Copa america - Copa América

America copa Copa América

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Argentina 1

America copa Copa America

America copa Argentina vs.

America copa Copa América

Messi captures elusive first international tournament title as Argentina holds off Brazil, 1

America copa Copa América

America copa 2021 Copa

America copa Copa América

Copa America 2021 final: When it is, venue, TV channel, streaming & how many fans can attend

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Copa America 2019: Quarterfinals Fixtures, Final Group Tables and More

America copa Copa America

Argentina vs. Brazil, Copa America final 2021 score: Messi achieves international glory for first time

South American Championship winners list Year Winner Runners-up 1916 Uruguay Argentina 1917 Uruguay Argentina 1919 Brazil Uruguay 1920 Uruguay Argentina 1921 Argentina Brazil 1922 Brazil Paraguay 1923 Uruguay Argentina 1924 Uruguay Argentina 1925 Argentina Brazil 1926 Uruguay Argentina 1927 Argentina Uruguay 1929 Argentina Paraguay 1935 Uruguay Argentina 1937 Argentina Brazil 1939 Peru Uruguay 1941 Argentina Uruguay 1942 Uruguay Argentina 1945 Argentina Brazil 1946 Argentina Brazil 1947 Argentina Paraguay 1949 Brazil Paraguay 1953 Paraguay Brazil 1955 Argentina Chile 1956 Uruguay Chile 1957 Argentina Brazil 1959 Argentina Brazil 1959 Uruguay Argentina 1963 Bolivia Paraguay 1967 Uruguay Argentina After a gap of eight years, the competition resumed in 1975 with a new name - Copa America.

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This reportedly included a bid from the United States, after that bid was initially rejected.