Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley

1954 - 2005, Western
The suspenseful tales of the Old West's famous sharp shooter.
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Episode Guide

  • Annie Oakley - Desperate Men (Season 3 Episode 35)
    Season 3 Episode 35:

    Desperate Men

    Tagg's (Jimmy Hawkins) teacher (Nancy Hale) draws a picture of her imaginary lost love who resembles a man (Bill Henry) wanted for killing a local sheriff. With Gail Davis.

  • Annie Oakley - The Dutch Gunmaker (Season 3 Episode 34)
    Season 3 Episode 34:

    The Dutch Gunmaker

    Annie (Gail Davis) brings a pair of outlaws to justice with a newly invented gun. With Gabor Curtiz, Helene Marshall.

  • Annie Oakley - Dude's Decision (Season 3 Episode 33)
    Season 3 Episode 33:

    Dude's Decision

    An alleged buyer for a ranch plans a lucrative scheme but has a change of heart after meeting the rancher's daughter.

  • Annie Oakley - Tuffy (Season 3 Episode 32)
    Season 3 Episode 32:


    A newly released convict and his son seek hidden gold in a ghost town.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie and the Miser (Season 3 Episode 31)
    Season 3 Episode 31:

    Annie and the Miser

    An old miser finds a stolen satchel of Cattlemen's Association money.

  • Annie Oakley - Treasure Map (Season 3 Episode 30)
    Season 3 Episode 30:

    Treasure Map

    A man (Leonard Penn) and his daughter (Shelley Fabares) search for buried treasure after finding Tagg's (Jimmy Hawkins) treasure map.

  • Annie Oakley - Grubstake Bank (Season 3 Episode 29)
    Season 3 Episode 29:

    Grubstake Bank

  • Annie Oakley - Amateur Outlaw (Season 3 Episode 28)
    Season 3 Episode 28:

    Amateur Outlaw

    Townspeople object to a young Indian owning the stage line.

  • Annie Oakley - Santa Claus Wears a Gun (Season 3 Episode 27)
    Season 3 Episode 27:

    Santa Claus Wears a Gun

    Annie (Gail Davis) and Lofty (Brad Johnson) investigate two robberies blamed on an aging mountaineer with failing eyesight. With Stanley Andrews.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie Rings the Bell (Season 3 Episode 26)
    Season 3 Episode 26:

    Annie Rings the Bell

    Annie recovers a priceless diamond belt for a champion boxer who expresses his gratitude by fighting an exhibition match for charity.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie Rides the Navajo Trail (Season 3 Episode 25)
    Season 3 Episode 25:

    Annie Rides the Navajo Trail

    Annie cuts the tail and mane of Lofty's prize stallion to complete her disguise as a young Navajo girl.

  • Annie Oakley - The Front Trail (Season 3 Episode 24)
    Season 3 Episode 24:

    The Front Trail

    A reckless gambler shames his father, a retired U.S. marshal.

  • Annie Oakley - The Saga of Clement O'Toole (Season 3 Episode 23)
    Season 3 Episode 23:

    The Saga of Clement O'Toole

    A clumsy fortune-hunter doubles for a notorious gunfighter.

  • Annie Oakley - The Waco Kid (Season 3 Episode 22)
    Season 3 Episode 22:

    The Waco Kid

    Annie's childhood sweetheart has become an outlaw, the Waco Kid.

  • Annie Oakley - Tagg Oakley, Sheriff (Season 3 Episode 21)
    Season 3 Episode 21:

    Tagg Oakley, Sheriff

    A contractor agrees to deliver government gun-powder to Geronimo.

  • Annie Oakley - Flint and Steel (Season 3 Episode 20)
    Season 3 Episode 20:

    Flint and Steel

    Annie (Gail Davis) uncovers a scheme involving honest ranchers, a band of greedy crooks and a valuable oil pool. With Monte Blue, Jim Bannon.

  • Annie Oakley - The Reckless Press (Season 3 Episode 19)
    Season 3 Episode 19:

    The Reckless Press

    Annie, Lofty and Tagg (Gail Davis, Brad Johnson, Jimmy Hawkins) attend a friend's wedding and investigate the best man's murder.

  • Annie Oakley - Western Privateers (Season 3 Episode 18)
    Season 3 Episode 18:

    Western Privateers

    The townspeople are in an uproar when John Boone arrives to continue his deceased father's search for buried treasure.

  • Annie Oakley - Shadow at Sonoma (Season 3 Episode 17)
    Season 3 Episode 17:

    Shadow at Sonoma

    Lofty poses as a gunman to infiltrate a counterfeit ring.

