1997 - 2000, Hobbies / Craft, Other
Jim and Terry Willard host this series on the impact of family history.

Episode Guide

  • Ancestors - Writing a Family History (Season 2 Episode 13)
    Season 2 Episode 13:

    Writing a Family History

    Writing a family history shifts effort from collecting information to sharing it with others.

  • Ancestors - Immigration Records (Season 2 Episode 12)
    Season 2 Episode 12:

    Immigration Records

    Immigration records are direct links to the homelands of ancestors.

  • Ancestors - Probate Records (Season 2 Episode 11)
    Season 2 Episode 11:

    Probate Records

    Records generated by the probate process; wills.

  • Ancestors - Newspapers as Records (Season 2 Episode 10)
    Season 2 Episode 10:

    Newspapers as Records

    The genealogical details and historical context found in newspapers make it worth the effort to look through them.

  • Ancestors - Military Records (Season 2 Episode 9)
    Season 2 Episode 9:

    Military Records

    There are few American families whose genealogies would not benefit from a military record search.

  • Ancestors - Census Records (Season 2 Episode 8)
    Season 2 Episode 8:

    Census Records

    Census records contain names, ages, birthplaces and relationships of ancestors.

  • Ancestors - Cemetery Records (Season 2 Episode 7)
    Season 2 Episode 7:

    Cemetery Records

    Cemetery records and tombstones can provide a renewed sense of heritage.

  • Ancestors - Religious Records (Season 2 Episode 6)
    Season 2 Episode 6:

    Religious Records

    Church records; religious affiliations.

  • Ancestors - Vital Records (Season 2 Episode 5)
    Season 2 Episode 5:

    Vital Records

    Vital records such as birth, death and marriage certificates can help confirm names and dates found in secondary records.

  • Ancestors - Genealogy and Technology (Season 2 Episode 4)
    Season 2 Episode 4:

    Genealogy and Technology

    Computer resources help a woman find cousins she did not know she had; using the Internet.

  • Ancestors - Compiled Records (Season 2 Episode 3)
    Season 2 Episode 3:

    Compiled Records

    Compiled records can be timesavers in genealogical research.

  • Ancestors - Family Records (Season 2 Episode 2)
    Season 2 Episode 2:

    Family Records

    Family papers can prove invaluable in reconstructing a family tree.

  • Ancestors - Records at Risk (Season 2 Episode 1)
    Season 2 Episode 1:

    Records at Risk

    Efforts to reconstruct genealogies destroyed in the Bolshevik Revolution; microfilming; Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation.

  • Ancestors - Leaving a Legacy (Season 1 Episode 10)
    Season 1 Episode 10:

    Leaving a Legacy

    How three families celebrated their family history through reunions, handmade quilts and African ritual music and dance.

  • Ancestors - High-Tech Help (Season 1 Episode 9)
    Season 1 Episode 9:

    High-Tech Help

    Inmates who trace their genealogy while in prison; Richard Eastman demonstrates how computers have made researching family history easier.

  • Ancestors - Your Medical Heritage (Season 1 Episode 8)
    Season 1 Episode 8:

    Your Medical Heritage

    Dr. Raymond White and genetic counselor Vickie Venne offer advice on how to create a medical pedigree.

  • Ancestors - African American Research (Season 1 Episode 7)
    Season 1 Episode 7:

    African American Research

    Overcoming the myth that no African-American records exist and successful strategies to use in a search for African-American ancestors.

  • Ancestors - Census and Military Records (Season 1 Episode 6)
    Season 1 Episode 6:

    Census and Military Records

    The wealth of information that can be obtained from census and military records.

  • Ancestors - Libraries and Archives (Season 1 Episode 5)
    Season 1 Episode 5:

    Libraries and Archives

    More sources of family history records to tap after exhausting city, state and national repositories.

  • Ancestors - The Paper Trail (Season 1 Episode 4)
    Season 1 Episode 4:

    The Paper Trail

    Paper records of life's important events.

  • Ancestors - Gathering Family Stories (Season 1 Episode 3)
    Season 1 Episode 3:

    Gathering Family Stories

    Journalist Bill Zimmerman shares tips on interviewing living relatives and how to document and preserve their knowledge.

  • Ancestors - Looking at Home (Season 1 Episode 2)
    Season 1 Episode 2:

    Looking at Home

    Antonia Cottrell Martin offers advice on organizing the bits and pieces of the past one finds around the house.

  • Ancestors - Getting Started (Season 1 Episode 1)
    Season 1 Episode 1:

    Getting Started

    Jim and Terry Willard host the series dealing with the impact of family history. This episode dispels genealogy misconceptions.