1998 - 2006, Reality
Behind the scenes at Heathrow.

Episode Guide

  • Airport - Steve, Owen and Maria (Season 6 Episode 15)
    Season 6 Episode 15:

    Steve, Owen and Maria

    Steve and Owen chase hazardous birds; unhappy passengers test Maria's patience.

  • Airport - Air Ambulance (Season 6 Episode 14)
    Season 6 Episode 14:

    Air Ambulance

    Posse of pop stars; rescuing injured grandmother.

  • Airport - Stuart and the Illegals (Season 6 Episode 11)
    Season 6 Episode 11:

    Stuart and the Illegals

    Smuggled animal eggs; reptile shipment; an unlikely stowaway.

  • Airport - Asthma and Bats (Season 6 Episode 9)
    Season 6 Episode 9:

    Asthma and Bats

    Fruitbats; an asthma patient takes a bad turn.

  • Airport - Maria and Shaker (Season 6 Episode 8)
    Season 6 Episode 8:

    Maria and Shaker

    Undercover camera team hunts for car thief; flight fraught with problems; two passengers fail to show up.

  • Airport - Hijack Exercise (Season 6 Episode 6)
    Season 6 Episode 6:

    Hijack Exercise

    Illegal immigration in Britain; antiterror exercise; 8-year-old boy rescued.

  • Airport - Harassed Passengers (Season 6 Episode 5)
    Season 6 Episode 5:

    Harassed Passengers

  • Airport - Dusk Till Dawn (Season 6 Episode 3)
    Season 6 Episode 3:

    Dusk Till Dawn

    Emergency landing; bride forgets passport.

  • Airport - The Cat and the Squirrel (Episode 141)
    Episode 141:

    The Cat and the Squirrel

  • Airport - 8 December (Episode 140)
    Episode 140:

    8 December

  • Airport - Wedding Cake (Episode 134)
    Episode 134:

    Wedding Cake

    Collapsed passenger misses his flight; inquisitive in immigration.

  • Airport - Wedding Bells; Missing Family Members (Episode 133)
    Episode 133:

    Wedding Bells; Missing Family Members

    Immigration officer questions a South African passenger; searching for missing family members; ill passenger.

  • Airport - 24 Hours at Heathrow (Episode 129)
    Episode 129:

    24 Hours at Heathrow

  • Airport - Christmas Highlights (Episode 117)
    Episode 117:

    Christmas Highlights

  • Airport - ATC Computer Failure (Episode 110)
    Episode 110:

    ATC Computer Failure

    Air traffic control problems increase in Europe; a passenger has a suspected heart attack.

  • Airport - Kylie and Tom (Episode 106)
    Episode 106:

    Kylie and Tom

    John and Maria wait for celebrities; evacuation; Claudia Schiffer launches new aircraft.

  • Airport - A Police Special (Episode 105)
    Episode 105:

    A Police Special

    Heathrow detectives raid the home of a double murderer.

  • Airport - Iceland (Episode 100)
    Episode 100:


    Maria on a mission of mercy; Dave searches for translator to communicate with six stranded Ethiopian athletes.

  • Airport - Assumed Identity (Episode 98)
    Episode 98:

    Assumed Identity

    Heathrow police; fraudulent flight attendant.

  • Airport - Please Release Me (Episode 53)
    Episode 53:

    Please Release Me

    Legendary superstar; a fanatic is determined to preach in Terminal 3; dog attack.

  • Airport - Busiest Day Ever (Episode 51)
    Episode 51:

    Busiest Day Ever

    On the busiest day in the airport's history, John Cull is fighting to get his aircraft on a stand.

  • Airport - Dusk to Dawn (Episode 50)
    Episode 50:

    Dusk to Dawn

    Emergency landing disrupts runway resurfacing work; bridesmaid forgets passport; Australian prime minister.

  • Airport - Seeking Mr. Hall (Episode 47)
    Episode 47:

    Seeking Mr. Hall

  • Airport - All Systems Go (Episode 38)
    Episode 38:

    All Systems Go

    Emergency situations.

  • Airport - Mission Control (Episode 37)
    Episode 37:

    Mission Control

    Airport security.

  • Airport - American Passenger; Airside Accident; Consequences (Episode 35)
    Episode 35:

    American Passenger; Airside Accident; Consequences

    Problems; roundabout route.

  • Airport - Suede; Evacuation; Investigation (Episode 34)
    Episode 34:

    Suede; Evacuation; Investigation

    British band; evacuation; suspicious passengers.

  • Airport - Stranded Passengers; A Reptile; Colombian Asylum Seekers (Episode 33)
    Episode 33:

    Stranded Passengers; A Reptile; Colombian Asylum Seekers

    Distressed plane; ominous stench.

  • Airport - Confused Tourists; Shopping Consultant; Football Team (Episode 32)
    Episode 32:

    Confused Tourists; Shopping Consultant; Football Team

    Shopping consultant; sports team; confused tourists.

  • Airport - Algerian Marathon Runner; President of China (Episode 31)
    Episode 31:

    Algerian Marathon Runner; President of China

    Chinese president; Algerian runner; paramedics.

  • Airport - Immigration Problems (Episode 30)
    Episode 30:

    Immigration Problems

    Celebrities; collision; immigration.

  • Airport - Drugged Cats; Wrong Documents (Episode 29)
    Episode 29:

    Drugged Cats; Wrong Documents

    Sedated cats; immigration; incorrect documents.

  • Airport - Traffic Police; Lennox Lewis; A Prince (Episode 27)
    Episode 27:

    Traffic Police; Lennox Lewis; A Prince

    Wayward baggage cart; boxer Lennox Lewis; prince.

