Chef at Home

Chef at Home

2004 - 2010, Cookery
Creating fresh and seasonal dishes with chef Michael Smith.

Episode Guide

  • Chef at Home - Simple Fettuccini Alfredo (Season 6 Episode 26)
    Season 6 Episode 26:

    Simple Fettuccini Alfredo

    Pan-roasted chicken breast with its own sauce; butterscotch bread pudding; simple fettuccine alfredo.

  • Chef at Home - Easy Fish (Season 6 Episode 25)
    Season 6 Episode 25:

    Easy Fish

    Dijon and pesto crusted white fish; mashed sweet potatoes with olive oil and maple; steamed brussels sprouts with bacon; blueberry shakes.

  • Chef at Home - Pasta Casserole (Season 6 Episode 24)
    Season 6 Episode 24:

    Pasta Casserole

    Old-fashioned macaroni and cheese with a tomato twist; double vanilla cake with dark chocolate frosting.

  • Chef at Home - Tea Poached Salmon (Season 6 Episode 23)
    Season 6 Episode 23:

    Tea Poached Salmon

    Tea-poached salmon; Moroccan almond apricot couscous; pina colada panna cotta.

  • Chef at Home - Baked Chicken (Season 6 Episode 22)
    Season 6 Episode 22:

    Baked Chicken

    Baking chicken in a closed pot; bacon barley risotto; spinach cherry tomato salad.

  • Chef at Home - Dinner Club (Season 6 Episode 21)
    Season 6 Episode 21:

    Dinner Club

    Pinot noir cherry chutney on grilled veal chops; creamed spinach with sherry; single malt butterscotch sundaes; Sazerac nightcap cocktails.

  • Chef at Home - Homemade Pasta (Season 6 Episode 20)
    Season 6 Episode 20:

    Homemade Pasta

    Salt and pepper fettuccini with San Marzano sauce; extra virgin olive oil cake batter with basil whipped cream.

  • Chef at Home - Pork Chops (Season 6 Episode 19)
    Season 6 Episode 19:

    Pork Chops

    Juicy pork chops with rosemary-scented applesauce; bacon cheddar polenta; brown butter green beans.

  • Chef at Home - Shrimp Cocktails (Season 6 Episode 18)
    Season 6 Episode 18:

    Shrimp Cocktails

    Fresh baked blondies; prosciutto-wrapped grilled shrimp cocktails; homemade pasta; green pea spaetzle with smoked salmon and dill.

  • Chef at Home - Kung Pao Chicken (Season 6 Episode 17)
    Season 6 Episode 17:

    Kung Pao Chicken

    Spicy Kung Pao chicken; a Chinese salad.

  • Chef at Home - Southwestern Beef Stew (Season 6 Episode 16)
    Season 6 Episode 16:

    Southwestern Beef Stew

    A simple beef stew; baked sweet potato dumplings; sweet and sour cabbage; a Southwestern sundae with spicy chocolate sauce and strawberry salsa.

  • Chef at Home - Saturday Baking (Season 6 Episode 15)
    Season 6 Episode 15:

    Saturday Baking

    Homemade cinnamon rolls; chocolate French toast.

  • Chef at Home - Proscuitto Roast Salmon (Season 6 Episode 14)
    Season 6 Episode 14:

    Proscuitto Roast Salmon

    Proscuitto roast salmon with tomato tarragon salsa; grilled Caribbean chicken with pineapple salsa; Thai coconut-steamed mussels.

  • Chef at Home - Big Flavor (Season 6 Episode 13)
    Season 6 Episode 13:

    Big Flavor

    Grilled tuna steaks and Caribbean salsa; homemade ketchup; chilled melon gazpacho soup with mint almond goat cheese pesto.

  • Chef at Home - Tuscan Beef (Season 6 Episode 12)
    Season 6 Episode 12:

    Tuscan Beef

    Grilled and sliced steak in a salad with arugula, lemon, olive oil and shaved parmesan; tomato bread pudding; steakhouse mushroom stew.

  • Chef at Home - Global Kitchen (Season 6 Episode 11)
    Season 6 Episode 11:

    Global Kitchen

    Orange sesame crusted pork tenderloin; sweet potato aloo gobi; homemade cheese paneer.

  • Chef at Home - Sausage & Pepper Hero (Season 6 Episode 10)
    Season 6 Episode 10:

    Sausage & Pepper Hero

    Sausage, peppers and fennel in whole wheat buns; turnip French fries with green ketchup; an Italian-inspired slaw; peanut butter and jelly cookies.

  • Chef at Home - Smoked Salmon Pesto Pinwheels (Season 6 Episode 9)
    Season 6 Episode 9:

    Smoked Salmon Pesto Pinwheels

    Smoked salmon pesto pinwheels; proscuitto mesclun bundles; olive oil fried almonds; grilled cambazola cheese sandwiches with marmalade; blue cheese walnut crusted grapes; 24 karat gold-wrapped grapes.

