Duane Davis

Duane Davis, the son of NFL Hall of Fame defensive end Willie Davis, is an American actor who has been in such films as Ghosts of Mars and Paparazzi. He played Joe Louis in a made-for-TV movie about Rocky Marciano, James "Buster" Douglas in the HBO original movie Tyson and as ESU football star Alvin Mack in the 1993 film The Program. Davis played Duke DePalma, a former boxer-turned-crime fighter in Team Knight Rider, a short-lived spin-off series of the original Knight Rider TV series. He played a recurring character in Sisters, and has been in other TV shows such as M.A.N.T.I.S., L.A. Law, A Different World, What's Happening Now, Head of the Class, Little Big League, and Necessary Roughness. He also had a small role in Carl Reiner's 1987 comedy film, Summer School (film)