    John experiences convulsions while under hypnosis; Brady accuses Philip of having a crush on Belle; Patrick makes a mysterious telephone call; Rex and Mimi enjoy a romantic dinner at the Penthouse Grille.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/08/03 (Season 2003)
    Season 2003:


    Maggie remembers something about the killer's face; Marlena dismisses Alice and Maggie's story about hearing children's voices; Roman warns Sami, Kate and Lucas not to leave town.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/06/03 (Season 2003)
    Season 2003:


    Marlena chides Sami for threats she made against Abe; police interview Abe's gardener; Shawn and Belle pour over a family photo album; Mimi has a painful conversation with Rex.

  • Days of Our Lives - 10/07/03 (Season 2003)
    Season 2003:


    Abe's gardener works with a sketch artist; security guard looks through mug shots at the station; Lexie suggests Maggie undergo hypnosis; Jack issues an on-air challenge to the killer.

  • Days of Our Lives - 12/11/92 (Season 1992)
    Season 1992:


    Carly's past threatens her wedding to Bo.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 306 (Season 52 Episode 20)
    Season 52 Episode 20:

    EPISODE: 306

    The convicts cause chaos in Salem; Sonny comes to Paul's rescue; Eduardo brings an injured Dario to the hospital; Kayla tries to maintain order at the hospital.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 305 (Season 52 Episode 19)
    Season 52 Episode 19:

    EPISODE: 305

    Adrienne lashes out at Andre; John and Marlena worry about capturing Orpheus, Clyde and Xander; Aiden pressures Hope to go out with him; John arranges to surrender to Orpheus.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 304 (Season 52 Episode 18)
    Season 52 Episode 18:

    EPISODE: 304

    Nicole faces Xander; Brady suggests a makeshift wedding to Theresa; Clyde demands that Chad turn over Thomas; Adrienne and Lucas refuse to give up Thomas.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 303 (Season 52 Episode 17)
    Season 52 Episode 17:

    EPISODE: 303

    Chad recruits Lucas and Adrienne to bring down the convicts; Gabi and Paul coax Chad and Sonny to reconcile; Clyde goes solo; Hope and Rafe clash.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 302 (Season 52 Episode 16)
    Season 52 Episode 16:

    EPISODE: 302

    Marlena outlines her plan to take down Clyde, Xander and Orpheus; Steve and Kayla recruit Kate and Chad to help; Marlena tells Deimos and Nicole her plan; the siege gets to Theresa.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 301 (Season 52 Episode 15)
    Season 52 Episode 15:

    EPISODE: 301

    John, Roman, Steve, J.J. and Paul plan to meet the convicts' demands; Orpheus, Clyde and Xander talk strategy; Ciara tells Theo not to get involved; Nicole, Marlena and Victor talk about Xander.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 300 (Season 52 Episode 14)
    Season 52 Episode 14:

    EPISODE: 300

    Andre has questions about Aiden's victory; Marlena asks Kate to help with the profile on Clyde; Clyde tells Orpheus about his relationship with his son; Ciara tells Jennifer her concerns about Theo.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 299 (Season 52 Episode 13)
    Season 52 Episode 13:

    EPISODE: 299

    Hope brings Rafe news; John, Marlena, Steve and Kayla try to come up with a way to take Orpheus down; Orpheus talks to Joey about his losses; Ciara and Claire can't find Theo.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 298 (Season 52 Episode 12)
    Season 52 Episode 12:

    EPISODE: 298

    Andre suggests to Chad that they take advantage of the Kiriakis blunder; Deimos, Justin, Brady, Philip and Sonny deal with fallout from the attempted raid; Justin insists Adrienne leave the mansion; Gabi helps a friend defend against looters.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 297 (Season 52 Episode 11)
    Season 52 Episode 11:

    EPISODE: 297

    Hope worries about the reason Aiden wants to meet up; Steve comforts Kayla; Nicole talks to Deimos about his behavior; Chloe tells Philip they should part ways.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 296 (Season 52 Episode 10)
    Season 52 Episode 10:

    EPISODE: 296

    A bullet reaches a target; Hope sets fear aside to protect Salem's citizens; a difficult situation brings Ciara and Theo closer; John and Steve attempt a rescue.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 295 (Season 52 Episode 9)
    Season 52 Episode 9:

    EPISODE: 295

    Orpheus, Clyde and Xander make demands; Abe gets ready for a press conference; gunfire causes chaos; Aiden delivers shocking news to Hope.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 294 (Season 52 Episode 8)
    Season 52 Episode 8:

    EPISODE: 294

    Jennifer urges J.J. to move on; Gabi and Chad get closer; Brady and Sonny make a daring move; Orpheus calls John; Marlena delivers a psychological profile on Clyde.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 293 (Season 52 Episode 7)
    Season 52 Episode 7:

    EPISODE: 293

    The paternity of Chloe's baby is revealed; Aiden asks Rafe and Hope about Stefano's murder; tensions among Orpheus, Clyde and Xander increase; Abe and Theo have an intimate conversation.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 292 (Season 52 Episode 6)
    Season 52 Episode 6:

    EPISODE: 292

    Chloe tells Nicole about her plan; Kate, Marlena and Claire land in a dangerous situation; Nicole, Chloe, Deimos and Philip go to the clinic to get the test results; Steve and Kayla talk about Joey.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 291 (Season 52 Episode 5)
    Season 52 Episode 5:

    EPISODE: 291

    Chloe and Philip turn to Kate for help; Deimos tells Nicole he got a court order to have Chloe take a paternity test; Theresa and Brady suffer a blow; Eve says Justin still loves Adrienne.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 290 (Season 52 Episode 4)
    Season 52 Episode 4:

    EPISODE: 290

    Steve discovers his family is being held hostage; Hope and Aiden spend time together at the Brady Pub; the lights go out while Theo is watching Arianna and Thomas; Chad and Gabi bond while trapped in the panic room.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 289 (Season 52 Episode 3)
    Season 52 Episode 3:

    EPISODE: 289

    Steve commits to caring for Kayla during her recovery; Claire gives Ciara, Jennifer, Julie and J.J. the slip; Adrienne, Lucas, Chad, Theo and Thomas hunker down at the DiMera mansion; Orphues, Clyde and Xander make a coordinated move.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 288 (Season 52 Episode 2)
    Season 52 Episode 2:

    EPISODE: 288

    Victor and Deimos convince the Kiriakis men to join together until the escaped prisoners are captured; Victor delivers shocking news to Sonny; Nicole tells Chloe she may be making a mistake; Eduardo is upset to learn Dario is working for Deimos.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 287 (Season 52 Episode 1)
    Season 52 Episode 1:

    EPISODE: 287

    Eduardo tells John the role he played in the prison break; John and Paul try to track the villains; Philip's request stuns Chloe; Deimos asks Dario to work harder to get dirt on Chloe.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 286 (Season 51 Episode 244)
    Season 51 Episode 244:

    EPISODE: 286

    Steve goes to see Kayla; Nicole learns Xander is targeting her; Chad plans to save Kate; Orpheus, Clyde and Xander decide to work together.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 285 (Season 51 Episode 243)
    Season 51 Episode 243:

    EPISODE: 285

    Kate thinks she sees Clyde; Aiden gets Chase transferred to Oregon; Gabi brings Chad some clothes; Joey, Ciara, Claire and Theo relax after class.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 284 (Season 51 Episode 242)
    Season 51 Episode 242:

    EPISODE: 284

    Orpheus takes Eve hostage, stopping the wedding; Xander targets Theresa; Sonny and Phillip worry about their loved ones.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 283 (Season 51 Episode 241)
    Season 51 Episode 241:

    EPISODE: 283

    Thoughts of the escape preoccupy everyone at Brady and Theresa's wedding; Theresa and Eve become emotional; Deimos tries to talk to Chloe; a surprise guest interrupts the wedding.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 282 (Season 51 Episode 240)
    Season 51 Episode 240:

    EPISODE: 282

    Belle and Shawn disagree about Chad's offer; Victor claims he can prove he didn't take Tate; Gabi asks Paul about Sonny; Orpheus, Clyde and Xander dwell on those who did them wrong.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 281 (Season 51 Episode 239)
    Season 51 Episode 239:

    EPISODE: 281

    The realization that Aiden is re-opening the investigation into Stefano's death shakes Hope; Chad asks Belle to move to Hong Kong for work; after being chastised by his supervisor, Shawn expresses doubts about being suited for the job.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 280 (Season 51 Episode 238)
    Season 51 Episode 238:

    EPISODE: 280

    Victor and Deimos come face-to-face with Tate's kidnapper; Eva fetches Theresa for a spur-of-the-moment bachelorette party; Clyde introduces Orpheus and Xander; Kayla has a health scare.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 279 (Season 51 Episode 237)
    Season 51 Episode 237:

    EPISODE: 279

    Chad hopes Kate will assist in rebuilding his father's empire; J.J. tries to repair his relationship with Gabi; Maggie feels torn about Deimos' invitation; Deimos and Victor identify Tate's kidnapper and set a trap.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 278 (Season 51 Episode 236)
    Season 51 Episode 236:

    EPISODE: 278

    Marlena avoids a face from the past while visiting Clyde in prison; Laura shares unexpected news with Jennifer; Chad has doubts about letting Adrienne and Lucas have custody of Thomas; Kayla is honest with Steve.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 276 (Season 51 Episode 235)
    Season 51 Episode 235:

    EPISODE: 276

    Chad talks to Abigail's spirit; Lucas and Adrienne ask Jennifer to help with their wedding; Philip tries to forget Belle; Laura goes to see Jennifer with news about Abigail; Chloe makes Claire an exciting offer.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 275 (Season 51 Episode 234)
    Season 51 Episode 234:

    EPISODE: 275

    Despite overwhelming evidence, Brady doesn't want to believe his grandfather took Tate; Nicole gets Chloe to admit her baby's paternity; Deimos gets Dario to spy on Chloe; Deimos is unsuccessful in making amends to Justin.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 274 (Season 51 Episode 233)
    Season 51 Episode 233:

    EPISODE: 274

    Adrienne, Lucas, Doug and Julie gather to support Jennifer; Claire turns to Belle for romantic advice; Gabi and Sonny visit Will's grave; Chad says goodbye to Abigail.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 273 (Season 51 Episode 232)
    Season 51 Episode 232:

    EPISODE: 273

    Chloe and Philip discuss how to tell everyone she is pregnant with his child; Deimos is dubious of Chloe; Victor goes to see Maggie; Hope goes to confront Aiden; Kate buys the bed and breakfast.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 272 (Season 51 Episode 231)
    Season 51 Episode 231:

    EPISODE: 272

    Kayla encourages Joey to continue with therapy; Eduardo tells Gabi he's leaving Salem; Paul asks Sonny to lunch; Joey tells Jade he loves her and wants her in his life.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 271 (Season 51 Episode 230)
    Season 51 Episode 230:

    EPISODE: 271

    Victor asserts he has been framed for Tate's kidnapping; Brady and Theresa share an emotional moment; Deimos tells Nicole he will make every effort to help Victor; Philip wants an answer from Chloe.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 270 (Season 51 Episode 229)
    Season 51 Episode 229:

    EPISODE: 270

    Ciara professes her love to Chad; Jennifer wakes to find Belle and Kayla in her room; Ciara finds Theo and Claire kissing; Chad remains unwavering in his decision about Thomas.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 269 (Season 51 Episode 228)
    Season 51 Episode 228:

    EPISODE: 269

    Theresa, Brady and John find the woman who took Tate; Nicole pleads with Deimos to tell her about the kidnapping; Abe appoints Aiden to the post of district attorney; Rafe and Roman worry Aiden may learn that Hope killed Stefano.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 268 (Season 51 Episode 227)
    Season 51 Episode 227:

    EPISODE: 268

    Theo shares the news of Abigail's death with Ciara; Chad tells Belle he's going to stop fighting for custody of Thomas; Jennifer hides in a hotel room to numb her pain with alcohol and drugs; Claire and Theo find comfort with her new song.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 267 (Season 51 Episode 226)
    Season 51 Episode 226:

    EPISODE: 267

    While awaiting surgery, Maggie frets about Tate; Belle and Shawn disagree over Claire's future; Nicole discovers Deimos was the one who urged a doctor out of retirement to operate on Maggie; Chloe has another dream about Deimos learning the truth.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 266 (Season 51 Episode 225)
    Season 51 Episode 225:

    EPISODE: 266

    J.J. attacks Chad; Rafe and Hope share a romantic evening; Jennifer thinks about Jack comforting her; Justin faces bad news.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 265 (Season 51 Episode 224)
    Season 51 Episode 224:

    EPISODE: 265

    Deimos and Nicole advance their relationship; Nicole opens up to Chloe; Chad thinks about his father; Jennifer and Chad fight over custody.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 264 (Season 51 Episode 223)
    Season 51 Episode 223:

    EPISODE: 264

    Chloe tells Philip her news; Gabi has a frightening encounter; Deimos states his feelings for Nicole; Dario tries to forgive his father.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 263 (Season 51 Episode 222)
    Season 51 Episode 222:

    EPISODE: 263

    Sonny and Paul talk to each other; John and Marlena share a close moment; Caroline has a vision; John and Brady get information on Tate's kidnapping.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 262 (Season 51 Episode 221)
    Season 51 Episode 221:

    EPISODE: 262

    Hope gets home from the hospital; Chloe gets surprising news; Claire works as Chloe's assistant; Jennifer seeks out help.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 261 (Season 51 Episode 220)
    Season 51 Episode 220:

    EPISODE: 261

    John and Brady interrogate Deimos; Steve starts a new career; Joey deals with the aftermath of Ava's death.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 260 (Season 51 Episode 219)
    Season 51 Episode 219:

    EPISODE: 260

    Sonny and Paul have a moment; Maggie and Victor get good news; John catches a lead in Tate's kidnapping; Theresa has a dream.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 259 (Season 51 Episode 218)
    Season 51 Episode 218:

    EPISODE: 259

    Steve opens up to Eduardo; Fynn kisses Kayla; Jade and Joey bond; Adriana makes a decision.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 258 (Season 51 Episode 217)
    Season 51 Episode 217:

    EPISODE: 258

    Claire puts the brakes on her education; Shawn and Belle butt heads; Nicole sees Deimos' softer side; Dario and Nicole go to the shooting range.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 257 (Season 51 Episode 216)
    Season 51 Episode 216:

    EPISODE: 257

    Aiden puts a plan into action; Adriana warns Rafe to stay away from Hope; Blanca and Gabi get closer; Eduardo gets a troubling message.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 256 (Season 51 Episode 215)
    Season 51 Episode 215:

    EPISODE: 256

    Kate leaves the mansion; Deimos asks Nicole for a new beginning; Steve helps look for Tate; Brady and Theresa butt heads.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 255 (Season 51 Episode 214)
    Season 51 Episode 214:

    EPISODE: 255

    Hope has a health crisis; Aiden continues to assert his innocence; Brady questions Victor's role in Tate's abduction; Summer pleads with Theresa.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 254 (Season 51 Episode 213)
    Season 51 Episode 213:

    EPISODE: 254

    Rafe and Hope continue to be trapped; Rafe has a nightmare; Rafe's feelings for Hope are put to the test.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 253 (Season 51 Episode 212)
    Season 51 Episode 212:

    EPISODE: 253

    Shawn continues to search for Hope and Rafe; Maggie confides in Julie; Brady and Theresa address Summer; Hope's condition deteriorates.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 252 (Season 51 Episode 211)
    Season 51 Episode 211:

    EPISODE: 252

    Shawn handles the aftereffects of the explosion; Hope and Rafe's fate is decided; Aiden takes action against Andre; Blanca's past haunts her.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 251 (Season 51 Episode 210)
    Season 51 Episode 210:

    EPISODE: 251

    Theresa strikes out at Brady; Doug, Julie and Claire talk; Summer goes on the lam.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 250 (Season 51 Episode 209)
    Season 51 Episode 209:

    EPISODE: 250

    Chad and Jennifer's battle for custody continues; Ciara talks to Chase; Chase has a meltdown.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 249 (Season 51 Episode 208)
    Season 51 Episode 208:

    EPISODE: 249

    Dario takes his father up on his offer; Kate and Deimos talk to the authorities; Philip thinks about signing Chloe; Summer continues her suspicious behavior.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 248 (Season 51 Episode 207)
    Season 51 Episode 207:

    EPISODE: 248

    Chad loses control; Chad and Jennifer disagree over Thomas; Hope and Aiden find their way back to each other; Jennifer turns to Doug and Julie for advice.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 247 (Season 51 Episode 206)
    Season 51 Episode 206:

    EPISODE: 247

    Claire scolds Ciara for her feelings; Chad learns of Abigail's fate; Theo and Claire share a moment; Andre arranges a plan.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 246 (Season 51 Episode 205)
    Season 51 Episode 205:

    EPISODE: 246

    Aiden and Hope make plans to return to Salem; Rafe becomes more suspicious of Aiden; Summer sits on a plane.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 245 (Season 51 Episode 204)
    Season 51 Episode 204:

    EPISODE: 245

    Chad pretends to be on Andre's side; Kate fears Deimos will seek vengeance against her; Chad has an interesting conversation; an article gives Andre an idea.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 244 (Season 51 Episode 203)
    Season 51 Episode 203:

    EPISODE: 244

    Chloe tells Philip that Deimos is returning; Shawn worries his relationship with Belle will stall; Kate finds a surprise waiting for her at the mansion; Nicole asks Chloe about her relationship with Deimos.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 243 (Season 51 Episode 202)
    Season 51 Episode 202:

    EPISODE: 243

    Theresa tells Brady she fell asleep while out with Tate; Victor tries to console Maggie; Kayla tells Steve she still isn't ready to advance their relationship; Jade tells Joey her parents don't want her.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 242 (Season 51 Episode 201)
    Season 51 Episode 201:

    EPISODE: 242

    Andre tells Chad Abigail gave him the letter; J.J. talks to Chad about Abigail; Hope's memories come between her and Aiden; Rafe asks Andre about Aiden.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 241 (Season 51 Episode 200)
    Season 51 Episode 200:

    EPISODE: 241

    Aiden and Hope share a moment; Rafe learns Aiden visited Andre in jail; Deimos tells Nicole he wants to get revenge before revealing he's alive; Andre gets a text from Aiden.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 240 (Season 51 Episode 199)
    Season 51 Episode 199:

    EPISODE: 240

    Chad finds a shocking note from Abigail; Deimos tells Nicole he will return to Salem with her; Blanca and Dario celebrate; Philip and Chloe have an unexpected encounter.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 239 (Season 51 Episode 198)
    Season 51 Episode 198:

    EPISODE: 239

    Nicole goes to Chloe's place and discovers Deimos is alive; Deimos agrees to clear Nicole's name; Theresa falls asleep while at the park with Tate; Summer finds money and a letter of instruction in her hotel room; Chad has his men look for Abigail.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 238 (Season 51 Episode 197)
    Season 51 Episode 197:

    EPISODE: 238

    Summer informs Dario that Clark's sister is asking questions; Aiden endeavors to remind Hope of their former love; Blanca urges Rafe to let go of Hope; Brady confronts Summer about her lying.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 237 (Season 51 Episode 196)
    Season 51 Episode 196:

    EPISODE: 237

    Andre and Kate form a twisted friendship; Brady scolds Theresa; Chloe discovers Kate is setting Nicole up for Deimos' murder; Brady and Theresa make an announcement.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 236 (Season 51 Episode 195)
    Season 51 Episode 195:

    EPISODE: 236

    Kate tells Nicole she's being fired; Deimos tells Chloe Kate attempted to kill him; Chad is surprised to see Andre out of jail; Chloe considers telling Nicole about her involvement with Deimos; Abigail decides she can't wait any longer for Chad.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 235 (Season 51 Episode 194)
    Season 51 Episode 194:

    EPISODE: 235

    Rafe and Roman work to disprove Monahan's confession; Victor's behavior upsets Brady; Paul accepts John's job offer; Rafe tries to reach Hope.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 234 (Season 51 Episode 193)
    Season 51 Episode 193:

    EPISODE: 234

    Marlena tries to calm Abigail; Chad schemes to break Abigail out of the facility; Hope asks Aiden to go on a trip; a man arrives at the police station, looking to confess to murder.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 233 (Season 51 Episode 192)
    Season 51 Episode 192:

    EPISODE: 233

    Aiden witnesses the spark between Rafe and Hope; Ciara denies her feelings for Chad; Aiden accepts the offer to take out his rival; Belle and Shawn tell Claire about their reconciliation; Adrienne and Lucas reunite.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 232 (Season 51 Episode 191)
    Season 51 Episode 191:

    EPISODE: 232

    Chad feels concern toward Abigail; Abigail pleads with Chad and Jennifer to take her out of Shady Hills; Belle chastises Nicole and Dario; Nicole insists Kate killed Deimos; Deimos befriends Parker.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 231 (Season 51 Episode 190)
    Season 51 Episode 190:

    EPISODE: 231

    Chard and Marlena learn Abigail was injured in a fire; Victor keeps his eye on the prize; Roman tells Justin there is an investigation into missing evidence; Summer talks to Maggie about Brady; Theresa tells Brady they should marry quickly.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 230 (Season 51 Episode 189)
    Season 51 Episode 189:

    EPISODE: 230

    Philip visits Kate; Steve, Kayla and Jade wait at the hospital; John returns to Marlena; Chad apologizes to Ciara.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 229 (Season 51 Episode 188)
    Season 51 Episode 188:

    EPISODE: 229

    Nicole and Dario look for evidence in the Kiriakis mansion; Victor betrays Nicole; Hope and Aiden meet for dinner; Eduardo realizes Adriana has feelings for him.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 228 (Season 51 Episode 187)
    Season 51 Episode 187:

    EPISODE: 228

    Chloe patches Deimos up; Nicole pleads her case to Rafe; Victor makes Kate an offer; Philip tries to make things right with Victor; Belle and Shawn test whether they can mend their relationship.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 227 (Season 51 Episode 186)
    Season 51 Episode 186:

    EPISODE: 227

    Joey, Steve and Kayla get ready to return to Salem; J.J. helps Julie move; Joey learns Dirk killed someone during a robbery; Steve, Joey and Kayla are caught up in a hostage situation.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 226 (Season 51 Episode 185)
    Season 51 Episode 185:

    EPISODE: 226

    Nicole worries about being charged in Deimos' death; Rafe tells Aiden not to hurt Hope; Deimos calls for help; Hope comes to a decision about Aiden.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 225 (Season 51 Episode 184)
    Season 51 Episode 184:

    EPISODE: 225

    Belle and Shawn share a moment; Kate makes a revelation to Nicole; Fynn makes a decision about Kayla; Steve, Kayla and Joey make plans.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 224 (Season 51 Episode 183)
    Season 51 Episode 183:

    EPISODE: 224

    Hope looks to her past to get through a difficult time.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 223 (Season 51 Episode 182)
    Season 51 Episode 182:

    EPISODE: 223

    Kate pins Deimos' murder on Nicole; Kate and Aiden make a deal; Adriana invites an old friend to visit; Ciara cares for Chad.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 222 (Season 51 Episode 181)
    Season 51 Episode 181:

    EPISODE: 222

    Kate approaches Deimos after his meeting with Nicole; Theresa arranges a romantic evening with Brady; Summer tells Brady about her feelings; Nicole opens up to Dario.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 219 (Season 51 Episode 180)
    Season 51 Episode 180:

    EPISODE: 219

    Kayla makes John take her to look for Steve and Joey; Nicole opens up to Dario about Deimos; Joey faces the consequences of his actions; Kate sees Nicole and Deimos kissing.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 218 (Season 51 Episode 179)
    Season 51 Episode 179:

    EPISODE: 218

    Hope offers Aiden comfort; Adriana summons someone to town; Abigail refuses to see Chad; Joey robs a souvenir shop for Jade; Kayla turns to Fynn for comfort.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 216 (Season 51 Episode 178)
    Season 51 Episode 178:

    EPISODE: 216

    Aiden works on a plan to get Chase out of prison; Chase is attacked; J.J. and Roman butt heads; Eduardo lets his disapproval of J.J. and Gabi's relationship be known; Steve and John track Jade and Joey.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 215 (Season 51 Episode 177)
    Season 51 Episode 177:

    EPISODE: 215

    Claire wonders if Belle and Shawn have gotten back together; Ciara opens up to Marlena; Hope talks to Rafe about Ciara; Aiden realizes winning Hope back won't be easy.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 214 (Season 51 Episode 176)
    Season 51 Episode 176:

    EPISODE: 214

    John aids in the search for Joey; Aiden pays Chase a visit; Ciara and Claire go to their hearing; Shawn feels caught between Lani and Belle; Fynn helps Kayla follow Joey.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 213 (Season 51 Episode 175)
    Season 51 Episode 175:

    EPISODE: 213

    Jennifer fights against her painkiller addiction, imagining how it could affect Abigail and J.J.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 212 (Season 51 Episode 174)
    Season 51 Episode 174:

    EPISODE: 212

    Kate and Nicole fight over Deimos; Rafe sees Aiden and Hope kissing; Belle and Shawn get intimate; Hope tells Aiden she has feelings for Rafe.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 211 (Season 51 Episode 173)
    Season 51 Episode 173:

    EPISODE: 211

    Rafe sees Aiden and Hope share a kiss; Deimos and Nicole's relationship heats up; Rafe tells Eduardo that they have to stop paying the price for his past; Belle surprises Shawn.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 210 (Season 51 Episode 172)
    Season 51 Episode 172:

    EPISODE: 210

    Marlena helps Paul cope with post-traumatic stress; Fynn offers Adriana a nursing job; Deimos wants Kate to sign a pre-nup; Eduardo is haunted by his past.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 209 (Season 51 Episode 171)
    Season 51 Episode 171:

    EPISODE: 209

    Hope is troubled by memories of Aiden; a wary Julie rents Aiden a room at the Martin house; Justin wants Victor to drop his vendetta against Deimos; Kate and Deimos discusses eloping; Rafe seeks advice from Eduardo.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 208 (Season 51 Episode 170)
    Season 51 Episode 170:

    EPISODE: 208

    Aiden watches as Hope visits Bo's grave; Brady confides in Belle; Theresa tells Anne she wants to investigate Summer; Victor receives information about Summer's past.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 207 (Season 51 Episode 169)
    Season 51 Episode 169:

    EPISODE: 207

    Andre makes a deal with Aiden; Hope tells Rafe she needs to take things slowly; Fynn finds a virus antidote; Steve looks for Joey.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 206 (Season 51 Episode 168)
    Season 51 Episode 168:

    EPISODE: 206

    Abigail tells Chad she doesn't want him and Thomas to visit anymore; Aiden goes to see Andre; Rafe asks Hope about Aiden; Caroline talks to Hope and Rafe at the pub.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 205 (Season 51 Episode 167)
    Season 51 Episode 167:

    EPISODE: 205

    Chad invites Abigail's family to visit her at the hospital; Kayla works despite feeling symptoms of the virus; Steve gets information from Claire; Jade and Joey reach Aunt Simone's desert compound; Kate interrupts a moment between Deimos and Nicole.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 204 (Season 51 Episode 166)
    Season 51 Episode 166:

    EPISODE: 204

    Aiden tries to convince Hope that the man who tried to kill her was an impostor; Hope tells Ciara about Aiden's return; the virus situation becomes increasingly dire; Eduardo and Adriana share a tender moment.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 203 (Season 51 Episode 165)
    Season 51 Episode 165:

    EPISODE: 203

    Hope rushes to the station after a tense encounter with Ciara; Ciara talks to Claire about her feelings for Theo; Aiden refuses to talk to anyone but Hope; Steve worries Joey left; Kayla must attend to patients suffering from a flu-like virus.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 202 (Season 51 Episode 164)
    Season 51 Episode 164:

    EPISODE: 202

    Aiden's return rattles Hope; Aiden tells his story; Hope arrests Aiden.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 201 (Season 51 Episode 163)
    Season 51 Episode 163:

    EPISODE: 201

    Rafe plans a romantic night for Hope; Dario helps Summer cover up her latest con; Theresa decides to look into Summer; something interrupts J.J. and Gabi's evening.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 200 (Season 51 Episode 162)
    Season 51 Episode 162:

    EPISODE: 200

    J.J. is asked to a Hernandez family lunch; Summer finds herself in a complicated situation; Summer denies having romantic feelings for Brady to Theresa; John gives Marlena comfort.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 199 (Season 51 Episode 161)
    Season 51 Episode 161:

    EPISODE: 199

    Chad offers a solution when Ciara tells Hope she wants to move out; Hope turns to Rafe for advice about Ciara; Joey and Jade say they're leaving town; Steve attacks Kayla for not telling him about Joey's incarceration.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 198 (Season 51 Episode 160)
    Season 51 Episode 160:

    EPISODE: 198

    Katie and Nicole face off; a man blackmails Summer; Maggie talks to Caroline and Julie about being poisoned by Deimos; Caroline tells Victor she's stopped having visions.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 197 (Season 51 Episode 159)
    Season 51 Episode 159:

    EPISODE: 197

    Justin has a proposition for Deimos; Theresa accuses Brady of having a hero complex; Maggie and Victor suggest Summer move in with them; the arrival of a man from Summer's past stuns her; Deimos asks Nicole to be Basic Black's CEO.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 196 (Season 51 Episode 158)
    Season 51 Episode 158:

    EPISODE: 196

    Belle's suggestion of getting married in Las Vegas catches Philip off guard; Ciara discovers her prom song is a hit online; Abe tells Theo to keep away from Ciara; Ciara wants to quit school.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 195 (Season 51 Episode 157)
    Season 51 Episode 157:

    EPISODE: 195

    Ciara, Claire and Joey face vandalism accusations; Belle turns to Philip for solace, while Lani draws Shawn to a sleazy hotel; Hope receives another call warning her about Deimos; Victor makes Deimos feel guilty about Helena's death.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 194 (Season 51 Episode 156)
    Season 51 Episode 156:

    EPISODE: 194

    Ciara, Theo, Claire, Henry, Jade and Joey go to prom; Kate and Deimos honor their partnership; Hope withdraws from Rafe; Victor and Nicole finalize their plan to take Deimos down.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 193 (Season 51 Episode 155)
    Season 51 Episode 155:

    EPISODE: 193

    Things escalate romantically between Rafe and Hope; Steve is unhappy to see Fynn and Kayla share a moment; Abigail has a bad dream about Ben; Jade and Joey advance their relationship.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 192 (Season 51 Episode 154)
    Season 51 Episode 154:

    EPISODE: 192

    Theo promises Ciara a magical prom night; Rafe arranges an '80s-themed evening for Hope; Abe talks to Hope about Theo and Ciara; Rafe finds out Deimos invested in a company that made a payment to Dr. Malcolm; Marlena talks to Belle about Eric.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 191 (Season 51 Episode 153)
    Season 51 Episode 153:

    EPISODE: 191

    Fynn warns Kayla to take it easy; Theo's protective nature causes him trouble; Nicole asks Deimos about Helena; Joey and Jade firm up their plans; Ciara, Claire, Theo and Henry decorate for prom.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 190 (Season 51 Episode 152)
    Season 51 Episode 152:

    EPISODE: 190

    Ciara, Claire and Joey face vandalism accusations; Belle turns to Philip for solace, while Lani draws Shawn to a sleazy hotel; Hope receives another call warning her about Deimos; Victor makes Deimos feel guilty about Helena's death.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 189 (Season 51 Episode 151)
    Season 51 Episode 151:

    EPISODE: 189

    Ciara, Theo, Claire, Henry, Jade and Joey go to prom; Kate and Deimos honor their partnership; Hope withdraws from Rafe; Victor and Nicole finalize their plan to take Deimos down.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 188 (Season 51 Episode 150)
    Season 51 Episode 150:

    EPISODE: 188

    Rafe and Hope heat things up; Steve is unhappy to see a warm moment between Fynn and Kayla; Abigail has a bad dream about Ben; Jade and Joey move their relationship forward.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 187 (Season 51 Episode 149)
    Season 51 Episode 149:

    EPISODE: 187

    Theo tells Ciara they will have a magical prom; Rafe surprises Hope with an '80s-themed evening; Abe talks to Hope about Theo and Ciara; Rafe learns Deimos invested in a company linked to Dr. Malcolm; Marlena discusses Eric with Belle.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 186 (Season 51 Episode 148)
    Season 51 Episode 148:

    EPISODE: 186

    Eric tells Marlena, Roman, John and Jennifer goodbye; Philip tries to make peace with Victor; Victor flashes back to Helena's death; Brady and Theresa get in a fight about Summer.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 185 (Season 51 Episode 147)
    Season 51 Episode 147:

    EPISODE: 185

    Rafe tells Hope he loves her; Chad talks to Rafe about Ben; Summer interrupts Theresa and Brady's night out; Abigail has flashbacks about burning Ben.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 184 (Season 51 Episode 146)
    Season 51 Episode 146:

    EPISODE: 184

    Rafe offers Roman support; Hope tells Caroline she killed Stefano; Nicole has questions for Deimos; Roman, Rafe, Hope and Caroline believe Deimos may be responsible for what happened to Maggie and Bo; Rafe and Hope share a kiss.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 183 (Season 51 Episode 145)
    Season 51 Episode 145:

    EPISODE: 183

    Ben is in the hospital with burns; Chad tries to hide Abigail's role in the incident with Ben; John comforts a depressed Marlena after Eric's sentencing; poor choices lead Eric and Jennifer to make love.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 182 (Season 51 Episode 144)
    Season 51 Episode 144:

    EPISODE: 182

    Abigail's mental stability comes into question; a worried Chad reaches out to Marlena; Fynn tells Kayla she has a subdural hematoma; Steve and Kayla think back on their past.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 181 (Season 51 Episode 143)
    Season 51 Episode 143:

    EPISODE: 181

    Abigail plans her revenge on Ben Watson; Lucas cares for Jennifer; Nicole makes a discovery about Deimos; Maggie and Summer talk about their pasts.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 180 (Season 51 Episode 142)
    Season 51 Episode 142:

    EPISODE: 180

    Abigail and Ben come face-to-face; Steve frets over losing the love of his life; Kayla talks to Roman about Steve; Ciara and Theo share a kiss.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 179 (Season 51 Episode 141)
    Season 51 Episode 141:

    EPISODE: 179

    The charges against Steve are dropped; Kayla calls the engagement off; Phillip and Deimos butt heads over Victor; Maggie and Summer share an emotional moment; Deimos learns more about Nicole.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 178 (Season 51 Episode 140)
    Season 51 Episode 140:

    EPISODE: 178

    Kayla suggests going on the run to Steve; Kayla and Jade meet for the first time; Chase's downward spiral continues as he breaks into Jennifer's house; Ciara confronts Chase.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 177 (Season 51 Episode 139)
    Season 51 Episode 139:

    EPISODE: 177

    Caroline has a vision of Victor; Deimos looks at a photo of a woman who resembles Nicole; Nicole and Caroline go to Victor's bedside; Summer worries Maggie may be paralyzed.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 176 (Season 51 Episode 138)
    Season 51 Episode 138:

    EPISODE: 176

    Deimos reveals his schemes to Kate; Deimos and Victor face off; Victor is faced with a life or death situation; Steve and Kayla share what may be his last night as a free man together.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 175 (Season 51 Episode 137)
    Season 51 Episode 137:

    EPISODE: 175

    Chad distracts Abigail from her concerns; Ciara copes with her rape; Chase commits another crime; the Hernandez clan considers giving Eduardo another chance.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 174 (Season 51 Episode 136)
    Season 51 Episode 136:

    EPISODE: 174

    With Victor by her side, Maggie is rushed to the hospital; Deimos gives Victor an ultimatum; Abigail realizes she imagined her encounter with Ben; Philip wants a definition of his relationship with Belle.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 173 (Season 51 Episode 135)
    Season 51 Episode 135:

    EPISODE: 173

    Abigail pleads with Ben; Maggie faces health issues; Summer's motives are questioned; Theresa loses her engagement ring.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 172 (Season 51 Episode 134)
    Season 51 Episode 134:

    EPISODE: 172

    JJ and Chad look out for Ben Weston; Chad and Abigail plan to trap Ben; Abigail questions her sanity; something is seen on the perimeter of the DiMera compound.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 171 (Season 51 Episode 133)
    Season 51 Episode 133:

    EPISODE: 171

    Maggie and Summer try to make up for lost time; Deimos tries to make peace with Victor; Philip talks to Claire about starting a record label; Nicole talks to Dario.

  • Days of Our Lives - EPISODE: 170 (Season 51 Episode 132)
    Season 51 Episode 132:

    EPISODE: 170