  • Chef at Home - Cook Ahead (Season 6 Episode 8)
    Season 6 Episode 8:

    Cook Ahead

    Mediterranean chicken soup; oatmeal chocolate chip cookies; hummus; oven-roasted tomatoes; fruit salad.

  • Chef at Home - Travel Flavors (Season 6 Episode 7)
    Season 6 Episode 7:

    Travel Flavors

    A Scandinavian Muurikka; Egyptian molokhia; Mexican ceviche; Arabic coffee; Japanese candied crickets.

  • Chef at Home - After School Party (Season 6 Episode 6)
    Season 6 Episode 6:

    After School Party

    Chewy chocolate chip cookies; crisp oven fries; Asian orange grilled chicken wings.

  • Chef at Home - Brick Chicken (Season 6 Episode 5)
    Season 6 Episode 5:

    Brick Chicken

    Flattened chicken cooked under a brick; fennel roasted with apples; strawberry arugula salad.

  • Chef at Home - Colorful Food (Season 6 Episode 4)
    Season 6 Episode 4:

    Colorful Food

    Flank steak wrapped around dried tomato pesto pinwheels; steakhouse vegetables; twice baked potatoes stuffed with smoked salmon, cream cheese and chives.

  • Chef at Home - Dark Chocolate Day (Season 6 Episode 3)
    Season 6 Episode 3:

    Dark Chocolate Day

    Dark chocolate brownies; chocolate-covered grapes and popcorn; caramel chocolate sauce; chocolate whipped cream.

  • Chef at Home - Southwestern Art (Season 6 Episode 2)
    Season 6 Episode 2:

    Southwestern Art

    Strawberry margarita pie; Southwestern dinner salad with crispy spicy chicken, avocados, corn and chipotle lime dressing.

  • Chef at Home - Argentinean Burgers (Season 6 Episode 1)
    Season 6 Episode 1:

    Argentinean Burgers

    Chicken satay with peanut sauce; Argentinean burgers with chimichurri sauce; beer brother mussels; grilled oysters; mint margaritas.

  • Chef at Home - Breakfast for Dinner (Season 5 Episode 26)
    Season 5 Episode 26:

    Breakfast for Dinner

    Fresh, braised bacon and pork belly; tomato ginger jam; sweet potato home fries; simple omelets.

  • Chef at Home - Fresh Herb Picnic (Season 5 Episode 25)
    Season 5 Episode 25:

    Fresh Herb Picnic

    A grilled chicken and pineapple salad with mint; bacon cabbage slaw; watermelon feta salad; a pesto; mint flavoured limeade.

  • Chef at Home - Backyard Smoked Salmon (Season 5 Episode 24)
    Season 5 Episode 24:

    Backyard Smoked Salmon

    Two ways to smoke a salmon; a smoked salmon Caesar salad; a simple pasta dish.

  • Chef at Home - Vegetarian 101 (Season 5 Episode 23)
    Season 5 Episode 23:

    Vegetarian 101

    Carrot ginger soup; apple granola crisp; grilled vegetable wraps with dried tomato black olive spread.

  • Chef at Home - Bake Sale (Season 5 Episode 22)
    Season 5 Episode 22:

    Bake Sale

    Three layered chocolate peanut butter crunch squares; old-fashioned monkey bread.

  • Chef at Home - Creative Kitchen (Season 5 Episode 21)
    Season 5 Episode 21:

    Creative Kitchen

    Caramel vinaigrette; ice wine foam; encapsulated mango puree; olive oil poached salmon.

  • Chef at Home - Cornmeal Crusted Catfish (Season 5 Episode 20)
    Season 5 Episode 20:

    Cornmeal Crusted Catfish

    Cornmeal-crusted catfish; potato cheddar casserole; farmer's market salad.

  • Chef at Home - No Knead Bread (Season 5 Episode 19)
    Season 5 Episode 19:

    No Knead Bread

    A crusty classic loaf of city bread; whole grain country bread; cheddar ale soup.

  • Chef at Home - Potluck Pot Pie (Season 5 Episode 18)
    Season 5 Episode 18:

    Potluck Pot Pie

    Individual basil biscuit-crusted chicken potpies; Asian vegetable salad.

  • Chef at Home - Beer Can Chicken (Season 5 Episode 17)
    Season 5 Episode 17:

    Beer Can Chicken

    Grilling a chicken on a beer can; Greek potato spinach salad; grilled corn and basil butter; grilled banana split.

  • Chef at Home - All Fish Night (Season 5 Episode 16)
    Season 5 Episode 16:

    All Fish Night

    Smoked salmon rye bread crisps; seared tuna bites; pan-seared scallops with vermouth and mustard; Mediterranean tomato mussel broth with pasta.

  • Chef at Home - Kids Party (Season 5 Episode 15)
    Season 5 Episode 15:

    Kids Party

    Pumpkin seeds and olive oil popcorn; Chinese chicken balls; steamed broccoli trees; sweet potato soup.