  • Annie Oakley - Outlaw Brand (Season 3 Episode 16)
    Season 3 Episode 16:

    Outlaw Brand

    The son (Stuffy Singer) of a slain deputy has suspicions about his caregiver (Leonard Penn), a reformed outlaw.

  • Annie Oakley - Dilemma at Diablo (Season 3 Episode 15)
    Season 3 Episode 15:

    Dilemma at Diablo

    The manager of the Express office (William Fawcett) succumbs to extortion in order to protect his son (Tyler MacDuff). With Gail Davis.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie and the Leprechauns (Season 3 Episode 14)
    Season 3 Episode 14:

    Annie and the Leprechauns

    An old Irish dowser discovers a vein of gold with a hazel twig.

  • Annie Oakley - Sugarfoot Sue (Season 3 Episode 13)
    Season 3 Episode 13:

    Sugarfoot Sue

    No one believes a story-telling youngster when she is in real trouble.

  • Annie Oakley - Renegade's Return (Season 3 Episode 12)
    Season 3 Episode 12:

    Renegade's Return

    A notorious outlaw arrives during an election to shed a bad light on his brother, an honest lawyer running for office.

  • Annie Oakley - The Mississippi Kid (Season 3 Episode 11)
    Season 3 Episode 11:

    The Mississippi Kid

    A young vigilante tries alone to capture a gang of outlaws.

  • Annie Oakley - Showdown at Diablo (Season 3 Episode 10)
    Season 3 Episode 10:

    Showdown at Diablo

    Lofty refuses to face a gunfighter who once saved his life.

  • Annie Oakley - Indian Justice (Season 3 Episode 9)
    Season 3 Episode 9:

    Indian Justice

    A young Cavalry officer's land claim is part of a reservation.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie and the First Phone (Season 3 Episode 8)
    Season 3 Episode 8:

    Annie and the First Phone

    Annie (Gail Davis) hopes the introduction of the telephone will deter raids against isolated ranchers. With John War Eagle.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie and the Lacemaker (Season 3 Episode 7)
    Season 3 Episode 7:

    Annie and the Lacemaker

    A barber's murder involves a will and two long-lost heiresses.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie and the Bicycle Riders (Season 3 Episode 6)
    Season 3 Episode 6:

    Annie and the Bicycle Riders

    Annie takes the place of a young bicycle rider in a relay race to gather evidence against two suspected murderers.

  • Annie Oakley - The Robin Hood Kid (Season 3 Episode 5)
    Season 3 Episode 5:

    The Robin Hood Kid

    A mysterious vigilante fights for homesteaders against wealthy landowners.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie and the Twisted Trails (Season 3 Episode 4)
    Season 3 Episode 4:

    Annie and the Twisted Trails

    Annie (Gail Davis) becomes involved in a controversy between a teen (Carolyn Craig) and her overly possessive father (Ewing Mitchell).

  • Annie Oakley - A Tall Tale (Season 3 Episode 3)
    Season 3 Episode 3:

    A Tall Tale

    An old prospector's grandson visits, expecting to find the heroic man described in his grandfather's letters.

  • Annie Oakley - Joker on Horseback (Season 3 Episode 2)
    Season 3 Episode 2:

    Joker on Horseback

    Annie (Gail Davis), Tagg (Jimmy Hawkins) and Lofty (Brad Johnson) convince a practical joker that sometimes jokes backfire. With Robert Easton.

  • Annie Oakley - Sundown Stage (Season 3 Episode 1)
    Season 3 Episode 1:

    Sundown Stage

    Annie (Gail Davis) seeks medical attention for a dazed man (Walter Reed) Tagg (Jimmy Hawkins) encounters on the road. With Brad Johnson.

  • Annie Oakley - Powder Rock Stampede (Season 2 Episode 20)
    Season 2 Episode 20:

    Powder Rock Stampede

    Streams of homesteaders pass through Diablo en route to a newly opened territory.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie and the Higher Court (Season 2 Episode 19)
    Season 2 Episode 19:

    Annie and the Higher Court

    An outlawed banker tries to bribe a judge whose wife is sick.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie Takes a Chance (Season 2 Episode 18)
    Season 2 Episode 18:

    Annie Takes a Chance

    A gunfighter plots to kill the judge who jailed his brother.

  • Annie Oakley - The Troubleshooter (Season 2 Episode 17)
    Season 2 Episode 17:

    The Troubleshooter

    An outlaw keeps his convict brother from going straight.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie and the Widow's Might (Season 2 Episode 16)
    Season 2 Episode 16:

    Annie and the Widow's Might

    A schoolteacher schemes with a rancher to get a widow's land.

