Car Booty

Car Booty

People sell unwanted household goods at a car boot sale.

Episode Guide

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    Lorne Spicer meets a woman who wants to sell her collectibles in order to pay for a Riviera holiday.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    Lorne Spicer meets a well-traveled woman who wants to sell some collectibles in order to buy a new camera.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    Hoping to trade unwanted goods for cash this time are the Ventins, a musical couple who want to raise enough money to buy a Spanish guitar.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    An American screenwriter living in the English countryside wants to raise money to surprise his wife.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    A collector's widow and children sell his nautical trinkets in the hope that they can fund a day out for his grandchildren.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    A woman ropes in three friends to help clear her Hampshire home of clutter and raise enough money for a holiday on the QE2.

  • Car Booty - Fry


    Elvis fan Alan Fry has been obsessed with the King ever since he was a teenager in the 60s and even has a room dedicated to his idol and all things rock 'n' roll.

  • Car Booty - Hosein


    Ayesha clears out the family home for belly dancing lessons.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    Tracey Abbott hopes to raise $500 for her friend's scuba diving lessons.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    Reverend Howard Thornton and his family live in the grounds of Howard's Church in Oxford. They are desperate to redecorate their 200-year-old home and have decided on a boot sale to try and raise money for some advice from an interior designer.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    Trish Carn and her husband Roland, wardens of a Quaker meeting house in North London, have decided it's time for a clear-out. They hope to raise money to buy a digital camera for photography enthusiast Trish.

  • Car Booty - Yusef


    Lisa Yusef looks to clean out her clutter at a boot sale.

  • Car Booty - Northeast


    This couple wants enough cash to enroll in a landscape painting class.

  • Car Booty - Baldtree


    Clutter removed so Debbie can have a rose named in honor of her mother-in-law.

  • Car Booty - Smith


    Pat Smith needs to clear out her collections to move to a sheltered accommodation.

  • Car Booty - Spencer


    The entire Spencer family moves to Herne Bay in Kent, giving Mandy plenty of help in cleaning.

  • Car Booty - Teuma


    The Teuma's have been married for 51 years and want to move to a smaller home.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    Clearing space for a nursery for their first child.

  • Car Booty - Southcombe


    Pauline is determined to cleanse her Maidstone home of clutter.

  • Car Booty - Hicky


    Joan wants to clear out her collectibles to take her foster children on a grand day out.

  • Car Booty - Golding


  • Car Booty - Armstrong


    Mother and daughter clean up years of collections for their boot sale.

  • Car Booty - Morgan


    Carol Morgan and her partner Mike decide to clear out the garage for her Dad.

  • Car Booty - Furlong


  • Car Booty - Louis


    Angel's collection of clutter needs to be sold for a new bed for her daughter.

  • Car Booty - Li


    Its time to clear out all their collectables for a trip to Cork.

  • Car Booty - James


    Animal lovers need funds for a chicken coop.

  • Car Booty - Jennings


    Coral sells Rupert the Bear memorabilia; Jill sells duplicate Captain Scarlet items.

  • Car Booty - Gardiner


    Alice and Jayne's inherited their mum's clutter which is not cluttering Alices living room.

  • Car Booty - Kingston


    Myra needs to raise money to travel to Morocco.

  • Car Booty - Gray


    Joe must help with a boot sale to raise money for a new Gibson Thunderbird guitar.

  • Car Booty - Ruback


    Selling Art Deco pieces to raise money for some pottery classes.

  • Car Booty - Taylor


    A behind the scenes tour of their favorite football club.

  • Car Booty - Stock


    Mum and daughters want to raise money to drive a tank.

  • Car Booty - Thompson


    Jackie Thompson of Brentwood in Essex needs a new saddle for her horse.

  • Car Booty - Toogood


    Toy collector Sarah Toogood cleans house.

  • Car Booty - Wilson


    It's time to clear out to make way for a family of chickens.

  • Car Booty - Walters


    The tarantula collection must go in order to convert the garage into a spider house.

  • Car Booty - Shenton


    Seaside home is cleared out and the money is used to upgrade a baby grand piano.

  • Car Booty - Sharp


    Charity-shop addict Lorraine wants to raise enough money to take her family on a day out in London.

  • Car Booty - Piercey


    Lynda's Star Trek and Star Wars collections must go.

  • Car Booty - Nicholson


    Years of buying from this boot sale fanatic has turned and she must sell for a family holiday.

  • Car Booty - Reynolds


    Francis and Stuart have a large collection to sort through.