  • Chef at Home - Local Flavour (Season 5 Episode 14)
    Season 5 Episode 14:

    Local Flavour

    Chicken baked with ham and cheddar; croissant bread pudding; apple pie flavoured carrots; salsa stuffed twice baked potatoes.

  • Chef at Home - Grilled Steak (Season 5 Episode 13)
    Season 5 Episode 13:

    Grilled Steak

    A grilled steak dinner with cheesy potato pie, dark chocolate pate and a steakhouse salad.

  • Chef at Home - Lobster Feast (Season 5 Episode 12)
    Season 5 Episode 12:

    Lobster Feast

    A lobster pesto salad; lemon brown butter; lobster mashed potatoes; a three chocolate dessert.

  • Chef at Home - Cook Ahead Sunday (Season 5 Episode 11)
    Season 5 Episode 11:

    Cook Ahead Sunday

    With some free time on his hands, Michael shows how easy it is to turn a kitchen into a prep kitchen; get ready for the busy week ahead.

  • Chef at Home - Gnocchi With Roast Tomato Sauce (Season 5 Episode 10)
    Season 5 Episode 10:

    Gnocchi With Roast Tomato Sauce

    Roast cherry tomato and black olive pasta sauce; fennel salad; handmade potato gnocchi.

  • Chef at Home - Fish Taco (Season 5 Episode 9)
    Season 5 Episode 9:

    Fish Taco

    Spicy salmon tacos with avocado salsa; Southwestern brown rice; black beans; pineapple vanilla upside down cake; ginger melon mojitos.

  • Chef at Home - Breakfast in Bed (Season 5 Episode 8)
    Season 5 Episode 8:

    Breakfast in Bed

    Fruit salad smoothies; granola muffins; oatmeal with almond cappuccino foam; green eggs and ham.

  • Chef at Home - BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich (Season 5 Episode 7)
    Season 5 Episode 7:

    BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

    Patience is the key to many kitchen flavours; a pork shoulder with a customizable spice rub; barbecue for a pulled pork sandwich.

  • Chef at Home - Big Beefy Ribs (Season 5 Episode 6)
    Season 5 Episode 6:

    Big Beefy Ribs

    Red wine-braised ribs with roasted asparagus, purple mashed potatoes with a cabernet sauvignon reduction and a mulled chardonnay apple vanilla ice cream sundae.

  • Chef at Home - Seaweed Salmon (Season 5 Episode 5)
    Season 5 Episode 5:

    Seaweed Salmon

    Cooking salmon in seaweed; saffron rice and Asian long bean salad; Caesar cocktails.

  • Chef at Home - Brunch With Friends (Season 5 Episode 4)
    Season 5 Episode 4:

    Brunch With Friends

    Smoked salmon rye bread pudding; minestrone soup; banana fritters and caramel sauce.

  • Chef at Home - Lemonade Stand (Season 5 Episode 3)
    Season 5 Episode 3:

    Lemonade Stand

    Hand squeezed lemonade; old-fashioned doughnuts.

  • Chef at Home - Clam Boil on the Beach (Season 5 Episode 2)
    Season 5 Episode 2:

    Clam Boil on the Beach

    A clam, lobster, mussels, corn, potatoe and sausage boil; smoked salmon potato salad; chocolate chip cookie brownies.

  • Chef at Home - Roast Organic Chicken (Season 5 Episode 1)
    Season 5 Episode 1:

    Roast Organic Chicken

    A roast chicken dinner with dark chocolate pudding topped with white chocolate whipped cream, garlic steamed broccoli and roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

  • Chef at Home - Valentine's Day for Two (Season 4 Episode 26)
    Season 4 Episode 26:

    Valentine's Day for Two

    Baby greens with goat cheese; Halibut Provencal with stuffed zucchini; chocolate.

  • Chef at Home - Game Day Wings & Burgers (Season 4 Episode 25)
    Season 4 Episode 25:

    Game Day Wings & Burgers

    Michael cooks a game day menu; chocolate chip-less cookies; Buffalo chicken wings; mojo sauce; burgers with a secret ingredient.

  • Chef at Home - Bacon Corn Chowder (Season 4 Episode 24)
    Season 4 Episode 24:

    Bacon Corn Chowder

    Bacon corn chowder.

  • Chef at Home - Fish N' Chips (Season 4 Episode 23)
    Season 4 Episode 23:

    Fish N' Chips

    Crisp halibut fish n' chips with sweet potato fries; chipotle tartar sauce; batter-dipped candy bars.

  • Chef at Home - Turkey Meatloaf (Season 4 Episode 22)
    Season 4 Episode 22:

    Turkey Meatloaf

    Turkey meatloaf.