  • Annie Oakley - Sure-Shot Annie (Season 2 Episode 15)
    Season 2 Episode 15:

    Sure-Shot Annie

    Annie (Gail Davis) attempts to prove a beautiful woman (Eve Miller) is involved in two bank robberies. With Rick Vallin.

  • Annie Oakley - Thunder Hill (Season 2 Episode 14)
    Season 2 Episode 14:

    Thunder Hill

    Neighbors suspect an unsocial family of stealing railhead money.

  • Annie Oakley - Hard Luck Ranch (Season 2 Episode 13)
    Season 2 Episode 13:

    Hard Luck Ranch

    Outlaws pose as insurance detectives to a paralyzed rodeo rider.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie and the Junior Pioneers (Season 2 Episode 12)
    Season 2 Episode 12:

    Annie and the Junior Pioneers

    A young friend of Tagg's is defensive about his older brother's prison term.

  • Annie Oakley - Dead Man's Bluff (Season 2 Episode 11)
    Season 2 Episode 11:

    Dead Man's Bluff

    A banker fakes death to effect a counterfeiting scheme.

  • Annie Oakley - Diablo Doctor (Season 2 Episode 10)
    Season 2 Episode 10:

    Diablo Doctor

    A doctor must choose whether to treat his father's killer or let him die.

  • Annie Oakley - Trigger Twins (Season 2 Episode 9)
    Season 2 Episode 9:

    Trigger Twins

    A pretty dancing teacher establishes an alibi for her outlaw twin.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie Breaks an Alibi (Season 2 Episode 8)
    Season 2 Episode 8:

    Annie Breaks an Alibi

    A rancher uses a midnight ride for an alibi in killing his cousin.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie and the Chinese Puzzle (Season 2 Episode 7)
    Season 2 Episode 7:

    Annie and the Chinese Puzzle

    Annie, Tagg and Lofty search for clues to a murderer's identity before a lynch mob hangs an innocent man.

  • Annie Oakley - The Iron Smoke-Wagon (Season 2 Episode 6)
    Season 2 Episode 6:

    The Iron Smoke-Wagon

    A gambler robs a bank while the town celebrates a new fire engine.

  • Annie Oakley - Escape From Diablo (Season 2 Episode 5)
    Season 2 Episode 5:

    Escape From Diablo

    A prisoner, allowed to escape, holds mischievous Tagg hostage.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie and the Six o' Spades (Season 2 Episode 4)
    Season 2 Episode 4:

    Annie and the Six o' Spades

    A young outlaw befriends a neglected teen; together they rob a stage.

  • Annie Oakley - The Runaways (Season 2 Episode 3)
    Season 2 Episode 3:

    The Runaways

    Tagg and a friend run away to a ghost town where outlaws are hiding.

  • Annie Oakley - The Tomboy (Season 2 Episode 2)
    Season 2 Episode 2:

    The Tomboy

    Tagg (Jimmy Hawkins) protests having to entertain Lofty's (Brad Johnson) 10-year-old niece. With Melinda Plowman, Gail Davis.

  • Annie Oakley - Alias Annie Oakley (Season 2 Episode 1)
    Season 2 Episode 1:

    Alias Annie Oakley

    A woman outlaw poses as Annie, making her a wanted criminal.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie and the Outlaw's Son (Season 1 Episode 26)
    Season 1 Episode 26:

    Annie and the Outlaw's Son

    Annie (Gail Davis) is held captive after trailing a wounded bandit (Stanley Andrews) to his respectable son's (James Best) ranch.

  • Annie Oakley - Outlaw Mesa (Season 1 Episode 25)
    Season 1 Episode 25:

    Outlaw Mesa

    Annie relies on Tagg's ability as a ventriloquist to save an innocent stage driver from angry townspeople.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie Makes a Marriage (Season 1 Episode 24)
    Season 1 Episode 24:

    Annie Makes a Marriage

    An ex-con pays blackmail to hide his jail time from his fiancee.

  • Annie Oakley - Sharpshooting Annie (Season 1 Episode 23)
    Season 1 Episode 23:

    Sharpshooting Annie

    Annie and Tagg (Gail Davis, Jimmy Hawkins) track a masked bandit who holds up an acrobatic troupe. With Brad Johnson.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie Helps a Drifter (Season 1 Episode 22)
    Season 1 Episode 22:

    Annie Helps a Drifter

    Cattle rustlers try to frame a young drifter for the murder of his uncle.

