Starz Encore Westerns TV Schedule


Friday, December 15, 2017
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  • 39 mins ago
    Wagon Train

    Season 1 Episode 1: The Willy Moran Story

    When a man (Ernest Borgnine) out of Major Adams' past joins the wagon train, he eventually learns to trust himself.

  • in 13 mins

    Season 3 Episode 1: Incident at Indian Springs

    Cheyenne saves a schoolteacher from three vengeful brothers.

  • 3:42pm

    Season 1 Episode 19: The Legend of Lily

    Aging but beautiful Lily Langford is touring the West, and she arrives in Laramie broke and one step ahead of bill collectors, thanks to her gambler husband.

  • 4:33pm
    Death Valley Days

    Season 15 Episode 21: Major Horace Bell

    A Los Angeles lawyer defends an accused killer.

  • 5:00pm
    Death Valley Days

    Season 15 Episode 22: The Day They Stole the Salamander

    The sister of a safecracker finds her loyalty tested.

  • 5:27pm
    Tales of Wells Fargo

    Season 5 Episode 36: A Quiet Little Town

    Marshal Dave Prescot is killed after cleaning up the town of Warburg.

  • 5:54pm
    Tales of Wells Fargo

    Season 5 Episode 37: Bitter Vengeance

    A desperate woman helps Hardie's prisoner escape to share some of his loot.

  • 6:21pm
    Wanted: Dead or Alive

    Season 3 Episode 17: Bounty on Josh

    Josh arrives in a strange town seeking a man who offered him $500.

  • 6:47pm
    The Virginian

    Season 2 Episode 25: Rope of Lies

    Steve takes a job as foreman at a ranch owned by a beautiful woman (Diana Millary), who has plans for the unsuspecting wrangler that involve a confrontation with her violent former lover.

  • 8:07pm

    Goin' South

    According to the laws of the Old West town where criminal Henry Lloyd Moon (Jack Nicholson) is about to be executed, a death row convict will be spared if a reputable woman promises to mend his ways. To the annoyance of ruthless Deputy Towfield (Christopher Lloyd), Julia Tate (Mary Steenburgen) vouches for Henry and assigns him to search for gold on her land. Their relationship eventually turns romantic, but Towfield and Henry's old criminal buddies threaten their domestic bliss.

  • 9:57pm


    Hired gun Reb Kittridge (Audie Murphy) goes to work in Montana for Matt Telford (Donald Randolph), who is looking to take over Dan Saxon's (Paul Kelly) fertile cattle land. What Reb doesn't bargain for is becoming a landowner himself after winning Saxon's property in a card game. Suddenly, he must work with Saxon and daughter Rita (Susan Cabot) to run the cattle to a rail line in order to make a mortgage payment. To stop him, Telford hires Reb's former partner, Johnny Lake (Charles Drake).

  • 11:18pm

    For a Few Dollars More

    In the Wild West, a murderous outlaw known as El Indio (Gian Maria Volonte) and his gang are terrorizing and robbing the citizens of the region. With a bounty on El Indio's head, two bounty hunters, Monco (Clint Eastwood) and Col. Douglas Mortimer (Lee Van Cleef), come to collect the prize. Upon their first meeting, the two men view each other as rivals, but they eventually agree to become partners in their mutual pursuit of the vicious criminal.