  • Chef at Home - Spaghetti and Meatballs (Season 4 Episode 21)
    Season 4 Episode 21:

    Spaghetti and Meatballs

    Michael is inspired by the flavors of Italy; tomato sauce; chocolate chip biscotti; fennel arugula salad; Parmesan crisps; affogato.

  • Chef at Home - Spinach Pesto Penne (Season 4 Episode 20)
    Season 4 Episode 20:

    Spinach Pesto Penne

    A pesto of spinach, walnuts, sage and parmesan; grilled ratatouille; Earl Grey honey pudding.

  • Chef at Home - Chocolate Beef (Season 4 Episode 19)
    Season 4 Episode 19:

    Chocolate Beef

    Michael whips up a beef stew flavored with dark chocolate; mashed celery root; drunken pears with goat cheese whipped cream.

  • Chef at Home - Birthday Party (Season 4 Episode 18)
    Season 4 Episode 18:

    Birthday Party

    A dump truck birthday cake; spaghetti sauce with hidden vegetables; fish sticks crusted with tortilla chips.

  • Chef at Home - Thai Red Curry Coconut Beef (Season 4 Episode 17)
    Season 4 Episode 17:

    Thai Red Curry Coconut Beef

    Michael cooks Thai; jasmine rice; shrimp paste relish; sweet and sour soup; three herb chicken salad; red curry coconut beef.

  • Chef at Home - Indian Tandoori Chicken (Season 4 Episode 16)
    Season 4 Episode 16:

    Indian Tandoori Chicken

    Michael's passion for the flavors of India; tandoori chicken with butter sauce; aloo gobi; homemade garam masala.

  • Chef at Home - Chicken Parmesan (Season 4 Episode 15)
    Season 4 Episode 15:

    Chicken Parmesan

    Michael shows how to use written or oral recipes; a crusty loaf of aromatic olive foccacia; chicken Parmesan; tomato sauce; pasta.

  • Chef at Home - BBQ Ribs (Season 4 Episode 14)
    Season 4 Episode 14:

    BBQ Ribs

    Michael explores texture in food; tough pork ribs in barbecue sauce; maple baked beans; crispy cole slaw.

  • Chef at Home - Baked Ham (Season 4 Episode 13)
    Season 4 Episode 13:

    Baked Ham

    Michael tries new flavors; Sunday ham; red onion relish; twice-baked sweet potatoes; flowering onions; orange brown butter glazed Brussels sprouts.

  • Chef at Home - Sunday Brunch (Season 4 Episode 12)
    Season 4 Episode 12:

    Sunday Brunch

    Michael explores the world of spices; cardamom coffee cake; cinnamon baked granola; spice-baked fruit salad; smoked salmon egg cups.

  • Chef at Home - Seafood Chowder (Season 4 Episode 11)
    Season 4 Episode 11:

    Seafood Chowder

    Michael uses fresh dill.

  • Chef at Home - Old Fashioned Fried Chicken (Season 4 Episode 10)
    Season 4 Episode 10:

    Old Fashioned Fried Chicken

    Buttermilk fried chicken; potato salad with bacon and corn; cinnamon scented snickerdoodle cookies; iceberg lettuce tomato salad with ranch dressing.

  • Chef at Home - Soup & Sandwich (Season 4 Episode 9)
    Season 4 Episode 9:

    Soup & Sandwich

    Creamy mushroom soup; smoked salmon bagel sandwich; chocolate crusted ice cream balls.

  • Chef at Home - Halloween Tricks and Treats (Season 4 Episode 8)
    Season 4 Episode 8:

    Halloween Tricks and Treats

    Michael bakes brownies in ice cream cones and tops them with homemade marshmallow.

  • Chef at Home - Louisiana Gumbo & Dirty Rice (Season 4 Episode 7)
    Season 4 Episode 7:

    Louisiana Gumbo & Dirty Rice

    Exploring Louisiana means gumbo.

  • Chef at Home - Kitchen Prep Day (Season 4 Episode 6)
    Season 4 Episode 6:

    Kitchen Prep Day

    A chicken becomes chicken broth; ripe bananas are turned into banana brownies and banana pops; apples become applesauce; refrigerator organization.

  • Chef at Home - Smoke Salmon Crusted Salmon (Season 4 Episode 5)
    Season 4 Episode 5:

    Smoke Salmon Crusted Salmon

    Parmesan proscuitto puff pastry pinwheels; celery root soup; smoked salmon-crusted salmon; flaming baked Alaska.

  • Chef at Home - Apple Orchard (Season 4 Episode 4)
    Season 4 Episode 4:

    Apple Orchard

    Apple pie; chicken roasted on a bed of apples; brown rice simmered with apples; salad dressed up with apple slices.

  • Chef at Home - Spice Rubbed Rib Eye Steak (Season 4 Episode 3)
    Season 4 Episode 3:

    Spice Rubbed Rib Eye Steak

    Juicy grilled rib eye with mushroom sauce, Parmesan smashed potatoes and grilled zucchini.