  • Car Booty - Rose-Pink


    Carole, a mother of two, wants to thank her friends for their support by treating them to a night of dinner and dancing.

  • Car Booty - Senior


    Follow Lorraine, her sister Janice and their friend Gwen on some boot shopping skills.

  • Car Booty - Morgan Rose

    Morgan Rose

    Anastasia and James hope to raise funds for a family trip.

  • Car Booty - Hickson


    The team help a young mum's raise cash for a fish pond.

  • Car Booty - Everton


    Horse themed collectables are sold for a new fireplace.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    Daniel Sebastian wants to take his girlfriend Joanne on her first ever trip to London. Having cleared his Wellingborough home of the many quirky collectibles he has accumulated he attempts to raise the money he needs for the trip.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    Georgina Coleby has lots of collectibles filling up her Sevenoaks home. She's decided to convert it all into cash, and with the help of Lorne and expert Mark Franks hopes to raise money to get her daughter Caroline a wedding dress.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    Retired master cobbler, Peter Juggins, tragically lost his devoted wife, Marie, three years ago. So, Peter's called in the team to help him clear out all the items he and Marie collected over the years to provide for his granddaughters.

  • Car Booty - Castleton


    The Castleton family of New Forest packs all their breakables away with two young children.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    Keen tennis players Pamela Putt and her husband Keith have accumulated a lifetime's worth of collectibles in their Sussex home and have called in the team to help them sell it all for some tennis coaching lessons.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    With the help of expert Mark Franks, Desmond Lev hopes to raise money to treat his grandchildren by selling the collection of model soldiers and pristine train set his own grandfather left him.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    Fran Naughton lost her son James to cancer when he was just 17 years old. Two and a half years later, she has decided to pay tribute to James by funding a memorial bench close to their home.

  • Car Booty - Balfour


    Vivienne Balfour's art collection must be sold quickly so they may downsize to a smaller home.

  • Car Booty - Ayres


    Carol wishes to be able to purchase a dream wedding dress for her daughter.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    Postman Nick Brown and his family have decided to trim down their clutter and use the money raised to pay for the budding actress in the family, Darcy, to go to drama school.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    Terri Day is a reiki healer to friends and family and has also turned her hand to learning circus skills. She's clearing out her barn with the help of her boyfriend and best friend so that they can raise money to get her walking on stilts.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    For several years eco-friendly Nicola Martin and her partner, Graham Kay, have been filling their south London home with vintage and retro items. Now the couple hope to raise money for a class in Wales, so it's time to head to the boot sale.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    Retired publican Ann Adams loves good food and fine wine. Ann needs to clear out the clutter that's crowding her Hertfordshire cottage, and hopes to raise money to send herself and her two friends on a cookery course with a TV chef.

  • Car Booty - Chapman


    Liz Chapman decides to rid her house of clutter as the children have all left.

  • Car Booty - Car Booty

    Car Booty

    With their 20th wedding anniversary approaching, Joan and Paul Dean hope to raise money for a romantic day out by clearing a generation's worth of collectibles.

  • Car Booty - Deane


    A woman with arthritis needs repairs to her mobility chair.

  • Car Booty - Clifford


    Christine and Gill are both have a massive collection of things.

  • Car Booty - Bennion


  • Car Booty - Southcombe


  • Car Booty - Benefield


  • Car Booty - Bickerstaffe


  • Car Booty - Biss
  • Car Booty - Spencer


  • Car Booty - Bouquet


  • Car Booty - Thornton


  • Car Booty - Brown
  • Car Booty - Doy
  • Car Booty - Eckersley


  • Car Booty - Yusuf
  • Car Booty - Zanotti


  • Car Booty - Yeo
  • Car Booty - Wray
  • Car Booty - Ward
  • Car Booty - Baldree


  • Car Booty - Balingit


  • Car Booty - Day
  • Car Booty - Juggins


  • Car Booty - Northeast


  • Car Booty - Johnston


  • Car Booty - Naughton


  • Car Booty - Carn
  • Car Booty - Lief-Elliot


  • Car Booty - Lane
  • Car Booty - McDougall


  • Car Booty - Okker
  • Car Booty - Coleby
  • Car Booty - Sebastian


  • Car Booty - Hogg
  • Car Booty - Lev
  • Car Booty - Hosein
  • Car Booty - Rossiter


  • Car Booty - Rason
  • Car Booty - Crawford


  • Car Booty - Daniells


  • Car Booty - Dean