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1992 - 2015, Chat, News
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  • CBS News Sunday Morning - Sunday Morning by Design (Episode 794)

    Sunday Morning by Design

    How people live and relax in Chicago; visits to Chicago sites including Millennium Park, Lake Point Tower, Adler Planetarium and the John Hancock Center; the global search for utopian communities; hotelier Ian Schrager.

  • CBS News Sunday Morning - The Food Issue (Episode 771)

    The Food Issue

    How families eat dinner; White House executive chef Cristeta Comerford; Bill Geist learns how to be a TV chef; celebrities opening restaurants.

  • CBS News Sunday Morning - America at War (Episode 577)

    America at War

    The progress of war on the front lines; the effects of a possible extended conflict; Kurdistan; McAlester Army Ammunition Plant.

  • CBS News Sunday Morning - Laughing Matters (Episode 493)

    Laughing Matters

    Humor in American society; television humor; 'The Simpsons'; Jerry Lewis; Buster Keaton profile; Bill Geist presents a personal essay on taking up the game of golf.

  • CBS News Sunday Morning - A Brand New Day (Episode 406)

    A Brand New Day

    Reflection on the 20th century; predictions for the new millennium; guests Laurie Anderson, David Russell and J. Michael Strazinsky; reports by Dan Rather, Charles Osgood, Bill Geist, Andy Rooney, Morley Safer, John Leonard and Ed Bradley.

  • CBS News Sunday Morning - Love Matters (Episode 187)

    Love Matters

    Couples who met young, split up and then found each other again later in life; a couple who have been married for 81 years; aphrodisiacs; singer John Legend; sex researchers Dr. Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson; the jewelry of Cartier.

  • CBS News Sunday Morning - The Design Issue (Episode 162)

    The Design Issue

    Emoticons; a builder in Indonesia crafts homes out of bamboo; tennis player Venus Williams; an 11th century castle in Tuscany; sculptor Ra Paulette; Salemtown Board Co. co-founder Will Anderson; duct tape.

  • CBS News Sunday Morning - The Design Issue (Episode 149)

    The Design Issue

    The fashion and interior designs of tennis star Venus Williams; duct tape; New York's priciest apartment buildings; upscale mobile homes; artist Ra Paulette; designer Thatcher Wine; Salemtown Board Co. co-founder Will Anderson.

  • CBS News Sunday Morning - That's Life (Episode 146)

    That's Life

    The latest science in cardiac resuscitation; comics Joan Rivers, Gilbert Gottfried and Susie Essman; author Mitch Albom; professional daredevils Rex and Melissa Pemberton; a trip to the Dead Sea; digital afterlife.

  • CBS News Sunday Morning - The Money Issue (Episode 141)

    The Money Issue

    Singer Shakira; how malls are changing with shopping habits; bitcoin; a company that rents chickens and coops to people; Spirit Airlines; the proper way to tip.

  • CBS News Sunday Morning - Eat, Drink and Be Merry (Episode 124)

    Eat, Drink and Be Merry

    The efforts of marketers to get Americans to appreciate healthier foods; the art of arranging food on plates; the trend towards meatballs, macaroons and kale; actor Kyle MacLachlan; chef Lidia Bastianich; efforts to improve military food.

  • CBS News Sunday Morning - At the Shore (Episode 107)

    At the Shore

    Lee Cowan anchors from Rumson, N.J.; hamburgers and hot dogs; manscaping; author Nora Roberts; ants; tree houses; singer Adam Levine.

  • CBS News Sunday Morning - The Money Issue (Episode 89)

    The Money Issue

    Business ventures built on sharing products or homes; Good Housekeeping's seal of approval; rapper 50 Cent; Revolution founder Steve Case; the increased popularity of erotic romance novels.

  • CBS News Sunday Morning - Eat, Drink and Be Merry (Episode 71)

    Eat, Drink and Be Merry

    The popularity of food in America; actor John Goodman; the history of gin; pasta; high-end yogurt; food expiration dates; wasted food; Goo Goo Clusters; Bill Geist attempts to eat a 72-ounce steak.

  • CBS News Sunday Morning - A Sunday at the Shore (Episode 54)

    A Sunday at the Shore

    Different types of barbecue; the history of the ball; President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama; the Coca-Cola bottle; tree houses; croquet; kayaking.

  • CBS News Sunday Morning - Money Issue (Episode 38)

    Money Issue

    The popularity of credit card and digital transactions; reports from Columbus, Ohio, where many big names in consumer products test new items on local consumers; successful family businesses; businesswoman Iman; financial adviser Suze Orman.

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