  • Chef at Home - Wood Planked Salmon (Season 4 Episode 2)
    Season 4 Episode 2:

    Wood Planked Salmon

    Michael marinates salmon with maple and mustard, cooking it over a live fire on cedar planks; dried tomato pesto; a tomato onion tart baked in Parmesan pastry.

  • Chef at Home - Thanksgiving (Season 4 Episode 1)
    Season 4 Episode 1:


    Michael shows how to roast a juicy turkey; tips for brining; lickety-split cranberry sauce; whole cauliflower and glazed root vegetables.

  • Chef at Home - Chef at Home (Season 3 Episode 69)
    Season 3 Episode 69:

    Chef at Home

  • Chef at Home - Chilli Gazpacho (Season 3 Episode 26)
    Season 3 Episode 26:

    Chilli Gazpacho

    Mint gazpacho; chicken caesar salad; chocolate mousse.

  • Chef at Home - Risotto and Prosciutto Pesto Chicken (Season 3 Episode 25)
    Season 3 Episode 25:

    Risotto and Prosciutto Pesto Chicken

    Pesto stuffed chicken wrapped in proscuitto, parmesan, parsley and pea risotto.

  • Chef at Home - Fried Turkey (Season 3 Episode 24)
    Season 3 Episode 24:

    Fried Turkey

    Deep-fried turkey; potato salad with dill and mustard; Parmasan baked zucchini and tomatoes.

  • Chef at Home - Asian Chicken Salad (Season 3 Episode 23)
    Season 3 Episode 23:

    Asian Chicken Salad

    Asian chicken salad wrapped in rice paper, potato pancakes with smoked salmon and herb sour cream dressing.

  • Chef at Home - Homemade Sushi (Season 3 Episode 22)
    Season 3 Episode 22:

    Homemade Sushi

    Orange ginger broth with soba noodles, sushi and spicy pineapple salad.

  • Chef at Home - Blue Cheese Crusted Filet Mignon (Season 3 Episode 21)
    Season 3 Episode 21:

    Blue Cheese Crusted Filet Mignon

    Blue cheese crusted filet mignon, horseradish mashed potatoes, roast tomatoes with baby spinach and pavlova with orange marmalade.

  • Chef at Home - Tomato Vodka Salmon (Season 3 Episode 20)
    Season 3 Episode 20:

    Tomato Vodka Salmon

    Bloody Mary salmon, salad with cucumber vase and roasted tomatoes and vanilla cakes.

  • Chef at Home - Baked Halibut (Season 3 Episode 19)
    Season 3 Episode 19:

    Baked Halibut

    Baked halibut with tomatoes, onions and a simple sauce.

  • Chef at Home - Potato Fish Cakes (Season 3 Episode 18)
    Season 3 Episode 18:

    Potato Fish Cakes

    Potato and salmon cakes with horseradish sauce, broccoli and potato soup and peanut butter cups.

  • Chef at Home - Cocktail Party (Season 3 Episode 17)
    Season 3 Episode 17:

    Cocktail Party

    Nacho chips with bacon, jalapenos ad cheddar, spicy tequila salsa.

  • Chef at Home - Potato Crusted Salmon (Season 3 Episode 16)
    Season 3 Episode 16:

    Potato Crusted Salmon

    Potato and horseradish crusted salmon with pickle sauce, roasted licorice carrots, sauteed mushrooms with sherry and spinach.

  • Chef at Home - Turkey Tacos (Season 3 Episode 15)
    Season 3 Episode 15:

    Turkey Tacos

    The everyday flavors of Mexico are the inspiration for tonights menu.

  • Chef at Home - Hearty Chili (Season 3 Episode 14)
    Season 3 Episode 14:

    Hearty Chili

    Spicy chili, cheddar cornbread and Buffalo chicken wing salad with blue cheese dressing.

  • Chef at Home - Southwestern Steak Salad (Season 3 Episode 13)
    Season 3 Episode 13:

    Southwestern Steak Salad

    Southwestern steak salad, spicy sweet potato soup with crispy tortillas and green rice with cilantro.

  • Chef at Home - Braised Lamb Shanks (Season 3 Episode 12)
    Season 3 Episode 12:

    Braised Lamb Shanks

    Braised lamb shanks; roasted cauliflower with almonds; orange juice braised sweet potatoes; roasted pineapple with coconut crusted ice cream.

  • Chef at Home - French Onion Soup (Season 3 Episode 11)
    Season 3 Episode 11:

    French Onion Soup

    French onion soup; pan roasted chicken breasts with a speedy pan sauce; spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette.

  • Chef at Home - Rum Raisin Pork (Season 3 Episode 10)
    Season 3 Episode 10:

    Rum Raisin Pork

    Allspice-rubbed pork tenderloin with rum raisin sauce, pear salad with garlic oat crunch and blue cheese dressing.

