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Friday, July 1, 2016
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  • 22 mins ago
    Night Visions

    Season 1 Episode 8: Used Car

    Luke Perry proves he's left Beverley Hills well and truly behind him in this spooky drama, playing a psychiatrist with the uncanny ability to absorb people's mental illnesses. Plus, Sherilyn Fenn stars in the tale of an unhappy wife who is shocked to find the woman who had an affair with her husband : and committed suicide : is sitting in her car

  • 10:00am

    Season 2 Episode 2: Firestorm

    Hawke acquires a new partner - an alcoholic pilot - and together they battle to prevent a retired Army general launching a nuclear attack on Moscow. Action adventure, starring Jan-Michael Vincent and Ernest Borgnine

  • 11:00am

    Season 2 Episode 3: Moffett's Ghost

    The super-copter develops a mind of its own and becomes a mechanised predator, attacking any planes unlucky enough to stray into range. Jan-Michael Vincent and Alex Cord star

  • 12:00pm

    Season 2 Episode 4: The Truth About Holly

    Hawke manages to rescue Santini's niece Holly from drug dealers and finds her to be something of a liability. Airborne action adventure, starring Jan-Michael Vincent

  • 1:00pm
    Knight Rider

    Season 4 Episode 1: Knight of the Juggernaut : Part One

    Part one of two. Kitt suffers extensive damage and Devon is kidnapped by a gang of thieves attempting to steal a radioactive isotope. Action adventure, starring David Hasselhoff

  • 2:00pm
    Knight Rider

    Season 4 Episode 2: Knight of the Juggernaut : Part Two

    Part two of two. The crooks step up their attempts to find the isotope, while Kitt is rebuilt by Bonnie and the street gang. Action adventure, starring David Hasselhoff

  • 3:00pm
    Knight Rider

    Season 4 Episode 3: KITTnap

    Michael and Kitt face danger as they track down a gang of violent crooks. Action adventure, starring David Hasselhoff

  • 4:00pm


    A fire-breathing behemoth terrorizes Japan after an atomic bomb awakens it from its centuries-old sleep.

  • 6:15pm

    Godzilla, King of the Monsters

    A U.S. newsman in Tokyo recounts the story of a huge dinosaur roused from the sea by an atomic blast.

  • 8:00pm

    Godzilla Raids Again

    The gargantuan lizard with the deadly breath takes on Anguirus, best described as an oversized, spiked turtle, and together the pair manage to destroy half of Tokyo as their battle rages across the man-made canyons of the sprawling city. Creature feature, starring Hiroshi Koizumi, Setsuko Wakayama and Minoru Chiaki

  • 9:45pm

    Terror of Mechagodzilla

    The real Godzilla fights a cyborg Godzilla and another monster sent by aliens.

  • 11:45pm

    Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II

    A radioactive dinosaur fights a genetically engineered monster and battles pterodactyl Rodan for custody of a reptilian infant.