  • Annie Oakley - Bull's-Eye (Season 1 Episode 21)
    Season 1 Episode 21:


    The town chemist poisons the water holes of a game preserve to gain possession.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie Joins the Cavalry (Season 1 Episode 20)
    Season 1 Episode 20:

    Annie Joins the Cavalry

    A Cavalry detail blames innocent Indians for a horse raid.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie Meets Some Tenderfeet (Season 1 Episode 19)
    Season 1 Episode 19:

    Annie Meets Some Tenderfeet

    A gambling-house owner plots to sell a banker a salted gold mine.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie and the Texas Sandman (Season 1 Episode 18)
    Season 1 Episode 18:

    Annie and the Texas Sandman

    Annie (Gail Davis) intervenes when an infamous gunfighter's enemies try to stop him from beginning a new life. With Virginia Lee, Fess Parker.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie and the Mystery Woman (Season 1 Episode 17)
    Season 1 Episode 17:

    Annie and the Mystery Woman

    A dance-hall queen hides in Diablo after witnessing a murder.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie's Desert Adventure (Season 1 Episode 16)
    Season 1 Episode 16:

    Annie's Desert Adventure

    Bandits frame an ex-convict for a gold-shipment robbery.

  • Annie Oakley - Justice Guns (Season 1 Episode 15)
    Season 1 Episode 15:

    Justice Guns

    Annie's aging mentor insists on facing a deadly young gunman.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie Gets Her Man (Season 1 Episode 14)
    Season 1 Episode 14:

    Annie Gets Her Man

    Annie exposes a murderous bank-robber by marking his bullets.

  • Annie Oakley - The Hardrock Trail (Season 1 Episode 13)
    Season 1 Episode 13:

    The Hardrock Trail

    An ex-convict returns for revenge on the sheriff who sent him to prison.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie and the Lily Maid (Season 1 Episode 12)
    Season 1 Episode 12:

    Annie and the Lily Maid

    A lovely woman plots to obtain her dead uncle's ranch.

  • Annie Oakley - Valley of the Shadows (Season 1 Episode 11)
    Season 1 Episode 11:

    Valley of the Shadows

    The only witness to a store owner's murder is his blinded daughter.

  • Annie Oakley - The Cinder Trail (Season 1 Episode 10)
    Season 1 Episode 10:

    The Cinder Trail

    A cattle owner tries to take over a troubled railroad.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie Finds Strange Treasure (Season 1 Episode 9)
    Season 1 Episode 9:

    Annie Finds Strange Treasure

    Outlaws think Annie knows the location of an old prospector's riches.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie and the Silver Ace (Season 1 Episode 8)
    Season 1 Episode 8:

    Annie and the Silver Ace

    Annie uses a likable gambler's straight-laced mother to reform him.

  • Annie Oakley - A Gal for Grandma (Season 1 Episode 7)
    Season 1 Episode 7:

    A Gal for Grandma

    A man-hating recluse's orphaned granddaughter turns out to be a boy.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie Calls Her Shots (Season 1 Episode 6)
    Season 1 Episode 6:

    Annie Calls Her Shots

    An outlaw must get rid of the man he framed years earlier.

  • Annie Oakley - Ambush Canyon (Season 1 Episode 5)
    Season 1 Episode 5:

    Ambush Canyon

    When the controlling stockholder of a gold mine is killed, Annie helps his adopted daughter make the right decision.

  • Annie Oakley - The Dude Stagecoach (Season 1 Episode 4)
    Season 1 Episode 4:

    The Dude Stagecoach

    A rancher plots to obtain the lucrative stagecoach line.

  • Annie Oakley - Gunplay (Season 1 Episode 3)
    Season 1 Episode 3:


    An outlaw (Myron Healey) poses as a marshal in an attempt to free his brother from jail. With Paul McGuire, Gail Davis.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie Trusts a Convict (Season 1 Episode 2)
    Season 1 Episode 2:

    Annie Trusts a Convict

    Annie helps an escaped prisoner prove his innocence.

  • Annie Oakley - Annie and the Brass Collar (Season 1 Episode 1)
    Season 1 Episode 1:

    Annie and the Brass Collar

    A young, by-the-book railroad owner fires an experienced old engineer.

  • Annie Oakley - Christmas (Episode 85)
    Episode 85:


    In 'Santa Claus Wears a Gun,' Annie is called upon to prevent an old mountain man who looks like Santa Claus from robbing the payroll from a train.

  • Annie Oakley - The End of a Gun (Episode 16)
    Episode 16:

    The End of a Gun

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