  • Chef at Home - Lasagna With Speedy Tomato Sauce (Season 3 Episode 9)
    Season 3 Episode 9:

    Lasagna With Speedy Tomato Sauce

    Lasagna, sicilian salad, herb butter bread and strawberry banana turnovers.

  • Chef at Home - Beer Stew (Season 3 Episode 8)
    Season 3 Episode 8:

    Beer Stew

    Beef stew made with beer, cheddar biscuits, butterscotch popcorn and hot cocoa laced with liqueurs.

  • Chef at Home - Cornflake Crusted Chicken (Season 3 Episode 7)
    Season 3 Episode 7:

    Cornflake Crusted Chicken

    Cornflake crusted chicken with curry sauce; white beans with bacon and spinach; beet and goats cheese salad.

  • Chef at Home - Pasta With Black Olive Sauce (Season 3 Episode 6)
    Season 3 Episode 6:

    Pasta With Black Olive Sauce

    Pasta with tomato olive sauce, pesto salad and banana muffins with raspberry butter.

  • Chef at Home - Chicken Noodle Soup (Season 3 Episode 5)
    Season 3 Episode 5:

    Chicken Noodle Soup

    Chicken noodle soup; bumps on a log; carrot raisin salad; brown sugar ice cream.

  • Chef at Home - Spanish Paella (Season 3 Episode 4)
    Season 3 Episode 4:

    Spanish Paella

    A simple Spanish paella; grilled asparagus with parsley pesto; watermelon and basil salad; raspberry lemon parfaits.

  • Chef at Home - Salsa Chicken (Season 3 Episode 3)
    Season 3 Episode 3:

    Salsa Chicken

    Salsa chicken; BLT salad; corn fritters with maple butter; jello shooters.

  • Chef at Home - Pasta With Red Pepper Sauce (Season 3 Episode 2)
    Season 3 Episode 2:

    Pasta With Red Pepper Sauce

    Roast red pepper sauce with pasta, tomato and olive salad; crostini with a roast garlic spread.

  • Chef at Home - Split Pea Soup (Season 3 Episode 1)
    Season 3 Episode 1:

    Split Pea Soup

    Pea soup, Greek salad and French fries with spicy ketchup.

  • Chef at Home - Chef at Home (Season 3)
    Season 3:

    Chef at Home

  • Chef at Home - Grilled Pizza (Season 2 Episode 27)
    Season 2 Episode 27:

    Grilled Pizza

    Grilled pizza; grilled pineapple salad; grilled radicchio; shortcakes with strawberry rhubarb.

  • Chef at Home - Veggie Burgers (Season 2 Episode 26)
    Season 2 Episode 26:

    Veggie Burgers

    Veggie burgers; sweet potato wedges; grilled veggies.

  • Chef at Home - Fusion Fish Cakes (Season 2 Episode 25)
    Season 2 Episode 25:

    Fusion Fish Cakes

    Smoked salmon sushi; fusion salmon cakes; Asian noodle salad; iced tea; coconut tarts with chocolate.

  • Chef at Home - Colourful Halibut (Season 2 Episode 24)
    Season 2 Episode 24:

    Colourful Halibut

    Paper-baked halibut with julienne vegetables; rice paper tuna salad roll; cherry tomato crisp; curried cauliflower soup with red pepper puree.

  • Chef at Home - Lamb Burgers (Season 2 Episode 23)
    Season 2 Episode 23:

    Lamb Burgers

    Grilled lamb burgers; grilled corn and red onion salsa; potato bacon tart; caramel rum pudding.

  • Chef at Home - Italian Flavours (Season 2 Episode 22)
    Season 2 Episode 22:

    Italian Flavours

    Pasta sauce with chicken; ratatouille; tomato and fresh mozzarella salad; rapini with brown butter; Italian sodas.

  • Chef at Home - Backyard Smoked Chicken (Season 2 Episode 21)
    Season 2 Episode 21:

    Backyard Smoked Chicken

    Wood smoke roasted chicken; spaghetti squash salad; brown rice and apples.

  • Chef at Home - Indian Lamb Curry (Season 2 Episode 20)
    Season 2 Episode 20:

    Indian Lamb Curry

    Lamb curry; aromatic basmati rice; spicy cilantro relish; cucumber mint raita.

  • Chef at Home - Summer Salads (Season 2 Episode 19)
    Season 2 Episode 19:

    Summer Salads

    Asian spinach salad with orange dressing; Asian cabbage salad; salsa; tuna potato salad; ice cream sandwiches.

  • Chef at Home - Luncheon Omelet (Season 2 Episode 18)
    Season 2 Episode 18:

    Luncheon Omelet

    A classic omelet with thyme and cheddar; fruit salad with orange mint dressing; butterscotch breakfast buns.

  • Chef at Home - Chinese Night (Season 2 Episode 17)
    Season 2 Episode 17:

    Chinese Night

    Egg drop soup with chicken dumplings; shrimp toast; Chinese broccoli; fortune cookies.