  • Airport - Paramedics; Emergencies; Customer Service (Episode 26)
    Episode 26:

    Paramedics; Emergencies; Customer Service

    Paramedics; missing animal; questionable passenger.

  • Airport - Killer Disease; Versace ... (Episode 25)
    Episode 25:

    Killer Disease; Versace ...

    Paramedics; missing luggage; questionable note.

  • Airport - Holiday Special (Episode 24)
    Episode 24:

    Holiday Special

    Jeremy leads an auction to sell lost luggage; Stuart welcomes a dog from Kosovo; Corrine takes a celebrity chef Christmas shopping.

  • Airport - Students; Teenagers (Episode 23)
    Episode 23:

    Students; Teenagers

    Jeremy performs for travel agency students; alarms; Caroline questions a Colombian student.

  • Airport - Racism; Celebrities (Episode 22)
    Episode 22:

    Racism; Celebrities

    A bank trader returns from a Singapore jail; Corrine helps a celebrity.

  • Airport - Firefighters; Supermodel (Episode 21)
    Episode 21:

    Firefighters; Supermodel

    Firefighters are called to action; supermodel; newlyweds.

  • Airport - Pilot Dream; Chief Rabbi (Episode 20)
    Episode 20:

    Pilot Dream; Chief Rabbi

    Jeremy becomes a pilot; Officer Annabel finds an unpleasant surprise; Peter encounters an important passenger.

  • Airport - Holiday Weekend; Passover; Hugh Hefner (Episode 19)
    Episode 19:

    Holiday Weekend; Passover; Hugh Hefner

    The crew faces a holiday weekend; a terminal is evacuated; Hugh Hefner arrives.

  • Airport - Excess Weight; King of Jordan (Episode 18)
    Episode 18:

    Excess Weight; King of Jordan

    Flight dispatcher Elaine has an admirer; the king of Jordan arrives; Jeremy uses his authority.

  • Airport - Poodle; Asylum; Miners (Episode 17)
    Episode 17:

    Poodle; Asylum; Miners

    A health officer encounters a poodle; a passenger seeks asylum; intoxicated miners.

  • Airport - Personal Service; Royal Suite (Episode 16)
    Episode 16:

    Personal Service; Royal Suite

    The Japanese prime minister arrives; an au pair is questioned.

  • Airport - Geneva (Episode 15)
    Episode 15:


    Stuart takes a record delivery of one person's pets - an assortment of 53 cats and dogs.

  • Airport - Eclipse; Taxi Tout (Episode 15)
    Episode 15:

    Eclipse; Taxi Tout

    Jeremy views a solar eclipse; officer Hannabel hunts for illegal cabdrivers; Corinne searches for a gift.

  • Airport - Smelly Plane (Episode 14)
    Episode 14:

    Smelly Plane

    John from Qantas deals with a plane that smells so bad no one can board.

  • Airport - Axel, John and Maria (Episode 13)
    Episode 13:

    Axel, John and Maria

    Besieged by 50 female fans, Axel flies his president home; teachers pose a problem for Maria.

  • Airport - Dog in a Bag (Episode 13)
    Episode 13:

    Dog in a Bag

    A crashed computer causes havoc; a vigilant worker spots a smuggled dog.

  • Airport - Czech Airlines (Episode 12)
    Episode 12:

    Czech Airlines

    A newcomer is tested in air; ambulance partners search for fingers.

  • Airport - Five Angry Women (Episode 12)
    Episode 12:

    Five Angry Women

    A QANTAS employee must pacify five furious passengers who have lost their luggage in transit.

  • Airport - Clinton (Episode 11)
    Episode 11:


    Heathrow is swarming with Secret Service agents in anticipation of a very important visitor.

  • Airport - Taxi Touts (Episode 10)
    Episode 10:

    Taxi Touts

    Mini-cab drivers tout for business in terminals; a cat escapes onto the airfield.

  • Airport - Haj (Episode 10)
    Episode 10:


    Hundreds of pilgrims heading for Mecca nearly bring the airport to a standstill.

  • Airport - Grounded (Episode 9)
    Episode 9:


    An inappropriate joke at check-in results in the search of two men suspected of drug smuggling.

  • Airport - Maria and the Football Fans (Episode 8)
    Episode 8:

    Maria and the Football Fans

    Stuart squeezes an aggressive flock of flamingos into travelling straitjackets.

  • Airport - Christmas Special (Episode 8)
    Episode 8:

    Christmas Special

    Entertaining moments from past episodes.

  • Airport - A Royal Departure (Episode 7)
    Episode 7:

    A Royal Departure

    Britney Spears arrives; the Queen flies to Italy.

  • Airport - South African Offshore (Episode 5)
    Episode 5:

    South African Offshore

    A man collapses; a passenger is interrogated; a wedding party.

  • Airport - Permit Problems (Episode 3)
    Episode 3:

    Permit Problems

    The British Olympic team arrives at Heathrow; a Ferrari is set to board a Middle East-bound aircraft.

  • Airport - Robot & Squirrel (Episode 3)
    Episode 3:

    Robot & Squirrel

    A squirrel takes refuge on a departing airplane wheel; a robot greets the press.

  • Airport - Runaway Dog (Episode 2)
    Episode 2:

    Runaway Dog

    An escaped dog causes chaos; the Irish Olympic team travels to Sydney.

  • Airport - September 11 (Episode 1)
    Episode 1:

    September 11

    Celebrities prepare to fly on the Concorde; former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

  • Airport - Virgin