  • Chef at Home - Caribbean Salmon (Season 2 Episode 16)
    Season 2 Episode 16:

    Caribbean Salmon

    Caribbean coconut-crusted salmon; salsa dip; salad; reggae rice; mango fool.

  • Chef at Home - Steamed Mussels (Season 2 Episode 15)
    Season 2 Episode 15:

    Steamed Mussels

    Fresh, steamed mussels; crispy whole grain dippers; okra cheese-stuffed potatoes; field salad; fruit tart.

  • Chef at Home - Christmas Dinner (Season 2 Episode 14)
    Season 2 Episode 14:

    Christmas Dinner

    Spiced sugar cookies; brined turkey and whole grain stuffing.

  • Chef at Home - Prime Rib Dinner (Season 2 Episode 13)
    Season 2 Episode 13:

    Prime Rib Dinner

    Prime rib with horseradish gravy; stuffed baked potatoes.

  • Chef at Home - Rotini with Clam Sauce (Season 2 Episode 12)
    Season 2 Episode 12:

    Rotini with Clam Sauce

    Rotini with red clam sauce; grilled Caesar salad; Parmesan cream and balsamic honey syrup.

  • Chef at Home - Tomato Bacon Fettuccini (Season 2 Episode 11)
    Season 2 Episode 11:

    Tomato Bacon Fettuccini

    Fettuccini with tomato and bacon sauce; house salad with salsa dressing; berry pudding.

  • Chef at Home - Grandma's Beef Stew (Season 2 Episode 10)
    Season 2 Episode 10:

    Grandma's Beef Stew

    Beef stew, mashed potatoes and spinach salad with pears, walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette.

  • Chef at Home - Weekend Brunch (Season 2 Episode 9)
    Season 2 Episode 9:

    Weekend Brunch

    Brunch buffet with sunshine smoothies, baked egg dish, potato bacon cakes and French toast with blueberry maple sauce.

  • Chef at Home - Moroccan Chicken (Season 2 Episode 8)
    Season 2 Episode 8:

    Moroccan Chicken

    Chicken tangine, couscous stuffed tomatoes and homemade hummus with seasoned pita chips.

  • Chef at Home - Pan Roast Pork Chops (Season 2 Episode 7)
    Season 2 Episode 7:

    Pan Roast Pork Chops

    Apple-stuffed pork chops; pork-stuffed apple; Southwestern-style rice.

  • Chef at Home - Hors d'Oeuvres Party (Season 2 Episode 6)
    Season 2 Episode 6:

    Hors d'Oeuvres Party

    Chewy wine shots; chicken dippers; smoked salmon mousse in tortilla chips; smoked salmon egg rolls; thyme cookies.

  • Chef at Home - Lobster Penne (Season 2 Episode 5)
    Season 2 Episode 5:

    Lobster Penne

    Potato salad with smoked salmon and dill; chocolate truffles.

  • Chef at Home - Homemade Chicken Soup (Season 2 Episode 4)
    Season 2 Episode 4:

    Homemade Chicken Soup

    Chicken soup, matzo balls, cucumber carrot salad and bread pudding.

  • Chef at Home - Creme Brulee (Season 2 Episode 3)
    Season 2 Episode 3:

    Creme Brulee

    Pot steamed salmon, fennel apple salad and caramel creme brulee.

  • Chef at Home - Chicken Dippers (Season 2 Episode 2)
    Season 2 Episode 2:

    Chicken Dippers

    Chick dippers with apple butter and apple yogurt dip; kids vinaigrette; oatmeal muffins; homemade play dough.

  • Chef at Home - Wood Grilled Steak (Season 2 Episode 1)
    Season 2 Episode 1:

    Wood Grilled Steak

    Wood grilled steak and vegetables accompanied by homemade steak sauce and scallop potato gratin.

  • Chef at Home - Easy Asian Beef Stew (Season 1 Episode 26)
    Season 1 Episode 26:

    Easy Asian Beef Stew

    Beef blade simmering steak; baby spinach; bean sprouts; hot cocoa.

  • Chef at Home - Classic Chicken Dinner (Season 1 Episode 25)
    Season 1 Episode 25:

    Classic Chicken Dinner

    Roast chicken and garlic steamed broccoli with homemade mashed potatoes with brown butter and vermouth sauce.

  • Chef at Home - Simply Turkey Dinner (Season 1 Episode 24)
    Season 1 Episode 24:

    Simply Turkey Dinner

    Roast turkey breast and spinach salad.

  • Chef at Home - Easy Jerk Chicken (Season 1 Episode 23)
    Season 1 Episode 23:

    Easy Jerk Chicken

    Deep smoky marinade for chicken.

  • Chef at Home - Lazy Day Beef Stew (Season 1 Episode 22)
    Season 1 Episode 22:

    Lazy Day Beef Stew

    Beef stew with aromatic vegetables and potatoes; whole wheat cheddar biscuits.

  • Chef at Home - Simple Chicken Stew (Season 1 Episode 21)
    Season 1 Episode 21:

    Simple Chicken Stew

    Chicken mushroom stew; mashed potatoes; carrot sticks; sautéed asparagus.

  • Chef at Home - Tomatoes 101 (Season 1 Episode 20)
    Season 1 Episode 20:

    Tomatoes 101

    Roast penne pasta; green salad with tomato lemon vinaigrette; tomato water martinis.

  • Chef at Home - Tarragon Roasted Lamb (Season 1 Episode 19)
    Season 1 Episode 19:

    Tarragon Roasted Lamb

    Rack of lamb in a tarragon crust with zinfandel sauce, foccacia, bulgar and hearty beet greens.

  • Chef at Home - Apple Braised Pork (Season 1 Episode 18)
    Season 1 Episode 18:

    Apple Braised Pork

    Apple braised pork shoulder, roasted acorn squash and spatzle.

  • Chef at Home - Outdoor Favourites (Season 1 Episode 17)
    Season 1 Episode 17:

    Outdoor Favourites

    Fresh salmon with an Asian flavor base wrapped in foil; roast potato salad; vegetable kebabs and homemade marshmallow smores.

  • Chef at Home - Lobster Three Ways (Season 1 Episode 16)
    Season 1 Episode 16:

    Lobster Three Ways

    Traditional macaroni and cheese dish made decadent by adding lobster and a simple lobster salad.

  • Chef at Home - Easy Pizza Party (Season 1 Episode 15)
    Season 1 Episode 15:

    Easy Pizza Party

    A rich and zesty pizza.

  • Chef at Home - Spicy Barbequed Lamb (Season 1 Episode 14)
    Season 1 Episode 14:

    Spicy Barbequed Lamb

    Leg of lamb, sun-dried tomato, olive, mint salsa, grilled polenta and roasted vegetables.

  • Chef at Home - All-Veggie Dinner (Season 1 Episode 13)
    Season 1 Episode 13:

    All-Veggie Dinner

    Protein soup served with asparagus salad and pita chips.

  • Chef at Home - Simply Seared Tuna (Season 1 Episode 12)
    Season 1 Episode 12:

    Simply Seared Tuna

    Tuna steaks crusted with a variety of peppercorns; braised leeks in red wine broth; ginger mint salsa; salad with Japanese vinaigrette.

  • Chef at Home - Pan-Roasted Salmon Supper (Season 1 Episode 11)
    Season 1 Episode 11:

    Pan-Roasted Salmon Supper

    Salmon filet with basil and pesto infused mussel broth and steamed spinach.

  • Chef at Home - Three Meat Pasta (Season 1 Episode 10)
    Season 1 Episode 10:

    Three Meat Pasta

    Three meat pasta sauce with beef, pork and veal; roasted garlic bread; salad.

  • Chef at Home - Aromatic Duck Breast (Season 1 Episode 9)
    Season 1 Episode 9:

    Aromatic Duck Breast

    Pan-seared duck breast marinated in thyme, mustard and soya sauce; bibb lettuce.

  • Chef at Home - Spicy Southwestern Soup (Season 1 Episode 8)
    Season 1 Episode 8:

    Spicy Southwestern Soup

    Grilled corn soup with roasted red peppers; chicken and cheddar; fennel salad with honey lime vinaigrette.

  • Chef at Home - Simple Baked Trout (Season 1 Episode 7)
    Season 1 Episode 7:

    Simple Baked Trout

    Pan-fried whole trout; baked trout filets.

  • Chef at Home - Steak for One (Season 1 Episode 6)
    Season 1 Episode 6:

    Steak for One

    A New York strip loin steak with shiitake mushrooms; bacon and potato cheese tart; steamed asparagus.

  • Chef at Home - Vanilla Chicken Dinner (Season 1 Episode 5)
    Season 1 Episode 5:

    Vanilla Chicken Dinner

    Braised chicken thighs; couscous; endive salad.

  • Chef at Home - Fennel Fish Stew (Season 1 Episode 4)
    Season 1 Episode 4:

    Fennel Fish Stew

    Mediterranean-style fish stew with fennel and tomato and a tangy orange and garlic garnish.

  • Chef at Home - Easy Thai Dinner (Season 1 Episode 3)
    Season 1 Episode 3:

    Easy Thai Dinner

    Thai noodle dish; cucumber salad; streamed Asian greens; pineapple salad.

  • Chef at Home - East Coast Chowder (Season 1 Episode 2)
    Season 1 Episode 2:

    East Coast Chowder

    Clam chowder; biscuit topped with brown butter; simple green salad with sherry maple vinaigrette.

  • Chef at Home - Great Grilled Burgers (Season 1 Episode 1)
    Season 1 Episode 1:

    Great Grilled Burgers

    Spicing up the usual burger with blue cheese and bacon.